clivejoI really need to learn how to merge!00:12
valorieI need to learn how to package00:13
valoriebtw: upgrade went awesomely00:13
valoriehmmm, it seems to have purged yakuake from auto-starting though00:14
clivejowell git merge is part of packaging :)00:14
valorieand I've not done that either00:14
* valorie removed landing ppa00:15
clivejoI should go to bed00:15
valoriesweet dreams, clivejo00:16
valoriethanks for your work00:16
clivejobut this wind is sooo noisy00:16
soeegood morning07:15
sitterclivejo: bot became self-aware08:46
lordievaderGood morning.08:47
yossarianukhi - since upgrading to plasma 5.5.3 apt-check seems to break my machine every morning.09:42
yossarianukCame in this morning - desktop load was @ 100 09:42
soeethere is a bug report about it i think09:43
soeeand a pending patch upstream09:43
yossarianukthere were hundreds  of apt-check ...09:44
yossarianuksoee: cheers 09:44
yossarianuk(if that was aimed at me..)09:45
yossarianukwhat you you guys think about project Neon ?09:45
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yossarianukto avoid the apt-check issue I have added a cron job..10:15
yossarianuk2 9 * * * /usr/bin/killall -9 apt-check10:15
yossarianukso my desktop works in the morning... - also done a bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-notifier/+bug/154083010:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1540830 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "After Plasma 5.5.3 - apt-check causes massive load / creates 100's of processes" [Undecided,New]10:16
valoriethanks, yossarianuk10:16
valorieI didn't experience that10:17
valoriebut you aren't the only one10:17
yossarianukI only notice when I come in in the morning to the office...10:21
yossarianukI don;t notice on my home PC, but I don't leave that on over night , etc10:21
* sitter not sure why muon uses apt-check anyway10:34
yossarianuksitter: hasn't muon been replaced by plasma-discover ?10:38
bshahmuon and plasma-discover are different thing10:39
bshahone is package manager other is software center10:39
yossarianukhmm - dpkg -l | grep muon -> shows -> 'ii  muon-updater                                    4:5.5.3a-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa5              all          Transitional package (muon-updater -> plasma-discover-updater)'10:42
clivejoyossarianuk: have you tested 5.5.4 yet?10:53
clivejo146 Broken Senile packages11:10
yossarianukclivejo: no, I have this repo enabled -> https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports?field.series_filter=wily11:10
clivejoits in backports landing11:11
clivejoyou had a multiple monitor setup that 5.5.4 is supposed to fix?11:11
yossarianukI do11:11
yossarianukalthough the only real issue i'm having is with the apt-check bug on 5.5.311:12
clivejowill you try it?11:12
clivejoI see that from my back log11:12
clivejogive 5.5.4 a try11:12
yossarianukclivejo: I shall do @ home.11:21
yossarianukif I add the backports-landing repo, when 5.5.4 is in kubuntu-backports ppa will that superseed it ?11:23
clivejo5.5.4 shouldnt be in kubuntu-backports yet11:36
clivejostill being tested at the moment11:36
BluesKajHiyas all12:27
clivejohi BluesKaj12:28
BluesKajHi clivejo12:28
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apol_Riddell, sitter, anyone: can you help soee test a patch? he needs to repackage discover with it *please...*12:40
soeeclivejo: ping12:41
sittersoee: apt-cache policy plasma-discover-updater12:47
soeesitter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14856903/12:49
yofelfun, I was trying to figure out some docker slowness and ran into https://github.com/plasma-mobile/xbuilder/issues/2 XD12:52
sittersoee: where do you have 5.5.4 from?12:52
sitteryofel: ulimit all the way :)12:52
yofelyossarianuk: you won't get any updates when it's moved then, as it'll be the same packages just from a different location12:52
soeesitter: we have it in bacports-landing/staging12:54
sittersoee, apol_: what's the patch?12:55
apol_sitter: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/126923/12:55
soeebrb, food time13:05
sitterapol_: soee: https://launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+archive/ubuntu/axios building now13:07
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* soee high fifes sitter13:48
* mamarley plays the drum along with soee's fife.13:49
sitteryofel, clivejo, sgclark: FYI there's repos without unstable branch http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/oxygen-icons5.git/13:50
soee!testers discover-notifier patch tests needed (https://launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+archive/ubuntu/axios)13:52
ubottusoee: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:52
ubottuHelp is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information13:52
soeediscover-notifier patch tests needed (https://launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+archive/ubuntu/axios)13:52
soeeyossarianuk: ping13:53
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yossarianukhey soee:14:00
soeeyossarianuk: are you on Wily ?14:01
yossarianukyes i am14:01
soeeyossarianuk: can you test this https://launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+archive/ubuntu/axios ? it should fix apt processes bug and the notifier icon in systray staying after updates14:02
clivejosoee: is this bug only on wily?14:02
soeeclivejo: no, but sitter created updated package for WIly14:02
sitterclivejo: because you have not created one14:02
yossarianuksoee: i'm still currently on plasma 5.5.3 - am I ok to use that package ?14:02
soeesitter: ^14:03
BluesKajsoee, sorry, no Wily install here14:03
clivejositter: this is my first time with a backport, have I done something wrong?14:03
soeeBluesKaj: np. i will test it now here at work14:03
soeeclivejo: it is not related to your packaging14:04
soeejust to test patch for upstream bug14:04
sitterno, clivejo is just speaking out of context :P14:04
sitterclivejo: also that is unrelated to backports14:05
soeereboot, brb14:05
soeeapol: i'v added ppa:libreoffice/ppa to get some packages to update. Run apt update, and update snotification icon showed up in systray. Than run apt full-upgrade but after installing updates icon is still in systray (when clicking on it is saysthat my system is up to date)14:25
soeeapol: so thi spatch does not fix the problem with this icon - it is visible in systray after updates14:26
apolsoee: so the updates count changes but it doesn't disappear?14:26
apolsoee: do you get the apt-check eating up your resources?14:26
soeeapol: i didn't test apt-check, give me few more minutes14:27
apolsoee: also did you restart plasma?14:29
soeeapol: i have rebooted after updating to test version14:30
apolsoee: ok14:30
apolyou didn't answer, by the way: [15:20] <apol> soee: so the updates count changes but it doesn't disappear?14:31
soeeapol: checking step by step, running apt update, shows 1 apt-check process that taks ~ 25% cpu at teh end than is gone14:32
soeeafter this notifier shows 24 packages to update14:32
apolthen I'll commit14:33
apolsoee: pushed http://commits.kde.org/discover/7ded9bf1de57f7954be552a48aa9abdb3e4db40014:35
soeeapol: also i reru updates again but had notifier extende dview pined and it shows 24 updates while there are none14:35
soeeabd if i click on teh update button it pens discover with messag ethat there are not updates14:36
apolI'll reopen this bug then14:36
soeeapol: thank you14:37
* lordievader goes to boot his Wily box15:27
lordievaderHow can I effectively test the apt patch?15:51
lordievaderHmm, no million apt-check processes after installing the package. I guess that is a good sign.15:59
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clivejoRiddell or sitter: would any of you be around to teach me how to do a debian git merge?19:49
yofelclivejo: not sure if they're around, at least jr said that he'll take some time off19:54
yofelso what do you want to know?19:54
clivejohow to merge19:54
yofel(If you expect me to write a guide with complete commands and explenation - that's not going to happen)19:55
clivejoproperly, without causing craziness and madiness and have KCI shout at me19:55
clivejoI need a walk through, watch or instruct me whilst doing an actual merge19:56
yofellet me explain the merging, The kci part you'll have to figure out yourself.19:56
yofellet me pick something simple19:56
* yofel pretends he didn't read that19:57
clivejospoil sport19:57
yofelhm, maybe19:57
yofelclivejo: yeah, we can do that19:58
yofelso, I made a fresh clone19:58
clivejoMaxy seems to be doing a huge amount of work 19:59
yofelthe first thing you will want to do is check the diff between debian and ubuntu, to check if there's diff that you don't need anymore19:59
yofelgit diff origin/master origin/kubuntu_xenial_archive20:00
yofelwill show you the diff20:00
yofelthe changelog diff is junk, just skip that part. dpkg-mergechangelogs will take care of that20:01
yofelin the diff you will see a couple things that we don't need, like XS-Testsuite in control, and that debian interestingly doesn't have the autopkgtest stuff20:04
yofelI do this step mostly just so I know what the diff is, and to look for things that might go wrong in the merge, in case debian removed something that we want to keep20:04
clivejoand the qt5.5 patch20:04
yofelthe 2 patches are in master, but not in kubuntu_xenial_archive, hence the red20:05
yofelcome to think of it, is your diff output colored?20:05
clivejothat would fix our problems20:05
clivejothats why I added .PHONY20:05
clivejoso do I cherry pick the best solution from both branches20:06
yofel<yofel> come to think of it, is your diff output colored?20:07
clivejoyes it is coloured20:07
clivejowhite, green, red and blue20:07
yofelyou have [merge "dpkg-mergechangelogs"] in your .gitconfig?20:07
yofeladd this:20:08
yofel[merge "dpkg-mergechangelogs"]20:08
yofel    name = debian/changelog merge driver20:08
yofel    driver = dpkg-mergechangelogs -m %O %A %B %A20:08
yofelnext, you switch to kubuntu_xenial_archive, and merge origin/master20:09
yofelthat will apply all debian changes onto our branch20:10
clivejogit checkout kubuntu_xenial_archive20:10
clivejogit merge origin/master20:11
clivejosorry, Im going to copy/paste this conversation 20:11
yofelnp, that's a good idea20:11
clivejoneed the commands I actually use20:11
clivejoso what happens with the two different solutions?20:12
yofelso, if you had a package where the merge went wrong, you would now have to resolve conflicts in files, and individually git add each of them and 'git commit' everything at the end20:13
yofelthe commit message will already be filled out by git20:13
clivejoie we chose to disbale the autotests and debian seem to have patched the problem20:13
yofelwe take their solution, unless there's a good argument for not using it (doesn't work in ubuntu, would need patching again, ...)20:14
clivejo 8 files changed, 167 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-) and 5 new files20:14
yofelonce the commit is done, you will want to review the merge20:14
yofelyou can do that with git diff HEAD^20:15
yofelthe ^ means: one commit backwards (^^ 2 commits, etc.)20:15
yofelyou need to do that even if you don't get conflicts, to find cases where we and debian did the same change - in different positions in a file20:15
yofelcan esp. cause a mess if it happens in control or rules20:16
yofelin the case of step, all technical changes are fine20:17
yofelthe changelog should be fixed though20:17
yofelwe have an UNRELEASED 4:15.12.0-0ubuntu1 that comes *after* a released 4:15.12.0-120:18
yofelthat shouldn't be the case20:18
yofelif we would have the same upstream version, the way to go would be to move our changelog to the top, and change the version to 4:15.12.0-1ubuntu120:18
yofelin this case, we move it to the top and change the version to 4:15.12.1-0ubuntu120:19
yofelas we were working on .120:19
yofelalso add a changelog entry saying "Merge with debian git master"20:20
clivejodo I leave my changelog for 15.12.0?20:21
yofelno, you move it to the top20:22
clivejoI have20:22
yofelUNRELEASED should never appear anywere but the topmost changelog entry20:22
clivejobut surely there is no need to have  * Disbaling autotests due to fix needed upstream20:22
sgclarkyofel: clivejo please update trello with merges I am working on them and seem to be running into conflicts as things are being done as same time as me20:23
clivejoas that version was unrelease?20:23
* yofel hasn't touched merges in days20:23
yofelkdelibs I forgot to mark as done though, sorry20:23
clivejoI think that was me, I was fixing KCI failures20:23
yofelclivejo: yes, that's fine to remove then20:24
yofelclivejo: you'll also want to remove the test override in rules then20:24
yofelok, that should finish step and you can check it off on the trello board - after you've uploaded the new package to staging20:26
yofeland don't forget to push ^^20:26
clivejoand it gets commited to xenial_archive?20:26
clivejosorry pushed20:27
sgclarkplease mark the project before hand with your name and WIP please.20:27
yofelmerges always go into _archive20:27
yofelgit pull still doesn't see anything o.O20:28
clivejohavent pushed yet20:28
clivejoyou are as impatient as soee :P20:28
yofel<clivejo> sorry pushed <-- past tense ^^20:29
clivejoI corrected my question :P20:29
clivejoand it gets commited/pushed to xenial_archive?20:29
clivejook Ive updated the trello note, is that oki?20:30
yofelsgclark: sorry, I saw that step was still red on the status page and didn't check trello20:31
yofelsgclark: are you not uploading to the ppa?20:31
sgclarkyofel: I seem to have been sending to invalid ppa, fixing.. sorry20:32
sgclarkbut I have been using trello20:33
yofelyeah, good job on trello. I was just curious why the status page didn't change20:33
sgclarkbecause I am a dummy, staging-applications should have been staging-kdeapplications.. we need consistency haha20:34
yofelI've stumbled over the same damn thing myself a couple times20:34
clivejomade that mistake myself20:34
sgclarkoy this is many... 20:36
* yofel "fixed" that by writing a dput shortcut20:36
clivejoyofel: did you see sitters post about missing branches for oxygen?20:36
clivejo<sitter> yofel, clivejo, sgclark: FYI there's repos without unstable branch http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/oxygen-icons5.git/20:37
yofelI guess I didn't bother as adding stuff to CI needs manual doing20:37
yofelso I left it to the person doing that20:37
clivejocan they be added 20:37
sgclarkwho is that person?20:38
yofelsitter or shadeslayer I guess?20:38
sgclarkmmm my bouncer does not seem to log anything anymore, I see that message nowhere20:39
clivejo!info libgsl-dev xenial20:42
ubottulibgsl-dev (source: gsl): GNU Scientific Library (GSL) -- development package. In component main, is optional. Version 2.1+dfsg-2 (xenial), package size 949 kB, installed size 5298 kB20:42
clivejo!info libgsl-dev wily20:43
ubottuPackage libgsl-dev does not exist in wily20:43
clivejoneed to backport libgsl-dev to wily?20:43
yofelthat would be the first thing to try20:44
yofelif that's not possible you'll need to make the dep optional20:44
yofeldpkg doesn't support that, but there's ways around that20:45
clivejoI guess get apps 15.12.1 working in xenial first and cross that backporting bridge when we come to it20:45
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clivejohow often should we be merging with debian?20:48
sgclarkafter every release, the problem is it takes an entire release to finish haha. Went much faster when there was 6+ of us working on them20:50
sgclarkthere has to be a better way...20:50
clivejoKDE release or Kubuntu release?20:50
lordievaderIs Kubuntu obliged to follow Ubuntu releases?20:51
sgclarkif we want to remain a flavor, yes20:51
lordievaderAh.. Else Kubuntu could consider to skip releases.20:52
sgclarkWe reap no benifit removing flavor status, we would lose everything. 20:52
sgclarkwe are struggling as it is20:53
clivejoyofel: help please21:08
clivejoIve done a debian merge on syndication21:09
clivejobut I made some changes in unstable21:10
clivejofew days ago21:10
clivejowhen I merge unstable into archive the changelog is conflicting21:10
yofelwhy are you merging unstable into archive?21:11
clivejoIm trying to get those changes 21:11
yofelunstable tracks 16.04-dev21:11
yofelyou don't want to merge that21:11
yofelcherry pick the changes instead21:12
clivejocould I merge debian into unstable?21:12
sgclarkyes never merge unstable into archive!!21:12
yofelyou could... if you don't want debian in _archive21:13
yofelwhich is again: why?21:13
clivejook so how do I fix the merger?21:14
yofelyou merge archive into unstable21:14
clivejoIm not explaining myself21:14
sgclarkwhat you want to do will break many things. You need to cherry-pick that change into archive21:16
lordievaderclivejo: Perhaps you should cleary explain what problem you have and how you are trying to fix it.21:17
yofelclivejo: do you know 'git cherry-pick'? If yes, please properly explain what you're trying to achieve21:17
clivejoIm no good at explaining myself :(21:17
clivejoit makes sense in my head21:17
sgclarkI understand he made changes in unstable and wats to merge that into archive.But it cannot be done that way. google cherry-pick git and grab that change and apply it to archive branch.21:18
yofelwhat I read so far is "I'm trying to fix the merger by doing something that the merger never does"21:18
tsdgeoshi guys, topic says FW 5.18 landing in xenial21:49
tsdgeosany hint of "when"?21:49
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clivejoin the landing PPA?21:56
clivejotsdgeos: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/ppa-landing21:57
tsdgeosclivejo: why is there a ppa for xenial? 21:57
tsdgeosi mean xenial is a development release anyway21:57
tsdgeosis it like development-development ppa?21:58
clivejothere is certain QA needs to be achieved before it goes to the archive22:00
tsdgeosi see22:00
tsdgeosok, will keep waiting22:00
clivejothere have been a few issues need resolving22:01
clivejotsdgeos: you can help test if you are interested :)22:02
tsdgeosi wish i had time for it, life claims me elsewhere unfortunately22:03
clivejoIts being worked on22:04
tsdgeosappreciate that :)22:04
clivejoyofel sgclark: whats going on with sweeper?22:28
sgclarkclivejo: could you be a bit more specific, I have no context to your question :(22:34

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