diddledanquiet in here today00:19
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mappshhi all04:09
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knightwisemorning minsky05:58
zmoylan-pibe careful out there, not only is it monday it's also storm henry06:00
knightwisegood morning zmoylan-pi06:04
knightwiseah , that bot is not awake aparently06:04
knightwiseYahoo! Weather - Tongeren, BE: Mostly  Cloudy, 10?C (50?F), Humidity: 94%, Fresh  breeze 8.9m/s (->)06:04
zmoylan-pi[Dublin, DUB, Ireland] Condition: Mostly Cloudy/Windy | Temp: 11C/52F/284K/511R | Humidity: 88% | Wind Speed 26mph/42kmph06:07
MooDoomorning all06:19
knightwisehey MooDoo06:19
knightwisehave to do some legal stuff today06:30
MooDooknightwise: doesn't sound too good, unless you're completing on something like buying a house?06:32
knightwisenah , cancelling a contract with a client06:35
knightwisealways tread lightly on these issues06:35
knightwiseso i have some phonecalls to make and things to look up06:35
knightwiseone of those cases where you "have to be caerfull what you write in a email"06:35
zmoylan-piyou touched our computer once and now our printer doesn't work...06:36
MooDooah those06:55
zmoylan-pimy personal best was 7 years earlier installing a printer cable (parallel) and that was why the computer no longer booted 7 years later...06:58
knightwisezmoylan-pi: factastic !07:24
knightwiseNah, i'm a consultant for a large project. Client hired me as an IT architect, expected to get a senior Project manager.07:25
knightwiseSo the road was bumpy the first month (Also the end-client we are working on is not very mature IT-wise and we had a shitty high level design to work with) ..07:25
knightwiseresult : My client starts complaining about my fee and stuff07:26
knightwiseso .. better to end it right there07:26
* knightwise cant say more , channel is logged and indexable07:26
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MooDoomorning popey08:14
sarahey anyone around?08:25
MooDooonly us chickens :)08:28
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davmor2Morning all09:06
zmoylan-piall recovered from fosdem?09:33
czajkows1iheading home today09:34
* zmoylan-pi looks at weather forecast... seems legit... :-P09:35
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Monday, and happy Freedom Day! 😃09:42
zmoylan-pifreedom day... on a monday... is this irony day? :-P09:42
foobarrydonkey kong country returns on the wii is quite a hard game09:47
foobarryi've arrived at the final boss now though. have to get some practice in so i can show my son that i can beat it next week09:47
foobarryat the designated wii playing time09:48
zmoylan-pilast game i got stuck in was medal of honour on the pc. storming the beach took me a week to get past.  mostly unlike when i was a teenager i was only playing an hour or two casually a day versus 6+ hours at a time09:49
foobarrythats the best bit of the gane09:51
zmoylan-pii eventually made it to cliff with about 11% health left and continued on...09:52
foobarryreminds me of a care free time of my life. just bought my first house, could play ps2 all day long on weekends09:53
zmoylan-pii did enjoy the game but when i went to replay it i didn't enjoy it as much as it was very... linear...09:53
\svI need to create a backup partition09:57
\svone which i can install a bootable image of ubuntu on09:58
zmoylan-pia spare usb drive not available?09:59
\svi have a sata drive but it isnt free10:03
\svi think cus my sys is unstable a usb drave is safer possibly10:05
zmoylan-pii was thinking more a thumb drive. just that if anything happened to the primary drive it would work independent of it...10:05
\svim going to pop out and buy one; what size woud i need these days? used to be 1gb10:06
zmoylan-pii usually use 4gb as a minimum.  not sure when was the last time i saw a 1gb for sale...10:07
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:09
zmoylan-pilast time was a proper thumbdrive... :-) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B4wMYIZIUAE-NG9.jpg10:10
\svbrobostigon, http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3589573.htm holy.... oh wow10:10
zmoylan-pii had one of those... so easy to lose...10:11
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davmor2JamesTait: now I know you are making this shit up10:21
JamesTaitdavmor2, Freedom Day should be an easy one! 😃10:26
davmor2JamesTait: Ok where did I see baked alaska day then10:27
JamesTaitdavmor2, just trying to keep you on your toes. 😉10:28
davmor2ah that's where fair enough10:29
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlY90lG_Fuw10:31
JamesTaitdavmor2, tell sparkiegeek about that one. 😉10:31
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foobarrywho was using sphinx ? was it diplo ?11:23
davmor2foobarry: is that the text thingy?11:28
davmor2foobarry: or the server search engine11:29
foobarrydocs site11:30
foobarryi made a sexy site in markdown11:30
foobarrynot that sort of sexy11:30
foobarryok its just a text heavy website11:30
DJonesYikes, A man's been arrested after reports of someone walking round with an axe in Pemberton, Wigan. He's being questioned on suspicion of affray.....round the corner from pur office11:30
foobarryi used mkdocs instead11:30
awilkinsGrrrah, what an age we live in11:30
foobarryDJones: axe guitar11:30
awilkinsJust had to do a turn-it-off-and-on-again on my *monitor*11:30
davmor2foobarry: Myrtti maybe11:30
awilkinsGot it's firmware knickers in a knot, presumably11:31
Myrttitha wha11:31
DJonesfoobarry: Somehow, I don't think so11:31
awilkinsWasn't reporting itself to the OS properly11:31
davmor2Myrtti: is it you that uses sphinx?11:31
DJonesProbably turn out to be a lumberjack or off duty fireman11:31
Myrttino, I'm LaTeX all the way, baby11:31
davmor2Myrtti: ah I new it was something to do with text layouts that made them pretty11:32
davmor2knew even11:32
foobarryi decided to use mkdocs instead of sphinx because markdown > RST11:33
foobarrybut i think sphinx supports md now11:33
davmor2foobarry: no idea11:39
diplofoobarry: yup I use sphinx12:15
diploThere are converters for Markdown, I've never looked...12:17
awilkinsIs the thing you get when you look for such a thing12:43
awilkinsI have to say, I agree with the sentiment of an article I saw that asserted that Markdown isn't all that12:44
awilkinsMostly because the various implementations vary so much12:44
awilkinsAnd of course, because the original spec of Markdown is ambiguous12:44
awilkinsI'm usually quite happy with Textile as implemented by Redmine, but of course, Markdown gets all the attention / editor support / tooling12:45
moreatiText in Unity on Ubuntu 15.10 seems a lot smaller today? Did something change, or am I imagining it?12:45
awilkinsA "standard" with a need for a tool to compare the output of 20 different implementations isn't very standard, is it.... http://johnmacfarlane.net/babelmark2/faq.html12:46
zmoylan-pisee web rendering engines... :-)12:47
moreatiand SQL, regex, libc, ...12:47
zmoylan-piand programming languages...12:48
davmor2moreati: imagining it the font is the same as 14.04 in 16.04 there is an update.  Maybe you need new glasses ;)12:48
zmoylan-pior are sitting further away... :-)12:49
moreatidavmor2: yeah, probably pebcak12:49
davmor2moreati: if it's a fresh install you might of upped the size of the font on some things and then in the fresh install they got reverted so seem smaller maybe?12:50
moreatinot a fresh install, just 15.10 with apt upgrade run some time in the last few days12:51
davmor2moreati: not sure then12:51
zmoylan-pii seem to vaguely aware of an update resetting the font settings. as someone with woeful eyesight it was very annoying.13:03
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foobarrymy son says he uses "infant scratch" at school13:27
foobarryi wonder if he means http://www.scratchjr.org/13:28
diddledanmorning all13:38
diddledanfoobarry: no he means he gets itchy :-p13:38
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)14:38
bigcalmWho likes crontab fun?14:38
bigcalmI have a job that runs every minute to check if a process is running and restart it if it isn't.14:38
bigcalmIt works from the CLI, but it doesn't from crontab14:38
awilkinsMy number 1 crontab mistake - assuming that the crontab runs with your user environment set14:38
awilkinsIncluding PATH14:38
bigcalmLooking at the mail output from crontab, it's returning a number rather than fully processing the command14:39
diddledanshow us the code14:40
diddledanshow me the money! :-D14:40
bigcalmThe command (for testing) is: ps aux | grep -c 'apache[2]' || service apache2 start14:40
diddledanyup, || will turn it into a boolean14:41
diddledanso the result will be true if service apache2 start succeds14:41
diddledanthat's why your crontab mail thinks it's returning a number14:42
bigcalmThis counts the number of rows returned by the grep. If it's 0 (false) then the service command is run14:42
bigcalmWorks from the CLI. But from crontab, the email shows: 114:42
bigcalmAnd doesn't run the service command14:42
diddledanyup, did you actually check whether apache gets started?14:43
diddledantry wrapping it: bash -c "your code"14:43
shaunobigcalm: I'd remove the -c .. it won't fix anything, but I think it'll make it more obvious what's going wrong14:50
shauno(I suspect that '1' is grep -c telling you there's one match.  and I suspect it's in cron's commandline.  || isn't testing the number grep returns, it's testing whether its exitcode is non-zero)14:53
shaunoif oyu remove -c, instead of just telling you there's 1 match, the email will contain the line grep found in ps-aux, which should give you a better idea why it's never finding no matches14:57
diddledannever not finding nohow14:57
shaunowell that's what grep || otherwise does.  if grep finds nothing, it returns non-zero so 'otherwise' runs.  but the number it's printing to stdout isn't the exitcode14:58
* diddledan mutters something about himself being a mormon15:00
m0nkey_Yes, yes you are a mormon.15:01
diddledan\o/ m0nkey_15:01
m0nkey_Hopefully not bankrupt.15:01
awilkinsDAMMIT what is with Firefox ATM ; it just keeps locking up15:44
pwaringCan't remember the last time I used Firefox15:48
pwaringChromium seems a lot faster15:48
davmor2awilkins: are you trying to use it?15:51
diddledandavmor2: that sounds like a bad idea15:51
davmor2diddledan: well I'm guessing that could be the start of the issues ;)15:52
diddledanso someone is trying to rewrite WordPress as a nodejs app: http://wordexpress.io15:52
davmor2awilkins: did you make use of the features that were removed in the latest versions like group tabs for example as things like that will crash if it is in the config maybe15:53
awilkinsdavmor2, No, never used any fancy config15:53
awilkinsIt just gets to the point where it doesn't refresh the display - you can flip between tabs and the title changes, but it doesn't even redraw the new tab levels15:54
m0nkey_I'd hate to be the guy that had to change a hard drive in one of these: http://natick.research.microsoft.com/16:30
awilkinsm0nkey_, I imagine you just build a lot of redundancy into them17:23
bigcalmI wrote all of this out between 14:36 and 14:42. I guess my connection to the server wasn't real17:39
bigcalmI'm having to read http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/02/01/%23ubuntu-uk.html to see that people actually spoke to me17:40
bigcalmI ended up putting my command into its own file and calling that from crontab. Works now17:41
bigcalmReading the log in the above link and watching it play out here is kind of weird17:43
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diddledanthis has popped-up on hackernews: https://drewdevault.com/2015/11/01/Please-stop-using-slack.html19:16
directhexdiddledan: what a terrible post.19:21
directhexif you don't understand the fundamental issue with why people are using slack over irc, then you can't offer useful advice on the topic19:24
directhexhaving run IT at a company, having been the monkey in charge of those decisions, IRC is not fit for purpose if your collaborators include anyone who isn't an extreme nerd19:24
directhexwhere "extreme nerd" means "someone who can SSH to a server & run a process on it long term"19:24
directhexwhich is a *huge* barrier to entry19:25
* zmoylan-pi reports directhex to daily mail as evil hacker wearing hoodie at night in front of screen...19:45
zmoylan-piprobably even owns a balaclave... :-P19:48
awilkins2 reasons why I am looking to stick rocket.chat (OSS Slack) in our network20:00
awilkins1) the non-nerd factor20:00
awilkins2) Persistent chats20:01
awilkinsNumber 2) is the killer20:01
awilkinsIRC - go away, come back, you missed a load of stuff20:01
zmoylan-pinon nerds... ewwwwww.... :-)20:01
awilkinsSlack - you come back, you catch up on what you missed by flick-reading it20:01
zmoylan-pii just log into my rasp pi and press page up...20:02
awilkinsAdd that to 3) Put your own Rocket.Chat server up and it's HIPAA compliant20:02
awilkinsOr Sarbanes/Oxley or whatever20:02
awilkinsIt's actually corporate policy that we're forbidden to use IM that they don't control20:03
zmoylan-pii'll run the rasp pi inside the solar desk calculator on the md's desk? :-D20:03
awilkinsSaw a Casio FX83 casing that someone put a Pi inside20:04
awilkinsProbably even easier with a Pi Zero20:04
zmoylan-pithe pi zero fits almost anywhere20:04
awilkinsShame all the connectors aren't at one end20:05
awilkinsThen you could make a T-800 style casing for it and a slot to put it in20:05
zmoylan-piit is a little but you can work around that20:05
foobarrycopy.com are shutting down their dropbox copy20:29
foobarrythey offered 50gb20:29
zmoylan-pii get by with dropbox's free 2gb or whatever it is these days20:30
foobarryneed to dig out my glacier settings again20:30
foobarrywhat about photos and personal stuff?20:30
foobarrythe other alternative is an encrypted disk stored at work under lock and key20:31
zmoylan-pii tweet the photos and the personal stuff goes no where near the cloud20:31
zmoylan-piapart from personal encryption notes that would be unreadable to anyone20:31
crypfaceuk ?21:14
crypfaceooh england21:15
crypfaceaka islamabad21:15
crypfaceno thanks21:15
brobostigonis there a way. for example with something like nano, and have the file be encrypted end to end, with my openpgp card.21:55
diddledanbrobostigon: I don't know the exact answer but theoretically it is possible by passing your file contents to php via STDIO22:03
brobostigonthat was similer to what i was thinking of as well, thats good thinking.22:04
brobostigonas well.22:04
* brobostigon wants to create an appropriate will.file on a fairly secure usb drive, for his fiance, is the time requires it.22:05
diddledane.g. echo moo | gpg -se -a -r some@recipient.example.com22:06
brobostigona simpler solution would probably be a text file signed with my key, to prove it is me who created and edited it? rather than full encrption, yes, much simpler.22:08
diddledanthe advantage of not encrypting is that anyone may read it. the disadvantage is anyone may read it :-p22:11
zmoylan-pior use a system that looks like normal text but with other text distributed inside it22:12
diddledanif you encrypt it for recipient-X then you're reliant on that user retaining their key22:12
popeybrobostigon, with vim, yes, easily22:22
popeybrobostigon, i have a gpg encrypted file on my laptop. I open it with vim which decrypts it, and when I save, it automatically re-encrypts it22:22
popeya simple vim plugin which does it22:23
brobostigonpopey: ah interesting,22:23
brobostigonthank you popey :)22:28

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