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ioanmhi guys, 1 question I have noticed a bug in unity 7 in ubuntu 14.04 lts whenever i launch an app in the recent list, the icon disappears from the unity search window while the app(if I press super i can see the icon disappear) and reappears short after app closes07:58
ioanmmay I be assigned to fix it?07:59
seb128good morning desktopers08:02
ioanmseb128, hi08:02
seb128ioanm, hey, I think what you describe is a feature and not a bug08:02
seb128why would you want to start something already open?08:03
ioanmseb128, you might wanna open two firefox instances08:04
ioanmseb128, or 2 terminals08:04
pittihey seb128, bonjour !08:04
seb128ioanm, you can use the launcher icon for that08:04
happyaronhey seb128, :)08:05
seb128if something is open you have an icon in the launcher08:05
ioanmseb128, so it's a feature08:05
seb128hey pitti happyaron08:05
seb128ioanm, would need to check with Trevinho to be sure but I think it's on purpose yes08:05
ioanmseb128, being a dev seems unlike someone would delete an icon by mistake08:05
ioanmfrom memory08:05
ioanmseb128, okay please ask him08:08
seb128ioanm, well you can as well, he's on this channel08:08
seb128though he might be travelling back from fosdem tonight08:09
larsugood morning!08:15
ioanmlarsu, gm too08:16
ioanmcan someone please assign to me something to work on?08:16
larsuLaney: heeyyy!08:21
pittigood morning Laney and larsu!08:21
ioanmi'll just sync cmd208:22
larsuhi pitti! Did you have a good trip home?08:28
larsu(are you home?)08:28
pittilarsu: yes, I am; it was nice and calm in first class :)08:30
pittigot to bed around 1:3008:30
pittilarsu: how about you?08:30
larsuwe're great! Sitting in a fancy meeting room for a sprint of 3 :)08:31
Laneyrelated link:
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seb128hey again there08:48
larsugood moning08:49
larsuwhen do you come down?08:49
seb128lol, good one08:49
seb128I said I might do it, but likely not08:49
seb128my laptop is giving ata kernel error08:49
seb128ecryptfs-mount segfaults in libnss308:49
seb128trying to get back to my user dir and datas08:50
seb128that's annoying08:50
seb128that's not a good start of week :-/08:50
seb128Laney, larsu, how is the hackfest going?08:50
larsuseb128: :( Good luck!08:50
larsuseb128: just teasing you ;)08:51
seb128I know :-)08:51
seb128I wonder if the laptop or the disk is at issue08:51
larsuseb128: we're in a fancy room that is too big. Otherwise we just started out08:51
seb128or the kernel08:51
larsuze kernel!08:51
seb128did Matthias join you guys?08:51
larsuseb128: he's not here yet08:54
willcookemorning all08:57
larsuwillcooke: morning! thanks for the fancy room ;)08:59
seb128hey willcooke08:59
willcookelarsu, ah, good.  I just pinged Laney about that.  All ok?08:59
larsuwillcooke: I know you did :P (we read irc aloud)09:00
larsuwillcooke: yep, it's great. Tea water not hot enough, but I think we'll be able to cope09:00
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alexarnaudhello all!09:11
alexarnaudDo you have a good week-end ?09:11
seb128hey alexarnaud, yes w.e was good... how was yours?09:16
andyrockgood morning09:24
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?09:26
andyrockseb128: not bad thanks09:26
andyrockwhat about you?09:27
seb128I'm good thanks09:28
seb128though fighting with disk/laptop issues09:28
willcookemorning alexarnaud andyrock09:30
alexarnaudseb128: very good week-end, thank you09:30
alexarnaudhey willcooke andyrock :)!09:30
seb128hum, might be a kernel issue, boot with the previous kernel was fine09:48
willcookeuh oh09:48
seb128if I boot the current one I get ata errors and libnss3.so gets corrupted on boot which makes ecryptfs-mount segfault09:48
seb128which I had "fun" to debug09:48
seb128if I reinstall libnss3 I can mount it and log in09:49
seb128but on reboot it gets corrupted again for some reason09:49
seb128but at least I've a working machine now, after fiddling with debsums and reinstalling for like over an hour09:49
ksamakdidrocks: hoy! back to work?09:58
seb128hey didrocks10:05
seb128didrocks, how is life in marketing?10:06
seb128having fancy tea served at the office? ;-)10:06
didrockshey seb128 :)10:11
didrockstsssss ;)10:11
didrocksstill with a cappuccino10:12
seb128how was fosdem?10:13
seb128and you trip to London?10:13
didrocksfosdem was fun, as usual!10:16
didrockstrip to London, 30 minutes late (stopped at Calais for a long time)10:17
didrocksbut otherwise, good10:17
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alexarnauddidrocks: do you change of job ? Do you wear sun glasses ?11:02
ogra_suits and ties11:03
didrocksand drinking champaign the whole time!11:09
alexarnaudseb128: Where can I find the latest branch of the gnome-settings-daemon package ?11:13
alexarnaudseb128: I start to search at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon but I don't find the branch related to Xenial11:13
davmor2alexarnaud: https://media.giphy.com/media/4c5OF9pxc9pao/giphy.gif11:14
davmor2willcooke: this is always the response if someone asks if you wear sunglasses ;) ^11:14
alexarnauddarkxst: sorry I'm0 visual impaired, I don't understand the fun of the image11:16
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darkxstalexarnaud, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu11:18
darkxstalexarnaud, what image?11:18
davmor2alexarnaud: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark............ and we are wearing sunglasses (Quote from blues brothers)11:19
darkxstalexarnaud, in general packaging branches are listed under vcs-bzr tag in the packages debian/control if they exist11:20
alexarnauddarkxst: thanks11:26
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qenghoWhen your logrotate is still running at 9AM, there's something wrong.  //  -rw-r----- 1 syslog adm 517G Jan 24 10:37 /var/log/kern.log.113:59
qenghoGood morning!13:59
willcookehey qengho14:01
seb128hello qengho14:02
seb128kernel fun it seems!14:02
seb128or is that some third party driver you use or something?14:02
qenghoOh, nouveau, Thanks for 58 thousand syslog messages per second (alternating, a,b,a,b,a,b so there is no de-duplication).14:02
qenghoOh man, that's only 14 minutes of syslog.14:08
qenghowillcooke: did you find the Tube entrance?15:24
willcookeqengho, yes!  I'll post some pics15:24
willcookeqengho, https://goo.gl/photos/uhNahNAMGZUt8gSr615:41
willcookedesktoppers, pics from Friday ^^15:41
seb128willcooke, did they turn it into a museum or something or was it a special day?15:42
willcookethey use it for training and film sets.  When it's not being used they run tours round15:42
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larsuwhen does free willcooke come about?17:31
larsuLaney is asking17:31
larsuhe *might* have meant free will instead17:32
seb128manager trolling!17:35
seb128though I've to say I didn't understand the trolling :-/17:35
Laneyprobably only makes sense in this one room17:36
seb128what I though :p17:36
larsuseb128: never would we troll anyone!17:40
alexarnauddidrocks: are you available to discuss packaging of session-migration ?17:41
seb128alexarnaud, you better just ask your question on the channel, didrocks is travelling for a sprint this week17:41
alexarnaudOK seb12817:41
alexarnaudI'm trying to compile session-migration on Debian Sid17:42
alexarnaudI've a path issue17:46
alexarnaudI'm trying to change the install file with debian/tmp/ at the begining of each lines without result.17:48
alexarnaudWith "debian/tmp/" at the begining of each lines I obtain a "permission denied" even if I'm in root17:48
alexarnaudmaybe something I don't know in the diffrence between Debian and Ubuntu17:49
seb128alexarnaud, do you have that debian/session-migration.install file?17:54
seb128can you share your source directory?17:54
alexarnaudseb128: yes, I have17:55
alexarnaudI use the upstream Ubuntu file17:56
seb128can you do "ls -R debian/tmp"17:57
alexarnaudseb128: I've modified the install file like that17:57
seb128in the builddir when you get the issue17:57
seb128why did you modify them?17:57
seb128it uses debian/compat 917:57
seb128so usr/... is correct17:58
alexarnaudseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14851023/17:58
seb128what's the issue if you try to build the unmodified source?17:58
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alexarnaudThe issue is that : /home/test/session-migration/session-migration/debian/session-migration.install: 1: /home/test/session-migration/session-migration/debian/session-migration.install: usr/bin/session-migration: not found17:59
alexarnaudI don't know what it doesn't find the file18:00
alexarnaudseb128: it this log (http://paste.ubuntu.com/14850930/) you can find the all log18:00
alexarnaudI've read it but I don't know the issue.18:01
seb128alexarnaud, try to "dh_install -v --fail-missing"18:02
seb128and see what it says18:02
alexarnaudseb128: OK18:02
seb128and see if e.g debian/tmp/usr/bin/session-migration is available18:02
alexarnaudFor me it's the same log18:07
alexarnaudseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14851107/18:07
didrocksseb128: thanks for the patch hint! I'm building n-m and will check tonight :)18:17
seb128didrocks, yw, thanks for testing!18:31
seb128alexarnaud, weird, dunno what's going on, try starting dh_install manually and see if the files it lists are on disk18:31
Laneylarsu is having a sad time with python18:34
didrocksbut but, python is great!18:34
seb128didrocks is at the wrong sprint18:34
seb128he should be Brussel!18:34
Laneycome back18:35
Laneyit's only 2 hours18:35
Laneywe haz clouds18:38
alexarnaudls -l debian/tmp/usr/bin/18:41
alexarnaudtotal 3618:41
alexarnaud-rwxr-xr-x 1 test test 35080 Feb  1 19:07 session-migration18:41
alexarnaud(sorry for the paste)18:41
alexarnaudthe files are available in debian/tmp/18:42
willcookemorning robert_ancell20:18
robert_ancellwillcooke, hi20:18
robert_ancellI was ready for it :)20:18
Laneywe are l8 nite sprinting20:19
willcookeattente, seb128 - if you guys are around, can you be free in say, 20 mins?20:19
willcookeoh hi Laney20:19
willcookeLaney, you might want in on this too, if you're free in 20 mins ^20:19
willcookehe's buggered off20:20
willcookeso he has, he's scarped20:20
willcookeoki, I've just got a quick 1:1 with Robert and then we'll hangout and talk GS20:21
seb128willcooke, k20:30
seb128hey robert_ancell20:30
robert_ancellseb128, hi20:30
willcookeLaney, attente, seb128 - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/robert-will?authuser=020:53
LaneyI have requested to join20:56
willcookethank you all21:10
willcookeLaney, Laney seb128, attente robert_ancell ^21:11
seb128robert_ancell, are fwupd/fwupdate pieces we need to land it? or are they to enable extra features which we could do with a following upload?21:11
seb128willcooke, yw!21:11
robert_ancellseb128, I have MIRs for all the components for GS 3.18. Haven't looked yet at any more work required to backport from master21:11
Laneymeet ximion21:11
seb128hey ximion21:12
seb128robert_ancell, yeah, but https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwupdate/+bug/1508926 seems like the security team might need time to do another review and had issues, so they might still have some concerns21:12
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1508926 in fwupdate (Ubuntu) "[MIR] fwupdate" [Undecided,Incomplete]21:12
ximionrobert_ancell: hi! I heard you have pinned down the remove-doesnt-work issue in gnome-software?21:12
robert_ancellximion, no, I think willcooke was mixing up with another issue there21:13
seb128robert_ancell, one of the comment is "needs pesign from universe"21:13
Laneywhat's the packagekit problem then?21:13
seb128and that doesn't seem like it has a MIR yet?21:13
ximionrobert_ancell: damn - hughsie and I looked at it and found no issue on the PackageKit side, although hughsie still thinks the aptcc backend might be to blame. I placed a bet on a g-s bug now :P21:14
ximionmaybe I will look at this issue again next21:14
ximionit also affects Debian and is really annoying21:14
Laneyit's broken in debian too21:14
robert_ancellximion, I will have a look too and see if I can see anything21:14
Laneyor :(21:14
seb128robert_ancell, said differently, I foresee that the fwupdate MIR ack is going to take some time, are we blocked by it or is a way to build without it so we can land gnome-software even if it doesn't have those options working (yet)21:15
robert_ancellseb128, We can patch out the fwupd stuff since it's all new if necessary21:15
seb128k, good21:15
Laneyit's a configure check21:15
robert_ancelleven easier21:15
seb128even better21:15
robert_ancellseb128, G-S is pretty modular so it's not hard to disable/enable various features.21:16
ximionrobert_ancell: that'd be great - we know so far that aptcc emits all the expected signals g-s needs, pkcon works flawlessly, this issue does not affect KDE Discover or Elementary's Appcenter, and GNOME-Software is internally really unhappy about an application changing its state from installed to available without going through the required uninstallation step21:16
seb128robert_ancell, cool, that might be needed21:16
robert_ancellximion, is there a bug open somewhere?21:16
LaneyDell people want fwupd by the way ;-)21:18
robert_ancellEveryone wants fwupd21:18
Laneypeople with £££ are more equal than others :P21:18
ximionrobert_ancell: on Debian, yes: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=80409421:18
ubot5`Debian bug 804094 in gnome-software "gnome-software: Fails to remove applications" [Normal,Open]21:18
seb128yeah, I'm rjust ready to bet that the review is not going to be done by ff21:19
seb128and would rather not block the landing on it21:19
seb128we can have a ffe21:19
Laneymakes sense21:20
ximionrobert_ancell: are you planning on shipping Xenial with g-s 3.20? We have a lot of changes in there which you definitely want in the LTS, and maybe hughsie can be convinced to not depend on the ost recent GTK+...21:21
robert_ancellximion, currently just looking at 3.18 + backporting what is necessary21:22
robert_ancellbut I guess we'd be open to 3.20 if there's no side effects21:22
Laneyit still requires gtk 3.18 only21:23
LaneyFiles to download: 257695 MiB21:23
Laneydebmirror is go!21:23
Laneyalso http://appstream.ubuntu.com/21:23
Laneycool page right21:23
robert_ancellLaney, a work of art21:24
seb128Laney, I wouldn't bet on that to stay21:25
seb128but I guess the gtk 3.20 requirement could be reverted21:25
seb128if they bump it21:25
seb128which most GNOME is doing because of the css work...21:26
pittireally, that logo looks so crowbared in -- is that really our default apache?21:26
Laneysomeone could just talk to him...21:26
ximionrobert_ancell: I fixed a lot of fwupd and Limba related crashes in 3.20, if you use 3.18 I should probably backport them to that version21:26
Laneypitti: yeah, horrible right21:26
ximionrobert_ancell: if someone's working on Snappy support, 3.20 would be almost essential - hughsie added a lot of convenient stuff for 3rd-party package installers to g-s21:27
seb128ximion, do you know if 3.20 is likely to pick a depends on gtk 3.20 during the cycle or is it going to work on GNOME/GTK 3.18?21:27
* ximion asks hughsie21:28
seb128I guess it might be easier to take 3.20 and revert the gtk changes if there is any, rather than backporting all what we need to 3.1821:29
seb128well depending if they pick newer depends on other parts of the stack we don't have...21:29
robert_ancell3.20 will make my patches easier to propose upstream21:31
Laneyrobert_ancell is already working with hughsie, so could mention that we might want to do this21:31
Laneywhen thinking about bumping deps21:32
Laneymaybe :)21:32
robert_ancellximion, is Debian going to have the new appstream required for g-s 3.20?21:33
ximionrobert_ancell: yes, I will add it when I'm back from Brussels21:35
robert_ancellximion, ok, cool21:35
ximionhughsie just merged a patch we definitely want for g-s ;-) - and the current Git master also contains some important fixes21:37
ximion(like one preventing it to load any data at all, in some situations)21:37
ximionso we'll definitely have an even newer version soon (or the patches backported in Debian too)21:37
robert_ancellximion, so looking I think the only reason I went with 3.18 is it was released and appstream wasn't new enough to work with it. The changes look fine for us to use in Xenial.21:39
ximionrobert_ancell: awesome! No reply from Richard on the GTK+ dependency of g-s yet, but there just was a commit a few hours ago making g-s work well with GTK+3.1821:51
ximionso there's a good chance :)21:51
robert_ancellximion, I don't think there's much he'd change this close to release21:52
willcookeright, calling it a night.  Thanks to everyone working late22:06
pittibonne nuit tout le monde !22:06
willcookeau revoir22:07

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