Fritigernvalorie: how did your update go?00:21
valoriethe only thing I noticed is that yakuake didn't auto-start00:23
FritigernThat could be just a matter of re-saving Yakuake's configuration. Which prolly happened anyay the moment you manually started it00:24
valorieI won't file a bug until *next* restart00:25
FritigernYaku has saved my life several times already. Like when I need to kill process so-and-so but don;t know the exact process name or PID :-)00:27
valorieI use it constantly00:30
valorieso convenient00:30
FritigernBTW, have you noticed that Alt-F2 is no longer the only key combo that makes the box apper? (I believe it's called KRunner, but i could be wrong). It also happens when I accidentally hit Alt+Space00:30
valorieyes, that's krunner00:30
valoriealt+space is the new standard00:30
valoriealt+f2 continues to work as well00:30
valoriecontrol+escape for system activity00:31
FritigernIt's the new standard? It's a pain, that's what it is! You have no idea how often i have accidentally hit Al+Space, those keys are way too close together00:31
FritigernSeriously, whoever came up with that combo needs a good kick in the pants, and another one00:33
valorieah, I prefer it00:33
valorieI think you can deselect that00:34
valoriein systemsettings somewhere00:34
FritigernHere I am, playing this game, navigating around opstacles and jumping with the spacebar, so I hit alt-space by accident, KRunner recieves the focus and I can say goodbye to another highscore.00:35
FritigernAnd I will definitely deselect it when I find it00:35
valorietype shortcut in krunner and you're there00:36
FritigernWhich reminds me, I chose the right meta key as compose key so i can put accents on characters and create the Euro sign and more. But although the setting will work for a while, it eventually reverts to default behaviour, making me to redo those settings. Any idea why this happens?00:37
valoriedo you have a permissions problem in your $HOME perhaps?00:41
valorieperhaps you've used sudo to run something rather than kdesudo or so00:42
valoriepeople are always advising to use sudo in this chan when that should not be done00:43
FritigernNot that I know of. I'd expect a perms problem to be in .config if there is one.00:43
valoriein that it works, but messes up permissions00:43
* Fritigern does not use kdesudo when using a CLI command00:43
valorieof course00:43
valorieyou can always chown your home, which will never hurt anything00:44
valorielike chown -R username folder/00:44
valoriefolder being ~/home/username/00:44
valorieand of course your actual username00:44
FritigernI think that instead of using a big rock in the form of chown -R, i'd prefer to use tree -ug > tree.txt (with extra options of course) so I can easily seach for "root" or any group/owner that is not me :-)00:48
FritigernI will make that tree -ug ~/ | grep 'root'  to hilight all root-owned folders. :-)00:49
valoriefor most people, it just checks and immediately returns00:50
valorieif they have problems, it does take awhile to run.....00:50
valoriefor some reason I used to have to use that in my ~/Music folder00:50
FritigernI am a little weird, I seem to like to do things the hard way :-)00:51
valoriesome method of ripping my CDs was messing, I guess00:51
valoriebut now it's dinner time00:51
FritigernI downloaded this free album once, and when I extracted the zip file, the files were set to be owned by someone else. So weird.00:52
FritigernEnjoy your noms!00:52
basshow do i take a snapshot/create a restore point of current system on kubuntu 15.10?00:57
* Fritigern wonders why the flip my hope folder has a glibc-2.21 folder in its root folder, and the owner set as root....... Too weird!01:07
Fritigern*hope = home01:11
FritigernAt any rate, that folder is gone now, and no other files/folders are owned by root.01:13
FritigernTime to reboot and see if 5.5 is as good as they say it is01:15
FritigernI just updated to plasma 5.5.3 via the Kubuntu backports PPA, and now my default font has changed to Noto Sans bold 10pt. Dunno if that was intentional or if it's something that should be reported...01:27
FritigernChanged it to Oxygen Sans Bold 11pt, and now I can read confortably again ;-)01:29
Fritigernvalorie: My issue with fonts in KFontviewer and Dolphin are still there. A little disappointed, but I will wait for 5.5.4 before I will start to panic.01:32
valorieFritigern: 5.5.4 will be out in backports once a few more people test, I assume01:49
valorienoto is now the default, yes01:50
valoriebetter international coverage01:50
FritigernBut... bold? Noto bold is a much thicker font than Oxygen bold, it's as if someone suddenly started typing in the impact font. It's a bit of an exaggeration, but it just feels wrong.01:53
FritigernI could give Noto regular a go (or whatever the non-bold version is called)01:54
valorienot sure, I didn't really notice a difference01:55
FritigernI just changed from Oxygen Sans bold 11pt to Noto Sans regular 11pt and the difference between those two is not that gret, but make it bold you will really notice the difference01:57
valorieoff to visit my daddy02:02
FritigernAnyone using Application Dashboard instead of the default Application Launcher? If so, could you have a look at this bug and see if it affects you too? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-desktop/+bug/151162102:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1511621 in plasma-desktop (Ubuntu) "Missing dependencies for qml-module-qt-labs-settings and qml-module-qt-labs-folderlistmodel" [High,Confirmed]02:49
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nailbarI have a problem with Kate adding excecution permissions to all my php files on save. Anyone here know what's going on?06:10
V___Hi Guys06:17
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lordievaderGood morning.08:47
yossarianukwhat are people thinking about project Neon ?09:53
lordievaderI rather like the idea :)09:55
yossarianukso do I ....09:56
yossarianukAs it will be based on ubuntu (right?) then bug-reports at least for the base OS will come back to ubuntu (+kubuntu) I guess09:56
yossarianuki do worry it will make kubuntu less relevant if i'm honest though.09:57
yossarianuk(although kubuntu LTS has 5 yr support rather than neon's 2 yr)09:57
lordievaderThere where talks of extending this to other platforms, but they haven't figured out yet how. Docker images were a suggestion.09:58
solvarrwhat's up with this neon project?10:04
valorieyossarianuk: somewhat different audience, tbh10:05
valoriepeople who have been begging for rolling will go with neon, but that's not most of our userbase10:06
valorieplus it's made by our friends, and we'll have access to all that testing10:06
lordievaderYeah, Riddel was quite explicit in the target audience, KDE enthousiasts, testers and developers. People who want the latest of the latest.10:06
valorieso it's a win for everyone I think10:06
valorieadventurous fans will like it too10:07
valoriebasically those who've been running the CIs10:07
yossarianukvalorie: lordievader: interesting to see other thoughts.10:10
yossarianuksounds like i'd like neon for home desktop - kubuntu for work.10:11
valorieyossarianuk: it's not quite ready yet, but they are well on the way10:14
solvarrwould neon be unstable?10:17
valorieby definition, yes10:18
valoriebut they do plan to do freshly released stuff as well10:18
valoriethat would be more stable10:19
lordievaderThe unstable branches will most definetely be ;)10:19
valoriethe point is testing and etc.10:19
MuhammadHow can i update plasma in terminal command line ? please help11:06
lordievaderMuhammad: Which version of Kubuntu do you have installed?11:10
FritigernI keep forgetting that F4 does cool stuff in Dolphin11:19
JunkHunkhello I was trying to switch mouse from righthanded to lefthanded as suggested here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/guides/mouse_easier/left_handed/linux/kde/ but it happens to be I cannot find keyboard and mouse settings in my system preferences: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=98647 why is this happening? as Monty Python said: "Spain is different"11:21
JunkHunkplease help!11:21
FritigernLook under input devices. Or open System Settings and type "mouse" the search field of System Settings11:22
Muhammadhow can i install latest plasma on kunbuntu ? in the command terminal11:24
FritigernMuhammad: http://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-5-3-and-frameworks-5-18-0-backported-to-kubuntu-15-10/11:25
Muhammadthey show the command as ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports ? just use this command ?11:26
FritigernType the following in your terminal : sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:27
Muhammadhow can i say thanks now you need more then a thanks :)11:28
FritigernYou can send me cookies instead!11:28
FritigernYou know what cookies are.11:29
Muhammadif i know then i think i wont ask !11:30
Muhammadverrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy tasty but i am far far away from your country ! we dont have that facilities in other countries11:37
Taggnostr2I'm trying to change the PS1 in a konsole profile, and from the settings it allows me to define environment vars, but putting PS1="my prompt" there doesn't seem to have any effect11:39
Taggnostr2with other vars it works, so I guess the PS1 I set there gets overridden once bashrc is loaded or something11:42
soeeFritigern: apt update and apt full-upgrade are commands for cool kids now :)11:44
soeethe second offers for example progress bar in terminal11:45
yossarianukbeware of one thing about plasma 5.5.3 and apt-check -> source12:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1540830 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "After Plasma 5.5.3 - apt-check causes massive load / creates 100's of processes" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:17
darksimIs latest Kubuntu 15.10 not a stable build?12:25
soeedarksim: it is stable build, but more stable would be LTS version12:26
clivejoits not a Long-term support (LTS) if thats what you mean12:26
darksimI just mean there have been quite a bit of out-of-the-box things happening that are strange12:27
soeeprobably due to Plasma updates from backports ppa12:27
darksimLike it asking me to upgrade language packages, give me a notification about it then just crash, how Chrome can't be set as a default web browser, just these small things12:27
BluesKajHiyas all12:27
darksimIt's just strange12:27
shallwehi, my kubuntu 15.10 is fine, np12:27
Maxirideheya, I just found out a bug (or I'm dumb). In dolphin if I search something I need to exactly match the filename12:31
Maxirideotherwise is not found12:31
MaxirideFor instance if I have the file Test_Purple1256, if I search purple or *purple* the file is not found in the results12:32
Maxirideah btw Kubuntu 15.1012:32
BluesKajMaxiride, baloo enabled?12:33
hateballdarksim: as for default browser, alt+space -> search for "default applications" and force it there12:33
hateballdarksim: language packs is normal, if you did not have a working internet connection during install for instance12:34
darksimhateball: Yes I've set chrome there12:34
MaxirideBluesKaj:  baloo?12:34
darksimBut it still asks me on first launch that it's indeed not the default browser12:34
darksimI even uninstalled Firefox12:34
hateballdarksim: is this Google Chrome or is it Chromium?12:34
hateballdarksim: did you give full path to google-chrome in the default apps config?12:35
hateballactually I only have chromium-browser there and it works as expected12:35
darksimI used the browse function12:35
darksimgot the same categories as the app launcher12:36
hateballI dont know if google-chrome has some other checks it does12:36
darksimselected chrome12:36
darksimand got the result "google-chrome"12:36
MaxirideBluesKaj: I don't know what baloo is, quick search I found is the indexer but I never configure it12:38
BluesKajMaxiride, system settings>search>fike search> enablke search (baloo)12:38
BluesKajenable search12:38
MaxirideIt's already active12:39
Maxirideno folders excluded12:39
hateballMaxiride: what does "balooctl status" say?12:40
Maxiridecommand not found hateball, konsole says i can install it however12:41
Maxiridebalooctl from package baloo-kf5 or baloo4, which package should I install?12:42
hateballMaxiride: is this a fresh install or an upgrade?12:42
Maxiridehateball: fresh install from the iso12:42
hateballit should come installed default on both 14.04 and 15.1012:42
Maxirideook! going to install it12:42
Maxiridehateball: I don't know what to say xD12:42
Maxirideit's 3 weeks old this installation12:43
Maxirideehm... ran sudo apt-get install baloo-kf5 -> is already at the newest version ahahah12:44
Maxirideok, no idea what changed... no package has been installed however now the balooctl status executed12:44
Maxirideit's running, idle, indexed some thousend of files12:45
Maxiride33396/34927, the missing indexed files might be the ones I can't find. How often is this registry updateD?12:46
hateballMaxiride: you can try "balooctl disable && balooctrl enable" to rebuild the index if broken. or just "balooctl check"12:46
hateballthe latter will search for new files12:46
BluesKajwhenever you decide to update, sudo upadate db12:47
hateballMaxiride: only running "balooctl" will give you all options12:47
Maxiridethanks, I'll have a look at them12:47
Maxirideran a check atm12:47
Maxiridedid balooctl disable && balooctl enable -> failed to register via dbus. Another instance is running. No dolphin or searching window open12:53
Maxiridein the middle I got Disabling indexer, enabling index, and THEN the previus message ^12:53
hateballmight be it takes a while to complete in the background after issuing disable12:54
hateballso perhaps it had been better to disable then wait a good while/reboot, then enable12:54
hateballanyhows, if you had run check first, did you even try searching before issuing disable?12:55
Maxirideyeah I did a check and a updatedb12:55
Maxiridethe number of filex indexed didn't changed12:56
Maxirideof course I don't expect it to jump to a complete satus, but at least 1 number increment should have happened12:56
Maxiridetrying to reboot12:58
darksimIs it normal to force a reboot to complete updates in Kubuntu?13:06
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Dragnslcrdarksim- only if there's an update for the kernel13:49
Guest29740attempting to try kubuntu via live usb but it sends me to the login with 'live session user' as my only option and if i enter a blank password it just loops me back to the login screeen13:51
hateballGuest29740: which release, and what GPU are you using?13:52
Guest29740hateball, hey again. james0r here. 15.10 with the 750 ti i was telling you about yesterday.13:53
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hateballjames0r: memory is a fickle thing I am afraid13:53
hateball!nomodeset | james0r13:53
ubottujames0r: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:53
james0rhateball, no worries. testament to how helpful you are probably13:54
james0ri'll scope it out. thx! hateball  ^13:55
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MaxirideI know my reply comes a little too late, doing a balooctl disable, rebooting solved the indexing. Now new files are indexed almost instantly14:17
Maxiridewhile trying other stuff I noticed my ethernet driver is called enp5s0. Is that normal?14:19
hateballMaxiride: under systemd, yes14:20
Maxiridewhat's a systemd if I may ask?14:20
MaxirideI noticed this while troubleshooting another issue. I can't connect with the ethernet cable. The networkmanage stays stuck at configuring network interface and then close the connection with a no ip issue.14:21
MaxirideBut I'm at the university and my friends (on windows) have just to plugin the cable and the browsers redirects them to the authentication page14:22
hateballmaybe your unis captive portal is ill configured14:22
hateballMaxiride: I'd speak to your local sysadmin and ask what you can configure manually to fix it14:23
Maxiridei'll try14:23
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W8TAHHow can I find out what version of Wine is in the 15.10 release (VIa the web,l Im doing research and am away from my kubuntu machine)15:51
Smurphydpkg -l wine* | grep ^ii15:54
SmurphyVersion I got is 1.615:54
edamrosevia web you can search on http://packages.ubuntu.com15:55
OerHeks!info wine16:00
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu10 (wily), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)16:00
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W8TAHThanks folks -- I'll need to check my version, looks like I might need to build the source to fix a problem16:02
acher88v1.8 is here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=wily16:04
OerHeksacher88, that is a PPA, not standard, and keep in mind: not supported here with us.16:05
W8TAHAwesome! thanks16:05
W8TAHOH, ok -- Id rather stay with supported believe me!16:05
OerHeksthe 1.6 has all the hotfixes, so no worry about the version number16:06
W8TAHok, here is the bugzilla on the problem, It LOOKS to me like I need v 1.7.34 to have it work, but Im not sure as I am not real good at figuring out bugzillas https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3778316:08
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 37783 in ntdll "N1MM PLUS Logger 1.0 (.NET 4.0 app) crashes on launch (failure to parse registration-free COM/ActiveX info from app manifest)" [Normal,Closed: fixed]16:08
W8TAHYes, I saw that part, However, it still crashes the same way for me, which I am taking to mean that I dont have the right version of wine16:09
acher88That ppa is maintained by the same person/team who maintains the packages for the main archive, so they are pretty much as stable as it gets for a ppa16:12
W8TAHOk, that makes sense16:15
acher88Looking at the changlog for the packages in the main archive (1.6): http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/w/wine1.6/wine1.6_1.6.2-0ubuntu10/changelog16:17
acher88cant see any backported fix for the bug you have16:18
W8TAHIm sorry to sound dumb, but what does that mean? (Ive been out of linux for too long and have lost a lot of what I used to know)16:18
acher88so would guess you need the =>1.7.34 from somewhere16:19
W8TAHOk   Looks like I;ll try the package in the ppa16:20
acher88the ubuntu maintainers sometimes grab fixes from the latest software versions to 'backport' to fix the same bug in old versions16:20
acher88cant see that they have with your bug on the wily 1.6.x version16:21
acher88I've used that ppa for years without problem16:22
acher88Though I only use wine rarely16:22
W8TAHAHHHHH ok -- I appreciate your help and undertanding --16:23
acher88ppa is always at your own risk though, but just saying that one is likely less risk that some of the more random ones NOT runn by ubntu mebe16:23
acher88*ubuntu members16:23
W8TAHya -- i understand that -- and I'm willing to risk it -- worst to worst, I could back out the 1.8 version, and go back to 1.616:24
acher88probably less risk that trying to compile yourself anyway16:24
W8TAHLOL - ya, thats for sure -- and a lot faster too16:24
acher88yes, and the is always 'ppa-purge'16:24
W8TAHbeauty of linux16:25
acher88plasma 5.5.4 for wily is backported to a ppa shortly16:25
acher88not much different than the wine team backporting their packages16:25
W8TAHcool -- I just did the 15.04 to 15.10 update last night -- ran real smooth, but my one other big bug is not solved yet.  Akonadi server wont start, claims its not registered with dbus16:26
clivejoacher88: know something I dont? :P16:26
acher88clivejo: not got that far then?16:27
clivejoacher88: still in landing16:27
clivejountil I get release managers nod16:27
acher88ah, you are one step behind where I thought you were16:27
clivejoacher88: did you have that apt problem?16:28
W8TAHwow, #winehq is TOTALLY dead this morning16:29
acher88nope. what is the cause of that? what package? Honestly, I get rid of a lot of the auto-update/muon/discover stuff off my systems PDQ after install16:29
acher88clivejo: update-notifier then? no. I get rid off/disable that16:31
BluesKajacher88, install libmuon and muon, it'll get rid of muon discover in a hurry :-)16:39
acher88clivejo: oh, the discover one. I see. Nope, that got kicked off quickly as well16:39
acher88synaptic and an occasional 'apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -uV' is all I really do or need16:40
acher88muon is OK. just16:41
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BluesKajacher88, I use muon as a package reference for info etc, mostly16:47
acher88BluesKaj: same here, unless I have a lot of packages to change16:51
W8TAHin this picture, there are some cool looking items on the right side of the page -- any idea what app is being used to do this?16:57
W8TAHoops -- im stupid -- LOL https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-FsDqqqSn__M/ViDXGC7cXZI/AAAAAAAAFo8/KwWfMXcT__A/w506-h285/k.png17:03
W8TAHsorry about that17:03
acher88looks like conky17:03
W8TAHok -- thats what I was thinking too --17:04
W8TAHthanks -- time for lunch, yall have a great day17:04
varaindemiandoes kubuntu 14.04 have plasm interface?17:52
acher88it has kde plasma 4: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_Plasma_417:54
varaindemianacher88: oh. no thx :))17:58
acher88plasma 5 is in 15.10 at the moment18:01
ubottuBoot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.18:43
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kame_I'm bored failures Kubuntu 15.10 is rubbish19:05
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deepimpact85Hi guys, sorry to bother you, I would like someone to help me with something really simple but I still don't get it. I installed Kubuntu and by default was using Noveu and I could get all 3 of my monitors working, but switching to official Nvidia driver i only get 219:37
acheron88what kubuntu version are you on and what version of the nvidia driver packages did you install?19:39
deepimpact85it is Kubuntu 15:10 nvidia-35219:40
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acheron88latest from the main archive at least then19:45
deepimpact85@acheron88 yes that is correct19:45
acheron88I don't use multimonitor on any nvidia card I have so, cant really say much more, but others may have seen similar19:46
deepimpact85thanks @acheron88 no problems19:46
acheron88could be worth having a nose on the nvidia linux driver forums: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/98/19:48
deepimpact85cheers @acheron08819:49
BluesKajdeepimpact85, @ isn't necessary to highlight a nick on irc19:49
deepimpact85thanks BluesKaj, won't do it again19:50
ANTRAX-1infomod@mod.go.jp - пусть мне бабок отдадут - черканите им плиз!!!19:50
BluesKajnp, just a small tip19:50
BluesKaj!ru | ANTRAX-119:51
ubottuANTRAX-1: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:51
w8tahacheron88 You gave me the address for the WINE 1.8 ppa earlier today, I'm home now but not sure how to get it to install. I downloaded the .deb file but when I execute it19:51
w8tahusing dpakg it says WINE 1.6 is in the way, what do I do now?19:52
ANTRAX-1* #ubuntu-ru :Cannot send to channel19:52
w8tahOr anyone else who can help19:52
BluesKajANTRAX-1, banned?19:53
ANTRAX-1need a voce19:54
ANTRAX-1i am not registered19:54
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode19:54
acheron88w8tah: you don't add a ppa like that19:54
w8tahacheron88, ok, what should i be doing then19:55
acheron88w8tah: 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa'19:55
w8tahok, one sec19:56
acheron88see https://launchpad.net/+help-soyuz/ppa-sources-list.html19:57
w8tahok thats done19:57
acheron88for ref19:57
acheron88'sudo apt-get update'19:57
w8tahok -- its running19:58
acheron88'sudo apt-get install wine1.8'19:58
w8tahok thats running19:59
BluesKajwht's wrong with the default wine version ?19:59
acheron88bug that's not fixed until 1.7.something20:00
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 37783 in ntdll "N1MM PLUS Logger 1.0 (.NET 4.0 app) crashes on launch (failure to parse registration-free COM/ActiveX info from app manifest)" [Normal,Closed: fixed]20:02
w8tahBluesKaj: its missing a patch for a specific piece of software that I use -- Called N1MM Logger+  I tracked it down through the bugtracker20:05
acheron88w8tah: gotta go. hope that worked20:05
w8tahthanks folks -- got it done20:05
acheron88whether it sorts your bug is another matter....20:06
acheron88but its got a better chance than the 1.6 packages20:06
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sk_ryan007hello any body help, my ethernet card is missing.21:21
sk_ryan007When a installed my kubuntu 14.04 the ethernet card works fine, Now is missing21:23
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alibrarunning win7 Kubuntu Mint and Mageia, installed Mageia last, anyway to change grub2 to boot Kubuntu first without reloading and installing Kubuntu last. Mageia does not do that supported. My Bad22:34
bpromptalibra:     I didn't get the "Mageia does not do that supported." part22:38
alibrabprompt looked and can't find any safe way to change the grub2 in mageia being it's graphical the docu in mageia does not support changing it22:39
alibrathe order22:41
bpromptwell, that simply means you'd have to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg  and change the "labels" about22:42
alibrado i have to do that in mageia? dumb question22:43
bpromptin the mageia partition, assuming hmmm actaully.. there might be an easier way22:44
bpromptalibra:    do you have your kubuntu bootable usb stick?  or the iso to make one22:44
bpromptalibra:     hmm ok   boot with the kubuntu liveusb, and do this -> http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd22:46
bpromptalibra:    what that will do is, update and install the grub2 version FROM the kubuntu partitiion, no the grub2 binary from the Mageia partition, the kubuntu grub2 binary, will put the kubuntu label first, and add the other OSes found22:47
alibraawesome thanks bprompt22:49
floownhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/clamav <------ in this ppa, what's his name?23:27
floownI wanted to type : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nameoftheppa23:28
geniifloown: Those are not PPAs. It's the main clamav packages which go into normal *buntu repositories23:45
geniifloown: If you scroll down you will see what repositories those packages are are in, eg:  updates, security (main)      release (main)23:47
geniifloown: You can just install clamav with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install clamav    ( or use the graphical package manager of your choice)23:48
ejayHi. Kdialog --popupmessage is not working. Popupmessage is that message appearing above systray when, for example, amarok is playing a new track. Any ideas why?23:57
ejayplasma 5.4.323:57

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