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sakrecoer_seem i've gotten rusty on the test-case proceedure... looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/ManualStyleGuide#Testcase_Naming the qsynth testcase has got a number in the branch... should i disregard the prefixed number anyways?13:39
sakrecoer_the qsynth testcase in the branch is a template...13:40
knomesakrecoer_, testcases do not need numbering/ID's (unless you want to have some)14:22
knomeoh wait14:22
knomein the *branch*14:22
knomeif it's a new test, don't add an ID14:22
knomeit's going to be the testcase ID on the tracker, and that is unknown for now14:23
sakrecoer_thanks knome, i opted for following the instructions as they are: i did not add a test-case number prefix 14:35
sakrecoer_knome: following that readme, in appearance>menu, there is a link to home, but it wont display...15:22
sakrecoer_knome: oh, found how to fix it...15:23
tracker5sakrecoer_: you merged fix for qsynth against17:11
tracker5new testcase instead of changing the 167517:12
tracker5_qsynth one17:12
tracker5my bouncer is screwed - this is flocculant :D17:12
sakrecoer_hi tracker5/flocculant! how do i fix it?17:13
sakrecoer_did i merge it...? gah.. thought i just did a merge request..17:14
flocculanthi sakrecoer_ 17:16
sakrecoer_\o/ flocculant !17:16
sakrecoer_you want me to put the ID number back in the file name and push again?17:17
flocculantno - there is already one there with 1675_Qsysnth17:17
flocculantlose your new one - edit the 1675 one then push it please :)17:17
sakrecoer_yeah, i saw that and asked arround, but non-one answered, so i figured i just follow the instruction on the page..17:17
sakrecoer_flocculant: should i just do bzr push lp:~sakrecoer/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug-153822817:23
sakrecoer_and link it again? 17:23
flocculantyep should do the job17:23
sakrecoer_flocculant: fixd :)17:30
flocculantokey doke - all done now17:34
flocculantoff again now - laters17:34
sakrecoer_o/ ~17:35
krytarikhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-February/039159.html ("Fonts-droid has been deprecated and removed, please update your dependency")18:51
sakrecoer_krytarik: oh... droid font is one of the few things i awlays change after install..18:52
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: what does xubuntu use as default? Does it look ok? Maybe just use that.18:55
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: zequence has been trying to move in the direction of keeping the Studio-xubuntu delta as small as possible.18:56
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: can't remember right now. perhaps xubuntu uses droid too...18:57
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: "studio-xubuntu delta"...? what is that?18:58
OvenWerksthe difference between one and the other. Delta normally means that.18:58
sakrecoer_i think it is a good practice! I realy like xubuntu's art-direction18:58
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: they also have more manpower, so they tend to keep thing up to date18:59
sakrecoer_xubuntu even customize their mailing-list subscription page: attention to detail <318:59
OvenWerksknome: Do you know what the default font is in xubuntu?19:00
sakrecoer_looks like it is droid on the screenshots19:02
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: thats old now though. if droid is not being kept up they may have changed... or the package name may have just changed.19:03
krytarikOvenWerks: I just posted the same in #xubuntu-devel, ftm. :P19:04
sakrecoer_thanks krytarik :) 14.04 seem to have droid in the window titles and deja-sans for text... but i'm just guessing from some screenshots..19:05
OvenWerkshttp://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/fonts-droid doesn't say anything about it being removed for X19:06
krytarikOvenWerks: https://packages.qa.debian.org/f/fonts-android/news/20151215T110021Z.html19:11
OvenWerksSo change the package to fonts-droid-fallback19:13
sakrecoer_"The name noto is to convey the idea that Google’s goal is to see “no more tofu”."19:13
OvenWerkspackage name has changed19:13
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: I would still like to know what xubuntu is doing with this as the new package sounds like it may be less all inclusive.19:16
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: Yeah, lets see what they say :) Noto seems to be very inclusive tho... https://www.google.com/get/noto/ but yeah... its a google creation..19:18
OvenWerkslets use "Park Avenue"  ;)19:19
sakrecoer_:D 19:20

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