cloudgur_question .. what is the best way change the default charm logo when using the layer-docker model ?00:56
cloudgur_I've updated the config.yaml for logo as normal but the dependencies keep pulling in the docker logo as icon.svg in the charm root path after build00:56
hatchcloudgur_: you had a question about a charm icon in the GUI?01:29
jrwrenthe question was more about the new charm layers system.01:43
jrwreni'm guessing the layer docker includes an icon, but there needs be some way to override that default.01:43
cloudgur_Exactly .. Any clues ?03:45
cloudgur_Lazypower might have some insight03:46
hatchcloudgur_: the GUI will always display the icon file in the root of the charm 03:58
hatchcloudgur_: so what you want to do is modify that file04:01
cloudgur_was wondering how to over ride the icon.svg pulled by the layer-docker charm.  The config.yaml value is showing but the intended icon.svg does not04:01
hatchoh I see what the issue is04:02
hatchnow as far as how to solve the issue04:03
hatchcloudgur_: so I haven't actually ran into this before - I'm assuming that if you place your own icon.svg in the root of the directory it's not being used?04:06
cloudgur_If I build the charm, then manually place the icon.svg then all is good04:12
cloudgur_Was hoping the config.yaml value for the default setting would be picked up instead04:12
hatchahh ok yeah that's beyond my area of expertise :) best would probably be either mailing the juju mailing list04:13
hatchor waiting for lazypower :)04:13
hatchhere is the juju mailing list if you aren't already on it https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/juju04:15
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