anttosakrecoer_ there is no mouse speed there, just acceleration and acceleration sensetivity04:27
anttoand i hate acceleration ;]04:27
anttowhen i turn that down, it's okay, but very slow04:28
anttoi want linear speed04:28
sakrecoer_antto: hmm... have you tried with high acceleration and liw acceleration sensivity?09:52
sakrecoer_FYI submissions for ubuntu 16.04 Free Culture Showcase are open:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase15:47
erick_Hi, I have a quick question. Do you think we would get PulseAudio 8.0 with Ubuntu Studio 16.04?16:47
erick_Hi, I have a quick question. Do you think we would get PulseAudio 8.0 with Ubuntu Studio 16.04?18:44
erick_Or it would remain at 4.0 as I am using Trusty18:55
erick_I also heard about this Bluez5, but I do not know what this is.19:00
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zequence_erick_: pulseaudio will probably always be the latest stable release when a new Ubuntu comes out19:28
zequence_16.04 currently has version 7.119:28
erick_I see.19:28
erick_That is good news for me.19:28
erick_What is the best way to check for next release feature?19:30
zequence_Since pulseaudio 8 was just released, Ubuntu packagers have probably just not gotten around to getting it released yet19:30
erick_I see.19:30
krytarikThat'd be Debian though.19:31
zequence_krytarik: Not in the case of pulseaudio19:31
krytarikWell, none of them anyway. :P19:31
zequence_Most of the packages that Ubuntu Studio distributes are actually packaged in Debian, and auto synced to Ubuntu until Feature Freeze, which is about two months before final release19:32
zequence_Anything that belongs to the "universe" repository pretty much, I believe19:33
zequence_But, Canonical maintains what is in "main". That includes things like the unity DE, the kernel, and a few other things19:33
erick_Anything else excited from Ubuntu Studio 16.04?19:33
zequence_Nothing mind blowing, that I can think of. We've synced with Xubuntu so that our desktop settings look very similar to Xubuntu's, except for theming19:35
zequence_I'm sure there are some nice new updates for packages19:35
zequence_ubuntustudio-controls is going to be an important tool for audio people, but mainly for those who are adding Ubuntu Studio to an existing Ubuntu installation19:36
erick_Thank you.19:36
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anttosakrecoer_ yes.. no combination of acceleration gives an equivalent of "speed" that's why there are usually 3 sliders for these things, and i only see two there20:26
sakrecoer_antto: sorry... i don't know how to achieve exactly what you want. i like to have my mouse sensitive with little movement to reach end to end of screen, but i never reflected over linear speed.20:55
sakrecoer_try in #xubuntu maybe or in #ubuntu20:55
sakrecoer_antto: best of luck! feel free to share the sollution with us if/when you find it20:56

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