dpmwgrant, cjwatson, quick question: what's the equivalent in git to push a personal branch to LP? I.e. how can I do something like 'bzr push lp:~dpm/dekko/my-branch' but for a git repo in LP?10:48
wgrantdpm: git push lp:~dpm/dekko10:53
dpmgreat, thanks wgrant10:54
dpmwgrant, hm, not sure I've quite figured it out after reading the docs. Trying 'git remote add origin lp:~dpm/dekko' as instructed in the documentation results in 'fatal: remote origin already exists'11:02
wgrantdpm: "origin" is a name of purely local significance. Apparently you already have a remote named "origin", so you should probably choose a different name or delete the existing one.11:03
dpmwgrant, ok, did a 'git remote add origin lp:~dpm/dekko', but now I'm not sure I understand the 'git push origin my-changes' bit. Do I need to create the 'my-changes' branch first? If I just do a 'git push origin my-changes', I get a "error: src refspec my-changes does not match any."11:06
dpmsorry, I meant, I did a 'git remote rm origin'11:06
dpmnot an 'add'11:06
wgrantYou'd want the branch to exist locally first, usually.11:07
wgrantIt's possible to push to a different name on the other end, with "git push origin LOCAL:REMOTE", but it's unusual.11:07
cjwatsonI generally call a personal remote that exists purely for the sake of me contributing branches to something else "cjwatson", though I'm sure you want a different name :-)11:08
wgrantI use origin for mine and upstream for trunk, usually.11:09
cjwatsonSo this is my workflow (as wgrant notes, the exact names are of purely local significance):11:09
cjwatsongit clone lp:foo11:09
cjwatsoncd foo11:09
cjwatsongit checkout -b my-changes11:09
cjwatson# hack hack hack11:09
cjwatsongit remote add cjwatson lp:~cjwatson/foo11:09
cjwatsongit push -u cjwatson my-changes11:09
cjwatsonIf you haven't already created a branch for your changes, does that mean you have just committed your stuff on master?  (This is repairable, virtually anything is, but we need to know exactly what you've done.)11:10
dpmyes,  I committed to master, but it was a one-liner, so I might just clone again with the correct workflow11:11
cjwatsonYou can if you like but it's unnecessary.11:11
cjwatsongit branch my-changes   # this creates a new branch that points to the current state of the branch you're on - just another pointer11:12
cjwatsongit reset --hard origin/master   # reset the branch you're currently on, should be master, back to whatever it is in the "origin" remote - this assumes you actually have an "origin" remote that points to upstream, and you can use a different name if you like11:13
cjwatsongit checkout my-changes   # switch to the "my-changes" branch (which wants a better name, but whatever, this is an example).  not strictly necessary right now but useful to avoid confusing yourself.11:14
cjwatsongit branch   # for reassurance.  tells you what branch you're currently on11:14
cjwatsonBTW you should make sure you've committed everything before git reset --hard!11:15
cjwatsonIn future, always create a branch before you start hacking, as they're ridiculously cheap in git, and it will avoid you getting confused like this.  I also suggest looking into the stuff in /usr/lib/git-core/git-sh-prompt to put some git status in your shell prompt11:16
wgrantAlso be really careful with git reset11:17
wgrantIt does several different things, some of which are permanently destructive, and all of which are easily confusable.11:17
cjwatsonI think only --hard is permanently destructive, though some of the recovery steps for the others are a bit expert-level ...11:18
cjwatson(Well, unless you consider index state precious, which I normally don't)11:18
wgrantSome people have a thing for that, unfortunately.11:19
dpmok, so I think I've managed and I'm now submitting the MP. The web form complains about 'Target reference path:' missing. What is it exactly?11:19
cjwatsonProbably "master".  The branch name in the target repository that you want to merge into11:21
cjwatson(The web UI there is known-awful)11:21
dpmThere is an 'origin/master' in the output of git branch -a, so I'll give master a go11:22
dpmand it worked, thanks!11:23
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karstensragewhat do you have to sign to use dput ppa:14:46
karstensragethe problem is that the keys are not on the packaging machine14:46
cjwatsonkarstensrage: You must sign the .dsc and .changes files with a key registered in Launchpad.  If you don't have such a key on the machine where you prepare the packages, then perhaps "debsign -r" (or maybe debrsign, depending on direction) will help.14:52
karstensrageok and reading the man page for debrsign you specify .changes and it picks up .dsc from that14:54
cjwatsonRight, you don't normally have to do that bit manually14:55
tewardcjwatson: i see two new options on the PPA details page - Build debug symbols, and Publish debug symbols.  Might I ask when/why those were added, and what cases someone would have for them?14:57
tewardif you don't know then i'll wait :)14:57
cjwatsonteward: They've been admin-only options for ages, and in September I moved them to be self-service because there was no reason for them to be admin-only any more14:59
tewardI see.14:59
tewardthat explains then now being visible, alongside the self-service arch options14:59
tewardwell, one step closer to builds like the main repos, then, I guess xD15:00
cjwatsonteward: It means you can turn on or off whether you want ddebs to be built and published; you might want them on because you have difficult stuff to debug, or off because maybe they're huge and eating your quota; so both options are reasonable15:00
tewardahhh, that makes more sense15:00
tewardapparently i don't visit the "Change Details" page of PPAs frequently enough anymore heh15:01
karstensrage:( the machine with keys is a mac15:01
tewardcjwatson: thanks15:01
cjwatsonkarstensrage: debsign is a shell script; it's not entirely impossible it would work on OS X15:03
cjwatson(or it might not, I'm not sure if e.g. mktemp is available there)15:03
karstensragecjwatson, dont think so, debsign seems to use a lot of functions that are in pbuilder15:12
karstensrageor w/e all that stuff is in15:13
cjwatsonUm, no, it doesn't depend on pbuilder in any way.15:13
cjwatsonOther parts of devscripts, maybe, but not debsign.15:13
tewardstupid question but is it not possible for you to export your gpg key, then take it over to the packaging system?15:13
teward(or do the packaging from inside a VM on the Mac?)15:13
teward(crosscompatability of scripts would then be taken out of the equation)15:14
karstensrageteward, i *could* do that, i was hoping not to have to ship keys around15:14
cjwatsonkarstensrage: Right, where are you seeing pbuilder stuff in there?15:14
tewardkarstensrage: nothing in there is for pbuilder, by the way15:14
tewardwhoops ninja'd by cjwatson :)15:14
karstensragecjwatson, line 639, dpkg-parsechangelog15:15
cjwatsonThat has nothing to do with pbuilder!15:15
tewardkarstensrage: that's not a pbuilder item15:15
karstensragewell its not on the mac for sure15:15
cjwatsonBut it's true you probably won't find it on a Mac (though I think there are ways to get dpkg)15:15
cjwatsonHowever, you only need that if you run debsign without arguments15:15
cjwatsonIt doesn't use that if you explicitly pass it a .changes file15:15
cjwatsonWhich you have to do in the -r mode - so that bit is entirely irrelevant for -r15:16
tewardi hate to suggest an evil alternate method, but is having a separate key for your packaging system not an option for you?15:18
tewardi only ask that because for a time I linked a (temporary, and now expired) PGP key to my LP profile, in order to make that system have upload / sign access to a PPA15:18
tewardi know it's not ideal, but... :P15:19
karstensragemaybe it *does* make sense to have a packaging key separate from other keys, but i think it would probably ultra confusing in that if someone used the key for email or something besides packaging15:23
* teward shrugs15:24
tewardto each their own :)15:24
tewardthough you may want to try what you were doing first before going that route15:24
karstensragethe debsign program also seems to rewrite the .changes file is that right?15:30
karstensragesince the hashes all change after signing15:31
cjwatsonIt has to if it signs the .dsc file15:31
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toan_cjwatson, i just want to check with you to know if the git recipe completed yet, if not when will it be completed and ready for testing?  thanks16:07
cjwatsontoan_: https://blog.launchpad.net/cool-new-stuff/beta-test-git-recipes16:14
toan_cjwatson, @thanks16:36
rbasakIt would be nice if https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-dev/ led somewhere. Not sure where.16:58
rbasakRedirect to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-dev/+git perhaps?16:58
rbasak(I trimmed the URL from cgit to find a different repo)16:59
cjwatsonYeah, possibly - could we have a bug please (against the turnip project)?  Need to think a bit about how it knows when to redirect17:01
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tewardis it common for armhf builds in ppas to take over three hours, even when the same software also built in 1 hour on armhf ppa builders?23:32
teward(on a different Ubuntu version, mind you, but same PPA)23:32
wgrantteward: Examples?23:39
tewardwgrant: the active ZNC build that took an hour longer than the others23:46
tewardthough it finished building23:47
tewardmeh, maybe it's just an odd hours difference in completion *shrugs*23:47
wgrantteward: There are millions of builds, so a link would be handy.23:57
tewardwgrant: indeed, though it's a non-issue since it completed23:57
tewardfor a while i thought it was hung23:57
tewardlooks like it just took a long time to build one of the code files in the package is all :)23:57
tewardonce it did that, it was completed with compile and then built the package23:57
tewardso issue disappeared, i guess23:58

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