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kivimmmmm is this happening?14:20
dholbachkivi: starting in 1h40m14:20
lollipopWhat's the topic?14:37
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FHNHi everyone15:53
dholbachhey hey15:54
dholbachjust about to start in a few :)15:54
xaircorehi everyone15:54
dragosim the 10 year old from the Q&A15:55
GnzlesWhat's the role of Vulkan in Unity 8?15:56
_SpongeAfternoon, guys !15:57
Gnzlesgood afternoon, _Sponge15:57
_SpongeGnzles: You need to prefix your query with the word QUESTION.15:57
Legendariohello everybody!15:58
GnzlesQUESTION What's the role of Vulkan in Unity 8?15:58
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_SpongeGnzles: good.15:59
root_ninjahwere is video??16:00
dragosin 15 min16:00
dragosubuntu posted on their google plus page the video with start in 15 min16:01
root_ninjahi wait then16:01
_SpongeQUESTION: Is Jane Silbers eMail at Canonical, jane.silber@canonical.com ?16:01
dholbachyep, what _Sponge said earlier... make sure you prefix your questions with QUESTION: :-)16:02
QUESTION_Sponge, NO16:02
_Spongecrumbs, that's complicated. #Meta Q&A.16:03
dragon77QUESTION:Other than the BQ convergence tablet, will we get a convergence phone, or any other Ubuntu mobile device soon?16:04
_SpongeQuick pop-Quiz while we wait !! : https://twitter.com/naggsen/status/69452961006371225616:05
_SpongeIt's live now.16:05
d0od I'm trying to work out what is on the other side of Popey's room by looking at the (very 70s) mirrored wardrobes behind him. Think my stream quality is too low to play the game.16:06
popeymess, mostly16:06
CrazyLemonQUESTION: when will we see desktop notification service update/rework/rewrite. notifyosd is ancient and we have not seen any redesign in notification area in quite some time16:07
_SpongeQUESTION: Did sky get any Chrimbo presents ?16:07
thBestHow do you decide whos on the next Q&A?16:08
thBestQUESTION: How do you decide whos on the next Q&A?16:08
dragon77thbest they had a list.16:08
thBestQUESTION: When will Ubuntu Touch switch to snappy? When the regular deb based OS switch?16:08
root_ninjahQUESTION: how much will meizu pro 5 cost?16:08
thBestQUESTION: Are you going to the MWC to Barcelona?16:08
thBestdragon77 thanks. makes sense.16:09
_SpongeQUESTION: CHANT: We were promised Jono. Where is Jono and the guitar ? We were promised Jono. Where is Jono and the guitar ? We were promised Jono. Where is Jono and the guitar ? We were promised Jono. Where is Jono and the guitar ?16:09
root_ninjahcan please up the volume ? i can't here16:10
root_ninjahalan volume up a bit16:11
root_ninjahsound is low16:11
root_ninjahdaniel si loud16:11
_Spongesounds fine to me.16:11
popeyturned mine up a bit16:12
root_ninjahpopey: thanks16:12
root_ninjahmach better16:12
root_ninjahQUESTION: will ubuntu adopt x-apps like mint?16:13
_Spongeooh goodie.16:13
_Spongesounds like he knows :)16:17
justCarakas@popey the tablet has already been announced on omgubuntu16:17
root_ninjahQUESTION: does kde programs run on mir?16:17
d0odsnap decisions \o/16:19
root_ninjahQUESTION: will ubuntu 16.10 use unity7 or 8?16:20
d0odTIL popey is evil.16:20
mhall119"Chrimbo is Christmas, obviously" Obvious to who?16:21
_Spongemhall119: Brits mostly.16:21
mhall119d0od: you knew that already :)16:21
GnzlesQUESTION: Are there plans for a native window tiling mode in Unity 8?16:22
_Sponged0od: He has a grey side to. He's kind of a mixture, being a Dad.16:22
dragon77QUESTION:When 16.04 comes, why don't you put a unity8 image as an alternative download on the main download page? Ofcourse tag it as testing and experimental so that unexperienced users don't download it by mistake. If you do so, at least you won't have journalists yelling "delayed" and you will have more testers.16:22
_SpongeQUESTION: Do you know of any printer issues with the Ubuntu phones ?16:26
_SpongeWhere's ChloeWolfieGirl ?16:26
dragon77_Sponge I am asking myself the same thing.16:27
mhall119_Sponge: you can ask about HUD for her :)16:27
_Spongetsimonq2: Is that you ?16:27
_Spongehope she's/he's Ok.16:28
_SpongeWho's had a cold so far this winter ?16:28
zahidhameedi have question about ubuntu 16.04lts, will it support file transfer from nokia X2 DS via bluetooth? ubuntu 14.04lts have failed in doing this16:29
* _Sponge sniffles.16:29
mhall119_Sponge: I spoke to her Friday, she was okay at that time16:29
_Spongeok, cheers.16:29
tsimonq2_Sponge: hm?16:30
tsimonq2-Sno I just entered the channel XD16:30
_Spongetsimonq2: Are you CloeWolfieGirl ?16:30
_Spongehi dpm.16:30
tsimonq2_Sponge: no :P16:30
dpmhey _Sponge16:31
_Spongedpm, sup ?16:31
tsimonq2QUESTION: What's the best way to get started with Snappy and working with Snaps?16:31
dragon77QUESTION: Would you like a tiling wm based Ubuntu flavor?(let's say i3wm)16:31
mhall119tsimonq2: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/16:32
tsimonq2thank you mhall119 :)16:32
dpm_Sponge, enjoying today's Q&A questions :)16:32
_SpongeHere's the Jono poll: https://twitter.com/naggsen/status/69452961006371225616:33
tsimonq2QUESTION: Is there an ISO that I can get that has Unity 8?16:34
_SpongeThe next LTS after 16.04 is the *A* series.16:35
* mhall119 doesn't think that math works16:36
_SpongeWhen is 18.04, then ?16:36
tsimonq2_Sponge: is it the *A* series? Is that how it's going to work?16:36
mhall11916.04 = X, 16.10=Y, 17.04=Z, 17.10=A(?)16:36
_Spongeoh ok .. so it's B, right-oh. (18.04)16:37
mhall119Breezy Badger Strikes Back16:37
_SpongeMaybe he'll go for the greek alphabet ?16:38
_SpongeMaybe not.16:38
KnightmareQUESTION: With the AT&T gone through, will you guys get a nice bonus :D and do you see the deal as a possible foothold for Ubuntu phone?16:39
tsimonq2dholbach: thanks :)16:39
dragon77QUESTION:Do we have to pretty much just use open source GPU drivers for Mir ATM?16:40
_SpongeWhat happened with AT&T ?16:40
KnightmareQUESTION: What do you think is missing to make ubuntu great platform for pro gamers?16:40
mhall119Knightmare: AT&T is a very big company, the part building internal clouds in their datacenter will be quite far removed from the part that picks phones for their retail stores16:40
mhall119I know with Verizon, they're technically different companies16:41
dragonbiteQUESTION: any work on Google Drive for Linux (as Copy.com is closing May 1, 2016)??  It isn't like Google didn't say a Linux version was coming ... 5 years ago (+/-).. this would be for desktop AND mobile.16:41
_SpongeQUESTION: When's the next UDS ?16:41
tathhuKnightmare, games? :P16:41
dragonbiteQUESTION: Any update on American carriers for Ubuntu Phone, or is that run through the handset carriers?16:41
Knightmareother than that16:42
tsimonq2+1 dragonbite16:43
_SpongeQUESTION: With popey's prediction on the ubuntu podcast of ten Ubuntu phones, by the end of the year (available) How many are left, and are needed, in stores to reach ten phones ?16:43
mhall119popey said 10 phones?16:44
popey10 _devices_16:44
mhall119I'm surprised they let popey make predictions about these things, sounds like cheating to me16:44
* _Sponge likes insider knowledge.16:45
mhall119"fast paced" by normal standards, "slow" by jcastro standards16:45
KnightmareQUESTION: When will we see a converged codebase on the desktop?16:45
dragonbiteI mean "Official" Google Drive16:47
diddledanQUESTION: was the ubucon summit videoed and when will those videos be uploaded to youtube?16:47
tsimonq2QUESTION: What happens to Unity 7 after Unity 8 is released and what happens for people who are still using Unity 7? Will it automatically update with a do-release-upgrade? I can see a flavor of Ubuntu for Unity 7 XD16:47
mhall119diddledan: SCALE recorded some of UbuCon for us16:47
dragosQUESTION:why ubuntu phone emulator is allways offline?16:47
tsimonq2diddledan, mhall119: It's in the UWN16:48
_Spongedholbach: popey I meant UOS !16:48
diddledanthanks mhall11916:48
mhall119next UOS should be in May16:48
_Spongeok, cheers. Daniel can shut up now :)16:48
_SpongeBlah Blah Blah ... Yaddie Yaddie Yaddie ... It's in May ...16:49
dholbach_Sponge: whaaaat!? :)16:51
_Spongedholbach: Only kidding :)16:52
tsimonq2dholbach: they are in the UWN16:52
_SpongeQUESTION: As we are heavily restricted when viewing on-line videos for UbuCons. Would Canonical consider getting a TV department for the UbuCons etc .. So we can actually see the friggin' event.16:55
_Spongei.e. there are always youtube problems, that could be solved by a TV team.16:55
mhall119_Sponge: SCALE had a large A/V team already there, and since we were using their venue space they already had everything setup16:56
mhall119they just had technical problems on the first day16:56
_Spongemhall119: Yeah, but it was crapolla.16:56
tsimonq2QUESTION: are there QA test cases for Unity 8?16:56
dragosQUESTION:how to install apps to ubuntu phone emulator?16:57
tsimonq2popey, dholbach: where can I find them?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!16:58
_SpongeNote: Dragos is ten years old.16:58
tsimonq2_Sponge: I'm 13 XD16:59
dholbachtsimonq2: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/files/head:/tests/16:59
dholbachnot exactly hard to find, right? :-)16:59
tsimonq2thanks dholbach :)16:59
_SpongeOk bye everyone !16:59
tsimonq2thanks popey and dholbach :)17:00
dholbachbig hugs! :)17:00
dholbachthanks everyone!17:00
_Spongetime for a cigar - THAT'S A WRAP !17:00
popeythanks everyone17:01
tsimonq2dholbach: I'll let you know about that Snappy documentation...can I find you on #snappy?17:01
tsimonq2dholbach: okay, see you around :D17:02
dholbachrock and roll17:02
_SpongeRemember the survey : https://twitter.com/naggsen/status/69452961006371225617:02
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