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tsimonq2So I have learned how packages are built recently, but what about the ISOs? what tools are used? how is it automated?16:23
balloonstsimonq2, good questions to ask the -release folks18:00
dkesselballoons: hello :) what ever happened to automating the ISO tests for flavors? Did I miss the part where I can subscribe to test results?18:07
balloonsdkessel, no, no you haven't. Did you see Max's latest message to the list?18:15
balloonsHit some snags on publishing it seems: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14506063/18:18
balloonsnuclearbob, are you hopeful to fix them?18:18
dkesselNo I don't. Thanks for the update18:29
flocculanteven if it publishes - what's it failing on ?18:29
flocculantand hi balloons :)18:29
flocculant"body of a missing music shop owner has been found in the boot of his car" then ... "Police said his death is currently being treated as suspicious"18:33
flocculantthere's some unsuspicious reason for a body being in the boot of a car?18:33
balloonshello flocculant18:44
flocculantoh dear18:45
flocculantthat was obviously meant for the other offtopic channel :D18:45
balloonsdkessel, how have you been? Not too too busy I hope!18:47
dkesselI am not joining flocculant in the offtopic talk :p other than that: see pm19:01
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dkesselLooking forward to the ubuntu edge-like phone to be announced at the mwc19:38
dkesselIt's about time to replace my i9100g19:41
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dkesselToo bad nuclearbob could not answer anymore20:20
balloonsyea, he's actually out today I believe20:22
balloonsjenkins likes to be painful20:22
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