MarkDudepsolje, mabuti, musta na?03:37
* MarkDude gets nosebleeds at times speaking Tagalog, but does ok03:38
psoljeoh i was perusing the channel list and saw this. 03:39
MarkDudeNice folks here, not super active. Most things in PH are Facebook from what I can tell :D03:41
MarkDudeYou in region? There are some fun events, Python PH is in Cebu City next month if you do that sorta thing03:44
MarkDudeIf you're near Manila/QZ there are some FOSS folks trying to start a group up that helps folks learn various Distros03:45
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MarkDudekislot nick was abandoned quite a while ago. I took over it. Wanting to see if there were any reasons PH (as a group or indivual) onjects :)16:19
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