ubottupkexec is a PolicyKit tool that allows an authorized user to run (graphical) applications as another user, similar to !gksu.00:00
RoadRunnerthank you :)00:02
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RoadRunnerwhat is linux's command equivalent to DOS's cls (clear screen)?00:06
RoadRunnerwhen installing with apt-get, is it recomended to shut down all running apps first?00:09
GeekDudeAlthough you may consider shutting down/restarting apps that you are updating (if updating an app via apt-get)00:11
GeekDudeNot necessarily as a precaution, but so you can get the new version after you restart it00:12
Lazerc0braHey, quick question... Why do the Linux software repos all have an old, decrepit version of Firefox?00:32
RoadRunnerGeekDude: after "sudo apt-get libnss-winbind" got "E: Invalid operation libnss-winbind"00:33
Lazerc0braUse "sudo apt-get install libnss-windbind00:33
Lazerc0brawithout the quotes00:33
Lazerc0braMy bad, "sudo apt-get install libnss-winbind"00:34
Lazerc0braAgain, no quotes.00:34
GeekDudeIn particular, remember the install keyword :)00:35
Lazerc0braAlso, I'd recommend periodically running "sudo apt-get -f install" to fix any dependency issues.00:36
GeekDudeWhen would you run up against dependency issues?00:36
Lazerc0braEh, whenever. IDK, I install a lot of crap from third-party sources.00:36
knomeLazerc0bra, there are other tools for that00:37
RoadRunnerRoadRunner is blushing...00:37
knomeLazerc0bra, normally, you don't need to do that (or if you do, the system will tell you so)00:37
Lazerc0braYeah, but when I just grab a .deb file from some website, I sometimes run into dependency errors, -f either fixes it or tells me what else to go get00:38
Lazerc0braAnd when it tells me what to go get, oh... That's when the "fun" starts00:38
knomeLazerc0bra, i guess, but doing that isn't exactly recommended (as you likely know)00:38
GeekDudeGrabbing and installing debs from random websites is not generally advised :P00:38
GeekDudeNecessary in some cases, but usually not00:39
knomeLazerc0bra, what i'm trying to say is that the advice you are giving isn't really advice people need unless they are doing something they normally shouldn'y00:39
Lazerc0braWell until they have UT99 in the official repos, I'll be doing that00:39
Lazerc0braYeah, I see what you mean00:39
knomeit's your system...00:39
RoadRunnerok, so samba, libnss-winbind installed from terminal and system-config-samba from Ubuntu's soft center; starting from wiskers gives an error: "Failed to execute command 'gksu system-config-samba' Failed to execute child process 'gksu' (No such file or directory)"00:52
RoadRunnerit would seem the earlier discussion of gksu went over my head but I am a newbie :)00:55
RoadRunnerGeekDude: any advice00:58
GeekDudejust run it from the terminal00:59
GeekDudesudo system-config-samba00:59
GeekDudeyou might have to create a config file for it first though. sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf01:01
GeekDudeIf you search in your whisker menu for "Menu Editor", then in the menu editor search for "Samba", you can change it to "sudo system-config-samba" then flip the "run in terminal" toggle on01:03
RoadRunnersamba doesn't appear anywhere in the Manu Editor01:11
RoadRunnerstarting it from terninal started the Sambe Server Config window01:12
RoadRunnerbut I have no clue what to do with it01:12
GeekDudeCreate, Delete, and manage shares01:14
RoadRunnerok, so each share is to be  created/deleted/managed from here rather than from Thunar?01:15
RoadRunnerI Samba would integrate into the file manager transparantly, to operate further like Win Explorer...01:16
RoadRunner*I thought ...01:16
GeekDudeSamba is separate from any file manager01:16
GeekDudeFile managers are good for browsing shares, but Samba is required for actually making shares01:17
RoadRunnersorry for a stupid question, but why didn't the Samba team make it integrate into a default file manager after instalation for a smoother user experience?01:18
GeekDudeWhich file manager do you suggest they choose?01:19
RoadRunnerI was hoping there is a file management standard that would allow to solve that problem01:19
RoadRunner... judging by the insuing silence, it is what it is, am I right?01:21
RoadRunnerok, so why could I not find Samba in a Menu Editor?01:23
GeekDudeIf anything, the Thunar developers would be the ones who would add integration.01:23
GeekDudeI'm not sure, system-config-samba was added to my menus as soon as it was installed.01:23
GeekDudeunder the name Samba, which it comes up as with a quick search01:24
RoadRunnerI can see Samba in whisker menu under Settings, which is why I can't figure out why its not visible in the Menu Editor - its search finds nothing01:25
RoadRunnermaybe I should restart the system?01:26
GeekDudemost of the time just logging out and back in can help with issues like that01:27
GeekDudeWhat version of Xubuntu are you running?01:27
GeekDudeThat may have a little to do with it, I'm not sure. I'm running 15.1001:28
RoadRunnerbefore I disappear from this channel due to a restart; do I need to do any manual configuring at this point (as was discussed here https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html or was everything take care off automatically?01:30
GeekDudesystem-config-samba takes care of configuring samba for you01:31
RoadRunnerso when LAN win comps will come on, samba will detect workgroup name and autoconfigure the connection?01:33
GeekDudeI'm not sure what you mean01:35
GeekDudeautoconfigure which connection?01:35
GeekDudeSamba is a file server, things connect to samba.01:36
GeekDudeThunar connects to other things01:36
RoadRunnertime to give it a go, thanks for all the help :) !01:38
RoadRunner|2well, I restarted the sys but Samba didn't appear in Menu Editor01:51
GeekDudeYou can probably make your own entry for it if you want01:51
GeekDudeNot probably. You can01:52
RoadRunner|2GeekDude: you mentioned earlier that I may have to "create a config file for system-config-samba first. sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf"; now that it started OK from terminal that is no longer an issue?01:55
RoadRunner|2GeekDude: sorry for asking to be spoon fed here, I guess all newbies are somewhat helpless in the beginning...02:06
GeekDudeRoadRunner|2, as long as it starts, you're golden02:18
GeekDudeIf that file isn't already there the thing refuses to start02:18
GeekDudeHmm, maybe I should find the repo for this tool and patch it to fix that02:18
RoadRunner|2GeekDude: its great that I can start it from term but it would certainly be faster if I could do it from whiskers02:23
RoadRunner|2could you tell me how to set up a new entry in the Menu Editor for Samba?02:23
RoadRunner|2so to be sure, I don't need to edit either /etc/libuser.conf OR /etc/samba/smb.conf?02:27
RoadRunner|2GeekDude: ok, so I took some time off, rested my brain, had an apple and finally figured out how to make a new entry in Menu Editor for Samba and what you meant earlier about not "stricktly" needing gksu; but having to log in just to make a share is still a pain in the ass so if you can patch this thing to make it better, my hat goes off to you!02:55
RoadRunner|2GeekDude: stupid question: for the share to stay available Samba should keep running right? I just turned off Samba, turned off Win Explorer (on Win box), restarted it and could still sea and read my test file from the linux box.  Is this some weird magic or Samba can really be turned off and the share still stays shared on the network?03:11
GeekDudeRoadRunner|2, Is the test file on the linux system or the windows system?03:46
RoadRunner|2GeekDude: the test file is on the linux system, samba is off and yet the win systems can see and read it03:48
GeekDudeHow did you turn off samba?03:49
RoadRunner|2don't remember now... prob just closed the window03:50
GeekDudesystem-config-samba is just an editor, the actual samba daemon stays running in the background indefinitely. To stop it you run the command "sudo service samba stop"03:50
GeekDudeto repeat, system-config-samba is just a tool for editing the samba config files. Whether it's running or not does not reflect the actual state of the samba server/daemon03:51
RoadRunner|2would the Task Manager not show Samba if it is running?03:52
GeekDudeI'm not sure03:53
RoadRunner|2I mean the actual Samba, not the sys conf editor03:53
GeekDudeyou can check if samba is running by using the terminal command "service samba status"03:53
RoadRunner|2you are right, nmbd and smbd are running03:55
RoadRunner|2so does samba start at boot?03:55
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RoadRunner|2also, can the "service ... status" command be used to check if say PeerGuardian is running in the background?03:57
GeekDudesamba does start at boot03:57
GeekDudeI don't know what PeerGuardian is03:57
RoadRunner|2an ip blocking firewall03:58
RoadRunner|2which doesn't always show itself in the system tray or in the Task Manager (like Samba, it would seem)03:58
GeekDudeI use ufw/gufw as my firewall03:59
RoadRunner|2in any case, were you serious about patching something to allow starting sys-conf-samba from whiskers?04:00
GeekDudeI'd certainly like to try, but I have no idea how to. It'll be a learning experience04:01
GeekDudeRight now, I just have it set as "sudo system-config-samba" with run in terminal enabled04:02
GeekDudeNot too fancy, but it does work04:02
GeekDudeThere probably is a service name for PeerGuardian, though I have no idea what it would be04:03
GeekDude"service --status-all" should get you a list of all the services04:04
RoadRunner|2I followed your lead and did the same thing, so it does work as you said, but, again, I am surprised that such a main feature is handled in a such a cumbersome way04:05
RoadRunner|2for that matter, I don't understand why Samba with all its bells and whistles isn't just a part of the base install of U/Xubuntu?04:06
GeekDudeSuch a main feature as checking for running services?04:06
GeekDudeSamba is really heavy04:06
GeekDudeall things considered04:06
GeekDudeAdditionally, why should windows integration be a base part of Ubuntu?04:07
RoadRunner|2we may not like MS but windows isn't going away any time soon...04:07
RoadRunner|2:) we don't exist in a vacuum04:09
RoadRunner|2there may not be much inteligent life in the Win world but we do have to interact with it :)04:09
GeekDudeI'd imagine most (normal) people don't have much reason to host windows shares on their linux desktop/laptops.04:11
RoadRunner|2and thank you for "service --status-all", I did find PeerGuardian there04:13
RoadRunner|2actually, a really big thank you for all your time and effort today !04:13
RoadRunner|2on a diff subject, I don't suppose you use Cairo-Dock?04:19
RoadRunner|2in any case, time for me to get some sleep; again many thanks and good night04:25
q342345675https://yadi.sk/i/tqfgzShSo9MAa How relates to this?05:28
xubuntu24iIf I don't plan to install Windows on my drive, is there any reason to use msdos over gpt for my partition table?05:32
q342345675This is the second update cannot update something related to btrfs. A previous failed attempt was last month, then it was written it is not possible to unmount the disk skipped.05:40
q342345675There is such a response. I don't fully understand because of the translation.> missing fsck.btrfs from initrd is in no way dangerous <> you do not need it unless something goes grong <> wrong <> and in that case most initrds offer very few means of recovery05:59
q342345675Errors are not visible after rebooting Xubuntu06:04
q342345675Answer <> I understood. With other software translation.06:09
xubuntu1Hi everyone11:54
xubuntu1i need help regarding a new installation of Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS11:54
xubuntu1with a not working Flash11:54
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AfdalHi can I get some help troubleshooting a wireless problem?17:03
knomeask the question and find out17:03
AfdalYesterday I added the launchpad repository xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.12/ubuntu trusty in order to upgrade my xfce to 4.1217:04
AfdalI performed a full package upgrade after that17:04
Afdaltoday I rebooted my computer to find that networkmanager is crashing when start up17:05
Afdalthus no internet17:05
AfdalI'm really not sure where to begin dealing with this problem17:06
Afdallooking at my package change history I see ibus-gtk was part of the large number of thinks I upgraded after adding that repository17:07
Afdalthink that has something to do with this?17:07
knomeibus is related to input, not networking17:08
Afdaloh right17:08
Afdalthis error involves dbus17:08
AfdalI just don't even know what to do here17:08
Afdalis /var/log/apport.log the right log file I should be looking at?17:09
Afdallooks like a new kernel image was part of this upgrade too17:11
AfdalI don't know why all this other stuff was contained in the /xfce-4.12/ repository, I just wanted to upgrade my xfce :(17:12
knomeit wasn't; they were part of the upgrades you did17:14
Afdaldid xubuntu 14.04 clear a ton of new stuff to its repository yesterday?17:14
Afdalbecause I'd done plenty of updates the previous days17:14
Afdalmaybe I should ask this in #ubuntu >.>17:18
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ANTRAX-1infomod@mod.go.jp - пусть мне бабок отдадут - черканите им плиз!!!19:50
scrabcakeshow do you add pulseaudio to xfce panel?20:49
xanguascrabcakes: did you remove the menu indicator applet?20:51
scrabcakesxangua: do you mean the default volume icon?20:51
xanguascrabcakes: yes20:52
scrabcakesno it's still there, but it doesn't seem to work with pulseaudio20:52
xanguaDid you do something with pulseaudio?20:53
knome(what are we bidding for?)20:54
scrabcakesxangua: nope20:55
xanguaDate with me, congrats20:55
knomexangua, you sure *you want to20:55
knomexangua, ...go date with *me*?20:55
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Se7hi guys21:32
Se7got a problem with broken package21:32
Se7and not upgrade21:33
Se7thank  you :)21:38
GeekDudeNote to self: never run `sudo apt-get purge numix-gtk-theme` again22:08
GeekDudeI managed to wreck my gtk settings quite well22:08
GeekDudeIt appears that the latest version of the numix-gtk-theme from the numix ppa has a slight conflict with how remmina remote desktop renders. I figured I'd purge the package, remove the numix ppa, then reinstall the package. I regret my actions22:12
GeekDudewell, gotta reboot to figure out why VT isn't enabled on my cpu22:17
GeekDudeNope, still not working22:32
GeekDudeI can't find the setting for it either22:32
GeekDudeIntel i7-550U processor22:32
GeekDudeI'm not sure what kind of motherboard, it's a Lenovo ThinkPad E550 laptop22:33
GeekDudeBrb, checking bios again22:33
GeekDudeAh, there we go. Apparently VT-d is a security setting, not a CPU setting22:40
GeekDudeIt has it's own subsection in the security page instead of the regular settings page22:40
krykoTrying to get vba-m installed and having issues22:56
well_laid_lawnkryko:  what sort of issues ?23:28

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