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mrgoodcatanybody here use taiga.io?13:32
ColonelPanic001never heard of it14:20
cmaloneyI've used it and I wish we could use it at work14:24
cmaloney(was re: taiga.io)14:24
mrgoodcati was thinking about giving it a crack14:27
cmaloneyIt's pretty cool, but it's more for coders than for end users.14:40
cmaloneythat's part of why we're sticking with redmine14:40
jrwrenah redmine! i forgot about redmine14:40
cmaloneyTaiga is pretty easy to install (throw it in a container)and play with.14:43
mrgoodcat"more for coders than end users"14:54
mrgoodcatthat's a selling point imo14:54
mrgoodcatit would be for purely internal products14:55
mrgoodcatso i'm not worried about clients14:55
mrgoodcatwhich is what i assume you mean by end users14:55
jrwrenugh, just realized kalamazoo x is same weekend as penguicon. I know which one I'm going to. :)17:23
elswickkzoo x is only one day..... do both17:32
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cmaloneyjrwren: I think you're going to Penguicon because it's a better deal. :)18:13
jrwrencmaloney: ha!18:17
cmaloneyThink about it18:17
cmaloneyOne day: Drink at bar with other Ubuntu folks18:18
cmaloneyAnother day Learn something new about something you were only mindly curious about18:18
jrwrenah, is release party there?18:19
jrwrenin that case, I'm hosting a south west michigan ubuntu release party along with kalx :)18:19
cmaloneyThat moment when you realize it's been 5 years since the release of something you thought was released later on19:40

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