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xnoxinfinity, i wonder if choose-mirror Mirros.masterlist needs to be tought about us.ports.ubuntu.com mirror18:40
cyphermox_xnox: do you think there is any reason not to have us.ports.u.c listed there?20:37
xnoxcyphermox_, well, spoke with #is, there is now CC.ports.ubuntu.com (there wasn't before)20:39
cyphermox_yes, I know :)20:39
xnoxcyphermox_, however, we actually only have _two_ mirrors. ports and us.ports20:39
* xnox ponders between listing just two, and doing the whole CC.ports.ubuntu.com thing.20:40
infinityxnox: We should do the proper thing.20:40
xnoxi wonder if there ever was a call for ports.ubuntu.com mirroring.20:40
cyphermox_I wonder if ca.archive.u.c still points to archive.u.c ;)20:40
xnoxinfinity, ack.20:40
infinityxnox: It was on my TODO to fix ports to match archive handling.20:40
xnoxcyphermox_, speaking of which ca.ports.ubuntu.com points at ports.u.c, instead to the more logical us.ports.u.c20:41
cyphermox_it might be for the same reason ;)20:41
xnoxi don't understand why there is no half-and-half split between the two.20:41
cyphermox_you mean splitting where country mirrors point to?20:43
infinityYeah, the DNS should be fixed to make more sense at some point.20:44
cyphermox_well, I can fix choose-mirror now20:44
infinityFix it to use all the country codes, you mean?20:44
infinity(Basically, to match archive.ubuntu.com behaviour)20:45
infinitySure, go nuts.20:45
* cyphermox_ goes nuts20:45
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infinitycyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/choose-mirror/+bug/123920320:46
infinitycyphermox: And only two years later than I proposed. :P20:47
cyphermox"This is going to have to happen in the 14.04 cycle"20:47
infinityClose enough.20:48
cyphermoxxnox: could you please also apply your choose-mirror changes to lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/choose-mirror/ubuntu, if you haven't already done so?20:57
xnoxi have.20:57
xnoxi guess i didn't push20:57
xnoxlet me check.20:57
xnoxcyphermox, wait no, that one is missing a bunch of uploads.20:59
xnoxcyphermox, have you pushed?20:59
cyphermoxI thought I had20:59
xnoxlooks quite stale.21:00
cyphermoxwell clearly I had not pushed. *blushes*21:01
cyphermoxlemme just check if that's even at all sane21:01
cyphermoxyeah, it is, pushing now... sorry :/21:03
cyphermoxbzr lp-open21:04

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