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duflutsdgeos: Is the shell's text rendering ubuntu-ui-toolkit or regular Qt stuff?08:15
tsdgeosduflu: i wouldn't say the ubuntu-ui-toolkit has any own text rendering08:17
tsdgeosi hope so at least :D08:17
duflutsdgeos: Lemme rephrase that: Who calls into FreeType?08:18
tsdgeosQt if anyone08:18
tsdgeosi have the word harbuff inside my mind08:18
tsdgeosnot sure if that replaces freetype or not08:18
duflutsdgeos: HarfBuzz?08:19
tsdgeosduflu: that08:20
dufluYay, another fork I didn't know existed08:21
tsdgeosit's quite old08:22
tsdgeosafaik gtk is using this too08:23
dufluYeah apparently FreeType links to it08:24
tsdgeosso as said, it may not be "the same thing" as freetype08:28
duflutsdgeos: That's OK. My question was who calls the relevant libraries. Not what the libraries are08:31
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Saviqalf_, so I've been thinking, if we manage to get jenkins-job-builder and/or DSL working, no point in having the scripts in the repo separately, the might as well be baked into the jobs if the job definitions are stored in bzr14:03
Saviqalf_, so I'm gonna look into that instead of putting them into bzr14:04
alf_Saviq: ok, although one thing that concerns me is that jobs will need to have different defaults depending on project, how will we deal with this?14:05
Saviqalf_, I'm sure there are ways14:10
Saviqalf_, like a config file or global env vars14:10
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Saviqalf_, it seems like jenkins-job-builder doesn't even need to run on the jenkins nodes necessarily, as all it does is upload xml via the API14:12
Saviqalf_, so assuming we can make stuff smart, you'll just set up some config vars and let JJB do its thing14:13
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QUESTIONwhat's my nickname?16:05
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