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sergiusensbdmurray, on 15.04 you can snappy install lxd; on 16.04 (probably the recommended target for new dev); snappy enable-classic01:51
wililupyquestion: Is webdm still in the Snappy store? I try to install it with sudo snappy install webdm but I get webdm failed to install: snappy package not found03:04
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torbitHi guys,07:04
torbitI am trying to pull down the snappy core image for i38607:04
torbitI cant seem to get it07:05
torbitI get a 404 on this : wget http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz07:05
torbitunxz -c ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz07:05
torbitdoes anyone have something that I can pull publicly ?07:05
torbitanyone online ?07:08
torbit1Ok seems like it was something on my network . sorry07:11
dholbachgood morning07:58
fgimenezgood morning08:13
renatHi all! It's Renat from Screenly again=)08:42
renatWhen setting up assign rules in the oem snap - is it possible to add device access rules (MODE="", GROUP="")?08:43
renatFor example, we need to use /dev/vchiq. And I add appropriate option to the assign: section.08:44
renatassign: rules: - kernel: vhciq08:44
renatBut it device isn't accessible because of very strict access mode.08:46
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Hedgehog Day! 😃09:45
torbitHi folks. I need some help11:44
torbitI downloaded a generic x86 image11:44
torbitI would like to know what the OEM part of the docs is exactly.11:44
torbitI am not getting that part very wekk11:44
torbitwell I mean11:44
kyrofaGood morning12:12
torbitgood morning kyrofa12:15
torbitalthough on my end it is afternoon . Nice sunny day in Nairobi12:16
kyrofaHello torbit :) . I'm afraid I don't know much about OEM stuff right now, other than it's a bit in flux right now between 15.04 and 16.0412:16
ogra_torbit, essentially it contains the bootloader12:17
torbitogra_ : hmmmm. I see12:17
ogra_amd64 is a bit special here though ... unlike the arm arches it only ships the bootloader config http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems/files/head:/generic-amd64/12:17
torbitwell in my case I am working with some intel device.12:18
ogra_(grub gets simply pulled out of the rootfs when the oem snap gets put into place by ubuntu-device-flash)12:18
torbitthat I did not know12:19
mvo_ogra_: how is the arm64 cdimage.u.c output looking? are we getting close to soemthing that we can consume :) ? u-d-f and the store are fixed so we can move again12:19
* mvo_ lunch12:19
ogra_mvo_, oh, not done yet +12:19
mvo_ogra_: ok12:19
mvo_ogra_: just curious, no real rush12:19
ogra_i need to do the rpi bootloader update today, then i'll move on to cdimage12:19
mvo_ogra_: at least we can move forward now again with the store fixed12:19
mvo_ogra_: \o/ ok12:20
ogra_yeah :)12:20
ogra_mvo_, we wont be able to build arm64 until we have a kernel package in the archive though12:20
torbitogra_: hmmmm. so I guess that means I need to create the root.tar.xz?12:20
ogra_ppisati said there were still bits blocking it12:20
torbitam I correct in assuming  this ?12:21
ogra_torbit, for wghat exactly12:21
torbitogra_: in my case I am trying to create a bootable disk to flash a device12:21
torbitso use snappy core12:21
torbitthe device is currently using ubuntu server12:21
ogra_torbit, sure, but why does the existing setup not work for you12:21
ppisatiogra_: yes, the dragonboard kernel won't enter the archive as it is, until we have a multi-arm64 kernel etc12:22
ppisatiogra_: for now you'll have to use my ppa12:22
torbitogra_: so this is what I did, I took the generic image , made a bootable flash with DD12:22
ogra_ppisati, i doubt we want that for cdimage builds ... but i can copy it to the snappy hardware PPA i guess12:22
ppisatiogra_: k12:22
torbitogra_: I plug it in an nothing .12:22
ppisatiogra_: i'm writing you an email right now12:23
torbitso I am not too sure what I am doing wrong to be honest12:23
ppisatiogra_: with uboot etcetc12:23
torbitogra_: it is my first time12:23
ogra_torbit, well, it should work on any x86 system12:23
ogra_ppisati, ok, thanks !12:23
torbitogra_: tell me does this platform need to have a screen to select this image in the boot loader or does it just boot into it12:24
ogra_torbit, you might want to take a look at the kernel cmdline on the created usb stick, could be that the early boot defaults to do all output to the serial console12:24
ogra_it should boot straight through12:25
ogra_(the first boot takes a while though, it creates ssh keys and such)12:25
torbitogra_: hmmm. oooh I see. ok one sec I try this one more time12:26
ogra_is that 32 or 64bit hardware ?12:27
torbitogra_: 32 bit12:28
torbitfor sure12:28
torbitogra_: it is intel chip based12:28
ogra_you might need to build an i386 image manually then12:29
torbitogra_: can we DM ?12:29
ogra_the generic x86 image we offer pre-built is using UEFI and a 64bit kernel to boot12:30
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noizerkyrofa Hi my snappy just rebooted automatically and some things dont work anymore just lik i installed python on my snap but when he executes a command he doesn't find python anymore :s13:09
kyrofanoizer, I can't remember-- are you on 15.04 or rolling?13:10
ogra_on rolling (snapcraft 2.0 snaps ;) )13:10
kyrofanoizer, hmm, can you check the shebang of the python script you're trying to run? What does it look like?13:11
noizeryea on rolling13:11
noizerkyrofa wait i dont use the shebang the command looks like : python file.py13:13
noizerand then the error is python not found13:14
kyrofanoizer, is this a daemon, or no?13:15
noizerno deamon13:16
noizerbut when i do snappy list i don't get the core anymore so I think my snappy is broken :s13:17
noizerso I will install snappy again13:18
beunokyrofa, FYI, you can now upload multiple architectures and releases13:18
beunoogra_, ^13:19
kyrofabeuno, woo hoo!13:19
kyrofabeuno, do I need to do anything special? Or will foo_1.2_amd64.snap and foo_1.2_armhf.snap just magically go to the right place as long as the YAML is the same?13:19
* ogra_ hugs beuno 13:19
beunokyrofa, magically13:20
kyrofabeuno, I like magic13:20
* beuno briefly naps in ogra_'s hug13:20
kyrofaMan that's a long hug13:20
kyrofabeuno, thanks for the hard work! I'm testing it out now13:21
noizerKyrofa i think i found an issue of snappy. The pythonpath is only directed to the dist-packages and not to the site-packages13:21
noizeris that normal or?13:21
kyrofanoizer, they should be a symlink13:21
noizerwhen i putted some folders in the site-packages, they cant be imported :s13:22
beunokyrofa, I'll leave the thanks in its original packing until it's gotten a bit of mileage and people are still happy  :)13:22
kyrofabeuno, haha13:22
kyrofanoizer, can you run ls -l on the directory containing site-packages?13:23
renatHi guys! Let me repeat my question.13:24
renatWhen setting up assign rules in the oem snap - is it possible to add device access rules (MODE="", GROUP="")?13:24
renatFor example, we need to use /dev/vchiq. And I add appropriate option to the assign: section.13:24
renatassign: rules: - kernel: vhciq13:24
renatBut it device isn't accessible because of very strict access mode.13:24
kyrofaogra_, renat's question may be best suited for you13:26
sergiusenskyrofa, elopio https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/28613:27
ogra_kyrofa, i have no clue about the capability system13:27
ogra_kyrofa, all i knew about was hw-assign ... i kind of lost track when we dropped that13:27
kyrofaogra_, oh I thought OEM was 15.0413:27
kyrofaogra_, I'm getting confused so quickly :P13:27
ogra_i dont even think in 15.04 there was a way to do it automated13:28
kyrofaogra_, ah, now that you mention it, I do remember hearing that13:28
ogra_it was all a manual call to hw-assign asd i remember13:28
sergiusensogra_, that is all 15.04 renat is talking about13:29
sergiusensogra_, there was in the oem snap; mvo_ implemented13:29
ogra_sergiusens, well, do you remember if there was a way to do it from the oem ?13:29
sergiusensogra_, surely asac knows about this since he wrote a guide13:29
ogra_ah, i didnt know13:29
ogra_i only ever used hw-assign back then13:29
kyrofasergiusens, do you know about the mode/group bits?13:29
ogra_i dont think mode/group will help much ... apparmor will block before you even get to that13:30
sergiusensogra_, kyrofa in case it is of interest https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/appliance-builder-guide-webcam/13:30
ogra_mode and group should be handled through udev-acl anyway13:30
sergiusenskyrofa, no, I think it is just tagging13:30
sergiusensrenat, if it is not a service, use sudo13:31
renatogra_, not apparmor blocking me13:31
renatsergiusens, it's a service. Is it possible in 16.04?13:31
sergiusensrenat, stick to 15.04 for now; if it is a service and blocked I don't know, seccomp maybe?13:32
sergiusensrenat, sudo snappy install snappy-debug13:32
renatsergiusens, thanks. I will try.13:33
sergiusensjdstrand, maybe you have ideas ^13:36
dholbachsergiusens, kyrofa: let me know if you need snapcraft 2.1 uploaded to xenial13:37
dholbachah no... you have upload rights for it now, right?13:38
sergiusensdholbach, hah, I don't need you for that anymore :-P13:39
sergiusensdholbach, sorry ;-)13:39
dholbachyeah... I know13:39
dholbachgo go go!13:39
sergiusensdholbach, still waiting on pocketsphinx though ;-)13:39
kyrofasergiusens, so you were able to build a rolling image that worked?13:42
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jdstrandrenat: if it is a service, it should be running as root so file perms shouldn't be an issue. I suggest 'sudo snappy install snappy-debug' and then 'sudo snappy-debug.security scanlog' in one console while trying to use the app in another.13:47
renatjdstrand, understood. thanks.13:53
renatSeems it's trying to access /proc/4212/mounts13:53
renatFor the some reason13:53
sergiusenskyrofa, I downloaded from mvo_'s p.c.c13:55
sergiusenskyrofa, just this morning13:55
kyrofasergiusens, ah okay13:55
jdstrandbeuno, mvo_: I saw something about uploads to the store going to the write place. I noticed on a 15.04 bbb system that it is trying to install hello-world.canonical 1.0.18 over and over and over again13:55
* sergiusens goes for a quick run13:56
* jdstrand is curious if these things are related13:56
beunojdstrand, good question. What we've enabled, FWIW, is multiple binaries for different architectures andreleases13:57
jdstrandbeuno: so that means that I can have an ar-snap for 15.04 and a squashfs-snap for rolling both targeting !edge and it all works?13:59
beunojdstrand, correct14:01
jdstrandthat sounds nice indeed14:01
asacogra_: check out the guide14:02
asacit has that info14:02
jdstrandmvo_: fyi, something weird is happening on bbb 15.04 and hello-world.canonical starting yesterday14:02
asacogra_: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/appliance-builder-guide-webcam/14:03
asacsearch for assign:14:03
mvo_jdstrand: what is it?14:10
mvo_jdstrand: since yesterday you say? do you have some more details?14:10
mvo_jdstrand: there were some changes to the store related to the multi-dimension uploads14:10
ogra_asac, well, tell that renat ;)14:11
asacmvo_: what are multi dimension upload?14:20
ogra_4D uploAds !14:21
asac5D at least14:21
noizerkyrofa what was the update of the snappy build because it rebooted it for update (ubuntu 16.04)14:22
kyrofanoizer, you'd have to ask mvo_14:22
awe__hey, can any of you tell me how to view the kernel options for our latest snappy rolling ripi2 image?14:22
kyrofanoizer, remember you're on rolling, so some instability is not surprising14:22
ogra_awe__, isnt /proc/config.gz populated ?14:23
davmor2asac, ogra_: you seem to missing the point, there is no limit to multi ;)14:23
ogra_(i usually set that by default before giving ppisati my config)14:23
noizerawe_ what is changed during the update with the rolling version?14:23
noizerawe__ what is changed during the update with the rolling version?14:23
awe__ogra_, nope14:23
kyrofanoizer, can you pastebin your binary wrapper for me?14:23
ogra_awe__, hmm, then you need to apt-get source the package i fear ...14:24
mvo_asac: the same name for multiple architectures, i.e. no more ubuntu-core-armhf14:24
ogra_awe__, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-raspi214:24
davmor2asac, ogra_: What mvo_ was trying to create with that statement was "XD uploads" :D14:24
awe__ogra_, thanks dude14:24
noizerkyrofa http://pastebin.com/647GUD2q14:26
kyrofanoizer, I mean the one in /snaps/bin/14:27
asacmvo_: ok, i wouldnt call it |dimension"14:27
asacthat name is already taken14:27
asacbut just nit pikcing14:27
noizerkyrofa ok14:28
kyrofanoizer, I know, there are a lot of wrappers :)14:28
mvo_asac: I agree, we were calling it multi-arch before which is arguable way worse14:29
noizerkyrofa haha yea there are many wrappers but when my snappy was done with the update he doesnt have any snapp dir anymore :s14:29
kyrofanoizer, the /snaps directory is gone?14:29
noizerkyrofa yea he is gone14:30
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa time to stand14:31
kyrofanoizer, huh... yeah I'd reflash. Not sure what's going on there14:31
kyrofasergiusens, ah, right thanks14:31
noizermaybe i will try again build a new image and see what he is doing while he is updating?14:33
jdstrandmvo_: sorry, got pulled away14:37
awe__ogra_, that branch was for wily...  and I can't seem to come up with the right source package name for 'apt-get source'14:38
* awe__ jumps to #ubuntu-kernel14:38
ogra_awe__, just grab the .deb ... then dpkg -x /part/to/deb .14:39
ogra_(that will extract it to the current dir, probably create some ./tmp or some such )14:39
mvo_jdstrand: no problem, I'm am pretty busy myself with various issues14:39
awe__I'm not sure where the .deb lives or what it's name is14:39
awe__if I did, I certainly would do that!  ;)-14:39
ogra_it is linked from the above page i gave you14:39
awe__that's a wily branch14:39
ogra_https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-raspi2 shows wily and xenial14:40
jdstrandmvo_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14857472/14:40
awe__ah, my bad14:40
* awe__ goes and looks again14:40
ogra_clicking on the version will get you to the package14:40
ogra_(then click on "armhf" there to get the binary deb)14:40
mvo_jdstrand: so its reinstalling hello-world evey 1h?14:41
ogra_(under "Builds")14:41
awe__got it14:41
jdstrandmvo_: so, starting at 11:00 local (17:00 UTC), snappy started regenerating apparmor profiles on the hour, every hour for hello-world.canonical, but not other snaps14:41
kyrofabeuno, so I have version X uploaded to the store for armhf. I tried "Upload a New Version" of version X for amd64, and it's complaining that the version is already uploaded. Do I have to change the version per arch?14:42
jdstrandmvo_: the other snaps that are install (one sideload, snappy-debug and ufw) did not dual-land14:42
jdstrandI believe ufw may be an ar-based snap in rolling, and snappy-debug you need edge14:42
jdstrandoh, but his is all 15.0414:43
mvo_jdstrand: I suspect its actually reinstalling this every hour?14:43
jdstrand$ snappy list14:43
jdstrandName         Date       Version      Developer14:43
jdstrandubuntu-core  2016-01-20 13           ubuntu14:43
jdstrandbind9        2016-01-20 IKaMHDSJATaY sideload14:43
jdstrandhello-world  2015-12-27 1.0.18       canonical14:43
jdstrandsnappy-debug 2016-01-06 0.10         canonical14:43
jdstrandufw          2015-12-17 0.35         jdstrand14:43
jdstrandbeagleblack  2015-12-17 1.12         canonical14:43
jdstrandmvo_: that is what I expect is happening14:43
noizerkyrofa any idea how i force an update,14:43
kyrofamvo_, it seems that canonistack hasn't built a rolling image since it moved to all snaps14:43
kyrofamvo_, do you know anything about that?14:44
ogra_we build images in canonistack ?14:45
ogra_since when14:45
* ogra_ thought we dont build rolling images at all ... you always need u-d-f for it 14:46
ogra_kyrofa, nothing moved to all-snaps yet except mvos dir at people.c.c14:47
jdstrandkyrofa: aiui, there is nothing that automatically builds the os, kernel and gadget snaps used with these images. that work, aiui, is planned14:47
ogra_the cdimage builds still only produce the old setup14:47
ogra_(on my list for this week)14:47
noizermvo_ is there a way to update the image with a command line?14:50
ogra_snappy update ubuntu-core14:51
ogra_(+ sudo )14:51
mvo_jdstrand: will "snappy list -u" show you hello-world as upgradable?14:51
* jdstrand checks14:51
mvo_jdstrand: I'm still puzzled by this :)14:52
kyrofajdstrand, ogra_ ah, I keep misunderstanding that. So rolling really is dead right now?14:52
* jdstrand taps fingers14:52
jdstrandmvo_: it does not14:52
jdstrand$ snappy list -u14:52
jdstrandhello-world  2015-12-27 1.0.1814:52
mvo_jdstrand: hrm, hrm, that is confusing14:53
jdstrandmvo_: you said a change landed yesterday on the store. I imagine that change was between 1600 and 1700 UTC14:53
mvo_jdstrand: worth checking with the u1 guys14:53
jdstrandmvo_: it seems like this is perhaps something that needs to be backed out unless we know that it isn't affecting shipping devices14:54
jdstrandthis would likely disrupt a service for a snap that this is happening to14:54
ogra_kyrofa, no, it is simply not moved to all snaps yet ... everything should work though14:55
ogra_(but using system-image)14:55
mvo_jdstrand: I forwarded your question14:55
kyrofaogra_, "dead" = not getting any updates, I mean14:55
ogra_it is getting them daily ;)14:56
ogra_in fact all-snaps isnt getting any currently :)14:56
ogra_(apart from manual builds mvo_ does)14:56
jdstrandmvo_: thanks14:57
kyrofaogra_, huh, okay. Yeah, I really misunderstood :P14:57
noizerkyrofa now i updated the ubuntu core again and yet i dont have a snapps dir14:58
kyrofanoizer, I'm afraid you've moved beyond my experience. sergiusens or mvo_ may be able to help you better14:59
sergiusensstgraber, hey, looking at using pylxd, but stumbled upon something which you were on the path to fix https://github.com/lxc/pylxd/pull/5314:59
noizerserguissens mvo_ Hi guys, i did just an update of my ubuntu core and now my snapps dir is totaly gone.15:01
noizersergiusens mvo_ When i installed a snap with python he doesn't recognized the keyword python anymore15:01
noizersergiusens mvo_ Any suggestions15:02
mvo_noizer: are you running 16.04 (rolling) ?15:02
mvo_noizer: or is that on 15.04?15:03
ogra_mvo_, 16.04 system-image15:04
noizermvo_ rolling15:04
sergiusensnoizer, oh, python 2 is not part of rolling; you will need to use snapcraft and the python plugin15:05
sergiusensor use python315:05
sergiusenskyrofa, ^15:05
ogra_sergiusens, i think he does use the python2 plugin15:05
* ogra_ gave him the runes 15:06
sergiusensogra_, when someone uses the copy plugin I always suspect ;-)15:06
noizersergiusens sorry i use the python2 plugin at this time15:06
ogra_but if the /snaps dir is gone that wont help much :)15:06
kyrofasergiusens, yeah no shebang or anything15:06
ogra_sergiusens, not copy ... just the same runes i use for mycroft15:06
ogra_  config:15:07
ogra_    plugin: python215:07
ogra_    source: .15:07
ogra_and additionyl python packages via stage-ppackages in copy15:07
ogra_geez .... my typing ...15:07
kyrofasergiusens, but the thing that's really confusing is is the /snaps dir15:07
noizerogra_ but is there now a way to install them with pip?15:08
* kyrofa went cross-eyed trying to read what ogra_ just said15:08
mvo_noizer: hm, sorry that 16.04 is a bit rocky, we had some incompatible changes recently but its stabelizing all again now. we moved to the new /snaps dir (instead of the previous /apps dir) and we moved to a new snap.yaml layout. those may have broken the image.  easiest might be to reinstall using http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/ -  I am updating the images as we speak15:08
ogra_kyrofa, like http://paste.ubuntu.com/14857655/ ... ;)15:08
kyrofaogra_, hahaha15:09
ogra_config gets you the interpreter ... copy's stage-packages gets you extra modules15:09
ogra_i know i'm cheap ;) but it works15:09
kyrofaogra_, ah, this is the "I don't want to write a setup.py" YAML?15:09
noizermvo_ can you update me when the image is there to download?15:10
ogra_well, i dont want tio use sources if i can use prebuilt binaries ... :)15:10
kyrofaogra_, heh :)15:11
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noizerogra_ can i install the packages then like a tornado?15:14
ogra_like a tornado ?15:15
ogra_dressed like a funnel whirling around ?15:15
mvo_noizer: sure, I will. I hope later today, there is one pending branch that needs review then I think all is in and the disruptions are over (fingers crossed)15:15
noizertornado the python library15:15
ogra_you shoudl be able to15:15
sergiusensogra_, nah, noizer use pip-packages; snapcraft help python215:15
ogra_yeah, thats definitely different15:15
noizerooooh ok15:17
noizermvo_ i think i best need to wait until the problem is solved?15:24
noizermvo_ or can i revert my update so I can work a little further?15:26
mvo_noizer: you can revert your update, just run "snappy rollback ubuntu-core"15:27
noizermvo_ thx allot xD15:28
noizermvo_ hopefully is it fixed soon :d15:28
noizerdammed mvo_ :p no version to roll back :p15:29
mvo_noizer: ha! of course15:36
mvo_noizer: ok, this is a bit tricky but you can force it via "grub-editenv", grub-editenv list will show whats there15:36
mvo_noizer: and if you look at /var/lib/snappy/snaps you need to set the snappy_os to the last os snap you have there15:37
mvo_noizer: its a bit risky but should work :)15:37
noizermvo_ dammed i cant enter the classic mode anymore15:41
mvo_noizer: grub-editenv should be available in normal mode15:41
mvo_noizer: its all connected, the /snaps change also changed the data directory15:41
mvo_noizer: appologizes again, the timming is very unlucky, this is probably the worst distruption we had in the entire snappy lifecycle15:42
noizermvo_ -bash: grub-editenv: command not found15:42
noizermvo_ np i appreciate the good help over here so no worries15:42
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mvo_noizer: hm, it should be under /usr/bin/grub-editenv15:47
opnyHello, in snapcraft how can I inform make plugin that an additional configure is needed?15:48
kyrofaopny, when you say "configure" I think autotools, not make. No?15:50
noizermvo_ it think i will make a new image of the previous version. but can i disable automatic updates?15:51
opnykyrofa, yes, I'm not that good on the topic, sorry. I have a Makefile but requires a ./configure run first. Should I "extract" such ops from it ?15:53
kyrofaopny, nahh, you just need to use the autotools plugin!15:54
kyrofaopny, that will run configure for you (and allows you to specify configure options) as well as run make/make install for you15:54
opnykyrofa, I'll try thanks :)15:55
kyrofaopny, `snapcraft help autotools` will help15:56
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opnykyrofa, oh.. great.. I used to read the plugin source till now..15:57
kyrofaopny, *cough* well that works, too...15:58
opnykyrofa, *cough* ya kind of..15:58
ogra_guys, stop sreading your germs in here !15:59
torbithey folks. What does this mean ? `Device generic_amd64 not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel stable`16:14
torbitI run this command: ` ubuntu-device-flash core 15.04 -o my-snappy.img --channel stable`16:15
ogra_torbit, try adding --oem generic-amd6416:18
torbitogra_: unkown flag16:24
ogra_huh ?16:24
ogra_cant be16:24
* ogra_ wonders how old your ubuntu-device-flash is 16:25
torbitone sec I check for you16:25
ogra_though --oem has been supported from day one i think16:25
torbitwell this may sound odd but I cant seem to get the version. However my -h flag gives me the following outout ```Usage:16:26
torbit  ubuntu-device-flash [OPTIONS] <core | query | touch>16:26
torbitApplication Options:16:26
torbit      --revision=        revision to use, absolute or relative allowed16:26
torbit      --download-only    Only download.16:26
torbit      --server=          Use a different image server (https://system-image.ubuntu.com)16:27
torbit      --clean-cache      Cleans up cache with all downloaded bits16:27
torbit      --tls-skip-verify  Skip TLS certificate validation16:27
torbitHelp Options:16:27
torbit  -h, --help             Show this help message16:27
torbitAvailable commands:16:27
torbit  core   Creates ubuntu core images16:27
torbit  query  Run queries against the image server16:27
torbit  touch  Flashes ubuntu touch images ```16:27
ogra_geez !16:27
* ogra_ points to paste.ubuntu.com 16:27
ogra_also: ubuntu-device-flash core --help16:27
ogra_since you want to know the options for the core command16:28
torbitogra_: http://pastebin.com/BxcU6qzM16:28
torbitsame output as above16:28
noizermvo_ will the image be updated today?16:29
mvo_noizer: thats my goal, I'm still waiting for one branch to land16:30
noizermvo_ ok but when im trying to use an previous version it will automic update but can i disable thath?16:32
mvo_noizer: I disabled the new version for now on the server side16:32
noizerthx a lot :D16:33
tsimonq2dholbach: when I am using the guide here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#snappy-local , can I get a newer image than 15.04?17:05
tsimonq2dholbach: is there a rolling image?17:06
dholbachtsimonq2: I don't think there's an official one, but you can roll one yourself using ubuntu-device-flash17:07
tsimonq2dholbach: how would I go about doing that?17:07
dholbachor use http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/17:07
dholbachwhich has the latest changes17:08
tsimonq2dholbach: so is this rolling edge?17:08
ogra_it will be17:08
ogra_this is a new architecture that currently only gets manual updates17:08
ogra_but shoulöd be implemented as default very soon17:09
tsimonq2dholbach: so I'll get the 1504 image as specified on the page, but can I upgrade release and channel?17:09
tsimonq2to rolling and edge?17:09
ogra_you can get a rolling release by using ubuntu-device-flash and using the rolling (xenial) release to build your image17:09
dholbachtsimonq2: ^ what ogra_ said17:10
ogra_but that will stop to roll soon due to the above switch :)17:10
sergiusenselopio, oh bummer17:10
elopiosergiusens: what? what???17:10
sergiusenselopio, mccabe17:10
ogra_(i.e. you will have to switch to the all-snaps setup by re-flashing your device)17:10
dholbachthings will stabilise very soon and we'll recommend to use 16.0417:10
tsimonq2ogra_: how does ubuntu-device-flash work_ is there a man page I can read?17:10
ogra_but it has multiple help options17:11
elopiosergiusens: ahh, you worried me for a moment :)17:11
sergiusensogra_, u-d-f does have a man page, outdated, but there17:11
ogra_"ubuntu-device-flash --help" for the basicv app options ... "ubuntu-device-flash core --help" for image build related stuff17:11
sergiusenselopio, so on the tricky side; we might have to wing it for now with th examples17:12
ogra_ok, i'm wrong then :)17:12
dholbachall right, tsimonq2 - I leave you in good hands - I'm going to call it a day now - see you! :)17:12
tsimonq2bye dholbach17:12
elopiosergiusens: I'm not sure what does "wing it" means.17:12
sergiusenselopio, not everything will work until the snappy folk iron out all the bugs; there are workarounds but the examples should eventually work as is17:12
sergiusenselopio, I don't want to gross up the yaml just to workaround the ones that have no `uses`17:13
elopiosergiusens: yeah, bad week for releases.17:13
elopiosergiusens: here's an idea, let's release next monday :)17:13
sergiusenselopio, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/41617:14
sergiusenselopio, well we need a tool for people to start finding bugs; and the all snaps images are already out17:15
sergiusenselopio, the closer we get to feature freeze the harder this will be (for snapcraft at least)17:15
kyrofaelopio, sergiusens I don't know what you guys are talking about. 1.0.1 works great17:16
elopiosergiusens: I'm just thinking that the releases notes you'll have to send explaining how to get all the pieces to get this working are way too complex.17:16
tsimonq2ogra_: okay, sorry, keyboard weirdness, so should I use the 16.04 image?17:16
elopiobut if you think the release will be useful, let's do it.17:16
ogra_tsimonq2, depends what you are after17:17
tsimonq2ogra_: I want the latest17:17
ogra_sperfcifically if you plan to create snaps17:17
ogra_it works different for the different releases17:18
noizermvo_ is the update fixed because he reboots automatically again :s17:18
ogra_tsimonq2, if you can live with having to re-flash your device at some point, i'd go for mvo's images (you can also help to test the new setup) ... else stay with 15.0417:19
ogra_for xenial/rolling you will have to re-flash at some point, no matter which setup you use17:19
tsimonq2ogra_: I am just looking to have it in a KVM instance17:19
ogra_sicne we will make incompatible changes to the image design17:19
ogra_then grab the amd64 image from http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/17:20
tsimonq2alright cool17:20
tsimonq2downloading now17:20
kyrofabeuno, I have a question regrading the multi-arch uploads if you're around17:21
tsimonq2ogra_: for regular Ubuntu and flavors we have test cases, do you have manual test cases I can complete?17:21
ogra_tsimonq2, i dont think there are nay manual ones, elopio might be able to point you to them if they exist17:23
ogra_(but i thinnk snappy is all automated currently)17:23
elopiotsimonq2: just a few that we haven't been able to automate. https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/master/integration-tests/manual-tests.md17:24
elopioogra_: I had to deautomate the image resize ones :'(17:24
ogra_elopio, i need to change all that code anyway since it breaks the dragonboard images17:25
tsimonq2ogra_: Okay, I have the Snappy image booted, what now?17:26
elopioogra_: ok, please keep me posted of your plans there.17:26
tsimonq2and ssh'ed into17:26
ogra_elopio, well, i'm largely planninf to rip out parted completely17:26
sergiusenselopio, they will be complex either way17:26
tsimonq2running snappy update, looks like there is updates17:26
sergiusenselopio, in any case; shout works fine ;-)17:26
ogra_elopio, and switch to sgdisk for better GPT support17:27
sergiusenselopio, the other snaps using declared skills do as well17:27
ogra_tsimonq2, dunno, whatever you want to do with it ... buuld snaps ... install existing snaps etc17:27
sergiusenselopio, I think it will be17:27
tsimonq2ogra_: aaand I have an error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14858708/17:28
elopioogra_: dumb question. Why are we doing the resize during the boot and not after?17:29
ogra_elopio, because you cant easily rezize a partiton thats mounted :)17:30
elopioogra_: not easily. But harder than do it during boot?17:31
ogra_a lot and error prone17:31
* tsimonq2 just uses the 15.04 image for now17:31
ogra_especially with our bind-mount_farm living on top17:31
elopiook, I was just wondering :)17:32
ogra_we could do it after boot but would to have remove all bind mounts and stuff17:32
ogra_and re-add them17:32
ogra_thats super hackish17:32
ogra_doing it cleanly before anything uses the partiton is a lot better17:33
elopioI agree that doing earlier is better.17:34
elopioI'm confused about where you draw the line on what's super hackish :D17:34
ogra_well, thats easy ... if something requires ten lines of code in one condition and 100 lines in another, just to reach the 10 line condition first ... thats what i call hackish ;)17:34
elopiobut it works nicely, and moving away from parted sounds like a good thing anyway.17:35
ogra_well, parted is the preferred tool if it comes to MBRs ... but it lacks a lot when it comes to GPT sadly17:35
kyrofaHey there ryanleesipes, welcome :)18:01
plarsogra_: have you tried installing to emmc on the dragonboard? In particular, I'm wondering about the possibility of leveraging fastboot to write the needed partitions for snappy, and booting from that18:05
sergiusenselopio, anything really broken aside from things we don't control?18:20
elopiosergiusens: I'm still trying to get the autopkgtests running. It's reaaaly slow today, 75% creating the testbed.18:21
elopiosergiusens: the tests went well, I built all the snaps examples.18:21
sergiusenselopio, that is encouraging at least18:22
elopiosergiusens: I haven't run the binaries yet.18:22
sergiusenselopio, yeah, only the ones with migration-skill in them will work; the ones without won't ... yet18:26
sergiusenselopio, this is the dilema either we release or don't release, things are going to be broken as the previous non migration-skill stuff doesn't work anymore ;-)18:27
elopiosergiusens: well, release. Just explain that it's a safe point release to keep our cadence, but that people will have to wait to the next monday release to really use everything.18:29
sergiusenselopio, hah, that is the thing; we don't need to do anything; with a new ubuntu-core release everything should start working18:34
zygasergiusens, elopio: we might have simple version if skills really working this week (at least in my tree), no real change for you guys but that made me think about one validation aspect, will we keep snapcraft aware of all the skill types and make it validate everything or is there some other plan?18:34
zygalike having a way to delegate to snappy somehow18:35
zyga"snappy check that skills make sense in snap.yaml"18:35
sergiusenszyga, ah, that crossed my mind; but it would be increasingly complicated to do that18:35
elopiosergiusens: also, keep an eye here: http://jenkins.elopio.net:8080/job/leo-snapcraft-test/11/console18:35
elopioit's finally running the examples install tests in scalingstack.18:35
zygasergiusens: we don't have to solve it today but let's think about the approach we want to take18:36
elopiozyga, sergiusens: I'm ok with the snap failing to install if it's using an unexisting skill18:36
sergiusenszyga, in the end I think this goes closer to the review tools than snapcraft18:37
elopiozyga: what I expect is to have one snapcraft file for each valid skill, so we can run the tests to make sure that they keep working.18:37
zygasergiusens: yes, that's true18:37
sergiusenszyga, we just want a consistent structure; don't really care about the contents (unless used by snapcraft)18:38
sergiusensjust like we don't make sure every listed `stage-package` is valid until we need to use it18:38
elopioand even if the skill is valid, after installing we can't be sure that it's the correct one to use.18:40
elopiothat's where we are missing the healthchecks.18:40
sergiusenselopio, the jenkins instance times out for me, I will not bother it to not reduce bandwith more18:40
elopiosergiusens: you can only access through the vpn.18:40
sergiusenselopio, ah, since it had your domain there I thought you were proying or something18:41
* sergiusens might dissappear for a bit while connecting to the vpn18:41
elopioahh, it's running on an old version.18:46
elopioI'll restart it with the hash of the latest.18:46
sergiusenselopio, seems the build failed18:50
elopiosergiusens: I launched the wrong revision.18:51
elopiowatch #12 now :)18:51
sergiusenselopio, hah; but I need to disconnect :-P18:51
elopiowell, now it doesn't have any output ofcourse.18:51
sergiusensirc is crappy on network switching18:51
sergiusensI need to go to the doctor for a bit so I'll check when I get back18:52
elopiosergiusens: I have an eye there, don't worry.18:52
elopiosergiusens: just one thing. I'm now with mvo's latest all snaps image, installing the downloader snap.18:52
elopioand when I run it, it says: aa_change_onexec failed with -1. errmsg: No such file or directory.18:52
elopiosergiusens: is that what we are expecting?18:53
sergiusenselopio, yes, that happens when the defaults are not taken into account18:53
elopioI guess... :)18:53
sergiusenselopio, network-client might become a mandatory key from what I heard, but we won't know until later (and I just heard about that now)18:54
sergiusensso not adding it here just to remove it later18:55
sergiusenselopio, change of plans, we are staying and going only tomorrow19:02
kyrofasergiusens, I'm seeing SNAP_USER_DATA defined for services to be //snaps/<name>/<version>, where the systemd %h doesn't seem to be replaced19:02
kyrofasergiusens, on the newest all-snaps. Can you verify?19:03
sergiusenskyrofa, let me check19:03
sergiusenshey jerryG19:03
* sergiusens also says a late hi to ryanleesipes 19:04
sergiusenskyrofa, yeah, broken19:05
kyrofasergiusens, argh. This ROS change is taking far too long right now, I think it's time to move on and wait until I can reliably test the resulting package19:06
sergiusenskyrofa, hmm, isn't that %h technically correct though?19:06
elopiosergiusens: lucky kid, got one extra day.19:06
kyrofasergiusens, yeah that's been there forever. Something else is broken19:06
sergiusenskyrofa, it is replaced by systemd itself19:06
kyrofasergiusens, right19:07
kyrofasergiusens, but it only replaces with what it knows. And it looks like it's a /19:07
sergiusenskyrofa, oh, that means it replaced it for nothing19:08
sergiusensChipaca, ideas ^19:08
kyrofasergiusens, are you sure? Notice no leading slash: SNAP_USER_DATA=%h/snaps/ros-example.sideload/ILaUbGECDNAE19:09
kyrofasergiusens, and when evaluated, SNAP_USER_DATA=//snaps/rosblahblah19:10
sergiusenskyrofa, that is indeed different19:11
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sergiusenskyrofa, maybe this is a plain systemd bug? "This is the home directory of the user running the service manager instance. In case of the system manager this resolves to "/root"."19:19
kyrofasergiusens, not outside the realm of possibility19:20
sergiusenspitti, if still around any idea my %h would expand to `/` instead of `/root`?19:21
kyrofasergiusens, the %h is valid (at least it should be). Is the root home dir setup correctly?19:21
sergiusenskyrofa, that might be it; but if the systemd man page says it will expand to /root maybe it is hardcoded somewhere :-P19:21
kyrofasergiusens, oh, interesting point19:22
kyrofasergiusens, yeah, root looks okay in my passwd19:22
jdstrandbeuno, matiasb: not sure what you guys did, but it appears that my device is no longer reinstalling hello-world.canonical over and over again19:31
matiasbjdstrand, nothing? but if you get any more details or if it happens again, let us know19:33
kyrofamatiasb, hey, do you know anything about the new multi-arch upload support?19:34
matiasbkyrofa, o/ yes, what would you like to know?19:37
kyrofamatiasb, I have version 1 of a given package released for armhf, and I tried uploading version 1 for amd64, but got a "this version is already uploaded" error. Do I need to have a different version per arch?19:38
matiasbkyrofa, yes, at the moment different version numbers are required for each upload, we are working to update that to allow same version numbers for different archs19:39
kyrofamatiasb, ah very good, thank you!19:40
pittisergiusens: no, not off-hand19:40
pittisergiusens: is that for a unit running as user who actually has / as home dir?19:41
kyrofapitti, no, it's for root with /root as home dir19:41
sergiusenspitti, a system unit in /etc/systemd/system/.*.service19:41
Chipacakyrofa: sergiusens: where are you seeing this?19:43
kyrofaChipaca, newest all-snaps19:43
Chipacakyrofa: for apps, or for services, or both?19:45
kyrofaChipaca, services (though I didn't try binaries)19:45
Chipacais HOME set for services?19:45
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robert_ancellzyga, in https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/409 you say "documented constants". Do you mean constants for the PolicyKit actions?19:53
kyrofaChipaca, it at least used to be, but it was set for root. Remember those bugs a while back?20:04
sergiusensChipaca, the systemd.unit manpage says it defaults to /root20:09
awe__hey guys, my snappy rolling image updated automatically today, and now my bluez snap seems to be broken20:13
awe__is there a known breakage?20:14
awe__basically all of the wrapper scripts can't seem to find the binaries anymore20:14
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dustinoIs there a Snappy eMMC flasher image available for the Beaglebone Black?21:05
elopiodustino: no, you'll have to flash it to the sd card.21:10
sergiusenselopio, how did testing go?21:18
dustinoelopio: thanks. do you know if/when one will be made available?21:20
enoch85kyrofa: hey man22:11
enoch85kyrofa: long time no see...22:11
enoch85kyrofa: sorry I didn't had the time, just been busy with my own stuff recently22:12
enoch85kyrofa: but now all the VMs are done, finally22:12
enoch85kyrofa: os your plan to rebuild the owncloud snap when 16.04 are released?22:13
jerryG_sergiusens: hey sergiusens22:18
elopiosergiusens: sorry, I'm back. I died for a while.23:09
elopioI'm still not able to get the adt test bed working. Tried on xenial and wily, lxd and qemu. The four combinations give four diferent errors.23:10
elopiothe rest looks as good as it gets. jenkins failed because of the missing locales, but only on the examples that seem to need utf8. I'm taking a look there to report a bug.23:12
elopionot new though, with that we are a lot better than before..23:13

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