jplankis there a way to disable the built in wireless in my laptop and force ubuntu to use the usb wifi instead?00:01
tsimonq2altI am getting frustrated with this... I have a laptop and a desktop. I would like to connect the desktop to the Internet. In my specific situation the only way I can do this is to connect the desktop to the laptop and connect the laptop to wireless. I have tried to  look on Google for solutions but  none of them work. Both the desktop and the laptop00:02
tsimonq2alt run  *ubuntu. What should I do?00:02
tsimonq2altMy goal is to connect the desktop to the Internet00:03
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combatdud3tsimonq2: how are you connecting the laptop to the desktop?00:05
tsimonq2altvia Ethernet00:06
combatdud3can you not bridge the wifi nic to the ethernet nic on the laptop?00:06
tsimonq2altcombatdud3: how do I do that(preferably a set of commands)?00:07
combatdud3I can provide you with google search terms...00:08
combatdud3You want to look up bridging an interface in /etc/network/interfaces00:08
combatdud3Sorry I can't give you more, I'm at work.00:08
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Ana__i have folders in my documentes called, for example; "fp-us.alibaba.com" and so many other of web pages i dont eveer visit00:19
Ana__how can i erase them00:19
Ana__i have folders in my documentes called, for example; "fp-us.alibaba.com" and so many other of web pages I dont ever visit. Why?00:22
stibiumopen terminal and run: sudo nautilus00:23
stibiumyou should be able to go to /home/*yourusernamehere*/documents and delete them00:23
k1ldont du sudo nautilus. that is a bad advice00:27
k1land you dont need root permissions to manage files in your users home.00:27
LaserAllanhey there i am trying to create a daemon for plexpyandid like some help when it comes the etc/default config00:28
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Jacksteranyone here alive?00:34
LaserAllanis thereanyone here who knows i can create a daamon?00:35
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SachiruHello! What's the status of SMB Multichannel support in Samba? Is it (mostly) working now with reasonable hardware?00:36
Ana__so i use sudo nautilus00:37
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k1lAna__: no00:38
k1lAna__: in which folder are they?00:39
Ana__what i do? should i just delet them from documents00:39
k1lAna__: which folder exactly?00:40
srulii have a pc with a very slow internet connection, is there a way i can get a list of updates to a file download from other pc and install?00:42
Ana__home < .macromdia<Flash_Player<#ShareObjects<BNQGUFPL00:42
hwllo_worlgIm looking for a socks5 library so I can compile lynx w/ socks support - any idea where I can find one? - had searched web and, mostly I see are "full server or client" implementations of proxies00:43
k1lAna__: that are temorary internet files from the flash plugin00:43
LaserAllanhey thereanyone know how i can create a daemon?00:44
Ana__so I dont have to erase them?00:44
k1lAna__: you dont need to.00:44
k1lAna__: but if you like, you can erase them.00:44
Ana__thnk you kll00:44
Ana__they dont take a lot of space of my memory?00:45
Guest3347 im trying to install tor and trying to extract all the files from it and when i try to open it by clicking the icon it wont work00:45
k1lAna__: i dont know. right click on the files and see yourself00:45
Guest3347could someone help me.. i was sent here from Freenode00:46
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npsizhow can i check which port service is using? i dont mean about ps aux00:51
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sere1232question: my bluetooth headset will pair but only in headset.. how to i set it to audio sink?00:51
npsizmaybe something like service something -p lol00:52
k1lnpsiz: "netstat -tulpen"00:53
npsizbut honestly cant find there, isnt there any way?00:55
npsizits about dkim00:55
npsizdkim service00:55
npsizlike service dkim -p00:55
npsizor something like that00:55
k1lnpsiz: look at its config?00:55
npsizit is not stated there00:56
npsizi tell which port to use, but it doesnt work on that port00:57
npsizno, in postfix config i tell which port dkim using00:57
npsizbut yeah cant find that port00:57
basshow do i take a snapshot/create a restore point of current system on ubuntu 15.10?00:59
Bashing-ombass: With the default file system you do not . This is not Windows .. one backs up their data and (re-)installs .01:03
dreadkoppbass: dd it to an image01:07
dreadkoppor use btrfs01:07
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sere1232question: i have my bluetooth speaker connected now as audio sink but its nowhere in pavucontrol01:18
sere1232how do i set it01:19
FirefisheUsing 'bluetoothctl', how can I send power to a usb dongle that is not getting power?01:19
sere1232pactl load-module module-bluethooth-discover Failure: Module initialization failed01:30
cool_boyis it normal output of route and route  -n ? http://pastebin.com/2KWGKv7401:35
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Bashing-omcool_boy: No; mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14854071/ .01:38
cool_boyBashing-om: yeah , that is how I was hoping01:38
cool_boyso any idea what could be issue?01:39
Bashing-omcool_boy: No connectivity to the router ? - can you ping the router's IP ?01:40
cool_boyBashing-om: I was trying to check that, to find router's ip I used the command route -n and got that output01:40
Bashing-omcool_boy: Can you access the router's setup from your browser ?01:41
cool_boyBashing-om: this is output on vps, I think my router has nothing to do there. right?01:42
Bashing-omcool_boy: VPS, can not advise .01:43
Gallomimiacan someone point out to me how to get vagrant and a development vm installed on my ubuntu machine?01:43
Gallomimiawould you use packages or download and install things?01:44
cool_boyBashing-om: thanks01:45
grass843_Got Ubuntu ?01:45
Gallomimiagrass843_: yes01:46
Bashing-omcool_boy: Hey, not much help on my part. Others can advise better.01:47
cool_boynp Bashing-om :)01:48
cool_boytracert command works on ubuntu as well?01:48
grass843_Sudo apt-get install vagrant01:48
grass843_sudo apt-get install virtualbox01:49
dashdotdotAnyone seen a relocation error after upgrade from 14 to 15?01:50
b-yeezigrass843_: Does vagrant work with KVM directly or do you need to go through virtualbox?01:50
dashdotdotNot seeing anything on the fours about it.01:50
grass843_Virtual box is what I have seen01:53
combatdud3b-yeezi: I've never used it. But: https://github.com/pradels/vagrant-libvirt01:54
grass843_Check this out http://www.olindata.com/blog/2014/07/installing-vagrant-and-virtual-box-ubuntu-1404-lts01:54
b-yeezicombatdud3 Thanks. I'll look into that. I use vbox all the time, but just wanted to see if i could live without it.01:56
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b-yeeziOne of these days I need to learn Ansible. I still provision using bash scripts01:57
combatdud3b-yeezi: no probs. FWIW I've been using kvm on my work PC for the last two weeks. Had nary and issue. Much cooler functionality so far.01:57
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b-yeeziNow that I almost never use a windows vm, I see no benefit in vbox over libvirt01:58
perfektedis there a stable mono-project for ubuntu 14.04?02:02
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gr1zzlybe4rWhy are binaries located at /etc/init.d/ not being run on startup for me?02:09
artoisgr1zzlybe4r: binaries? Or init scripts02:14
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lramalhohello! someone on ubuntu mate for arm is available for me to ask a question?02:16
akkadif we said yes, would that be what you want to hear?02:16
lramalhowell, that depends. Can you provide some support for a small problem in blueman ?02:17
lramalhoubuntu mate raspberry pi...?02:17
Y4kuziHey guys. Why does my Wifi stop working when I close the lid or lock the screen on Ubuntu 14.04? BCM43142. Power management is already turned off, and lid close action has been set to Do nothing.02:18
k1l!details  | lramalho02:18
ubottulramalho: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:18
sere1232question: i have my bluetooth speaker connected now as audio sink but its nowhere in pavucontrol02:19
sere1232how do i set it02:19
sere1232pactl load-module module-bluethooth-discover Failure: Module initialization failed02:19
lramalhoIt s«ia a strange issue. After I pair a keyboard I can NO longer open "Devices..." option in blueman.02:20
lramalhoinfact I can't open it anywhere. It starts with the cursor spinning, then... nothing....02:20
lramalhoIn some rare ocasions it opens, but I cannot open it in regular basis...02:22
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nownotany idea what would cause some files in my samba share dont show ?02:27
dashdotdotHow do you get apt to point to a different libapt?02:27
dashdotdotopen("/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/tls/x86_64/libapt-pkg.so.4.12", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)02:27
dreadkoppnownot: permissions02:28
nownotdreadkopp : thought of that, even did all at 777 with the samba user as owner02:28
dreadkoppi also like to live dangerously, but chmod -R 777 ??02:29
dreadkoppsamba log says anything?02:29
nownotdreadkopp : I dont see anything usefull, no02:32
dreadkoppthose files missing aren't symlinks, are they?02:32
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Y4kuziHey guys. Why does my Wifi stop working when I close the lid or lock the screen on Ubuntu 14.04? BCM43142. Power management is already turned off, and lid close action has been set to Do nothing.02:40
Y4kuziWhen I open the lid again it resumes like normal02:40
dreadkoppmaybe there is a hard-switch which is pressed when closing the lid02:42
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Y4kuziNo, it doesn't happen on Windows02:42
dreadkoppcan you connect via ethernet and ssh to it when it's closed? if yes whats the ouput of 'rfkill list' ?02:43
Y4kuziI don't have an ethernet connection available at the moment02:49
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Y4kuzidreadkopp, not sure if this works the same way, but I did the following: sleep 10; rfkill list all02:56
Y4kuziand then closed my lid, opened it after a while02:57
Y4kuzinothing was blocked02:57
dreadkoppstill wifi shuts down when closing the lid?02:58
Y4kuziyeah, I tried pinging myself via another IRC server on mobile client02:58
Y4kuzino reply, but when I opened my lid again a few seconds later I got the reply02:58
Y4kuziIt doesn't completely drop, it just appears to not send/receive data02:59
Y4kuziThis is what syslog shows, not sure if it helps anything: http://pastebin.com/BWq9tiw302:59
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endev15is pdx here?03:23
endev15pdx are you here?03:23
endev15pdx, are you here?03:23
endev15One of my friend's computers won't go past the login screen. Any ideas?03:24
dani_Hi everyone.. Look, I'm having a hard time trying to get my new Tv Capture Card to work on Ubuntu. Here's the link I have to use to get it to work but I was wondering if anyone had the time to help me through this list to get my card working please??? http://six3sevenlinux.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/avermedia-avertv-volar-hd-nano-a867r.html03:24
endev15dani_, can you explain your problem?03:25
Windows98yayo: you the same yayo as in ##chat?03:25
dani_i'm a noob endev15 .. i bought a card that has the linux penguin on the box and i was told it would work with linux.. however as i said.. im a noob and need some guidance03:26
dani_endev15, i have been told that the link i posted is for an older version of linux03:26
dani_basically, i need someone to spoon feed me03:26
endev15dani_, I'm not that good either, but this type of stuff I understand.03:27
endev15dani_, so are you available to type stuff in right now?03:27
dani_yes endev1503:27
dani_pm me if you can help?03:27
endev15dani_, How do I PM people? I'm an idiot when it comes to IRC03:28
nicomachusendev15: /msg username message03:28
nicomachusor /query username, which opens a PM window.03:29
nicomachusbut don't PM for support.03:29
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.03:29
dani_help me here if you can endev1503:29
endev15dani_, I think I messaged you through PM03:30
nicomachusdani_: do you have the driver for the card on their website or a CD or something?03:30
lmabis someone here?03:32
nicomachusdon't do that here03:32
dani_i was told the kernel will have the drivers nicomachus03:32
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endev15Too bad there aren't more people asking questions here......03:36
nicomachusthere are more during the day (North American/Europe time)03:37
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alex88hi there, I've upgraded kernel, before that I had installed the nvidia proprietary drivers and broadcom-source-something for wifi, now after boot instead of auto-login I've the login page, I enter credentials, it flashes a black screen and it goes back to login page03:46
alex88any clue?03:46
endev15alex88, I've got some ideas. In fact, I ran accross information on that yesterday.03:48
nicomachusalex88: can you log in with TTY?03:48
endev15alex88, yes. Try Ctrl+Alt+F1 then login03:48
alex88nicomachus: yup03:48
alex88endev15: login works03:48
alex88on ctrl-alt-f7 it's https://twitter.com/4l3x88/status/69436673586919424103:49
nicomachusalex88: do that, then verify that your Nvidia driver and bcmwl-kernel-source are both installed.03:49
regeditanyone familiar with creating a disk image from USB? if i create a sparse IMG file from a 32GB disk drive, and say it shrinks down to 10GB (lots of zeros on disk being sparsed away), will i be able to write this image to a 16GB disk? or will it need to expand to its full 32GB?03:49
alex88kk sec03:49
nicomachusregedit: that doesn't really sound like much of an Ubuntu question.03:49
alex88nicomachus: no broadcom packages, however dpkg --get-selections shows nvidia-352 as installed03:50
alex88broadcom drivers were installed via a deb file since I didn't have internet connection to install those unless I installed the deb03:51
nicomachusdo you have internet connection now?03:51
alex88nicomachus: nope, on login page there is no wifi card in network manager03:51
endev15alex88, You should make sure your home directory is owned by the right user. That sometimes makes the problem.03:51
nicomachusalex88: no ethernet available?03:51
alex88nicomachus: nope, kernel is the new one and probably broadcom driver isn't installed anymore03:52
alex88endev15: let me check that03:52
alex88nicomachus: yes and all files/folders inside are my own03:52
nicomachusalex88: do you have an ethernet cable handy that you can use to get internet, and then install bcwml-kernel-source?03:52
alex88nicomachus: nope but I should have the usb with the deb still on it03:53
alex88let me check if I can mount it03:53
nicomachusalex88: well if you upgraded your kernel then that deb probably isn't gonna work anymore... what did you upgrade the kernel to?03:53
endev15alex88, to confirm for sure you can always type sudo chown -R [usrname]:[usrname] /home/[usrname]03:53
endev15alex88, Replacing [usrname] with your username.03:54
alex88nicomachus: 4.2.0-27-generic, from 4.2.0-25 iirc03:54
qazwsxregedit: my guess is it expands to full 32GB. let me know what happens when you try.03:54
=== abc123 is now known as bvc123
alex88endev15: already did that, same thing03:55
nicomachusalex88: yea that's the one that rolled out today. ok. You need to get that driver installed somehow.03:56
endev15alex88, Ok then its beyond my current knowledge03:56
alex88nicomachus: kk let me see the version in the ubuntu deb archives03:56
alex88endev15: thanks anyway!03:56
alex88nicomachus: seems still the same03:57
qassemcan you help me troubleshoot bluetooth issue on Ubuntu 14.04 on Asus X550 laptop?. It used to work - I used my bluetooth headset with it. now it suddenly stopped. Here's the output from lsusb and hciconfig  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14719029/03:57
qassemor, I'd be just as happy if you could help me figure out how to get the internal microphone to work...it never has!03:57
nicomachusalex88: alright, you can try installing that deb you have on the USB then, so long as it is
alex88nicomachus: but you're right, "modprobe FATAL module wl not found"03:58
alex88I remember it did that when I used the old version
alex88but now also with the
alex88wait, maybe I've to install http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/dkms too, I remember I installed that too04:00
dreadkoppqassem : output of rfkill list ? are there any switches for the bluetooth?04:00
nicomachusqassem: what brand/model is the dongle?04:01
qassemwhen i run rfkill it says both soft and hard are not blocked.04:01
qassemthe brand is panda bt 4.004:02
qassemwhat does that mean, are there any switches for the bluetooth?04:02
qassemor how would i find out what switches there are, if any?04:02
nicomachusqassem: it sounds like you don't have any switches blocking it.04:02
dreadkoppoh. bluetooth usb dongle? i thought internal04:03
qassemyes it's a dongle04:03
nicomachusdreadkopp: well he ran lsusb...04:03
qassemi'd be just as happy getting the internal mic working, if that seems more workable...that's the only reason really why i have the bluetooth anyway...the bt headset was the only way i could use a mic on this laptop...04:04
alex88nicomachus: same thing, any other idea?04:04
nicomachusqassem: sounds like it just needs the driver, but I'm having trouble figuring out which driver it needs..04:04
alex88could be just because bcmwl still needs to be upgraded?04:05
qassemnow why would it need the driver? it worked just fine and then suddenly stopped working...04:05
nicomachusalex88: well, I doubt the wifi driver is affecting your login screen. but it's needed to do most anything else... the issue is likely the Nvidia driver. Do you need to have the proprietary Nvidia driver? does the oss driver not work?04:06
dreadkoppdidn'T get the paste. i use the same dongle on my arch machine and it also worked oob, no driver needed04:06
nicomachusyea panda is usually pretty easy stuff.04:06
alex88nicomachus: the oss one wasn't giving me full resolution04:07
dreadkopphave you tried the dongle on another machine? maybe it's just broken?04:07
alex88installed the proprietary one and it worked04:07
nicomachusalex88: yea that's pretty standard with Nvidia I suppose... I'm not the Nvidia expert. We have one guy in here a lot that's a wiz with Nvidia and would probably know right away.04:07
qassemok, i'll try it on another machine. here's the paste again http://paste.ubuntu.com/14719029/04:07
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nicomachusalex88: you can always boot into the previous kernel as well, just to get the machine working.04:08
alex88nicomachus: found the login issue, let me find the correct syslog line04:08
orangeddoes anyone know which module will give me the best cooling performance for a dell laptop?04:09
alex88nicomachus: well, old kernel has gone with an apt-get autoremove, btw, gnome basically has "extension glx missing on display :0" -> "critical: we failed, but the fail whale is dead sorry"04:09
orangedit seems like a toss up between fancontrol and i8kfan04:09
orangedand what does ubuntu default to?04:10
dreadkopporanged: normally your fans should be controlled by bios / uefi04:11
dreadkoppqassem: i guess the other usb device is the webcam/mic combo... mighty be tough getting this to work04:11
orangeddreadkopp, i didn't like the way the fan was controlled, revving up to full speed for a few seconds and then stopping04:12
alex88nicomachus: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd64/bcmwl-kernel-source/ this could work? since it's ubuntu 8 but it's from 16.04 instead of 15.1004:12
orangeddreadkopp, i tried fancontrol but it seems something is broken, init.d won't start it and fancontrol fails because the device paths have changed?04:12
orangeddreadkopp, runs fine after pwmconfig, then on reboot it fails to load04:13
qassemok, it looks like that the bt dongle is faulty...is there a bt dongle usb brand you recommend ?04:14
orangedqassem, i like my azio mini dongle04:14
dreadkoppi've got a dongle with the same chip but different casing vendor which still works fine.. and they just cost about $5 ?04:14
qassemthanks! any chance you are up to helping me troubleshoot my internal mic??? it has never worked04:16
dreadkoppbut shouldn't this device have integrated bluetooth as well?04:16
orangeddreadkopp; say i wanted to revert to bios/uefi control of the fan.. should i just remove the fancontrol package and the system will revert?04:17
alex88maybe I should try https://github.com/longsleep/bcmwl-ubuntu04:17
dreadkopporanged: as long as the settings are not overwritten by any program it will use the default settings.04:18
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dreadkoppquassem: chicony electronics xxxx is your webcam. i guess mic is attached to it.04:18
dreadkoppcheck for 'uvcvideo' driver04:19
orangeddreadkopp, thanks!04:19
velushello im following this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixVirtualMailBoxClamSmtpHowto and when i get to testing the mail i get nothing? can someone please help me04:20
alex88nicomachus: anyway, seems it's just because the kernel sources are missing04:23
alex88maybe after that I've just to trigger a rebuild of dkms modules and that'll work04:23
qassemdreadkopp: where/ how would i check for uvcvideo driver04:24
alex88what's the linux kernel source package?04:24
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Steve_Jo1seems like there is no one in the linuxwacom channel04:26
Steve_Jo1anyone got a wacom tablet working?04:26
=== MMarsh is now known as MiningMarsh
Steve_Jo1I thought it would be easy, but after installing and working successfully, it stops working after a reboot04:27
alex88seems the linux-headers package is no more on ubuntu packages after trusty :S04:27
=== tegila_ is now known as Prxtn
dreadkoppqassem: what happens when putting 'sudo modprobe uvcvideo' in a terminal?04:29
nicomachusalex88: linux-image-generic04:29
Steve_Jo1can anyone confirm that you can see my messages?04:29
dreadkopptried if webcam works for example using cheese?04:30
alex88nicomachus: seems I've to manually install linux-headers04:30
nicomachusSteve_Jo1: yes.04:30
Steve_Jo1nicomachus: thanks04:30
dreadkoppi am pretty confident that your mic is attached to your webcam04:30
alex88nicomachus: ok after installing headers seems to build correctly wifi modules04:32
alex88you know if there's a way to force rebuild nvidia too?04:32
Steve_Jo1any clue where I would start to debug why the wacom tablet module would have issues after a reboot?04:32
Steve_Jo1I followed the instructions on the wacom linux project page04:33
qassemdreadkopp: ok, so when i type sudo modprobe uvcvideo nothing happens...it just registers the command. when i run cheese and play back a video recording the only sound i get is white noise.04:33
alex88nvm, seems it did that too04:33
=== Prxtn is now known as Guest83454
alex88it works but now after login there are no menus or dock04:38
qassemdreadkopp: the webcam is built in...based on that any suggestions for getting the internal mic to work?04:39
alex88ok rm -Rf ~/.config worked04:41
alex88is there a way to mark those wifi and linux headers packages installed by apt so they'll be automatically upgraded?04:41
nicomachusalex88: well is should be done automatically, so long as you install them with apt. but you can use "sudo apt-mark auto <packagename>" to mark them as automatic.04:42
nicomachusif, for instance, you install something via .deb on a USB...04:42
orangeddreadkopp, removed fancontrol, doesn't seem to be falling back on another module, no fan ;)04:43
orangedthermald is running..04:43
alex88nicomachus: that's what I did for the drivers04:43
badkeypointsDoes anyone here have a HP ProBook ?04:48
badkeypointsI got an HP ProBook 430 G3, and I'm facing a lot of problems04:48
nicomachuswould a poll help you?04:49
badkeypointsnicomachus: Not sure if sarcasm but sure, why not :D04:49
nicomachusbadkeypoints: what are your problems?04:49
badkeypointsThe brightness buttons don't work. And I had to update to kernel 4.x to even get WiFi working04:50
badkeypointssuspend doesn't work04:50
nicomachusbadkeypoints: which ubuntu version are you using?04:50
badkeypointssudo pm-hibernate works when not off for a long time04:50
badkeypointsYeah.. wait04:50
badkeypointsOh.. Ubuntu version is 14.0404:50
badkeypointsLTS one04:50
nicomachusWas it pre-installed?04:51
badkeypointsNope. IT in my company doesn't care about linux. I did it myself04:51
badkeypointsDual boot with the Windows that came preinstalled04:51
nicomachusthis is your work laptop?04:51
velushello i have a bash script and i get an /usr/local/sbin/deldovecotuser: 18: read: Illegal option -n and on this is the script http://pastebin.com/2w2pJnej can someone please help me with this?04:51
nicomachusget work to fix it.04:52
dani_is there a way to get kaffeine to remain ontop?04:52
nicomachusvelus: perhaps #bash or ##bash can do it04:52
badkeypointsnicomachus: As I wrote before04:54
badkeypointsIT dept in my company doesn't do shit with linux. They are "trained" for Mac and Windows problems04:54
cfhowlettbadkeypoints, family friendly language only in this channel, thanks.04:54
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:54
nicomachusbadkeypoints: also, check through this: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201411-16204/04:55
dani_I cant believe it!!! I got my tv capture card working!!!! YAY!! Big shoutouts to Endev15 for holding my hand line by line :D04:57
nicomachusit lists a few things which are disabled.04:57
qassemwow, i think i got the mic to work!04:58
badkeypointsWell thanks for that04:58
badkeypointsSorry for the language. I'll be better04:58
NoCodeHi, I have a 15.04 server appliance on a VPS, I want to receive messages from forms, have an email user@site.com, and also relay messages from user@site.com and form messages to my gmail account. What should I look into?04:59
svetlanaNoCode, hi. do you have a website already? or you would like to create a new web site which only contains the contact forms?05:00
NoCodeI already have the website.05:00
=== erdemolcay is now known as Guest39309
NoCodeI already have a contact page05:01
nicomachusNoCode: I can't help with the email setup, but I should tell you that you should update that server to 15.10 asap. 15.04 is EOL in 2 days.05:02
NoCodenicomachus, Well, it'll probably still have security updates, right?05:03
nicomachusNoCode: no.05:03
cfhowlettNoCode, this!  14.04 is LongTermSupport ...05:05
cfhowlettNoCode, "end of life" rather implies END of LIFE so ... no updates05:11
gonzaloalguien de asturias?05:12
cfhowlett!es | gonzalo05:12
ubottugonzalo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:12
=== Guest83454 is now known as Gerowen
NoCodecfhowlett, Well, I would have figured there would have been at least security updates. I mean I could see no other optional updates for the version of Ubuntu. But having no security updates for a distro that is EOL  is pretty bad for people who don't want to upgrade because of some serious server installation.05:15
nicomachusNoCode: it's pretty simple to upgrade..05:16
cfhowlettNoCode, most servers run on LTS.  you installed a bloody edge release with a short life-span.  release notes explicitly state the terms of support so ... your choice is still your choice.  personally, I find LTS only a sane option.  YMMV.05:17
NoCodeWell, I only have so many options with my VPS and what they support. SolusVM support doesn't like systemd05:19
nicomachus15.04 has systemd...05:22
=== mgor_ is now known as mgor
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
lenswipeehi, when i boot ubuntu i get a blank screen until i hit esc then it will ask for a passphrase. why i dont see login screen?05:38
cfhowlettlenswipee, passphrase?  you have encryption??05:39
lenswipeeyes of course for extra protection05:39
lenswipeewhy is there no UI for passphrase?05:39
lenswipeewhy blank screen then i hit esc and i get command prompt for passphrase?05:40
lenswipeeubuntu is shit guys05:40
cfhowlettlenswipee, and you are now ignored.05:40
lenswipeecfhowlett: why ignore?05:42
skweeekwondering why I can't detect my network card on my new laptop05:42
cfhowlett!langauge | lenswipee in the future, adhere to the rules.  or consider using a different OS.05:43
ubottulenswipee in the future, adhere to the rules.  or consider using a different OS.: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:43
cfhowlettskweeek, no wifi or no hardwire?05:43
skweeekno network device detected05:43
cfhowlettskweeek, was it ever detected?  and is this your laptop or desktop?05:44
skweeekno, not on Linux, its my laptop05:44
lenswipeecfhowlett: i am calm.05:44
mgorskweeek, what does "lspci -v | grep -i "network controller" show?05:46
skweeekIntel corporation wireless 8260 (rev 3a)05:49
skweeeksorry... before that it says "01:00.0 Network controller"05:49
cfhowlettskweeek, similar to mine though your version seems to be newer05:50
skweeekevery have any problems with the device being detected initially cfhowlett?05:52
skweeekI'm using a lenovo idepad mixx 70005:52
cfhowlettskweeek, nope. everything flew out of the box on my dell m3800 developer edition05:52
cfhowlettskweeek, "pad" ??05:52
cfhowlettskweeek,and this is standard desktop ubuntu, not ubuntu-touch?05:53
skweeekya, this is standard Ubuntu trusty thar05:54
cfhowlettskweeek, lenovo is generally quite ubuntu-friendly ...05:54
skweeekI like the computer, have good things to say about the brand...05:55
vbotkaskweeek, you might find some hints here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide05:55
cfhowlettskweeek, trouble shoot with ^^^ .  this sounds like a solvable issue05:55
=== Gerowen is now known as son1c
mgorskweeek, check out http://askubuntu.com/questions/693109/intel-wireless-8260-unclaimed-network as well, seems like 8260 rev3a wasn't part of iwlwifi as of end of 201506:00
skweeekit doesn't show any driver loaded for the device06:00
cfhowlettthat would be consistent with no longer part of iwlwifi ...06:01
skweeekthat kinda sucks06:03
V___How can I connect to VPN, using BASH?06:17
cfhowlett!vpn | V___06:17
ubottuV___: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN06:17
V___i've tried open-vpn06:18
V___but no success!06:18
wildc4rdmorning all, having an issue with samba shares not being visible to another computer, the server is running ubuntu, I can see the shared folder from another ubuntu PC and from a Pi, but can't see it from a win10 PC, any thoughts?06:40
Ben64wildc4rd: sounds like an issue with windows, did you try browsing to \\ip06:42
skweeekI was following the steps here https://askubuntu.com/questions/693109/intel-wireless-8260-unclaimed-network when I came up to the problem here http://tinypic.com/r/1zvzeyt/906:45
skweeekcan anyone suggest a way of addressing where next?06:46
wildc4rdBen64, I can ping it, what do you mean by browse to it?06:47
Ben64exactly what i said, type that into windows06:47
=== matt_ is now known as Guest80637
Gallomimiahow is the wine packaged these days? i asked in winehq they weren't too sure06:52
=== son1c is now known as Borgesvive
dani_i have a noob question....06:55
dani_ive managed to get my USB Tv Card to work... question.... can i unplug the Device and plug it into a different USB drive? or will that cause issues?06:56
=== Wulf4 is now known as Wulf
Norbissdani_: yes, it should be fine06:58
=== Tronsha is now known as [UPA]Stefan
skweeekcan someone please help me?07:00
skweeekhey mgor are you still around? I could use some advice07:04
mgorskweeek, are you trying to compile from a usb-stick? is that usb-stick formatted with *fat? try copying the source to your home directory07:06
skweeekI wonder why that works that way07:07
Ben64fat32 doesn't support many things07:07
skweeekmgor it still didn't make any difference after copying it into my home directory07:07
skweeekI have the same error message07:08
mgorskweeek, what does ls -ld <where you copied it>/backports-20150923 say?07:09
geirhaThe error messages mean that some scripts that should've had the executable bit set, doesn't07:09
geirhaFAT32 doesn't support such permission bits, so all files will have the same permissions07:10
geirhaIf you have a tar archive of the code, try extracting that anew, and try again07:11
skweeekI copied it into my home directory, ls -ld in ~/ says drwxr-xr-x 15 atols atols 4096 Feb 1 21:06 .07:12
=== jinks7_ is now known as Bastian82
geirhaDoesn't matter. FAT32 destroyed too much of the files' metadata07:13
mgorskweeek, do what geirha said, and extract the archive in your home directory, instead of copying the extracted directory07:13
=== metalcamp is now known as metalcamp_
=== Borgesvive is now known as Hexmind
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
skweeekok mgor, did what geirha did, thank you guys for clearing that up, now I run make delconfig-iwlwifi and get make[1]: *** no rule to make target 'delconfig-iwlwifi'. Stop07:20
mgorskweeek, it should be "make defconfig-iwlwifi"07:23
mgorskweeek, you've written "del" instead of "def"07:23
=== Bastian82 is now known as Luy1n
skweeekawesome thanks07:24
skweeekthat didn't change anything as far as the network devices being available07:31
singamhey im using Ubuntu Mate..07:31
singamim trying to get software update . its taking very long time . what the fuck?07:31
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
baizonsingam: please no swearing07:32
baizonsingam: try sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade in the terminal and watch whats the problem07:32
singamokay  man thx07:33
singamhow do i run two commands? one after the other? in linux terminal07:33
mgorskweeek, did you do "sudo modprobe iwlwifi" after the load module was compiled?07:34
skweeekI didn't I rebooted07:35
baizonsingam: open terminal, copy and paste the first command07:35
baizonthen when its done run the second one07:35
bazhanghe means && I am guessing07:35
bazhangonce the first successfully completes run the second07:36
singamis there anyway i can execute  that linearly once07:36
singamlike sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade07:36
singamwil that work07:36
mgorskweeek, then do the modprobe command and if it still doesn't work. what does "lspci -nnk | grep 0280 -A2" show? is it Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 [8086:24f3] (rev 3a)? and if so, did you update drv.c as mentioned in http://askubuntu.com/a/693165 ?07:38
=== Luy1n is now known as tuxdevil1
skweeekI did... it does07:40
skweeek{IWL_PCI_DEVICE(0x24F3, 0x1130, iwl8260_2ac_cfg)}, is what it says07:42
mgorskweeek, do you have ideapad-laptop loaded? "lsmod | grep ideapad-laptop"07:46
singamwhen i do sudo apt-get update .. i get these W: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch07:47
singamW: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/universe/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch07:47
singamW: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch07:47
singamW: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/universe/binary-i386/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch07:47
singamE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.07:47
cfhowlett!paste | singam07:48
ubottusingam: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:48
cfhowlettsingam, try switching to a different mirror07:48
singamhow can i do that?07:48
skweeekI think so, ideapad_laptop 20480 007:48
cfhowlettsingam, system > software updater > settings > software sources07:49
mgorskweeek, seems like that one could be causing a problem as well, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1239050. try "rmmod ideapad_laptop"07:49
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1239050 in kernel "ideapad_laptop disables wifi on Lenovo Yoga 3 laptops (hardware disabled)" [High,Closed: nextrelease]07:49
=== james is now known as Guest29504
skweeekI removed it, but the network device isn't detecting a deiver07:50
singamhey how do i edit ubuntu kernel so that...the ui becomes more smooth.. with a trade off of background application being slower?07:51
mgorskweeek, sorry, then I'm out of ideas07:52
=== tuxdevil1 is now known as cz3rn4
skweeekwhat a pain07:52
skweeekI dont want to use windows!07:52
cfhowlettsingam, managing appearance is not something most people attack at the KEREL level.  more often go to your system settings and tweak07:52
singamno i dont want to  do that .. i want to make a kernel on my own. is there anyway?07:53
cfhowlett!kernel | singam07:53
ubottusingam: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)07:53
hendrifot {kfOHg0fLFN:KF-oFMfm}PF]WF[figjgpl07:55
hendrii dont understand07:56
cfhowletthendri, this is ubuntu support.  ask your question07:56
=== gizmomathboy is now known as spronk
hendriyes i have question07:56
abolfazl123what is the best text editor for ubuntu?07:57
cfhowlettabolfazl123, "best" is entirely up to YOU so ... we cannot answer for you.07:57
=== Guest80637 is now known as matt_
abolfazl123Among vi and nano?08:00
al2o3-crI personally use vim08:01
cfhowlettabolfazl123, this is not the channel for polls.  ask #ubuntu-offtopic08:01
abolfazl123ok tanks08:01
=== cz3rn4 is now known as otacon22_
bazhanghendri, here to chat, or for ubuntu support08:05
bazhangfor chit chat #ubuntu-offtopic hendri08:05
vbotkaskweeek, a "workaround"  http://www.allthingstechie.net/2014/10/bypass-laptop-wireless-hardware-radio.html08:08
uliois there a package archive for every single version of main packages ever created? for coredump backtracing. checked *.archive.ubuntu.com but the version numbering left me in doubt08:08
EriC^^ulio: eol releases packages are in old-releases.ubuntu.com08:09
ulioEriC^^: thank you I check08:11
=== pinnen_ is now known as pinnen
skweeekwow that's hack! but the driver for the network controller08:12
skweeekisn't being configured08:12
skweeekI'm not sure that would make any difference, thanks tho08:12
singamhey how do i customize my ubuntu kerneel08:13
cfhowlettsingam, the kernel wiki I sent has that info08:13
singamdood i cant understand that08:13
singamcan u explain it here there are lots of links08:13
cfhowlettsingam, nope.  this is not the kernel hacking channel ...08:14
singamcan u atleast tell me the name of kernel hacking channel.08:14
cfhowlett!alis | singam, this is how to search08:14
ubottusingam, this is how to search: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http08:14
=== otacon22_ is now known as home555
singamwtf is that? i would rather go edit those c files than to type that command in this irc and search for a channel?08:16
=== spronk is now known as octothorpopus
cfhowlettsingam, first ... language =  family friendly.  second ... you're smart enough to kernel hack, so you should be smart enough to use a simple tool to search for the irc channel you need ...08:17
ubuOneKenobigo kali instead - they luv hackin08:18
singamim not hacking anything..its opensource right? dont call me a fucking thief u fucking cunt riding cunt hor08:23
cfhowlett!ops | singam profanity08:23
ubottusingam profanity: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang08:23
vincent_cropwas that really an "emergency"?08:24
singamthis guy calls me a thief and he warns me? wow i bet ur mom is proud of u08:24
cfhowlettsingam, the language guidelines apply to everyone ... even you08:25
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:25
Myrttisingam: you've been asked to mind your language several times now. please do and stick to Ubuntu support issues rather.08:25
UbiOnehi all, can anybody help me get my thouchpad to work properly?08:25
Myrttithan starting to tell other people off08:25
cfhowlettUbiOne, more details ...08:26
vincent_cropubione: what laptop brand are you using?08:26
singamwhat the08:27
UbiOnecfhowlett: thanks, the pointer is working but not scrolling. It's a Lenovo IdeaPad 100. Ubuntu 15.0408:27
singamif somone calls me theif he wont get  a warning?08:27
Flannelsingam: No one has called you a thief.  Please calm down.  "Hacking" is essentially "tinkering", not stealing.08:27
hateballUbiOne: 15.04 is EOL like... now. So you should upgrade08:27
cfhowlettUbiOne, 1.  did it ever work properly?  2.  15.04 goes end of life in days.  upgrade now and you might just solve this08:27
Flannelsingam: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel has instructions on compiling your own kernel (and getting the source) once you've changed it.  "How do I change it" isn't really within the scope of this channel, as others have mentioned.08:28
vltHello. Whenever I open my chromium-browser it will close after a few seconds (restoring the last known state): http://paste.ubuntu.com/14856000/  Any idea how to prevent this?08:29
UbiOnecfhowlett, hateball, no never worked and it's so annoying... Will try upgrading but seriously without any conviction!!!08:29
lotuspsychjevlt: can you try to create a new user, and test chromium from there?08:29
=== home555 is now known as b3hnam
hateballUbiOne: you'll have more annoying issues than the touchpad if you dont upgrade before 15.04 is EOL, so I highly suggest you do that first08:30
vltlotuspsychje: How to transfer my old session data to the new user account?08:30
Carlos0611how can i change the default directory for vsftpd?08:30
singamFlannel .. u do know that hacking is a crime right? and ur saying im a black guy? coz i hack?08:30
lotuspsychjevlt: this is only for testing purposes first08:30
Flannelsingam: hacking is not a crime.08:31
UbiOneI did even upgrade kernel to 4.8.x but no success, hateball : ok, will do.08:31
vltlotuspsychje: But I can’t test a restore scenario when there’s nothing to restore. I’ll try anyway :-D08:31
lotuspsychjevlt: this is just to test, if chromium crashes on a different user..lets make sure08:31
cfhowlettsingam, and no one called you "a black guy" but nice bit of racism there ...08:31
vincent_crop"jacking" is a loose term, who called who black now?08:31
Flannelcfhowlett, vincent_crop: just ignore it.08:32
cfhowlettFlannel, adding to /ignore08:32
Triffid_Hunterhi all, how do I make ubuntu's terminal always tab complete filenames? I'm having weird issues where sometimes it'll tab complete filenames and other times it won't even list them - I have to type them manually08:32
UbiOnehateball, cfhowlett, thanks guys, will try an upgrade and let you know...08:32
cfhowlettUbiOne, happy2help!  come back if it's still an issue08:33
Triffid_Huntereg when doing something like make -j2 build/output && ./build/output, it'll tab complete ./build/output after the double ampersand but will refuse to tab complete after make - even though the file exists at the time08:33
Triffid_HunterI'm not a regular ubuntu user and I'm baffled as to where to even search for where this has been broken in the configuration08:33
=== learnit_ is now known as learnit
singamhow to upgrade my ubuntu kernel to singam kernel?08:35
lotuspsychjeTriffid_Hunter: can this help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/280327/how-to-make-terminal-autocomplete-when-there-are-several-files-directory08:35
UbiOnecfhowlett: please help me get it prompt me to upgrade...08:36
cfhowlettUbiOne, of course.  just come back and restate your problem in the channel.08:36
=== octothorpopus is now known as Luminous
vltlotuspsychje: On the other user account it hasn’t crashed so far.08:38
geirhaTriffid_Hunter: bash-completion has likely added a custom completion for make that reads through the Makefile and only completes the targets it finds within08:38
Triffid_Hunterlotuspsychje: not really, it's not an issue of menu vs cycle complete, but rather it behaves like the files don't exist at all in some contexts, but happily completes them in other contexts08:38
NishHi! Anybody got experience with Samba4 as AD Domain Member on ubuntu? I can't get "getent passwd" to return domain users, and any connections to the share fails because there is apparently no user, in spite of what "wbinfo -u" says (gives all domain users).08:38
Triffid_Huntergeirha: how do I turn that off? apparently it's too dumb to read the targets in my Makefile08:38
singamhow to install samba ? so that i can access my porn folder from my bathroom?08:38
UbiOnecfhowlett: You know... that touchpad not working on a Lenovo IdeaPad... I would like Ubuntu to prompt me to upgrade to 15.1008:39
geirhaTriffid_Hunter: I don't know. First thing I do on a fresh Ubuntu install, is to disable the whole bash-completion crap. I don't know how to tweak it.08:39
cfhowlettUbiOne, it probably did and you elected to upgrade later.  no harm done.08:39
Lingo__i need help with Windows 1008:40
geirhaWorst part is that non-admin users can't even opt out of bash-completion in all cases :/08:40
cfhowlettLingo__, ##windows supports windows08:40
Triffid_HunterNish: sounds like you need to play with stuff in /etc/pam.d and plug it into samba, or plug samba into it08:40
UbiOneYep I did, cfhowlett, but can I make it ask me again?!08:40
lotuspsychje!test | ing_08:41
ubottuing_: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...08:41
Lingo__but my windows driver is using linux as the core exit node08:41
rwwing_: Hello, welcome to #ubuntu! How can we help :)08:41
NishTriffid_Hunter: I'll look into it08:41
cfhowlettUbiOne, IIRC there is an option to "remind me again" the first time you get the upgrade reminder.08:41
Lingo__how do i use my linux OS rom on windows 10 applet certification08:41
vltlotuspsychje: What could I try next to prevent chromuim-browser crashing everytime.08:41
rwwLingo__: ask ##windows08:41
rwwLingo__: we have no idea what a windows 10 applet certification is08:42
lotuspsychjevlt: did you try chromium on another user?08:42
* rww sighs08:42
Lingo__how you doin bro08:42
rwwLingo__: I'm doing fine. Do you have an Ubuntu support question we can help you with today?08:42
cfhowlettLingo__, please take offtopic to chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic08:42
UbiOnecfhowlett: I probably chose "never for that version"!!!08:42
Lingo__i sry i goto offtopic08:42
cfhowlettUbiOne, complete your upgrade then address this issue?08:43
=== b3hnam is now known as femto1
vltlotuspsychje: 09:38 < vlt> lotuspsychje: On the other user account it hasn’t crashed so far.08:43
vltlotuspsychje: Yes. Works fine there.08:43
UbiOnecfhowlett: :D I don't know how to upgrade!08:44
geirhaTriffid_Hunter: Some time ago, in #bash, someone reported that bash-completion's completion function for make caused make to actually be run while completing. Hopefully that's fixed by now, but be careful.08:44
cfhowlettUbiOne, sudo do-release-upgrade08:44
lotuspsychjevlt: sorry missed that :p ok try to purge chromium from your main user and delete the config files from /home/your user with hidden folders, thenr einstall chromium again08:45
UbiOnecfhowlett: Thank you, that's what I was asking for, thanks. Will let you know, after...08:45
vltlotuspsychje: Re-install it? Are you serious?08:47
lotuspsychjevlt: yes, something went wrong on your current user...as it works fine on your other user08:47
vltlotuspsychje: But how do I restore the current state alter? My opened tabs, sessions, login data …?08:48
MyrttiIt's the opened tabs and/or sessions that's the problem08:49
lotuspsychjevlt: i would recommend to start over, backup your favorite bookmarks...08:49
MyrttiIf you can recover login data without the sessions and tabs, you might get it working again08:49
Myrttior spending a lot of time in researching how to cherry pick them08:50
Myrttisome browsers give the option on which tabs to restore if the session crashes. unfortunate if you've disabled it on yours08:51
=== satrap is now known as sat1_e
UbiOnecfhowlett: or simply Dashboard>>>Updater (http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade)... What an idiot am I!!! I did it your way, it's downloading08:53
cfhowlettUbiOne, you are learning so much today!  :)08:53
vltMyrtti: Thank you :-)08:54
cfhowlettUbiOne, be aware: 15.10 is an interim release with a 9 month support life.  16.04 (April 2016) will be a long term support release for 5 years.08:54
cfhowlettLingo__, stop that08:55
UbiOnecfhowlett: :) pretty much, and very tired also!08:55
UbiOnecfhowlett: ok thanks for the info.08:55
cfhowlettLingo__, already told you, random chitchat goes to ubuntu-offtopic.  spamming this channel with random bits is unwelcome08:55
Lingo__oh wrong chat08:56
rwwyou'd probably be less likely to paste in here instead of there if you were actually in there08:57
Lingo__i just love you guys so much08:58
TomyWorkan application just crashed my x server. is there any way to restrict applications like that to not be able to do that?08:58
UbiOnecfhowlett: I got the Ubuntu iso from a franch branch of Ubuntu (ubuntu-fr.org) and on their site they don't support 15.10 yet, that's why I chose not to upgrade!08:59
UbiOnecfhowlett: french^^08:59
=== Luminous is now known as marscher
cfhowlettUbiOne, now you know better ...08:59
TomyWorkUbiOne why do they need to fork it to change the language? you can select the language at installation time09:00
cfhowlettjackzhang1992, greetings.  ask your ubuntu question09:00
=== femto1 is now known as l1
YooFooanyone here expert in setting up eclipse for PHP on ubuntu?09:01
al2o3-crwhat is the lowest ubuntu release that uses systemd?09:01
cfhowlettYooFoo, avoid "anyone here" type questions.  state YOUR problem for best results.09:01
LoriOnPCYooFoo did you use the ubuntu help page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PHPEclipse09:01
TomyWorkYooFoo why not set up intellij for, i dunno, python, instead? :P09:02
YooFoocfhowlett, thnx. excuse my ignorant. this my first IRC.09:02
UbiOnecfhowlett: yep... TomyWork: Really don't know, but I know it's an official community that belongs to ubuntu, probably for more developed language support!09:02
LoriOnPCthere are installation instructions, maybe there is the answer to your question already09:02
cfhowlettYooFoo, no worries.  seee the link LoriOnPC sent you09:02
TomyWorkUbiOne hmm, well, why not give the mainline ubuntu a try and see at which point it has drawbacks?09:03
al2o3-crwhat is the lowest ubuntu release that uses systemd?09:03
al2o3-crEriC^^: thank you09:03
lotuspsychjehi EriC^^09:03
EriC^^np, keep in mind it's eol in a few days09:03
EriC^^hi lotuspsychje09:03
al2o3-crEriC^^: sure09:04
YooFooYes, cfhowlett and LoriOnPC. Hope to return the favor soon. I'll look into the link09:04
Mathisenhello any ideas for the best way to download youtube playlists ? i used youtube-dl but it seem to not work for playlist anymore...09:05
YooFooThx to both cfhowlett and LoriOnPC09:05
cfhowletthappy2help! yoofoo09:05
LoriOnPCYooFoo if you have further questions feel free to specify your problem here.09:06
UbiOneTomyWork: It IS a mainline Ubuntu, it just has a french boot menu (by default) and asks you to install french language packages once the installation completed. But I don't know why their's not ver. 15.10 on their site, yet!!09:06
TomyWorkwell maybe they're just slow :P09:07
TomyWorkif they're only setting a bunch of defaults, that should work after the upgrade to 15.10 as well09:07
TomyWorkand about this new EOL policy... i started out with 13.04 and then that went EOL before 14.04 was available. so i upgraded to 14.04 via 13.10, resulting in a buggy system. I have since gotten a new machine and installed 14.04 on it and it works fine, but I am not amused by this EOL policy.09:08
YooFoothx LoriOnPc09:08
Liwhy it's so fucking hard to create a URL shortcut on ubuntu dekstop and has create lots of shit about such a very simple ccp task?09:09
TomyWorkand once an LTS is out, if i can extrapolate from a data set of 1, I would advise against upgrading and for a fresh install after a backup09:09
lotuspsychje!language | Li09:09
ubottuLi: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList09:09
TomyWorkLi right-click -> create new -> link to location?09:10
cfhowlettli no profanity.  NONE09:10
TomyWorkthat's KDE, btw. you might want to try it if you dont like gnome09:10
=== l1 is now known as sl33k
jackzhang1992are there any rules in this IRC channel?09:10
LiTomyWork: there is no create new when right clicking on any place09:10
jackzhang1992first time to use irc09:11
cfhowlett!guidelines | jackzhang199209:11
ubottujackzhang1992: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:11
TomyWorkLi then you're probably not using KDE09:11
Lilotuspsychje, cfhowlett ... that was very informative09:11
LiTomyWork: nope I'm using gnome09:11
LiTomyWork: do I need to avoid gnome and kde just to have such a simple feature added?09:12
TomyWorki would try it with a live cd first to see if yo like it09:12
LiTomyWork: I'm kde fan but they scew up recently09:12
TomyWorkLi i have no idea. i dont use gnome09:12
Liwell, at least since the last time I tried slackware 1309:12
TomyWorkoh so you're one of those people who dont want their software to change09:13
Lilots of nagging error/warning messages on brand new installed box09:13
UbiOneLi: Right-click on THE FILE you want to link to09:13
LiUbiOne: there is no file I'm talking about a link to URL09:13
Phazorxhmm... after about 7 month of usage, most of time when waking up from standby after sleeping more than a day i see something like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3x9454y8zstutq6/IMG_1260.JPG ...any clues? (It's 2.5" 500gb Samsung 850 EVO in a laptop with ubuntu, smartctl/fsck tests are passing fine)09:14
TomyWorktalking about software changes... restarting after installing system updates :P09:14
LiUbiOne: besides, the last couple of days made GUI shortcuts to folders then they stopped to function09:14
UbiOneLi: what version you're using!!!09:14
UbiOneLi: I can do that easily!09:15
Litomcheng76: I'm a software agnostic, I keep digging bullshit stuff too .. but I had to admit that KDE is more shittier than what I could take09:15
LiUbiOne: shitty vivid09:15
cfhowlettli you were asked nicely to drop the profanity.  now stop it.09:15
Licfhowlett: what profanity?09:16
Lishit is profanity?09:16
cfhowlett!ops | li profanity09:16
ubottuli profanity: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:16
Licfhowlett profanity09:16
Li!ops | cfhowlett profanity09:16
ubottucfhowlett profanity: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang09:16
Myrtticome on... if you've been told not to use profanity, why repeat what you said?09:17
LiMyrtti: repeat what?09:17
LiMyrtti: how many nicknames are you using inside the same channel?09:17
=== marscher is now known as D-e-S0nck
Lishall I call you Myrtti or cfhowlett or lotuspsychje ?09:18
=== zaz_ is now known as ZaZ
Litry to play nice Myrtti or cfhowlett or lotuspsychje09:19
MyrttiLi: I use the one and only nickname I've used for 15 years. and keep on your support issue.09:19
LiMyrtti: really? well consider yourself on ignore list09:20
TomyWorkLi these are 3 different people, at least two of them i have seen contributing to this channel for years. they're not sockpuppets if that's what you're implying.09:21
=== pesari_ is now known as pesari
Lingo__shit going down right now?09:22
TomyWorkis it possible to block DRI for an application somehow?09:22
andre466In a layer 2 environment, when the openwrt AP is running in "dumb AP mode/ AP only" is there any way to get the connected user IP?09:23
lotuspsychjeLingo__: you been told several times not to use this channel for offtopic09:23
Lingo__those guys are off topic though09:23
=== sl33k is now known as SethE23
hateballandre466: you might want to ask that in ##networking09:24
benni_Hello. I installed some updates yesterday. Shut down computer and started it today and it refuses to recognize my Ethernet cable. Wireless works for all laptops in the house, but my ubuntu system can't with cable09:31
hateballbenni_: What are these "some updates"? Have a look in /var/log/apt/history*09:32
hateballbenni_: In the case of a kernel update, try rebooting and entering grub menu and pick a previous kernel09:32
benni_hateball: it was alot of stuff. Kernel update was included I'm pretty sure. I'm looking at history file now09:33
benni_hateball: Not sure what I'm looking for though09:34
benni_hateball: So how do I enter grub ?09:36
hateballbenni_: hold shift (I hammer it) soon as you boot09:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:37
hateballNo such luck09:37
hateballbenni_: anyhows, that should let you boot an older kernel. if it works better you can set it as default, and file a regression !bug against the non-working kernel09:38
=== SethE23 is now known as snL20
benni_hateball: I get a lot of options like "Ubuntu, with Linux 3.19.9-49-generic (recoverymode)" etc09:40
benni_Is that the right screen?09:40
benni_I'm currently booting 3.19.0-49 should I try 3.19.0-47 instead?09:41
Kartagisis Xorg.conf the only way to fix a non-working middle mouse button?09:41
hateballbenni_: Yes09:41
benni_hateball: still no internet09:42
benni_hateball: If I enter Network settings I get a message "The system network services are not compatible with this version"09:43
hateballbenni_: That sounds... broken09:44
hateballbenni_: if you run "ifconfig", it shows no eth0 interface either?09:44
benni_hateball: no such word is shown. Kind of much to type by hand in a pastebin09:45
hateballbenni_: oh you have no wifi on the machine either?09:47
hateballbenni_: is the card at all recognized? "lspci|grep Net"09:48
vbotkaKartagis, http://pastebin.com/ECtw9PjE    I had the same problem. I switched the button in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/11-mouse.conf and use #8 instead of #209:52
benni_hateball: nope :/ , I'll check 2 sec09:54
benni_hateball: nothing at all happened running that command09:55
hateballbenni_: that's... not great09:56
=== snL20 is now known as snL20_
hateballbenni_: just for the sake of it, run "lspci" on its own09:56
hateballbenni_: oh, and the network card is not connected using USB is it? in that case, "lsusb"09:57
benni_hateball: The network port is from the motherboard09:57
benni_ran lspci , and a "Realtek semiconductor CI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller" was found?09:59
hateballyes that is good09:59
hateballbenni_: I should have said grep -i net, oh well :)09:59
benni_Should I run that? :)10:00
hateballbenni_: do you have a PCI id for it?10:00
hateballbenni_: no no, it would just have listed it the first time, since -i ignores case10:00
hateballbenni_: also you can run "dmesg" to see if it has logged any errors related to the network10:01
benni_should the PCI ID been listen with the Ethernet Controller?10:01
hateballbenni_: run lspci -nn10:02
hateballbenni_: that will put the ID in brackets10:02
benni_hateball: Ok first, I ran dmesg , It returned LOADS of stuff. Chief among which is "init: network-manager main process(855) killed by SEGV signal"10:03
benni_last message was the ID hateball10:04
hateballbenni_: if you run "lspci -k", does it say any module in use for the card?10:05
benni_Not sure about any module. It says "Kernel Driver in use: r8169" and "Subsystem: Micro-star international co [MSI] Device 7693"10:06
mpajorI have an odd scenario happening to one of my systems. I have chattr flags +ia set on /usr/bin/chattr and I am getting permission denied when using chattr -ia on files, one being /etc/ssh/sshd_config - which stalls upgrades and removes on openssh-server. Any ideas?10:07
hateballbenni_: that's fine. if you run ifconfig, what things do you have in the leftmost column?10:09
benni_hateball: Link encap , inet addr, inet6 addr, IP LOOPBACK RUNNING, RX Packets, TX packets, collisions, RX bytes ? That stuff?10:11
johnny__I am on ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS10:12
johnny__i love it10:12
andyiaci am using ubuntu 14.04 too10:12
johnny__yes its the best10:12
johnny__andvirtualbox is so cool10:13
lotuspsychje!discuss | johnny__ great! welcome to the community10:13
ubottujohnny__ great! welcome to the community: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.10:13
johnny__ok :)10:13
lotuspsychjejohnny__: if you need advise or a support question you can ask here10:14
=== snL20_ is now known as kevs926
hateballbenni_: No, ideally you should have eth0 up top with its info, then the next section should be for lo10:14
hateballbenni_: and any other interfaces you may have10:14
johnny__i can help if someone need10:14
hateballbenni_: I am just interested in what your system may have enumerated the interface as10:15
archhereticWhich Ubuntu has the newest packages, 14.04 LTS or 15.10?10:16
benni_hateball: I see. Well that was what it showed. I dont know what else to provide10:16
hateballbenni_: hmmm. We could also take this approach... "sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and then reboot10:16
lotuspsychje!latest | archheretic10:16
ubottuarchheretic: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.10:16
=== D-e-S0nck is now known as levitation
hateballbenni_: that should make the system look for any NICs you have and automagically configure them again10:17
archhereticwhich one of them is the most up to date then, if I might ask? :)10:17
lotuspsychjearchheretic: 16.04 has the newest packages, but still in development phase10:17
lotuspsychjearchheretic: otherwise 15.10 yes10:17
cfhowlettarchheretic, be aware: 15.10 is an interim release and will have only 9 months of support.  many of use use long term support releases only as a saner option.10:17
benni_hateball: ok rebooting10:17
johnny__14.04 is more stable10:17
benni_hateball: no difference I'm afraid10:18
al2o3-crbenni_: type this in terminal: ip link | curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw/10:20
hateballbenni_: well bleh. Alright, if you take a look in the file just deleted, can you see if it has repopulated?10:21
benni_al2o3-cr: with the http adress?10:21
al2o3-crbenni_: yep10:21
al2o3-crand paste the url link here10:21
dorelyoI tried to install office 2003 using wine 1.6.2, Platform: i386 (WOW64), Host version: 3.16.0-59-generic and I got an error10:22
dorelyoUnhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000824 in 32-bit code (0x7e658f83).10:22
dorelyoI used wine setup.exe10:22
benni_hateball: The file is there togheter with a README file?10:22
reactormonkWhat should I use to keep ubuntu up to date? Got a few servers, and I'm not really interested in updating each by hand.10:22
archhereticwhen did 15.10 get released? aka how many months left of support?10:22
cfhowlettarchheretic, 10 = october 15 = year 201510:23
benni_al2o3-cr: It couldn't resolve the host10:23
al2o3-crbenni_: have you know connection at all?10:24
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
archhereticthink il go for Kubuntu 15.10, want to check out plasma10:24
benni_al2o3-cr: Nope, totally dead10:24
al2o3-crbenni_: have you got a phone you can tether from for a bit?10:24
benni_al2o3-cr: yes, should I run the command again then?10:25
al2o3-crbenni_: yep10:25
benni_al2o3-cr: Hm, it seems it can't make connection from USB tethering either10:26
hateballbenni_: It seems to me that network-manager is broken10:27
al2o3-cr^ this exactly10:27
hateballbenni_: Yes, look at the contents of the file. It should tell you if it has associated the interface with eth0 or something10:27
CinnamonRickRolldorelyo, have u tried playonlinux? iirc wine will only run things, playonlinux is needed to install things, I haven't needed to install anything thru it tho, so u should prolly get a second opinion, from someone who knows what they're talking about :)10:27
hateballbenni_: then we can bring that interface up manually without network-manager, and repair the install10:28
benni_hateball: NAME="eth0"10:28
hateballbenni_: sudo ifconfig eth0 up10:28
benni_"up" as well in the command?10:29
JohnnyLCan someone tell me if it's possible to create a game for Ubuntu, and release it as a bootable live cd? (it's a simple sdl game.)10:29
hateballbenni_: Yes10:29
=== kevs926 is now known as h2bridge
hateballbenni_: then "sudo dhclient eth0"10:30
benni_hateball: done10:30
hateballbenni_: did you get an ip? Can you ping ?10:30
benni_hateball: nothing was returned in terminal from either command. How do I ping?10:31
hateballbenni_: ping
hateballbenni_: ctrl+c to abort, in case it seems to work10:31
benni_hateball:  I think so, it tick down "64 bytes from etc.."10:32
hateballbenni_: good!10:32
al2o3-crbenni_: do you see eth0 in `ip link` now10:32
hateballbenni_: so let's try and update the system in case it was left in a broken state. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"10:32
hateballwell obviously it *is* broken10:32
freecoderhi. if i recompile the kernel of same version as present on my ubuntu 14.04.2 system currently, will it replace the previous kernel image in /boot or will the previous one be renamed by appending .old to the name or something?10:33
benni_hateball: updated. al2o3-cr : Not sure? Should I run "ip link" ?10:34
al2o3-crbenni_: yep10:34
al2o3-crbenni_: no, nvm10:34
al2o3-cri way behind10:34
benni_ok. Well it's updated now10:34
hateballbenni_: did it find any updates at all? network-manager perhaps?10:34
ZaZserver split maybe?10:34
benni_hateball: openjdk-7 -jre and -headless was the packages being updated from what I can see10:35
hateballbenni_: how about... "sudo apt-get install --reinstall network-manager-gnome"10:37
=== levitation is now known as prtz
benni__hateball: My laptop died. But I got connection on the ubuntu system now! Don't know if it's from my phone or the cable though10:38
benni__hateball: did you message me anything while I was gone?10:39
hateballbenni_: how about... "sudo apt-get install --reinstall network-manager-gnome"10:39
hateballbenni_: that's the last thing I wrote10:40
benni__hateball: Ok it's done10:40
hateballbenni_: I don't think your connection is from the phone, you can test quite easily by unplugging it. bringing up eth0 manually using ifconfig is likely what worked10:40
hateballbenni__: but if network-manager doesnt work its magic you'll need to do that manually (or configure it without nm) to get network on reboots10:41
benni__hateball: It seems to work!10:41
hateballbenni__: Try a reboot now, see if you get network on the machine automatically10:41
benni__hateball:  ok , brb10:41
=== h2bridge is now known as glitsj16
benni_hateball: Nope. Back on my laptop. Ubuntu started with a crash from "ExecutablePath: /usr/sbin/NetworkManager10:45
lernerwhat can I use to encrypt emails from a linux client to a windows one?10:46
hateballbenni_: right. then perhaps we need to purge it and reinstall it. do "sudo ifconfig eth0 up && sudo dhclient eth0" again to get network10:46
hateballbenni_: test connectivity by pinging something10:47
hateballlerner: PGP10:47
benni_hateball: runned. And it's pinging10:47
hateballbenni_: Alright. Let us try "sudo apt-get purge network-manager && sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome"10:49
benni_hateball: Ok done. Now?10:49
=== m00n_urn is now known as help
hateballbenni_: suppose another reboot10:52
hateballbenni_: oh just to be clear... this is a regular ubuntu install with gui, not ubuntu server?10:52
benni_yes it is10:52
hateballbenni_: right, give it a go10:52
benni_hateball: nope nothing still10:53
hateballbenni_: if all else it can be configured to bring up eth0 without nm, but... nm is quite handy10:53
hateballbenni_: is this 14.04 or 15.10 ?10:53
hateballbenni_: I am at a loss why network-manager is so broken for you, and I have to rush now. At leas you can bring it up manually for now. Hope someone else can help you further10:54
=== zenlot3 is now known as zenlot
benni_hateball: Me too.. well thanks for your help! I'll see if I can find someone else :)10:55
=== glitsj16 is now known as glitsj16_
benni_So.. anyone want to give a crack with my crippled network manager?10:58
punkoivanI want to install ubuntu-server with preseed.10:59
odinsbaneI have a UK mac keyboard. Does anybody know where the print screen is?10:59
punkoivanso problem, that is unetbooutin and USB creator can't create it correct.10:59
punkoivanI have syslinux boot error.11:00
odinsbane(I am running gnome.)11:00
punkoivanWhen I use dd all right - system boot correct from usb, but when I try to edit preseed file I can;t do it.11:00
punkoivanFlash mounting for readonly.11:00
=== prtz is now known as ramsub07
punkoivanodinsbade:try to press key-tokey and you find it quickly =)11:01
notalentgeekHello guys. I have a problem with my Ubuntu Mate + i3.11:02
notalentgeekI have Mate and i3 operate in the same session. I have done this using this article http://ankkatalo.net/2014/04/mate-and-i3-as-your-preferred-desktop/ .11:03
notalentgeekBut then i3 only operates in my second workspace.11:03
notalentgeekThe first one is occupied by the desktop of the Mate.11:03
notalentgeekHow can I kill the first workspace that only contain desktop from Mate?11:04
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punkoivanAnybody has porblem with liveUSB and ubuntu-server?11:36
donughtwhat are using to write your image?11:36
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: best to ask your specific issue, in #ubuntu-server perhaps?11:36
cfhowlettpunkoivan, avoid "anyone else" questions.  state YOUR issues and YOUR details for best results11:36
punkoivanWhen I use Unetbootin or USBDiskCreator I've problem - syslinux boot error11:37
donughtavoid Unetbootin its very hit and miss11:37
punkoivanWhen I use dd - it's OK to boot, but I can't edit file on this usb (readonly)11:37
cfhowlettpunkoivan, use ubuntu startupdiskcreator utility11:38
punkoivanMy goals - install system using preseed.11:38
punkoivancfhowlett: i try this ony, some problem. It's ok only with dd.11:38
punkoivans/ some/same *11:39
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: did you try pressing TAB to get more options and bypass error?11:39
punkoivanwhen I got syslinux error? No.11:39
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: i recall latest boot issues on some iso's you need the TAB to see live and live-install11:40
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: but not sure this is your case...11:40
punkoivanlotuspsychje: did u create live with usbCreator or unetbootin?11:41
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: usb creator and xenial iso11:41
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: but some have issues on 15.10 also11:42
punkoivanNow i'm on 15.10 Ubuntu and ok, no problem with install.11:42
punkoivanIt's very strange, because few months ago I also install ubuntu-server via usb without any problem/11:43
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: probably what donught suggests, unetbootin issue..11:43
=== krm100 is now known as krm100_
punkoivanIt's also the same trouble when I using UsbDiskCreator11:44
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: maybe taking a pic of it and share this error to channel?11:44
donughtive used the same iso in unetbootin with 5 different usbs and half of them fail.. unetbootin is weird11:44
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: and try the TAB meanwhile11:44
punkoivanyes, thanks, now I create live with usbcreator11:44
Desudonught: don't use unetbootin11:45
donughtlol trust me i know11:46
Desudonught: even ubuntu have seen the light and now ships hybrid images11:46
Desuonly took 10 years :p11:46
lotuspsychjepunkoivan: wich server image is this you trying?11:46
donughtif im on windows i use YUMI and on linux dd11:46
punkoivanand miniso same problem.11:46
punkoivandd nice ^_^11:46
punkoivanbut I got readonly problem11:47
punkoivanwhen create with dd11:47
punkoivanhowever, I can boot from this stick (after dd)11:47
donughtduring the install it says read only? or..11:47
kanzieIm trying to reach my ubuntu on port 5050 with ufw enabled from my local network. I have this rule [ 5] Anywhere                   ALLOW IN and Im calling from but it is blocked according to syslog. Any idea why?11:48
punkoivandonught: I want  to install with preseed. And I need to edit some files on flash.11:48
punkoivanOr may be I should unpack iso - edit -pack iso - create usb?11:49
donughtyou could if you know what you are doing..11:49
punkoivannow I create live-usb using UsbCreator and get syslinux error. After Pressing TAB , bios go to next install part - Pxe Netinstall11:50
punkoivandonught: Yes, but it's only question why after dd I got readonly flash?11:51
donughtcant you load a preseed config from the network instead?11:51
donughtim guessing dd doesnt allow persistent storage11:52
punkoivanSure, but it readonly when I try change files on my desktop, NOT when I boot to Live-system.11:53
punkoivanI never ever try to load from network.11:54
donughtand its not readonly when its formatted normally?11:54
punkoivanpreseed *11:54
punkoivanSure. Only after dd.11:54
donughtyea then you will have to unpack the iso and edit the files11:55
punkoivancommand, that I used to create live "sudo dd if=file.iso of=/dev/sdc"11:55
donughtbecause dd makes a usb act like a CD-ROM which is readonly11:55
punkoivanOk, thanks, there is no other way.11:56
=== ramsub07 is now known as Sammy
punkoivanOk. now I want try create usb with Ubuntu Desktop using UsbCreator and test boot from it11:57
xubuntu1there more people here11:57
xubuntu1can i ask a question regarding Xubuntu11:57
=== Sammy is now known as Guest11949
baizonxubuntu1: go for it11:57
xubuntu1since people are dead on the other channel11:57
xubuntu1baizon,  hi thanks thanks thanks11:57
xubuntu1okay i made a new install for Xubntu 14.04.3 lts, and flash doesnt work11:58
baizonxubuntu1: did you install flash?11:58
xubuntu1tried to install from the website, from the restricted xtras etc11:58
xubuntu1baizon,  yes11:58
baizonxubuntu1: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer11:58
donughtdoesnt chrome have flash baked in11:59
baizondonught: yes it has11:59
xubuntu1im on firefox11:59
k1ldonught: it has. its called pepperflash11:59
=== krm100_ is now known as Anon400
baizonxubuntu1: install it using this command, then it should work11:59
k1lxubuntu1: no need to load stuff from website.11:59
=== kai__ is now known as kaikai2199
xubuntu1k1l,  what should i do now :12:00
xubuntu1baizon,  already did12:00
hateballxubuntu1: Could you define "doesnt work" ?12:00
k1lxubuntu1: install flashplugin-installer12:00
hateballAs the npapi flash for firefox is ancient, it is possible certain applications wont work with it12:01
xubuntu1well o a website i keep having that empty space where the video should show p12:01
baizonxubuntu1: is flash activated?12:01
hateballxubuntu1: You need to restart the browser after installing it as well12:01
isleifHi, i have a question about package/Version (swi-prolog : http://www.swi-prolog.org/build/Debian.html ) I want the 6.6.1 version i tried sudo apt-get install swi-prolog=6.6.1 but It didn't works how I can find the good version of it ? thanks12:01
xubuntu1how can i know?12:01
baizonxubuntu1: Add-Ons -> Plugins12:01
xubuntu1isnt it activated automatically, ok let me check12:02
k1lxubuntu1: look at the url bar. firefox blocks flash since its a security issue. you need to let the wbsite activate it12:02
xubuntu1yes it is12:02
xubuntu1shockwave flash tho12:02
k1lxubuntu1: "do you want to allow flash on this site"12:02
xubuntu1k1l,  nope, doest appear12:03
donughtisleif you may need another repo containing that version12:03
k1lxubuntu1: any plugins running?12:03
isleifdonught: probably. (I'm already looking for it)12:03
xubuntu1code openh2.... and shockwave12:04
xubuntu1these only two12:04
donughtisleif its not in their ppa:swi-prolog?12:04
xubuntu1in the buntu software center within the Restricted extras only adobe-flashplugin is checked, flashplugin-installer is not12:05
baizonxubuntu1: try this https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/install-flash-plugin-view-videos-animations-games12:05
xubuntu1although i had check it before and the other one disappeared12:05
baizonxubuntu1: step 712:05
isleifI did this one before, if I use apt-get install swi-prolog i had the 7.X version but i want the 6.X version12:05
xubuntu1hum firefox crashed12:06
isleifAnd a don't know how to list repository12:06
baizonxubuntu1: well flash is terrible and its gonna die in a short time, so yeah. Also no support from adobe12:07
xubuntu1firefox crashed12:09
Mathisenhello can someone help me with some web server issues.. i cant get https to work... is it not enough to just run 1. " a2enmod ssl " and 2. " a2ensite default-ssl " then restart apache12:09
donughtisleif you can build from source12:09
xubuntu1man, is there a way to clean this mess?12:09
isleifYup this is the hardcorde version but it will work12:09
akikMathisen: you need also a private key and certificate12:11
TandyUKhey guys, small problem my /boot is full12:11
=== jack is now known as Guest18700
baizonxubuntu1: dont use flash?12:11
Mathisenakik, i understand that but i should still get the cert warning then... it should still work right ?12:12
=== Anon400 is now known as Anon278
Mathisenakik, can i pm you ?12:12
baizonTandyUK: remove old kernels?12:12
TandyUKtrying to install/upgrade a package with apt tells me it fails due to lack of space, and to try 'apt-get autoremove'12:12
TandyUKbut apt-get autoremove tells me that i have12:12
TandyUKYou might want to run ‘apt-get -f install’ to correct these.12:12
TandyUKThe following packages have unmet dependencies.12:12
TandyUKbut i cant do apt-get -f install due to the lack of space12:12
akikMathisen: it's for your own safety that the chat stays on the channel :)12:12
Mathiseni wanted to give some more info on the server...12:13
Mathisenso maybe you understand more12:13
=== Guest11949 is now known as wessles
akikMathisen: pastebin it12:13
mike25__TandyUK, you may be able to get some free space from /var/cache/apt/archives (anything needed will be re-downloaded)12:13
TandyUKits /boot that is full12:13
Mathisenakik, what do you need ?12:13
k1lTandyUK: remove manually some files form old kernels in /boot.12:13
TandyUKdifferent partition12:13
TandyUKno way to get apt to fix it itself?12:14
akikMathisen: do you have the private key and certficate?12:14
Mathisenakik, everything works fine otherwise i just cant get https.. here is php info >> http://mathisen.ddns.net/info.php12:14
TandyUKi know i can manually remove stuff12:14
k1lTandyUK: then(if there is enough space now) let apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade run again.12:14
TandyUKjust seems like a bit of a bug tbh12:14
k1lTandyUK: after that remove the old kernel packages12:14
k1lTandyUK: its a bug. there is a too small /boot and no remove script for old kernels.12:14
baizonTandyUK: https://askubuntu.com/questions/89710/how-do-i-free-up-more-space-in-boot12:15
TandyUKits like apt should warn you theres not enough disk space, and to do autoremove _before_ it tries installing the new kernel and bails out12:15
Mathisenakik, i have not replaced " /etc/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem " no12:15
baizonTandyUK: thats a very bad idea12:15
TandyUKbaizon: im fully aware of that, the key phrase here is 'with apt'12:15
baizonTandyUK: software should never remove something12:15
k1lTandyUK: its fixed since 15.04 and it should be put into kernel postinstall scripts iirc12:15
TandyUKno, but it should recommend you do the 'apt-get automremove' _before_ it completely fills the disk12:15
k1lTandyUK: but ranting now doesnt help12:16
=== g3kk3r_ is now known as g3kk3r
TandyUKhow am i ranting lol12:16
akikMathisen: the errors go into a separate log file whe using https12:16
TandyUKim just trying to find a solution (using apt) before i manually go fix it12:16
k1lTandyUK: so remove the file manually, let apt run, rmeove the old kernel packages12:16
k1lTandyUK: there is none12:16
Mathisenakik, okej so where should i look for problems ?12:16
k1lTandyUK: your apt is no locked. you could circumevent the lock and work  with dpkg etc. but this is way more effort than just make enough space by deleting manually some files in /boot12:17
k1l*now locked12:17
TandyUKso 15.04 stops apt locking itself up in this situation12:18
k1lTandyUK: yes. its fixed in later versions12:18
akikMathisen: under /var/log/apache212:21
xubuntu1aother way of fixing it12:21
akikMathisen: can you show the error you get when you try to access your https site?12:21
xubuntu1tried the step 712:21
xubuntu1still doesnt appear12:21
xubuntu1nice even chrome crashes12:22
xubuntu1looks like there is no solution12:24
baizonxubuntu1: well there is one, but all your flash related software crashes, so maybe something is wrong with the website?12:24
Mathisenakik, there is not generating any error12:24
xubuntu1i check not only one website12:24
Mathisenakik, last error was when i still was configuring12:25
xubuntu1it does it even with the non flash pages now12:25
baizonxubuntu1: maybe the whole flash configuration is broken then12:25
akikMathisen: so maybe your web page is empty?12:25
baizonflash + webbrowser12:25
xubuntu1baizon,  what to do ow12:25
Mathisenakik, i can reach a default html page with http12:25
akikMathisen: the https error messages are in in ssl_error.log12:25
baizonxubuntu1: remove flash completely12:25
Mathisenakik, no such file there12:26
akikor ssl_error_log12:26
=== Anon278 is now known as oom8ail
Mathisenakik, i got these > access.log  error.log  other_vhosts_access.log12:26
akikMathisen: you can check if your httpd is bound to port 443 with "sudo netstat -tulpan | grep 443"12:26
baizonxubuntu1: https://askubuntu.com/questions/43050/uninstalling-flash-plugin-completely12:26
Mathisenakik, indeed 44312:27
BluesKajHiyas all12:27
Mathisenakik, > http://paste.ubuntu.com/14856827/12:28
akikMathisen: it looks like it's listening on the ipv6 address port 443 (tcp6) ?12:30
Mathisenakik, im not even using a ipv6 ip on it12:30
Mathisenakik, so where to turn it off ?12:30
akikMathisen: look for Listen clauses in your configuration (virtual host maybe?)12:31
Holidayafter updating the other day, my wireless took a dump (and actually after taking the laptop home and back into work, the ethernet port on my Belkin Thunderbolt 2 hub/dock also quit appearing in network manager). For the wireless, it's using WL and I'm seeing a bunch of "unknown symbol"   http://paste.ubuntu.com/14856839/12:35
=== wessles is now known as turmfalke_
Mathisenakik, i have no clue where to look now realy. i dont understand why its using ipv6 in the first place12:35
Holidayit's been so long since I've had to mess with wireless (back in the b43 and fwcutter years and years ago) I was hoping someone could give me a hint12:35
=== oom8ail is now known as Anon541
akikMathisen: the configuration is under /etc/httpd. you can use e.g. "grep -r Listen /etc/httpd"12:36
Holidaythis is ubuntu 15.10 with pre-release checked (might uncheck that after this issue lol)12:36
=== nottrobin_ is now known as nottrobin
Mathisenakik, okej12:36
ghostknifeMathisen: do you get a connection when you run: nc -v 44312:37
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotus|xenial4-4
KartagisI'm on kernel 3.16. I'm trying to remove some leftover kernels and it wants to install 3.13. why?12:37
Mathisenghostknife, yep,  Connection to 443 port [tcp/https] succeeded!12:37
akikMathisen: the line should be either "Listen 443" or "Listen your_ip:443"12:37
=== LoganG_ is now known as LoganG
=== JamEngulfer_ is now known as JamEngulfer
akikMathisen: i don't know how it has chosen the ipv6 address for it12:38
=== RAX is now known as rax-
Mathisenakik, i dont got httpd folder in etc :)12:39
akikMathisen: oh my mistake. /etc/apache2 ?12:39
roberto_hi everyone12:40
akikred hat and ubuntu differences in paths12:40
=== Anon541 is now known as adhie70
Mathisenakik, > grep -r Listen /etc/http12:40
Mathisenakik, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14856866/12:41
akikMathisen: try changing those to "Listen your_ip:443" your_ip is the ip you're accessing the site with12:43
WG1337Hi! I have a NTP server and have a NTP client in local network (a linux embeded device), but it seems it counts time weirdly. Is it possible to see from the server how much time is adjusted for the client? (like a client ntp drift)12:44
akikMathisen: usually if you omit the ip address it binds to all interface addresses12:44
Mathisenakik, i dont want a single ip there.. i do some more reading online maybe try figure it out12:49
Mathisenakik, thx anyway for the help12:50
evenflowhi all, any idea why on ubuntu 14.04 im seeing sockets with = sign12:51
akikMathisen: i'm not sure why you don't get any error from https port. maybe you have an iptables setup stopping it? any way should remove some kind of error12:51
evenflowfor example docker is in /var/run/docker.sock= instead of /var/run/docker.sock12:52
Mathisenakik, nope a fresh ububntu 15.10 net intall using the minimal iso.. options.. samba,lubuntu dekstop,ssh server12:52
=== adhie70 is now known as bigj231
Mathisenakik, then i installed apache and so myself12:52
akikMathisen: you can also have multiple Listen clauses12:53
Mathisenakik, i have seafile runing can that have anything with it to do ?12:55
akikMathisen: i don't know seafile12:56
Mathisenakik, its like owncloud12:56
akikMathisen: you didn't see any other process listening at port 443 though12:57
Mathiseni try my luck in debian channel also :)12:57
Mathisenakik, thx again12:57
akikMathisen: in which port is seafile serving?12:57
Mathisenakik, umm 8000 and 808212:57
homa_hi my friends12:57
hexhaxtronAnyone knows how to create this kind of pictures? http://fastguitartechniques.com/Content/Images/open_A_minor.gif13:02
XATRIXHi, how can i list current available kernels for install ?13:03
XATRIXapt-cache search kernel* ?13:04
=== bigj231 is now known as Uniqueman17
hateballXATRIX: "apt-cache search linux-generic-lts" is probably wiser13:05
hateballXATRIX: or do you mean kernel versions for your current release?13:05
XATRIXall available which i can install on my PC13:06
lotuspsychjeXATRIX: is something not working on current kernel?13:07
XATRIXnothing, just experimenting with hibernate with pf-kernel13:07
XATRIXand i would also like to check for extra kernels available13:08
lotuspsychje!kernel | XATRIX13:08
ubottuXATRIX: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)13:08
lotuspsychje!mainline > XATRIX13:09
ubottuXATRIX, please see my private message13:09
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
louigiHey everyone! I am attempting to open an mp3 file as text, however all text editors just say that the file is an improper text format. But I know that it is possible to open a binary file in a text editor.13:13
louigiHow do I do it?13:13
lotuspsychjelouigi: how about you tell us what you really want with the mp3?13:14
louigilotuspsychje: I need to open an mp3 file and see it in text form. At the moment this is the only goal. In fact, I have done it already with Mousepad (Xubuntu), but now it does not do it anymore, as if the editor saved somewhere that this is not a "proper" file and does not open it anymore.13:15
lotuspsychjelouigi: mp3 files arent meant to open with a text editor right13:16
louigiOkay, I solved the problem by using vim13:17
=== Uniqueman17 is now known as jesse1
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
hexhaxtronI think I'm missing some repositories. Which repository has gnometab and kguitar?13:28
=== turmfalke_ is now known as ilzoff
mcphail!info kguitar | hexhaxtron13:31
ubottuhexhaxtron: Package kguitar does not exist in wily13:31
DJoneshexhaxtron: I can't see either of those packages in any current release of Ubuntu13:31
mcphailhexhaxtron: doesn't look like it is in the repos13:31
ioria!info tuxguitar13:32
ubottutuxguitar (source: tuxguitar): Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player (gp3 to gp5). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-20build1 (wily), package size 2734 kB, installed size 4798 kB13:32
=== jesse1 is now known as jesse1_
mcphailhexhaxtron: musescore can be handy as well13:34
mcphailhexhaxtron: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/tablature13:35
=== irra is now known as Solido10
odroidyo ho ho13:40
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
=== jesse1_ is now known as gamsei1
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=== Mo0O_ is now known as Mo0O
shafoxI would like to add my zookeeper script to run at boot time. it has only a sh file which takes parameter like start/stop etc. I have put that in /etc/rc.local like this: exec /home/ubuntu/zookeeper/bin/zkServer.sh start  . When does this script gets executed ?13:51
shafoxAnd also I would like to start some init.d scripts as well at the boot time. seems like there is an issue with the init.d script that i have. so i have written the same way in the same file /etc/rc.local exec sudo service servename start is this valid ?13:52
=== Guest29740 is now known as james0r
=== ilzoff is now known as burkmat
shafoxI would like to start a service from shell script at boot time. kaikai219914:05
=== gamsei1 is now known as HeatWave04
akikshafox: /etc/rc.local is ran once at the end of the boot14:07
akikshafox: you can use update-rc.d to manage the sym links for init scripts14:08
MichaelJJhi all. does somebody know how to use autofs to mount a NFS share using a certain mask? I'm searching the internet for over 1 hour and didn't find any answer14:15
Bent0I boot Ubuntu Mini Installer over PXE and when I get to the Ubuntu installer menu my network connection goes down. LED on the switch turns off and no connection is possible. Any ideas?14:16
akikMichaelJJ: do you mean permissions? they are set on the nfs server. umask is set in the user settings14:17
=== Fuchs is now known as zombiefox
anabainI need some help with an usb micro sd I've just bought. It's 128gb but it only shows 23.7, and it cannot be mounted. dmesg: p1 size 251099136 extends beyond EOD, enabling native capacity, Write Protect is off, Mode Sense: 4b 00 00 0814:19
anabainany ideas?14:19
akikMichaelJJ: also "man mount" and look for mount options for nfs14:19
akikMichaelJJ: actually there's a umask= option in there14:19
akikMichaelJJ: sorry i read wrong (wrong file system type)14:20
MichaelJJakik: already tried with umask= but doesn't work like desired. it keeps mounting with 755 root:root and I need to write with another username from local pc14:21
=== HeatWave04 is now known as Ryan659
=== burkmat is now known as chammy
akikMichaelJJ: make sure uid's are the same on the server and the client14:26
cucHello. How do I add a program to my menu? I can't seem to find it in the "Main Menu" application and it doesn't show by default in the menu.14:26
user54541210 what program do you use to download .mp3 music?14:28
Bent0So the ubuntu installer cant detect a link on eth0. But both of my NICs are named p2p1 p1p1 etc14:29
Bent0How do I fix that14:29
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ash_workzhow do I see a list of ubottu commands?14:34
ash_workzfound it; `!ubottu` was what I needed to type14:34
=== Ryan659 is now known as Anon682
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone14:36
wnted56Hello! I got a problem with deleted partitions. Anybody here that knows anything about that?14:37
ash_workzcan people suggest factoids?14:37
ash_workz!ask | wnted5614:37
ubottuwnted56: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:37
wnted56Hey. My partition got deleted for an unknown reason. The machine just stopped working, after a hardware reboot no files were found. My host said "no partitions were found". When i ran testdisk it did find everything, but it said they are "damaged". Any idea how to recover?14:39
Bent0My Ubuntu Mini installer is only looking for eth0. But both my NICs are known as p2p1 and p3p1 so it cant get a link. Any idea14:39
akikBent0: you could try disabling the "predictable network interface names"14:42
Bent0Is that biosdevname=0 ?14:42
qazwsxwnted56: have you tried mounting the hard drive as a media drive in another machine? or running from a bootable USB and seeing if you could really recover the files?14:42
akikBent0: net.ifnames=0 kernel boot option14:42
LordDragonhey all. is there any viable way to change the scroll speed of the mouse wheel globally?14:42
Bent0akik: ok gimme a min14:43
LordDragonive seen lots of xorg.conf tweaks suggested, none of which work. and ive seen ppl say that it simply isnt possible in linux at present14:43
Bent0akik:  wait in the APPEND was set interface=eth014:44
MichaelJJakik: that's hard, since the user doesn't exists on the backup server14:44
Bent0akik: ah fixed. It lets you choose now14:45
akikMichaelJJ: with nfs v4 there's something called uid mapping. i haven't tried it myself14:46
vDream3rI've got a doubt, everytime I log in, to became root I have to type sudo -s... is there a way to log in as "sudo" ?14:48
Myrttiwhy do you want to become root? just use sudo in front of the commands that require it14:48
=== chammy is now known as roid
Myrttithat's not really an answer14:49
vDream3rwhat I mean is, I dont have a ftp server, so everytime I connect via sftp, to upload something for ex /var/www/html I wont be able, since I dont have root perms14:50
Bent0On to the next issue. Installer cant find ssd :P14:50
MyrttivDream3r: user@host should work...14:51
=== Anon682 is now known as silv3r_m00n
vDream3rit doesn't :) that's why I'm asking how14:51
vDream3rI know its possible14:51
vDream3rsince I have a VPS where that is active14:51
vDream3rand the other isn't14:51
Myrttiah yes.14:51
vDream3rMyrtti, can you help me? ^^14:53
akikMichaelJJ: when you mount the nfs share, what kind of uid/gid pairs do you see? if it's a nfs server running on a unix system, there's probably a local /etc/passwd14:53
wnted56qazwsx: sorry for the late response. I don't have physical access to the machine14:54
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RobRockgood day folks14:54
=== VirusCL is now known as Victor
=== Victor is now known as VictorCL
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RobRockis there another channel better suited to noobie questions?14:58
MyrttivDream3r: sorry... I'd recommend you'd add a user who'd have write access to the directory rather than trying to log in as root14:58
MyrttiRobRock: this is it14:58
RobRockah, thanks14:58
qazwsxwnted56: ok. what file system was it using? I believe TestDisk can also be used to recover the files.14:58
MyrttivDream3r: ie. add to the group, rather than changing the ownership14:59
vDream3rMyrtti: The thing is, I already tried to create a group, add users into that group, give chown to that root.. it won't work.. (OpenERP or Odoo)..14:59
vDream3rDid that :D14:59
qazwsxwnted56: give this a read for NTFS http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Undelete_files_from_NTFS_with_TestDisk14:59
wnted56qazwsx: We had a RAID 1 system. I am not sure which file system they are using. Is it possible to check it somehow?15:00
wnted56I think it was ext415:01
qazwsxwantd56: if you're running RAID 1, shouldn't the files be mirrored in another drive?15:02
akikwnted56: you can find the mounts in /etc/mtab15:02
=== silv3r_m00n is now known as codepython777
qazwsxwnted56: why not just copy the files you need from the other drive where it is mirrored?15:04
wnted56The whole system was on the disk. The current mtab looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14857617/15:04
wnted56How do i copy them? Don't they also dissapear when the first disk changes?15:04
wnted56Partition type is MS Data, the one that is currently on the system. Running testdisk also showed some other types (Mac HFS)15:05
akikwnted56: do you see /etc/fstab? that might tell the file system. is the box running in a initramfs now?15:06
wnted56The only thing written on fstab is # UNCONFIGURED FSTAB FOR BASE SYSTEM . The machine is running in recovery mode.15:07
EriC^^wnted56: did you dd the image?15:07
wnted56What is dd? Make an image of the disk and send it to another machine?15:07
EriC^^no i mean did you dd an img and have this install? it sounds like a preconfigured image type of thing15:08
EriC^^sorry i wasn't reading earlier15:08
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wnted56I'm not that into ubuntu, sorry. Can you explain what dd an img means? Also, how the hell do i quote15:08
=== pingfloyd is now known as Guest76488
EriC^^wnted56: you type the first few letters then press tab15:09
wnted56EriC^^: Oh nice, thanks.15:09
EriC^^wnted56: what's the problem you're having?15:10
wnted56akik: EriC^^ qazwsx I did the following things: 1. created an image of the disk and copied it directly onto another remote VPS (Backup machine). So it didn't overwrite any data on the disk. The second thing i did was i ran testdisk, scanned it for lost partitions and it did find a lot of sectors. It said they cannot be recovered and are set to "Deleted". I have to recover them somehow.15:11
wnted56EriC^^: All my data dissappeared from my disk. It has a RAID 1 system, and i think no data is on the mirrored one. We think that might have happened because we ran out of space while creating a tar, if that is even possible.15:12
EriC^^what's the type of data?15:13
EriC^^wnted56: and what's the filesystem it was on?15:13
=== codepython777 is now known as j0z_
=== popey_ is now known as popey
wnted56EriC^^: There were folders, txt files, sql files etc. We were running around 12 servers on it. We think it was on ext415:13
archhereticis there any problems with using same home partition for both an opensuse and ubuntu install?15:14
EriC^^wnted56: that's hard15:15
zombiefoxarchheretic: I wouldn't recommend it, if they use different versions of various applications, they might be confused by the configuration files15:15
qazwsxwnted56: sorry, looks like it's going to be a pain to recover15:15
k1larchheretic: could make issues when using other configs or versions15:15
qazwsxwnted56: anyway, if you want to try your luck, this may be a starting point: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Extract_filesystem_from_recovered_image15:16
archhereticsound right15:16
=== satrap is now known as sat1_e
archhereticil avoid that then15:16
wnted56qazwsx: As i said, i don't know what file system they had. I'm using Serverloft for my host. I have to get those files back, no matter the price and no matter the pain.15:16
EriC^^wnted56: ext4 is a little difficult to recover, if you use photorec you could get back the files, it searches for file headers though and just gets back the file types you tell it to15:16
EriC^^wnted56: did you try listing the files in testdisk by pressing "p" over the partition? maybe you could try that, or to at least see the dir structure it had, i haven't had much luck with ext4 though, with fat32 it works like a charm though15:17
wnted56EriC^^: I did not try that. Let me do that know15:18
culoanybody used chromecast? is it something similar to typical cable tv?15:18
EriC^^wnted56: there's also extundelete15:18
k1lculo: no. not at all15:18
qazwsxculo: very different15:18
dougquaidI downloaded the source of a program and I have successfully compiled it. Now I want to make a deb file for it. What command does that?15:18
culowhats it like?15:18
k1lculo: but that is not ubuntu specific, so better talk about that in #ubuntu-offtopic15:19
EriC^^!installcheck | dougquaid15:19
EriC^^!checkinstall | dougquaid15:19
ubottudougquaid: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!15:19
wnted56EriC^^: I will first try to list the files and see what it says. I'll quote you here. Is that alright?15:19
dougquaidEric^^: thanks!15:19
EriC^^dougquaid: no problem15:20
=== bill is now known as Guest29458
EriC^^wnted56: sure15:20
wnted56EriC^^: It says "Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged"15:20
EriC^^wnted56: can you currently mount the filesystem they were on?15:20
wnted56EriC^^: It looks like this: http://prntscr.com/9y37ur15:20
wnted56EriC^^: how do i do that?15:21
EriC^^wnted56: try to list the partitions and filesystem with sudo parted -l15:21
EriC^^it's pretty odd it says mac hfs as the filesystem there O.o15:22
=== j0z_ is now known as bp0
wnted56EriC^^: This is what happens if i run that command: http://prntscr.com/9y38l815:22
ash_workzcan you suggest factoids to ubottu?15:22
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
=== Guest76488 is now known as Rapture
k1lash_workz: yes, in #ubuntu-irc15:23
Angsis there any specific room to ask networking related questions about ubuntu?15:23
ash_workzk1l: just post your suggestion in the channel?15:23
EriC^^wnted56: does sudo blkid mention the filesystem?15:24
k1lash_workz: and with a reasoning15:24
wnted56EriC^^: It doesn't return anything15:24
BluesKajAngs, ask here15:25
EriC^^wnted56: ok, in testdisk did you select GPT when it asked about the partition table type?15:25
wnted56EriC^^: I selected the second one. http://prntscr.com/9y3afk15:25
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try to let it run a quick search and a deep search15:26
wnted56EriC^^: With the same table type?15:26
wnted56EriC^^: Would it be better if i give you access to the machine?15:27
EriC^^just let it run for like 30secs and it should show stuff15:27
EriC^^nah, it's ok15:27
wnted56EriC^^: Alright, started quick search.15:27
RobRocknot trying to interrupt the troubleshooting convo currently underway, but is it fairly easy for an ubuntu neophyte to be able to point a plex server to a network drive?15:28
wnted56EriC^^: This is the result after quick search: http://prntscr.com/9y3bo115:28
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try pressing p over the ms data15:29
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y3c2g15:29
AngsI need to tunnel IPv6 traffic over IPv4. Referring to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 IPv6 traffic might need to be connected to behind a IPv4 NAT. In that case, is it best to use Miredo, or SixXS and Hurricane Electric solution can also be used behind an IPv4 NAT?15:30
AngsIs it easier to use Miredo?15:30
=== Zerant_ is now known as Zerant
SansayHey guys, one of my disks that was working for a while stopped allowing me to write, i was going to unmount it and remount it and see if that fixes the problem. Before i do that is there anything you guys can suggest i try? or check?15:31
wnted56EriC^^: Are you still here?15:32
=== bp0 is now known as littleSister2
EriC^^wnted56: it says ext4 on the bottom though, maybe something to do with the bs can help15:32
=== aeonchild is now known as enchilado
=== enchilado is now known as aeonchild
EriC^^wnted56: yeah, i'm looking on google about that error and rebuilding the bs15:32
user54541210How can I fix the fps lag when Maximizing a youtube video?15:32
wnted56EriC^^: With bs? Alright, take your time15:32
headpool182hey, looking for some help adding some arguments to my kernel config and bootloader config...15:33
EriC^^wnted56: try to go back to the analyze screen by pressing q, then go to advanced15:33
headpool182need to config that CONFIG_DRM_AMD_POWERPLAY is enabled in kernel, and amdgpu.powerplay=1 is enabled in bootloader15:33
wnted56No partition avaiable somehow. I did have that option before altho.15:34
EriC^^and see if you can choose some fixing type of option for the msdata one, it seems to say ext4 large sparse superblock 247gb at the bottom so i guess that's a good start15:34
wnted56EriC^^: Let me run a deep search first. I think that will show me the partitions.15:35
=== loki is now known as Guest35516
I-Am-GrootHello guys, My PC keeps logging me out of my session. I used to have 4gb ram but lost 2gb and now am left with 2gb. I intend to buy a replacement ram. But just this afternoon, i noticed that i keep getting logged out of my session and i dont know why. I checked dmesg and i got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/14857802/15:35
=== zombiefox is now known as Fuchs
Sansayone of my disks that was working for a while stopped allowing me to write, i was going to unmount it and remount it and see if that fixes the problem. Before i do that is there anything you guys can suggest i try? or check?15:37
wnted56EriC^^: Current result of deep search: http://prntscr.com/9y3gas15:37
headpool182anyone able to help with that?15:38
=== Rapture is now known as Sweet-P
llldinoI-Am-Groot, Can I see your /var/log/syslog?15:38
=== RobRock is now known as RobRock_lunch
EriC^^wnted56: ok, the msdata ones are the ext4 one, i checked a little on my pc and the ext4 are showing up as msdata and ext at the bottom15:38
wnted56EriC^^: I thikn it's always the same start and end and size with MS Data.15:38
RobRock_lunchback in a few15:38
I-Am-Grootllldino, Sure15:38
wnted56EriC^^: Here are some errors: http://prntscr.com/9y3h06 And thanks for checking15:39
I-Am-Grootllldino, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14857825/15:39
wnted56EriC^^:  And those are some weird: http://prntscr.com/9y3hmg15:40
EriC^^wnted56: maybe you can write the msdata partition, and then try to fsck it from linux15:40
I-Am-Grootllldino, find anything?15:41
llldinoI-Am-Groot, Awful lot of ata5 errors15:42
wnted56EriC^^: here are some more MS Data: http://prntscr.com/9y3ilp15:42
I-Am-GrootHmmmm...so what could be the problem?15:42
I-Am-GrootHard Drive failure?15:42
llldinoI-Am-Groot, What time was the last logout of your session? How old is the hard drive where / is mounted?15:42
I-Am-GrootPls dont let it be a hardrive failure :(15:42
I-Am-GrootLast logout was like 15 minutes ago15:43
I-Am-GrootI dont know how old the Hard drive is15:43
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I-Am-GrootBut i got this laptop somewhere August 201415:44
=== M4dH4TT3r is now known as Guest56988
llldinoI-Am-Groot, Check line 1278, I think thats where gnome-session faials15:44
llldinothe ata5 errors might not be anything bad, i'm not sure15:45
=== eu is now known as Guest20696
llldinoLooks like a seg fault to me15:46
wnted56EriC^^: Alright, deep search finished: http://prntscr.com/9y3kr715:46
PETsoundsI-Am-Groot: if i were you i'll create a new user and see if the problem persists15:46
wnted56EriC^^: It still says no partitions found. I have that option on the other disk altho.15:47
I-Am-GrootOOkay PETsounds15:47
I-Am-GrootI will give that a try15:47
llldinoI-Am-Groot, I'd also do smartctl -H /dev/sdX where sdX is the drive of your / partition15:48
llldinoRather, smartctl -i15:48
zapotahthe distro default freeradius package is borked15:50
zapotahand apparently also horribly outdated15:51
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try to highlight the msdata partition that starts on 17266686 and is 48285043215:51
EriC^^so it's selected, and write it to disk15:51
EriC^^wnted56: i mean use the right arrow to select it, then write15:51
wnted56EriC^^: Wait wait. Should i go back to deep search and let it search again?15:52
EriC^^wnted56: it should be close to 8mb so it's like the other partition on the /dev/sdb15:52
EriC^^wnted56: no it's ok, it's in quick search too15:52
wnted56EriC^^: Let me quick search it and you'll guide me trough, alright?15:52
wnted56EriC^^: Alright, quick searched15:53
wnted56It should be green right?15:53
wnted56Alright i selected it. What now?15:54
Sansayi cant unmount a drive, says its busy i tried using fuser to see what was keeping it busy but i have no idea hwo to read the result coukld someone help me15:54
EriC^^wnted56: press enter15:54
Sansay/dev/xvdb1:          12821c15:54
wnted56EriC^^: It was like this: http://prntscr.com/9y3p04 Pressed enter now it's: http://prntscr.com/9y3p7015:54
wnted56And write right?15:54
llldinoSansay, lsof /where/drive/is/mounted15:55
wnted56I did it, it says i have to reboot it now.15:56
EriC^^wnted56: ok, are you able to boot back?15:56
Sansayilldino it seems to be pointing to a directory 3 times15:57
wnted56EriC^^: Not sure. I did reboot it before i came into this channel.15:57
wnted56EriC^^: Should i boot it back into recovery like it's now or no?15:57
EriC^^wnted56: ok, you can try sudo partprobe15:57
EriC^^and then sudo parted -l15:57
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wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y3qvn15:58
llldinoSansay, Whats the entry in the first fields?15:58
Sansayllldino: i havent been able to write to this drive, seems to be having issues, any looking at dmesg i see attempt to access beyond end of device15:58
Sansay[28794940.546706] xvdb1: rw=0, want=27507754288, limit=62913746715:58
=== Sweet-P is now known as fobelx
wnted56Same thing with the second command15:58
EriC^^wnted56: does it show anything under /dev/sda now?15:58
Sansaybash    12821 root  cwd    DIR 202,17     4096    2 /backups15:59
wnted56EriC^^: SDA or sda1?15:59
EriC^^Sansay: are you in the dir in the shell?15:59
=== [UPA]Stefan is now known as Tronsha
llldinoSansay, That'll do it16:00
Sansayokay i left it16:00
EriC^^wnted56: there's a sda1 now?16:00
wnted56EriC^^: Not sure if it was there before, but it is now http://prntscr.com/9y3sa216:00
Sansayllldino: before i umount it any idea what i could do to check why i cant write? or should i unmount and remount to see if that solves it16:01
RobRocki can open files on my network drive in ubuntu, but i can't copy to them and am thinking that may be why i can't select folders from that drive for my plex server16:01
llldinoSansay, What are you trying to write?16:01
EriC^^wnted56: try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /some/empty/dir16:01
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y3syy16:02
Sansayi tried to create a file and it wont let me anymore, it was working fine yesterday16:02
Sansayi used vi test, tried to save it says i cant16:02
EriC^^wnted56: i meant any dir you want that's empty16:02
llldinoSansay, Are you the owner of the directory where you tried to write it?16:02
wnted56Oh lol i just straight copied it.16:02
Sansay"test" E212: Can't open file for writing16:03
Sansayya i am root16:03
wnted56EriC^^: Can i create a new folder under root? So it's /root/empty/16:03
llldinoLet's see the output of mount -l, please post in a pastebin16:03
EriC^^wnted56: yeah, if /mnt is empty you can use that if you want16:04
biobuntuhi all, is there a solution for network-manager no connexion bug on 15.04 ?16:04
Sansayyou want everything or just whats related to the mounted drive?16:04
wnted56EriC^^: It's empty yes, thanks16:04
llldinoSansay, Just whats related is okay16:04
Sansayllldino: /dev/xvdb1 on /backups type ext3 (rw,noatime,_netdev)16:05
wnted56EriC^^: mount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /root/folder busy root@loft10374:~#16:06
llldinoSansay, I assume the disk isn't full? What happens when you do touch /backups/test in a terminal?16:06
Sansaytouch: cannot touch 'test': Read-only file system16:07
EriC^^wnted56: hmm try "mount"16:07
EriC^^does it list /dev/sda1 mounted?16:07
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y3vue16:07
llldinoSansay, Try remounting it, I suppose, what type of disk do you have mounted?16:08
Sansayext3 or its a cloud server , block storage16:08
EriC^^wnted56: try restarting maybe, it should work alright i think16:09
wnted56EriC^^: Should i restart it in recovery like i was now or should normal?16:10
EriC^^when it restarts try sudo parted -l again, maybe it will show the filesystem type now16:10
Sansayllldino: how do i mount the disk if the system is "Linux" would that be consider ext ?16:10
EriC^^wnted56: yes recovery is fine16:10
llldinoSansay, Cloud servers are a little out of my league..16:10
wnted56EriC^^: It will take around 30 mins to reboot, as far as i know. And when it boots, nothing that i installed now won't be saved16:11
Sansaywouldnt it be similar to a phyiscal server?16:11
llldinoSansay, Sure it would, but i've never used netdev or netfs so i'm really not sure16:12
wnted56EriC^^: ?16:12
wnted56EriC^^: Are you sure we should reboot it in recovery?16:12
EriC^^wnted56: ok16:13
EriC^^try sudo blkid /dev/sda116:13
wnted56EriC^^: I rebooted it 3 min ago haha16:13
wnted56EriC^^: I though you went afk beacuse it can take 30 mins.. sorry.16:14
EriC^^why's it take 30mins though? O.o16:14
wnted56EriC^^: not sure... probablly because of recovery mode... it's usually up in 5 min or something16:14
EriC^^why's it booting in recovery mode btw?16:14
EriC^^it looked like the root fs is on /dev/root16:15
wnted56EriC^^: A person i know told me to boot the machine i recovery so i don't loose any files16:15
EriC^^that doesn't make sense afaik16:15
kernelpanicHello! I cannot find any ubuntu 16.04 server alpha2 x86_64 images. Do they exist?16:15
lotuspsychjekernelpanic: #ubuntu+116:15
wnted56Should i boot it into normal mode now or not?16:15
EriC^^maybe he thought it writes to the disk or something16:16
EriC^^wnted56: does it write to that other disk if you boot it into normal mode?16:16
Sansayunmounting and remounting seems to have worked16:16
Gallomimiahmmmm. still need drivers for sensors on the motherboard. any tips?16:16
llldinoSansay, Great!16:16
Gallomimiai installed lm-sensors...16:16
wnted56EriC^^: If i boot it into normal mode it writes into the primary disk as far as i know. And if it's in recovery, it uses some sort of livecd16:16
llldinoGallomimia, Did you run sudo sensors-detect?16:16
wnted56That's how i got told.16:16
Gallomimiaoh. that's right16:16
wnted56EriC^^: Machine is up16:17
EriC^^wnted56: how do the /dev/sda and /dev/sdb get written to? manually copying stuff there or manually starting a script or something?16:17
=== fobelx is now known as austengary
EriC^^wnted56: cool, recovery mode or normal?16:17
llldinoGallomimia, There's a better sensors-detect script I found with a google search, the one in the repos didn't detect my mobo's sensors but the one I found online did. Just a heads up16:17
kernelpanicTHere's only http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/xenial/alpha-2/xenial-server-cloudimg-amd64-uefi1.img, but I'm not sure if I can just boot from it on a bare metal machine, or if thats for some hypervisor16:17
wnted56EriC^^: Recovery mode16:17
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try sudo parted -l16:17
xangua!xenial | kernelpanic16:17
ubottukernelpanic: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+116:17
kernelpaniclotuspsychje, ah, ok, thanks!16:17
Gallomimiallldino: i'm doing the plain jane one first. i had some luck with it before16:18
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y411416:18
llldinoGallomimia, Yeah that's probably all ya need16:18
wnted56EriC^^: I think nothing that we do in recovery saves on the disk.16:18
EriC^^wnted56: the new partition is there though in /dev/sda, and on the same starting mb which is great16:19
headpool182hey just wondering if anyone is able to assist me with editing my kernel. I'd rather not royally mess it up. I need to uncomment CONFIG_DRM_AMD_POWERPLAY16:19
EriC^^wnted56: so it wrote the partition there, it doesn't list anything under filesystem though16:19
EriC^^wnted56: try fsck /dev/sda116:19
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y420716:19
EriC^^wnted56: do you think it's really an ext filesystem?16:20
headpool182anyone? I've never had to do anything like this before and i'm getting really frustrated as my GPU requires it16:20
wnted56EriC^^: I am not sure, no idea. I can try calling the support now.16:20
llldinoheadpool182, Just uncomment what it's telling you to16:21
mechhi any idea to learn grub on virtual16:21
llldinoheadpool182, Just be careful and double check what you're doing16:21
headpool182that's all good and well, but i've never edited my kernel config file16:21
headpool182so i don't know to do that16:21
wnted56EriC^^: I also asked them to recover my files, but they suck with support... I hope they can help me with this at least.16:21
headpool182do i edit the file in /boot?16:21
headpool182can i use nano?16:21
llldinoheadpool182, It's no different then editing any other config file16:21
Gallomimiai recommend trusting only one person with your files: you.16:21
llldinoSure ya can16:22
headpool182once that's done, do i make config?16:23
\svhey i need to make a usb drive to boot from, i have tried to make it with the ubuntu usb creater its not worked as it fails to install the bootloader. i have a usb 8gb disk so lots of roomfor it.16:23
headpool182and when someone says i need to add  "amdgpu.powerplay=1" to my bootloader, are they talking about my grub?16:23
\sv HexChat: 2.9.6 ** OS: Linux 3.13.0-77-generic i686 ** Distro: Debian jessie/sid ** CPU: 2 x AMD E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (AuthenticAMD) @ 825MHz ** RAM: Physical: 5.5GB, 82.8% free ** Disk: Total: 587.3GB, 82.1% free ** VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Wrestler [Radeon HD 6320] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic1: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor16:23
\svCo., Ltd. CIe Gigabit Ethernet ** Uptime: 2h 6m 58s **16:23
llldino!pastebin | \sv16:23
ubottu\sv: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:23
=== sk_ is now known as Guest52575
\svllldino, its not too much and also its relivent to my question16:24
llldino\sv,  I think the limit is 3 lines16:24
biobuntu is there a solution for network-manager no connexion bug on 15.04 ?16:24
\svdepends how big your screen is. llldino mine says that is 3 lines16:25
Gallomimiallldino: sweet! 3 more temps, 4 fanspeeds added16:25
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
llldinoheadpool182, I believe they mean to your boot options, if you're following a guide then just do what it's saying. If you don't feel comfortable comiling your kernal then don't do it16:25
headpool182llldino: uncommented the line, do i just make config now?16:25
OerHeks\sv, ubuntu usb creator sure does not work on Debian/jessie.16:26
headpool182it's not a guide16:26
OerHeksdon't mix debian and ubuntu packages.16:26
llldinoGallomimia, Sweet!16:26
headpool182if it was a guide i'd have no problem16:26
\svOerHeks, its ubuntu 14.03 lts16:26
Gallomimiathe one thing i can't seem to get on sensors is GPU fanspeed. it gets temp just fine...16:26
headpool182well, it's a guide in the loosest sense of the word16:26
OerHeks\sv, you just posted the sysinfo from hexchat.. how confusing16:27
llldinoGallomimia, What's your graphics card? I had to recompile lm-sensors to get it to detect mine16:27
\svhexchat is native to ubuntu now16:27
nonshi, i have a custom service in ubuntu. but it does not starts automatically if upgraded16:27
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
Gallomimiallldino: it's a zotac gtx-780-ti16:28
llldinoheadpool182, I've never had the need to recompile my kernal, I'd reccomend following a guide somewhere16:28
\svOerHeks, i dont now to use that? it says that. i wanna install ubuntu ive got an 8gb usb drive. ho16:28
Gallomimiallldino: and for reference i have nvidia-352 installed to run it16:29
alcapwwnIs it possible to update from 12.10 to a more later version without loosing my files?16:29
MonkeyDustalcapwwn  backup first16:29
llldinoGallomimia, Yeah, I have a 780 myself. You have to remove lm-sensors, install a library, turn the xnvcontrol flag on and reinstall lm-sensors16:29
llldinoIm trying to find the guide I used myself16:30
wnted56EriC^^: It's ext4.16:30
Gallomimia"a library" and where's this flag go?16:30
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try e2fsck -b 8193 /dev/sda116:31
OerHeks\sv, if you do not use ubuntu now, you can use dd to make a bootable usb > http://askubuntu.com/questions/372607/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive-from-terminal and tons more howtos16:31
coffeeguyhai i was hoping someone could clue me in on installing ubuntu on a samsung lappy16:31
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y480i16:31
llldinoGallomimia, I'm trying to find the guide, give me a sec16:31
alcapwwnMonkeyDust: how could i backup so my computer is the exact same after the "reinstall"16:31
=== chem1strydioxide is now known as biella2
Gallomimia\sv are you on a linux or mac machine right now?16:32
coffeeguyit's an i3 intel best buy samsung lappy with a weird bios16:32
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
MonkeyDustalcapwwn  backup your /home folder, it contains your personal settings too16:32
Gallomimiallldino: perhaps its no rush. there's other fans to install, and other things to config16:32
Gallomimiawhat i did so far is a great step16:32
\svGallomimia, im on ubuntu.16:32
alcapwwnMonkeyDust thx. what should i use just bzip and compress the folder?16:32
Gallomimiadd is easy to use, and dangerous as heck. make sure you're doing it right16:32
MonkeyDustalcapwwn  and when you reinstall, create a separate /home partiton16:32
OerHeks\sv,  you are not on ubuntu :-D16:33
\svOerHeks, i am16:33
=== austengary is now known as hN3
alcapwwnthat option for have files in one place?16:33
\svdont argue16:33
MonkeyDustalcapwwn  you can backup any way you want, i use rsync16:33
EriC^^wnted56: try sudo dumpe2fs /dev/sda1 | grep -i superblock16:33
Gallomimiait's a simple process really. you type this: sudo dd if=path/to/imagefile of=/dev/sdX where sdX is the flash drive. make SURE you get the right sdX or it will nuke your files.16:33
sigint88hello all16:33
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y499a16:33
alcapwwnokay thanks bro :)16:33
llldinoGallomimia, Ah here we go: https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=890316:34
sigint88I need a small assist if possible16:35
Gallomimiallldino: oh i suppose i should get the SSD installed before proceeding so it catches that one too?16:35
llldinoGallomimia, Just make sure that you get the package 'libxnvctrl-dev' before you do ./configure16:35
sigint88I peformed a dist-upgrade -d mistakenly, and wanted to know how to roll back to the not dev release ubuntu16:35
xanguasigint88: backup and reinstall16:35
llldinoGallomimia, Sure, might as well. I also had to add my ssd into hddtemps manually16:35
sigint88sigh xangua,  i was hoping there was another way16:36
EriC^^wnted56: try gdisk -l /dev/sda16:36
Gallomimiallldino: what kinda ssd?16:36
wnted56EriC^^: Let me install gdisk first16:36
Gallomimialet me guess. evo84016:36
llldinoGallomimia, A Samsung 850 Pro16:36
Gallomimiaah lucky you16:37
headpool182okay, so i uncommented the line and figured out what to do with the second part. Is there anything in particular i have to do to commit the config to kernel? or should it just read on next reboot?16:37
qazwsxwnted56 and EriC^^: popping back in here. you guys make any headway with the data recovery?16:37
Gallomimiawhat am i going to do with the firmware of the 840 :/16:37
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4bcl16:37
llldinoGallomimia, What do you mean?16:37
wnted56qazwsx: Eric should tell you, i have no idea what we are doing at the moment16:37
Gallomimiathere's a bug in the 840's firmware that lets it tell the kernel it supports trim when it doesn't16:37
EriC^^qazwsx: we got the partition back on /dev/sda , it matches the one on /dev/sdb , but the filesystem doesn't show anything and fsck says bad magic superblock, so does dumpe2fs16:38
Gallomimiaresulting in severe dataloss on rare ocassions16:38
llldinoGallomimia, The 840 doesn't support trim? Really?16:38
Gallomimiauh. a certain mode of trim16:38
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: there's a firmware upgrade for the 840 evo16:38
Gallomimiafancy stuff. i think the 850 does16:38
Gallomimiai have 2 of them :/16:38
Gallomimiafresh in box16:38
Gallomimialotuspsychje: does said firmware run on linux boxes?16:39
Gallomimiauh... whatever applicator it comes in i mean16:39
=== irra is now known as solido10
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: you need to burn the firmware on cd then run at boot16:39
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: or usb16:39
EriC^^wnted56: try sudo e2fsck -f -b 32768 /dev/sda1 , i have that listed as a backup superblock16:39
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: check the method on plop boot manager's website16:39
Gallomimiaseems i have to apply a patch to my cpu microcode thru mobo firmware update too16:39
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4cr716:40
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: this all belongs more in ##hardware mate16:40
qazwsxwnted56 and EriC^^: try looking for other backup superblock (sudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda1)16:42
=== biella2 is now known as chris504
wnted56qazwsx: should i run the command?16:42
EriC^^wnted56: yeah, do run it16:43
qazwsxwnted56: yup then tell us what numbers you see16:43
wnted56EriC^^: thank god something better (hopefully) http://prntscr.com/9y4et916:43
=== RETRO is now known as Guest76671
EriC^^wnted56: qazwsx thought the 2nd answer here about creating a new superblock was worth mentioning16:45
EriC^^( for later maybe )16:46
wnted56EriC^^: If i understand correctly, that person could get the files back, but went waaaay down on the system level and operated with 0 and 1s?16:47
=== coffeeguy is now known as arentThedroidyou
sycsyswhat are you talking about?16:47
=== arentThedroidyou is now known as coffeepotato
qazwsxEric^^: good find.16:47
sigint88anyone else have any other recommendations on rolling back from Xenial?16:47
qazwsxwnted56: that seems to be the case. You could try the other blocks we found and pray. If that doesn't work, PhotoRec maybe?16:48
OerHekssigint88, no, only reinstall.16:48
EriC^^wnted56: i think he used something like testdisk called sleuthkit16:48
llldinosigint88, You can't, it's like paintinga room a different color and trying to "roll-back" to the previous one16:48
EriC^^wnted56: the answer below it is kind of interesting about mke2fs -S too16:48
OerHekssigint88, if you google for a guide, you willfind 016:48
sycsysi m using win 9516:48
MonkeyDustsigint88  there is no such thing al rolling back, you have to backup and reinstall16:48
wnted56qazwsx and EriC^^ : I'm praying on my knees lol. The only major problem is that i am not experienced enough to work on ubuntus....16:48
jarnosJust noticed all saved passwords  are gone in Chromium.16:49
sycsysbye guys16:49
wnted56I know the normal stuff, editing files, command etc, but what we are doing now is just on a different level. So if anybody could guide me trough, it would be nice. I'll pay you guys16:49
=== hN3 is now known as A_llium
iGeniwhat does this mean in netstat16:50
iGeniudp        0      0 directopdate.nl:40911   downloadgamemods.c:1514 ESTABLISHED16:50
iGenithis server is firewalled and this connection shoudnt be possible16:50
OerHeksjarnos, there is an option within 'clear history', to keep your passwords and such16:50
sigint88ok the ecosystem has spoken16:50
EriC^^qazwsx: i've never really done this before, should he try using the superblocks mke2fs -n mentioned with e2fsck -b ?16:51
sigint88ill backup and reinstall. wish there was another way.16:51
qazwsxEriC^^ and wnted56: yes, try all the numbers in the last screenshot one by one with e2fsck -b16:51
wnted56qazwsx: Where should i put the numbers?16:52
MonkeyDustsigint88  create a separate /home partition, that's easier for later reinstalls16:52
=== chris504 is now known as vitganster99
qazwsxwnted56: sudo e2fsck -f -b 32768 /dev/sda116:53
jarnosOerHeks, I do not find it16:53
qazwsxwnted56: replace 32768 in the above with some other number16:53
wnted56qazwsx: Alright i'll try it with every number. What should i look for? What response?16:53
alb-otwoow i just configured my external wireless keyboard without any guide or external tool in ubuntu, it worked quickly! i'm so happy16:54
jarnosOerHeks, oh, I have it unchecked, so it should not remove passwords.16:54
=== pbx is now known as pbx-lunch
qazwsxwnted56: no error message would be nice. :-)16:54
OerHeksjarnos, indeed, glad you found it > http://www.howtoanswer.com/articles/browsers/35/google_chrome_clear_browsing_data_2.png16:54
bluesfreak72Hi there!  I'm new to Ubuntu.  I'm running 15.10 amd64 desktop.  I tried to install ubuntu-restricted-extras in the Software Center.  It threw an error.  I would like to remove it from the install queue, but I can't figure out how to do it.16:56
jarnosOerHeks, it was already unchecked, so I do not understand why the pws are gone.They are easy to accidentally save to google's server BTW.16:56
wnted56qazwsx: All of them respond with an error16:58
=== kevin is now known as Guest8849
wnted56EriC^^ and qazwsx : All of them return an error... :S17:01
qazwsxwnted56: that's unfortunate. You have a copy of the image you created right? You could try your luck with PhotoRec. It comes with the TestDisk package so it's already installed in the system you are using. Follow the instructions here: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Step_By_Step17:02
wnted56qazwsx: Yes we have 2 copies.17:02
ChrisWiI am having this for ubuntu in my pxe config 'APPEND boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsroot= initrd=Ubuntu/9.10/i386/initrd.lz' now I am asking if it  is possible to address 'http' instead of 'nfs' cause I do not want to setup NFS while I am having all already via http/ftp ...17:03
EriC^^qazwsx: wnted56 since you have an image of it, do you think it would be worth trying the mke2fs -S thing of building the superblocks from scratch?17:03
MonkeyDust!nfs | ChrisWi17:03
ubottuChrisWi: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.17:03
wnted56EriC^^: I don't know how to respond to this. I'll do what you guys recommend17:03
=== vitganster99 is now known as vitganster99_
qazwsxEric^^: yeah, it couldn't hurt17:04
ChrisWiubottu: I know how to setup NFS ... I wnat to know if can use 'HTTP' instead of 'NFS'17:04
ubottuChrisWi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:04
EriC^^wnted56: have you imaged /dev/sda and /dev/sdb ?17:05
wnted56EriC^^: We only have from sda, sdb was corrupted totally (my buddy said that)17:05
g33kcan anyone tell me how i can hide myip over here?17:05
MonkeyDustg33k  register and ask a cloak in #freenode17:06
qazwsxwnted56: btw, do you know what was used to image the disk? dd?17:06
wnted56qazwsx: Yes, dd.17:06
g33kMonkeyDust: can you please guide me for the process to register in freenode17:06
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try mke2fs -S /dev/sda117:07
freecoderhi. if i recompile the current ubuntu kernel without any modifications but only need to change its name to distinguish it from previous kernel, how do i do it? i am following the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel to recompile the current kernel (3.16.0-60 on ubuntu 14.04.2)17:07
wnted56EriC^^ and qazwsx : Just to make sure of everything, we are still doing this in recovery mode, am i right?17:08
EriC^^wnted56: yeah17:08
iGenianyone able to shine some light on this?17:08
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4rtb17:08
MonkeyDustg33k   /msg nickserv register password_of_your_choice your@email.address17:08
g33kMonkeyDust: ????How to register in freenode??17:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest84444
g33kMonkeyDust: yeah but where should i specify my username in that command17:09
MonkeyDustg33k  it's the usename you're using at that moment17:09
=== A_llium is now known as ScottNYC
g33kohhh great :) MonkeyDust17:10
g33kso can i type that command over here right now?17:10
freecoderg33k yes17:10
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4rtb17:12
g33kbut its after typing my password how to type email id? spacebar is not working MonkeyDust17:12
in_deep_thoughtcan anyone tell me if this is something I should be able to install on ubuntu? http://potracegui.sourceforge.net/17:12
qazwsxwnted56: ok, now try e2fsck17:12
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try e2fsck /dev/sda117:12
in_deep_thoughtIm running into some issues running make - there is no makefile in the package. so I wonder if maybe its just not meant for ubuntu?17:13
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4u8x17:13
archhereticMy computer always seems to run into a hiccup (very slow)  on connecting to security.ubuntu.com is it possible to run apt-get update in some kind of verbose mode?17:13
g33khow to type email id after specifying the password freecoder ?17:13
EriC^^wnted56: press y17:14
lrunAnyone know a LAN chat program (so I can talk to other computers on LAN, even when offline)?17:14
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4uz717:14
EriC^^wnted56: y17:14
g33kfreecoder: Help Me!17:15
EriC^^wnted56: y17:15
Mathisenlrun, BeeBEEP17:15
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4vlr17:15
lrunThanks, Mathisen :) I'll check it out!17:15
MonkeyDustg33k  how is you spacebar not working? dirty keyboard?17:16
EriC^^wnted56: y17:16
=== vitganster99_ is now known as Anon139
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4w4017:16
EriC^^wnted56: y y y y y :P17:16
k1lin_deep_thought: that software is heavily outdated. it refers to kde3. i doubt it will build at all on a modern system17:17
EriC^^i hope this works, i was feeling it's about to explode but the last one seems nice17:17
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4wg617:17
EriC^^wnted56: ok, moment of truth17:17
EriC^^try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt17:18
wnted56EriC^^: Done17:18
AfdalHi I'm having a problem with my networkmanager17:18
EriC^^wnted56: ok, try ls -l /mnt17:18
wnted56EriC^^: http://prntscr.com/9y4xkr17:19
Afdalthe other day I did a number of package upgrades, but now when I reboot I get a networkmanager crash and no internet17:19
AfdalI'm not sure what to do about this17:19
EriC^^wnted56: it didn't work i thin17:19
EriC^^wnted56: is there anything in lost+found ?17:20
g33kMonkeyDust: no bro. what i am trying to say is after typing my password when i try to type my email it also includes it into password17:20
g33kMonkeyDust: Thats my issue so help me please17:20
wnted56EriC^^: It's empty17:20
MonkeyDustg33k  yes, you have to type a password, to identifry with17:21
EriC^^wnted56: ok, i guess try sleuthkit on the image you made of /dev/sda17:21
g33kcan you explain that command once more? Please17:21
qazwsxEriC^^ and wnted56: good effort. looks like we've reached the same conclusion as the stackexchange answer EriC^^ found.17:21
MonkeyDustg33k   /msg nickserv register password_of_your_choice your@email.address17:21
wnted56EriC^^: I'll try that. What about the photo thingy?17:21
wnted56qazwsx: What's the conclusion?17:22
g33kMonkeyDust: /msg nickserv register thenmypassword But how to type email? cz it shows *****17:22
EriC^^qazwsx: wnted56 i have no idea about raid setups, are you supposed to do something before mounting /dev/sda1 etc? it just occurred to me17:22
qazwsxEriC^^ and wnted56: you'd need lower-level recovery techniques17:22
EriC^^qazwsx: it is a raid1 i think, right wnted56 ?17:22
wnted56EriC^^: Yes, it is definitely raid1.17:23
wnted56qazwsx: You have any idea about them?17:23
EriC^^maybe you're supposed to assemble the raid or something, then mount?17:23
EriC^^with mdadm i think?17:23
MonkeyDustg33k  type /j #freenode, ask assistance there, there's nothing more i can add17:24
wnted56EriC^^: When does the mirror disk actually change the files? Isn't it the same second as the primary one does?17:24
EriC^^wnted56: qazwsx madadm -A /dev/sdb1 ( got it from here http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/64889/how-to-mount-recover-data-on-a-disk-that-was-part-of-a-mdadm-raid-1-on-another-m )17:24
wnted56EriC^^: What should i do now? Run the command?17:25
EriC^^yeah, i think you need to install mdadm though17:25
EriC^^i think there's a typo in the command, it's supposed to be mdadm -A17:26
wnted56EriC^^: I'll try it now17:27
wnted56EriC^^:  http://prntscr.com/9y51un17:27
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wnted56EriC^^ and qazwsx do you have any other type of contact? Skype or something?17:29
sveis it possible to swith 32 bit to amd via an usb installer?17:29
=== ScottNYC is now known as adc07
EriC^^wnted56: somebody mentioned that foremost worked for him https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Foremost17:30
MonkeyDustsve  you mean 32bit to 64bit? no, that's not possible, you have to reinstall17:30
svemonkey tanks i thoight so, so im installing sidebyside, i can hopefully transfer files to the new amd version and then delete/resize the other partition17:31
qazwsxwnted56 and EriC^^: Sorry have to step out again soon. anyway, what I suggest is for you to start fresh with an the image, trying to recover using the lower-level recovery techniques.17:31
archhereticI cant get my audio output through USB to work17:31
archhereticI find the device in the "audio volume settings - plasma"17:31
wnted56EriC^^: My buddy which is also working on the case but on another machine (on an image) used that foremost. We got the files in jar files without any data, names17:32
archhereticbut there are no sound output from it17:32
wnted56EriC^^: We got 4GB out of everything, should be 100GB.17:32
qazwsxgo over the link I sent earlier for DataRecovery in ubuntu (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery). I suggest trying photorec http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Step_By_Step17:33
wnted56qazwsx: I'll try with Photorec. If that doesn't work, lower level techniques.17:35
mekhamii don't understand why ubuntu has two different clipboard methods17:35
wnted56qazwsx: Does Photorec save everything as it was in folders or does it just put it in a zip?17:35
mekhamiright click, copy = middle click paste, ctrl+c copy = ctrl+v paste17:35
manhatonI am trying to find out how a developer package makes it into the supported packages .. in particular I am trying to find out how I can get libssl-dev101r (latest) when the only offering from ubuntu is libssl-dev101f which is now over a year old ?17:35
manhatoncan anybody even point me in the right direction .. so far google has yealded bubkiss ..17:36
qazwsxwnted56: it will ask you for a folder where you want to save the files17:36
qazwsxwnted56: and put all the files it can recover to that folder17:37
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
wnted56qazwsx: So if 500 files were in different folders it will throw all 500 files in 1 folder?17:37
MonkeyDustmanhaton  how do you know that version exists, if you can't find it anywhere?17:38
ioria!info libssl-dev17:38
ubottulibssl-dev (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.2d-0ubuntu1.3 (wily), package size 1106 kB, installed size 5475 kB17:38
=== james is now known as jmbabazi
ioriamanhaton, 1.0.2d   .... 101f is vivid17:38
manhatonahha !17:38
manhatonso i have basically been barking up the wrong tree ?17:39
homahi my friends17:39
ioriamanhaton, and vivid is dying ...17:39
qazwsxwnted56: yes. photorec usually doesn't recover the folder structure17:39
manhatonMonkeyDust: I am subscribed to the openssl mailing list ..17:40
qazwsxwnted56: its use case is really for recovering the data (files) themselves.17:40
=== __basic6 is now known as pupusere799ed
wnted56qazwsx: What if some files are named the same. What does it do?17:41
hello9If Im tunneling into a remote server through a VPN, what is required to "spoof" my location?17:42
ioriaphotorec retrieves the files with number-names ....17:42
wnted56EriC^^: Do you have skype or any other sort of comunication?17:42
Afdalis_closing_session(): no DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS in environment17:43
Afdalwhat the heck does this mean17:43
qazwsxwnted56: PhotoRec will rename all of the files it recovers.17:43
qazwsxwnted56: anyway, really need to go, sorry couldn't offer further assistance.17:43
wnted56qazwsx: What if i badly need the names haha :D?17:43
wnted56qazwsx: I should probablly aim for the lower level then i guess17:43
wnted56qazwsx: thanks for your time.17:44
miedziakHello, is there a specific channel to ask about Xubuntu or all questions go here?17:44
AfdalThere's #xubuntu miedziak but you're probably better just asking in here about most things17:45
miedziakWell i broke my systray by removing vlc icon from it.17:45
miedziakNow no application can add to it. Can i reset it somehow?17:46
Afdalyour systray?17:46
miedziakDid a lot of STFW and all solutions didnt work.17:46
qazwsxwnted56: yes, and best of luck! one last thing - if you're more comfortable with windows or a gui than the cli, you could try using Autopsy + SleuthKit: http://www.sleuthkit.org/autopsy/17:46
miedziakAfdal, yes. I removed vlc icon from it. I though i was blacklisting it somehow, but it refuses to show any notofications now.17:47
wnted56qazwsx: Thank you very much! I don't use the server much, if i do it's just some file transfers and checking the console.17:47
wnted56It's a good recommendation altho.17:47
AfdalYou mean your Quichlauncher panel applet?17:47
EriC^^wnted56: i'm on irc a lot of the time, if i don't get reply quickly i'm probably off the pc and might see it later i guess17:48
EriC^^so feel free to highlight me if you need anything17:48
=== adc07 is now known as kaelsitoo
MonkeyDustEriC^^  i need money17:48
Afdaltry right clicking on your panel for starters and removing/adding it again17:49
miedziakAfdal, i didnt recognize those where different applets. All fixed now. TY!17:49
EriC^^MonkeyDust: lol, me too :P17:49
Afdalaha :D17:49
wnted56EriC^^: I'm currently making a backup of the image. When that finishes, can i contact you and we try to use some lower level techniques?17:49
EriC^^wnted56: sure17:49
miedziakAfdal, cheers dude. Cya.17:49
wnted56EriC^^: Thank you very much. How long are you going to be here?17:50
EriC^^wnted56: couple hours i guess17:50
AfdalCan anyone help me with this networkmanager problem17:52
AfdalI did a whole bunch of package upgrades yesterday and now after rebooting my networkmanager crashes at startup17:52
wnted56EriC^^: Alright, i'll highlight you. If you go offline before that, can i get your contact? I still owe you something17:52
=== apex is now known as Guest58538
=== pupusere799ed is now known as satfan64
ioriaAfdal, http://askubuntu.com/questions/727127/last-upgrade-crashes-network-manager-no-internet-connection-no-applet17:55
Guest58538anyone else using gnome flashback?17:55
Afdalthat's pretty close to my problem thanks17:56
OerHeksioria, known bug, ONLY if you have proposed enabled17:56
MonkeyDustGuest58538  simply ask your question, in one line, so you can easily repeat17:56
OerHeksnot backports, they are fine17:56
ioriaOerHeks, ok17:56
AfdalI didn't use the proposed repository though17:57
Afdaland my error report is slightly different17:57
ioriaAfdal, if you run nm-applet from command line ?17:58
Afdalone sec17:58
Afdalget a bunch of errors17:58
freecoderhi. i download the kernel sources for 3.16.0-60 using apt-get source but when i followed instructions at http://askubuntu.com/questions/163298/whats-a-simple-way-to-recompile-the-kernel, it shows the new kernel version as 3.16.7-ckt22. can anyone explain what this is?17:58
=== cpaelzer_ is now known as cpaelzer_afk
Afdalhold on while I type out the errors manually for you -_-17:59
AfdalWarning: could not initialize NMClient /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager: The name org.freedesktop.ModemManager was not provided by any .service files.17:59
errhi guys, Does anybody know Softether ? I would like to setup a site-to-site connection with local bridge but I am lost with the IP numbers and routing18:00
endev15/query freecoder18:00
AfdalError connecting to ModemManager: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.ModemManager1: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: Cannot launch daemon, file not found or permissions invalid18:01
EriC^^wnted56: no problem, not at all, yw :D18:01
endev15freecoder, Is there a reason why you can't just use version 3.16.7-ckt22?18:01
Afdalnm-applet-WARNING: Failed to register as an agent: (2) the name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files18:01
Afdalthat's it18:01
AfdalI guess the program is running though?  My terminal hasn't returned to the input line18:02
freecoderendev15 its fine by me. i just want to know why it happened. i mean i built with sources for 3.16.0-60. this just seems weird18:02
ioriaAfdal, if you stop and start network-manager ?18:02
Afdalhow can I do that18:02
endev15Afdal, sudo service networking restart18:03
AfdalStop: Job failed while stopping18:03
AfdalStart: Job is already running: networking18:04
endev15freecoder, Sometimes the tutorials get out of date and such.18:04
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ioriaAfdal, cat /etc/network/interfaces18:04
Afdalauto lo18:05
Afdaliface lo inet loopback18:05
OerHeks!ot | DrKot18:05
ubottuDrKot: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:05
AfdalWuzzat mean18:05
daftykinsslenderman: leave.18:05
slendermanDAFTYKINS: push alt f418:06
ioriaAfdal,  so basically empty ?18:06
daftykins!ops | slenderman18:06
ubottuslenderman: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang18:06
AfdalI dunno, what does that all mean @_@18:06
Afdalare you asking what's in that directory?18:07
ioriaAfdal,  you haven't edited  it, right  ?18:07
Afdalhaven't done any edits to anything18:07
Afdalall I did was upgrade a bunch of packages the other day18:07
Afdalafter adding the xfce-4.12 repository so I could upgrade my xfce18:08
Afdalseems more than just my xfce got upgraded though18:08
freecoderendev15 i know but this doesnt seem to have anything to do with the tutorial. i mean i did not perform any update process as such18:08
srulii want to delete a partition from a bash script, how can i do that?18:09
ioriaAfdal,  you are on Unity or xfce4 ?18:09
AfdalXubuntu is my base distro18:09
Afdalbut I have other desktop environments and this same error occurs on all of them18:09
ioriaAfdal,  why did you add repository for ?18:09
Afdalto upgrade my Xfce from 4.10 to 4.1218:10
ioriaAfdal,  dpkg -l network-manager18:10
Afdalwhat would you like to know from this output18:11
Supermathiesruli, pass in a script to parted18:11
ioriaAfdal,  version18:11
Afdalname: network-manage, version:
ioriaAfdal,  trusty ?18:12
sruliSupermathie: how, i stugle to use parted interactivly, in a script i wouldnt have a clue what to put18:12
ioriaAfdal,  ifconfig | nc termbin.com 999918:13
Supermathieto remove partition 2 on /dev/sda: echo rm 2 | parted -s /dev/sda18:14
Supermathiefor in stance18:14
Afdalnc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known18:14
Afdalkeep in mind I can't access the internet on this problem machine18:14
sruliSupermathie: thats all?18:14
AfdalI'm looking at a screen and relaying it to this computer where stuff isn't broken18:15
Supermathieyep. Not much to it.18:15
sruliSupermathie: thanks18:15
SupermathieDo be careful :)18:15
sruliSupermathie: if that script will only delete sda2 were good ;-)18:15
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ioriaAfdal,  try to install --reinstall  network-manager18:16
DrUbuntuDr. Ubuntu steht für Fragen zur Verfügung18:16
Afdalinstall: unrecognized option '--reinstall'18:16
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:16
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ioriaAfdal,  check the interfaces names  and try to start manuall y sudo ifconfig eth0 up18:18
Afdalinterface names?18:19
mizushimatry service network-manager restart18:19
=== SAKUJ0 is now known as jplank
Afdalunknown job: network-manager18:19
ioriaAfdal,  sudo ifconfig eth0 up18:21
Afdalwhat did that do18:21
Afdalno output18:21
supersmilersis 16.04 Alpha 2 more stable than 15.10?18:21
ioriaAfdal,  ping
Mathisenhello so it seem i cant get samba to work with windows 10 can anyone see anythin that i missed here ... output from smb.conf >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/14859479/  output for samba service >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/14859474/18:21
Afdalnetwork is unreachable18:22
ioriaAfdal,  sudo dhclient18:22
Afdalwhat is that doing18:22
ioriaAfdal,  up dhcp and   ping
Afdalin a new terminal?18:22
Afdaldhclient seems to still be running18:22
ioriaAfdal, no, sudo dhclient     and try again ping18:23
AfdalYou lost me :(18:23
Afdalrun the command "up dhcp"?18:24
Afdalcommand not found18:24
R13oseHow do I finish installing updates without restarting?18:24
ioriaAfdal,   no,  sudo ifconfig eth0 up    and  sudo dhclient18:24
AfdalAnd then what I:>?18:25
ioriaAfdal,   then try ping18:25
Afdalnetwork still unreachable18:25
=== paul0 is now known as pikey5
Afdalsudo dhclient just keeps running too18:25
supersmilersI'm on Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 with  all testing gnome repos enabled. is it worth it to distro upgrade to 16.04 LTS?18:26
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ioriaAfdal,   well, you maybe can configure by hand /etc/network/interfaces with a static ip so at least you'll have connection18:26
sruliAfdal: if dhcclient keeps running its not getting an IP, are you sure cable is properly connected?18:26
AfdalI'm on a wi-fi connection; no cable18:27
sruliAfdal: other devices get an ip ?18:27
AfdalI might be able to run a cable to this though18:27
ioriaAfdal,  sudo ifconfig wlan0 up18:27
Afdalwell the ping attempt goes a little further now18:28
Afdalstill Destination Host Unreachable ever attempt though18:28
ioriaAfdal,  sudo dhclient18:29
anonymous287which channel to talk about routers?18:29
mizushimaservice network-manager restart18:29
Picianonymous287: ##networking would be a good start18:29
Afdaljust runs indefinitely again18:29
anonymous287thank you Pici18:29
Afdalunknown job: network-manager18:30
ioriaAfdal,  see in ifconfig /iwconfig if you got an ip18:30
Afdalhow {:I18:30
Afdaloh run that command?18:31
sruliAfdal: enter "ifconfig" in terminal18:31
anonymous287are you sure that you have network manager?18:31
ioriaAfdal,  you should see something like   inet addr:
OerHekstry with sudo > sudo service network-manager restart18:31
Quatrokingnot sure if this is on topic, but does anybody know a program/game that simulates a city or something that I can just run 24/7 and check up on every once in a while18:31
AfdalOpenTTD, Quatroking :)18:32
SupermathieQuatroking, Dwarf Fortress18:32
Afdalam I sure that I have network manager?  I have no idea18:32
QuatrokingI thought about OpenTTD but I was more looking at some city stuff18:32
Afdaldon't see any header for inet addr: on this18:33
QuatrokingSupermathie, I've tried to get into DF many times but I just can't18:33
BluesKajwith new systemd some of the network commands and apps have changed depends on which OS version of course18:33
ioriaAfdal,  can you  got a cable  ?18:33
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BluesKajAfdal, try ip addr in place of ifconfig18:34
=== pbx-lunch is now known as pbx
Afdalgotta a cable connected to router now18:34
ioriaAfdal,  sudo ifconfig eth0 up18:35
=== pikey5 is now known as Anon296
Afdalping seems successful this time18:36
atoolshi, I was hoping someone could help me get my network device working18:36
ioriaAfdal,  now, ping www.google.com  to check resolv18:36
Afdalgetting successful pings there too18:37
zphobicUbuntu 14 installed, along with Win7. Installed Win10 in addition. I can boot to Win10 just fine but grub / os-prober refuses to see it as a valid OS that can be booted to. Why?18:37
ioriaAfdal,  sudo apt-get install pastebinit18:37
zphobicShould I manually enter the OS? Because that seems like defeat.18:38
Afdalactually already had that installed :)18:38
Mathisenhello so it seem i cant get samba to work with windows 10 can anyone see anythin that i missed here ... output from smb.conf >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/14859479/  output for samba service >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/14859474/18:38
ioriaAfdal,  ifconfig | pastebinit18:38
Afdalwait lemme get on IRC on my laptop now since the LAN is working at least18:38
ioriaAfdal,  sudo apt-get install xchat or whatever18:39
AfdalHexchat is better :)18:39
ioriathey said so18:39
zphobicAnd for some reason I don't understand boot-repair needs to be booted off a live-session to repair anything.18:40
Afdal_well since this LAN cable works at least18:41
supersmilersHey, I'm wondering if 16.04 is more stable than 15.10? But plymouth is broken in 16.0418:41
ioriaAfdal,  cat /var/log/apt/history.log | pastebinit18:41
Afdal_maybe I can just undo this package upgrade?18:41
k1lsupersmilers: 16.04 is still in development. talk abtou that in #ubuntu+118:42
ioriaAfdal,  if i may you broke some with that xfce update18:42
anonymous287no connexion with wine , what to do?18:42
atoolsI have new lenovo miix 700 and after installing ubuntu the wireless device doesn't show up, ifconfig doesn't show a wlan http://paste.ubuntu.com/14859706/18:42
ioriaAfdal,  uname -r18:43
atoolsdmesg shows that18:43
atoolsthe issue seamed a lot like http://askubuntu.com/questions/693109/intel-wireless-8260-unclaimed-network so I did that last night18:43
atoolsany help would be greatly appreciated18:43
AlexPortableHow can i Find out my chipset to use in /etc/sensors3.conf ?18:43
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BluesKaj!bootrepair | zphobic18:44
ubottuzphobic: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.18:44
ioriaAfdal,  your past history has been zipped, probabli in history.log.1.gz18:44
Afdal_what directory18:44
Afdal_var/log ?18:44
zphobicubottu: Yes, I installed it and it failed to run because it needs to be run in a live-session for some reason I don't know.18:45
ubottuzphobic: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:45
ioriaAfdal,  /var/log/apt    ... you can cp that in home , gunzip and post it18:45
zphobicBluesKaj: I installed boot-repair but it needs a live-session to write grub? I don't understand why.18:46
ioriaAfdal,  and with 3.13.0-77-generic  kernel, maybe tome to think about an upgrade18:46
Afdal_whaddya mean18:46
Afdal_is that really old?18:46
ioriaAfdal,  sorta18:47
Afdal_why isn't my kernel upgrading automatically with other software updates18:47
=== DubstepCraig is now known as Dreamless
BluesKajzphobic, in order to mount and unmount affected partitions etc while fixing grub etc18:47
ioriaAfdal,  when was exactly your update ?18:47
zphobicBluesKaj: OK, thanks. I'm still pretty new at EFI and thought it wrote to the GPT header rather than individual partitions.18:48
ioriaAfdal,  the last is 2016-01-2818:49
BluesKajzphobic, it probly writes to the uefi boot18:49
Afdal_yeah that history.log.1 file doesn't have the most up to date entries18:50
Afdal_lemme paste history.log18:50
ioriaAfdal_ you already paste it18:51
gagalicioushow do i make linux fail safe for a cluster? i'm trying to run a web server with fail safe built in mind. any suggestions? easy to maintain. anyone can help?18:51
Afdal_no that was the log in history.log.1.gz18:51
Afdal_this one is just "history.log"18:51
EriC^^zphobic: can you pastebin sudo parted -l and /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?18:51
Afdal_see this one has entries for 2016-02-118:52
ioriaAfdal_  yeah18:52
ioriaAfdal_  this http://paste.ubuntu.com/14859704/18:52
docpandahello there.18:53
zphobicEriC^^: Sure, thanks.18:53
Afdal_systemd-services:amd64 (204-5ubuntu20.15, 204-5ubuntu20.18)18:53
Afdal_is this what screwed my stuff up perhaps18:53
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docpandaNewish user to ubuntu. Haven't used ubuntu since 8.10. tl;dr on new features?18:53
Afdal_I thought my build was using upstart actually, not systemd18:54
ioriaAfdal_  i'm on trusty too, and i got it18:55
Gallomimiadocpanda: all the things.18:55
k1ldocpanda: everything :)18:55
Afdal_this trusty was upgraded from 12.0418:56
ioriaAfdal_   ls /boot18:56
Afdal_a whole lotta images in there18:56
Afdal_shall I pastebin the output18:56
AlexPortableHow can i Find out my chipset to use in /etc/sensors3.conf ?18:57
zphobicEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14859891/ Win10 is on sda18:57
ioriaAfdal_    a nice collection18:58
ioriaAfdal_    sometimes run sudo apt-get autoremove to make some room18:59
ioriaAfdal_    apt-cache policy network-manager19:00
Afdal_autoremove doesn't seem to get rid of those old images actually19:00
Afdal_I've run that recently19:00
ioriaAfdal_    i see,  you'll have to remove with apt-get ....   can you paste apt-cache policy network-manager19:02
EriC^^zphobic: looks like it's trying to boot hdx,msdos2 for win10 , when there's only 1 partition in /dev/sda19:02
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ioriaAfdal_    try to install --reinstall network-manager19:03
=== ksx4system_ is now known as ni291187
Afdal_install: unrecognized option '--reinstall'19:03
Gegsitehey I looking for some android programmer here19:04
k1lGegsite: might better ask in #android ?19:04
ioriaAfdal_    sudo apt-get install --reinstall  network-manager19:04
EriC^^zphobic: try running update-grub again and see if it changes what root= is for windows 10, maybe try editing it to msdos1 and if it works create a custom entry in /boot/grub/custom.cfg or /etc/grub.d/40_custom19:04
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Afdal_oh >.>19:05
AlexPortableHow can i find out my chipset to use in /etc/sensors3.conf ?19:05
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Gegsitesomeone please make an app for android to mirror (flip) my screen so I can use it as a HUD...all apps just rotate it...19:05
Afdal_okay, reinstalled19:05
Afdal_what now :o19:05
Afdal_Should I reboot?19:05
zphobicEriC^^: update-grub does not see Windows 10, or anything on sda1.19:06
ioriaAfdal_    sudo service network-manager status19:06
GegsiteOo sorry :(19:06
Gallomimiaaw drat. the package to read temps from my card is mutually exclusive with nvidia settings :(19:06
Afdal_network-manager stop/waiting19:06
ioriaAfdal_    sudo service network-manager start19:06
EriC^^zphobic: it doesn't mention windows recovery ?19:06
Afdal_running, now what :)19:06
jnagroahoy. running ubuntu 15.10. sometimes my DNS just craps out. looks like i have dnsmasq setup - is that standard or did that get installed with something else?19:07
zphobicEriC^^: It mentions the Win7 Windows Recovery on /dev/sdd...19:07
ioriaAfdal_    try to use it,  open it , set a static connection and stuff19:07
eelstrebori'm having trouble upgrading to 3.19.0-49-generic - i get "no space left" even though /usr has 1.8G and /var has 1.2G available19:07
EriC^^zphobic: nothing else about windows?19:07
jnagrowhat can i do to make it more stable or upgrade dnsmasq to something else? or is it just okay to ditch it entirely?19:07
Afdal_I dunno how to do that stuff from command line19:07
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ioriaAfdal_    NM is a gui19:07
zphobicOK, just studied grub entries.19:08
Afdal_how do I run it >.>19:08
ioriaAfdal_    do you see the icon ?19:08
Afdal_the applet?19:08
Afdal_nope :}19:08
zphobicI think it thinks Win10 is on sdd - Win7 should be hd3 like Win7 Recovery, but it's hd1.19:08
ioriaAfdal_   i don't remember on xfce ,,,,  nm-applet19:08
zphobicCoool, that gives me something to go on.19:08
Afdal_yeah it's still not visible19:09
Afdal_maybe I should lot out and back in?19:09
Afdal_log out19:09
zphobicno, hmm, I've used that entry to boot to Win719:09
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
Afdal_or reload xfce4-panel if I can remember the command19:09
zphobicOh, Win7 is sdb, Win7 Recovery is sdd. That's why.19:09
Afdal_restarted panel, still not network applet19:10
ioriaAfdal_   look in the xfce menu... look for connections, or network19:10
=== THIS-NICK-SUCKS is now known as Borkr
Afdal_I dunno how to make this wi-fi connection wizard thingy work19:11
Afdal_every setting tab is greyed out19:11
=== ni291187_ is now known as ni291187__
zphobicWhoah this looks like my problem, actually: http://askubuntu.com/questions/699377/trouble-getting-grub-entry-for-win1019:11
Afdal_I"m gonna log out and back real quick and see if that reinitializes something19:12
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zphobicUbuntu s.b. using EFI but it's not19:12
Afdal_dat netsplit19:12
=== Mr_Caboose is now known as Mysterytrain
AlexPortableHow can i find out my chipset to use in /etc/sensors3.conf ?19:12
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Afdal_be right back19:12
EriC^^zphobic: you sure19:13
=== xMopxShe- is now known as xMopxShell
EriC^^i didnt notice that and i usually flag this stuff right away19:13
EriC^^zphobic: ubuntu isn't in uefi mode19:14
Afdal_network-manager isn't getting autostarted like it should be19:15
TomyLobowhat does "urgency=medium" in a changelog mean?19:15
TomyLobohow bad is the security hole?19:15
Afdal_had to start it up manually again19:15
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TomyLoboAfdal_, i dont have the update-rc.d manpage handy... i think you can check that with update-rc.d --list or something19:16
EriC^^zphobic: win10 is on the 512gb and win7 on the 250gb right?19:16
=== wagle_ is now known as wagle
TomyLobomight be different on systemd though :)19:16
zphobicEriC^^: Right. And I just checked and Ubuntu here is NOT EFI. And the solution is also to use boot-repair from a live-session. I'm writing the USB keystick right now.19:16
=== Borkr is now known as Barbatos
zphobicEriC^^, BluesKaj: Thanks for your help!19:16
=== Ankhers_ is now known as Ankhers
arkusJe me galère... besoin de vous ;)19:17
Afdal_I'm not even sure I'm running on systemd19:17
arkusComment on fait, dans un listener, via l'UnitOfWork19:17
Afdal_I still think this is upstart19:17
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ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:17
arkuspour savoir si ses relations manytomany ont évoluées ?19:17
TomyLobo-qc? :D19:18
Afdal_update-rc.d doesn't appear to have any sort of list command19:18
Angshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6#Get_connected_with_Miredo says I should see an IPv6 beginning with "2001:0:" after typing, sudo aptitude install miredo, however, I don't see any such address. Where can I find an example use of Miredo?19:18
TomyLoboAfdal_, in that case, which ubuntu version?19:19
TomyLoboi think there's /etc/upstart/rcsomething19:19
TomyLoboor /etc/rcsomething/rcsomething19:20
TomyLobotake a look at rc4. if there's a file named S<number>network-manager then it's active19:20
GejtTomyLobo: you on about "service --status-all"?19:21
TomyLoboGejt, okay, that should be easier19:21
Afdal_no S[blah]network-manager file in /etc/rc4.d19:21
=== RickyB98|BNC is now known as RickyB98
TomyLoboAfdal_, double-check with the command gejt posted19:22
Afdal_I see a /etc/rc0.d/S35networking  though19:22
TomyLobonetworking is just the networking in general19:22
Afdal_ [ ? ]  loadcpufreq19:23
Afdal_ [ ? ]  networking19:23
Afdal_ [ + ]  nmbd19:23
Afdal_no network-manager entry19:23
Afdal_btw since I can copypaste on this machine again19:24
Afdal_here's what one of those errors I was getting on startup looks like19:24
Afdal_ERROR: apport (pid 1179) Tue Feb  2 08:37:27 2016: called for pid 1160, signal 11, core limit 019:25
Afdal_ERROR: apport (pid 1179) Tue Feb  2 08:37:27 2016: executable: /usr/sbin/NetworkManager (command line "NetworkManager")19:25
Afdal_ERROR: apport (pid 1179) Tue Feb  2 08:37:28 2016: is_closing_session(): no DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS in environment19:25
Afdal_ERROR: apport (pid 1179) Tue Feb  2 08:37:29 2016: wrote report /var/crash/_usr_sbin_NetworkManager.0.crash19:25
MonkeyDustAfdal_  use a pastebin19:25
MonkeyDust!paste | Afdal_19:25
ubottuAfdal_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:25
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ioriaAfdal_  to get rid of those errors clean the   /var/crash  folder19:28
vgonzalezhow can i get this result on the terminal? https://goo.gl/WTDsth19:28
=== Barbatos is now known as czarpino
SonikkuAmericavgonzalez: nm-connection-editor, and then click "Add..."19:29
pbxvgonzalez, it's also in the network status bar menu uf you have that on19:30
triopshi, little question. whats the best way to tell samba, as a fileserver, to get username/password information from samba pdc/ldap? do i set ldap information in smb.conf and use smbpasswd -w bla, or do i use nslcd? or anything else? :D19:39
* pbx waits for '!list'19:40
=== dgeary2___ is now known as JC2321
Afdal_sorry, I'm back19:45
Afdal_clean the /var/crash folder?19:45
Afdal_delete everything in it or what ioria ?19:46
ioriaAfdal_   in /var/crash, yes19:46
Afdal_even .lock?19:46
endev15Just recently I tried to install Windows 7 in a partition on m laptop, and it remove Grub and made it so I couldn't dual boot. I can't access my files through Windows either. Any ideas?19:47
OerHeksendev15, reinstall grub19:47
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:47
ioriaAfdal_   no19:47
Afdal_just the .crash files?19:48
OerHeksendev15, that is why we advise to install windows first :-) but this can be fixed.19:48
Afdal_or the .upload files?19:48
endev15Yes I realize that now.19:48
ioriaAfdal_   both19:48
endev15How do I reinstall GRUB though?19:48
OerHeksendev15, see ubottu19:48
endev15OK! Thanks for your help!19:49
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Afdal_deleted {:I19:49
Afdal_so uh19:49
NetCodehey there everyone19:49
Afdal_what's next19:49
sandyeggoboyHey I need to buy a Bluetooth done for my laptop. What brand is recommended19:49
MonkeyDustsandyeggoboy  #ubuntu-offtopic19:50
=== arun_ is now known as Guest9236
ioriaAfdal_   you won't have popups at boot is the error has been corrected19:50
ANTRAX-1infomod@mod.go.jp - пусть мне бабок отдадут - черканите им плиз!!!19:50
NetCodecould anyone help me with an issue i have with ubuntu 14.04? i’ve setup a user to SSh in with a key but their PW is still allowing them in… any help out there please?19:50
Afdal_shall I reboot?19:50
xanguasandyeggoboy: thinkpenguin.com compatible Linux hardware19:50
ioriaAfdal_   i mean,  at start-up19:50
ioriaAfdal_   yes19:50
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rodney77Hi, I was messing with pulseaudio settings to disable it temporarily, but I must have messed something up because individual applications are changing the master volume19:56
AfdalWhelp, now even my LAN cable connect is broke -_-19:57
rodney77for instance, every time i skip to a new track in nightingale, it knocks the master volume back up to 26%19:57
rodney77and in vlc, turning up the vlc volume will turn up the master volume19:57
Afdalalso the error is happening again19:57
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Guest49265Ubuntu 15. How do you run any scripts for a user on startup/login? ~/.xprofile, ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile dont run.19:58
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Afdallook I'm sick of this20:02
Afdalcan't I just like20:02
Afdaltake a LiveCD20:02
Afdaland copy whatever necessary package files to override this ridiculous networkmanager problem20:02
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nedstarkAfdal: did you try purging all the network-manager apps, rebooting and reinstalling them20:04
Afdalcan't do that without internet access :(20:05
nedstarkyou can set the iso as a repo in synaptic package manager20:05
Afdaloh really :o20:05
nedstarkif it's on a dvd20:05
Afdalit's not :I20:05
AfdalCan I do it with USB flash20:05
nedstarkmaybe you can do the same on a usb or a hd but i never tried that20:05
deepimpact85Hi guys, sorry to bother you, I would like someone to help me with something really simple but I still don't get it. I installed Kubuntu and by default was using Noveu and I could get all 3 of my monitors working, but switching to official Nvidia driver i only get 220:06
nedstarklook at software sources and try to add your folder structure to it20:06
ioriaAfdal reconnecting the ubuntu machine  with sudo ifconfig eth0 up     not working ?20:06
nedstarkfor the extracted files from the iso20:06
MrElendigioria: ifconfig was deprecated literally a decade ago20:07
Afdalnope, that doesn't work20:08
MrElendigdeepimpact85: what does xrandr say about the screens?20:08
MrElendigAfdal: lspci | grep Eth20:08
ioriaAfdal    ip link set eth0 up20:08
Afdalstill nothin ;_;20:10
ioriaAfdal    sudo dhclient20:10
luke_What scripts does ubuntu 15.04 run on boot for users? ~/.xprofile, ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc don't run20:10
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Afdalthat just hands on the terminal20:11
Afdalas usual20:11
Afdalwait wait20:12
Afdalspoke too soon20:12
Afdalokay, I'm connected over LAN again :)20:12
ioriaAfdal    so, can you explain us what you did exactly with your NM ?20:12
Afdal_Literally all I did was upgrade a bunch of packages last night20:13
Afdal_you can see which ones here http://pastebin.com/B36QPSWx20:13
ioriaAfdal    ok,   ps -A | grep  NetworkManager20:13
Afdal_what'd that do20:14
ioriaAfdal    check if started20:14
Afdal_if what's started @_@20:14
ioriacome on ...20:14
Afdal_service network-manager status?20:15
Afdal_it's stop/waiting20:15
ioriaAfdal      ps -A | grep  NetworkManager20:15
Afdal_I just did that I:>20:15
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Afdal_oh was that supposed to print something out?20:16
ioriaAfdal    the output ?20:16
Afdal_it didn't <:I20:16
ioriaAfdal    ok, it's not started20:16
ioriaAfdal    sudo service network-manager start20:17
Afdal_started now20:17
ioriaAfdal    nm-connection-editor20:17
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vayanQuestion, I have the PPA for Firefox Dev Edition, everytime firefox stable get updated my Firefox Dev edition get updated to the stable channel, is there a way to remove or disable a package from a repo ?20:18
Afdal_literally everything is grayed out when I try to make a new wi-fi connection over that20:18
xanguavayan: that doesn't make sense, also what PPA?20:19
ioriaAfdal   check in General if the first two are ticked20:19
Afdal_My network connections list being empty btw20:19
Afdal_only Automatically connect to this network when it is available is ticked20:20
Afdal_All users may connect to this network is not20:20
Afdal_but like I said everything is greyed out and can't be edited :(20:20
ioriaAfdal   tick it20:20
Afdal_the only button that actually works is the Cancel button :(20:20
deepimpact85Xandr displays 2 monitors (HDMI and DVI connected to graphics card) but not Monitor (VGA) connected to the motherboard, any ideas?20:21
vayanxangua: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ubuntu/firefox-aurora this one20:22
ioriaAfdal   can you paste  /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf20:23
xanguavayan: I don't see a reason why the stable update would override it if the PPA contains a higher version number, consider contacting with the PPA maintainer20:24
wnted56EriC^^: Hey. We are still making the stuff. We got a 512GB SSD machine in our hands now. Maybe it will be better if we try to restore the disk on that one. What do you think?20:24
EriC^^wnted56: sure why not20:24
ioriaAfdal   change managed=true  and sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart20:24
wnted56EriC^^: There is also a 1Gbps connection, so that's a big plus too. I think we will be finished with transfering and making a backup of the image in like 5 hours...20:25
ioriaAfdal   first stop NM20:25
Afdal_tried sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart20:26
Afdal_stop: Job failed while stopping20:27
Afdal_start: Job is already running: networking20:27
ioriaAfdal   restart NM20:27
wnted56EriC^^: They lied about the formatting system too. It's actually ext2, not ext4. Those son of...20:27
Afdal_how :I20:27
ioriaAfdal    sudo service network-manager start20:27
Afdal_status says it was already stop/waiting20:27
Afdal_okay, started20:28
ioriaAfdal    nm-connection-editor20:28
Afdal_still all greyed out :(20:28
ioriaAfdal  ok reverse changes20:28
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vayanxangua: well.. in my case the stable got a higher version :/ but it already happened before, and I was just wondering if I could disable the firefox package in the official ubuntu repo20:29
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Afdal_when I close the nm-connection-editor20:29
Afdal_my network-manager service gets shut down too20:29
Afdal_okay, reverted20:30
ioriaAfdal   you can always configure /etc/network/interfaces  for both eth and wlan , but it's weirdand disable NM20:30
Afdal_I need to get network manager actually working20:31
Afdal_I take my laptop places and need to access other networks at times20:31
ioriaAfdal_ purge it and reinstall20:31
Afdal_what's the package called20:32
ubottumassimo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:32
Afdal_sudo apt-get purge network-manager?20:32
Afdal_here goes nothin {:I20:33
Afdal_wait this says it's gonna remove lubuntu-desktop too20:33
Afdal_I don't wanna get rid of that I:}20:33
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ioriaAfdal_  login in Lubuntu20:34
Afdal_too late <.<20:35
Afdal_all right, reinstalled20:36
Afdal_I guess20:36
Afdal_still greyed out I:<20:36
ioriaAfdal  login in lxde let's see if it's a xfce issue20:37
Afdal_tell me those commands to re-enable my LAN connection again real quick20:37
ioriasudo ifconfig eth0 up20:38
ioriasudo dhclient20:38
Afdal_something eth0 and sudodhclient right20:38
Afdal_all right brb20:38
Afdal_do what now?20:40
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Afdal_I'm on a Lubuntu session20:40
Xenoquestion. im preforming a install but the apt install on the end takes verylong due source id not found when remove. ideas?20:40
Afdal_same error20:40
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ioriaAfdal  where?20:40
ioriaAfdal_  where?20:40
Afdal_same error on logging in20:41
Afdal_about NetworkManager crashing20:41
UbuntivityHello everyone. few days ago I was cleaning up my Ubuntu and I ran across an advice on cleaning config files of uninstalled packages using "dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg --purge", that procedure seemed to corrupt my X11 !!20:41
ioriaAfdal_   ok, in menu -> Preferences -> Connections20:41
Xenojoin #blackbox20:42
Afdal_same problem of greyed out options :(20:42
UbuntivityI got a "cannot stat X, no such file" or something like that when trying failsafeX20:42
Ubuntivityand it seemed that /etc/X11/X is missing20:42
* Ubuntivity is using Ubuntu 12.0420:43
ioriaAfdal  yeah, we enabled manually the network20:43
UbuntivityI messed up with my system packages using LiveUSB + chroot, then I could replicate the symbolic link /etc/X11/X from LiveUSB to my main system20:43
endev15I already asked this question, but I lost the links I was given. Recently I tried to install Windows on my Ubuntu computer, and in doing so I lost the GRUB bootloader and can no longer dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. I can't even access my Ubuntu partition through Windows. If someone could give me those links again that would be great?20:44
mattdhey all, is there an issue with the ubuntu apt repository by any chance?20:44
endev15mattd, I don't think so.20:44
ioriaAfdal  sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop   sudo service network-manager start20:44
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:44
Ubuntivitymy problem now is that my Ubuntu boots and logs in very slowly! what could be wrong?20:44
Chaos_ZeroHey guys, I need a little recovery assistance after an embarrassing mistake. I was in a SVN folder and tried to 'sudo rm * -R' but my finger slipped on the shift and I got 'sudo rm /* -R". It blew up /boot and /bin and part of /dev before I got operation not permitted errors. I have many recent backups of my /home also. I turned off the computer right after the mistake.20:44
RebecqueHey guys. Does anyone have any experience with how hibernation and/or suspend is called from X? It would seem I can hibernate perfectly using sudo pm-hibernate but not using the buttons in X.20:44
Chaos_ZeroIs there any way to repair or only full reformat will work?20:45
ioriaAfdal  you'll lost connction20:45
endev15ubottu, Thanks! (Even though you appear to be a robot)20:45
ubottuendev15: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:45
Afdal_stop: Job failed while stopping20:45
samsamsamIf i copy a binary to /usr/local/bin would that be availsble to all the users or just me?20:46
endev15ubottu, You must be pretty intelligent to know I was about to ask that question. Thanks!20:46
ubottuendev15: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:46
Xenoquestion. im preforming a install of blackbox but the apt install on the end takes verylong due source id not found when remove. ideas?20:46
geniiChaos_Zero: Are there any files at all remaining on the drive?20:46
mattdendev15: thanks20:46
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Chaos_Zerogenii, I have plugged it into another computer and I can see all folders after /dev are populated20:47
Chaos_ZeroI would assume (though I am not sure how rm * works exactly) that I just lost /bin, /boot, /dev, and and files which were in /20:47
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geniiChaos_Zero: Is this other machine same version of Ubuntu as wiped drive or some other?20:48
Chaos_Zeroone is server 14.04, the one with the mistake is desktop 14.0420:49
Chaos_ZeroThe server also had ubuntu-desktop installed, so they are fairly similar.20:49
cool_boyhi there, what could be reason for ssh not responding but ping does respond. public key of system is also in authorized keys of vps, connection with password is not disabled, ssh port is not changed20:49
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geniiChaos_Zero: CONCEIVABLY ( to make sure this is properly qualified here) you can boot a livecd of 14.04 desktop, copy off all the missing directories from live filesystem to the hd, chroot in and install grub, update-grub, then get a list of installed packes with dpkg, then apt-get install --reinstall them20:50
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Chaos_Zerothis is going to be a fun exercise20:52
geniiChaos_Zero: But if there's nothing crucial on the drive, I'd just reinstall20:52
cool_boyon enabling ufw does it closes port 22?20:52
Chaos_ZeroTrue, but I would at least like to give it a shot, I have a very large amount of configuration and installations there.20:52
geniiChaos_Zero: Since /etc still exists it may be worth trying. But yes, quite a lot of steps and executed properly at each stage20:54
Robyn_SmithDoes anyone know if I want to install a lamp server- should I install it using apt-get or tasksel?20:54
geniiRobyn_Smith: tasksel20:54
Robyn_SmithI’m reading about tasksel - it appears to process tasks instead of just packages?20:55
Robyn_Smith(I guess I’m looking for the “why tasksel”?20:55
geniiRobyn_Smith: Because on a regular LAMP install, tasksel is what's used to execute all the apt-get and other commands which you would in the other instance be doing manually20:56
andybrineHey Guys20:56
PiciRobyn_Smith: it doesn't really matter. tasksel installs groups of packages. or you can do it manually20:56
Robyn_SmithFair enough20:56
Robyn_Smith<— Learning20:57
Ubuntivityhello. how to diagnose why logging-in is slower than before?20:57
OerHeksTrullo what do we need to see, describe please20:57
andybrineI have just upgraded my virtual box and now my virtual machine is not working. Is there a way to go back to preveous version?20:58
_TrulloOerHeks, it's a suprise :)20:58
Ben64_Trullo: not on topic at all20:58
OerHeksTrullo oh, i leave you with it, bye20:58
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geniiChaos_Zero: If you need a hand-holding during the repair attempt, I do not have enough time left today, but will be around tomorrow from 9:30AM-ish to 5PM-ish EDT20:59
_Trulloit's why you need a drill at the office :)21:00
grass843andybrine dpkg i *.deb the version you want21:00
gAtheosWhat's the name of the new default init daemon recently introduced in Ubuntu?21:00
OerHeksandybrine, did you get a kernel update with that?21:00
geniigAtheos: systemd21:00
gAtheosThank you21:00
andybrineOerHeks, im not sure tbh21:00
geniigAtheos: You're welcome21:01
andybrineAll I know is that I upgraded and now my vm is now working21:01
grass843andybrine is your NM service running?21:01
OerHeksandybrine, i got them too this morning, maybe a reboot will fix this.21:01
grass843sudo service network-manger status21:01
arcskyHow can i do so my script.sh is accessible from all paths? so i just can type script.sh and it runs21:02
andybrineOerHeks, I rebooted my machine but its still not working21:02
andybrinesadly I have windows in a vm an need to run the program on there21:02
Ben64arcsky: make sure its in the $PATH somewhere, like ~/bin/21:02
Ben64andybrine: how did you upgrade vbox21:02
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andybrineBen64, it was a ubuntu update21:03
arcskyi did copy test.sh to /usr/bin/ which includes "echo hello" and i run it from home dir but still doesnt work21:03
Ben64arcsky: what is the output of "ls -l /usr/bin/test.sh" or whatever the file is21:04
Ben64andybrine: run virtualbox from the terminal, pastebin result21:04
OerHeksarcsky, update the locate db maybe? sudo updatedb21:04
arcsky-rwxrwxr-x 1 arcsky arcsky 20 Feb  2 20:17 /usr/bin/test.sh21:04
EriC^^arcsky: do you have a shebang?21:05
andybrineBen64, this is the error I get: http://pastebin.com/smNV9xj321:06
arcskyEriC^^: yes21:06
EriC^^arcsky: nevermind it should still work21:06
Ben64andybrine: so virtualbox does load?21:07
Afdalwell it seems I'm not the only one with this problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/154008821:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1539634 in network-manager (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1540088 network-manager crashes when using libnl-3-200-3.21.1-1ubuntu1" [Undecided,Fix committed]21:07
AfdalI guess it probably had nothing to do with that xfce-4.12 repository then21:07
andybrineyes, it loads but wont start my virtual machine21:07
OerHeksAfdal, as i mentioned before, that occurs only with proposed updates, AFAIK21:08
Ben64andybrine: well that's completely different21:08
Afdalyeah but I didn't get mine from an experimental repository :/21:08
OerHeksand you said you havenot enabled them21:08
Afdalunless xfce-4.12 launchpad repo contains that kind of stuff, which I doubt21:09
Ben64andybrine: you might want to try in #vbox21:09
andybrineBen64, is there anyway I can roll bak to previous version?21:09
gagalicioushow can i have identical servers for 2 servers ? ucarp only do high availability but updates only go to the highest priority server. what about having two servers being updated simultaneously?21:09
andybrineI do think thats where the erros lays21:09
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Ben64andybrine: no, fix the problem instead of trying to ignore it21:09
arcskyok works21:10
andybrineI think its because vb is updated, I also need to upgrade guest additions21:10
andybrinebut it doenst look like there is a way to do that21:10
Ben64no that isn't it21:10
andybrineBen64 well I have not done anything to the vm for a long time21:12
andybrineI run 1 program on a day to day basis and never even update anything21:12
Ben64andybrine: ok?21:13
andybrineits something to do with the update as that was when it topped working straight after21:14
Ben64its a mismatched extension or something, so fix that and it'll work21:14
andybrineyea, thats what I was thinking. Just dont know how to go about doing that21:17
andybrineim sure its guest additions as thats all I have installed21:17
Ben64guest additions are an os thing, if the vm doesn't even start, they aren't even active yet21:18
Bashing-omAfdal: A quick question .. in your software sources is "proposed" enabled ? - presently that breaks libnl for networking .21:18
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Afdaloh you know what21:19
AfdalSoftware and Updates21:19
AfdalUpdates tab21:19
Ben64Afdal: stop using the Enter key as punctuation21:19
Chaos_Zerogenii, don't worry about it, it looks like it wiped more than I realized at first (some parts of other folders). I may try  astart disk repair install just for the heck of it, but most likely it will end up being reinstall.21:19
eliyaakoubcan you help me please21:20
AfdalPre-released updates (trust-proposed) is checked21:20
AfdalIs this what you're referring to?21:20
geniiChaos_Zero: That's the more practic al approach, if frustating, unfortunately21:20
Afdalsheesh, why did I ever have that check, that sounds like something I would have disabled -_-21:21
eliyaakoubou puis je trouver des themes d'ecran ubunto21:21
Bashing-omAfdal: Yeah .. that proposed: see : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2311705 ( solved) .21:22
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:23
Afdalthanks Bashing-om :)21:23
OerHeksAfdal, ahhh, glad you found out!21:26
Bashing-omAfdal: Took us long enough to get to the bottom of this .. took lots of trial and error . Had to be "something" :)21:28
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Afdalwhat a time sink -_-21:29
OerHeksAfdal, well, at least you can confirm it is indeed the proposed repo, as i already found out, thank you for that.21:30
Afdalyeah I was only looking at my "Other" repo headings21:31
AfdalOther Software21:31
AfdalThink I should uncheck Unsupported updates (trusty-backports) too?21:32
OerHeksAfdal, no, that option is standard enabled, and should be fine21:34
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Afdalgonna reboot and see if this fix worked21:35
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KatronixGreetings all, I'm trying to do an apt-get upgrade on a new server. however its telling me: http://pastebin.com/t7SYMHYW can anyone tell what I need to do to fix it?21:36
rwwprobably sudo apt-get update21:37
rwwif that doesn't fix it, you added some repository without a gpg key probably21:37
Afdalwhew, problem solved21:39
Afdalthanks for the help all :)21:39
OerHeksrww, is this the correct way to downgrade proposed? http://www.webupd8.org/2013/11/how-to-downgrade-proposed-repository.html21:39
OerHeksAfdal, have fun!21:39
andybrineBen64 thanks for the help. Sorted it! It had a old extention after the upgrade21:39
krishnaHi kworker is killing my CPU, could someone suggest a solution?21:39
AfdalGotta finish preparing an Ubuntu build for a friend now :)21:40
MonkeyDustkrishna  that was an issue in ubuntu 12.04 ... what's the output of   cat /etc/issue21:41
krishnaHi kworker is killing my CPU, could someone suggest a solution?21:41
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krishnaUbuntu 15.10 \n \l21:42
KatronixI think one of the issues my new server is having is it doesn't know where to check for Domains, how do I update the resolv file so it sticks?21:42
krishnai m using Ubuntu-mate21:42
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krishnahi <MonkeyDust> are you there?21:44
MonkeyDustkrishna  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/711415/kworker-gets-very-high-cpu-usage-only-when-usb-is-not-plugged-in/21:45
nolsenDoes gnome disks even work anymore? https://paste.ubuntu.com/14861221/21:47
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krishnahi MonkeyDust, could you specify which file i need to install from that list? or should i need to install all of them??21:48
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
krishnahi MonkeyDust, could you specify which file i need to install from that list? or should i need to install all of them??21:52
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nj-is there a way to force the files in interfaces.d to be sourced again on an already running box21:57
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scubhi all,22:10
scubloving my lubuntu install just now,22:11
scubgot all my niggles ironed out.22:11
scubnow, broadcom crystal HD, thinking of installing this to help with video playpack?22:11
scubanyone had any joy with this?22:12
atoolswould anyone be able to help with this problem? http://askubuntu.com/questions/728874/intel-corporation-wireless-8260-808624f3-rev-3a22:12
=== atools is now known as skweeek
=== Guest27045 is now known as Bumaye
skweeekI just created that post... I've been trying to get some help from here about working on it, but this is a new device on the market so I'm kind of leaning towards wtf do I do with this thing now that I own it...22:14
skweeekthere's a graphics driver problem too, I'm noticing the screen flickering, and the touch screen isn't recognizing input22:14
scubyou looking to install wireless drivers?#22:14
MonkeyDustskweeek  what post? and avoid 'wtf'22:14
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=== Markus_Antonius is now known as Reshesnik
skweeekya I think so, i'm sorry about that22:15
scubim new around here, but if you need to install wireless drivers, you need to look at something called ndiswrapper?22:16
Myrttinot necessarily22:17
k1lndiswrapper is deprecated most times.22:17
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skweeekhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/728874/intel-corporation-wireless-8260-808624f3-rev-3a think that they might be able to help me tackle this?22:24
ATDT_Any Opinions what is the best way to query a MSSQL database from a script. Im running ubuntu 14.04?22:30
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Eragera!help Erm, Hello, I have 2 Nooby questions. 1) Im thinking of moving from Ubuntu MATE 15.10 to Xubuntu 14.04 LTS but I dont have an external drive to backup my /home partition. Can I use the same partition in the Xubutnu install or will it mess stuff up? 2) Gparted tells me that my home partition has 94GB free, but Nautilus says that I only have 80gb. Where did the 14gb go? How can I get it back?22:42
ubottuEragera: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:42
sruliEragera: the filesystem allocates unusable space, thats where ur 14gb is22:44
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ErageraSo I cant get it back? That sucks...22:44
sruliEragera: all filesystems allocate unusable sapce22:45
ErageraI see22:45
ErageraAnything about my first question?22:45
sruliEragera: is ur install on lvs? do "sudo lvs" paste the uutput22:46
Eragerasudo: lvs: command not found22:47
sruliEragera: "sudo lsblk" paste output to paste.ubuntu.com22:48
Eragerasruli, http://hastebin.com/ipewibukik.pas22:49
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sruliEragera: "df -T" paste output22:52
DrGrovGood evening. Running Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit and having a new keyboard. Is there any possiblities to disable the hibernation button on a keyboard through Ubuntu or any app?22:53
DrGrovRunning KDE 4.x at the moment.22:53
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stacks88ive got a box with eth0 and eth1, but eth0 is disabled and the connectivity is plugged into eth1. so when running ifconfig you see eth1 and lo. how can i get the name of the ethernet interface (e.g eth0 or eth1) that is ENABLED? I could do ifconfig |head -n 1|awk '{print$1}' and get eth1 but that doesnt sound very efficient. if i did ifconfig -a | sed 's/[ \t].*//;/^\(lo\|\)$/d' that would give22:58
stacks88me eth0 and eth1, but eth0 is disabled. im making a bash script where on any linux system i could run this bash script and it could tell me the name of the interface thats enabled. any ideas, or any tools come to mind, or any bash code?22:58
sruliEragera: search google for how to shrink ext4 partition, after you shrinked it create new partition in mpty space for your backup23:01
XOOMhi, any one know how can use openswan to connect at aws vpc?23:01
ErageraI know how to shrink partitions23:01
Eragerathe thing is, I have way too much stuff.23:01
ErageraAnd I'd rather not do the whole 'shrink a bit, move files, shrink more, move more'23:02
Eragerasince that would just increase the workload on my HDD23:02
Erageraand is a bit tedious23:02
sruliEragera: get an external stroage device, or find a online service to upload yuor files to23:03
Eragera1) No money 2) Net speed is too slow23:03
ErageraSo, I cant use my current /home partiton?23:03
squintystacks88,  ifconfig apparently has been deprecated for a good number of years now.  "ip" is the new flavour   http://linoxide.com/linux-command/use-ip-command-linux/   for a bit of a rundown on how to use it.  haven't really explored it myself so my knowledge on such things is very limited at this time.23:05
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stacks88squinty: yeah well i just realized i could do: ip link show|grep "state UP"|awk '{print$2}'|sed "s/://g" -- and that'd give me the enabled interface name.. eth1 in this case.. but someone told me i shouldnt do that and i should use /sys to get the info.. which sounds great and all but im unsure what in /sys i should be looking for to determine which interface is enabled, and what that name is.23:06
stacks88So for now im probably gonna go w/ ip link show|grep "state UP"|awk '{print$2}'|sed "s/://g"23:06
haidarhello, I have the error when run kvm-ok (your cpu does not support KVM extension) I enable the virtualization in bios also I check it by intel program and get virtualization=yes and in the virtualbox enable vt-x any idea??23:09
compdochaidar, which cpu?23:09
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goddardwill unity 8 work with nvidia or intel drivers closed drivers on 16.04?23:09
haidarintel core i723:10
geniihaidar: If it's an intel, try installing the package intel-microcode23:10
haidargenii yes it is intel23:10
k1lgoddard: it will not be the standard desktop on 16.04. its still unity7 and xorg23:10
goddardk1l: yeah i know i was just curious of the time line for it to be working with those closed source drivers23:11
k1lgoddard: when the closed drivers makers make egl closed drivers23:11
goddardk1l: ahh so it won't be working with xmir23:12
k1lgoddard: xmir is a layer on top of mir. you need a running mir to use xmir.23:14
haidargenii , I install the package and still the same23:14
stanreg_Is it possible to load unbutu in ram?23:15
k1lstanreg_: thats what the live-desktop does23:16
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puffAnybody use dropbox on ubuntu?  It says here that nautilus has drop-box integration, does that provide the same sort of keep-a-local-copy-of-stuff feature or do I need to use dropbox's app for trhat?23:26
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haidarI have error CPU does not support kvm extension in ubuntu server the virtualization in enable and the vt-x also the processer is entel core i7 any idea??23:30
vitor_Hello, I'm trying to install Sikulix and I'm having some problems. Someone can help me?23:30
bazhang!info sikulix23:31
zphobic_So... all the hard drives with partitions I'm trying to pick up in grub are 'msdos,' rather than 'gpt.' Is that bad for a fully UEFI MB? I can't even find a legacy mode in the MB options.23:31
ubottuPackage sikulix does not exist in wily23:31
vitor_!info sikulix23:31
bazhangvitor_, install it from where, what is it23:32
vitor_I'm trying to run sikuli-script-java23:32
vitor_but it's not working.23:32
anabainafter a regular dist-upgrade in 15.10 I'm having an initramfs issue and my box won't boot unless I try an older kernel. What's going on?23:32
vitor_It's a software to automate activies by python.23:33
floownhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/clamav <------ in this ppa, what's his name ?23:33
zphobic_The real problem is with the Win10 install, which seems to have installed an invalid GPT and a valid MBR. gdisk wants to wax the entire partition table when I run it.23:33
bazhangvitor_, install it from where23:33
floownI wanted to type : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nameoftheppa23:33
svetlanafloown: it is not a ppa, it is a package23:33
tewardfloown: that's not a PPA23:33
svetlanafloown: sudo apt-get install clamav ( it contains many packages inside )23:33
tewardfloown: that's the Ubuntu repositories.  `sudo apt-get install clamav`23:33
zphobic_I think this is why grub cannot see the Win10 boot and why even boot-repair hangs when it tries to run.23:34
floownthe clamav ppa is empty, now. What's the problem?23:34
svetlanaclamav ppa does not exist. what is empty?23:35
tewardfloown: there is no clamav ppa.  if you need the latest, I have a PPA that contains ClamAV 0.99 from Debian for Vivid+ (it does not build for Trusty)23:35
tewardfloown: but i would suggest that you only need what's installed from the packages, then run the freshclam update to get updated virus definitions23:36
floownOk, I delete the empty ppa and use the official repo23:37
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haidarI have error CPU does not support kvm extension in ubuntu server the virtualization in enable in bios and the vt-x alsoin virtualbox the processer is intel core i7 any idea??23:38
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squintystacks88,  fwiw.... might want to check out some of the suggestions there   http://serverfault.com/questions/15776/how-to-check-the-physical-status-of-an-ethernet-port-in-linux23:38
bazhangtry #vbox haidar23:40
chowderhey guys, I'm having some unexpected network issues. I'm on 14.04 and connectivity usually works automatically. I've tested the interfaces wlan0 and eth0. Nothing works. ifconfig -a shows that wlan0 and eth0 exist but trying ifup wlan0 gives me the message "ignoring unknown interface wlan0". I've tried both wired and wireless connections. Nothing doing. Through System Settings > Network I get a message saying:23:41
chowder"The system network services are not compatible with this version"23:41
haidarbazhang, I already use it23:41
bazhanghaidar, ask them for help with your issue, #vbox and ##hardware23:42
chowderI recently did a software update and installed the latest version of eclipse from the website. I don't think that those would cause any harm. I tried dmesg but all it says is that the RF_KILL bit was toggled to enable radio. (I flipped the switch for wifi on my laptop). And that its registering my phone, which I'm tethering from, as a bluetooth device.23:43
chowderIn short, can anyone help me with network issues?23:43
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chowderAnother thing is that the network is always started in airplane mode (you see this option in the UI System Services > Network). That's never happened before. Switching airplane mode to off shows no visible change in dmesg and doesn't change my connectivity issues.23:44
Bashing-omchowder: We are seeing a rash of failed networking when the "proposed" repo is enabled . check and see 1st that 'proposed' is not a factor here .23:45
QwertieI just got a new macbook air but the ubuntu installer cant see the internal drive. blkid just shows my usb23:45
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages23:47
chowderBashing-om: yeah, I have the proposed repos enabled. Any idea on what package/packages caused the issue? Any kind of fix available?23:48
Qwertiesquinty, That page is very out of date23:48
Bashing-omchowder: See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2311705 ; proposed breaks libnl in  Network Manager and Network. Has the fix .23:50
chowderBashing-om: thanks very much!23:50
Bashing-omchowder: :)23:51
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chowderBashing-om: bet you're glad I'm an advanced user and you didn't have to explain dpkg or dmesg or ifconfig lol23:51
Bashing-omchowder: Naw .. I seen ya ... it is all time in, and all for a worthy cause . ( besides, look at all I owe you ) .23:52
squintystacks88,  guess the following is what you were mentioning before about looking in /sys   cat /sys/class/net/eth1/operstate      /sys/class/net  appears to show current devices  (ie ethX, lo,wlanX etc)   the operstate shows if the device is up or not23:59

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