diddledanI'm guessing .net is a big project to run through ALL TEH TESTS: http://dotnet-ci.cloudapp.net/job/dotnet_cli/00:09
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mappshi all06:38
knightwise²morning peeps08:29
MooDoopopey: shame about the brick :( I did that to my asus router09:04
popeyyeah, annoying09:04
popeyprobably fixable, just irritating as I don't have time for this bs09:04
davmor2popey: what happened dude09:04
davmor2Morning all09:04
MooDoomorning davmor209:05
MooDooI've just had a new virgin media router, so just using that for now...09:05
davmor2MooDoo: has it not broken yet?09:06
MooDoodavmor2: no it's the superhub 2ac, it's pretty stable at the moment, it's nice having 2.5 and 5 ghz wireless :)09:07
davmor2MooDoo: had that for an age killed the first one they sent a second it never arrived sent a 3rd and the second arrived at that point I switched it from router to modem only and used my own tp-link with open-wrt and never looked back :)09:09
MooDoodavmor2: yeah i had that setup myself, but as the router is in the kids room, decided I didn't want lots of boxes/cables in their to fiddle with and aint paying £100 to get VM to move the box downstairs into the living room09:11
popeydavmor2, i needed to update dd-wrt because my install was old and buggy09:20
popeydownloaded the flash update and uploaded it to my router, now it wont boot09:20
davmor2popey: ouch that's not fun09:21
davmor2popey: does the router have a reset button (read up first but, but see if that will save you)09:22
popeyit has a whole process for resetting09:22
popeydidn't work09:22
popeyneed to look more into it when i have time09:22
* davmor2 hope you can get it sorted09:23
popeyhad to switch wifi back on, on my vm "super" hub09:24
davmor2popey: how you finding it09:27
popeyonly been like that for 10 hours09:30
popeywill let you know later09:30
popeyor not if I replace dd-wrt with openwrt09:30
davmor2popey: openwrt is a learning curve over dd-wrt but it seems to work much better on my tp-link than dd-wrt was09:34
popeyyeah, i have two netgears, one has dd-wrt and the other has openwrt09:38
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Hedgehog Day! 😃09:43
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davmor2JamesTait: nothing says hedgehog like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-DPi9UIFTo09:48
JamesTaitdavmor2, I give you https://youtu.be/rZEnWhefCZI09:51
davmor2JamesTait: not as good as narwhals09:56
JamesTaitdavmor2, but more hedgehogy.09:59
davmor2JamesTait: not as good as narwhals or the badger song09:59
JamesTaitThe badger song came to mind first, but I figured there must be an actual hedgehog one.10:00
davmor2JamesTait: doesn't say hedgehog as many times as mine though :P10:00
davmor2JamesTait: I have in the back of my head that there is a song that had hedgehogs in it from the 80's I have a feeling though it might of been like part of the wombles song or something crazy like that10:02
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:10
diplodavmor2: http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/song-midis/Hedgehog_Song.htm10:36
diploHow does something like that stay on the internet :D10:37
diploSupposedly from discworld ?10:37
awilkinsIt's hinted at in the books10:38
awilkinsOnly snatches of lyrics10:38
awilkinsBut I think PTerry fans got together on the newsgroups and made these up10:38
diploI've tried reading 2 of his books, failed both so far :/10:38
awilkinsWhich ones?10:38
awilkinsHis earlier work is not as good10:38
awilkinsStarts getting good around book 410:39
diploFirst discworld one and something else that I can remember that I was recommended10:39
diploAh right, so persistence is key10:39
awilkinsYou can really see the improvement10:39
diploI read 2-3 books a week and some are *REALLY* bad10:39
diploWill try again10:39
awilkinsThey get as good as actually genuinely evoking tears10:39
awilkinsThe first two Discworld ones have some real continuity problems and lots of errors in the printings I have10:40
diploOK, do I *need* to start one #1 ?10:40
awilkinsNot really10:40
awilkinsIt may help to set the scene and the tone, but he does a good job of re-setting the scene in each Discworld novel10:40
awilkinsYou may miss a few in-jokes10:41
awilkinsA lot of people love Rincewind but he's a bit of a one-joke character10:41
diploIf I remember correctly, I got to a bit in a bar where they meet someone to trade, or they've walked to a hill and someone attacks them ( been a good year or more since I tried! )10:41
awilkinsYou can tell that PTerry transferred his affections to Vimes as his big favourite10:42
awilkinsThe first two read more like a collection of short stories in retrospect10:43
awilkinsEqual Rites, #3,  introduces one of his more beloved characters, Granny Weatherwax, who gets fleshed out a LOT more later10:43
awilkins#4 : Mort, for me is where it really starts to get good10:44
awilkinsReaper Man (the next big DEATH one) is wonderful10:44
diploI've got a few of them in epub, will chuck them on the kindle and have a go10:49
diploI read mainly espionage/crime stuff, but have read a few scifi type books. The halo books were suprisingly ok :)10:50
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:55
Myrttimorning bigcalm10:55
diploMorning bittin-10:57
bigcalmAha, a better server10:57
bigcalmThe server I was on was sending my data but not returning data from other servers10:57
bigcalmYou could see me talking but I didn't see your responses until many hours later10:58
diploOops, supposed to have said morning bigcalm :D I really can't multitask11:15
davmor2morning bigcalm how's life over your way?11:18
bigcalmdavmor2: The Shrewsbury office was shaking in the wind yesterday. Today I'm at home and feeling less shook up11:20
bigcalmdavmor2: keeping your sanity?11:21
davmor2bigcalm: Sanity that rings a bell, isn't that something normals have? I'm having fun though Honest, just ignore the tic it goes away in the end ;)11:23
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awilkinsFirefox is now annoying me enough to contemplate changing to Chromium13:07
awilkinsWhich is a PITA because it has all my links & bookmarks & passwords & stuff13:07
zmoylan-pithey do seem intent on making people switch13:09
awilkinsIt keeps doing this thing where it doesn't repaint the display13:10
awilkinsYou can flip tabs and the title changes, but nothing repaints13:10
awilkinsI dunno, maybe it's a GPU bug or something13:10
popeysounds like a gpu acceleration issue13:10
awilkinsWebGL is off.13:11
awilkinsso... meh13:11
awilkinsI'm on the latest nvidia binaries13:11
awilkinsMaybe if I turn webgl ON13:11
awilkinsOr is that nothing to do with the main painting loop?13:13
zmoylan-pii have had very busy pages updating in the background slow the page in front been redrawn13:15
awilkinsYeah, I think that may be what's happening13:16
zmoylan-piwith tweetdeck i sometimes have to kill the tab13:16
awilkinsWeb twitter13:16
awilkinsNewspaper websites too13:16
awilkinsSeem to be really nasty cesspools of terrible performance13:16
foobarrywhere's a good place to buy greetings cards? anyone cheaper than moonpig/funkypigeon?13:26
awilkinsJust don't participate in the destruction of our planet for a mere sentiment and phone the person to wish them happy <insert event here>?13:29
foobarryits the missis13:29
foobarrydont think it would go down well13:31
foobarryon the other hand i am happy receiving last years card13:31
zmoylan-piprint this off at home to save a few pennies... :-) http://platinumlynx.blogspot.ie/2010/02/tescos-value-valentines-card.html13:32
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davmor2zmoylan-pi: you've not got a valentine have you :P14:02
MooDoohttp://tescovaluecards.com/ ;)14:03
davmor2MooDoo: I double dare you to give that to your Wife as a serious Valentines card, Don't worry dude I have a net standing by to catch your head ;)14:07
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zmoylan-pior a vasectomy done via hobnail boots...14:14
MooDoodavmor2: That's more than she'd get any way...we don't do valentine14:19
davmor2MooDoo: I know but that would still be an insult for which you would suffer and you know it ;)  As Yoda says Do or Do not there is no try!!!!14:20
MooDooI'll do not then14:24
davmor2MooDoo: yeah my wife and I gave up on it many moons ago because every quadruples around then :)  So we save the money and spend more on birthdays instead :)14:26
MooDoodavmor2: we'll both be coming back from france on our birthdays14:30
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diddledanI've got a weird BT broadbent problem - dad and I both have infinity in our respective homes. when I'm over his I can use DNS via his HomeHub to retreive an address which points to a address (in public dns) but doing the same at home I can't get the DNS system to give me the response15:17
diddledane.g. from home `dig +short vpn.vpn.bangdynamics.com`: no response. using google's dns `dig +short vpn.vpn.bangdynamics.com @` reponse:
diddledanat dad's I get the correct reply from BT DNS15:20
m0nkey_reboot your router15:23
diddledanwe both have HomeHub 5 routers, so it's not a difference in hardware15:23
diddledan\o/ spam!15:24
MooDooyay spam spam spam spam spammety spam15:27
* zmoylan-pi wonders what the click rate is for random url shortened link posted by drive by spammer in irc...15:39
diddledanin freenode I would imagine it to be low, due to the techy nature of the audience15:40
zmoylan-pioffset by ocd nature and curiousity of same... :-)15:40
diddledanirc servers with a more moron-focused audience it might be higher15:40
zmoylan-pito the #microsoft channel! ::spinning bat logo::15:44
diplodiddledan: BT have major issues it appears16:03
diploJust been on the phone to my dad talking through stuff, decided to check twitter, @BTCare are being hammered from all over the country of people complaining16:04
* diplo should have checked Twitter first than deal my dad for the last 30/40 mins :D16:05
zmoylan-pibut... bt brought you together... :-)16:05
davmor2diplo: blames diddledan 's use of dig I would :D16:09
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svecan i switch between a 2 bit install and a amd compatible one? via the usb install option?17:28
davmor2sve: not with ease, might be easier to back up any files you want and then do a fresh flash17:31
davmor2install even17:31
svedavmor2: im doing a sideby side install so i can resize partitions after tranfering the files to the new partition17:32
sveim using a USB i created with ubootin and im not getting any feedback from the install dialog17:35
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\svok so i decided to go fror a fresh install. where to get the Hexchat config file from?18:16
daftykins"the hexchat config" being what?18:18
daftykinsyour existing one?18:18
daftykins.config/hexchat/ probably18:18
\sv~/.config/hexchat apparenty (after googleing) how to copy this to my external hdd?18:19
daftykinsare you using a non-GUI boot at the moment or something?18:20
daftykinsas i find it a bit puzzling how a copy would be a challenge18:20
daftykinspressing ctrl+h would show hidden files in the GUI file manager nautilus, allowing you to copy+paste graphically by visiting the .config folder18:21
daftykinsas above then18:23
\svok thanks, hopfully i can just transfer those into the new install of hexchat18:24
daftykins100% definitely, although install the package first then place the folder18:24
\svim optimistic. this is ubuntu. so.... wish me well18:25
daftykinsdoesn't matter the OS, they all have their quirks18:25
\svi've copied the files from my homefolder into an archive and copied them accross to the xternalhdd18:26
\svare there any other file or folders i aught to copy?18:26
daftykinsfor hexchat, no.18:26
\svin general though?18:26
daftykinsan app would not specifically store data in ~/.config/ and then use another path18:27
daftykinswell you need to state what you want18:27
daftykinsin general you'd just copy the entire /home/username for a backup18:27
\sv:) im switching between 32 bit and t'uver one i cant use a backup file to restore tings can i?18:28
daftykinsbackup of home, yes.18:29
daftykinstake the whole thing now, worry about the details later18:29
diddledandaftykins: where ya been?18:30
\svok, i know you cant simply upgrade the whole thing and this keeps crashing so hence this fresh install :)18:30
diddledandaftykins: did you get lost in the sea?18:30
\svdiddledan, daftykins has off being awesome. where else whould they be?18:31
daftykinsdiddledan: hey :) having a break really, had some work to do before Spain then just felt like avoiding the stresses and unpleasant folk we get on here :) ( #ubuntu )18:31
daftykins\sv: "has off" ?18:31
diddledanlol, fair enough :-)18:31
\svdaftykins, off round the world18:31
daftykinsi don't think i'll hang around, quite enjoying being away :>18:32
daftykins\sv: where else what? please try phrasing a complete sentence and then maybe we can respond18:33
daftykinsthere would be nothing else to backup except /home/username/ as mentioned already18:33
\svim making a copy of ./config just in case18:34
daftykinsbut that's a subfolder of /home/username/ ...18:35
\svdaftykins, i was saying you are awesome and youve been away from irc as you've been busy being awesome (we have met before)18:35
daftykinsi'm saying grab the whole path ^_^18:35
daftykinsoic, hehe - thanks18:35
\svok bbl19:25
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bittin-_i got british tea :)22:20
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diddledannothing better than british tea from thailand22:21
MyrttiI've got Finnish redbush from... somewhere22:22
* m0nkey_ tickles diddledan23:04

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