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Guest50121Hi, I have a quick question. Do you think you will release Ubuntu Studio with Cinnamon DE?19:48
Guest50121Or anything else beside Xfce?19:48
sakrecoer_Guest50121: not for the moment. There are plans on making ubuntustudio desktop agnostic, but it isn't ready yet.20:02
Guest50121I see.20:03
Guest50121Thank you.20:03
sakrecoer_Guest50121: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+question/23048520:03
anttoeh.. is there no way to change the mouse _speed_ ?21:33
sakrecoer_antto: open settings manager, and go for 'mouse and touchpad'22:58
sakrecoer_you have to have the mouse selected in the 'device' dropdown menu23:00
sakrecoer_i'm running 14.04 on the box i'm looking at atm...23:02
sakrecoer_don't think it is different in 15.10, but my memory may trick me..23:03

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