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ahoneybunI'm getting this error when trying to reflash Ubuntu Phone:  error pushing: failed to copy '/home/aaron/.cache/ubuntuimages/gpg/image-signing.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery/': Is a directory03:27
ahoneybunNexus 403:27
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* tathhu would love support for last.fm scrobbling @ music-app ;_;08:57
tathhuDIY :p08:57
mcphailtathhu: don't think that would be possible, unless the screen was to stay on with the app in focus at all times. (Unless the Music app has background permissions which aren't shared with other apps...)09:03
lotuspsychjethe jamendo app is pretty nice with online radios09:03
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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Hedgehog Day! 😃09:45
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mariogripmhall119: i'm so sorry, the power went out yesterday, just got it back now... Can we do the meeting today?12:10
k1lare there some mhl/slimport +usb adapters? i dont have a BT-wirelss mouse and would like to try the n4 dockmode.12:26
tathhuwhat's ota9 image number for deb?12:29
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jgdxpitti, hey, for xenial, could debs ship sysv only, or is systemd an requirement? Asking for a friend12:48
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pittijgdx: sysv is okay of course (loooots of packages do that); sysv init scripts are a first-class citizen still13:32
pittijgdx: systemd units are often more effcient and more succinct, have better logging etc., but we don't need to convert the whole world right now :)13:32
jgdxpitti, great, thank you :)13:35
seb128pitti, is there any known issue with systemd and systems not rebooting or taking ages to do so?13:36
seb128that's driving me crazy13:36
seb128it's 2016 and our init systems are still not able to handle a reboot :/ (it might be the same for shutdown)13:36
pittiseb128: nothing on my radar; I'm sure that there is still plenty of those cases, but nothing common13:36
seb128k, my laptop is nothing special13:37
pittiseb128: probably best if you file a bug for yourself with a shutdown journal, and checking what's hanging in the debug console13:37
seb128oh, I though we were on -devel13:37
seb128I get it almost every time13:37
seb128boot to lightdm13:37
seb128wait for what feels like 10 minutes, sit down on the power button from frustration13:37
pittiseb128: I think you did the "systemctl list-jobs" in a debug console before, and it's in /usr/share/doc/systemd/README.Debian.gz, but I can walk you through13:37
seb128pitti, I'm in an hangout atm but I'm going to try later, thanks13:38
pittiseb128: ugh -- let's investigate that indeed13:38
pittiseb128: I sometimes notice that this happens if I start user LXC containers in my session; as they start inside the desktop session cgroup but don't get shut down automatically on logout, they cause the 90 s timeout13:38
pittiseb128: but that's about the only issue I'm aware of13:39
pitti(This doesn't affect system lxc or  lxd)13:39
seb128well in my case it does it even if I boot to greeter and reboot without login13:39
seb128so not likely that13:39
pittiok; well, list-jobs will say what it is waiting on13:40
seb128I tried to switch to a vt but there was not login prompt13:40
seb128I need to think to boot with the debug shell13:40
pittiseb128: no, you don't -- sudo systemctl start debug-shell13:40
pittithen you should have it on VT913:40
seb128oh ok, I didn't know that13:41
seb128last time I looked at the README it was telling to do that on grub cmdline13:41
seb128pitti, thanks!13:41
pittiseb128: hm, that must have been some time ago13:41
seb128pitti, yeah, I debugged things when we transitioned13:42
seb128I don't think I played with it much since summer13:42
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mhall119mariogrip: I can do a call today at the same time as yesterday if that works for you14:00
mariogripmhall119: yeah, that's perfect14:09
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mhall119mariogrip: were you able to rebuild your images based on 15.04 and the overlay PPA?14:11
_Spongemhall119: Who's doing the Q&A today ?14:48
davmor2_Sponge: people14:48
_Spongereally, I thought it was Xenomorphs ;/14:48
tathhuOh, only devel* is updated for deb :(14:50
_Spongedpm, ping.14:51
davmor2tathhu: what do you mean only devel is updated for deb?14:51
dpm_Sponge, pong?14:52
tathhuor maybe i don't know how to flash it14:52
tathhudavmor2, tried to flash something stable on to my n7 LTE but it was old as hellll :(14:52
_Spongedpm, Are you doing the #ubuntuonair today ?14:52
tathhumaybe it's time to sleep again.14:52
davmor2tathhu: deb isn't a supported platform14:53
dpm_Sponge, popey and dholbach are doing it today14:54
tathhugotta wait for "real" ubuntu tablet :P14:55
tathhuor get a flo..14:55
_Spongedpm, cheers.14:58
ogra_tathhu, i heard there is another server that provides rc-proposed deb images (though i forgot the name ... it isnt the "tasemice" one anymore)14:58
ogra_you really dont want to run devel *anywhere* :)14:58
tathhuI know :P14:59
* ogra_ forgot who pointed him to the new server during scale ... probably popey or mhall119 14:59
tathhu... ignore that15:04
mhall119ogra_: ubports.com?15:11
ogra_ah, yeah, that one15:11
mhall119that's mariogrip's15:11
ogra_right, and i think it has deb imges15:11
mhall119is deb a device codename?15:12
mhall119_Sponge: popey and dholbach I believe are doing the Q&A today15:12
ogra_mhall119, yeah, its the LTE N715:12
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popeydeb is flo + 3g15:13
dobeydoes ubports have deb images now?15:19
dobeyi don't see any15:19
dobeyit does have manta images though15:20
tathhuno deb :(15:22
mhall119yeah, I don't think he's done anything with tablets15:23
popeyi doubt he even has a deb15:26
_Spongepopey: Think something is wrong here with youtube, if you click it. http://ubuntuonair.com/15:36
popeyit hasn't started yet15:36
popeyit will be fine once it starts, I'm sure15:36
_Spongethere's usually a count-down. Just sayin'15:37
_Spongemaybe I'm too early. dunno.15:37
_Spongeanyway- np.15:38
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jgdxpmcgowan, hey, do you know who can answer my question in bug 1533835? Or: who's working on indicator location right now?15:58
ubot5`bug 1533835 in Canonical System Image "Support direct access to the location panel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153383515:58
pmcgowancharles, is that you? ^16:02
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jgdxmterry, hey, could you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/gsettings-ubuntu-touch-schemas/hw-kbd/+merge/284755 ?16:19
mterryjgdx, not immediately, but will take a look16:20
jgdxmterry, thanks.16:20
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abeato_mhall119, mariogrip I can't do the meeting today16:54
mhall119abeato_: no worries, we'll send you a summary if there's anything we need from you16:55
abeato_mhall119, great, thanks16:55
ogra_sil2100, bug 1500390 actuaqlly breaks some stuff ... (which is why i said i wouldnt call it whishlist ... it adds in-container dirs to PATH that shouldnt be mapped and such)17:22
ubot5`bug 1500390 in Canonical System Image "Clean /etc/environment" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150039017:22
sil2100ogra_: ACK, well, I only added it as 'wishlist' as the original bug was marked as such17:37
sil2100ogra_: if john-mcaleely decides it's a high-risk bug he'll set the priority accordingly17:38
ogra_yeah, it was even me who added it initially ... but that was before i saw that there are actual issues :)17:38
john-mcaleelysil2100, pmcgowan gets to make that call17:39
sil2100...or pmcgowan in that case ;)17:39
ogra_it isnt high-risk but definitely needs attention17:39
john-mcaleelyso many things do17:39
ogra_(and it is an easy taks, just needs a dev and a QA person to work together for a day to test the removals)17:39
ogra_i guess at max you need to move one or two vars somewhere else, the rest shoudl be good to be wiped (especially the PATH hackery)17:40
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charlespmcgowan, yes, that would be me on the indicator-location part of bug #1533835, assigning myself18:11
ubot5`bug 1533835 in indicator-location (Ubuntu) "Support direct access to the location panel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153383518:11
pmcgowanjgdx, ^^18:11
charlesjgdx, currently when 'location settings' is clicked we call url_dispatch_send() with a uri of "settings:///system/security-privacy"18:16
charlesjgdx, is there a uri that can be used to invoke a subpage of a u-s-s plugin, eg the Location page in the security-privacy plugin?18:20
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k1lis every slimport working on the nexus4? or are there some known to not work?19:43
pmcgowank1l, many are rather flaky19:47
dobey_k1l: apparently one should be considered lucky to buy a Qi charger that actually works well.19:53
k1ldobey_: uh? i got a philips one just before the nexus4 sales started for cheap money. that still works19:54
dobey_k1l: works, and works well are not the same thing :)19:55
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k1li would seperate qi charging in works == charges and doesnt work== doesnt charge :)19:56
dobeyk1l: i recently bought an angled qi charger stand, and it works, but it causes the screen to come on periodically, and flickers between charging and not charging, and causes excessive heat19:56
k1lah ok.19:57
dobeyi've haerd this is not uncommon :(19:57
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pmcgowank1l, did you mean the port or the third party adapters19:58
pmcgowanI meant the adapters19:58
popeyoh, i have two terrible qi chargers20:00
k1lyeah. i am thinking about buying an adapter. and there are ones for 10euro or 30euro20:00
popeyyou have to put the phone on them with millimeter accuracy or they don't charge20:00
k1lqi charging does make some heat. but so does the battery when charged with a strong wallplug20:01
dobeyk1l: some. but it shouldn't make this much20:06
dobeybut i'm pretty sure i know what the main problem is with this charger, so i'll have to see if i can fix it20:07
dobeywould be nice if the stand was more upright too20:07
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om26erwhere can i find changelog of daily images of ubuntu-touch ?22:16
dobeyom26er: the daily landing mails that sil2100 sends to the ubuntu-phone list22:18
om26erdobey, thanks, I probably found a more organized place ;) http://people.canonical.com/~lzemczak/landing-team/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en/arale/22:19
yam_ezdoes it take long for touch to pick up its location? i have location data on22:43

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