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awe__rtg ( or anyone else ), could you give me a hand with a snappy ripi2 kernel config question?14:50
awe__I'm trying to determine of if our latest rolling snappy image was built with a particular kernel option14:50
apwawe__, it is best to ask teh question, then we can poke people based on what the quesiton is14:50
rtgawe__, fire away14:50
apwawe__, installed kernels have a /boot/config-<version> with them14:51
awe__I have the source package downloaded, but am not sure how to figure out what config options were enabled when the binary package was built14:51
awe__on ripi2?14:51
* awe__ looks again14:51
rtgawe__, we're talking raspi2, right ?14:51
apwall kernels we produce should ahve configs in the .deb14:51
apwawe__, but from the source tree you should be able to also "fakeroot debian/rules genconfigs"14:51
awe__yes, running our latest snappy rolling image14:52
awe__apw, cool that'll work!14:52
apwwhich will make the same config in CONFIGS/*14:52
apwbut you need to be checked out at the right version obviously14:52
awe__I am14:52
apwand it would still be better to get the one out of the binary .deb, as that _really_ _really_ was the one it used14:52
awe__not sure how I'd do that?14:57
awe__if it isn't in the binary deb?14:57
awe__by the way, generating worked great after I realized I needed to run it on a xenial image14:58
rtgawe__, it is boot/config-4.3.0-1006-raspi2 in he binary deb15:01
ogra_apw, snappy doesnt support putting the config-$version into the snap ... which is why i enable on all arches the /proc/config.gz interface before giving my initial confiig to ppisati ... seems some script removes that again 15:01
awe__ok, and that's just not getting installed then?15:01
ogra_would be really helpful to keep that 15:01
awe__got it15:01
awe__sounds like something we should try to fix, but I'm good for now15:02
awe__just needed to verify a BT option15:02
rtgawe__, it is not 'cause these are intended for embedded systems15:02
rtgogra_, same for config.gz, it just uses RAM15:03
ogra_a few bytes :) 15:03
JanCraspi2 has 1 GiB of RAM...15:05
JanCmost Ubuntu desktop systems had no more (sometimes even less) in the early years...15:06
ogra_yeah ... it is really neglectable 15:08
ogra_and common sense in the embedded world to have it 15:08
JanCalternatively, the used diskspace would not really be relevant either, I think?15:10
JanCespecially if you would gzip it something15:10
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manjoapw, PARTUUID works now 15:53
manjoapw, do you have a bug where I can post +1 ? 15:53
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apwmanjo, your bug :)16:26
manjoapw, oh crap  yeah :) 16:27
apwmanjo, and you can remind me of the number :)16:28
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1531928 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "[Xenial] root=PARTUUID=<partuuid> is not recognized as valid syntax." [High,In progress]16:29
manjoapw, added a note to that bug. Thanks aton! 16:35
apwmanjo, thanks16:45
ogra_oh, why is that ? 16:45
* ogra_ remebers adding code to udev in 14.10 or so to support PARTUUID16:45
ogra_(and in fact we rely on it heavily on phones)16:46
* ogra_ wonders i9fr that never made it into the main distro .... if there is new/better code, the phone code should be replaced everywhere 16:48
mauricfortg, hey. if you have a chance.. on the xenial GA kernel.. will it ship as upstream tag v4.4 and no more, or it should include some more recent commits after v4.4 (e.g, up to a certain point in time) ?17:32
rtgmauricfo, it'll havea boatload of 4.5 backport commits as well as several stable updates17:33
mauricfortg, ok. so, if ppc64el cares about some specific commits, it'd be better to point them in the specific feature request/bugs now, just in case, or wait until some point to verify and then ask? (so not to generate noise on you guys)17:36
rtgmauricfo, I'd say do it sooner then later, especially if they are already in 4.5-rc17:37
mauricfortg, ok. thanks, tim!17:37
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