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rtginfinity_, please reject the linux-snapdragon package. looks like we might take a different direction.14:21
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jderosecyphermox: you have a chance to look at this yet? https://code.launchpad.net/~jderose/ubiquity/fix-1539266/+merge/28436415:57
cyphermoxjderose: looks fine, I'll merge it16:01
jderosecyphermox: much thanks!16:02
jderosecyphermox: how long to you think it will take for this to land in a 14.04.4 daily ISO? I'll test this as soon  as the ISO is available, will report back with the results.16:08
cyphermoxI don't know, it will also be up to the SRU team to review it, and then the usual SRU time.16:10
cyphermox(provided it's tested quickly enough)16:10
jderosecyphermox: ah gotcha, so this change will go through the normal SRU process? makes sense considering how late in the game it is. thanks!16:12
cyphermoxwell, things have to go through the normal SRU process anyway16:23
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infinityjderose: Accepted.  Should be in the next daily.18:54
jderoseinfinity: awesome, thanks!18:54
infinityjderose: Please give it a spin on old and new hardware and verify it ASAP once you can, we're getting close to the point release.18:59
jderoseinfinity: will do. i already checked it (by copying my changed file over the installed file) on hardware that uses SMBIOS newer than 2.819:01
jderoseinfinity: as soon as i can, i'll also double check it on older hardware to make sure there are no regressions because of this change, and will double check it on newer hardware that needed this fix19:01
cyphermoxinfinity: could you please also review multipath-tools and parted?19:01
infinitycyphermox: In a bit, yeah.  Breakfasting. :)19:01
cyphermoxbreakfasting actual breakfast, or shawarma? ;)19:02
infinitycyphermox: Oatmeal Crisp!19:03

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