acetakwasMorning everyone.03:41
acetakwasI've just published this: http://takwas.github.io/article/ubuntu-africa-calls.html03:41
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Kiloshelloooo africa05:58
Kilosfor those that forget to read africa mails05:58
Kilosnice blog imo05:59
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Kiloshi chesedo06:12
chesedoty Kilos06:13
chesedoand hi all06:13
Bilel_mkGood Morning Every one ! Good Morning Kilos !07:21
Kiloshi Bilel_mk07:21
Bilel_mkhello Kilos how are you ?07:22
Kilosgood ty and you07:22
Kilosare you reading your africa mails07:23
Bilel_mkYup ! Sorry for the last meting at  27 i can't make it !07:25
Kilosits ok07:25
Kilosyou guys must feel free to use the list please07:25
Bilel_mkroger that !07:27
Kilosnice last mail from nigeria07:29
Bilel_mkhow it Work ? how ca i use the list ! every one can send to person in the mail list ???07:34
Kilosim not sure about individual mails07:39
Kiloshi ongolaBoy07:39
Kiloschesedo wanna jump in here07:39
Kilosim a bit busy with board stuff atm07:39
Bilel_mkyou sead list ! which list ?07:40
KilosBilel_mk https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa07:41
Kilosin there you can join the mailing list07:41
Kilosbottom of the page if i remember right07:41
Bilel_mkI am already subscribe on the mailing list07:42
Kilosthen you just mail to ubuntu-africa@lists.launchpad.net07:44
Kilosand everyone will see it07:44
Bilel_mkah ! okay Sorry for bother :)07:45
Kilosthis was the last one07:45
Kilos http://takwas.github.io/article/ubuntu-africa-calls.html07:45
Kilosdidnt you get it?07:46
Kilosno bother sir07:46
Bilel_mkyup i got it07:46
Kiloshi elacheche08:06
elachecheHey Kilos08:09
Kiloshi ac3takwas nice blog09:30
acetakwasKilos: Thanks. Just rereading the post now, I see it needs a few corrections. 'Was a bit sleepy posting it this morning.09:41
acetakwasYour corrections are also welcome.09:41
Kilosfind more peeps there by you to join us as well09:43
Padroni hola09:46
Kiloshi Padroni09:47
Kiloshi Ch3ck d3r1ck10:23
Kiloselacheche reply to that mail or something10:23
Kilosseems peeps are scared to use the list10:24
KilosPadroni imo any relevant linux blogs10:25
elachecheKilos, what email x)10:26
Kilosin this list10:26
elachecheI have 55 unread mails on my inbox x(10:26
Kilosread them10:26
Kiloswhats the good of unread emails10:27
elachecheI have some emergencies.. It's monday x(10:27
Kilosoh my10:27
elachecheI'm reading them asap :)10:27
PadroniI was thinking of maybe moving some stuff from compunation.co.za over to the ubuntu blog10:29
Kilosyour old blog?10:29
Kilosthere was some good stuff there iirc10:29
PadroniI won't say 'old' blog10:30
Padronijust that I have no time to blog at the moment10:30
Kilosthe place i read a coupla years ago?10:30
Padroniso the stuff that is on there, can be moved over to the ubuntu-africa blog10:30
PadroniLike this :10:31
Kilosya there was some good stuff there10:31
Padronior this even:10:31
Kilosthe fly will activate the blogging thing when he gets a break10:31
Padroniso yea - soon as I know WHAT will be put on that blog, I will know whether I have anything relevant to contribute10:31
PadroniI actually miss blogging10:32
Kilosdont forget now10:32
Kiloshaha i used to enjoy it as well10:32
Kilosbut takes too much energy now10:32
acetakwasSorry Kilos, got disconnected.10:33
acetakwasSaw you message up to : "find more peeps there by you to join us as well"10:33
acetakwasfrom the logs10:33
acetakwasDid you say anything after that?10:33
Kilosnp acetakwas ineternet been bad for a week or more10:33
Kiloslemme scroll and see10:33
Padronihello acetakwas10:35
Padronihow are you?10:35
Padronithanx for the breakdown of the meeting on your blog - saved me from working through logs10:35
acetakwasPadroni::  hi10:36
acetakwasYou are welcome10:36
acetakwasGlad it helped you10:36
Kilosacetakwas http://bin.snyman.info/mmmcvfpz10:37
Kilosthats all that was said10:37
Padroniyeah - you would thinking blogging about a IRC meeting is a pointless thing to do10:37
Padronibut like I said - it saved me from going through the logs10:38
Padronias I missed the meeting10:38
acetakwasKilos::  Thanks10:38
acetakwasYes. Seemed that way at first.10:39
* acetakwas just corrected the errors on the blog post :)12:17
Kilosoh acetakwas13:24
Kiloswe are officially recognised ny ubuntu, only wecannot be a loco because that stands fo local community and we are very widely spread13:25
Kiloswe even have the official ubuntulog bot here13:25
Na3iLHello Africa16:25
Kiloshi Na3iL16:28
Na3iLHey Kilos, what's up16:29
Kilosnot much and there16:29
Na3iLnot much as well16:30
Na3iLI am wondering when others will post in the maillist16:30
Kilosthere was one16:40
Kilosnice one16:40
Kiloswe need to wake everyone else up16:40
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