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Kiloshellooo africa06:07
MarwenDohello Kilos06:11
Kiloshows things there MarwenDo ?06:11
Kilosall good here06:11
MarwenDofine :)06:11
CraigZimMorning Kilos , MarwenDo06:22
Kiloshi CraigZim06:22
MarwenDoMorning CraigZim06:23
Kiloseebrah you still alive?06:23
Kilosyou need to just greet now and again so we know you are ok06:24
Kilosyou too cyrilb d3r1ck Ch3ck cbj R0ok_ daker Tribaal etc etc06:25
R0ok_guten mogen people07:26
* R0ok_ hopes he didn't make a spelling error07:26
Kilosguten morgen R0ok_07:39
Kiloshi philipballew07:39
R0ok_Kilos: Ow! I actually mis-spelled it :(07:40
Kilosrev the fb page a bit so  peeps can wake up07:40
philipballewKilos, hey buddy07:40
Kiloshehe R0ok_ np07:40
Kilosim a bud07:40
Kilostoo old to be a buddy07:40
R0ok_ever wondered what 1 TB of RAM looks like ? -> https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-9M33n3fA6_A/VrBQnnp5ElI/AAAAAAAAIko/v5HTT44n97Y/s780-no/1tbram.png07:41
R0ok_With that much RAM, I wonder if you can even achieve RAM speeds of over 800MHz07:42
d3r1ckhey everyone09:59
elachecheHey Guys! I have a question! Do you know any website where can I get CC or CopyLeft licensed posters to hack and use for events! Look at this → https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Artwork#Ubuntu-TN_ArtWorks Before we had some artists in the LoCo, that create posters for us, now they are gone.. And I'm not able to create something better than ASCII art posters x( so I should find a base to use and hack for the events posters..10:00
CraigZimnot much on the net10:09
elachecheOnly this http://spreadubuntu.org/10:09
elachecheBut no one is still sing it.. so many artworks are old.. and useless :;/10:10
CraigZimelacheche:  what posters are you looking for10:12
elachecheCraigZim, just am looking for materials to use when I need to :)10:16
Padronihi all11:27
elachecheThere is an APPROVED Open Source School in France o_O → http://opensourceschool.fr/13:18
Kiloshi Na3iL hows things lad?18:12
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Na3iLHey Kilos fine thanks what about you?18:13
Kilosgood ty18:13
Kiloschesedo hows the twitter  thing going18:14
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chesedoKilos: you can find it at https://twitter.com/pieter2627/status/69243563151183872018:27
Kiloslemme see18:27
Kilosgood man18:29
chesedomight have done it a bit late as not everyone here got the link18:30
chesedoat least it seems to have generated 4 click to the website18:37
Kilosevery click counds18:38
Kiloswhen i started this channel was months with 3 or 4 of us18:38
chesedooh ok18:39
Kilosi had to actually join some locos mailing lists to be able to even contact them18:39
inetproone click was me18:39
chesedoanyway night africa18:39
chesedoag nee man18:39
Kiloshe is getting old inetpro18:40
Kiloslekker slaap chesedo18:40
chesedowho me Kilos?18:40
Kilosyou said night18:40
Kilosbefore me even so who is old18:41
Kilossleep tight africa19:19

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