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chesedomorning all04:30
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Kilosmorning inetpro anton_may cal_py thatgraemeguy Vince-0 Private_User Squirm SilverCode and other lurkers06:07
cal_pymorning Kilos 06:07
thatgraemeguymorning :)06:08
Private_Usermorning Kilos 06:10
Private_Userwow some new nicks there in your greet06:10
Private_Userwell new to me06:10
dlPhreakMornin yawl06:15
Kiloshi dlPhreak 06:16
dlPhreakHow are you Kilos ?06:16
Kilosgood ty and you?06:16
dlPhreakLousy :P06:16
Kilosoh my06:17
dlPhreakYeah lol06:18
Kiloswhats wrong06:18
Kiloscant be all lousy if you can lol about it06:19
dlPhreakIt's just lack of sleep, lack of caffeine and too much work.06:20
Kiloswell lack of sleep is always in your hands06:20
Kilosend of day go home eat bath then sleep till you catch up06:21
dlPhreakI'm so lost there no  point in even trying. As long as I caffinate sufficiently then I'm fine.06:24
Vince-0sup! 06:30
Vince-0aarg, its work time bbl06:30
inetprooh and a very good mornings tp everyone else as well and Kilos06:47
Kiloshehe ty sir06:47
inetproanyone else having performance issues to security.ubuntu.com or is it just me?07:06
Kilosi get here fine albeit slow07:08
inetproapt-get update taking forever07:08
Kiloslemme try07:08
KilosFetched 4 946 kB in 28s (175 kB/s)07:09
Kilosthats with neology07:09
Kilosai! another 109m upgrades07:11
KilosFetched 102 MB in 4min 10s (408 kB/s)07:15
inetprook, looks like whatever it was it is better now07:15
inetprowas just the part going to security.ubuntu.com that was slow07:16
Kilosinternet been flaky for a while now07:16
inetpros/going to/pulling from/07:16
Kilosai! system restart needed07:16
inetproeish man!07:18
inetpronow we have a Hash Sum mismatch at ubuntu.mirror.neology.co.za07:18
* inetpro should probably just wait 07:18
inetproor maybe time to switch to Kenya07:19
inetprook looks like it was a caching issue... resolved with 'sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=true'07:41
Kiloslocal cache?07:42
inetproupstream cache07:43
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* Padroni waves11:24
Kiloshi Padroni 11:25
Padronihow are you?11:27
Kilosok ty and you?11:27
PadroniI'm good11:27
PadroniUbuntu is making me dumb :/11:28
Padronijust saw a BSOD for the first time in so long, I at first thought it was part of a website I was browsing11:28
Kiloswhat are you battling with11:28
Padronithen memory dump, then reboot11:28
Padronithen I remembered - windows does this sometimes...11:28
Kiloswhats a BSOD11:28
PadroniBlue Screen Of Death11:29
Kilosoh my11:29
Padronistop error in windows11:29
Kilosya but that doesnt happen on ubuntu11:29
Padronipc reboots automatically after that 11:29
PadroniI know - been using ubuntu so long I forgot what a BSOD is11:29
Padroniso when it happened to me now, it completely confused me11:29
Kilosoh you on win?11:30
PadroniI was like - what an odd color for a web page background...11:30
Padroniand then I recognized it11:30
Kilosbad site you went to11:30
Padronimust be11:30
Kilosthink of all the poor win peeps that are gonna be crying11:30
Padronii found a use for my ipad again11:31
PadroniI download linux books in pdf and read it when I have to fly somewhere11:31
Padronigives me something to do on the plane11:32
Kilosthats useful11:32
cal_pyAnyone here taken a gander at Unity 8?11:46
superflyI'm a firm KDE fanboi11:46
Kiloscal_py learn to use kde11:47
cal_pyKDE is easy11:47
cal_pyvery windows like11:47
Kilosi hear everyone raving about plasma 511:47
cal_pyBut also very polished11:47
Kilosoh dont you want easy11:48
cal_pyUnity 8 looks good thou, I just dont like the fact that they have taken some ideas from windows when the app's are loading11:48
Padroni35 people and no one is speaking13:33
Padroniwhat is the point of being connected then?13:33
Kilosi just had a beard cut and busy repairing flymo where rats ate the wires near the coils13:40
chesedocal_py: have test driven it for a few minutes13:41
chesedojust wish it was more complete13:41
Padronitest driven what?13:42
chesedounity next13:42
chesedo...more complete at the time that is13:43
superflyPadroni: http://www.datamation.com/osrc/article.php/3693951/Linux-Is-Boring.htm14:10
squish102what is the speed of wifi G network?14:27
squish102i want to set up a rasberry pi to take snapshots of speedtest every hour14:28
squish102but it is connected to wifi14:28
chesedosquish102: 54Mbits/s14:47
chesedomax, will be lower at all times14:47
williamkHi All15:17
chesedohi williamk15:18
williamkHi chesedo15:20
Kiloshi williamk 15:31
Kiloswhat happened to wwk15:31
williamkI am still here, trying to cook at same time15:40
Kilosdont burn your supper15:40
williamkHave not burnt it so far15:59
williamkwas talking to  Kapanda Phiri via ubuntu-za list, about end-user certificates,16:02
Kilosi saw16:03
Kilosyou should have told him to come here16:03
williamkas Ubuntu had training manuals, which looks like they are not keeping up to date, 16:03
Kilosmail reading is a pain16:03
williamkPossibly we can start some Certifications16:04
Kilosthats a great idea its just getting them reconised or certied govt wise16:04
Kilosyou might have to affiliate wit a varsity or college16:05
Kilosyoung peeps will have more knowlege about how things work nowadays16:05
williamkpossibly with Siyavula : http://www.siyavula.com/ they have some with the DBE : http://www.education.gov.za/Curriculum/SiyavulaTextbooks/tabid/591/Default.aspx16:06
williamksupper is ready, cheers, might see you later16:15
cal_pyYo yo yo good evening!!16:59
Kilospieter2627 chesedo dies again17:28
Kilospadroni why so quiet?17:51
inetproKilos: why so quiet? 18:05
inetprogood morning everyone 18:05
Kilosim trying that new thing out18:05
Kilosand the older one18:05
Kiloschill and mellow18:06
Kilosand thinking about julle tweetjies18:06
Kilosand everyone always busy so that leaves18:07
KilosMaaz coffee on18:07
* Maaz washes some mugs18:07
Kilosi actually thought i wasnt connected for a while inetpro so share a cuppa with me'18:09
KilosMaaz tell padroni So rude, not even a toodles before going18:10
MaazKilos: Okay, I'll tell Padroni on freenode18:10
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:11
KilosMaaz danke18:12
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chesedoKilos: it's alive!!18:13
Kilosyou need to change the order of nicks in your client18:14
Kilosmake first one chesedo then add a tail ot two18:15
chesedowhen the connection drop and it reconnects the server still thinks chesedo is taken so goes to second18:16
Kilosnee man18:16
Kiloschesedo- as second choice18:16
Kilosand chesedo-- as thrid choice18:17
chesedoyay can do that too18:17
Kilosohi who_da_fly 18:19
Kilosyou on cell now?18:19
Kilosoh no, server18:20
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
superflyKilos: no, the data centre my server is in was having some problems18:23
Kiloswb then superfly 18:23
Kilospeeps are clever (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)18:25
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:19
inetprogood night oom Kilos19:19

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