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Mirvrobru: looks correct! kwin and kaccounts-integration will need to be forced similar to qtbase, others retried (many autopkgtests are flaky). I don't see anything that would be related to alt-tab behavior ie real regressions05:21
robruMirv: cool. I'm hoping to hook up the retry button in Britney this week or next05:23
Mirva retry button would be totally awesome05:44
davmor2sil2100: did the bluetooth and unity8 changes land yesterday and all of silo 12 in the end?09:20
sil2100davmor2: yeah, I upublished the bluetooth fixes earlier yesterday and unity8 before going EOD09:25
davmor2sil2100: I thought that said unpublished for a second I was about to slap you silly ;)09:26
jameshjibel: hi.  I noticed that this card has been stuck in the "ready for testing" column for a while now: https://trello.com/c/B1ETU6Fp/2709-911-ubuntu-landing-016-unity-scope-mediascanner-jamesh-michi-marcustomlinson -- is there anything that needs to be done for it to progress?10:26
jibeljamesh, the silo is fine and really ready for qa, but we had to land other fixes first. Sorry about that.10:29
jameshjibel: okay, thanks.10:29
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davmor2pstolowski, michi: question you guys, silo 16 bug #1539068 should that display something on the aggregated scope too?14:56
ubot5`bug 1539068 in unity-scope-mediascanner (Ubuntu) "My Music scope no longer shows "get started!"" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153906814:56
pstolowskidavmor2, no, that's per design14:57
davmor2pstolowski: awesome thanks just checking if it should of displayed something like the video one or not now I know I can carry on :)14:58
pstolowskidavmor2, sure thing; there is no sensible 'tappable' action we could show there, unlike with videos scope, where you can use camera to take photos15:00
pstolowskidavmor2, that was the rationale behind current design15:00
davmor2pstolowski: right makes sense, just didn't want to pass it and then find out there should of been something there when there wasn't :)15:01
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