calherHow do I download my already-existing repo so I can make changes and push back up?06:58
Peng"bzr branch"?06:58
calherPeng, thanks!  I didn't know if that was just for new repos or not!07:07
calherbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(chroot-63781840:///~csh-a/calher-configs/trunk/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport09:39
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calherI had problems trying to make a push -- http://hastebin.com/raw/uhapewidul22:08
calheroh, and i did also generate an ssh key and give it to launchpad22:09
fullermdWhat's the push location?22:10
calherfullermd, I want it to go to <https://launchpad.net/calher-configs>.22:29
fullermdCan't push over https.  Also doesn't sound like a branch location anyway.22:31
fullermdYou probably want to do something like "push --remember lp:what/ever" and let it translate it, since you're logged in.22:31
calherfullermd, Run command: bzr push22:34
calherUsing saved push location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~csh-a/calher-configs/trunk/22:34
calherThat's where it went when I tried it.22:34
calherI didn't actually try to push it to the https...22:34
fullermd'k, that's a writable transport (assuming you're logged in)22:35
calherI have an SSH key and it knows my username...22:35
fullermdIf you're getting the chroot message, it's probably logging in OK.22:35
calherthe pubkey is on launchpad22:35
fullermdIs csh-a you?22:35
calhercsh-a Is22:36
fullermd'k, so you're presumably be OK permissions-wise.22:36
fullermdCan you 'bzr ping' that URL?22:37
calherthe weird lp: one?22:37
fullermdI'd go with the bzr+ssh, just to be sure it's the same.22:37
calherResponse: ('ok', '2')22:39
calherHeaders: {'Software version': '2.6.0.lp.2'}22:39
fullermdWell, that sounds reasonable enough.22:39
fullermdOh, hang on, that's an import branch?  You probably can't push directly to those.22:42
fullermdSo you'd have to push somewhere else, or delete/move that aside and push up to it fresh making a normal branch.22:43
fullermd(LP thing, not strictly a bzr thing)22:43
calherI suspected that only Launchpad could mess with that branch.22:44
calherSounds confusing to move it somewhere else22:44
fullermdWell, if you're wanting to maintain it in bzr, the import from git only matters long enough to do the conversion.22:44
fullermdIf you're planning to maintain them in parallel somehow, that's another matter.22:45
calherI want to get rid of the git and start using bzr22:45
fullermd'k, then you don't need the LP import branch to sit there and keep running.  So you can just delete it, and then doing a push will create a 'new' plain branch in the location.22:46
calherfullermd, go to <https://code.launchpad.net/~csh-a/calher-configs/trunk> and click "Delete branch"?22:57
fullermdThink so, yeah.  Been a little while since I did it.22:57
calherBranch deleted.  In local bzr dir, pushing to lp:~csh-a/calher-configs/trunk23:04
calherJeez, this takes a while.23:05
calherk$ bzr push lp:~csh-a/calher-configs/trunk23:08
calherCreated new branch.23:08
calherBut it doesn't show up on the web view.23:10
calherits up now23:13
calherthanks fullermd!!23:13

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