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m_jimmerHi there I am creating a application  and nothing is showing up after compile All I have is a mainview and a loader under it that has a page that loads . Any suggestions ?03:36
m_jimmerHere is the code http://pastebin.com/nMFVWQsA03:38
m_jimmermy main.cpp  http://pastebin.com/mzdHfMBd03:41
m_jimmerI snipped some of the imports but nothing major03:41
m_jimmeranyways the loader says that everything is loaded up alright . but no window shows up at all.03:42
m_jimmerIf I build the application with out Ubuntu-Componets with my Downloaded Qt kit it shows up and works ... not sure what is going on here.03:54
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m_jimmerI have to reboot brb04:30
m_jimmerOk I think I figured it out.  It s not linking to some internal libs.  Tim to debug why.05:19
m_jimmerwhat is odd is that it builds with no errors and says that it is linked.  But when I run ldd the two internals are not found.  Super odd05:22
m_jimmerNote:  Ubuntu applicaitons must use QQuickView the QQmlApplicaiton can not render on its own.  That must be a bug.06:19
dholbachgood morning07:42
m_jimmergood morning dholbach07:48
dholbachhi m_jimmer07:48
m_jimmerHey dholbach .  Hope that you are doing wonderful . I am doing Ok .  deving up a application. Trying to figure out how I can make it so close to Qt default components and also close to Ubuntu ones.07:52
dholbachI'm doing well, thanks :-)07:53
dholbachall the best with your app!07:53
m_jimmerthanks :)07:53
m_jimmerdoes anyone know about the Dialogs on the phone ?  Like when they pop are they always center in ?  Or do I need to do math for x and y ?08:06
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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Monday, and happy Freedom Day! 😃09:42
m_jimmerSo I am making a login thingy at the moment and was wondering whta you all thought was a good passwd.   I was thinking of having something like  "extremely poor,poor ,Ok, good,Great"   I am making this QRegEx and just whanted to see whta you all thought09:49
m_jimmerLike it is on a scale of 0 -- 100 . Or well if it goes above 100 then it is still 10009:52
m_jimmerhttp://postimg.org/image/wcjdymy7n/  << For a better Idea09:56
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ahoneybunhola people I'm having issues with Tabs10:09
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mivoligoJMulholland: Hi! I managed to create other numbers based on those Ubuntu CD covers, so you don't have to find them for me :)10:22
mivoligoahoneybun: what kind of problem?10:34
ahoneybunmivoligo, I can't get my About.qml page to load which causes the whole app not to start in the SDK10:39
ahoneybunit is the 4th Tab in that pastebin10:40
mivoligowhat error you get?10:40
ahoneybunType About Unavailable10:41
ahoneybunI updated all the files to Ubuntu.Components to 1.3 from 1.1 I think10:41
ahoneybunbut the other Tabs don't give that error10:41
mivoligocan we see rest of the code?10:41
ahoneybunI posted the main.qml10:42
ahoneybunwant the About.qml?10:42
mivoligoyes, please :)10:42
ahoneybunI'm also getting this:  About.qml:25 ListItem.Header - ListItem is not a namespace10:43
ahoneybunnot sure why10:43
ahoneybunI removed all the ListItems and still it is there10:43
mivoligoyou have "import Ubuntu.Components.ListItems 1.3 as ListItem"10:43
mivoligo3rd line10:44
ahoneybunwhat's wrong with it?10:44
mivoligothere's no version 1.3 AFAIK10:45
mivoligoand it's not needed really :)10:45
ahoneybunI remove it and the same thing10:45
ahoneybunthe error talks about a line that is not even there anymore10:46
mivoligohmmm... that's strange, how do you run it?10:49
ahoneybunfrom the SDK?10:49
mivoligoto the phone?10:49
ahoneybunI can't even get it to run on the desktop10:49
ahoneybunI've added back the Header and Standard to the same error10:50
ahoneybunhell I've deleted the file and still get it10:50
mivoligomaybe it runs the same build every time10:50
m_jimmerahoneybun,  go to your qt install dir see it is is there. read the qmldir file if you have wrong version10:50
ahoneybunqt install dir?10:51
m_jimmerlike /usr/lib/x86_64/qt5/qml10:51
m_jimmerlike /usr/lib/x86_64/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/ListItems10:51
m_jimmerahoneybun,  you can find that out with qmake -query10:51
ahoneybunbut I'm not using qmake10:52
m_jimmerthere is  a var call QT_INSTALL_QML10:52
m_jimmerthat does not matter10:52
ahoneybunI have the dir x86_64-linux-gnu10:52
m_jimmerqmake is also a command line tool and the command "qmake -query" is just that10:52
ahoneybunno Ubuntu folder10:53
m_jimmerwhat does "qmake -query | grep QT_INSTALL_QML"10:53
m_jimmerwhat is under /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu ?10:54
m_jimmerahoneybun,  you just replace the dots in your import with / : )10:54
ahoneybunI found the qmldir10:55
ahoneybunI have 1.310:55
m_jimmer: )  what is the error that you are getting on import ?10:55
m_jimmermaybe you are using wrong kit ?10:56
ahoneybunit is the desktop10:56
m_jimmeror lib is not so good ? there are ways to test that also.10:56
* ahoneybun throws the SDK out the window10:56
* ahoneybun also needs more coffee10:57
ahoneybunfile:///home/aaron/Projects/2.0/.ubuntu-sdk-deploy/main.qml:57 Type About unavailable10:57
ahoneybunfile:///home/aaron/Projects/2.0/.ubuntu-sdk-deploy/components/About.qml:25 ListItem.Header - ListItem is not a namespace10:57
ahoneybunthose are my 2 errors10:57
m_jimmerahoneybun,  are you sure that the "namespace"10:58
m_jimmerthere it is10:58
m_jimmercall it something else lol10:58
m_jimmerimport Ubuntu.Components.ListItems 1.3 as IAmAwesome10:58
ahoneybunthat is what the Docs say10:58
m_jimmerbad docs lol10:58
ahoneybunsame thing10:58
m_jimmeryou have to also change About.qml:25 ListItem.Header - ListItem is not a namespace10:59
ahoneybunand this is why you should not try to fork something10:59
m_jimmerto IAmAwesome.Header10:59
ahoneybunsame error11:00
ahoneybunsame no matter what11:00
ahoneybunso I have 2 Run things11:00
ahoneybunUbuntuBegginer and QML Scene11:00
m_jimmerNow that is odd.  what is     ls /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/ListItems11:01
ahoneybunso it was some old build I think11:02
ahoneybunso Tabs are handled differently now11:03
ahoneybunmy tabs are not working now11:03
m_jimmeryou could also hard run qmlscene by its full path to make sure.  and Run ldd against th libs to make sure that there is missing libs .11:03
m_jimmerahoneybun, IDK I just started with Ubuntu sdk last night.  I just know Qt Real well11:04
ahoneybunI'm really crap at it11:04
ahoneybunmy app was last updated 7 months ago11:04
ahoneybunso lots of changes11:05
m_jimmerI gave up on the Ubuntu ui toolkit and made my own because Qml profiler said there was way to may loaders and taking to long for things to load11:05
m_jimmerbut that is just me.  I have nothing against it11:05
m_jimmernot bashing anything here.11:05
ahoneybun  source: (tabs.selectedTab === externalTab) ? Qt.resolvedUrl("MyCustomPage.qml") : ""11:05
ahoneybunI'm wondering if I have to do this now11:05
ahoneybunthis seems to now work anymore: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14848877/11:06
m_jimmerahoneybun,  there is nothing wrong with one or two loaders that you use as a Singleton object it is when you haev 10 of them running11:06
ahoneybundon't make my head hurt anymore dude lol I still have to go to work yet11:07
ahoneybunI think I might go back to GTA511:07
m_jimmerwhat is GTA5 ?11:07
* m_jimmer googles sorry 11:08
ahoneybunvideo game?11:08
m_jimmerYeah I jsut seen that11:08
m_jimmerjust *11:08
m_jimmerI am writing encryotion lib and getting caught in a "what comes first the chicken or the egg "  Thingy11:09
m_jimmerbut it is fun :)11:09
ahoneybunit worked11:10
m_jimmerawesome :)11:10
m_jimmergood job.11:10
ahoneybunthe app started11:10
ahoneybunjust missing one tab11:11
ahoneybunthe one I thought would work11:11
ahoneybunand it's back up11:17
ahoneybuneverything is working11:17
ahoneybunalways on the first launch the Label is flowing into the Tabs11:27
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popeyballoons, so, what needs doing to un-dead the jenkins zombies? https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/ ?18:01
balloonspopey, aye.. Weird stuff indeed18:05
balloonspopey, it's the ole java.io.IOException: No space left on device18:05
balloonspopey, so I'll reduce the number of builds to keep on everything, and ask IS to clear up some space on the node18:10
popeyhow did you know it's disk space, where'd you see that?18:10
popeyoh, i see, click dead :)18:10
balloonshttps://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/computer/ shows status, and yea :-)18:11
popeyballoons, do i see things getting processed now?19:56
popeyballoons, do i need to manually chug through each merge and re-approve them?19:56
ahoneybunanyone having Labels over flow to the top Tab?20:08
ahoneybunbut only on the device not in the Local build20:08
ahoneybunmm the ActionBar does not work right with Tabs I see20:19
balloonspopey, if things got unapproved, yes. But they shouldn't have been toggle off -- they never ran20:35
popeye.g. https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/ubuntu-calendar-app/sdk-1-3/+merge/28445420:36
popeyapproved, not merged20:36
popeygah, conflicts20:36
popeyrenatu, seen those conflicts on your calendar merges?20:37
balloonsHappy Birthday DanChapman. In a few hours anyway. Nonetheless, enjoy yourself!21:34
ahoneybunahayzen, around?21:37
ahayzenahoneybun, o/21:37
ahoneybunhave you had problems with Labels overflowing into Tabs?21:37
ahayzenahoneybun, define overflowing?21:38
ahayzenahoneybun, and what are they inside?21:38
ahoneybunthe Tab21:38
ahoneybunlet me get a ss21:38
ahoneybunbut once you switch Tabs it is fine21:39
ahoneybunjust on first launch21:39
ahayzenahoneybun, hmm, what is the content inside the tab inside? like a Page ? or something21:40
ahayzenand is it flickable ?21:41
ahoneybunwell each tab is in it's own qml file21:41
ahoneybunit does not happen on the desktop though21:41
ahayzenahoneybun, maybe the new sdk version has made it worse21:41
ahoneybunmm maybe21:41
ahayzenahoneybun, does it happen on all the tabs?21:41
ahoneybunI mean I could just take the Label off21:41
ahoneybunwell I have a Label on another tab but it renders it fine21:42
ahayzenahoneybun, compare the differences :-)21:42
ahoneybunand when I switch back to the home tab it looks fine21:42
ahoneybunI have, I've copied it all21:42
ahayzenahoneybun, can you pastebin the tab code for the one that is bad?21:42
ahoneybunremember it works fine once you switch to a different tab and back21:44
ahoneybunI do need to file a bug against the lock screen too21:44
ahoneybunsince Dec really21:44
ahayzenahoneybun, how is the tab part defined in the other file ?21:45
ahoneybunI really want to use actions on the listitems to have a button to click to open the links too but that is another story lol21:45
ahoneybunin the main.qml ?21:45
ahayzenahoneybun, yeah that one21:45
m_jimmerwhat is the i18n in C++ so I can translate that also ?21:46
m_jimmerQString fooBar = QString("Some Random String that says %1").arg("Hello");            tr(fooBar);21:47
ahayzenahoneybun, maybe the Column needs to be anchored to the flickable or needs a height set? i'd have to play about with it to figure it out21:47
ahoneybunlooking at that SS I see that it says About yet it should say Home21:48
dobeym_jimmer: use standard gettext in C++21:52
m_jimmerdobey,  not sure what you mean.  Here is a function  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14852628/21:52
dobeym_jimmer: so you'd just do QString(_("Foo bar %1")).arg("Hello") for example, don't recall exactly which header to include that defines _ though21:53
m_jimmerok.  there is a thing like in Qt like tr() ? but your guys translation functions ?21:54
ahoneybunahayzen, changing the anchor margins of the flickable did something good21:55
dobeywe don't generally use Qt's translations feature; we use gettext instead, as Qt's thing is specific to Qt21:55
ahayzenheh ahoneybun does it start correct when you then go to another tab and back again?21:55
m_jimmerdobey, is there a IFDEF for Ubuntu Sdk that you know of ?21:55
ahoneybunyea when I switch tabs21:56
ahayzenahoneybun, and try on the Page putting anchors { fill: parent }21:56
dobeym_jimmer: i don't think so, no. the ui toolkit APIs are not exposed via C++21:56
ahoneybunwhat margins can I edit just for the top?21:56
dobeym_jimmer: you could just define all the strings in QML instead, and have the c++ set a property to fill in args as needed, and use the QML APIs for translations then21:57
ahayzenahoneybun, topMargin ?21:57
ahayzenahoneybun, but really it should work doing fill: parent etc... like it work for us in Music21:57
ahayzen(our tab component starts here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/app/music-app.qml#L640 )21:57
m_jimmerOk yeah I was thinking that I would set a global var that is if u_sdk then  blah blah blah . if not use Qt.  I am trying to make this so It is very very easy to compile against Qt with or without the SDK21:57
m_jimmerthanks dobey  ^^21:57
ahoneybunin the flickable?21:57
ahayzenahoneybun, in the Page {} in the main.qml21:58
ahayzenahoneybun, oh!21:59
ahayzenoh no you already do that21:59
ahoneybunatm I'm wondering why it says About rather then Home22:01
ahayzenahoneybun, ah, magic maybe it is on the wrong tab?22:01
ahoneybunmhall119, ping22:01
ahayzenahoneybun, try setting the currentTabIndex22:02
dobeym_jimmer: i don't know what you're writing but if you're just doiong pure Qt, then use the standard Qt translations feature I guess.22:02
ahayzenahoneybun, for example ...  tabs.selectedTabIndex = 022:02
ahayzenwe do that on startup22:03
ahoneybunthat topMargin trick lowers it on when  you switch but what ever22:03
ahayzenahoneybun, but then does it still say the About rather than Home?22:03
ahoneybunwhen I switch to another tab and then Home it say Home the second time22:03
ahayzenahoneybun, add to your Tabs {} ... Component.onCompleted: selectedTabIndex = 022:03
ahoneybunmm that currentindex thing is losing me22:04
ahayzenahoneybun, i think it is just showing the last one you define22:04
m_jimmerdobey,  Do you know about the confinement of a applicaiton in the sdk?  I am writing a app that is a mix between ansible tower and nagios . and was jsut thinking about sftp or scp bindings.,  That brought up the thought of do I need my own file manager to get access to upload files ect .22:04
ahoneybunall my tabs?22:04
ahayzenso Home = 0, Contribute = 1, Family = 2, About = 3 ... so they order you define them get an inex22:04
m_jimmerproperty alais tabsChilderen :  mainTab.children22:05
m_jimmererr sorry22:05
ahoneybunnot sure I'm putting them in the right place22:06
ahayzenahoneybun, no in the Tabs {} ;-)22:07
ahoneybunI did :)22:07
m_jimmerdobey,  like if I am to write a exposed QDirAbstractModel or something and then expose to Qml can I read | write to files ?22:07
dobeym_jimmer: your app can't read arbitrary files from disk.22:08
m_jimmerSystem wide.  Or do I need to do some tricks.  Like switching users with pam or something22:08
ahayzenahoneybun, like this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14852714/ :-)22:08
dobeym_jimmer: you would need to use content-hub API if you to be able to read files from somewhere22:08
ahayzenahoneybun, in the Tabs {} .. not the Tab {} ;-)22:08
m_jimmerdobey,  thanks  will look at that code.22:08
m_jimmerdobey,  what about creation of files with QFile QDir ect if I place in application dir ?22:09
m_jimmerdobey,  another reason I ask is because I have encryption lib that is needed to unlock files to log into applicaiton and want to make sure that I can run try and catch against22:10
ahoneybundamn Ubuntu.Components 1.322:11
popeyhaha, i love that a youtube video showing the ubuntu phone terminal is currently at the top of /r/linux :) https://www.reddit.com/r/linux22:11
ahayzenahoneybun, does that not even fix the wrong label?22:12
m_jimmerdobey,  or mayb I have to do something crazy like make lxc container for just this application. But then it is like getting to C groups could be real odd and time consuming22:12
ahoneybunwell I had the topMargin on so idk22:12
dobeym_jimmer: you can only mess with files within the application's XDG directories22:12
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m_jimmerIs there no way to make the file system more then read only ?22:12
ahayzenahoneybun, anyway i've got to go, good luck :-)22:13
m_jimmerlike a trick22:13
ahoneybunthanks as always22:13
dobeym_jimmer: i'm not entirely sure what you're doing, but it sounds like you are making things way more complex than they should be22:13
dobeym_jimmer: there is, but it's not something that people should be doing in general22:13
* ahoneybun is tempted to flash Android back22:13
dobeym_jimmer: if making the root FS read-write is a requirement of your application, you're not developing an application for the phone22:13
m_jimmerdobey,  so say that I want Download a file wih Qnetwork[Acess ,Request,Respond] and I want save to say DL folder then maybe upload to all connected nodes (servers)22:14
m_jimmerlike a git repo or something that has "moduals "22:14
m_jimmerlike bash and whta not that can be run with remote qprocess22:15
dobeyyou are making things way more complex than they probably need to be22:15
m_jimmerdownload file -> add to JSON or XML -> push to all servers22:15
dobeybecause i don't understand at all what you actually need to do, given your description of it22:15
m_jimmerdobey,  do you know what ansilbe or puppet is ?22:16
m_jimmeralso nagios ?22:16
dobeylike i said, you can only write data to the app's XDG dirs22:16
m_jimmertake the two and put them together that is what I am making22:16
dobeyi've used puppet before, yes22:16
m_jimmerdobey,  so Like puppet but with pure ssh .  with timers that are used to run remote commands to check on server status22:17
dobeyyour app cannot run forever under confinement22:17
m_jimmerOh no no background process are allowed ?22:18
m_jimmerI am glad we are talking aout this now22:18
m_jimmerI can not make a init script to start app on boot or systemd thingy ?22:18
dobeythe app lifecycle prevents your application from processing while it is not in the foreground with the screen on22:18
dobeyyou can't create any apps which requires altering the root FS and put them in the store22:19
m_jimmerdobey,  even if I create a console application that say starts after gui is opened ?22:19
dobeyyour app must work within its own confinement, and within the application life cycle22:19
m_jimmerOk just thinking of work arounds.  maybe I need to have server app(console in container )22:20
dobeyyou can personally create a chroot in the data area of your phone and run stuff in it if you want22:20
m_jimmerlxc or something on the cloud22:20
dobeybut you cannot do this in a confined app from the store22:20
m_jimmerdobey,  so the applicaiton would need to get approved as something like a "Core application  "22:21
m_jimmerSome sorta special permissions via apparmor ?22:21
dobeyno, i'm pretty sure we're not going to ship something by default which runs constantly in the background to poll ansible servers and run remote commands on them, on phones22:22
m_jimmermaybe I could make two app's one that sits on desktop . then other that is nothing but kinda api layer22:22
dobeyyou need to architect your application within the confines of the app lifecycle and the security polices enforced upon it, if you want it in the app store22:22
m_jimmerouch. Ok let me do some more thinking abut the architect of the flow22:23
m_jimmercould use say zeroMQ to pass data or something like websockets22:23
* m_jimmer brain starts wondering 22:24
dobeyi don't know what your end goal is, but my suggestion would be to think of something that avoids the need for background processing22:24
m_jimmerdobey, I think that I got it. I just need to now figure out the "node scripts"   Like the modules of puppet22:26
m_jimmerlike send command over websockets (binary ) to server that can download then expose to a custom api22:27
m_jimmersorry server being someones desktop22:27
m_jimmerI wanted to avoid the whole how to depoly with out a master though ...22:27
* m_jimmer does more thinking about the chicken or the egg 22:28
m_jimmerdobey,  do you know if I can use websockets or any tcp/ipc transport from phone ?22:32
m_jimmerconcern is ports22:33
dobeym_jimmer: you can talk to the network yes, if your app has the "network" apparmor profile iirc; but you can't run a server on the phone in your app22:33
m_jimmernow to zeroMq or to websocket ... that is the question :)22:34
m_jimmerOk final Question for a while (not to great with xdg so excuse if repetitive) do I have to set my Offline storeage to my app's root dir ?  or can it be default ?22:40
m_jimmeralso getting a odd error on the qqmlengine for quit :/22:41
m_jimmerSignal QQmlEngine::quit() emitted, but no receivers connected to handle it.22:41
m_jimmerI have to write hat into my main.cpp I guess.  rough22:42
dobeyi don't know what that means22:51
dobeym_jimmer: sorry, i don't know what you mean by set your offline storage. but i have to go now. good luck22:56
m_jimmerthanks dobey  for all your help it has been very nice of you . But for your future you can look at the docs and find the function22:57
m_jimmervoidsetOfflineStoragePath(const QString & dir)22:57
m_jimmerit is part of the QQmlEngine22:57
m_jimmerhelps with things like sqlight22:57
m_jimmerand cache and what not22:58
renatupopey, I removed your branch as pre-requisite for merge. And the conflicts disappears.  :D23:36
renatupopey, did you push anything new since last week?23:36
renatupopey, this is the new MR: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/ubuntu-calendar-app/sdk-1-3/+merge/28468623:37

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