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Steve_Jo1anyone got a wacom tablet to install properly?04:40
Steve_Jo1I get mine to install (ubuntu 15.10 with unity) but it stops working after a reboot04:40
Steve_Jo1any clues where to start?04:40
Steve_Jo1there is a error reported dialog after reboot but I'm not sure which error log to start in04:41
Steve_Jo1I followed the instructions on the linux wacom project site04:41
Steve_Jo1I also see that the syslog is getting flooded with control queue full messages for wacom04:50
dufluMorning hikiko06:16
hikikoHi duflu :-)06:48
desrtgood morning, desktop!07:30
desrthikiko, duflu: hi!07:30
hikikohi desrt :)07:35
hikikoare you in EU or jet lagged?07:35
* desrt gives the matrix a workout07:35
desrt2nd home :)07:36
desrtya.  NRW.07:36
dufludesrt: Morgen07:37
ricotzdesrt, hey07:57
ricotzdesrt, could take a look at these patches? https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76133707:58
ubot5`Gnome bug 761337 in introspection "Fix some annotations" [Normal,New]07:58
happyaronhey seb12808:32
hikikoTrevinho, andyrock could you review this branch (if you are here): https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/unity/unity.shadows-on-existing-pixmaps/+merge/284068 ?08:45
seb128hey happyaron Laney hikiko08:50
seb128good morning desktopers08:51
hikikohey seb128 happyaron Laney desktopers08:51
Laneywhat's up08:53
darkxsthey seb128 Laney hikiko08:56
seb128hey darkxst08:56
darkxstis there some reason that the valac package ended up back in universe?08:57
darkxst(just that binary package only)08:57
seb128Laney, getting something to eat, I wish I was at the hotel with you guys now, their buffet is quite nice ;-)08:57
Laneyseb128: I'll post you some cheese if you want08:57
seb128darkxst, likely because nothing was depending it/pulling it in main08:57
seb128Laney, :-)08:57
seb128Laney, did you guys work all night?!08:58
darkxstseb128, build-deps don't count there?08:58
seb128they do08:58
seb128yeah, it's showing on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.html08:59
seb128[Reverse-Build-Depends: d-conf (MAIN)]08:59
seb128maybe that was not the case when it got demoted?08:59
Laneyor an error when the new source got newed09:00
Laneyseb128: until like 12:30 or 109:00
Laneythen we went for falafel09:00
darkxstseb128, there are more than just d-conf, g-c-c and u-c-c for example09:01
seb128well, dunno then, as Laney said, maybe when it was NEWed if it comes from a different source09:01
seb128does it matter much how it ended up being in universe?09:02
darkxstno, just needs to be promoted again09:02
seb128it feels like arguing for the sake of arguing09:02
seb128yeah, it's on component mismatch, it's going to be promoted09:02
seb128let me look at that in a minute09:02
darkxstok, thanks09:03
willcookemorning / evening09:03
TheMusoHey folks. :)09:03
willcookehey TheMuso!!09:03
willcookeHow goes?09:03
darkxsthey willcooke09:04
TheMusoNot too bad thanks. :)09:04
seb128hey willcooke09:04
seb128evening TheMuso09:04
Laneynice drop in warnings ;-)09:05
willcookeLaney, nice!09:05
Laneyhttp:// & some work for us to do09:05
Laneyhey willcooke09:05
Laneywie gehts?09:05
willcookeLaney, what time did you guys get done last night?09:06
willcookeNot too much later I hope09:06
LaneyI guess like 12.3009:06
willcookeoh boy, well thank you09:07
davmor2willcooke: you say last night like you think he went to bed ;)09:07
willcooketbh, they probably didnt09:07
seb128they just had a small pause for falafel apparently09:08
willcookeseb128, doing some house keeping.. if I remove didrocks from the desktop team that will probably break things for him won't it?09:08
seb128they went straight back to business09:08
willcookededication right there09:08
willcookeoh, and it's review time as well09:08
seb128willcooke, no, it shouldn't09:08
seb128he's going to stop receiving your weekly meeting reminders09:08
willcookeseb128, oki, I'll remove him then ( :(( )09:08
seb128but that should be it09:08
seb128you are going to be missed in the team!09:09
seb128he's coredev so he's still going to have access to our vcs-es etc09:09
willcookepssch, he's not even online. Slack.09:09
seb128those marketing people...09:09
seb128I'm sure they had a nice dinner with after meal drinks09:09
larsugood morning!09:09
willcookeHAHA!  It's funny because its true.09:10
seb128hey larsu :-)09:10
willcookemorning larsu09:10
seb128willcooke, :-)09:10
larsuhi willcooke09:10
alexarnaudHello all!09:17
pittigood morning everyone! (forgot  to say earlier, *tsk*)09:19
larsuhi pitti!09:19
Laneyhey pittiiii09:20
larsuhi Laney!09:21
pittic'est comme printemps !09:21
larsuit's rainy here09:21
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* pitti looks at a sunny garden with hundreds of crocusses and thousands of snowdrops..09:21
larsuwas ist hier los?09:22
larsupitti: nice!09:22
pittilarsu: simple -- this isn't Belgium any more :)09:22
larsugood point09:22
seb128hey alexarnaud pitti09:23
alexarnaudhey seb128 pitti larsu09:24
pittibonjour alexarnaud et seb128, comment allez-vous ?09:25
seb128pitti, ça va bien ! et toi ?09:25
alexarnaudpitti: fort bien et toi ?09:25
pittiargh, compose key broken09:26
pittia bit tired, I just keep  going to bed late as we have another virtual sprint this week09:26
happyaronhey pitti larsu09:28
larsuhi happyaron09:28
* larsu and Laney are searching for icons09:28
happyaronseb128: would you mind approving open-gram in trusty queue when you got some time? (for SRU)09:28
larsuseb128: we know what you did in summer of 201009:29
larsuAND WE DON'T LIKE IT09:29
* happyaron is curious about what was done09:29
seb128larsu, whatever that is you simply don't understand young padawan!09:31
seb128is that icon theme related? ;-)09:32
larsuLaney tells me this is a star wars reference09:32
larsuseb128: yes. We wondered why everyone has nice font viewer icons from adwaita09:32
larsuexcept for us09:32
seb128that's bs09:33
seb128g-i-t is in universe09:33
Laneythe change lives on09:33
seb128it's not even installed on my machine09:33
Laneyin adwaita09:33
seb128that I don't claim responsability for ;-)09:33
* larsu hugs seb128 09:34
Laneyit's going to be okay09:34
* seb128 hugs larsu back09:34
Laneygood icons coming your way09:34
Laney2016 is our year09:34
larsue're having a blast here becasue of that change09:34
seb128that rm removes emblems emotes and status09:34
seb128why are apps having their icons on those folders?09:34
seb128and not in apps?09:34
Laneystop trying to wriggle out!09:34
Laneyit got expanded later on to remove all 25609:34
larsuthere's no escaping the blame for this09:35
seb128that also I deny responsability for :p09:35
larsuit's because he has a low res screen and x8609:35
larsudoesn't need big icons09:35
Laneygo fight for i386 on devel instead09:35
Laneyit needs you09:35
seb128I've svg09:35
seb128why would I need 256 pixmaps09:35
larsusoftware center wants them09:36
seb128does it?09:36
larsuand the icon is blurry in my dash09:36
seb128or you mean gnome-software? ;-)09:36
larsuyes, it wants 64 and (optionally) 2509:36
seb128iz GTK bog09:36
seb12864 is what is missing then :-)09:36
larsuseb128: gnome-software implements the app stream spec which  mandates it09:36
larsuseb128: well, no.09:36
seb128yeah for another crappy spec!09:36
larsumaking people have better icons is good09:38
larsusame for descriptions and screenshots09:38
seb128forcing people to have a stack of big bitmaps on their disk is not especially good09:38
seb128you can have good svg icons09:38
seb128it should be the choice of the appdev to provide a bitmap or a svg as their convinience09:39
larsuyeah I think we should only ship 8x8 then09:39
larsudon't have that much disk space09:39
larsuit's expensive these days09:39
* seb128 slaps larsu09:39
larsualso, think of all the bandwidth!09:39
seb128don't tell me that a svg can't look good at 256x25609:39
Laneyyou don't have an svg for the font viewer09:39
seb128well, you could09:39
Laneyyou have a symbolic icon svg09:39
seb128it' stupid that spec forbid you to use a svg if you would prefer so09:40
seb128or rather that it forces you to provide a 256 pixmap09:40
seb128oh well09:40
larsuseb128: it doesn't. You can have svg if you want09:40
larsuit's just that adwaita chooses not to09:40
seb128yeah, but it mandates to have a pixmap as well09:40
seb128according to what you said before09:40
Laneyyou need to have something which is at least 6409:41
Laneyif that's a scaled svg that is ok09:41
seb128all good then :-)09:41
seb128larsu, and I know that disk space is not an issue for most people, but you add 15M there and there and end up having a09:43
seb1283G iso instead of a 1G one09:43
seb128and it has a cost, even if you find that being funny ;-)09:43
seb128more mirror, bandwith, datas to copy (= slower install)09:44
seb128not saying we shouldn't add those icons back09:45
seb128but the change was not that crazy09:45
larsuyeah fair enough09:48
seb128sorry for the argument :-)09:48
seb128is that change also going to fix my sound panel having a low res icon? ;-)09:49
larsuit does?09:49
larsuno, this change is for adwaita09:49
seb128if you open u-c-c -> sound and alt-tab you should see that the icon is low res09:49
larsuwe noticed it when running the app stream generator for which I fixed the icon loading last night09:49
* Trevinho forgot to say hi...09:49
seb128hey Trevinho! had a good fosdem & trip back?09:49
larsuTrevinho: you get another chance tomorrow09:49
TrevinhoFinally St home though09:50
* pitti hugs seb128 for trying to fight back against cruft and fat a bit09:50
larsuseb128: you're right09:50
* seb128 hugs pitti back09:50
larsuugh, ugly09:50
pittiwe already have an 1.5 GB image, this just grows unbounded09:50
pittieven though we didn't really add anything significant on the desktop in several cycles -- in xenial we even disabled some stuff09:50
Trevinhoseb128: yes thanks, all good... I'm sorry I didn't say you but on Friday :-(09:50
larsupitti: do we install adwaita-icon-theme bu default?09:51
pittiTask: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-usb, kubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-full, edubuntu-desktop, edubuntu-usb, xubuntu-core, xubuntu-desktop, mythbuntu-frontend, mythbuntu-frontend, mythbuntu-desktop, mythbuntu-backend-slave, mythbuntu-backend-slave, mythbuntu-backend-master, mythbuntu-backend-master, lubuntu-core, ubuntustudio-desktop, ubuntustudio-desktop-core, ubuntu-gnome-desktop, ubuntu-sdk-libs,09:51
larsuI'd be fine if theme authors only include svg at those sizes09:51
pittiubuntukylin-desktop, ubuntu-mate-core09:51
pittilarsu: yes09:51
larsuhm, k09:51
larsumaybe we should ask them to fix it09:51
larsubut I'm not fine with blurry icons09:51
pittiwhy would svg be blurry?09:51
larsuand apparently seb128 isn't either ;)09:51
pittiisn't the whole point of svg to always look good at any scale?09:52
seb128Trevinho, no worry, we see each other again in not so long09:52
larsupitti: sorry, that came out wrong. They don't install svg right now, but 256x256 pngs. Out "fix" is to just drop those, which makes icons blurry09:52
larsupitti: real fix: make them include svg for those sizes09:52
seb128I wonder if they didn't have .svg back then when we did the change09:53
larsus/out/our, of course09:53
pittior maybe nautilus should just stop having icons a quarter the size of my screen again09:53
larsuseb128: dunno. Source has been svg for a long time, but back then rendering times might have been unacceptable09:53
larsupitti: haha, this is about gnome-software, the dash, alt-tab, etc09:54
seb128pitti, yeah, we plan on reverting nautilus for the LTS09:54
seb128but different issue09:54
pittihm, it would be great if we could only ship the svgs, and they would then be rendered and cached for your DPI/chosen icon size09:54
larsuwe can't do that for smaller sizes, as they're sometimes tweaked09:56
seb128larsu, Laney, the icon is provided by the server? if that's an Ubuntu server we should probably run the collector using our theme rather than adwaita no?09:57
larsuseb128: of course. Humanity doesn't include preferences-desktop-font and we fall back to Adwaita10:00
larsuthis is how we noticed10:00
alexarnaudseb128: I don't understand exactly why but if I restart from scratch everything compile10:16
seb128alexarnaud, why wouldn't it compile?10:16
alexarnaudseb128: I don't know exactly, maybe something wrong in copy from VBox shared folder10:17
alexarnaudI need to investigate to understand10:17
alexarnaudI've tried today morning to give you a proper log and everything was good10:18
alexarnaudThe day begins well :)ù!10:18
dpmhi willcooke, did you get the chance to look further at the webbrowser app log to debug why apps weren't starting on the unity 8 session?11:35
willcookedpm, no sorry, haven't looked11:37
dpmwillcooke, np, just wondering if it had been something obvious11:37
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willcookedpm, from the log file it looked like a seg fault, so I expect it will be something in Mir that has changed and the apps need to catch up11:38
dpmwillcooke, ack. What's the best project to file the bug against, unity8-desktop-session-mir?11:40
willcookeI think the app which is crashing is better11:40
dpmit's all of them :)11:41
dpmanyway, I'll see if I can get a crash report11:41
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larsuLaney: wie kann das sein?11:51
larsudidrocks: thanks!11:53
larsufor helping Laney write that script11:53
didrockslarsu: euh… ok :p12:02
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willcookeandyrock, hikiko Trevinho - could you quickly make sure your cards are up to date on the Trello board before we start the meeting?13:19
hikikoReboot :-/13:25
* seb128 gives some milk to Laney13:31
willcookeandyrock, hikiko - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/unity-7-sprint?authuser=013:32
seb128andyrock, you are laaate ;-)13:34
andyrocklike always13:34
* andyrock is joining13:34
larsuwhat's this meeting that we're missing13:36
seb128larsu, unity7 trello board review13:38
seb128larsu, feel free to join if you want13:38
seb128it's a regular meeting, we just skept over some because of travels13:39
larsuseb128: nah Laney is making me do work right now :/13:40
seb128get Laney to join the unity7 review while you work ;-)13:40
seb128Laney, btw, do you know if the plan is to remove aptdaemon from the archive when we land policykit 1.0?13:41
seb128or is that a robert_ancell question13:41
seb128it makes me a bit nervous13:42
Trevinhohikiko: I've double checked... The classes are fine, but just add also "google-chrome-unstable"13:48
Laneyit doesn't work any more with pk 1.013:48
Laneyso yes13:48
seb128let's see how that goes13:50
seb128it makes me a bit nervous...13:50
hikikook Trevinho will do after the meeting :)13:53
seb128because we have been using aptdaemon for ever and I'm not confident that there is not some package in the archive, kubuntu, ... which rely on some specific api it's providing or that everything is going to work with packagekit13:54
larsuah, right13:55
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hikikoTrevinho, https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/compiz/compiz.handles-chrome-chromium-windows-in-fullscreen/+merge/28242614:35
hikikocould you approve it?14:36
seb128tedg, mterry, do you know what code positions the indicator menus in unity-greeter?14:36
hikiko(the google-chrome-unstable addition)14:36
tedgseb128: We specify the position in the indicator ini file, is that useful?14:37
tedgseb128: Or do you need the code itself?14:37
seb128tedg, no, I mean the popdown menu on screen14:38
seb128not the indicators order14:38
seb128tedg, if we enable hi-dpi scaling the menus are opened shifted from the indicators position14:38
tedgOh, I see.14:38
seb128but I can't figure out what set the position14:39
tedgI thought we were using GTK for that, because it has all that placement code.14:39
tedgBut I haven't looked for a long time.14:39
seb128it's possible, but then for some reason it doesn't work :-/14:40
tedgYeah, I imagine that GTK has new API for more information that we're not using.14:40
tedgWhen they added HiDPI support.14:40
seb128who is "we" in that case14:41
seb128I don't find much gtk_menu code in unity-greeter14:41
seb128and the indicators work in an unity session so I assume they are fine14:41
tedgI think it's probably libindicator14:41
seb128or unity is doing something...14:41
tedgI imagine the greeter never ditched that.14:42
seb128to replace it with what?14:42
tedgOh, oh, larsu's name is on code here. It must be all his fault :-)14:43
tedgseb128: I think that the main unity started going directly to the models instead of using the lib.14:43
tedgWhich makes sense.14:43
* larsu hides under the conference table14:44
seb128ok, I give up for now14:44
seb128I just can't find it14:44
seb128thanks tedg14:44
tedgWe had always said we wanted to deprecate libindicator, it just never really got pushed to the final state.14:45
seb128well, I doubt it's going to be a priority for this cycle14:45
seb128but I don't see any code in libindicator that set the x,y for the menu popdown14:45
tedgseb128: Perhaps that's the issue ;-)14:46
tedgI think it's the gtk_menu in indicator-ng.c that is being used.14:46
seb128tedg, thanks14:47
seb128going for some exercice before our weekly meeting but I'm going to have another look once I'm back14:47
larsuseb128: enjoy!14:48
seb128larsu, thanks ;-)14:48
tedgnp, I think the widget actually gets passed up. So it'd have to be the caller that was setting the position.14:49
seb128that seems complex14:49
seb128how is it positioned atm?14:49
tedgI believe there was a gtk function that positions a menu based on another widget.14:50
seb128looks like whatever does it should know about the scaling factor and take into account to position14:50
larsuya, probably that doesn't account for hidpi14:50
larsubut simply passes pixels14:50
seb128tedg, gtk_widget_translate_coordinates?14:50
seb128larsu, "that"?14:51
tedgI think we were using gtk_menu_popup()14:51
seb128tedg, no such function in the libindicator source14:51
larsuseb128: the menu positioning function14:51
tedgYes, I think the caller had to call that on the menu passed up from libindicator14:51
seb128nor in unity-greeter14:51
larsuit's in unity-panel-service, not libindicator14:52
seb128larsu, we are speaking about unity-greeter, does that use ups?14:52
seb128I don't think it does14:52
* larsu is silent and continues fixing bugs for Laney 14:52
seb128menus are well positioned in unity ;-)14:52
seb128k, really need to go if I want to be back for the meeting14:53
tedgseb128: It looks like in menubar.vala it is creating an IndicatorMenuItem which subclasses Gtk.MenuItem. Then it sets the indicator menu as a submenu of the widget on the panel. So I think it is the GTK code for opening submenus that is positioning the menu.14:58
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willcookedesktoppers - in a meeting which might over run a little bit15:25
desrtvote seb!15:25
willcookeok done15:31
willcooke#startmeeting Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-0215:31
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Feb  2 15:31:31 2016 UTC.  The chair is willcooke. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:31
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick15:31
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic:
willcookeRoll call: andyrock, attente, desrt,  dgadomski, fjkong (out), happyaron, hikiko, laney (maybe out), larsu (maybe out), qengho, seb128, sweet5hark (out), themuso (out), tkamppeter, trevinho, robert_ancell (out)15:32
desrthello willcooke and fellow teammates!15:32
willcookelooks like it's just us three :)15:33
attentehi :)15:33
desrthi attente.  how's toronto? :)15:33
attentedesrt: you're missing out on the chinatown gang violence15:33
larsuuh oh15:33
desrtattente: ya... i saw that.15:33
desrttoronto is going to hell.  i'm staying in köln.15:33
Texouhi didrocks15:34
willcookeLet's get this meeting started then15:34
willcookeTexou, please hold on a little while, while we do a quick meeting15:35
alexarnaudhi pepito !15:35
willcooke#topic andyrock15:35
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: andyrock
andyrockI'm working on g-s launcher integration15:35
andyrockshould be done soooon!15:35
willcookethanks andyrock15:36
willcooke#topic attente15:36
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: attente
attentehey, not much news besides fixing a lot of the patches at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75657915:36
ubot5`Gnome bug 756579 in Widget: GtkMenu "GTK should let GDK position menus" [Normal,New]15:36
willcookethanks attente15:36
willcooke#topic desrt15:36
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: desrt
desrthi!  just back from fosdem/hackfest15:36
desrtthe hackfest was not the _most_ productive one that i've had (due to an uncharacteristic bout of intense jetlag) but i managed to get some reviewing and small patches done, along with discussing crack ideas15:37
desrtin particular, i got a chance to sync up with alex on dconf containersation issues (he is driving the effort to make gnome apps container-friendly)15:37
desrtworking now on finishing up some patches to fundamentally change how we do type utility macros in gobject -- g_typeof()...15:38
desrtafter that, i'm back to the gsettingsbackend work... it seems that really a lot of people are suddenly interested in this (for about three separate reasons)15:38
desrtfinally: i'm on CEST this week and next15:38
willcookethanks desrt15:39
willcooke#topic dgadomski15:39
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: dgadomski
dgadomski* fix to old and annoying bug 1337873 has been released!15:39
ubot5`bug 1337873 in ifupdown (Debian) "ifupdown initialization problems caused by race condition" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133787315:39
dgadomski* backported fix and prepared debdiffs for SRU for bug 1538724 - completely preventing users from launching firefox in some configurations15:39
ubot5`bug 1538724 in firefox (Ubuntu Wily) "GraphicsCriticalError: |[0][GFX1]: Unknown cairo format 3" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153872415:39
willcookecool, thanks dgadomski15:40
willcooke#topic FJKong_15:40
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: FJKong_
willcookesogou bug tracking15:40
willcookedisplay garbled code reported by user.15:40
willcookecannot adjust order of candidate words.15:40
willcookerecord pinyin search video.15:40
willcooke#topic happyaron15:40
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: happyaron
willcookehappyaron, please let me have your update by email15:41
willcooke#topic hikiko15:42
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: hikiko
hikikofixed the last shadow issues and proposed for review (here's a demo with the shadow of a blob-shaped window that changes in real-time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LABxkCLVSUg), added the change for chrome-unstable we discussed on the meeting and my next task will be to transform the nux and unity components using the enhanced zoom plugin transformations eof15:43
hikikosorry guys :)15:43
larsuhikiko: nice work!15:44
willcookethanks hikiko15:44
willcooke#topic Laney15:44
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willcooke• SRUed gstreamer 1.6.3 point releases to wily - please test if you're15:44
willcookerunning wily15:44
willcooke• Uploaded gvfs to D + U15:44
willcooke• Fixed some tests to make gvfs migrate15:44
willcooke• Worked with IS to get appstream.ubuntu.com deployed - currently doing15:44
willcookeinitial run15:44
willcooke• FOSDEM15:44
willcooke• Appstream sprint - fix icon handling code, work on charm/server, bug15:44
willcookefixes to extractor, some looking at gnome-software15:44
desrtlig.   (see what i did there?)15:44
willcooke#topic larsu15:44
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larsuoops (wrong paste)15:45
larsumy penultimate meeting :/15:45
larsutwo hackfests and a fosdem15:45
larsugnome: a bit low on discussions, but did some glib work and talked to pwithnall about making glib log to the journal15:45
larsuapstream: improve icon finding code of the appstream generator; test new stuff with gnome-software15:45
larsualso managed some progress on geonames in between15:45
willcooke:) thanks larsu15:45
willcooke#topic qengho15:45
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seb128seems like a recurrent one15:47
willcookehe was here a minute ago15:47
seb128it persists through weeks :p15:47
seb128I've seen that somewhere...15:47
qengho* Reviving no-shared-object Chromium on non-32-bit, if the builder has enough RAM.15:47
qengho* Cr packaging for snapcraft2.15:47
qengho* Other small tasks: zfs-related patches (grub) and 16.04 docs. tor middle-relay snap.15:47
qengho* Away next week!15:47
willcookethanks qengho, just fixed the calendar entry15:48
willcooke#topic seb12815:49
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: seb128
seb128• looked at wrong handling of day events in the indicator15:49
seb128• went to fosdem for a day15:49
seb128• catchup on things after travelling, trying to get a good idea of what's the status of the features for xenial and what we need to focus on15:49
seb128• spent some time doing administrative work (trips booking&expenses, some hr issues)15:49
seb128• looked a hidpi issues in the greeter15:49
seb128• joined several discussions about current work & next cycle15:49
willcookethanks seb12815:49
willcookeseb128, that reminds me (even though it's written on a piece of paper in front of me...)15:50
willcookedesktoppers, at the end of the meeting let's have a quick Feature Freeze review15:50
seb128"discuss status of the features"? ;-)15:50
desrtseb128: we're annoyed that you didn't say goodbye :p15:50
willcooke#topic tkamppeter15:50
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: tkamppeter
tkamppeter- Phone: Checked and discussed how to submit the printing work. Waiting for willcooke and product management about dicesion.15:51
tkamppeter- LSB: Looked into Debian's dropping of the set of LSB meta packages to allow running LSB (distribution-independent) binary packages on Debian and Ubuntu, leading to OpenPrinting printer driver packages not working any more, bug 1536353, re-introduction probably best and easiest solution.15:51
tkamppeter- Foomatic: Thoughts about Foomatic's future. Gutenprint will remove their Foomatic/IJS driver flavor, removing the main scalability issue, will add Google Summer of Code project idea to create a way to generate a CUPS *.drv (PPD generator) file from the Foomatic data.15:51
ubot5`bug 1536353 in system-config-printer (Ubuntu) "[regression] Printer drivers install is broken as lsb package is not available anymore" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153635315:51
tkamppeter- Bugs.15:51
willcookethanks tkamppeter15:51
willcooke#topic Trevinho15:51
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seb128desrt, yeah, sorry, too many people at the beer event and then you were not at breakfast and I had to leave :-/15:51
desrti saw him!15:52
larsuin Köln?15:53
Trevinho· Some upstream work for libwnck15:53
Trevinho· Work with kylin for some tunings15:53
Trevinho· Reviews, reviews, reviews (compiz, unity)...15:53
Trevinho· Attended FOSDEM15:53
willcookethanks Trevinho15:53
willcooke#topic Status of features ahead of feature freeze15:53
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Tag "gtk318" for gtk 3.18 bugs please and thanks | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-02-02 | Current topic: Status of features ahead of feature freeze
willcookeSo we had a bit of a Gnome Software meeting yesterday to check on the status of the components15:54
willcookeit's looking close, but things are moving15:54
willcookebut, seb128 you have some concerns about others things which depend on pk1.015:55
seb128well, it just that nobody seems to really own that landing15:55
seb128and I'm unsure how much testing we got from the different pieces15:56
seb128like if removing aptdaemon is going to be smooth and work15:56
seb128or if we are going to notice that britney hits n regressions and things get stucked until somebody fix language-selector or some kde app15:57
willcookeis a sensible next step to send an email to the desktop mailing list?15:57
seb128I'm not sure it's going to help15:58
seb128we need somebody to own that landing, who go ahead with the update and file the aptdaemon removal and deals with britney issues and bugs15:58
willcookewho can deal with that?  volunteers please15:59
willcookeseb128, would Robert be a suitable person?16:00
seb128if we wants to do it16:00
seb128he set up a ppa and did part of the job but he seems busy dealing with actual coding on g-s16:01
seb128anyway I guess there is no point blocking the meeting on that16:01
willcookealright, I wil speak to Robert and let you know16:02
willcookealright, next week then please everyone come with a list of the features you want to land in to 16.04 and the current status16:03
willcookeI will send out an email to remind you all next Monday16:03
willcookeqengho, you're off, but I think we're clear there anyway16:03
willcooke#topic any other business16:04
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willcookePlease book your sprint travel16:04
larsuwill do!16:04
willcookeoki, tough meeting this week gang16:05
attentewere there any really interesting talks at fosdem?16:05
larsuattente: not really. Fosdem's mostly about meeting the people16:05
Laneyoh yeah16:06
larsuI, for example, met Laney16:06
Laneybut we should all demand that companies don't claim copyright on our code done in work time16:06
Laneythat is one thing I learned at fosdem16:06
Laneyso go forth and do that16:06
larsuisn't this what every company does16:06
seb128trooooll day16:06
larsuattente: sabdfl was there and gave a lightning talk, but I didn't make it there16:07
willcookelet's end the meeting, but please carry on re FOSDEM16:07
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Feb  2 16:07:31 2016 UTC.16:07
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2016/ubuntu-desktop.2016-02-02-15.31.moin.txt16:07
seb128thanks everyone16:07
attenteok, thanks16:07
seb128willcooke, do we have a list of the features we had planned for the cycle somewhere? we have the blueprint from the sprint but I don't think it's complete?16:08
willcookeseb128, let me check the BP, it should be up to date16:09
seb128willcooke, well, that blueprint doesn't have gnome-software mentioned for example16:10
seb128nor updating libreoffice to 5.116:11
willcookeThat's (supposed to be) covered by [robert-ancell] Software Centre (moving up the list as we will have some required actions from BUD): TODO16:11
Trevinhoseb128: what do you think about doing https://code.launchpad.net/~jplacerda/zeitgeist/vacuum ? I think it would really help with unity-files-lens slowdowns....16:11
seb128Trevinho, what is "vacuum" doing?16:11
Trevinhoseb128: cleaning up the DB, compressing stuff...16:12
seb128Trevinho, how long does that take?16:12
Trevinhoseb128: https://sqlite.org/lang_vacuum.html16:12
seb128unsure if every time is best, but why not16:12
Trevinhoseb128: I didn't try that on mine....16:12
seb128there is an auto-vacuum16:13
seb128maybe the daemon should do that16:13
Trevinhoyeah, in fact having that enabled would be the best16:13
seb128rather than having us to explicitly do it?16:13
TrevinhoI would like to enable that, yeah...16:16
TrevinhoAs for timing, a couple of seconds in my 100mb activity.sqlite file16:16
Trevinhoseb128: however.... See that doc, autovacuum and vacuum commands are different...16:19
Trevinho«Auto-vacuum does not defragment the database nor repack individual database pages the way that the VACUUM command does»16:20
Trevinho« In fact, because it moves pages around within the file, auto-vacuum can actually make fragmentation worse.»16:21
TrevinhoSo... Maybe having somehting like a "cron job", no idea whether timed events have ever landed to upstart.16:23
seb128that seems a bit hackish16:23
seb128maybe doing it on every start is fine16:23
TrevinhoYeah, but maybe with some sleep to ensure it happens on "idle"?16:24
ogra_have a look at /etc/init.d/ondemand ;)16:24
ogra_it does such stuff16:24
shookeesHello, I have a question regarding ssh tunneling17:01
seb128attente, hey, would you be interested by looking at bug #1434094?17:01
ubot5`bug 1434094 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "indicator menus are misplaced when the display scaler is used" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143409417:01
shookeesoops, sorry, wrong channel17:01
seb128shookees, hey, you are not on the right channel, ssh and tunnels are not really desktopish17:01
seb128no worry!17:01
seb128tedg, I'm still unsure to understand your suggestion of what needs to happen there, what is currently doing the menu popup? seems to not be in libindicator nor the greeter code...17:06
tedgseb128: I think that it is GTK itself. We're telling GTK that it's a menu, and the indicator is a submenu of that one.17:06
tedgseb128: So I think the "place submenu" code in GTK is what is being called.17:07
seb128but why would that be wrong in the greeter, it works on other environments17:07
tedgI don't think that's how unity-panel-service does things. It renders the icons itself, and then uses GTK to show the menu with custom placement.17:08
tedgI'm unsure why the GTK code would be wrong, I'd expect it to work as it does in apps, but I think that's where the placement code *is*.17:09
seb128right, that was my points17:09
seb128applications just use gtk and have menubars17:09
seb128and that works17:09
seb128I guess it needs debugging then17:09
seb128tedg, thanks17:09
seb128I'm going to see if attente wants to have a look17:10
seb128he's hacking on gtk and menu placement for a while so would probably be a good fit for him17:10
* tedg says sorry to attente, I didn't know17:10
seb128didrocks, sorry, I didn't have time to look again at that n-m issue, did you try to install dbgsym packages to see if the bt is better than the retracing? the current bt is a bit confusing17:12
seb128cyphermox, you don't have an idea about bug #1540153 by any chance? (didrocks hits it on xenial when trying to use the citizenM wifi)17:13
ubot5`Error: Launchpad bug 1540153 could not be found17:13
cyphermoxis didrocks really upgrading network-manager libnm-util2 libnm-glib4 gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0 ?17:15
cyphermoxas you pointed out that commit sounds like it should fix things. it's the first time I hear about this17:15
cyphermoxoh, wait a second17:17
seb128cyphermox, didrocks, hum, the rh bug has an user who still had an issue but different (hitting an assert then) and http://cgit.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/commit/?h=nm-1-0&id=e0e043ef3918de54f8d19a3af07d3367962970e5 resolved it17:17
seb128didrocks, ^ could you try that as well?17:17
alexarnaudI'm trying to get the source of pkgbinarymangler on launchpad17:27
alexarnaudseb128: error of manipulation17:27
alexarnaudWhere to find it ?17:28
seb128alexarnaud, https://launchpad.net/pkgbinarymangler17:28
alexarnaudI'm trying the trunk, it's marked at "DEPRECATED" and the link inside it is wrong17:28
seb128the source is the ubuntu package one17:28
alexarnaudseb128: the ubuntu package ?17:29
alexarnaudIf I try :  "bzr branch lp:pkgbinarymangler"17:30
alexarnaudI get nothing17:30
seb128dget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/pkgbinarymangler_129.dsc17:30
alexarnaudseb128: no VCS exists?17:31
attenteseb128: tedg: sure, i'll take a look18:01
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seb128attente, thanks18:07
andyrockseb128: do you know if app-install-data pkg is going to be used once g-s transition is done?18:14
seb128andyrock, unsure, that's a question for Laney rather, I would guess that no18:22
attenteseb128, tedg, what exactly is the bug there? the menus seem to be positioned properly for me in unity-greeter @2x18:22
seb128attente, do you have a dual screen?18:22
andyrockmmm ok... wondering if there is something similar for gnome-software18:22
seb128andyrock, the server Laney is working on? unsure about a local db18:23
attenteseb128: yes18:23
seb128attente, try with only one, for some reason it seems to work on dual screens18:23
seb128I though it stopped happening earlier until I closed my laptop lid18:24
seb128and it started doing it again once I was on external display only18:24
seb128attente, btw unsure how you test it but I did a mv unity-greeter unity-greeter.real and made unity-greeter a sh script that does export GDK_SCALE=2 and then start unity-greeter.real18:25
seb128that makes easy to test even on lowdpi config18:25
attenteseb128: yeah, i can reproduce it on just one screen now, thanks18:26
seb128attente, great, thanks for looking at it18:26
seb128the fact that it works on dual screen puzzles me even more18:27
attentethat is pretty puzzling18:27
didrocksseb128: I'll try this18:43
didrockscyphermox: yeah, I'm uprading everything18:43
didrocksseb128: hum, they did revert that one, didn't they?18:43
seb128didrocks, oh, they did? :-(18:44
seb128didrocks, can you check at least if you still get a segfault and if the bt is still the same?18:44
didrocksfew commits after18:44
didrocksyeah, will do (tonight)18:44
seb128did they commit another fix instead?18:45
didrocksno, just revert, but I did check only quickly18:45
seb128I'm going to have another look tomorrow18:45
seb128if you can look at least if the error is still the same that would be useful18:45
didrocksyeah,; will do!18:51
willcookemorning robert_ancell19:38
willcookewe meet again19:39
robert_ancellwillcooke, hi19:39
willcookehow's it going?19:39
robert_ancellwillcooke, good19:39
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willcookenight all21:24
rickspencer3hi all21:38
rickspencer3someone mentions that only us old guys use xchat-gnome these days and that there is some newer one that I should use21:38
rickspencer3I'm setting up a new laptop, thought I would start with the good one21:38
rickspencer3anyone know?21:38
* pitti mumbles "weechat" :)21:42
mdeslaurrickspencer3: there's hexchat, but that's gtk221:42
* mdeslaur uses xchat-gnome21:42
rickspencer3hey mdeslaur21:44
rickspencer3maybe it was hexchat21:44
pittirickspencer3: it's curses, not graphical; I find it awesome (particualrly the vertical splits), but you might find it a bit arcane21:46
pittirickspencer3: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/photos/pitti-virtual-desktop.png is from like 2006, but this is still by and large my layout21:46
rickspencer3"arcane" does not sound like a strong recommendation ;)21:46
* rickspencer3 looks21:46
pittirickspencer3: heh, and look who I was talking to at that time :)21:46
mdeslaurso many awful clients to choose from, which one to pick?21:47
rickspencer3that is old school :)21:47
rickspencer3mdeslaur, dang it, don't try to get me to write an irc client21:47
pittirickspencer3: I haven't yet found another client with the same efficiency..21:47
pittiit's dense, with horizontal splits I can follow three things, and the keyboard commands are awesome21:48
pittilike Ctrl+G iterates through the channels in descending order21:48
rickspencer3looks like a bit of learning curve21:48
pittifirst through the ones you got pinged on, then through the ones that have new messages, and finally back to where you came from21:48
pittirickspencer3: yeah, it surely is if you never used irssi and friends21:48
rickspencer3pitti, so, speaking of the "good old days" ...21:49
rickspencer3I bought a new computer today, just a random desktop21:49
rickspencer3and am running Xenial21:49
rickspencer3I am getting random screen freezes21:49
rickspencer3it's like Jaunty all over again!21:49
pittiugh, I didn't get one in the last years (literally)21:49
rickspencer3well, I am on the tip of development on a brand new computer that it not certified in any way21:50
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* rickspencer3 gives hexchat a try21:52
rickspencer3hello from hexchat :)21:53
pitti¿noʎ ǝɹɐ ʍoɥ 'ollǝɥ :Ɛɹǝɔuǝdsʞɔᴉɹ22:12

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