cyphermoxit's been a while00:07
Unit193Yeah I hadn't been following that list. :300:46
Unit193fl<tab><tab><tab> Crap...00:47
Unit193Well new xfdashboard is up.00:47
jjfrv8ali1234, thanks. Will give #ubuntu-bugs a try.01:50
bluesabreNew catfish is up in the PPA as well, https://smdavis.us/2016/01/31/catfish-1-3-4-released-new-ppa/02:37
knomebluesabre, i'll see if i can come up with a few alternatives (ideally from the repositories)11:20
bluesabreknome: cool, let me know as you come up with them so I can try them out :)11:21
knomebluesabre, also booting up the desktop machine, so i'll test the wc webapp next11:21
knome^ see what i did there, wc, funny11:21
bluesabrebarely, nobody refers to them as WCs here in the US anymore11:27
bluesabre... (jerk)11:27
Unit193bluesabre: https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.html#s-
Unit193knome: But, honestly, might as well check into DejaVu.  We already use it in a couple places.14:37
Unit193Terminal, and debian/xubuntu-default-settings.gsettings-override:font-name='DejaVu Sans Mono 10'14:38
knomeUnit193, i know we use it in the terminal, but i think the sans version is bland and iir, a bit too wide14:47
knomeUnit193, weren't you supposed to be off? :P14:47
knomebluesabre, ochosi: one font you can try is "Tiresias PCfont" (i know, lame name) from "ttf-tiresias"; these fonts are designed for the visually impaired (and yeah i know it is bold by default, but i don't think the look is *too* bad)15:39
knome(the font might need some re-linking to a bold version - it's currently under a different named font, so it isn't catched instantly)15:40
knome...tbh, maybe this isn't what we are looking for, but this is quite a good alternative even with the bold look15:41
knomeanother one is "carlito" from fonts-crosextra-carlito (which is supposed to be a "calibri" replacement)15:42
knomeit has the line-aligning issue mentioned earlier in the channel though15:42
knomecarlito with 10.5 size is pretty nice15:43
ochosicarlito feels slightly unbalanced15:55
ochosibut okayish15:56
ochosii guess i need to use it for a while to really give feedback15:56
ochositiresias is really bold...15:57
ochosilooks ok to me, but meh15:57
knomeyeah, but also easy to read15:57
knomei know15:57
flocculantochosi knome - if we can make a reasonable stab at what we might end up using soonish - I'll change all here and use it all the time and see what happens 15:57
knomeflocculant, yep, working on it as you can see :)15:57
ochosifont size 11 makes carlito look a lot better15:58
knomei prefer 10.5, but whatever...15:58
ochosithe rendering is odd with 10.515:58
flocculantI'm trying to catch up from web logs and stuff - lost bouncer since Sunday15:58
ochosii'll go ahead and try carlito 1115:58
ochosifor a few days15:58
knomeochosi, the 8 symbol is weird16:00
ochosii'll check it out16:05
knomebe weird i mean taller than the rest of the numbers16:05
ochosii noticed16:06
ochosinot sure whether it bothers me enough ;)16:06
flocculant6 is bigger 16:06
knomeit would also be nice to see the line-alignment correctly16:06
knomeflocculant, for some reason, that doesn't bother me as muxh16:06
knome*much too16:06
knomei mean it's just the "tail"16:06
flocculantmight be - looks silly to me16:07
flocculantlooks a bit forced together in LO calc menu16:25
flocculantti looks odd here http://i.imgur.com/NTphN30.png16:39
knomethat's another symptom of the line-height issue i mentioned before17:00
flocculantright - gave up reading logs17:06
knomebut fwiw, that happens with many fonts17:07
flocculantmaybe so - doesn't mean that we should accept it :)17:08
knomeof course not - it would have to be dealt with17:08
flocculantas replacement ofc :)17:08
flocculantanyway - guess I'll not see anything else that annoys me if the mad numbers and line-height issue is it17:15
flocculantgoing back to what I had 17:16
knomeis that something else than droid then17:16
flocculantwell - I used to use the ubuntu fonts - but they're all fubar seemingly 17:22
flocculantforces thin or something instead of light - I forget now :)17:23
flocculantjust as long as you two remember that just because something looks nice - it might not if you're older/bad eyesight :p17:24
knomeof course17:26
dkesselflocculant: what ever happened to the automatic ISO testing thing? Is it done? I am asking you before asking in u-q again...18:03
flocculantdkessel: seems to have died a death18:07
flocculantgiven up bothering with it now18:07
dkesselOK i'll bug them again :)18:08
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bluesabreflocculant: if its difficult to read, I'll complain22:42
bluesabreeyesight has been going downhill lately :\22:42
knomearen't you always complaining anyway?22:42
knomeanyway, i think we should just keep with droid..22:42
bluesabreknome: you spelled gnome wrong22:42
knomebut only once!22:42
bluesabreso, use the -fallback and carry on?22:43
knomewell that's just my opinion22:45
knomethe reason why i think that is that we've used droid for a long time22:45
knomeand it might be too much of a gamble to switch now for an LTS22:45
knomeafter LTS, well, maybe..22:45
knomewho knows what kind of changes in direction we might take after LTS anyway22:45
knome(no, not referring to any secret plan/information)22:45
knomei noticed even a slight change in the font felt huge22:46
bluesabrethat's how I feel, kinda a crap time to spring a font deprecation22:46
knomebecause it affects a LOT of things22:46
bluesabreyes it does22:47
knomehow is a font deprecated?22:47
bluesabreit gets yanked out of the repos22:47
knomeif the package isn't maintained, will the font file explode and delete all your files?22:47
knomebut we can add it back...22:47
bluesabreit could22:47
bluesabrefonts are volatile22:47
knomethen it could do it right now22:47
knomefont technology for desktop hasn't gone much forward in the last 25 years22:48
knomeTTF still exists and is widely used22:48
bluesabrewell, we "can" is difficult, as we aren't archive admins and folks will probably disagree with adding something back to the archive after debian has dropped it22:48
knomeso i don't think that's at stake either if we just reupload :P22:48
bluesabrethough I think the -fallback package is teh solution to that22:48
bluesabrejust tossing it into universe22:48
bluesabrehttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-February/039159.html 22:49
bluesabre- use fonts-droid-fallback (in universe)22:50
knomewhat's the difference of fonts-droid and fonts-droid-fallback?22:50
knomeis it the exact same package?22:50
knomewould be nice to know22:52
knomeand if it's the same package, why on earth change the name?!22:52
bluesabre  * Add recommendation on fonts-noto-mono.22:53
bluesabreoh, nevermind that last line22:53
bluesabrethats for fonts-android source package22:53
knomebut the fallback package is said to recommend noto too.22:54
bluesabrevs https://packages.debian.org/sid/fonts-droid22:54
knomeso we will end up installing noto anyway22:54
bluesabrewe can look into it22:55
knomethe name will change then22:56
bluesabrelooks like its not landed in ubuntu yet22:56
knomeit's no longer "Droid Sans", it will be "Droid Sans Fallback"22:56
knomewhich seems meh22:56
knomei guess i'll try using noto22:57
bluesabreno way to avoid config migration then22:57
knometbh, we probably should look into that anyway22:57
knomenot for all releases, but LTS->LTS22:57
bluesabreThere might be something that handles that already, otherwise I can put something flexible together22:58
knomei would imagine somebody doing something like that22:59
knomenoto 10 is HUGE :|22:59
knomenoto 9 is okay23:00
bluesabreheading out to get dinner supplies, bbiab23:04
bluesabrebaaack too23:43

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