dholbachgood morning07:58
dholbachyo popey08:43
* popey is afk for a couple of hours...09:48
* dholbach relocates to the office, bbiab10:42
davidcalleheya czajkows1i11:45
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czajkowskidavidcalle: salut11:49
* popey returns12:01
popeyThe sequel12:01
popeyIt's Q&A day. Happy to do Q&A today. Who else is up for it?12:01
dholbachI'd be up12:30
popeyQ&A Scheduled, and ubuntuonair.com updated.14:05
dholbachI'll mention it in a few social media channels :)14:09
popeyget you14:10
dholbachhum... clicking the video on ubuntuonair.com it says "about to start in a few"?14:10
dholbachcould it be that the date/time is wrong?14:11
dholbachpopey: ^?14:12
popeyi set it to 16:0014:12
popeywhat about now?14:12
popey(I had the video open)14:12
popeyso it probably thinks "Oh, I see Alan's face, he must be about to start"14:12
dholbachstill says the same thing14:13
popeyah well14:13
popeyit will start at 16:00 :)14:13
dholbachok, I'll announce on @ubuntu14:15
dpmdholbach, willcooke, bug 1535058 for the unity 8 apps closing instantly14:57
willcookethx dpm14:57
dpmseems to be a known issue14:57
dpmmhall119, dholbach, popey, davidcalle, call?15:02
balloonspopey, bring tea for everyone now!15:02
dpmdholbach, mhall119, davidcalle? ^15:07
dholbachbah... I wasn't invited15:08
* dholbach storms out15:08
davidcalledholbach: I see your name on the calendar invite ;)15:09
dholbachit's not in my calendar15:09
mhall119oh, gsoc15:10
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balloonsremind me to make sure my internet is stable next time we have a call, hah. I love ending up with all the work items!15:59
* dpm notes that down as manager trick: pretend the connection is bad and get the other person to think they need to restart16:06
dholbachhave a great day everyone - see you tomorrow! :)17:12
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