Hydr0p0nXis there a ppa I need to enable for 0.27.5 to be available on mythbuntu 14.04 ?00:03
tgm4883Hydr0p0nX: yes, the standard mythbuntu repos ppa00:03
Hydr0p0nXI had it enabled through the control center, just explicitly added ppa:mythbuntu/0.27 from shell, i'll try updating again while I'm at work and no one is home00:12
qwebirc32418anyone online familar with the error 2048 when trying to watch live tv on slaves?00:21
Hydr0p0nXcan't read first 2048 bytes?00:22
qwebirc32418thats the one lol00:22
Hydr0p0nXis it for all channels ?00:22
qwebirc32418happens on both slaves but only for live tv00:22
qwebirc32418yup doesnt even attempt to open live tv00:23
qwebirc32418master backend works great00:23
qwebirc32418and all tuners are on master backend00:23
qwebirc32418well it goes to the black screen shows tuner then errors out00:24
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