dmfreymy audio on my FE started getting choppy tonight. this system hasn't changed in years03:26
qwebirc14960hello anyone online fimilar with the error 2048 when trying to watch live tv on slaves?07:34
qwebirc14960So anyone run into the 2048 on live tv with there slave tvs?09:15
dmfreyvideo on my aging nvidia ion box started playing choppy last night. aside from regular updates, this box has not changed.16:04
dmfreyi did notice it was using an older version of the legacy nvidia driver16:05
dmfreyi updated it to the be the most current, and the playback profile is set to vdpau normal, but the problem persists16:05
dmfreyanything else to look at16:05
dmfreybox doesn't appear to be being taxed during video playback16:06
dmfreymaybe 8-10% cpu16:06

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