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caribouapw: remember the vm.min_free_kbytes issue with kdump ?14:34
caribouBug: #152810114:35
ubot5`bug 1528101 in kexec-tools (Ubuntu) "ISST-LTE: kdump failed: second kernel booting hangs after /scripts/init-bottom when large min_free_kbytes value being set" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152810114:35
apwcaribou, let me say vaguely14:36
caribouapw: well, whe vm.min_free_kbytes is higher than crashkernel value, OOM kicks in & doesn't let kdump run14:42
caribouapw: anyhow, it is much more complex to fix than what I thought : nowadays systemd-sysctl systemd unit takes care of loading the sysctl values and not procs14:43
apwcaribou, of course it does14:49
caribouapw: well, since the bug was reported on Trusty I didn't bother to check Xenial14:49
apw(i wasn't expecting you to have noticed, just expressing my frustration that systemd had changed the way something worked)14:50
caribouapw: but just hacking propc to detect /proc/vmcore won't work & I don't feel like changing systemd.service-sysctl14:50
caribouapw: :)14:50
apwso you are saying that systemd is reading procps's config files directly and applying them14:50
apwwhen we have a perfectly good program to do that alrady14:51
caribouapw: yes; it applies everything in /etc/sysctl.d & add a symlink in there toward /etc/sysctl.conf14:51
apwcaribou, dammit14:52
apwcaribou, when we boot in kdump world do we boot a different "target" in systemd land14:53
caribouapw: I force it to go to systemd.unit=kdump-tools.service but in that corner case, it never makes it to that target14:54
caribouapw: I'm not tempted to bend over backward to fix a corner case where the user has set a kernel value that is not coherent with the use of crashkernel=14:55
caribouapw: they should just raise crashkernel in that case (which is the workaround I proposed in the bug)14:55
caribouI can always fix Trusty for that, but it will be a Trusty-only solution14:56
diwicis it expected to get a "warning: file-aligned section .text extends beyond end of file" when installing linux-signed-image 4.4.0-2.16 ?14:57
diwicprobably not. filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/154040615:00
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1540406 in linux-signed (Ubuntu) "warning: file-aligned section .text extends beyond end of file" [Undecided,New]15:00
apwdiwic, do you have secure-boot enabled, and if so does it at least boot ok ?15:01
diwicapw, I think secure-boot is disabled15:02
apwcaribou, i think that there are more than one way the cat gets skinned in userspace that we may be forced to do ti in the kernel15:05
apw*that as there are*15:05
caribouapw: do we _really_ want to go that far for such a limited set of possibilities ? (though I agree that allowing vm.min_free_kbytes to be larger than the whole memory makes no sense)15:07
apwright, i am inclined to think we could at least reject that combination and get 95% of the way there15:07
diwicapw, I enabled secure boot and booted the kernel, seems to work15:09
apwdiwic, ok, so at least that is something, could you shove that info in the bug pls.15:10
caribouapw: your call; I will propose to add a simple upstart job that sets the value to what they want for Trusty for that bug15:10
diwicapw, will do15:10
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