agunturuTrying to use JUJU for the first time. Just wanted to find if charm actions can be accessed in the JUJU UI? 18:38
hatchhi agunturu 18:39
agunturuHi hatch18:39
hatchThey have not yet been implemented in the GUI _yet_ 18:39
agunturuOk. Thanks.18:39
hatchagunturu: they are certainly on the 'to do' list - but if you wanted to be kept up to date on their progress feel free to file an issue here: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/issues18:40
agunturuHi hatch, is it possible to list the actions and parameters for the actions using CLI?19:18
agunturuI only can see the list of actions using “juju action defined"19:19
hatchagunturu: I think there is a --descritpion flag19:20
hatchsorry it's been a while :)19:20
hatch(third time is the charm)19:21
agunturuTried that but looks like description is at the action level.19:25
agunturuubuntu@juju:~/mwc16charms/trusty/clearwater-juju$ juju action --description defined ims-a19:25
agunturujuju action defined: no description available19:25
hatchahh, nope I'm not sure then sorry - you may have better luck in #juju19:27
hatchoh I see you also asked there :)19:27
hatchthere is also the juju mailing list if no one pops in in #juju to answer your question https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/juju19:27
hatchOR on askubuntu :)19:27
agunturu.hanks for you help. Regards19:28
hatch:) np19:28
stokachuanyone succesfully connected to juju 2.0 api server?20:39
urulamastokachu: with gui? no, internal API changes broke GUI compatibility with latest GUI 2.020:58
stokachuyea i had to redo how our library connected with it20:59
stokachueven the param keys changed name :(20:59
stokachuif youre interested20:59
urulamadid you try it with aplha2? i am surprised that all those SetEnvironment* calls still work21:02
urulamaOr anything with Environment it actually21:02
stokachui actually haven't tried those environment calls yet21:04
stokachujust the basic ones like status/deploy21:04
stokachuwith alpha221:04
stokachucurrently going through all the facades and refactoring this library 21:05
stokachuyea there isn't even a facade for environment anymore21:08
stokachuthose definitely won't work21:08
urulamaAt least all Environment calls will get renamed to Model, also i think GetEnvironmentConstraints is now GetModelChanges ... 21:08
urulamaand EnvironmentManager is renamed to ModelManager21:08
stokachui see the ModelManager facade but not one for Model21:09
stokachuthere is a Controller one21:09
urulamait's best if you ping on juju-dev channel and get them help you with the migration to v221:10

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