vozcheeseboy is the name issue causing a problem? its it wired or just wireless?00:00
cheeseboyecondudeawesome, on the ssh server, as root, type "service ssh status"00:00
cheeseboyvoz: no, it's not causing any issues00:00
cheeseboyjust wondering why it's like that00:00
cheeseboyit's both, voz00:00
econdudeawesomelistening on 0:0:0:0 port #### (not 22)00:00
cheeseboyboth wlan0 and eth0 are known as wlp3s0 and enp0s25 respectively00:00
cheeseboynot 22, econdudeawesome?00:01
cheeseboyi see00:01
cheeseboyyou blanked it rofl00:01
cheeseboywhy did you blank it out?00:01
k1l_econdudeawesome: did you restart ssh daemon after setting the port to another one?00:01
econdudeawesomek1l_: yes00:01
cheeseboyhe blanked out the port to stop us from hacking his sshd rofl00:01
econdudeawesomecheeseboy: Like I said, I'm new :D00:02
cheeseboylet me guess, you're running it on port 133700:02
econdudeawesomeah, that was it00:02
econdudeawesomewasn't connecting the client to the open port00:02
mikubuntuvoz omg nothing can ever be easy. installer says no disk drive detected. wants me to select a driver for the disk drive, or continue without.00:03
econdudeawesomenow I'm getting a "Permission Denied (public key)00:03
cheeseboythe sshd only accept pub keys00:03
cheeseboyecondudeawesome, are you SSHing as the correct user?00:03
cheeseboytemporarily enable password auth so you can use ssh-copy-id00:04
econdudeawesomecheeseboy: will do00:04
cheeseboythen lock it back down00:04
vozcheeseboy not sure i have one that is weird as well but if i plug in a wired modem then i get wlan000:05
vozmikubuntu are you in the installer or is it a live boot?00:06
econdudeawesomecheeseboy: man page is hard to follow for me. If my ip is, do I (from the client) do: name@ ssh-copy-id -p ### ?00:06
cheeseboy8.8.8.8 is the sshd IP00:07
cheeseboythe machine running the sshd?00:07
econdudeawesome(just using as an example)00:07
mikubuntuvoz its the mini.iso of 64bit lubuntu 14.04, and it din't offer me a run live option00:07
cheeseboyno, just do this: ssh-copy-id user@
cheeseboyand then enter the password when it asks00:07
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vozmikubuntu it might be hard to mount it unless it was enable before. how old is your disk drive?00:09
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mikubuntuvoz -- the box not mine, my friend gave it to me last nite to see if i could get it to work. first no power cord, i spent two hours shopping thrift stores today and found a power cord. there's definitely a hdd becasue it wanted to boot to windows home premium (vista i suppose), but there was a previous user with password so i never fully booted it. i'm guessing its original hdd.00:14
econdudeawesomeappears to hang when running ssh-copy-id00:15
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yeatsecondudeawesome: does it hang when you ssh to it?00:16
vozmikubuntu: i looked into the bios not booting it seems it will refuse to take you there if there is something failing in the computer.00:16
econdudeawesometried running with -i, that appears to have fixed the issue00:16
vozmikubuntu im hoping its not that but i would suggest looking into it make sure the hdd hasnt died or is failing00:17
econdudeawesomewell, now that I turned off password authentication, the issue is back...00:17
vozmikubuntu you can always try installing a smaller linux just to get the system set on linux then try the mini ubuntu iso00:18
mikubuntuvoz i know the box is know for having a problem with randomly assigning a bios password, but that doesn't seem to be the case here, i did finally get into the bios and the installation is in progress -- should i take the option to skip identifying the disk driver and see where it leads?00:19
mikubuntuvoz: so that i can blame it all on you?00:19
cspackecondudeawesome: what is the error message now?00:20
vozmikubuntu that is your choice not mine, i only make suggestions00:20
econdudeawesome"Permission Denied (public key)"00:20
econdudeawesomecspack: "Permission Denied (public key)"00:20
econdudeawesomesvetlana: ssh00:21
svetlanaconfigure sshd to log 'debug' level; restart sshd; try to connect to it; read the sshd logs00:21
cspackecondudeawesome: are you specifying username? i.e. "ssh username @ipaddress"00:21
econdudeawesomeI'm going to try and regenerate authorized_keys00:21
econdudeawesomeI copied text into it earlier00:22
Bashing-ommikubuntu: Does the 'buntu install CD boot in another box ?00:22
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mikubuntuBashing-om: it IS booted in now -- the current question is why the installer says it doesn't detect an hdd driver. its offering to skip and move forward so i'm going to do that and see where it leads :(00:25
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Bashing-ommikubuntu: K.00:27
mikubuntuBashing-om: although i *might* take a smoke break on the way00:27
vozmikibuntu if you continue where will it install if not on the disk drive?00:28
Bashing-ommikubuntu: Lung therapy isd good for the aggravation factor .00:28
econdudeawesomeTHanks for the helps00:28
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grass843My system no longer detects the network card since Ubuntu base update on Monday00:34
grass843Any suggestions ?00:34
grass843No ideas...00:38
econdudeawesomemostly working now, got full command line access. Not sure how to X11forward to a chromebook however :D00:38
OerHeksgrass843, seems  "These bugs hits ubuntu trusty 14.04 with Pre-released updates : trusty-proposed"00:38
grass843I will read this article and try to get my server back online. Thank you for your assistance .00:40
spygamehi everyone, i have an iptable firewall setup on my vps ubuntu 14.04 but i can't ssh to my server anymore. any suggestions how i can regain access to it ?00:40
eelstrebori just installed tomato and my wifi keeps dying00:41
cspackecondudeawesome: did you turn X11Forward on in the server config? If so, try connecting with ssh -X user@host00:41
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econdudeawesomecspack: I did, and connected with -X00:42
econdudeawesome(this may be too off topic for the ubuntu forum)00:42
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econdudeawesomewell then.00:44
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econdudeawesomeFirst time I've seen trolls in #ubuntu00:48
grass843Well atleast I have an error now .00:48
svetlanaecondudeawesome, sorry, I was not following your progress; did you manage to log in with the pubkey?00:49
grass843I did Sudo service network-manger and found the service was stopped00:51
grass843I tried to start the service now I have an error report00:52
mikubuntuvoz i guess this 'no disk drive detected' is a problem00:52
econdudeawesomesvetlana: I did. Now figuring Xforwarding for a chromebook00:52
svetlanais chromebook the host or the client?00:53
svetlanadoes it have X running?00:53
grass843Nmcli-con failed with exit code 900:53
econdudeawesomesvetlana: I dont know how to know for sure. Server has X. Chromebook just has ChromeoS...00:53
grass843Nmcli-Dev failed with exit code 800:54
econdudeawesomeBut again, I think thats getting offtopic for the forum. If you want to continue the discussion, I've hopped over to #ubuntu-offtopic00:55
svetlanaecondudeawesome, I think you would have to get Xorg running on the client for X forwarding to work over ssh; they have a support group at google groups00:55
mikubuntuvoz i wonder if another installer besides the mini will be any better -- burning the alt right now bc it fits on a cd, and this box won't boot from usb00:56
squintymikubuntu,   https://www.plop.at/en/home.html   burn the small free program to cd and boot from it.  it will then allow booting from usb for computers that don't support booting from usb00:58
dani_Hi guys..00:58
mikubuntusquinty any way to determine the disk driver from this search? https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=satellite+a215-s4757+disk+driver00:59
dani_today i have bought myself an AverTV Volar HD Nano. on the box it says supports linux... im not sure how to install it... any ideas as to where to start would be appreciated...00:59
mikubuntusquinty pretty sure i tried that plop thing about a year ago and had trouble understanding/making it work01:00
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squintymikubuntu,  only just logged on and so am not familiar with what you are asking re satellite disk01:00
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grass843Eh still can't get the network-manager service to run01:02
ObrienDavegrass843, i am having the SAME issue01:02
grass843Mine just started Monday when I performed updates01:03
ObrienDaveand BOTH of my laptops quit connecting about the same time. makes NO sense at all01:03
mikubuntusquinty been wrastling with this satellite all day and finally got it to boot, but the installer is hung up saying no disk driver detected. it gives a long list to select from, but i don't know one from another wanted to see if anyone knew how to determine the driver by make/model of machine (toshiba satellite a215 -S4757)01:04
grass843And I no longer have the files in cache to roll it back01:04
ObrienDaveusing    sudo service network-manager restart     has no effect01:04
squintymikubuntu, https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html   download the zip and unzip it. burn plpbt.iso  to cd01:04
grass843I can go through the hassle of downloading and re applying the files .... Or I could nuke and pave hmmmm01:05
mikubuntusquinty which one there are nine :P01:06
kianIs there an easy tool that remaps keyboard keys?01:09
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squintymikubuntu,  plpbt-5.0.15.zip   should be good afaik01:09
mikubuntusquinty ok, don't leave the country01:10
grass843Best Ubuntu distro to run plex on?01:12
ObrienDavedarn they got rid of all the good factoids. grrrrrr01:13
dani_would installing something in Mint be the same as installing in ubuntu???01:13
ObrienDaveyes and no01:13
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ObrienDaveLOL people, super bowl is NEXT sunday. NO snoozing today LOL01:15
mikubuntuthe hard drive i think is fujitsu mhx2250bt -- anyone know what disk driver lubuntu would want for this?01:15
ObrienDaveexternal drive?01:16
mikubuntuObrienDave: if you mean me no -- the hdd for toshiba satellite01:17
ObrienDaveif connected normally, a driver should not be required01:18
mikubuntuObrienDave: a215 s475701:18
mikubuntuObrienDave: installer is hung up asking me to identify a driver from a list --- saying no disk driver detected01:18
ObrienDavethe drive would be handled by BIOS01:18
mikubuntuObrienDave: now, i did disable the hdd as boot option, could that be causing the problem it was the only way to get it to boot from cd01:19
ObrienDaveis it properly configured/recognized by the BIOS/UEFI?01:20
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ObrienDaveseems likely01:20
ObrienDavei know on my ASUS i have to configure the DVD everytime01:21
ObrienDaveat least select it at boot override01:21
mikubuntusquinty i downloaded the plop zip are you saying to burn the little 557kb image to a cd?01:24
ObrienDaveis it an ISO?01:24
Naruniwhen i have displays connected to both DP and HDMI of intel IGP, how can I force audio through the HDMI while using multi-gpu?01:25
mikubuntuObrienDave: squinty was suggesting i use plop to try to boot from usb01:25
squintymikubuntu, <squinty> mikubuntu, https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html   download the zip and unzip it. burn plpbt.iso  to cd01:26
ObrienDaveseems self explanatory01:27
mikubuntusquinty not sure how to get there from here. when i click on the plop zip in my file mgr it opens archive mgr, but there's no option to burn from there. must be a step i'm missing? do i have to extract the .iso first?01:28
ObrienDaveya think?01:28
squintymikubuntu,  yep01:28
mikubuntuwhy din't you say so :P01:29
ObrienDavethis ain't windows ;P01:29
ObrienDaveGreetings & Welcome01:35
Naruniwhen i have displays connected to both DP and HDMI of intel IGP, how can I force audio through the HDMI while using multi-gpu?01:40
ObrienDaveseems like support took Sunday off ;P01:41
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JoniiCan someone give me default Nautilus .desktop file?01:45
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squintyJonii,  not really sure what you are asking but you might want to try running the following in a terminal to see if you already have what you are looking for on your system     locate .desktop | grep -i nautilus01:50
JoniiDid something like that, and managed to fix things it seems01:52
JoniiI had manually replaced Launcher icon for nautilus, so it lacked all those cool extra features01:53
kasperall avid linux users?01:59
svetlanahi kasper and Sieeve, how can I help you?01:59
kasperIs this a support channel, not a social?'01:59
ObrienDaveavid is NOT the right word. fanatics, comes to mind ;P01:59
nedstarkthis channel is operated by highly advanced artifical intelligence bots that have not yet received the 2.9 social interaction update02:00
svetlanakasper, yes, it is a support channel; for random chatter see '/msg alis help list' to search for channels on topics of interest, and #ubuntu-offtopic for a place where some ubuntu users like to meet02:00
kasperI am running backbox, getting into pen testing my home network, is that a decent choice?02:00
Sieevett sounds nice02:00
kasperThank you svetlana02:00
svetlanakasper, I don't know anything about backbox, but from a quick look it probably is ok02:01
k1l_kasper: for technical help with backbox better ask the backbox guys in their channel (#backbox)02:01
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svetlanakasper, unfortunately they don't have an official irc channel so if you'd like to talk about it over the chat then #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux might be your best bet02:01
svetlanaoh, I see, k1l_02:01
kasperthanks mate!02:02
svetlana(no, I don't think #backbox exists though...)02:02
svetlanaah irc.autistici.org/6667, in channel #backbox02:02
k1l_ah yes02:02
k1l_different network, too.02:02
svetlana1 human being in that one, odd :)02:03
OvationI'm using NVIDIA-prime drivers on Ubuntu 15.10. Even though I'm set to performance (NVIDIA GTX  950M) my game in Steam (DOTA 2) seems really delayed when I play (laggy almost).  Any idea why?02:06
ObrienDaveare you running a low-latency kernel?02:07
OvationJonii: It's hard to explain. The renders of the graphics seem fine. When I hold my space bar to follow my character, the screen panning isn't smooth like it was on Windows for the same game, it's very laggy02:07
OvationObrienDave: I'm not sure how to tell, I'm sorry I'm really new02:08
ObrienDaveOvation, ok, if you don;t know, then probably not :)02:09
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OvationObrienDave, haha alright. Thanks though :) Any other ideas what may be causing it? I struggled to get my graphics card to be recogznied because of the whole hybrid setup. Finally switching to prime worked. It's just in games it's laggy02:10
OvationI'm also using 358.16 for a NVIDIA GTX 950M on Ubuntu 15.1002:11
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Bashing-omOvation: A thoght: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/97645/en-us . Nvidia recommends the 352 version .02:17
Guest84228does anyone have a pdf file with basic terminal commands?02:19
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callaghanon Ubuntu 14.04, gnome3; Anyone have any idea how to execute a BLOCKING bash script on gnome-shell logout? (I need to run a VBoxManage savestate operation /before/ XSession closes, and /before/ GDM PostSession)02:28
gxwang!push 2056302:31
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Guest84228does any1 actually say something here?02:33
k1l_Guest84228: for chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat02:33
Guest84228I actually had a question02:34
Guest84228does anyone have a pdf file with basic terminal commands?02:34
ObrienDaveand i replied ;P02:34
Guest84228sorry ObrienDave I didn't see it02:35
Guest84228Thanks ^^02:35
mekhamii just restarted my system and for some reason my xinitrc is not being loaded anymore02:35
mekhamiwhat could have caused this02:35
mekhamiwait i don't think it ever was executing02:36
mekhamii think i just shoved it all in my i3 config file02:36
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mjr4281Hello, my name is Matt. I'm new to the channel.02:53
nicomachusmjr4281: welcome. this is ubuntu support. for any other topics, check out #ubuntu-offtopic. If you have questions about IRC in general, check out #freenode02:54
mjr4281Thank you nicomachus02:55
mikubuntulooks like squinty has left the building, and i so wanted to tell him that plop plop went fizzle fizzle. still no luck loading anything on this toshiba satellite laptop.02:57
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tjbiddleHi all. Trying to setup NAT. Every guide I come across seems like all directions are being run on the machine that's running NAT; but what do I configure on the client to make sure it points at that machine? Running through: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router currently.03:13
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Guest63090anyone in here?  looking for some help03:14
prometHi, after some "misadventures" with 15.x, I moved back to 14.04. There seem to be some, to me, familiar packages missing. Checked software sources and no longer see "universe", etc. as options. Has the naming changed?03:15
cfhowletttjbiddle, perhaps a question best posed to #networking or #ubuntu-server ??03:15
prometor is that something that happens in LTS?03:15
promet(I am usually out in front of LTS), may have learned my lesson though03:15
cfhowlettpromet, nope. let's see:  cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit03:15
prometSeems like a gang of stuff is "missing" though :(03:16
Guest63090i'm using ubuntu (live usb) for the first time and trying to install some software through the terminal03:16
cfhowlettGuest63090, you do realize that the software goes away as soon as you remove the USB?03:16
Guest63090that is fine, i am simply doing some file recover from a hard drive03:17
cfhowlettGuest63090, sudo apt install should work ...03:17
prometcfhowlett, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14847221/03:17
prometcfhowlett, thank you, btw03:17
cfhowlettpromet: universe repo: lines 16 - 1903:18
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Guest63090ok, so i did sudo apt-get install mdadm03:18
cspacktjbiddle: you would need to set the client's gateway to your server ip address in network settings, unless you have dhcp running on the same server.03:18
prometcfhowlett, Hmmmm... roger that, must be muh' 'magination...03:18
cfhowlettpromet, appears to be a fairly generic ubuntu sources list03:18
cfhowlettbut should you feel the need to test, create a new one and compare   https://www.google.co.jp/maps/dir/STARBUCKS+COFFEE,+Toshima,+Tokyo/TULLY'S+COFFEE,+Toshima,+Tokyo/@35.7294173,139.7119709,17z/am=t/data=!3m2!4b1!5s0x60188d6f00c2ad85:0x4c7e3af5bc8015ad!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x60188d5d10b41b7f:0x7c8bc6676f34efd3!2m2!1d139.7097461!2d35.7290351!1m5!1m1!1s0x60188d6e55500b6d:0xc1f989494e0b5bcb!2m2!1d139.7186828!2d35.7290943!3e2?hl=en03:19
prometcfhowlett, how so? That is, could you recommend a way to "broaden" it?03:19
cfhowlettdoh! sorry03:19
Guest63090got a few errors and can't tell if it installed or not03:19
Guest63090how do i tell?03:19
cfhowlettGuest63090, "few errors"?  bit vague, eh?  ain't none of us Ms. Cleo so give with the details.03:20
Guest63090error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow'.03:20
tjbiddlecspack: Which is done how? Just adding  "gateway x.x.x.x" entry in /etc/network/interfaces where x.x.x.x is my server?03:22
cfhowlettGuest63090, that is related to the live USB session, but I've never encountered it while flying live.  possible fix: go into software sources settings and chooose a mirror, then sudo apt update03:22
Guest63090how do i get to software sources settings?03:23
cfhowlettsystem > software updater > settings03:23
mikubuntuwhats the difference in write modes in xfburn theres options - auto, tao, and sao03:23
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cspacktjbiddle: yes, if you're not using network-manager or other gui for network settings03:24
Guest63090under "Ubuntu Software" I selected a different server under "Download from" dropdown, now it is updating cache, that right?03:26
mikubuntusquinty -- you're baaaack -- plop plop went fizzle fizzle. were no instructions so i just put it in to boot and got nothing. then i tried putting plop in the cd, and usb in the usb port, and still no action. i'm just about to burn ubuntu (i wanted lubuntu), but i'm looking for an answer about what the difference in the write modes 'sao' and 'tao' are in xfburn would u happen to know?03:26
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cfhowlettGuest63090, normal and correct03:27
Guest63090awesome, ok i have successfully installed the software03:27
cfhowlettGuest63090, and you have added +1 to your ubuntu karma.  soon you will achieve guru status.  pass it forward03:28
kpwarr_hello! I deleted ~/.config/monitors.xml, and now I cannot log in to Unity, but I can log in to Xmonad. How should I fix this?03:28
Guest63090when i created this live usb ubuntu disk i selected about 3GB of writable space to have available03:28
Guest63090do you know where that would be?03:28
cfhowlettGuest63090, /media/cdrom/   iirc03:29
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mikubuntuwhats the best burner to use for an .iso on lubuntu14.04?03:35
mikubuntuwant to make the right choice as i've had so many problems today trying to get a distro to load on this toshiba laptop03:36
kpwarr_mikubuntu: theres a package which I think is called Disk Utility that ships with Ubuntu which has never failed me03:36
dani_if i do a "sudo apt-get update" what will that do.? will that upgrade my ubuntu version?03:37
tewarddani_: no it will only refresh the information on what package versions are available based on the repositories you have enabled.03:37
dani_ah nice ..03:37
dani_cheers teward :)03:37
cfhowlettdani_, sudo apt full upgrade will update all available packages for your currently installed version.  current version is 14.04.303:38
dani_teward, what about "sudo apt-get upgrade"?03:38
mikubuntukpwarr_: don't see it on my menus i have xfburn, startup disk creator, brasero03:38
tewarddani_: `apt-get upgrade` will upgrade the packages to the latest available versions03:38
tewarddani_: same for `apt-get dist-upgrade` except it also installs new dependencies of packages which have new dependencies compared to the prior-installed version03:38
tewarddani_: only `do-release-upgrade` will do a distribution upgrade.03:39
dani_i'm running Ultimate Edition 3.4 LTS will doing an sudo apt-get upgrade wreck it?03:39
dani_any help please?03:41
cfhowlettdani_, probably not but ... be aware that Ultimate is NOT ubuntu and is NOT supported here.  ask ultimate for assistance.03:41
dani_yes cfhowlett  but it is based off ubuntu03:41
cfhowlett!flavors | false.  these are the ONLY versions of ubuntu we support.03:42
ubottufalse.  these are the ONLY versions of ubuntu we support.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.03:42
dani_there is no ultimate channel03:42
Guest63090Mount /dev/sda8 in /dev/md0 #mdadm --assemble --run /dev/md0 /dev/sda8 If md0 is being used choose another one03:42
mikubuntuwhy would a brand new dvd-r display as having 2kb capacity, and 0 free space in 'startup disk creator'?03:42
Guest63090how do i know if "md0" is used or not?03:42
cfhowlettdani_, if you need support and no support is available, perhaps it's time to reconsider your choice of OS.  in any case, we cannot help you further.  see ultimate support for assistance.  Certainly there must be something, yes?03:43
Vaishnavii just installed ubuntu 14.10 but the wifi isnt enabled03:43
dani_cfhowlett, i cant find an ultimate irc chan even on google03:44
cfhowlettVaishnavi, 14.10 is dead and no longer supported.  14.04 or 15.10 are your choices.03:44
dani_but i understand03:44
cfhowlettdani_, look for the utlimate help menu03:44
cfhowlett!alis | dani_ also search with !alis03:44
ubottudani_ also search with !alis: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http03:44
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Guest63090how do i tell if /dev/md0 is used or not?03:45
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Vaishnaviwhich one should i go for ?? 14.04 or 15.10 ?03:45
svetlanause the LTS03:45
svetlanaso 14.0403:45
cfhowlettVaishnavi, 14.04.3 for LTS, 15.10 for the latest shiny bloody edge03:46
HexmindHi all03:46
HexmindMy laptop updated yesterday and since then it has no network.03:46
Vaishnavibut i know very less about the ubuntu version.  14.10 ? it worked fine earlier ?03:47
HexmindBrowsed the forums but none of the solutions fixed my problem.03:47
cfhowlettHexmind, what does cat /etc/issue return?03:47
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cfhowlettVaishnavi, you have to start with a supported version to get assistance.  14.10 ain't.  (a great reason to use LTS only by the way)03:48
Hexmindcfhowlett, Ubuntu 13.04.3 LTS \n \l03:48
Hexmindcfhowlett, Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l03:48
VaishnaviCfhowlett , thank you for your assistance03:49
Vaishnavithe downgrade of ubuntu 14.10  to 14.04 possible ??03:50
HexmindAnd when I go to "Settings > Network" I get "The system network services are not compatible with this version"03:50
Guest63090ok, having another issue here03:51
Guest63090sudo mdadm --assemble --run /dev/md0 /dev/sdd803:51
Guest63090mdadm: /dev/sdd8 is busy - skipping03:51
bmoore_join #bash03:52
Guest63090why is it busy?03:52
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azizLIGHTwhats a quick way to capture a little video of my desktop, and make a gif and share it really quick to support team04:01
azizLIGHTnot whole desktop, just partial section04:01
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mikubuntuafter all the trouble trying to get lubuntu on this machine today, i finally decided to put ubuntu 14.04 64bit on this laptop, and it's finally taking (hope i'm not speaking too soon). when trying to load lubuntu i couldn't make the machine recognise the hdd -- with ubuntu right off the installer said, this machine has windows vista installed what do you want to do. why erase it, what else. still loading hoping for an uneventful 04:32
rypervenchemikubuntu: Woot woot!04:34
mikubuntui swear it was torture, i started at 1pm and its 11:35pm here now.04:36
mikubuntudoesn't help when you're old and stupid :P i'm sure it *could* have gone a lot faster with more grey cells.04:37
svetlanano idea what the other distro goofed up, but hopefully it's going to work now and you switch to lxde or whatever after the install04:38
mikubuntusvetlana: yes i should be able to then load the lxde desktop right? (i HATE unity.)04:38
svetlanayes you would be able to04:39
svetlanahi ubuntu29404:39
mikubuntuunity schnunity. niet.04:40
BlitzerHoundHello everyone! I need help. I'm trying to create a bootable usb with the startup disk creator, and it isn't working.04:46
minitrueBlitzerHound: i like to use dd04:46
BlitzerHoundIs that another program?04:47
minitruebut you have to be extra carefull, because you can end up copyng de live cd to your hd and ruining your system04:47
BlitzerHoundThat... sounds really bad. ._.04:47
mikubuntuoh crap. some problem, i took a pic and i'll put it on imagebin -- some kind of problem with PXE-Rom. keeps looping over and over saying it's exiting.04:48
minitrueBlitzerHound: yes but it works really smooth04:48
BlitzerHoundYeah... but I don't wanna risk messing up my system. That would kind of defeat the purpose of making the disk.04:49
minitrueis dd if=<input> of=<output> bs=102404:49
minitruein if you put the file iso for example04:50
minitruein output you have to put your hd04:50
minitruei mean your usb key04:50
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minitrueBlitzerHound: you can look for your key using lsblk04:51
minitrueor using dmesg04:51
BlitzerHoundIs there not just a program that I can use that won't risk my system if I mess up? I'm not exactly confident with using the command prompt and stuff... It's the whole reason I'm trying to switch systems04:51
minitrueBlitzerHound: whats the error that you get with the startupdisk creator?04:52
BlitzerHoundNothing. I have my usb in, and I push the 'other' button, and when I choose the ISO nothing happens.04:53
minitrueBlitzerHound: some laptops make it difficult to boot from a usb key04:55
minitrueBlitzerHound: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:55
minitrueBlitzerHound: you should look on google if others with the same laptop have the same problem04:57
BlitzerHoundThanks, I'll read through this04:57
singamhi hor05:00
mikubuntuoh man this is going to eat me up until it drives you crazy :P any idea what's going on with this? first boot after install: http://imagebin.ca/v/2VQi2Tbd371F05:01
mikubuntuis it possible the etho cable is bad? or the etho port? can i somehow bypass this screen and configure wireless?05:02
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badkeypointsGuys, can someone help me understand this command: manage.py ejabberd_auth $@05:20
badkeypointsWhat's the $@ mean?05:20
mikubuntuoh man this is going to eat me up until it drives you crazy :P any idea what's going on with this? first boot after install: http://imagebin.ca/v/2VQi2Tbd371F05:20
badkeypoints"$@" is an array-like construct of all positional parameters, {$1, $2, $3 ...}.05:21
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mikubuntuso i did remember that i had disabled the hdd when i moved it down the boot sequence. i managed after many tries to get back into the bios, and indeed, i guess the installer had moved the hdd back into first order boot, but it was still marked as disabled. i enabled it, then saved and exit -- but still won't boot. http://imagebin.ca/v/2VQi2Tbd371F05:29
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mikubuntuso i did remember that i had disabled the hdd when i moved it down the boot sequence. i managed after many tries to get back into the bios, and indeed, i guess the installer had moved the hdd back into first order boot, but it was still marked as disabled. i enabled it, then saved and exit -- but still won't boot. http://imagebin.ca/v/2VQi2Tbd371F05:38
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castlelorehi all, are there any options with ecryptfs to allow the system to boot unattended?05:43
=== p3tal is now known as gavilan2
mikubuntuthis box is crazy, because the OS is definitely installed it went through the installation seemingly flawlessly, downloading, copying files, installing. so then why wouldn't it boot?05:45
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cspackmikubuntu: you should disable network boot in your bios (PXE)06:24
mwk_I'm trying to execute something in /usr/local/bin, but I'm getting "No such file or directory" even though it's definitely in that directory. Any ideas?06:24
mwk_I tried googling and I can't find anything useful.06:25
mwk_'which' also returns the path to it..06:26
cspackmwk_: if you type "echo $PATH" do you see /usr/local/bin?06:26
=== todor is now known as daradydai
mwk_Yes, "/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"06:26
bbyrhinodid u mispellnthe command06:27
mwk_Also, "matt@galactica /usr/local/bin $ which multichain-util" returns "/usr/local/bin/multichain-util"06:27
cspackis it a script?06:27
mwk_No, binary file06:27
mwk_(it's http://www.multichain.com/download-install/)06:27
bbyrhinopastebin ur troubkeshooting steps and share06:27
mwk_kk, one sec06:27
Loshkimwk_: permissions on the binary, please06:28
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mwk_-rwxr-xr-x  1 matt matt 2239800 2016-01-28 03:40 multichain-util06:28
mikubuntucspack: i hadn't checked it but i guess i'll start it up and check it if i can get into bios06:28
rypervenchemwk_: Have you resourced your bashrc or logged out then back it of the terminal?06:30
mikubuntucspack: does that have anything to do with 'quiet boot'? (showing enabled)06:31
mwk_rypervenche: just tried resourcing, no go-- I also logged in/out earlier and didn't work06:31
wayne_Hey guys I need some help06:32
hateballmwk_: is this a binary you put there manually06:32
hateballmwk_: is it the wrong arch perhaps?06:32
* mwk_ here's the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/dvN9RXV206:32
mikubuntucspack: or is that LAN?06:33
wayne_Does Linux Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit need any hotfix patches for AMD's 8150 8Core Bulldozer?06:33
mwk_hateball: yeah I put it there manually06:33
hateballmwk_: also, use "sudo -i" instead of su06:33
hateballif you "need" a root shell06:33
mwk_ok-- should I re-run the steps with that instead?06:33
bbyrhinononeed mwk_06:34
wayne_Can you guys see my comments?06:34
hateballmwk_: what does "file /usr/local/bin/multichain-util" say?06:34
hateball!help | wayne_06:34
ubottuwayne_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:34
mwk_"/usr/local/bin/multichain-util: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.18, stripped"06:34
mikubuntucspack: under boot options only 4: hdd, cd/dvd, fdd, and lan06:34
hateballmwk_: and you are on a 64-bit system?06:35
hateballmwk_: Just to rule that out06:35
cspackmikubuntu: so lan is last in the list?06:35
wayne_All I wanted to know if I need to search for a hotfix patch06:35
bbyrhinomwk_: run `which multichain-util`06:35
mikubuntucspack: yes06:35
bbyrhinomwk_: run the binary manually .. ie: cd /usr/local/bin/; ./multichain-util06:36
cspackmikubuntu: seems it's booting from lan because it can't find anything else to boot from06:36
mwk_It's been a while since I used this linode, but yeah it's 64: "Latest 64 bit (4.4.0-x86_64-linode63)"06:37
mikubuntucspack: i'm wondering if its a failing hdd possibly? but would a failing hdd go through an entire install process as this one apparently did?06:37
mwk_"matt@galactica /usr/local/bin $ which multichain-util"  -> "/usr/local/bin/multichain-util"; "matt@galactica /usr/local/bin $ cd /usr/local/bin/; ./multichain-util" -> "-bash: ./multichain-util: No such file or directory"06:38
=== Anon682 is now known as Anon682_
mikubuntucspack: and, that said -- should i still disable the LAN?06:39
mwk_oops, forgot to @ -- @hateball, @bbyrhino06:39
bbyrhinomwk_: it has nothing to do with discovery06:39
mwk_yeah :\06:39
mwk_is the binary borked possibly?06:39
mwk_will give that a look, thanks @bbyrhino06:40
bbyrhinoidk, it looks like a binary file compatability issue06:40
bbyrhinograb the source and compile it against ur kernal06:41
mwk_Would Ubuntu version be an issue? I'm on 10.x06:41
cspackmikubuntu: the bios sees your drive? did you install grub to your hdd?06:41
bbyrhinolive happily ever after06:41
mikubuntucspack: i suppose the installer did right?06:41
mikubuntucspack: i guess it sees it its on the list fujitsu mhx2250bt-(S1)06:42
cspackmikubuntu: it should have. does your bios have a boot menu option? you could see if it shows up there.06:44
mikubuntucspack: you mean boot sequence? yes.06:44
mikubuntucspack: under security, what is 'built-in hdd1 status'? to the right of it says 'clear'06:46
cspackmikubuntu: no I mean a boot menu. there should be a hotkey (F12, F8 etc. it varies by bios) . it will let you select a boot device at boot time.06:46
dani_im having an issue trying to install a tv tuner card driver.. this is the link i'm working off...  http://six3sevenlinux.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/avermedia-avertv-volar-hd-nano-a867r.html06:47
dani_im having difficulty with the cd /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.35 line that throws an error it says "cd: /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.35: No such file or directory"06:47
mikubuntucspack: well yes, as i said i have it set to boot hdd first, then cd/dvd, then fdd, then lan06:48
dani_what does this mean?06:48
baizondani_: 2.6?06:48
dani_baizon, ?06:48
cspackmikubuntu: that is the boot priority, I was talking about something else06:48
baizondani_: cd /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.35 <- you have to change it to your kernel version, which ubuntu version are you using?06:49
dani_baizon, im using 12.04 Precise Pangolin06:50
mikubuntucspack: i thought they were one and the same. on startup you use f2 to get the complete bios setup, including boot sequencing, and f12 is *supposed* to go straight to boot sequencing (but it doesn't)06:50
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dani_im using kernel 3.206:51
baizondani_: this should help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1576024&page=4&s=d992926721758fef5e7df41b20e005d306:51
=== kaiyou is now known as jiffiOS_
cspackmikubuntu: not quite the same, the bios setting is the default priority. the boot menu lets you select a different drive on the fly. I was just curious if your hdd would show up there.06:52
dani_baizon, im a complete nube06:53
mikubuntucspack: haven't been able to get f12 to work all day06:53
baizondani_: well this is a little bit complicated to be honest06:53
cspackmikubuntu: you tried hitting F12 instead of F2 when rebooting and nothing happens?06:54
=== Anon682_ is now known as rbh00
dani_are these instructions good? http://six3sevenlinux.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/avermedia-avertv-volar-hd-nano-a867r.html06:55
dani_it seems pretty straight forward06:55
SilencedInstalled steam right now . On running it i get a error message as " Couldn't set up Steam data - please contact technical support"06:55
dani_the tv card has a penguin on the box and says it supports linux06:55
SilencedWhat should i do ?06:55
mikubuntucspack: right. and its very hard to get into the bios at all with any certainty. mostly, it likes to hang up with a 'please wait ... entering setup' but doesn't06:56
baizondani_: no they are for ubuntu 10.0406:56
dani_baizon, ahh06:56
baizondani_: thats the reason i posted you the other link, they got it working with ubuntu 12.0406:57
RepThis1anyone ever try deleting / before?06:57
baizonRepThis1: ?06:57
dani_ok i will review it baizon06:57
SilencedInstalled steam right now . On running it i get a error message as " Couldn't set up Steam data - please contact technical support"06:57
RepThis1baizon: you know, like rm -rf /06:57
mikubuntucspack: btw it's phoenix bios v 1.4006:57
RepThis1baizon: actually in this case u also have to use the --no-preserve-root06:58
dani_i dont suppose you'd have the time to walk me through it baizon ?06:58
mikubuntucspack: well, i guess i have to call it a day unless you think we're gonna get to the bottom of it by some miracle :(06:59
dani_it's over my head baizon06:59
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mikubuntunite all, best of luck -- today wasn't my day07:00
baizondani_: like i said, compiling drivers is complicated07:00
mikubuntuthx cspack and all who tried to help today07:01
baizonRepThis1: why would you remove root?07:01
baizondani_: no, sorry07:01
dani_baizon, yeah.. i need someone to walk me through it i think07:01
dani_np baizon07:01
RepThis1baizon: because i planned to reformat anyways and wanted to c what the hype was all about.07:01
cspackmikubuntu: sorry miku07:02
dani_you dont know any good Samaritans that could walk me through it do you baizon ?07:02
RepThis1baizon: except now my laptop wont boot beyond a powered black screen and need peoples insight if they have had any complicated situations.07:03
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dani_hi there neeraj07:21
=== jiffiOS_ is now known as yeats
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Lihow to change vivid behavior to bring up to the desktop the window of any application I run or opened file instead of just on unity launcher07:36
ppakhey guys any one able to help me with a problem im having with software center07:39
vozppak what is the problem?07:39
Celphishppak: I think you have to ask the actual question before anyone can answer that07:39
vozsorry Li i would like to help but I dont use unity with my ubuntu07:41
ppaki try load software center but it doesnt open07:43
ppaki tryed the command software-center in terminal07:43
ppakERROR:root:DebFileApplication import07:44
ppakTraceback (most recent call last):07:44
ppak  File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/db/__init__.py", line 4, in <module>07:44
ppak    from debfile import DebFileApplication, DebFileOpenError07:44
ppak  File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/db/debfile.py", line 25, in <module>07:44
ppak    from softwarecenter.db.application import Application, AppDetails07:44
vozwhy are you trying to open the software center with the terminal? ppak07:45
ppakvoz , because it wont open when i click on the icon07:45
ppakit happened after i install kali linux tools using a script called katoolin07:46
ppakand this is the error i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/14848286/07:46
ioanmi accidentally dput-ed my package to upload.ubuntu.com instead of my ppa07:48
ioanmwhat do i do?07:48
=== jackson is now known as Guest15810
ioanmdoes it go into ubuntu?07:48
vozppak run "killall software-center" without quotes in the terminal and try to open it again07:48
=== HBS is now known as Guest71736
ppaksoftware-center: no process found07:49
ppakiv tryed uninstall reinstall still no joy07:49
vozioanm i think you can only upload to ubuntu if you are authorized but im not handy with ppa as uploading only with downloading07:50
vozppak ok try this next one "killall -KILL software-center"07:50
ppakvoz , swag@swag:~$ killall -KILL software-center07:51
ppaksoftware-center: no process found07:51
vozppak ok here are new commants to input first "cd ~/.config"07:52
vozppak then "mv software-center software-center.old"07:53
vozafter you run those run this next command "sudo apt-get update"07:53
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vozppak and now we are going to reinstall see if that helps you "sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install software-center"07:54
ppakstill get the same error as i pasted earlyer07:55
ppakImportError: No module named kali07:55
vozppak are you using kali linux or ubuntu?07:56
=== Anon700 is now known as sruz25
vozyour goint to need to add some lines to your sources list07:57
vozppak "nano /etc/apt/sources.list" first07:58
ppakthanks for your help btw07:58
vozppak then add the following copy and paste07:58
vozdeb-src http://http.kali.org/kali kali main non-free contrib deb http://http.kali.org/kali kali-dev main contrib non-free07:58
vozthen control + x and control + y and press enter07:59
vozafter ppak type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"08:00
ppakrunning now08:00
vozlast ppak would be "sudo apt-get install software-center"08:00
vozif it still fails let me know what the error is08:01
ppakstill geting same error08:03
vozppak last thing i can think of is a line change08:04
ppakhow do i go about that ? and will dist upgrade to 15.10 fix my problem08:05
voztype "gedit /usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/__init__.py" and go down to line 159 or so08:05
vozppak what does it say under distro id?08:06
dani_Hi everyone.. Look, I'm having a hard time trying to get my new Tv Capture Card to work on Ubuntu. Here's the link I have to use to get it to work but I was wondering if anyone had the time to help me through this list to get my card working please??? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1576024&page=4&s=d992926721758fef5e7df41b20e005d308:07
ppaki pmed it to u coz i got a drone warning before08:07
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sarai need to backup via consol08:28
shomonhi, I am sure I'm serving port 900 from this debian box.. but I can't pick it up from my lan.. How could I debug this.. is it good to just copy the hosts file?08:28
hateball!backup | sara08:28
ubottusara: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning08:28
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cfhowlett!debian | shomon,08:30
ubottushomon,: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!08:30
cfhowlettshomon, debian is not supported here but has their own support channels.08:30
shomonoh sorry, wrong channel!08:30
vozjotauve yes?08:32
vozneed help?08:32
jotauveoh yes!!08:32
jotauveI've an nvidia g210 and with glxgears I only obtain 60fps max, its's normal?08:33
vozmy nvidia runs at 40-50 fps depending on what im doing, i use ubuntu lts08:34
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jotauveops! so, I supose its normal08:35
vozjotauve what ubuntu version are you using08:36
jotauveI m worried that sometimes when I open a web that has a lot of javascripts animations or gif or similar I feel lag , in windows I don't feel too many08:36
jotauvethe last, 15.1008:36
=== KindOne is now known as TitMouse
vozjotauve it depends on the vsync, if there is no need to run higher it wont. It tends to ajust itself to what you need it for08:38
jotauveand it's not posible to regulate this? I m frontoffice developer and sometimes if I've to do a presentation to a customer I prefer use a windows pc because the user experience is better without lags :/08:40
vozjotauve If you use an OpenGL framework like GLUT or GLFW, that probably also has an option to explicitly request vsync, or to turn it off. Not all drivers/settings will honor this, though.08:40
jotauvehow I know if I use glut or glfw ?08:42
vozjotauve check the video settings see if you can force it higher. not sure where that could be exactly on ubuntu08:42
jotauvemmm I've installed the so and activated the additional drivers08:43
jotauveI can execute nvidia-settings too08:43
vozim not to keen with customizing the video driver like that, i dont mess with mine all that often jotauve.08:45
jotauvewell don't worry! thanks! :P08:45
vozjotauve cheers08:45
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zzarrHow do I create the default user of an Ubuntu system?08:54
zzarr(from command line)08:54
cfhowlettzzarr, you already have a default user ...08:55
geirhasudo adduser "username"08:55
zzarrI have a system where there are no users except root08:55
zzarrthanks geirha08:55
geirhawhat? who removed all the users?08:55
zzarrcfhowlett, I debootstraped a chroot08:55
zzarrgeirha, no, it's a debootstraped installation08:56
cfhowlettzzarr, impressive08:56
zzarrcfhowlett, thanks, it's on my ARM based Chromebook (ASUS Chromebook Flip)08:57
sturmflutDoes anybody know how you would make a self-hosted derivative distribution based on Snappy Ubuntu Core?09:04
TwinkletoesDue to my ISPs networking arrangements, I'm using ubuntu/ufw just to blindly forward traffic to an internal firewall (and of course, apply nat on the way out too). However, I would like to be able to ssh to this box from outside, and can't put the right rule int the right place.  Can anyone help?09:06
TwinkletoesThe 2 rules I have in the nat table, provide the forwarding and this works ok.  They are: -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -j DNAT --to-destination <internal_firewall_ip>  and  -A POSTROUTING -s <internal_network> -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE.  What and where do I stick in an accept for 22/tcp?09:08
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Twinkletoesufw allow 22/tcp   doesn't work, probably because of what's going on in the nat table09:11
reactormonkI've got the following entry in my netstat: tcp        0      0* - I can connect just fine with telnet localhost 8020, but when I use telnet ip-10-144-2-185 8020 (hostname), it fails. I disabled any iptables entries, and the hostname resolves. I get a connection refused. Why can't I connect?09:13
Twinkletoesreactormonk: You're only listening on localhost09:13
Twinkletoesreactormonk: (
reactormonkTwinkletoes, ah, darn.09:13
Twinkletoesreactormonk: You need to listen on or the actual ip09:14
reactormonkTwinkletoes, that's hadoop, so I'll have to figure out what went wrong.09:14
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enoch 10:18:32 up 192 days, 11:01,  2 users,  load average: 0.22, 0.20, 0.1609:19
enochUSER     TTY      FROM             LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT09:19
enochnuv0.ssh pts/1    net-188-217-154- 09:53    0.00s  1.19s  0.04s sshd: nuv0.ssh [priv]09:19
enochis it normal?09:19
milad99341deja dup error: Giving up after 5 attempts. Error: g-io-error-quark: Error splicing file: Input/output error (0). What should I do?09:19
enochit is showing 2 users but only one is connected09:19
Twinkletoesenoch: Is there a login on the console directly?09:20
enochi don't think09:20
enochgot hacked?09:20
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Twinkletoesenoch: Have you read: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170896009:21
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dani_Hi everyone.. Look, I'm having a hard time trying to get my new Tv Capture Card to work on Ubuntu. Here's the link I have to use to get it to work but I was wondering if anyone had the time to help me through this list to get my card working please??? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1576024&page=4&s=d992926721758fef5e7df41b20e005d309:36
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jostHi! I've got XUbuntu 14.04.3 running here (Desktop), and want to upgrade to 15.10. However,  get "Error authenticating some packages" when running "sudo do-release-upgrade". I've tried to switch to the main server (not the one for germany), but no change?09:39
jost? = .09:39
cfhowlettjost, you have to install 14.04 > 15.04 > 15.10 via EOLupgrade method or (and saner) torrent 15.10 and clean install.  OR wait until April and go 14.04 > 16.0409:40
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catoHello, I am running 14.04 and want to add a name for my local vm. in the good old days I did just an entry in /etc/hosts. seems as I need to do this somehow via network-manager. how?09:50
jkalehow do i recreate the original index.html file?09:54
Sohail-Ahmedonce .bashrc is edited, is there something one needs to do so that changes can take effect???09:55
TwinkletoesSohail-Ahmed: it's read when bash starts up, not whilst it's running09:56
TwinkletoesSohail-Ahmed: you cloud logoff/login again? or jsut start a new bash process?09:57
jkaleSohail-Ahmed: changes take effect in any new shell you open. using source ~/.bashrc may help in shells that are already open.09:57
TwinkletoesWhat he says ^^^^09:57
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Sohail-AhmedTwinkletoes, jkale: thanks !!!09:57
Twinkletoesjkale: You mean the index file for the default site after apache is first installed?09:58
jkaleTwinkletoes: yes09:58
Twinkletoesjkale: Specifically the ubuntu one, or will a debian one do?09:59
jkaleTwinkletoes: any would do09:59
Twinkletoesjkale: see PM window09:59
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shreddingi have to commands in bash history, both containing 'tiff" - how can i find the older one?10:07
shreddingoh, i just grepped zsh history10:07
Twinkletoesshredding: if you grep, the results are returned in file order (ie. date order)10:09
Lihow to change vivid behavior to bring up to the desktop the window of any application I run or opened file instead of just on unity launcher10:11
PirateLOLHey guys hoping someone can help me10:14
PirateLOLUbuntu keeps freezing at random points and am unable to move anything including my mouse. The commands on Google to access terminal (the resuib option and others) don't work either10:15
=== motball9 is now known as hardfalcon1
Herwinis there still the Bug CVE-2016-0728 in linux?10:16
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)10:16
TwinkletoesPirateLOL: Is your HDD LED on solid when it freezes?10:16
PirateLOLI don't know where my HDD LED is.10:16
PirateLOLNever really paid attention to that before.10:17
Herwinthat hacker gain control over my linux computer?10:17
=== Yhg1s is now known as GalAtle
PirateLOLAnd another problem is10:17
PirateLOLWhen i try shut it down, it hangs...it's hung for up to two hours before10:17
Herwinis there still the Bug CVE-2016-0728 in linux?10:17
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)10:17
Herwinis there still the Bug CVE-2016-0728 in linux?10:17
Herwinthat hacker gain control over my linux computer?10:18
PirateLOLI also do the sudo shutdown commands but they make it hang too10:18
PirateLOLUbuntu seems to be a real mess. Other users have reported it on different Ubuntu forums too.10:18
Herwinreference leak in the keyring, is thit solved?10:19
cfhowlettHerwin, as per the link "** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem. When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. "10:19
CinnamonRickRollpirate, maybe you're doing something too intensive for your gpu/driver?10:19
PirateLOLDamn keyboard10:20
PirateLOLNo my drivers and cpu are fine.10:20
CinnamonRickRollubuntu froze up heaps for me on nouveau (free nvidia driver), but haven't had an issue since i switched to the propreitary one10:20
PirateLOLNever encountered the issue before. It just started all of a sudden.10:20
=== dooferlad_ is now known as dooferlad
CinnamonRickRollah, well I can't be any more help than that I'm afraid, hope you get it sorted out10:21
HerwinCan i use my computer of is it not save10:21
PirateLOLBut changing drivers could be an option I guess. How do you do it?10:21
NGC_6205is there a way to refresh the top menu bar without restarting everything? It is currently stuck saying "Steam" and won't display the current program's menu10:22
PirateLOLNo, it's totally stuck. Nothing responsive at all when it freezes10:22
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
PirateLOLRESUIB and other options don't work either (as suggested on different forums)10:23
HerwinCan i use my computer of is it not save?10:23
PirateLOLReally irritating because I like Ubuntu but numerous users on different forums have encountered this issue too. Making me want to just switch to another OS.10:23
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
CinnamonRickRollOh sorry to bail got caught up in other things10:24
CinnamonRickRollto change drivers10:24
CinnamonRickRollgimme a sec to think, i'm not on ubuntu rn10:24
TwinkletoesPirateLOL: Have you tried a different flavour of linux yet?  Does it do it on that aswell?10:24
hateballPirateLOL: What version of Ubuntu are you using? And what nvidia driver?10:24
hateballPirateLOL: You can use https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa to change to a different driver10:25
CinnamonRickRollPirateLOL: to change driver: open software and updates, you can either find it thru unity or opening settings, and from there i think theres a drivers tab, i'm doing this from memory so might be a bit off10:25
PirateLOLI'm using UBunfu10:25
PirateLOLSorry damn keyboard lol10:25
PirateLOLAnd have tried other flavours yes10:26
CinnamonRickRollwell, isn't 15.10 the newest one? still in dev? I haven't checked for a while but I'm fairly new and 14.04 was the recommened one wasn't it10:26
PirateLOLSeems to do the same thing. As I said a sec ago, it just started suddenly. Never happened before.10:26
hateballCinnamonRickRoll: 14.04 is LTS, 15.10 is not "in dev", it's just a non-LTS release10:27
TwinkletoesPirateLOL: *something* must have changed, whether it was an OS or software update etc.10:27
CinnamonRickRolloh ok, my bad, whats LTS tho?10:27
TwinkletoesPirateLOL: or your hardware is failing.  The point is, *something* is different from when it worked10:27
hateball!lts | CinnamonRickRoll10:27
ubottuCinnamonRickRoll: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)10:27
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hateballCinnamonRickRoll: Whereas non-lts are supported for 9 months10:27
PirateLOLDon't really know what drivers I'm using to be honest, but whatever they are they haven't done this before.10:28
PirateLOLAnd dam. Hope it isn't failing10:28
PirateLOLAnyway to check the general health of my hardware?10:28
hateballPirateLOL: Open the additional drivers gui, it will say which driver version is in use10:28
hateballPirateLOL: Or launch nvidia-settings, it will also display the version10:29
PirateLOLI'm on my tablet at the moment but will do that later. Thank you :)10:29
PirateLOLSo is there anyway to also check the general state of health of my hardware? I guess it could be failing, was also wondering if there was a way to check that or not10:30
PirateLOLAlready done a memtsst10:32
=== Cavetroll is now known as Nish
PirateLOLNothing bad detected. Hard drive shows no errors.10:33
PirateLOLGotta be positive10:33
hateballPirateLOL: You can have a look at your ~/.xsession-errors file and see if it's being filled with anything of interest10:33
cfhowlettPirateLOL, well, clearly the keyboard is failing so ... color me suspicious ...10:33
PirateLOLI'm on my tablet.10:34
=== floown_ is now known as floown
PirateLOLApologies for the spelling and stuff.10:34
PirateLOLAnd thank you hate all10:34
PirateLOLDamn autocorrect10:34
JyZyXELis it possible to have CIFS mounts automatically unmount after a period of inactivity?10:36
hateballJyZyXEL: You can use autofs and set idle timeout10:37
NishAnybody got experience with Samba 4 as a domain member? I can't get winbind to work properly, getent passwd / group not returning the domain accounts.10:38
JyZyXELhateball: will it work in combination with fstab?10:38
PirateLOLAlso searched deeper on10:38
=== mO0se is now known as B0g4r7
PirateLOLGoogle for solutions10:38
PirateLOLWill try them. Thanks guys.10:39
=== GalAtle is now known as ary
hateballJyZyXEL: yeah, just dont put mounts in both places10:40
JyZyXELhateball: ah, so i can choose to have autofs only do the unmounting and not interfere with mounting that is done by systemd and fstab10:41
hateballJyZyXEL: well no, the mountpoint you want to manage should be done by autofs only or you might get issues10:42
JyZyXELsounds pretty invasive10:42
hateballJyZyXEL: How so? autofs is great imo10:42
JyZyXELbut it probably is not as reliable as systemd and fstab10:43
JyZyXELalso dolphin uses fstab10:43
JyZyXELsounds really bad practice to not use fstab10:43
JediMasterhi guys, I've been running Linux/Debian/Ubuntu as a server for many many years but for work I've had to use Windows mainly for desktop, even though all my work is done on Ubuntu servers. I'm trying to switch permanently over to Ubuntu for my work desktop and there's one major problem, Skype.10:44
JediMasterI've got skype installed and "working", but it's version 4.3, it's many years out of date, and Microsoft just won't bring out a newer version10:44
cfhowlettuse an alternative ... not an ubuntu issue.10:46
JediMasterthe interface is a nightmare to navigate when I often have 10-20 conversations a day open with clients and colleagues, you just can't see message notifications, you loose conversations all the time. Web version of Skype is more usable than the native Linux version, but you then can't install the plugins for calls10:46
cfhowlettJediMaster,  how is this an ubuntu problem?10:46
JediMastercfhowlett, because what alternative connects to the skype network?10:46
CinnamonRickRollmaybe its just me but like, you could always use not linux or maybe a phone or smth10:47
CinnamonRickRollbut ya know maybe thats just me10:47
JediMastercfhowlett, businesses can't expect to get all their clients to install an alternative10:47
cfhowlettJediMaster, by design ... none.  so don't skype.  google voice/hangout is an option.  at any rate, NOT an ubuntu issue.10:47
JediMasterCinnamonRickRoll, I need skype calls and screen sharing and half our clients wouldn't know how to even install a piece of software10:48
cfhowlettJediMaster, although I suppose one could try installing virtualbox + ubuntu + skype.  haven't tested it, but sounds possible10:48
JediMastercfhowlett, I'm not saying it's Ubuntu's fault, but it's certainly an issue for Ubuntu takeup10:48
cfhowlettnot so much ...10:49
=== B0g4r7 is now known as xWhiplash1
JediMastercfhowlett, I'm talking from a business perspective where EVERYONE uses skype only =/10:49
JediMasterI'm almost considering running a windows VM within Ubuntu just for skype10:50
cfhowlettand yet microsoft (you know .. the OWNERS of that proprietary software) don't see fit to support it.  so - not ubuntu's fault or fixable by ubuntu.10:50
JediMastercfhowlett, skype is unfortunately critical to doing business nowdays10:50
=== Stud is now known as Homie
cfhowlettfacts: MICROSOFT's product.  complain to them.10:51
JediMastercfhowlett, yes, I am completely aware of this, and I'm not asking Ubuntu to fix it, what I'm asking is if anyone has a way of getting Skype working, e.g. WINE in Ubuntu?10:51
CinnamonRickRollok sorry to interject again, but i think the issue here mighta been the way the issue was approached10:52
CinnamonRickRollbc to me it seemed as tho u were just complaining, rather than seeking a solution10:52
JediMasterno, I got cfhowlett butting in before I had finished what I was trying to ask10:52
CinnamonRickRollHmm, well to me thats not how it seemed tbh, but maybe a better way to approach things in future might be to ask the question first and then add details later10:53
CinnamonRickRollthats what i do10:53
CinnamonRickRolltends to save a fair bit of confusion10:53
JediMasterI'll try again, does anyone have any solution to MICROSHAFT's Skype's complete lack of support to get it working in a useable way on Linux? However that may be, e.g. WINE or some IM plugin that gives a better interface etc.10:53
CinnamonRickRollNice work :)10:54
evanvarvellhow do you bring up the keyboard chart or the HUD?10:55
milad99341please someone answer this question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/728215/ubuntu-backup-restore-failed10:55
milad99341it's very important for me.10:55
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hrobanyone tried skype on ubuntu lately?11:02
calimero_82Good morning, having removed the package manager: ubuntu-desktop completely, I still think the desktop environment xfce, as you delete? my os is ubuntu 4.14 thanks11:02
hrobis it safe to add a 5 year old repository to 14.04?11:02
cfhowletthrob, no!  why would you11:02
=== xWhiplash1 is now known as louiz920
calimero_82xubuntu desktop11:03
hrobcfhowlett:  I'm a little out of date with skype... but when i started applying for jobs agin, it turns out people are actually still using it!11:04
hrobcfhowlett:  like all HR people on the planet ??!11:04
JediMasterhrob, I've been asking the same, skype 4.3 on Ubuntu sucks11:04
cfhowletthrob, skype is in the partner repo. enable and install from there.11:04
srulii need some help with yad/zenity on gnome 15.10 yad/zenity work fine when called from user script but if the script is called by root it does not work, the error "Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged" in lubuntu 15.10 and ubuntu 14.04 there are similar errors but the dialog is displayed why in gnome is it not?11:05
hrobJediMaster: chachasmooth :   I just noticed actually there is a skype plugin for pidgin and other FOSS messangers... it that any good?11:05
JediMasterhrob, I'm actually just downloading an official Microsoft virtualbox image of windows 10 so I can install Skype on it, it has a 90 day expiry, so just reinstall or roll-back11:05
JediMasterhrob, problem I have with the linux client is the interface sucks, you can't see your conversations, screen share and video all comes in at 320x240 (a bug that has been around for years), and it crashes quite a lot11:06
hrobchachasmooth:  thanks,  was not aware ---11:06
JediMasterhrob, I've tried the pidgin client years ago but had problems with it11:06
hrobJediMaster:  ok... sounds like I'm going to have to dual boot to my wonderdose v.8 again...11:07
JediMasterhrob, hence why I'm trying the virtualbox route11:07
hrobJediMaster: well only twice in the last year11:07
JediMasterhrob, I've got virtualbox (and vagrant but you don't need that) and I'm trying the official image from: https://dev.windows.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/linux/11:08
hrobit's all HR people and all those other grandmas' fault though... I don't blame linux off course11:08
hrobJediMaster:  oh ok... could just run the image --- you have to go through like 20 microsoft personal questions right?11:09
JediMasterhrob, indeed, I'd much rather use an alternative, but can't ask the rest of the world to use it =/11:09
JediMasterhrob, I've not used these images before, so not sure, I'm still downloading it now11:10
JediMasterhrob, there weren't any questions to just download it11:10
JediMasterhrob, I think the only limitation is that they expire after 90 days so you have to take a snapshot and revert every 90 days11:11
calimero_82sorry, how can i delete completely xfce from ubuntu 14.04? thanks11:12
hrobJediMaster:  thanks, its worth a try!11:12
cfhowlettcalimero_82, logout, choose unity, login, sudo apt-get purge xfce11:14
k1l_calimero_82: remove the xubuntu-desktop package11:14
calimero_82Kil_ i've already removed xbuntu deskt, but remains xfce11:17
hrobthanks all for the microsoft support, I'll be back.11:18
=== louiz920 is now known as Mov1s_iPad
calimero_82cfhowlett, there's not any xfce package, i've installed only xubuntu-desktop, i've removed it completely but remains xfce11:19
cfhowlettcalimero_82, logout, choose an alternate desktop, login11:20
milad99341where is ubuntu support team? why don't anyone help me?11:20
calimero_82i'm in unity already cfhowlett11:21
cfhowlettcalimero_82, dpkg -l xfce* should return nothing11:21
=== ahmed is now known as Guest36319
cfhowlett!patience | milad99341,11:22
ubottumilad99341,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:22
calimero_82yes cfhowlett11:22
=== james is now known as jmbabazi
cfhowlettcalimero_82, that means no xfce is available.  why do you claim otherwise?11:23
calimero_82i wanted only to test xfce in ubuntu11:24
calimero_82but in the wiki u must install xbuntu-desktop to try it11:24
cfhowlettcalimero_82, you did, you removed it, it's goine11:24
calimero_82when i do logout there's also try xfce11:25
cfhowlettcalimero_82, false.  sudo apt intall xfce4        will get you the xfce desktop environment11:25
cfhowlettcalimero_82, reboot11:25
calimero_82in italian wiky there's only xubuntu-desktop11:25
k1l_calimero_82: xubuntu uses xfce, you know?11:25
calimero_82it's true11:25
calimero_82yes kyl_11:26
k1l_calimero_82: but you can install xfce without the whole xubuntu desktop. the desktop ships some other standard programs. xfce is the pure desktop11:26
calimero_82but it was only a test to try it, i'm fine with ubuntu canonical11:26
k1l_calimero_82: but what is the issue now? you removed those packages.11:26
krabadork1l_, calimero_82 knows about derivatives very well , it's a kind of "alchimist" user11:26
calimero_82now i try logout to see if xfce option is deleted11:27
=== rfm is now known as plushy
calimero_82thanks for all11:28
=== plushy is now known as Guest66311
srulii need some help with yad/zenity on gnome 15.10 yad/zenity work fine when called from user script but if the script is called by root it does not work, the error "Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged" however in lubuntu 15.10 and ubuntu 14.04 there are similar errors but the dialog is displayed why in gnome is it not?11:34
srulihow can i display a dialog with info from a root script in gnome 15.10?11:34
ni638629I am planning to buy a Wifi dongle with the chipset MT7612U. Is that a good idea?11:35
=== Mov1s_iPad is now known as Mp3Dream
calimero_82it works guys, i had to remove any libs or xfce-packs from synaptic11:36
ni638629And does that work with all 802.11? a/b/g/n/ac?11:37
mabraham1982Hello folks ,i made some changes to my laptop like installing some programs from ubuntu software center im using 14.04 lts ,but after restart i lost my wifi driver ,is there is any way to restore my previous settings?11:38
cfhowlett!hardware | ni63862911:39
ubottuni638629: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:39
=== vox_ is now known as vox
mabraham1982Is there is any way to restore my previous settings back in Ubuntu 14.04 ?11:44
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
cfhowlettmabraham1982, you mean rollback?  no.  restore previous settings? yes. but ...11:45
bazhangreinstall from backups mabraham198211:45
cfhowlettthis ^^^11:45
mabraham1982I don't have a backup11:45
mabraham1982And yes i mean rollback11:46
* cfhowlett shakes his head sorrowfully ...11:46
bazhangthats not going to be easy then it it11:46
mabraham1982Ok ,how ?11:46
k1l_mabraham1982: which settings do you mean? and no, its not that easy. you can rename the ".config" folder in your users home to ".config_old" and relogin to clear some user settings11:47
bazhangwithout any backups of any sort?11:47
cfhowlettmabraham1982, are you ONLY trying to get your network back?  different situation than restoring data ...11:48
mabraham1982The problem is I lost my wifi driver, and i can't connect to the network any more ,but my Bluetooth is still working.11:49
cfhowlettso your end goal is ???11:49
mabraham1982Yes im trying to get my wifi back11:50
cfhowlett!wifi | start here11:50
ubottustart here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:50
k1l_mabraham1982: ok, so i would look at that issue specificly. what happend before it didnt work anymore?11:50
mabraham1982I did some software installation11:51
k1l_mabraham1982: details matter a lot11:51
=== Mp3Dream is now known as t4nk016
mabraham1982I installed edubuntu package11:52
mabraham1982The last thing i can remember i had installed zenmab11:53
bazhangmabraham1982, what edubuntu packages did you want to remove then11:53
=== Guest66311 is now known as Bluey
mabraham1982And i gives it a try before restart11:54
mabraham1982I did it already.11:54
mabraham1982But nothing happened11:55
k1l_mabraham1982: what line in "lspci" or "lsusb" lists your wifi card?11:57
sruli"ls /tmp/X11-unix/" shows me X0 & X1 i am on a single screen VM gnome why do i have 2 displays?11:57
mabraham1982What is this mean ?11:57
=== Guest44906 is now known as mosene
mabraham1982My laptop is dell studio 155811:59
mabraham1982Is it helps ?11:59
k1l_mabraham1982: please show the terminal output of "lspci" and "lsusb" on paste.ubuntu.com and show the url here11:59
cfhowlettmabraham1982, yes. almost certainly you have a broadcom wifi chipset12:00
mabraham1982Yeah its Broadcom12:00
cfhowlettmabraham1982, let's get details: lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network | pastebinit12:01
mabraham1982Do you want me to do this in terminal12:02
cfhowlettyes.  copy and pastet the url it will return12:03
k1l_mabraham1982: yes. we need facts to help you. just talking doesnt solve your issue12:03
=== tron is now known as Guest24273
=== t4nk016 is now known as b_52globe
mabraham1982That's what I got lspci: no such pci access nethod: 912:09
cfhowlettmabraham1982, lspci -l | grep broadcom12:10
cfhowlettmabraham1982, sorry, wrong. wait 112:11
mabraham1982What  ?12:12
cfhowlettmabraham1982, lshw | pastebinit12:13
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isp_Hi, i'm trying to install ubuntu on my intel NUC with UEFI enabled and Windows10 already installed, but when i use "install alongside Windows" there ether don't seem to be a record in efibootmgr(16.04) or the contents are not recognised by the UEFI after rebooting (15.10)12:16
isp_where could i get additional help with that ? thx12:16
vilitalttiisp_: I'm not speacialist on this matter, but have created enough space to your hard drive?12:19
isp_there're the 3 microsoft partitions and then a 90gbext4 for ubuntu and a 17gb swap12:20
yellabs-r2sometimes its confusing, so i ask, when developing for the ubuntu desktop , is it Qt i am looking at or Gtk?12:21
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Phazorxis there a "mote dedicated" channel for hardware specific issue or am i good to ask here?12:39
cfhowlett!hardware | Phazorx12:40
ubottuPhazorx: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:40
Phazorxcfhowlett: well the hardware is supported but i'm dealing with sometihng that appears as a hardware isue but could be system/configuiration12:42
kettlecookedOur office server (Ubuntu Server 14.04) with software RAID (2 mirrored disks) will not boot anymore, safe mode says the raid array is degraded. Where do I start to fix this problem? I want to un-degrade it :)12:43
cfhowlettkettlecooked, best ask experts: #ubuntu-server12:44
kettlecookedah thank you12:44
programoHi to find the IPC specific to my processor12:45
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hrobhi again13:08
sruli"ls /tmp/X11-unix/" shows me X0 & X1 how do i know which is in use?13:09
=== B4k3r is now known as oco2
maintenancehi everybody, i va a little problem with update, what can i do -if you want more info, ask me) thanks13:10
k1l_maintenance: what is the issue?13:10
cfhowlettmaintenance assume we don't actually know the details ... since you haven't shared any?13:10
ioriasruli, maybe this helps http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/196677/what-is-tmp-x11-unix13:11
maintenancecfhowlett, http://pastebin.com/fwDD9WL913:11
hrobmaintenance:  that was funny!13:11
maintenancesorry for my bad english, i m french user13:11
cfhowlett!fr | maintenance,13:11
ubottumaintenance,: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:11
maintenanceok, but onebody on french irc ubuntu, can you help me13:12
ioriai think "conservés :" is kept back13:12
k1l_maintenance: use "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"13:12
cfhowlettyou'll have to translate mon ami ...13:12
sruliioria: thanks, i know what it is now, why do i have X0 & X1 and how do i know which is in use?13:12
maintenanceok for best effort... i -ll try your issue, i come back ...thanks13:13
ioriasruli,  try ps aux13:13
hateballcfhowlett, maintenance: You can put "LC_ALL=C" before commands in bash and it should default to english. so "LC_ALL=C sudo apt-get update" or whatever it was13:15
hateballFor pasting reasons and so on13:15
sruliioria: ps aux | grep Xorg gives me 1 line there are no '1' so i gues its saying that its using X0, however when i try to run someing from script which requires X it gives an error about X0 and i have to export X1, whats wrong here?13:16
cfhowletthateball, wait what?13:16
BluesKajHi folks13:16
ioriasruli,  are you playing with local sockets ?13:16
cfhowlettmaintenance, still with us?13:16
hateballcfhowlett: I read the backlog, seemed like the issue was a pastebin in french13:16
sruliioria: no just trying to get a simple yad/zenity dialog with info when internet disconnects, so i put the script in up/down only works with export display113:17
cfhowletthateball, true.  but this wasn't on MY box ... so the user would trigger the LC ... to translate to English?13:17
hateballcfhowlett: Yes13:17
Phazorxafter about 7 month of usage, most of time when waking up i see something like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3x9454y8zstutq6/IMG_1260.JPG any clues?13:17
cfhowlett!cookie | hateball I'd send you a beer but only have cookies13:17
ubottuhateball I'd send you a beer but only have cookies: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!13:17
ioriasruli,  ok.... i should work also without export13:18
hateballcfhowlett: I run Swedish locale, so I have to do it in order to help people in english at times :)13:18
k1l_cfhowlett: yes. if you preface the command with LC_ALL=C then all the output is in english.13:18
cfhowlettthat is so smooth!  "I learned something today!"13:19
hateballPhazorx: Seems like an unhealthy drive13:20
hateballPhazorx: At the very least an unhealthy filesystem. You should check with smartctl and if that looks good, run fsck on your partitions13:20
Phazorxhateball: well smart doesnt report anything suspicious13:21
sruliioria: it doesn’t, i guess the problem is because it wants xdisplay1, when i run yad/zenity from command line it works fine, in if-up/down script it wants xdisplay1 cant figure it out13:21
maintenancethanks a lot everybody for the support, it's work !!! have a nice day !!!13:21
hateballPhazorx: Then I'd liveboot your system and run fsck13:23
sruliioria: worth to mention, i only have this problem in gnome 15.10, in lubuntu 15.10 and ubuntu 14.04 it works fine13:23
k1l_maintenance: for apt-get to install all new updates you need the apt-get dist-upgrade. apt-get upgrade is not allowed to install al updates that need to install new packages.13:24
ioriasruli,  i see ...  don't know much about gnome settings ... sy13:24
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maintenancek1l_, ok, thanks for info13:28
ioriasruli,  anyway, could be a bit more complex, but Gtk gives you a more flexible  way to do it13:29
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sruliioria: dont know anything about gtk, how would i use it?13:30
ioriasruli,  in C and python you can create a lot of popups and dialogs13:30
ioriasruli,  and you wan't be tied to zenity13:31
MonkeyDusthavent followed, zenity also creates popups13:31
=== mteufel is now known as mt
ioriaMonkeyDust, http://www.linux.org/threads/zenity-gui-for-shell-scripts.5567/13:32
Phazorxhateball: fsck runs on boot every time and have not reported error13:32
Phazorxsmartctl tests short and long have not given any indication of an issue either13:33
MonkeyDustnotify-send is also used for popups13:33
Phazorxhowever last time resuming from sleep failed to see boot partitoon as well as ext4 one13:33
ioriaMonkeyDust, sure13:34
Phazorxhateball: perhaps you can read it differently: http://dpaste.com/1MAANF813:34
ioriasruli,  check it out  http://www.pygtk.org/articles/pygtk-glade-gui/Creating_a_GUI_using_PyGTK_and_Glade.htm13:35
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hateballPhazorx: nah it looks alright13:38
=== reeed_ is now known as reeed
grass843Good Morning!13:38
hateballPhazorx: and this is a sata device and not usb? I am thinking if it gets powersaved after a while or something silly13:39
sruliioria: thanks, but i need something simple, a 1 liner, so will stick with yad/zenity13:39
ioriasruli,  ah, ok13:39
Phazorxhateball: sata 2.5" inch in the laptop13:39
grass843My server stopped recognizing my NIC card after the last trusty update to the kernel. Now the NM service wont run.13:40
grass843Rollback was not a success13:41
ioriasruli,  check notify   too , http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/12/ubuntu-notify-send/13:41
sruliioria: will look into that, thanks13:42
ioriasruli,  np13:42
grass843Any ides?13:43
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dgohi there. I just purchase a digital ocean box. I want to securise it, ssh on another port and ufw is sufficient ?13:45
crushcapitalisminstall gentoo13:48
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=== ruuk1 is now known as M0nsieurChat
k1l_dgo: that are some factors. things like fail2ban help too.13:50
kwesidevUbuntu 14.04 Network manager stopped working after update.13:51
k1l_dgo: but most times servers get exploited because they use old software where known security issues are not fixed or use weak passwords.13:51
grass843kwesidev I am having the same issue13:54
alb-othello, is it possible to keep English as main language of my ubuntu 14.04, but also another language when i type something (in this chat for example) and i get the underline red for language correction?13:58
Charly41I have installed Kubuntu with the home folder ecrypted, the swap is not available and it was supposed to be shared with another linux distro, debian.  Now the swap works for debian but not for ubuntu, is it just enough to try to connect the swap to ubuntu or it should be another kind of dedicated swap?13:58
pbxcurious. i ran sensible-browser just now and got all this: http://dpaste.com/2YKKWFG#wrap14:01
Dworfis there some powerfull socks proxy?14:02
Dworfssh will crash in heavy load14:02
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rud0lfgreetings ladies and gentlemen14:03
NeoFrontierhow do I check what is keeping this busy? :ALSA output error (snd_pcm_open): Device or resource busy14:05
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grass843hello rud0lf14:07
alb-othow much time do i need to wait to write the same message in this chat without getting a ban for spam? 1 hour?14:08
=== conan141- is now known as conan1415
lotuspsychjealb-ot: re-ask once in a while, not flood14:09
MonkeyDustalb-ot  repeat your question every 10-15 minutes, until someone enters who can help14:09
alb-otthanks MonkeyDust to be clear14:09
rud0lfif you care about it, i've installed ubuntu ~7 days ago and i adore it :)14:10
=== tkhno- is now known as Wraithh
lotuspsychje!discuss | rud0lf great news, welcome to the community14:10
ubotturud0lf great news, welcome to the community: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.14:10
rud0lfthanks :)14:11
lotuspsychjerud0lf: if you have ubuntu related questions, or search any package you can ask here14:11
rud0lfi'm gonna consider it, thank you :)14:12
=== Project_2502 is now known as jishnu7
Memento_MoriAre there any coders here?14:15
=== jishnu7 is now known as Guest39778
Memento_MoriCoders, coders?14:16
=== jero- is now known as jero
PiciMemento_Mori: This is a support channel for Ubuntu, if you want programming help its probably best to ask in a channel for the language you're using.14:17
wyrm_88I am runllng14:17
rud0lfcould you repeat the other ubuntu channels? #ubuntu-offtopic and something else i've forgot14:18
rud0lfi just reconnected14:18
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Memento_MoriPici, I'm sorry, I'm new here14:19
Memento_MoriCan you recommend a channel please?14:19
Memento_MoriI'm looking for someone to help me code a website14:19
=== [] is now known as Guest40218
Memento_MoriNot you, someone xD14:20
PiciMemento_Mori: maybe ##programming would be a good place to start14:20
=== Guest40218 is now known as noteness
lotuspsychje!discuss | rud0lf14:20
ubotturud0lf: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.14:20
Memento_MoriThank you, my friends14:20
rud0lfthank you kindly :)14:20
Memento_MoriYou are all very kind14:20
Memento_MoriAh, programming is invite only...14:20
wyrm_88 am runing Ubuntu with Xchat   I need help  registering my nick and a few other things yep I am the dreaded newbie anyone want to help14:21
xangua!register | wyrm_8814:22
ubottuwyrm_88: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:22
axk4545wyrm_88: ask in #freenode14:22
lotuspsychjeMemento_Mori: should be joinable out of the box..14:22
XanoI have a T450s with Intel HD 5500 Graphics. Supposedly this is able to run 4k on a single screen, but when I just tried it with the built-in screen on as well (two separate desktops, no mirroring), the output on both screens showed issues, and the entire machine would inevitably freeze. Do I perhaps have to install Intel's drivers manually? I didn't find any for Linux on their site.14:23
Memento_MoriApparently I'm banned from programming. I've never been there before. xD14:23
hateballXano: Intel drivers are included by default (mesa)14:24
rud0lfi've found this page lately: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads14:24
Xanohateball, Good to know14:24
rud0lfthere's support for 15.10 15.04 and 14.1014:25
hateballXano: That said, what release are you using?14:25
Xanohateball, 15.1014:25
hateballXano: As the Intel GPU depends on the kernel, and 5500 is quite new14:25
XanoI tried on the 4k Acer monitor of someone else working in this office. Not sure if that matters.14:25
k1l_rud0lf: no need for that actually. since 14.10 is dead, 15.04 will be dead in some days, and 15.10 got the latest driver14:26
=== Guest39778 is now known as dr0ne_|sleep
hateballXano: It's likely it will work better in 16.04 which has a newer kernel. You could liveboot and try14:26
rud0lfi see14:26
rud0lfi guess asking whether should i stay with 14.04 or upgrade to 15.10 is too general question?14:27
k1l_rud0lf: why would you want to upgrade to 15.10?14:27
rud0lfi was told that better is the enemy of good :)14:27
Picirud0lf: I'd stick with 14.04 until the next LTS comes around (16.04)14:27
rud0lfi don't know :)14:27
rud0lfthanks, Pici14:27
PiciIn fact, I'm doing just that :)14:27
k1l_rud0lf: if you dont know stay with the LTS. you can have the 15.10 kernel backports in the hardware enablement stack14:28
alb-otis it possible to keep English as main language of my ubuntu 14.04, but also another language when i type something (in this chat for example) and i get the underline red for language correction?14:28
=== Bish_ is now known as Bish
Xanoalb-ot, Change the input language14:29
Xanoalb-ot, That, and the UI language are two different things14:29
* Xano looks up exactly how to do this14:30
=== Wraithh is now known as Guest99241
alb-otwhere should i change the input language? setting>keyboard>text entry>input sources has already the second language14:31
Xanoalb-ot, Yeah it's not where I expected it to be. Maybe I'm confused with Mac OS14:31
lotuspsychje!language | alb-ot14:31
ubottualb-ot: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:31
XanoThe settings I found indeed only relate to input device layouts and such14:32
Memento_MoriHow about angry, polite English?14:32
Memento_MoriPLEASE AND THANK YOU!!14:32
ubottuIBus is used to allow multilingual input such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Devanagari and Dravidian characters in !GUI applications - see also: !SCIM. For more info on Ibus see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus14:32
alb-othey! i don't need to chenge input language14:32
lotuspsychje!keyboard | alb-ot14:32
ubottualb-ot: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout14:32
rud0lfis there something ubottu doesn't know? :)14:33
alb-oti just want the correction underline removed if i type two languages14:33
bazhanguse ibus then alb-ot14:33
bazhangMemento_Mori, silliness in #ubuntu-offtopic please14:33
XanoMost systems do not support mixing languages like that very well, so you'll have spellcheck in one language or the other14:34
alb-otlotuspsychje that's not what i want14:34
alb-otthanks Xano14:34
Xanoalb-ot, But "spellcheck" is basically what you are looking for14:34
alb-otwhere i can find spellcheck setting in ubuntu 14.04?14:34
Xanoalb-ot, That should be easy to find with a search engine ;-)14:35
alb-ot"should", you're right14:35
MonkeyDustXano  don't say that, when people come here for help14:35
Xanohateball, I'll give the live boot a try and see if that improves things. Otherwise I'll go with a monitor with a lower resolution.14:35
jostHi! I have this graphics card: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM204M [GeForce GTX 965M] (rev a1), running XUbuntu 14.04.3 using the nouveau-driver (installing the nvidia-driver killed the machine, lightdm wouldn't start anymore)... It works fine, but the HDMI output does not seem to work. Any hints how to make it work?14:35
Xanohateball, thanks!14:36
lotuspsychjejost: wich nvidia- version did you try?14:36
lotuspsychjejost: tryed other versions aswell?14:37
XanoMonkeyDust, Nothing wrong with showing people how to find something using a search engine.14:37
=== dr0ne_|sleep is now known as dwt1
Xanoalb-ot, MonkeyDust I did notice that there's on OS-level spellcheck settings indeed14:37
jostlotuspsychje: no, when trying to install the driver using synaptic it stalls and I have to cancel14:37
lotuspsychjejost: installed nvidia-prime?14:38
Xanoalb-ot, Which application are you seeing these spelling errors in?14:38
jostlotuspsychje: not that I know of14:38
lotuspsychjejost: retry another nvidia- version + nvidia-prime and set your settings to perofmance mode from nvidia-settings14:39
alb-otyea i was going to type that Xano, both gmail and hexchat has spellchecks, but for example the simple gedit has not, so i was thinking that maybe is a setting of gmail and hexchat that automatically choose the SO language for the spellcheck14:39
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-prime | jost14:39
ubottujost: nvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1 (wily), package size 10 kB, installed size 114 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:39
jostlotuspsychje: ok, assuming that goes wrong and I cannot boot anymore afterwards, how do I make the machine work again?14:40
lotuspsychje!recovery | jost when things go wrong14:40
ubottujost when things go wrong: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode14:40
lotuspsychjejost: from the recoverymode, you can sudo apt-get purge nvidia to revert things14:41
jostlotuspsychje: ok, thanks14:41
yharrowI am having trouble with my keymap14:41
yharrowIs this the correct channel to ask for help?14:42
lotuspsychjejost: you might also try 15.10 for that new card14:42
alb-otXano also discuss has the spellcheck.. always English, but i do not type always in English and it's a pain to see always that spellcheck14:42
jostlotuspsychje: tried that last time, maybe that was part of the problem14:42
MonkeyDustyharrow  try setxbmap -layout [xx]14:43
lotuspsychjejost: tryed what exactly14:43
Xanoalb-ot, yeah, same here, although I've learned to ignore it over the years over the different devices and languages I use14:43
jostlotuspsychje: updating 14.04 to 15.10, then installing the drivers14:43
yharrowwhat is xx?14:43
MonkeyDustyharrow  try setxkbmap -layout [xx]14:43
alb-otXano haha.. :(14:43
jost(with intermediate updates to 14.10 and 15.0414:43
MonkeyDustyharrow  xx is your country14:43
Xanoalb-ot, I'm searching for this in between work, but it's really not straightforward indeed. My apologies for assuming it was14:43
yharrowMonkeyDust, so USA?14:43
MonkeyDustyharrow  us14:44
yharrowMonthrect, the issue is with a single key14:44
lotuspsychjejost: ah but 14.10 is eol, maybe things got broken?14:44
yharrowMonkeyDust, the issue is with a single key14:44
yharrowMonkeyDust, the issue is with a single key, its quite strange14:44
yharrowMonkeyDust, basically the left key works fine, but specifically when i combine with Ctrl+Alt it becomes F1014:44
philm88Hey all. Running apt-get upgrade shows that some packages will be held back. Specifically, lxc-docker (1.7.1 => 1.9.1). I'm not sure why. From what I understnad of the docs, it seems to think that upgrading will cause dependencies to be removed or reinstalled. Is there a way to see /exactly/ why apt-get is holding back a package upgrade?14:44
lotuspsychjephilm88: added ppa's of any kind?14:45
yharrowMonkeyDust, so Left is Left, but suddenly when i press Ctrl+Alt+Left then it is Ctrl+Alt+F1014:45
k1l_philm88: please run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in a terminal14:45
jostlotuspsychje: thanks, seems to have worked - no freezing desktop yet, and the HDMI output works :-)14:45
yharrowMonkeyDust, I have no way of even guessing what causses this14:45
lotuspsychjejost: wich driver are you on now please?14:45
=== Guest99241 is now known as dongerino
jostlotuspsychje: nvidia-352-updates14:46
lotuspsychjejost: with nvidia-prime and performance mode enabled?14:46
philm88lotuspsychje: Not ppas, but docker is has its own sources file with this in it; deb http://get.docker.io/ubuntu docker main -- I have a 2nd server that I updated a few days ago that has exactly the same set up (via ansible) and it didn't hold anything back, it just upgraded14:46
philm88k1l_: What does full-upgrade do that upgrade doesn't? This is a production web server so I'm trying to do my best at figuring out what exactly I'm running on it (:14:47
jostlotuspsychje: with nvidia-prime, but without performance mode (now I've enabled that as well)14:47
=== dwt1 is now known as minniee12
MonkeyDustyharrow  input method (i-bus) comes to mind14:47
k1l_philm88: it installes packages that are held bacl14:47
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
lotuspsychjejost: great! tnx for the feedback mate!14:48
k1l_philm88: apt upgrade is not allowed to install new packages. which is needed most times for held packages14:48
philm88k1l_: But what is the impact of that? Presumably there's a reason why they were held back. Could forcing the upgrade therefore cause issues?14:48
lotuspsychjejost: try some heavy stuff now, to test 1080p vids or games...14:48
philm88k1l_: ah ok, that makes sense14:48
philm88k1l_: is full-upgrade an aptitude command or an apt-get command?14:49
k1l_philm88: i named the command. "sudo apt full-upgrade"14:49
yharrowMonkeyDust, so what should i do to solve it?14:49
k1l_philm88: the older apt-get was "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" for that14:49
=== reast is now known as ashden
philm88k1l_: ah ok, I didn't realise there was an 'apt' tool now14:50
yharrowMonkeyDust, to be honest Im lucky I know about Server shortcuts, otherwise Id pretty much be stuck at an empty graphics terminal14:50
yharrowMonkeyDust, I was able to get back to my current session with Ctl+Alt+F714:51
yharrowMonkeyDust, actually the solution i squite hilarious14:51
PeanutHi, does anyone know about gnome-keyring-daemon? I'm a bit alarmed that it 'receives my login password', and aparently stores all kinds of secrets like .ssh passphrases, which I most definitely don't want it to store. Where can I find more about controlling/taming this thing?14:51
yharrowMonkeyDust, my f10 key was stuck14:51
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
yharrowMonkeyDust, Thanks for the help though :D14:51
MonkeyDustyharrow  thumbs up14:51
philm88k1l_: so if I do sudo apt-get -V -u dist-upgrade --assume-no then it still says lxc-docker will be held back14:52
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
yharrowMonkeyDust, 5 times out of 10 the problem is Analog xD14:52
yharrowMonkeyDust, thanks14:52
k1l_philm88: did you run apt update before?14:53
k1l_philm88: can you show the output from the dist-upgrade in a pastebin?14:53
philm88k1l_: Yes14:54
philm88ok, one sec14:54
humanregretHey guys, new to linux.. So i've had to reinstall lubuntu ~3 times due to breaking it :( I was wondering if there is a way to create a backup image so i dont have to keep going fresh installs?14:54
philm88k1l_: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/885820114:55
xanguahumanregret: why do you have to reinstall to begin with¿14:55
Mike_HuntHow do I get my videos to show in the video lens?14:55
poohbear82port 8080 is listening and ufw is disabled, yet connection is refused in the browser. what could it be?14:55
MonkeyDusthumanregret  what goes wrong during installation?14:55
philm88k1l_: Previously, when I did 'upgrade' instead of 'dist-upgrade' it had a few more packages in the held back section.. Specifically the kernel packages14:55
MonkeyDusthumanregret  a basic installation takes about 15 minutes14:55
humanregretwell the last time i broke it.. i broke Xauthority.. root kept taking privileges from my user and so i couldnt load any wm/de at all14:56
k1l_philm88: that are a lot updates that are held back14:56
philm88k1l_: It's just one14:56
xanguahumanregret: again, you're not telling us what you did, normally just saying "it's broke" wont help14:57
MonkeyDusthumanregret  where did you get the ubuntu iso14:57
philm88k1l_: Line 20 onwards are packages that will be upgraded14:57
philm88It's just line 18 that's held back14:57
k1l_philm88: look at all the updates that still needs to be installed14:57
Mike_HuntNevermind I figured it out.14:57
humanregretI was trying to install bspwm (after the install) which caused xAuthority to go on the skits i dont know where the issue was hence why i had to reinstall :/14:57
philm88k1l_: Yeah, it's been a couple of months since the last upgrade14:58
k1l_philm88: could be the issue that the held back package needs a depency to be updated first. so i would suggest to get those updates first14:58
MonkeyDust!find bspwm14:58
ubottuPackage/file bspwm does not exist in wily14:58
MonkeyDusthumanregret  so something from outside the repos breaks the suystem?14:58
philm88k1l_: Is there a way to confirm that? Like see exactly why my system is holding back lxc-docker?14:59
humanregretmy lack of knowledge is screwing it up14:59
MonkeyDusthumanregret  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue14:59
humanregretNothing is wrong at the moment, i just finished a fresh install, i was hoping to be able to create a backup image incase i mess things up again15:00
=== minniee12 is now known as argent0
k1l_philm88: run a -s to simulate. i think that should be updated so15:00
MonkeyDusthumanregret  clonezilla is popular15:01
philm88k1l_: So a dist-upgrade -s and see if it includes lxc-docker in it's dryrun?15:01
k1l_philm88: yes. i think it will install that update.15:01
k1l_philm88: and i really suggest you run those lots of updates, since there are some security issues fixed in those udpates.15:02
=== Homie is now known as Beautiful
philm88k1l_: So I did the dryrun and it still said lxc-docker is to be held back and there was no later Inst line indicating it was installed anyway15:02
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
philm88k1l_: I do plan to do the upgrades, it's exactly what I'm planning now. But I want lxc-docker to be included in the upgrades.15:03
=== dongerino is now known as iKick
philm88k1l_: I'm just a bit nervous of doing some upgrades and just hoping the lxc-docker will then be ok to be upgraded afterwards15:03
philm88especially with a dist-upgrade vs just an 'upgrade'15:03
somsipphilm88: docker can get messed up if you have used one of the alt installs at any other time15:03
somsipphilm88: I ended up purging the lot, and using the curl ... | sh - script provided on the docker website (IIRC)15:04
k1l_philm88: then do the -s run and see15:04
k1l_the simulate doesnt do any changes.15:04
philm88somsip: this server was set up with ansible and that used the nasty curl | sh approach - so I'm pretty sure this server doesn't have any old installs lying around15:05
philm88k1l_: Yeah I think that's going to have to be what I do. Just a bit more tricky to plan15:06
somsipphilm88: so an update is probably not going to want to touch docker if it's come from a non-official source15:06
somsipphilm88: sorry - reading back now. You want to upgrade and leave docker alone, then upgrade docker separately, yes?15:07
philm88I kind of wanted to be able to, today, say "These are all the changes, from x to y versions" and tomorrow morning run that exact upgrade and know what I'm getting. Rather than having to do 2 seperate upgrade operations15:07
poohbear82port 8080 is listening and ufw is disabled, yet connection is refused in the browser. what could it be?15:07
philm88somsip: The curl | sh approach adds an extra apt sources file for docker; so it should still be upgradable with apt-get right?15:07
k1l_philm88: since you are using non ubuntu repos that is the point of failure.15:08
k1l_philm88: ubuntu repos are heavily automated tested to be sure the updates work. but that doesnt count for 3rd party repos.15:08
somsipphilm88: this was my point. From memory, there was a non-official ubuntu install (curl adds a PPA) an official ubuntu install (lxc-docker), there is a docker.io package too, and the current non-ubuntu install that I did the other week that has left no PPA source. Just suggesting you make sure you have something that is current because there have been changes to install methods over the last year or so15:10
philm88somsip: ah right, I didn't realise they'd been changing the install method15:11
philm88...I'm sure they have their reasons, but it makes you question their sanity if their initial implementation didn't have a viable upgrade path...15:11
=== argent0 is now known as argent0_
somsipphilm88: it caught me the other week, hence purging the lot and installing from the script off the website. Depends what you need.15:12
somsipphilm88: I guess it was just changing rapidly, and it is possible early versions were pre 1.015:13
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
philm88somsip: Do you know if they've included stuff like docker compose in their latest install method? Currently my ansible scripts are pulling that from github; which is a bit of a pain because it obviously won't be included in an apt-get upgrade ata ll15:14
somsipphilm88: I don't. I just saw where you were on this and wanted to sound the alarm for you.15:14
somsipphilm88: may be a false alarm, but worth checking out so you dont drop yourself in it15:15
philm88somsip: yeah, thanks for the heads up (:15:15
somsipphilm88: np15:15
=== PerpetualWar is now known as PerpetualWar__
Pinkamena_Din the system monitor, I see free mem % which looks like it uses the formula (100*(used-cached-buffers))/total . Does anyone know why the buffers are not considered part of the total?15:16
somsip!memory | Pinkamena_D (has a full explanation)15:17
ubottuPinkamena_D (has a full explanation): If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/15:17
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=== iKick is now known as gaussHaus
user54541210guys does someone know how to fix video problems of Ubuntu 15.1?15:24
PHroGmanMy unity greeter indicators ubuntu 14.04 appear to be generic looking blank icons. They do seem to function as intended but soar to the eye. However, when I log in as a guest or user, the indicator icons are normal looking. Is there a way to fix this? I have looked at the deconf editor and icons are listed correctly under com/unity.... ['ug-accessibility', 'com.canonical.indicator.keyboard', 'com.canonical.indicator.session', '15:24
PHroGmancom.canonical.indicator.datetime', 'com.canonical.indicator.power', 'com.canonical.indicator.sound', 'application']15:24
PHroGmanOne other thing the accessability icon is normal looking and date and time are normal looking its just keyboard power and sound that are blank square icons.15:24
PHroGmanThanks for the help.15:25
PHroGmanHere is a link to the image...http://i.stack.imgur.com/kJ9w2.jpg15:25
JDuke128hi , how can i get open file returns "path not exists" on all processes ? by using strace ?15:28
JDuke128how ?15:28
JDuke128i want to hook any open file that returns "path not exists"15:28
=== _KaszpiR__ is now known as _KaszpiR_
Pinkamena_DI have a small program that gets me cpu usage from a bunch of remote servers. I have a problem that the cpu usage seems to spike right after the ssh connection is being established, so usually I see 90%-100% cpu use even though that is not representative of the actual load.15:34
Pinkamena_DHow can I get the average cpu over the last 5 minutes instead?15:34
EriC^^uptime , second column is load since 5 minutes15:35
ubuntu831hi, i have a problem with a pci card silverstone ecu01m it's not working, i search if it's ubuntu or motherboard in cause, can you help me find what i can doing http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=49815:36
EriC^^Pinkamena_D: awk '{print$2}' /proc/loadavg15:37
ubuntu831dmesg said "FADT indicates ASPM is unsupported, using BIOS configuration" , i didnt know what it is15:37
Pinkamena_DI guess thats a good start, but wont work if there are multiplr cpu15:38
EriC^^Pinkamena_D: you want them per cpu?15:38
LordDragonhey all15:39
Pinkamena_Dno, just total overall15:39
EriC^^that's total overall15:39
=== argent0__ is now known as dsf900
EriC^^i think15:39
Pinkamena_Dif there an efficient way to get cpu count from /proc?15:39
EriC^^i've 8 cpus and it shows a number which is average for all i think15:39
LordDragoni am pulling my hair out here trying to install to an ssd. been googling and trying suggestions on forums for hours now15:39
EriC^^or 8 cores? dunno if there's a difference it's an i715:39
naccPinkamena_D: # of cpus? just grab the last 'processor : ' line?15:39
naccPinkamena_D: and add 115:40
LordDragonthe problem is the bootloader. the installation always fails to install grub on ANY drive i select15:40
naccPinkamena_D: that only works on intel15:40
LordDragonand i cant boot it after its installed15:40
hnsz2002_ 15:40
LordDragoni read that i might need to be booting the installer usb flash drive in UEFI mode for it work15:40
LordDragonso i tried this15:40
LordDragonbut the flash drive is not even bootable at all after following that15:40
=== tuxie is now known as tuxtux
Pinkamena_Dso I have a computer with 4 cpu and almost 100% usage, I get 3.7 or so using that loadavg commmand15:41
LordDragonim just so lost as to all this bootloader stuff. UEFI vs legacy. GPT vs mbr. dual boot with windows. EFI partitions. etc. could someone point me in the right direction please?15:41
Pinkamena_Dso you need to multiply by 100 and divide by numcpu15:41
EriC^^Pinkamena_D: it's a 5minute average15:42
EriC^^Pinkamena_D: that doesn't make sense15:43
Pinkamena_DEriC^^: As a user I would like to see a number between 0 and 100 for cpu usage, no patter the number of cpus.15:43
Pinkamena_Dseeing "3.7" and knowing that is close to max is not immedietly obvious15:44
Pinkamena_D(when managing many systems with various cpu configurations)15:44
EriC^^Pinkamena_D: maybe install sysstat15:46
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=== dsf900 is now known as dom38
ibicoNorwegian guy, that just learning Linux trough NTNU :-)  Hi all..15:56
k1l_hi :)15:59
anonymous287hello guys15:59
ibicoLast time I used IRC was back when Mirc was popular :_)15:59
=== [UPA]Stefan is now known as Tronsha
anonymous287so i try to open my ports but it wouldnt16:00
MonkeyDustmirc is a windows app16:00
ibicoyeah.. Back when I had Win95  and Dos :-)16:00
rud0lfmirc is still popular16:01
rud0lfbut the scripting language is a bit icky16:01
pbxPinkamena_D, i found this somewhat helpful explanation in `man uptime`: http://dpaste.com/3GSQF6W16:01
=== dom38 is now known as mani2026
Sansaymy server shut down unexpectedly, any suggestions on what steps to take in order to figure out what caused it?16:02
qasdfasdaHello friends!!16:02
MonkeyDust!dmesg | Sansay start here16:02
ubottuSansay start here: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.16:02
SeveasSansay: check logs. dmesg is uesless as it's lost on reboot16:02
k1l_Sansay: see the syslogs in "/var/log" keep in mint that after reboot they get renamed to .0, .1 etc16:02
MonkeyDustSansay  disregard what i said16:02
Seveask1l_: no they don't. They get renamed when logrotate runs.16:03
=== administrator is now known as Guest54852
k1l_Seveas: i thought that was on reboot.16:04
codepython777how do i manage public/private key pairs on different machines? I've a new machine from which i want to ssh to a box that only accepts publickey auth.16:04
Seveask1l_: well, it's not :) check /etc/logrotate.{conf,d} :)16:05
Seveascodepython777: get the admin of the remote box to put your public key in place.16:05
=== ilzoff_ is now known as ilzoff
Sansayany idea what i would be looking for?16:06
k1l_Sansay: look what happened before the next boot starts16:06
codepython777Seveas: I'm the admin. Now i have to goto my old box - what is an easy way to maintain this information?16:07
codepython777Seveas: not to mention the old box which can login into this server is right now switched off16:07
Seveascodepython777: if it's two boxes: just put the public key there manually. If it becomes more than a few boxes, set up ldap.16:07
=== TakinOver is now known as shifona_
Sansayhow do i know when the next boot starts? does it tell me or is it by time?16:09
SansayFeb  1 15:53:43 server-name kernel: imklog 5.8.6, log source = /proc/kmsg started.16:10
=== mani2026 is now known as ALL`2
ccccserver irc.chatro.ro16:12
rajeshktgetting an error trying to upgrade from 14.01 to 15.01.. "ERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'The package 'ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist.'".. anyone has any idea how to solve this?16:19
k1l_rajeshkt: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?16:19
rajeshktkll: escription:    Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS16:20
rajeshktkll_: I get this "Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.3"16:20
k1l_rajeshkt: so you are on 14.04, where do you want to upgrade to?16:21
k1l_(and why?)16:21
rajeshktkll_: I am using kubuntu and would like to go to KDE5 for new GUI.. I am using KDE 4.14.3 now.. I need to updrade KDE plasma 5..16:22
=== ALL`2 is now known as platinoid378
rajeshktkll_: is there anyway to upgrade to KD5 without upgrading to ubuntu 15?16:24
MonkeyDustrajeshkt  ubuntu 16.04 will soon be released16:26
k1l_rajeshkt: 15.04 is going end of life in a few days. so you need to upgrade to 14.10, then to 15.04 and then to 15.1016:27
rajeshktkll_: how do I do it16:28
rajeshktkll_: I chose to upgrade using  muon upgrade and it fails with the error I said before16:29
rajeshktkll_:  I searched in google but not getting anything to solve it16:29
=== shifona_ is now known as ObrienDave
MonkeyDustrajeshkt  can you create a dvd/usb?16:32
mikecmpbllanybody know what happens with syslog if you configure a remote logging location and it's unavailable?16:33
k1l_i dont know about kde software. but to upgrade to 14.10 you need to manually change the repos to the old-release repos first (14.10 beeing already shut down since its dead). then run "sudo do-release-upgrade". when you are on 14.10 you need to upgrade to 15.04 then16:33
mikecmpblljust planning before i embark on setting up centralised logging server16:33
Seveasmikecmpbll: it will explode :)16:33
mikecmpbllSeveas: :((16:33
k1l_!eolupgrades | rajeshkt this shows what you need to edit in the sources.list16:33
ubotturajeshkt this shows what you need to edit in the sources.list: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:33
Seveasmikecmpbll: if you use udp as a transport, the message will be lost. if you use tcp, some implementations retry, some won't.16:33
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=== mentoc_ is now known as mentoc_cotnem
mikecmpbllSeveas: i see, make sense16:34
=== platinoid378 is now known as Anon821
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testubuntusomeone online?16:54
testubuntucan i ask you a simple terminal question=?16:54
PhilippeVienneHello, i want to reduce my screen size from broken part on the left part (about 70px) ?16:55
earl_testubuntu: yeah, ask away16:56
testubuntui want extraxt multiple files like: fg01.part1.rar part2.rar etc.16:56
testubuntuand fg02.part1.rar etc.16:56
testubuntui have 60 files like this16:57
testubuntunow i unrar it with16:57
testubuntufor f in *.rar; do unrar e -palwayssame "$f"; done16:58
testubuntubut after the first file extraxtion it asks16:58
testubuntufile already exist. Overwrite it16:58
testubuntuYes no always never16:58
=== chris__0076 is now known as bl0fish
testubuntuand no matter what letter i use it always start extracting from beginning...16:59
testubuntuits like a loop (when I say never it will ask the same question after extracting file2)16:59
testubuntuhow do i solve this17:00
MonkeyDusttestubuntu  spare the enter key, put all in one line, so ypou can easily repeat17:00
lewiswhen i type cd17:02
lewiswhere does it take us to17:02
lewiscd withoutparams17:02
MonkeyDustlewis  to your home folder17:02
lewisMonkeyDust: nice i never knew that lol...cd ~ = cd $HOME = cd17:02
SchrodingersScatlewis: correct17:04
=== Kjartan_ is now known as Progster
testubuntuOk new start without Enter-Key^^: I want extract multiple rar files they are like this ( hotchick.part1.rar hotchick.part2.rar, uglygirl.part1.rar uglygirl.part2.rar) now i extract this with the command: (( for f in *.rar; do unrar e -p"samepasswordonallfiles" "$f"; done )) but after extracting the first file (hotchick) it says hotchick already exi17:06
testubuntust.Overwrite it? [Y]es [N]o N[e]ver [A]lways... and even if I say E for never it asks the same after extragting uglychick17:06
akiktestubuntu: rar knows to select the correct file names if you start with the first one17:08
=== bl0fish is now known as justanotheruser1
al2o3-crtestubuntu: unrar x -ppassword *.rar # this might work17:10
SchrodingersScattestubuntu: so, really you may want for f in *.part1.rar ; do unrar e -p"whatever" "$f" ; done ?17:10
SchrodingersScat!codeofconduct | testubuntu also try to not be derogatory towards women in your questions.17:11
ubottutestubuntu also try to not be derogatory towards women in your questions.: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv17:11
rrichardsr3what is cloudimg-rootfs? I see the partition in my aws instance. Thanks17:11
SchrodingersScatrrichardsr3: that amazon?  then that's whatever they called their rootfs, it's not a ubuntu specific thing afaik17:12
rrichardsr3Schrodinger: thanks17:12
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EdwardIIIhey, i've got libssl-dev installed but when i try and build something that relies on it i'm seeing: ‘SSLv3_method’ undeclared here17:18
EdwardIIIis there some way i can see if my libssl was compiled without v3? that seems very unlikely17:18
EdwardIIIah wait, no, it actually sounds very likely17:19
EdwardIIIand probably a good thing17:19
littlebearEdwardIII, SSLv3 is probably depreciated17:19
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Mike---Hello, is all DDR3 laptop RAM compatible with eachother?17:19
EdwardIIIwhat the hell ruby...17:19
ikoniaMike---: try the ##hardware channel17:19
Mike---i just upgraded a new stick of RAM.  One stick shows "width:  8bits".  the other stick shows "width: 64bits"17:21
Mike---when i run:  lshw-gtk17:21
jul4hi im new to ubuntu17:22
ikoniaMike---: ok, so the ##hardware channel can guide you on ram options17:22
jul4is there a need to install anti virus?17:22
ikoniajul4: not really17:22
Mike---ikonia: thx, but that is a member-only channel.17:22
ikoniaMike---: then register for a freenode account17:22
jul4so its pretty safe huh17:22
ikoniathe guys in #freenode can guide you on how17:23
Mike---ikonia: any other channel recommendations for my question?17:23
ikoniajul4: it's as safe as the person using it17:23
ikoniaMike---: sorry no17:23
jul4lol..thanks ikonia17:23
=== Progster is now known as xust-
Mike---jul4: i dont install antivirus.  i think the only reason to do that is to scan for windows viruses  e.g.  if you are sening files to windows users17:24
jul4thanks mike..17:26
=== Anon816 is now known as Anon867
Mike---jul4: you can TAB-autocomplete IRC nicknames17:28
lotuspsychjeMathisen: please not here17:32
lotuspsychjeMathisen: you can use #ubuntu-discuss safely if you like17:33
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[diablo]_Good evening #ubuntu ... I've got a Lenovo X61S and a ASUS BT-400 USB bluetooth device. I'd like to blacklist the inbuilt BT and use the BT-400 by default. I've got the MAC address's of both devices, can anyone advise on how to do this please?17:39
lotuspsychje[diablo]: is there a setting in bios you could disable of the internal bt?17:40
[diablo]_sadly not17:40
[diablo]_I checked that first17:40
lotuspsychje[diablo]: hmm not sure then sorry, maybe with rfkill17:41
[diablo]_I was hoping to blacklist the driver17:41
[diablo]_perhaps that could work17:42
=== xust- is now known as hunter2_
lotuspsychje[diablo]: check rfkill list all17:42
lotuspsychje[diablo]: maybe youl see your both bt devices, and can block the internal one?17:43
[diablo]_im trying hciconfig17:44
lotuspsychje[diablo]: check this out: http://askubuntu.com/questions/67758/how-can-i-deactivate-bluetooth-on-system-startup17:44
[diablo]_I'd like to keep the bluetooth manager working tho17:44
[diablo]_but with the new device17:44
[diablo]_tried to find the config file17:44
=== heroandtn3 is now known as yc4891
lotuspsychje[diablo]: this looks like your case: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226277517:48
[diablo]_cheers lotuspsychje I'll read it.. brb17:49
yethi could you pls tell me how can i enable grub2 boot menu on ubuntu shit?17:50
cfhowlettyet no profanity.17:50
cortexmanhow do i disable alt showing me a "Type your command" window on my right monitor when using Terminal?17:50
tannerstirrathey all17:50
=== apes_ is now known as apes
tannerstirratdo you know whether there's a way to uninstall/reinstall windows display drivers from the ubuntu side of a dual-booted compu?17:51
tannerstirratmy windows 10 install updated a new display driver, and now it boots to black17:51
cortexmanhow do i disable the Alt key pulling up the launcher17:55
squintytannerstirrat,  not sure if still holds true for win 10,but previous versions allowed a Safe Mode boot by holding down the F8 key right after the computer boot splash screen17:56
tannerstirratah, kk17:56
tannerstirrati'll give that a try17:56
tannerstirrati'd forgotten how to enable that17:56
tannerstirratthank you!17:56
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cool_boyhi there, could someone check if responds to ping or root@ responds to ssh? It is not responding to me but If I check ping online through it responds18:02
cool_boythrough 3rd party website *18:03
Bashing-omcool_boy: " 3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2002ms18:05
=== qqqqqs is now known as xalias
cool_boyBashing-om: thanks, and does it respond to ssh also?18:06
Bashing-omcool_boy: No longer have a ssh client installed on this box .18:07
cool_boyBashing-om: how can I know that?18:07
=== Pixelus_ is now known as al3x_
Bashing-omcool_boy: Ping your router ? .. port forwarding ?18:08
MyrttiANTRAX: could you stop?18:08
mike25__Hi. On my machine, unprivileged LXC maps uid 0 to nobody/nogroup, by default. Which is probably expected, as it prevents me to read /etc/shadow in my own container shar18:09
mike25__ing the root with the host. So is that configurable somehow, to make an unprivileged lxc-start work at all?18:09
cool_boyBashing-om: there is no port forwarding certainly18:09
cool_boyI am going to restart my routher, will be right back18:12
cfhowlettANTRAX, no spam in this channel, thank you.18:15
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ash_workzwhat is the  most popular irc client on ubuntu? chatzilla?18:23
=== es_ is now known as estevo
Bashing-omash_workz: Choice, use what works best for you . ( I use irssi )18:24
cfhowlettash_workz, sadly, it's probably xchat as that is still included in ubuntu tho it is abandonware18:24
tewardcfhowlett: thought hexchat got into the repos from Trusty onwards?18:25
squintyit did18:25
PETsoundsAre there disadavantages of installing 4.4 DRM-Intel-Next instead of the regular 4.4 kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D?18:25
cfhowlettteward, good to know.  I only do LTS so I miss things.  Hopefully the xubuntu team updates their packages18:26
ash_workzhmm, I see18:26
ash_workzBashing-om: yeah, I am trying to figure that out :P18:26
cfhowlettPETsounds, drm?  yeah, I'd say NO.18:26
tewardcfhowlett: xchat and hexchat both exist - that would require a metapackage change most likely18:27
ash_workzhexchat ! == xchat?18:27
cfhowlettxchat exists but hasn't seen an update in 3 years ... no wil it.18:27
Bashing-omash_workz: :)18:27
squintyhexchat is based on xchat18:27
cfhowletthexchat is the recommended replacement for xchat18:27
rwwcfhowlett: it got removed from Debian testing yesterday, so it being in Ubuntu will fix itself eventually :)18:27
rwwand unstable*18:28
ash_workzcfhowlett: and your preferred?18:28
cfhowletthexchat /ignore feature works perfectly.  sealed the deal for me.18:28
ash_workzi see18:29
ash_workzdoes hexchat scroll through names with tab-autocomplete?18:29
cfhowlettash_workz, yes18:29
ash_workzchatzilla doesn't; it's the one thing I miss from freenodes webchat18:30
PETsoundscfhowlett: do you mean No disadavatges or No, don't install drm-intel-next kernel? i was hoping to get better graphics support for Skylake chips and thinking by installing drm-intel-next it'll improve the performance, but maybe i am wrong?18:30
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
cfhowlettPETsounds, ah, skylake.  I don't know enough about that to advise, sorry18:30
PETsoundscfhowlett: ok, thanks anyway18:31
Bashing-omPETsounds: Boot parameter " i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 " ? for skylake .18:32
PETsoundsBashing-om: from what i read, since kernel 4.3 there is no need to add that parameter. https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2015q4-intel-graphics-stack-release It is just i cannot play 4K video at 60 FPS. Which i blame for the lack of Linux support in the driver.18:35
=== s0ber_ is now known as tozhu1
Bashing-omPETsounds: Thanks for the link . reading .. see what else I can come up with .18:35
PETsoundsBashing-om: you're welcome18:36
dociledevilI am bored af18:36
cfhowlettdociledevil, wrong channel18:36
=== pipace is now known as 7YUAATAZR
dociledevilyah no shit18:36
cfhowlettdociledevil, no profanity here.  stop now18:37
dociledevilyou mean the s word?18:37
MonkeyDustdociledevil  stop18:37
dociledeviljeez.. I cant even say the s word?18:37
cfhowlettash_workz, here's how that love feature works.  right click on the name, select ignore and they vanish.  hexchat got it right18:38
dociledevilwhy is your name in red?18:38
dociledevilI am new to irc btw!18:38
MonkeyDustdociledevil  this is ubuntu support. sure you have to be here?18:39
=== IceBot3000 is now known as ely-se
dociledevilBut why is your name in red MonkeyDust???18:39
=== ely-se is now known as Guest21475
MonkeyDustdociledevil  then behave and ask your ubuntu question18:39
dociledevilWhy is your name in Red... I just asked the question18:40
ash_workzthat is nice, but I haven't had to ignore anyone really18:40
dociledevilok so I was installing gnome and the connection disconnected..  now what? do I have to install it from the beginning?18:42
abolfazl123there is a file in my Home that is "testpy.py" when I type locate testpy.py its no found that dir.why it can find that?18:44
ioriaabolfazl123, sudo updatedb18:45
abolfazl123what it do?18:46
ioriaabolfazl123, update your database18:46
ioriaabolfazl123, ... for locate18:46
abolfazl123i should do that every time after make a new file?18:46
ioriaabolfazl123,  it should run as cron, but if you need it riight after the file creation, yes18:47
ioriaabolfazl123, no problem18:47
=== tozhu1 is now known as tozhu1_
freecoderhi. i am using ubuntu 14.04.2 (kernel 3.16.0-60-generic). i have to recompile the kernel for an assignment. i have linux-headers-3.16.0-60 and linux-headers-3.16.0-60-generic subdirectories in /usr/src. are these enough to recompile the kernel?18:50
freecoderor do i need to download the sources separately using "apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)" as described in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel18:51
MonkeyDustfreecoder  firstly, the current ubuntu release is 14.04.3, with .4 coming up this month18:51
abolfazl123how i find propertic of a file in terminal?18:51
Bashing-omPETsounds: The boot paramaeter still required ? As of last Nov : https://01.org/linuxgraphics/forum/graphics-installer-discussions/trying-open-device-i915...failed .18:51
freecoderMonkeyDust: I would prefer to build the current kernel (limited internet access).18:51
abolfazl123or dir>18:51
ioriaabolfazl123,  ls -l18:52
al2o3-crabolfazl123: stat18:52
kwesidev@freecoder why don't you compile in vm??18:53
freecoderi have it installed inside a vm only18:53
ioriaabolfazl123,  for directory ls -ld18:53
abolfazl123yes i got it18:54
freecoderi have to show the steps i followed to recompile the kernel for the assignment18:54
MrJonesdoes add-apt-repository somehow verify the PPA server, and obtain the repo key in a safe manner? from the command line output it seems to fetch the apt key for the PPA via the *short* key id which afaik is very easy to pander with18:55
PETsoundsBashing-om: The OP said he's using the 4.2 Kernel18:55
MrJonesso does it do any additional verification? otherwise that seems rather unsafe :/18:55
supercatsHello. I have a bit of a problem with my persistent USB.18:56
=== Guest21475 is now known as zerymo
=== tozhu1_ is now known as Dragony4444
popnflossi installed kde on ubuntu trusty but hteres no desktop, documents, downloads, etc. folders in home19:09
headpool182Anyone here with experience getting AMD Tonga gpu's running stably on ubuntu? It's detecting my video which is miles ahead of my last foray, but now when i try and play games opengl crashes. This is using open source drivers, haven't tested fglrx yet19:10
popnflossi tried using xdg-user-dirs and i made the directories but theres no trash directory or anything in desktop19:10
popnflossubuntu is the worst channel on freenode19:13
dreadkoppis it?19:14
abolfazl123how i get a package with polipo i rode the man page of it but i didnt seeing that!!!19:16
MonkeyDust!find polipo19:18
ubottuFound: polipo, polipo-dbg, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=polipo&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all19:18
abolfazl123how i download any thing with polipo in terminal?19:20
hans69hi guys19:20
=== Dragony4444 is now known as Dragony4444_
hans69is it poseble to autostart a vpnconnection19:21
Seveasabolfazl123: polipo is a proxy, you don't directly download things with it19:21
LordDragonhey all. what is the latest edgers nvidia-3xx package number version for nvidia gtx 970 cards?19:22
abolfazl123saveas:so how can i work with that?19:22
MonkeyDustabolfazl123  why do you use it, if you don't know how it works19:22
abolfazl123i hear i can download with that!!!19:23
xanguaDownload what? abolfazl12319:24
MonkeyDustabolfazl123  do you know what a proxy is or does?19:24
LordDragonno one uses nvidia cards on their buntu rig?19:24
abolfazl123when you ask this like I'm  not sure about that:)19:25
=== zerymo is now known as fennesz
tewardLordDragon: edgers PPA isn't recommended - you may have to test and find out ofr yourself which nvidia package you need to use that supports your card19:26
LordDragonteward: what is recommended?19:26
rwwthe normal packages in Ubuntu's normal repositories19:26
LordDragonwhats the latest of those?19:27
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ubuntu-matehi everyone19:38
=== Hirogen4 is now known as c0ck4m0u53
=== fennesz is now known as highwhitegirl
=== b is now known as Guest29877
Bashing-omLordDragon: To see all the drivers offered ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' for your graphic's card in the repo .19:48
=== jwheare is now known as jwheare|test
=== jwheare|test is now known as jwheare
eelstreborwhy would hplip installer give me this error? dnsmasq isn't a package manager(?) A package manager '/usr/sbin/dnsmasq -x' appears to be running19:51
=== n is now known as Guest12663
=== c0ck4m0u53 is now known as mundooficina2
LifeLibertyHappii can ping the FQDN of hosts but cant ping short name, how do i fix that20:07
endev15One of my friend's computers gets stuck on the login screen. Whenever he types the password and hits enter it just sits there on the default background. Any ideas?20:08
potato_farmerin your interface config, add "dns-search domain.tld" or update resolv.conf with "search domain.tld"20:09
ioriaLifeLibertyHappi, check your /etc/hosts file20:09
pbxendev15, if your friend were here i'd ask, what changed since you were able to log in? what version of ubuntu? what DE and login manager?20:09
LifeLibertyHappigive me an example of domain.tld where domain is ca.potatoes.com20:09
=== mundooficina2 is now known as hivs78
LifeLibertyHappiioria, what do i check for20:10
PiciLifeLibertyHappi: what do you mean by short name?20:10
ioriaLifeLibertyHappi,   something like this :   name.example.edu   name20:10
endev15pbx, before the problem the Unity launcher was not showing his applications so we tried sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop then sudo apt-get install unity. Everything still worked fine until he rebooted.20:10
FelixFire619is there a hotkey in ubuntu to enable an external monitor if it works? i cant see the screen i should be in ubuntu(been running 12hrs from boot)20:11
LifeLibertyHappiPici, short name = Computer-Laptop instead of Computer-Laptop.ca.potatoes.com20:11
FelixFire619when i boot the laptop vga external auto works, when i load ubuntu it disables vga20:11
PiciLifeLibertyHappi: then what ioria suggested should fix you.20:11
FelixFire619(or atleast external)20:11
LifeLibertyHappiwell. i mean, i have a bunch of hosts. it would be crazy to edit the host file20:12
ioriaLifeLibertyHappi,   maybe you need a dhcp service20:12
LifeLibertyHappii do.20:12
LifeLibertyHappiand a dns20:12
ioria!info isc-dhcp-server20:13
ubottuisc-dhcp-server (source: isc-dhcp): ISC DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment. In component main, is optional. Version 4.3.1-5ubuntu3.1 (wily), package size 374 kB, installed size 1045 kB20:13
pbxendev15, sounds like unity broke in the process. i'd try logging in on a virtual console, e.g. hit CTRL+ALT+F120:13
ioria!info bind920:13
ubottubind9 (source: bind9): Internet Domain Name Server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:9.9.5.dfsg-11ubuntu1.2 (wily), package size 302 kB, installed size 948 kB20:13
endev15pbx, Yep, that works.20:13
LifeLibertyHappithanks guys20:14
=== highwhitegirl is now known as IvanR_
endev15pbx, in fact, last night I had him log into the console and make sure his home directory was owned by the correct person, as well as doing sudo apt-get install unity ubuntu-desktop20:14
pbxendev15, so now you're down to reinstalling unity, or inspecting the existing install to see what's broken, or installing another DE to make the machine usable20:14
pbxendev15, make sure `sudo apt-get update` is run first20:15
endev15pbx, so what you would suggest is log onto the console, then run sudo apt-get purge unity finishing off with sudo apt-get install unity?20:15
endev15pbx, yes, we ran update first20:16
=== TheFreakler is now known as Al3x_10m
duckgooseI love windows20:18
duckgoosewindows is so great20:18
mehnouFuck this20:18
pbxendev15, yeah, reinstall.  also perhaps `sudo apt-get check && sudo apt-get install -f`20:18
endev15pbx, check does what?20:18
endev15pbx, also would i do that before or after reinstalling?20:19
pbxendev15, "check - Verify that there are no broken dependencies"20:19
pbxendev15, before20:19
endev15pbx, and install -f installs any dependencies?20:20
pbxendev15, "-f  Attempt to correct a system with broken dependencies in place"20:21
pbxendev15, also you shouldn't have to ask for unity separately. it's a dep of ubuntu-desktop20:21
endev15pbx, so I should run the following: sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get check && sudo apt-get install -f, then is it still doesnt work sudo apt-get purge unity, sudo apt-get install unity?20:23
pbxendev15, install ubuntu-desktop, not unity20:24
=== hivs78 is now known as flyrican22
pbxunless  you know that unity alone is broken20:24
pbxendev15, also, those first commands aren't likely to fix it alone, the idea is just to get things as clean and correct as possible before proceeding20:25
endev15pbx, should I purge ubuntu-desktop too? Or will that be automatic with Unity?20:25
pbxendev15, i'd purge both then install ubuntu-desktop20:25
endev15pbx, so check, install -f, then if it doesn't work, purge ubuntu-desktop, purge unity, install ubuntu-desktop, install unity?20:26
=== mwk_ is now known as mattkelly
pbxendev15, yes, and when you're installing, just install ubuntu-desktop, you don't need to manually install unity, because unity is a dependency of ubuntu-desktop, which means it will be automatically installed when you install ubuntu-desktop20:28
amazoniantoadWhy can't I run my .exe program?20:36
amazoniantoadInternet explorer won't start.20:36
ikoniabecause it's a windows application20:36
dreadkoppyou would need wine to run windows executables20:36
tewardamazoniantoad: IE inside of Wine on any LInux has always been sketchy20:36
amazoniantoaddreadkopp, I think I've had enough to drink, thanks20:36
ikoniajust don't do it20:36
dreadkoppwine -> wine is not a windows emulator ;)20:37
dreadkoppalso just don't use ie20:37
=== IvanR_ is now known as soLucien
oulaplease anyone can help me ..i am using virtual machine manager in ubuntu desktop to create a virtual machine in ubuntu server .. i made the connection between them..but when starting to create the virtual machine .. i have this error "error setting media location "20:37
ikoniaoula: the media it's trying to boot from is invalid20:38
=== flyrican22 is now known as Cblair91|Asleep
oulaikonia , i stored the ISO in the server in /var/lib/libvirt/images as needed in the location of the virtual machine manager20:40
mistralolwhere can i get a ubuntu 32bit efi boot image from?20:40
ikoniaoula: look at teh storage pool definitions with virtmanager20:40
amazoniantoadWhy isn't task manager showing?20:42
amazoniantoadI keep hitting ctrl+alt+del20:42
oulaikonia , i didnt understand .. i am a begginer20:42
amazoniantoadoula, wait what are you trying to do?20:42
ioriaamazoniantoad, are you on lubuntu ?20:42
ikoniaamazoniantoad: stop messing around20:42
ikoniaamazoniantoad: you're not using windows and you know this20:43
amazoniantoadokay well you are looking for a hypervisor20:43
amazoniantoadoula, look for esxi as the OS20:43
ikoniaamazoniantoad: stop it now20:43
amazoniantoadit's a stand-alone server that hosts vm's20:43
amazoniantoadikonia, okaaay20:43
ioriaamazoniantoad, that works on lubuntu or lxde20:43
amazoniantoadioria, really?20:43
ikoniaoula: if you look in virt manager there are storage pools, normally for the media and a different one for the vms, look at the defintiion (hit refresh too on the media store) see if the ISO shows up20:43
ioriaamazoniantoad, yep20:43
amazoniantoadoula, https://my.vmware.com/en/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=free-esxi6 download this and then go download vmware workstation for your ubuntu desktop20:44
amazoniantoadthen you can manager the vm's20:44
ikoniaoula: ignore amazoniantoad toad20:44
bet0xNo need for VMware20:44
ikoniaamazoniantoad: last warning20:44
bet0xThere is Virtualbox20:44
amazoniantoadikonia, what?! I'm helping him! he is trying to start a hypervisor20:44
bet0xKVM, Qemu20:45
ikoniaamazoniantoad: read what he's doing20:45
bet0xA lot of free open source20:45
bet0xwich work better20:45
bet0xAlso, there is lxc20:45
amazoniantoadoula, you should still do it my way...but w.e20:46
amazoniantoadI didn't do nuthin!20:46
amazoniantoadI'll shut up20:46
ikoniaamazoniantoad: please do20:46
amazoniantoadikonia, rude20:46
oulaikonia , the ISO is stored in the location but it does not appear in the virtual machine manager20:49
ikoniaoula: hit refresh20:49
endev15pbx, sorry had to go afk unexpectedly. Thanks for your help! My friend and I will try that tonight.20:50
=== Cblair91|Asleep is now known as Cblair91|Asleep_
oulaikonia , i refreshed and restarted everything but nothing changed20:50
ikoniaoula: so then you need to look at the permissions20:51
mistralolwhere can i get a ubuntu 32bit efi boot image from?20:51
leftistafternoon. quick question. where do i change so that i can move from one workspace a window to another? i cant remember.20:51
lernersudo dpkg --purge linux-image-4.2.0-23-generic linux-image-4.2.0-24-generic linux-image-4.2.0-25-generic << I executed that, but on /usr/src there are still directories with those names and their contencts intact20:51
ikoniaoula: basically, if it's not displaying it's either the wrong location, or it can't read that location20:51
oulaikonia , i think it is connection problems but i dont know what is wrong20:52
ikoniaoula: if it's a connection problem you'd get a connection error when you tried to talk to the hypervisor20:52
dreadkoppmistralol: you dont... either fix it manually or have a look at fedlet20:53
mistraloldreadkopp: this is for a 32bit only bios20:55
mistraloldreadkopp: i dont care if i use a 32bit or 64bit image20:55
amazoniantoadoula, can you send a screen shot of what you're looking at?20:57
=== soLucien is now known as Moose``
dreadkoppfedlet is the only distribution with uefi x86 support by default. or you add bootia32.efi to x86 ubuntu and start from grub commandline. x86 ubuntu installs 32bit grub20:57
amazoniantoadby the way, let me just say how much i LOVE cURL20:57
amazoniantoadholy god is it cool20:58
ikoniaamazoniantoad: stop20:58
ikoniaamazoniantoad: focus on the topic and please be quiet20:58
amazoniantoadikonia, i can't do both...20:58
oulaikonia , the connection goes ok but when starting to create the virtual machine i have a warning that tells me "kvm is not available ,this may mean kvm pakages is not installed , or the kvm kernal modules are not loaded . your virtual machine may perform poorly ." ... but i already installed kvm20:58
ikoniaoula: ok, so this is useful20:58
ikoniaoula: do an "lsmod | grep kvm"20:58
mistraloldreadkopp: so basically i could trick it byhaving 2 usb pens. One iwth bootia32.efi and one with the ubuntu image?20:59
oulaikonia , in the server or desktop ?20:59
ikoniaoula: ahhh, so this is not local to one machine20:59
dreadkoppextract the ubuntu efi to formated stick, then mkdir /EFI/boot and copy bootia32.efi there21:00
C_minus14.04LTS I'm having problems with my launcher not being "always on top" when windows occlude it (i set it to auto-hide).21:00
mistraloldreadkopp: does it need to be formatted to anything specific?21:00
Picill MonkeyDust 521:00
oulaikonia , i am using the virtual machine manager in the desktop to create virtual machine in the server21:00
Pici!find polipo21:00
ubottuFound: polipo, polipo-dbg, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=polipo&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all21:00
dreadkoppext3 or fat32 would be preferable i guess :P21:00
mistraloldreadkopp: ok i will try that thanks21:03
=== Cblair91|Asleep_ is now known as tom94_
ikoniaoula: ok - on the server, is the kvm kernel modules loaded ?21:03
MonkeyDustPici  ?21:04
dreadkoppgood luck.. tried the same for the last days but the craplet lost the usb media during boot.. i guess due to insufficient power supply on the usb port. waiting for active hub21:04
=== OneMatthias is now known as OneM_Industries
PiciMonkeyDust: sorry, was checking up on that ubottu error, I missed a slash.21:04
oulaikonia , how to check ?21:04
ikoniaoula: lsmod | grep kvm21:04
ikoniaoula: without being rude, I'm getting the impression this maybe starting a little too advanced21:04
ikoniaoula: is there a reason you need a virtual machine at the moment ?21:05
oulaikonia , i am a masters student and i am working on my project which requires creating virtual machines .. it is about "virtualized network management system"21:06
ikoniaoula: I see,21:07
ikoniaoula: it may do you well to take a smaller step back and try to start to grasp the basics of the system before trying to do more advanced topics such as remote machine vm managment21:07
ikoniaoula: but in the short term, see if kvm is loaded on the server, check the connection method you are using (normally libvirt over ssh)21:08
LucidaHorsusHi. Does anyone have a link to that basic "Linux Hardening Guide" that was around some months ago? I can't find it.21:09
ikoniaLucidaHorsus: its really something you need to think about and address with your specific system/setup21:09
LucidaHorsusikonia: I might need more coffee, because I have no idea what that even means. :P21:10
MonkeyDustLucidaHorsus  there's this http://hardenubuntu.com/21:10
LucidaHorsusikonia: It was just some general tips with good explanations. Not like securing your box from the NSA.21:10
crypfacedo you guys think theres enough people in this channel21:10
crypfacewe should probs get some more21:11
teward!offtopic | crypface21:11
ubottucrypface: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:11
LucidaHorsusMonkeyDust: I'll take a look!21:11
ikoniaLucidaHorsus: following a guide is not going to be a way to lock your machine down - following a guide is more likley to open up holes21:11
LucidaHorsusikonia: Who said anything about following a guide? :)21:11
LucidaHorsusMonkeyDust: Thanks, dude. Looks helpful.21:11
ismarisLucidaHorsus: I would recommend looking into fail2ban as a first precaution for denying brute force login attempts (Assuming this server runs publicly available SSH)21:11
ikoniaLucidaHorsus: well based on the fact that you think the NSA is on your machine, and you're looking for generic tips rather than address your personal machine, suggested you wanted a guide, but just carry on then21:12
LucidaHorsusismaris: Writing it down. Thanks, man.21:12
regimhello everyone! I'm having a bit of trouble sending mail with postfix, is this the place to ask?21:12
LucidaHorsusikonia: What on earth are you on about? HAHA!21:12
LucidaHorsusI never said anything like that.21:12
ismarisLucidaHorsus: No problem.  What does this server do?21:12
ikoniaLucidaHorsus: I must have missread then, sorry21:13
LucidaHorsusikonia: Yeah, man. I'm not a total nutjob. ;)21:13
LucidaHorsusismaris: It's just sitting in my basement for learning purposes.21:13
regimother mail servers won't accept my mail, they quote the following:  550-Sender has no A, AAAA, or MX DNS records.21:14
ismarisLucidaHorsus: Ok.  So install fail2ban, and then learn all about iptables/netfilter.  As you add services, only open them to the local IP subnet first, if possible.  If you implement fail2ban and a good set of local firewall rules via netfilter, that's a big part of "general hardening".21:14
ikoniaregim: you don't have the correct dns entries and reverse dns entries so they are rightly rejecting you as non-RFC complient21:14
ikoniaregim: you should be relaying out of your ISP's mail relay21:14
regimikonia, I have a domain name on namecheap, don't they manage my records21:15
LucidaHorsusismaris: Awesome. Writing (or typing) everything down in a text document. :)21:15
=== Moose`` is now known as nano39
ikoniaregim: no21:15
ikoniaregim: you should be relaying out of your ISP/hosting providers mail relay21:15
=== tom94_ is now known as game16
ikonianot putting another mail server on the web21:15
amazoniantoadikonia, can I become a mod?21:16
amazoniantoadI will rule with an iron fist.21:16
ikoniaamazoniantoad: no21:16
regimikonia, so how can I go arounf doing that? Namecheap has a mail forwarding service21:17
regimikonia, but I suppose it's not that21:17
ikoniaregim: contact your hosting provider and ask them for their relay server's info and how to relay out of it21:17
LucidaHorsusikonia: MonkeyDust: ismaris: Time to vanish. Help was good. Bye!21:17
regimikonia, ok I'll try that, thanks21:17
tambuit's been awhile but does GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" in /etc/default/grub not work to disable GUI on bootup anywmore?21:18
boxmeinhas anyone here got experience with installing office apps onto wine?21:18
Piciboxmein: the folks in #winehq would be good to speak to21:19
boxmeinPici: alrightyo21:19
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andybrineHey Everyone21:30
andybrineIm having lots of trouble with Firefox as a browser21:30
andybrinedoes anyone know an easy way to debug is and find out whats wrong?21:31
tewardandybrine: 'lots of trouble' is vague21:31
tewardandybrine: depending on the kind of trouble you're seeing we may be able to point you somewhere21:31
andybrineyea, I understand that teward thats why I thought I would need to debug it21:31
andybrineim having trouble with websites like blab21:31
andybrineit wont even load blab tbh21:32
k1l_andybrine: what exact errors?21:32
andybrinek1l_ its just not loading21:32
k1l_andybrine: first: start with a clean profile without your plugins.21:32
k1l_andybrine: then start firefox from a terminal and see if it tells some errormessages there21:32
=== owner is now known as Guest61294
andybrinek1l_ ok good plan. I will logout and start in terminal21:33
regimikonia, I do have a domain name though, can't I do anything with that? I'm asking because apparently my ISP doesn't offer mail relay21:33
FleuvHello, after playing my favorite game. Something really unusual happen. My laptop wasn't able to connect a network anymore. At my syslog there were a lot of lines from readahead telling me some path with the note: "ignored relative path". Now im on my phone searching the web for answers, unfortunately the things I tried didnt seem to do anything yet. Beside all this i would like to note that my network manager keeps tryin to connect my netwo21:33
SeveasFleuv: readahead has nothing to do with network connectivity, so that's a red herring.21:34
Seveascheck /var/log/syslog for messages from network-manager21:34
=== nano39 is now known as thowe
FleuvSeveas: do you mean NetworkManager ?21:36
andybrinek1l_ how do you login in and out of firefox21:37
Fleuv:/ irc on your phone is great21:38
FleuvSeveas: i see a warning: dhcpv4 request timed out21:39
k1l_andybrine: close firefox. then rename the .mozilla folder in your home.21:39
andybrineoh ok. Thanks21:39
regimhi, I need some help configuring my mail server, I get the following error: :  550-Sender has no A, AAAA, or MX DNS records.21:40
regimI have a domain name registered with namecheap and want to send mail with postfix21:41
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alien64regim, try #postfix21:46
regimalien64, Cannot send to channel: #postfix21:47
FleuvSeveas, did you got my reply?21:47
k1l_!register | regim21:47
ubotturegim: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode21:47
k1l_regim: if the problem is still there ask in #freenode for help with the network21:48
poningruanyone know how to get acp_memhotplug.ko for trusty?21:48
poningruwhich package provides it21:48
regim!register | regim21:49
ubotturegim, please see my private message21:49
FleuvCould anyone help me figure out why all of a sudden I'm unable to connect any perfectly fine functioning network?21:50
Bashing-om!info acp_memhotplug.ko trusty21:51
ubottuPackage acp_memhotplug.ko does not exist in trusty21:51
andybrinek1l_ thanks. just deleting the firefox folder has sorted it out. Everything is working now21:52
SeveasFleuv: I did. dhcp timeout means that your dhcp server doesn't like you. If this is a home network, try rebooting your adsl/cable router21:53
poningrutrying to figure out how to do memory hotplugging21:53
FleuvSeveas: why am i still able to connect the router with my phone?21:54
SeveasFleuv: I'd have to go for "no idea"21:56
FleuvAlso don't see an ip at ifconfig21:56
Seveasthat's because you're not getting one21:57
Seveasdhcp is the protocol with which your router gives your computer an ip21:57
Seveasif they don't talk to each other, reboot both and see what happens :)21:57
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FleuvWell I'm not sure if it could solve the problem. I think it is a software related problem. But okay i will triy21:59
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FleuvSo i probably will disconnect21:59
OerHeksponingru, and what hardware supports that?21:59
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poningruOerHeks, vmware/kvm/xen/any modern virtualized hardware22:02
poningruwhy what did you have in mind?22:03
UmeaboyLets say that I have found how to activate the on screen keyboard in Unity for Ubuntu 15.10, but want to change the language on it to something else.... Is that possible?22:06
Viraxis_If I am not mistaken the screen keyboard uses the same layout as defined for the regular keyboard22:07
Viraxis_could be wrong though; haven't opened it in years22:07
UmeaboyViraxis_: OK.22:07
Bashing-omUmeaboy: Maybe, do not know but : A keyboard app indicator icon in the top panel. Click on that and select Text Entry Settings and we get the dialog to add or remove keyboard layouts.22:09
UmeaboyThought so.22:09
UmeaboyI know that way to change it, but I didn't think they shared the same setup.22:10
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Bashing-omUmeaboy: Well, unless you tell us different, I will always think so .22:15
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poningru if anyone else runs into this22:35
poningru apparently acpi_memhotplug has gone away22:35
poningru now the way to do it is to pipe things into the sysfs22:35
poningru so these two should help you after you have increased the memory22:35
poningru for f in `ls -d /sys/devices/system/memory/memory*/`; do if [[ `cat $f/state` == "offline" ]];  then echo $f is "offline"; fi; done22:35
poningru and then22:35
geirhaponingru: don't use ls22:35
poningrugeirha, hmm? quick and dirty script22:36
poningruwhat would you recommend?22:36
geirhait's shorter without ls22:36
UmeaboyHow does one upload a translation to launchpad to an existing project?22:36
geirhafor f in /sys/devices/system/memory/memory*/; do22:36
poningruno unfortunately I dont know if there would be files that match that regexp22:36
poningruwould the */ catch directories only?22:37
poningruoh interesting cool thanks for that22:37
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killit2hello everyone.  Im looking to make a machine boot up and connect directly to a RDP connection via rdesktop.  Thats all well and good, but I don't want a window manager at all.  In fact, I'd like the system to treat that one application as its shell - no minimizing or exiting it.  Is there any way to get rid of the WM all together and JUST launch a xsession locally for a single app?22:38
geirhaYes, just22:39
geirhaerr, yes, there are various ways to go around it. One is to write an xsession that starts rdesktop instead of a DE/WM22:40
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irreleph4ntHi all. I have set up Ubuntu Server 15.10 as a domain controller. When setting up the network shares however, I can not chgrp to "Domain Admins". Any ideas?22:42
welovfreeHow can I install .tar.bz2 files?22:43
killit2geirha - in that scenario, startx would be called and that would load rdesktop, correct?22:43
geirhawelovfree: There's no single recipe. A .tar.bz2 file is just a compressed archive, like a zip file. They usually contain a README or INSTALL file with instructions though.22:44
welovfreegeirha, I want to install filezilla22:44
geirhakillit2: Ok, so you want to use startx instead of a DM as well?22:44
geirhakillit2: It's been a while since I used startx, but you can just pass the rdesktop command to startx. Something like  startx :0 -- rdesktop -whatever -options host-or-ip22:45
Bashing-omwelovfree: filezilla is in the repo, why the hard way ?22:46
killit2what I want is to press the power button, walk away, come back to rdesktop started and logged in.. I could do this with a desktop manager, but this machine is slow as all .... and I want to remove every bit I can.. I have no need for the typical desktop experice.  So idealy, it would auto login, and launch rdesktop where it would normally load a desktop22:46
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geirhakillit2: Then you need a getty that can auto log you in and run startx22:47
welovfreeBashing-om, I'm using an old and when trying to update it, I get no update found22:47
k1l_welovfree: what is "lsb_release -d"?22:47
killit2thats what I figured.. but I didn't know if startx was the way to go on this, or if there was a better way of starting an xsession for only a single application22:47
Bashing-omwelovfree: You know the drill .. upgrade the release ??22:48
welovfreeBashing-om, I'm using 3.7 and the latest one is 3.1522:48
welovfreek1l_, I din't get it?22:48
k1l_welovfree: put that into the terminal and show the output here22:48
welovfreeUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS22:49
k1l_welovfree: ok, and why do you need 3.15?22:49
welovfreek1l_, the current version I'm using froze from time to time when trying to rename a file22:50
geirhafilezilla 3.15 was released two days ago22:51
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ubuonekenobilo ppl.22:52
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ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.22:56
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stacks88ive got virtualbox installed. so i saw on apt-get upgrade it said: The following packages have been kept back:  linux-image-generic linux-image-server -- so I run apt-get dist-upgrade and it installs the new kernel, but (and this always happens), it says Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.13.0-77-generic cannot be found. Please install the linux-headers-3.13.0-77-generic package. So of23:00
stacks88course I understand I can do apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-76 linux-headers-3.13.0-76-generic -- but my question is, how do I tell my OS (ubuntu 14.04) to ALWAYS install the linux-headers for the new kernel its going to upgrade? so that i dont have to manually install them ?23:00
stacks88or upon dist-upgrade to include the headers for the kernel its about to install/give me, instead of leaving them out23:01
mojtabaDo you know how can I change the metadata of the mp3 file?23:05
mojtabaI want to change title tag of the mp3 files to their file name (in mass)23:05
utlemmingcyphermox: around? 'kpartx -av' doesn't work anymore for Xenial23:05
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MonkeyDustmojtaba  with tagtool23:06
MonkeyDustmojtaba  or easytag23:06
mojtabaMonkeyDust: thank, I will check it. (I prefer command line one)23:07
stacks88anyone happen to know how to instruct my ubuntu 14.04 to always install the kernel headers when i do dist-upgrade ? so that i dont have to manually type apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-77 linux-headers-3.13.0-77-generic after it installs the kernel ?23:08
piglitsudo ntfs-3g -o uid=1000 -o guid=1000 /dev/sdc1 /media/piglit/ntfs   gives me23:08
piglitdrwxrwxrwx  1 piglit root 4096 feb  1 21:32 ntfs23:08
pigliti dont want it to be from root23:09
scoobHi, after a recent upgrade a box that I have using encryptfs seems to dismount my unencrypted volume upon logout where it used to only happen on shutdown. Is this how it's supposed to work?23:09
piglitwhat do i do wrong ?23:09
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mojtabaMonkeyDust: I guess tagtool is for renaming the files, right?23:10
mojtabaMonkeyDust: I do not want to rename files, I want to change the title tag in metadata to the filename23:10
irreleph4ntCan someone explain to me how to set up winbind to function with samba4, please?23:10
MonkeyDustmojtaba  easytag can do that23:11
piglitwhy cant I write to the USB hd I cant change the rights23:11
mojtabaMonkeyDust: thanks, let me check that.23:11
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Bashing-ompiglit: You did "nothing" wrong . NTFS is not posix complient. The permissions are set on the mount switches in fstab; see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2139423&page=2&p=12625060#post12625060 for a tutorial .23:15
mojtabaMonkeyDust: I used eyed3.23:17
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cool_boyI bought a vps, I can access it from my local but can't access from another vps, all 3 are ubuntu 14.04, any idea what would be blocking?23:18
srulii need a script to run as soon as a vm (libvirt/kvm) shutsdown, would anyone be able to guide me as how to construct a command to lookout for the shutdown?23:19
stacks88if i install linux-headers-generic - Generic Linux kernel headers , does that mean every time i do dist-upgrade , it will install the kernel headers for the new kernel its about to give me ? Or, what is the meta package for the kernel and headers , so that every time i run dist-upgrade, it installs the new kernel, but also makes sure to give me the headers too ?23:19
MonkeyDustmojtaba  it's not in the repos, where did you find it23:20
mojtabaMonkeyDust: sudo apt-get install eyed323:20
mojtabaMonkeyDust: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/4961/which-mp3-tagging-tool-for-linux23:20
k1l_stacks88: linux-generic23:20
stacks88k1l_: oh nice, i didnt seem to have that installed. So now i just installed it, for sure next time i run apt-get dist-upgrade it will install the kernel headers tooo ? Its becuase i have virtualbox installed, and every time i run dist-upgrade it is executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms during the dist-upgrade and then it tells me my kernel headers cant be found .. so if now it will auto install23:22
stacks88the headers, then thats great23:22
piglitBashing-om: can you please tell me if it can be done it is late here and I am totally tired, maybe you tried it once ?23:23
stacks88k1l_: what about linux-headers-generic ? in my quest to find the answer i installed that a few mins ago .. so are you saying i dont need to install linux-headers-generic just linux-generic to have the headers installed ?23:23
k1l_stacks88: linux-generic is the top meta package. that will install headers and kernel meta packages. they will install the headers and kernels23:24
stacks88Sweet, thanks so muhc k1l_23:24
Bashing-ompiglit: No, I have no NTFS files or OS . Never got my feet dirty .23:25
llldinoI'm using checkinstall to build a package, I keep getting this error: http://paste.debian.net/378053/23:27
llldinoAnyone got asny ideas?23:27
combatdud3Weird question. Ubuntu 14.04, my firefox windows is following my mouse across monitors.23:27
combatdud3Any idea what settings would cause that, or logs I could check?23:28
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eelstreboranyone know why hplip from http://hplipopensource.com/ won't install with dnsmasq running?23:37
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fxhI'm using scikits.audiolab's play function on ubuntu 64-bit and I get "global name 'AlsaDevice' is not defined" whereas on ubuntu 32-bit I didn't have this problem23:48
fxhdoes anyone have any experience with thi?23:48
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* ubuOneKenobi use the fork pid()23:52
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OerHeksseems like a dead project, 2010 https://pypi.python.org/pypi/scikits.audiolab/23:53
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fxhmy whole project depends on the arrays that were read using that library23:55
srulican anyone help with KVM? i need a script to run as soon as a vm (libvirt/kvm) shutsdown, would anyone be able to guide me as how to construct a command to lookout for the shutdown?23:58

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