Kilosmorning everybody05:39
mazalMore oom Kilos05:49
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Kilosai! net-splits again05:49
mazalOh koos05:49
Kiloshi mazal 05:49
mazalGaanit daar oom ?05:50
Kilosgoed dankie en daar mazal 05:57
Kilosohi superfly 05:58
mazalRaasie baie nie05:59
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pieter2627morning all06:10
Kiloshi pieter2627 what happened to chesedo06:10
pieter2627Kilos: have no idea...06:11
* pieter2627 checking06:11
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* chesedo seems to have had network issues at around 5am and got switched to pieter262706:13
Kilosmany net-splits the weekend06:14
Kilosand this morning as well06:14
Kilosfreenode under attack by brats again06:14
mazalMorning chesedo06:16
superflyHi Kilos 06:17
mazalMorning superfly06:17
* Padroni waves hello06:18
Kiloshi Padroni 06:18
mazalHi Padroni06:18
Padronihow are you guys?06:19
mazalOk and you ?06:19
Kilosok here ty06:19
Kiloshows you?06:19
superflyHi mazal, Padroni 06:19
PadroniI"m good06:20
PadroniHi superfly 06:20
Padroniso what is news?06:23
Kilosanother day in paradise06:24
PadroniI am afk-chatting06:28
Padroniso if anything said is directed to me, please tag me so I can see the notification06:28
Padronigot served with another subpoena on friday afternoon06:29
Padroni30min before my day ended06:29
Padronidecided to leave it for today06:29
Padroniso gotta resolve that quickly 06:29
Kiloshi Squirm 06:38
superflyPadroni: Subpoena? Eish that's not nice.06:53
Padronisuperfly, it's part of the job if you're in infosec07:28
Padroniif there's a fraud case, the SAPS will subpoena you for evidence07:28
Padronithe first one I got almost gave me a heart attack07:28
Padroninow - if they don't follow protocol, they get sent back until they get it right.07:29
Padronione of these took over 2 years to get served according to procedure 07:29
Padroniso it can be a lengthy process.07:29
superflyPadroni: right07:48
inetprogood mornings07:54
Kiloshi inetpro 07:55
Padronimorning inetpro 08:02
anton_mayGood morning, goeie môre, dumelang08:17
Kiloshi anton_may 08:19
Padroniso tell me08:27
Padroniwhat is happening with the blog now?08:27
Padroniand what will be put on there?08:27
KilosPadroni what blog?08:36
Kilosim battling to keep up here08:36
cal_pymorning Everyone08:44
Padronimeeting from the other night08:44
Padroniadding a blog to the site was disussed08:45
PadroniI am asking what content will be on the blog08:45
Kiloshi cal_py 08:45
Kilosoh fly was gonna sort that08:45
Padronisuperfly, a word when you got time?08:46
chesedowasn't that for africa's08:51
Padroniyeah, it was09:05
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klaasvakieHi guys. I'm looking to send one of my guys to gain some networking skills, and I was wondering if there are any courses you would recommend? Basically I need to be able to put this guy down on site at a company and he has to work with their IT to get our equipment set up and integrated.10:37
Kiloshi klaasvakie 10:37
klaasvakieHi Kilos10:38
SxuzaBest and easiest free FTP client out there10:38
klaasvakieI've looked at the Network+ stuff, and the CCENT stuff, but I am not sure how good they actually are.10:39
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Sxuzaits kewl  , i got Cyberduck10:42
Sxuzathanks 10:42
chesedoNetwork+ is the most popular that i'm aware of, but the smart ones here will add their voices soon11:02
chesedoklaasvakie: you might have to be ready to define what integration means to you (hardware and possible software wise) to avoid possible confusion11:05
chesedoKilos: who here runs the mirror again cause he might know11:07
inetprochesedo: depends what mirror you're talking about11:09
chesedoinetpro: the repo one...11:10
chesedoubuntu mirror11:10
inetproMaaz: mirrors11:12
chesedoinetpro: yes those. someone those the neotel one (i think) for za11:13
inetproMaaz: neology11:14
MaazUbuntu mirror "Neology" https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/ubuntu.mirror.neology.co.za-archive Official Archive Mirrors for Ubuntu https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors11:14
inetprodon't think it's the official mirror for the country11:15
Kiloswow i forgot his nick again11:17
inetproI see za.archive.ubuntu.com now points to ubuntu-archive.mirror.liquidtelecom.com11:17
chesedofrom the list in the last link it is the most up-to-date11:17
Kilosthey are actually quite good11:17
chesedohmm... kenya has the official for za??11:18
inetproja, must be Symmetria's efforts that11:20
Kiloscuttingedge is his nick11:26
Kilosi dont know if he is still with neology even11:26
Kiloschesedo why arent you in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Members11:27
Kilosoops sorry11:28
Kilosblame old eyes11:28
Kilosor dirty glasses hehe11:28
Symmetriayes there is a reason for it11:43
Symmetriathe bandwidth on the KE mirror is *FAR* greater than out of any of the ZA mirrors 11:43
Symmetriaand the latency is low 11:43
Symmetriaand the hardware is far far superior to handle the load11:43
Symmetriaand its properly v6 connected and has proper peering 11:44
chesedoSymmetria: stop please... proud za peeps here11:44
Symmetriachesedo lol, facts are facts11:44
KilosSymmetria <Sxuza> Best and easiest free FTP client out there11:44
Kiloscan you advise?11:45
SymmetriaI have like, 20 times more bandwidth into my house in KE than the ZA mirrors have available total :p lol11:45
Symmetrialftp 11:45
Symmetriafor linux11:45
Symmetria(chesedo lol, scary thing is, that 20 times figure isn't an exaggeration)11:45
chesedoFileZilla or nautilus has ftp built in11:46
Kilosklaasvakie ^^11:46
Symmetriafilezilla works well as well for a GUI client11:46
chesedoSymmetria: that's very sad X|11:46
Symmetriaon GUI filezilla is what I use everywhere11:46
klaasvakieKilos, thx reading now - just got back to my keyboard11:46
Symmetriachesedo lol, I have 2 x 10gigabit fibers into my house ;p11:47
inetproMaaz: ftp11:47
MaazDump FTP! http://www.43folders.com/2008/07/14/dump-ftp see also: FTP must Die!! http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie11:47
KilosSymmetria advise here too please11:49
klaasvakiechesedo, it's usually our hardware at the endpoints, but using the customer infrastructure so he won't have to reconfigure switches and setup trunks etc, but het has to be able to figure out if the switch/vlan etc. configuration is the problem and then get the customer to fix it.11:49
Kilos Hi guys. I'm looking to send one of my guys to gain some networking skills, and I was wondering if there are any courses you would recommend? Basically I need to be able to put this guy down on site at a company and he has to work with their IT to get our equipment set up and integrated.11:49
Symmetriakilos what sorta equipment11:49
SymmetriaI'd recommend a CCNA as a base network course, or a JNCIA11:50
Kilosklaasvakie chat to Symmetria networking is his game11:50
Symmetriathey are a little vendor specific, but they will give good grounding11:50
klaasvakieSymmetria, Kilos was reposting my question from earlier11:50
Kilosnow i can have a ballie nap11:51
Symmetriathe CCNA is probably the most common11:51
klaasvakieI looked at Network+ and CCNA, but not sure how good they are11:51
Symmetriaand can be followed by a CCNP11:51
Symmetrianetwork+ is a waste of time11:52
klaasvakiedo you have a training provider you can recommend? Good to know about the network+11:52
Symmetrianope, aint worked with any of the training providers in ZA11:52
klaasvakieI'd like something vendor neutral since different customers have different setups, but as long as the basics are good I don't really care if there are some vendor specific parts11:52
Symmetriaheh, the CCNA will teach the theory as well as teh cisco parts11:53
klaasvakiehow good is someone with just a CCENT?11:54
PadroniSymmetria, why do you say N+ is a waste of time?12:03
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SquirmHow is everyone?13:26
Kilosok ty Squirm and you?13:26
SquirmYeah - Going well13:26
PadroniI"m off13:51
Padronisee in the morning, peeps13:51
klaasvakiecheers all, thanks for the help14:57
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inetprogood evenin18:24
Kilosohi inetpro 18:31
Kiloshaha @ julle tweetjies18:31
Kilosons maak ons vlieg moeg18:31
Kilosons kan even speel18:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:27

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