ObrienDaveis anyone having issues with network-manager crashing?01:07
ObrienDavesheesh, have reinstalled 6 or 7 times. no joy01:10
ObrienDaveLOL people, super bowl is NEXT sunday. NO snoozing today01:35
xubuntu95wis fglrx compatible with 16.04 LTS?03:21
xubuntu95wlooks like fglrx is not compatible with 4.3.0 kernel built in 16.04. Can i use 4.2.0 kernel from wily repo?03:30
RoadRunnerwhen I run a command "apt-get install appname" does it search for the latest app version available only from Ubuntu software center or also from all the relevant ppa's I've added?03:58
RoadRunneralso, with an app like clamav, where having the very latest ver is a very good idea, how much of a chance is there that if I get this latest version, not tested by Canonical, it may conflict with Xubuntu?04:03
q345667352Who knows. "/etc/fstab" Correctly so: defaults, subvol=@,compress-force=lzo04:36
q345667352or so defaults, subvol=@, compress-force=lzo? Or not important04:36
q345667352or defaults,subvol=@, compress-force=lzo04:37
q3456743 problem restart chat04:50
q3456743Who knows. "/etc/fstab" Correctly so defaults,subvol=@, compress-force=lzo04:50
q3456743or so: defaults,subvol=@, compress-force=lzo? Or not important04:50
q3456743sorry, a space after the comma necessary or not.04:55
q3456743for btrfs05:00
krytarikq3456743: Not.05:02
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:02
q3456743How me know that the compression is working? Before i used the command defragmentation + compression "sudo btrfs fil def -clzo -v -r /". I used a "space" in fstab, but Xubuntu has started without any problems.05:11
q3456743sudo btrfs fi def -clzo -v -r /05:12
q3456743i use this: btrfs   defaults,subvol=@, compress-force=lzo 005:15
q3456743and btrfs   defaults,subvol=@home, compress-force=lzo 005:15
xubuntu96wI uninstalled an application, yet the icon remains in the application menu. I cannot remove this icon via the menu editor because it doesn't show up.05:28
xubuntu96wHowever, it still is visible in the menu itself. There's no icon, put the text next to what would be the icon is there.05:28
xubuntu96w*but the text05:29
xubuntu96wAnyone know how to remove the application shortcut from the menu, perhaps from a command?05:31
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q3456743http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html - no website06:39
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GeekDudeWhat is the best/prettiest way for generating a battery life statistics graph? IBAM sounds close to what I want, but I thought I'd check in here to see if you guys had any recommendations.13:54
jarnos_I cannot get Xfce session opened. xfdesktop takes a lot of CPU.14:41
jarnos_After login just black screen.14:44
jarnos_after a while cpu usage drops, but still black screen.14:49
GeekDudejarnos_, Are you able to log into a guest session?14:53
jarnos_GeekDude, yes15:12
jarnos_BTW, I hate it, when you can not get back to same guest session after suspend to ram or after locking by light-locker or xscreensaver.15:18
jarnos_And I hate that the are both running in guest session, if you have them installed.15:19
jarnos_Can you change some settings of guest session as superuser?15:20
jarnos_So that e.g. a script is used at every login to set graphics mode intelligently.15:21
GeekDudeI'm not sure. I honestly don't know too much about this, though I think it might be better to focus on getting your regular user working?15:23
vidnasHi Everyone15:32
vidnasIve just installed Xubuntu on my mid 2011 mac mini, and i'm having major tearing issues.  Ive done a bit of searching and the most frequent suggestion is to switch compositors to Compton.  Is that the best thing to do?15:34
vidnasthe mac mini I am on using an integrated intel graphics card15:35
GeekDudevidnas, It may be worth checking first if the built in compositor's vertical blank synchronization works for you15:51
GeekDudeThere should be a checkbox for it in "Settings -> Window Manager Tweaks -> Compositor"15:52
GeekDudeAfterwards, I've heard it's sometimes required to logout/reboot15:52
jarnos_GeekDude, it figured it out. It was a faulty custom startup script that changed video mode.15:54
vidnasok GeekDude, Im gonna try and logout now15:54
GeekDudejarnos_, Glad to hear15:55
GeekDudewelcome back vidnas16:00
vidnassadly, the checkbox made v little difference.  Next question is, how to I locate ~/.config/ ?16:00
GeekDudeIn thunar (the default xubuntu file manager) I can just type ~/.config/ into the location box16:01
GeekDudeOr if I want to browse to it manually, I press Control-H to show hidden files, then just click on .config16:01
vidnasyou're a legend GeekDude, thank you16:02
Xubbie96Hi, how can i apply current user display setup to the login screen? ("system wide")16:12
GeekDudeXubbie96, Check for LightDM GTK+ settings in the system settings window16:24
Xubbie96GeekDude: i dont find anything in there related to the screen16:55
xubuntu62wHi everyone, I asked this question last night, but had to leave, so I'll aslk again: does anyone know how to remove a shorcut from the applications menu if it doesn't show up in the menu editor?17:02
xubuntu62wI uninstalled an application, but the applications menu shorcut remains. The icon is no longer visible because I removed it manually, but the text is there.17:03
krytarikxubuntu62w: Look in your '~/.local/share/applications'.17:04
xubuntu62wThat took care of it17:07
xubuntu62wThank you @krytarik17:08
GeekDudeThis is concerning to say the least. I've installed libpam-fprintd, and am quite satisfied with it. However, I've noticed that fprintd-enroll lets you enroll your fingerprints as a regular user (i.e. not su)17:11
GeekDudeIt's concerning because the fingerprint can be used in lieu of a password when using sudo, so anyone can enroll their fingerprint then perform administrator activities if I accidentally forget to lock my session17:12
GeekDudeThough I suppose you can't do that remotely, and if they already have physical access...17:13
GeekDudeStill, makes me a little uneasy17:18
krytarikANTRAX: What are you doing there?18:13
krytarikPlease stop spamming.18:13
tewardis there a default-shipped IRC client in xubuntu-desktop?18:27
rwwassuming pidgin doesn't count, there hasn't been a default-shipped IRC client in Xubuntu since 14.1018:30
m3n3chm0rww mmm i'm using Xchat18:34
m3n3chm0ii  xchat                    2.8.8-7.3ubuntu1  amd64             IRC client for X similar to AmIRC18:35
rwwthat's tangential to whether it's included by default or not18:35
m3n3chm0not included by default18:35
RoadRunneranyone found a ppa with ClamAV ver 0.99 yet (or any other easy source of it without compiling)?19:41
xanguaDid you search in Launchpad.net?19:41
RoadRunnerperhaps I am inept but I didn't...19:42
tewardi could always do a no-changes rebuild in a PPA.  *has too many PPAs heh*19:42
RoadRunnerteward: could you please explain that one?19:46
tewardafter my internet stops derping :)19:47
RoadRunnerxangua: sorry, I misread your answer; yes I did check Launchpad.net but couldn't find ver 0.9919:48
tewardRoadRunner: well, i'm currently running a build of ClamAV 0.99 from Debian Unstable in a PPA.  Not 100% sure it won't blow up on me.  What release are you on?  (14.04, 15.04, etc.)19:51
RoadRunnerI guess that's the question, when getting something not provided by Canonical, how do we know its not a time bomb of sorts?19:52
tewardyou don't?19:52
tewardthat's the risk with PPAs19:52
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:52
tewardthough, there are certain PPAs that are OK, though meh19:53
tewardin this case, i'm pulling this right from Debian into a PPA, so... :)19:53
tewardslow though 'cause my internet sucks here19:53
teward(my VPNing to my home is probably the bottleneck)19:53
RoadRunnerI hear you with ppa's; its just with antiviral soft, it pays to be current and I am surprized that the latest clamav engine isn't easily availbale yet19:56
tewardRoadRunner: well, let's consider the release process of Ubuntu (and flavors) variants19:56
tewardthere's a version freeze at some point19:56
tewardand then that's what's there unless someone can find good reason to SRU19:56
tewardwithout that, PPAs are kind of the only options left19:56
tewardon the Server team where my focus is, I do PPAs for nginx upstream versions, basing them off Debian to some extent, but providing the different nginx upstream versions on a rolling(ish) basis19:57
tewardi do that for myself with regards to Wireshark too, but mem19:57
tewardRoadRunner: with regards to ClamAV, I hear you though.19:57
tewardeheheheheeh, libsystemd-dev19:58
aicasnhey folks. i use to use synaptic as an easier way (vs. cli) to remove old kernel images and headers. synaptic doesn't appear to be part of base anymore after trusty. is there a new/better way to clean up stale kernel packages? thanks19:58
tewardRoadRunner: well, 0.99 will have a build dependency problem on Trusty - it requires systemd19:58
tewardRoadRunner: https://launchpad.net/~teward/+archive/ubuntu/clamav/+build/8925588 and https://launchpad.net/~teward/+archive/ubuntu/clamav/+build/8925589 if you're curious about how I know that; for the most part though that's a big blocking issue there, if they need systemd20:00
RoadRunnerteward: sorry for newbie questions, but what's systemd and why is that a problem?20:00
tewardRoadRunner: systemd is the backend of the 'init' and services system handling in Vivid+, and since ClamAV 0.99 requires SystemD, which is not available in Trusty, it's not going to work right in a backport20:01
tewardwhere a backport is what i was doing that is :)20:01
tewardRoadRunner: Basically, ClamAV 0.99 won't work in Trusty as-is.  Probably why there's no PPAs with it20:02
xanguaaicasn: you can install synaptic from repositories and apt-get autoremove should remove unused kernels20:03
RoadRunnerteward: hmm, so systemd is not just some package you can install on trusty to make it accept clam .99?20:05
tewardsystemd on trusty without a LOT of retooling of everything in the system will effectively drop a nuke on your computer.20:05
tewardand you're then stuck with mostly-broken Trusty20:05
teward(that applies to all variants, not just Xubuntu)20:06
aicasnxangua: i thought it did, but it doesn't atm. i have 8 or 9 old kernels hogging up my boot lvm20:06
RoadRunnerso to make a long story short, people that chose an LTS version (obviously for reasons of stability and security) are stuck with an outdated antivirus engine that can't be upgraded? That sounds like a new high in linux security!20:08
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus20:08
teward^ that20:08
tewardhate to say that but20:08
RoadRunnerteward: in my case, files are passed to windows computers (which are currently running clamav .99) but then it seems that clam on my lin box is pointless because its older than my win defender20:10
tewardRoadRunner: it'd be a Security concern if ClamAV were shipped with all the ISOs, but it's an optional package - you can either use the version available, or use a PPA with 0.98, or not use ClamAV20:12
tewardnot sure if Xubuntu has it as a required item, but i don't see it in the deps there20:12
tewardin any case, i hear you, you're preaching to the converted, but there ain't anything anyone can do20:12
tewardLTS sacrifices latest versions and features for stability :)20:12
RoadRunnerteward: in other words, a trade off: stability for security in my case :(...20:14
tewardRoadRunner: hate to say it, but that's out of my judgement zone20:14
RoadRunnerthen, in your opinion, is using .98 such a big issue or am I splitting heirs?20:15
tewardRoadRunner: i think you're just splitting hairs, so long as you keep the definitions updated (with freshclam)20:16
RoadRunnerhope you are right ;)20:16
tewardRoadRunner: the better option is to not share files with Windows, but i'll save you my tirade on why windows is bad20:17
tewards/save you my/spare you from my/20:17
RoadRunneranother q, I realize that most viruses are writen for windows but some dedicated (corporate?) SOB could right a nasty for *nix and so, why not be protected?20:19
RoadRunner*wright :)20:19
tewardRoadRunner: market share on corporate environments leans in favor of Windows as the server / domain base, I have yet to see *nix backends and *nix systems as end-user systems as a market majority20:20
tewardthe probability of someone writing a nasty for *nix that would get onto a corporate system, given adequate privilege separation (i.e. don't go running around as superuser lol), would be negligible20:20
tewardthough, if you go around using your computer as 'root' all the time you've got a bigger problem than proper virus protection20:21
RoadRunnerteward: again, I realize *nix is inherently more secure than win; what I am saying is, as *nix gains in popularity, corps (and govs?) will see it as more of a threat and may want to move against it20:23
tewardRoadRunner: that's a given.  Your point?20:24
tewardClamAV should always be kept up to date?20:24
tewardthat's one of fifty thousand virus protection solutions20:24
tewardmost of which are proprietary, closed-source20:24
tewardand ClamAV doesn't have autoprotect like Linux does, and to install a nasty you'd have to do some pretty nasty privilege escalations to get to anywhere that a true nasty could really do damage20:24
tewards/Linux does/other protection solutions, at least on Windows, do/20:25
tewardRoadRunner: you're also trying to convince an IT security person that security is important20:25
tewardso lets keep it in mind that I am a security person, though not for Ubuntu, so convincing me of that point won't help you20:25
RoadRunnerglad I am talking to the right expert :)20:26
tewardso lets move on to the core of your argument: *nix is gaining popularity.  This is true.  ClamAV is one of many virus protection solutions.  Corporations tend to prefer paid solutions to the open-source solutions in many cases.20:26
tewardHowever, because proper privilege escalation exists in *nix already (enhanced by SELinux and other solutions even further), it'd be ***very difficult*** for a competitor or other corporation (exclude nation-states for now) to get such nasty viruses into a Linux distribution20:27
tewardstandard users don't have the ability to install or execute that code, likely20:27
tewardadmins aren't that stupid, typically, to install random items20:27
tewardyou're still going to have to exploit a target system to try and get privileges to install such 'nasty' code, and if you have such a vulnerability for someone else to exploit, you should not be concerned with Virus Protection, and instead the security updates, patching, and protection strategies in place20:28
tewardso do I think antivirus being up-to-date is important? Absolutely.20:28
tewarddo I think it's absolutely necessary on every *nix system?  No, because privilege escalation in a properly set up environment is very difficult short of exploits, and finding those exploits is even harder because corporations tend to have proper security policies and privilege separations in place20:29
tewardand I excluded nation-states because that's a different argument (though it follows some similar paths)20:29
tewardnow i've written a security rant, so i'm going to go find coffee20:29
tewardmy apologies for hijacking the #xubuntu channel for my mini tirade :)20:30
RoadRunnermay I ask what entity you do security work for?20:30
tewardprivate cybersecurity firm.20:31
tewardthough, this information i just spit out would be information known to any Linux sysadmin, really, who works in the corporate world :P_20:31
tewards/any Linux sysadmin/any competent Linux sysadmin/20:31
tewardbut given the current market share is Windows dominated, the current target for such exploits you mentioned is Windows.  Yes, *nix will get there eventually.  It's not there yet as a target for all attackers, corporate espionagers, etc.20:32
tewardagain, apologies for hijacking the #xubuntu channels :)20:32
* teward disappears back into the shadows20:32
RoadRunneryou sound convincing, but you looked at it from a viewpoint of a corp trying to defend itself; what if a corp decides to go on the offensive (resources of say MS are considerable and they already have a history of class action suits against them); or in case of a gov deciding to curtail ind freedoms (read somewhere not long ago about US considering curtailing Linux)...20:36
RoadRunnerthen it is up to an individual to defend themselfs against a stronger opponent, and then the only hope is open source and strength in numbers, wouldn't you agree?20:37
tewardRoadRunner: this is probably a better discussion for #xubuntu-offtopic20:37
tewardsince #xubuntu is for support mainly :)20:37
tewardnot my monologues on security :)20:37
RoadRunnerteward: we have hijacked the channel, haven't we :)?20:38
RoadRunnersorry world :)20:38
tewardhence my earlier apologies :)20:38
RoadRunnerso to wrap it up and come back to tech support; you feel that I, as a regular user, don't need to do anything else now to ensure my linux security?20:39
tewardRoadRunner: yes, that's my belief.  Or eradicate Windows from the equation.20:41
RoadRunnerteward: thanks :)20:41
RoadRunnerand now a different newbie question; how to create a share?20:48
RoadRunnerfor a LAN...20:49
RoadRunnerif my question is too simple, it shouldn't take long to explain the answer :)20:52
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RoadRunnerInteracting with Window comps is a must on my LAN.  I can see win shares but how do I share directories on linux for them to be seen by windows comps?21:53
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html21:54
GeekDudeknome, On a scale of one to ten, how concerning is it that (via fprind-enroll) someone with only a few seconds access to my (logged in) laptop can have immediate root access?22:01
GeekDudeI should probably disable autologin22:03
RoadRunnerknome: ubottu's 1st link talked about mounting win shares "permanently", what does that mean?22:08
RoadRunnerie: is that somehow diff from how they are accessed/seen by Thunar by default?22:09
GeekDudeRoadRunner, In thunar you can mount/unmount them, but that must be done manually after logging in.22:11
GeekDudeDoing it through fstab as shown on that documentation page mounts the share permanently (i.e. you can't unmount via thunar) at boot22:12
RoadRunnerright now, I can see win shares without doing anything additional at all manually or otherwise (and I don't think I've done any changes to default instal)22:13
GeekDudeYeah. Mounting a windows share permanently would be useful for daemons or servers that need to access the data on a network share, but for a regular user it is mostly useless22:15
GeekDudeMounting them normally via thunar (or other file manager) works fine for regular use22:15
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RoadRunnerso I should just be concerned with Samba setup for my lin sharing right?22:16
GeekDudeYeah, that first link seems largely irrelevant to what you're doing.22:17
GeekDudeWhat I generally do when setting up a system to play nicely with my Windows systems is I install samba, libnss-winbind, and system-config-samba22:18
GeekDudeSamba for making my own shares, libnss-winbind for name services integration (so I can ping my windows machines by host name), and system-config-samba for a nice GUI to configure samba22:18
RoadRunnerthe only thing that's "uncomfortable" about the way Thunar shows win shares is that they are not visible in a tree; is there a way to change that?22:19
GeekDudeWhat exactly do you mean by a tree? Similar to how Windows explorer has a tree on the left?22:23
GeekDudeNot that I'm aware22:27
GeekDudeSide not about system-config-samba. The shortcut for it in the whisker menu will not work correctly unless you also install gksu22:28
RoadRunnerthe samba link given by ubotu above talks about configuring samba through terminal; after installing system-config-samba, I guess there will an easier way to do it?22:31
RoadRunnerso gksu is a package that is needed for system-config-samba to work right?22:33
RoadRunnerGeekDude: i did apt search for samba and a bunch of stuff got listed (same for libnss-winbind); I don't recall installing it bfr, could it be a part of the default instal for Xubutu 14.04?22:43
Guest233hello world!22:46
Luyinhi Guest23322:51
GeekDudeRoadRunner, searching apt often returns a bunch of packages, especially those that are even tangentially related in any way. It's not indicative of the software already being installed, however23:18
GeekDudegksu is not strictly required; if you modify the menu entry to use sudo and run in a terminal you don't need gksu23:18
knome(besides you shouldn't use gksu anyway)23:23
RoadRunnergents, I am a little confused... so the final recomendation for me is not to instal gksu?23:51
knomeRoadRunner, yes; optimally, the package maintainer updated the package to work with pkexec23:58
RoadRunnerknome: regretably, now I have to ask what is pkexec?23:59

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