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bshahyofel: ping08:08
sitteryofel, clivejo: the person to talk to is someone or rally anyone from blue systems since you still haven't talked to clemens about taking over the KCI server :P08:27
valoriesitter, explain to me why there should be neon CI and KCI both? 08:29
valorieor am I misunderstanding something fundamental08:30
sittervalorie: neon works on LTS. kubuntu does not.08:30
valorieah right, you'll be sticking with one base for two years08:31
valoriegot it08:31
totof-at-workhi all08:37
totof-at-workI see that bug 358359 has been fixed .... 08:37
ubottubug 358359 in Russian Ubuntu Projects forum "Доработать новую структуру форума" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35835908:37
totof-at-workthe fix is integrated in 5.5.4 plasma-discover package ?08:38
valorietotof-at-work: was it submitted upstream?08:39
totof-at-workI think ... but I'm not sure of that08:39
totof-at-workreview 12692308:40
totof-at-workall details on bug page in comment #1208:41
valorieI can't read Cyrillic or Russian, so.....08:48
lordievaderGood morning.09:38
clivejositter: I believe yofel has been trying to get in touch with clemens without success.  Also, currently KCI is building for wily and xenial, is it not possible to work together on this?09:41
BluesKajHowdy folks12:12
clivejohi BluesKaj12:12
BluesKajhi clivejo12:13
yofelsitter, clivejo: contacting clemens was shifted from me to Rick. Haven't heard from him in a while though12:34
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acheron88today upgrading vivid desktop running pinned plasma 4 to wiley plasma 5, then to xenial with latest 5.5.4 in updates-landing ppa12:39
acheron88should be fun12:39
acheron88wily dvd on hand in case it all goes a tad wrong ;)13:09
morphisyofel: ping13:22
yofelmorphis: hm?13:23
morphisyofel: you already had time to drop the hybris dependency from kwin in xenial?13:24
yofelI did in git13:24
yofeldo you need that uploaded?13:24
morphisyofel: yes13:28
morphisyofel: we currently have packages pending in proposed which can't be released because of this13:28
yofelok, I'll hack an upload together today then13:28
morphisyofel: awesome! thanks13:31
BluesKajcan cerrtain apps be pinned to certain activities, so when the activity is chosen particular apps will launch ?13:32
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clivejoyofel: maybe this evening Rick should be there for the podcast14:02
yofeloh, it's podcast time.14:19
yofelwasn't the last one yesterday...?14:19
yofeltime flies to fast -.-14:19
clivejonot get your invite?14:19
clivejofor the pre-party?14:19
yofelif it went through my google account then I probably didn't see it14:20
yofelI never look at that14:20
clivejoyofel: reckon plasma 5.5.4 is good to go?14:20
clivejoin backports?14:20
yofelas I said, I can't do UI tests. The qa that I could do looked ok, so now it's up to you14:21
clivejotheres been a few people have installed it14:30
clivejoI dont have a wily system14:30
clivejosoee seems to have heading heading up the testers14:31
mamarleyAll my systems have Xenial, sorry. :(14:32
acheron88I'm upgrading my main PC to wily as I type14:32
clivejoanyhow, I have a puncture to fix and a pup who wants to help but makes things take twice a long!14:32
clivejochat to you later 14:33
acheron88was intending to immediately upgrade again to xenial, but can maybe hold for an hr or 2 to try the wily backport?14:33
acheron88gonna take a while though. 4000+ packages to upgrade!14:34
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sneleworkaroud for systray bugs is committed https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=352055#c6616:26
ubottuKDE bug 352055 in System Tray "plasma-pa plasmoid not shown in systemtray after startup" [Normal,Reopened]16:26
snelecherrypic this for xenial/wily? :)16:27
sheytanSo you finally did it and released the 5.5 :D17:07
sheytanIf i upgrade from landing will my computer blow up?17:07
clivejoof course17:08
clivejo5.5.4 is in landing if you want to try that :)17:09
sheytanclivejo: how? It's blown ;/17:10
ovidiu-florinhello world18:58
ovidiu-florinraedy for the meeting?18:58
clivejohi ovidiu-florin19:00
ovidiu-florinhello clivejo19:00
alleeovidiu-florin: Nobody is in the hangout???19:03
ovidiu-florinme and rick are in the hangout19:03
ovidiu-florinjoin here: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/event/cimnsg2bjan40bjgm8d608p9nd019:03
alleeah, 2 are there19:03
sgclarkovidiu-florin: I can't attend this hangout, family matter has come up. Only thing to report is I am still working on debian merges..19:04
ovidiu-florinsgclark: thank you19:04
ovidiu-florinvalorie: want to join the meeting?19:05
ovidiu-florinyofel: ^19:05
Rick_TimmisHi all.. Any body got anything that want mentioned in Kubuntu Podcast19:10
marco-parilloRick_Timmis: Please mention Come here and test!!!19:14
Rick_TimmisYep, OK will do19:14
lordievaderRick_Timmis: Perhaps mention something about Project Neon?19:14
clivejoallee: what is your problem?19:15
yofelovidiu-florin: had to work overtime and just got home, count me out19:16
sgclarkI a out too, family matter came up sorry19:16
yofellordievader, Rick_Timmis: it's called KDE Neon, not project neon. (Just to avoid confusion)19:16
lordievaderAh, I see.19:19
* lordievader updates memory region in his brain19:19
Rick_TimmisNo worries..19:25
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ovidiu-florin#KubuntuPodcast is now live http://youtu.be/CU9wn5df6Jc20:14
soeewoho http://news.softpedia.com/news/google-chrome-is-finally-getting-smooth-scrolling-on-linux-499832.shtml20:58
mamarleyYeah, the new 49 beta finally supports high-resolution scrolling with Synaptics.  About time...21:00
clivejoyofel: would you have contact details for Rick_Timmis to contact Blue Systems boss guy clements I think?21:30
yofelI already sent him the mail address21:31
clivejomind sending it again, he says he doesnt have a contact21:31
yofeluh, let me check where I had that21:32
soeehow was he podcast ?21:33
clivejogood :)21:34
clivejoyofel: Im getting lintian errors for parley changelog, heres what is causing the problem - https://paste.kde.org/pgpqlvejl22:01
clivejoI left the debian version as a separate entry, whats is the correct way to do this?22:02
yofelread the lintian tag description. That tells you how to resolve this22:02
clivejois does?22:03
clivejoI must be missing something :/22:03
clivejoI cant see the resolution :(22:03
yofeloh, that's not the tag in the changelog22:04
yofelI was talking about command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file - which you should NOT add to an ignore rule for22:04
yofeljust fix the issue22:04
yofelbut now that you mention the version, your version is wong22:05
yofelshould be 4:15.12.1-1ubuntu122:05
clivejoIm confused22:05
clivejothe version in wily is parley (4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1)22:06
clivejoit wasnt packaged in debian?22:06
yofelour package was not based on the debian package for THAT version22:07
yofellets do something22:07
yofelplease explain to me each component of the version22:07
clivejoso when I merge, I basing it on debian and need to change the version to -1?22:08
yofelplease explain what each number and character in the version stands for, then you'll understand why -1 is correct22:08
yofelI'll correct you if you're wrong, but please try yourself first22:09
clivejo4: is the epoch, 15.12.1 is the upstream version22:09
clivejo-0ubuntu1 is the 1st version in the ubuntu archive22:10
yofeland -0 means?22:10
clivejoI thought that meant that was a flag 0 means not in debian and 1 means in debian22:10
yofelno after the - comes the debian version, that is not a flag. the version can be -34ubuntu88 -> 34 uploads to debian, then 88 uploads to ubuntu based on the 34th debian  upload22:12
yofelotherwise you were correct22:12
yofelso debian uploaded 4:15.12.1-1, hence we now base our package on that -> 4:15.12.1-1ubuntu122:12
yofel-0 means "not uploaded to debian"22:13
yofelor well, literally "0 uploads to debian of that version"22:13
clivejounstable wasnt uploaded to debian?22:14
yofelunstable is a debian series - what do you mean?22:14
clivejoso debian released it first22:16
yofelyes, it was uploaded to experimental22:17
clivejowhereas previous versions we released it first then debian 22:17
yofelas the changelog says22:17
clivejoMaxy uploaded it yesterday22:17
clivejoI see now22:17
clivejothanking you :)22:17
clivejoyofel: purpose is building fine on my machine but not the build box, Im obviously missing a build dependancy but cant figure out which one, any tips/hints?22:23
yofelinstall file is wrong22:25
yofelsee that huge warning in the cmake output, then the install error22:26
clivejoyeah, but on my machine it is building those files22:26
yofelthat might mean different build-dep versions between you and the buildd22:27
yofelthat would hint that a dep should be versioned, but isn't22:28
yofeltry to build the package locally in the same env as the buildd22:29
clivejomy head hurts!22:33
yofelyou can find the archives that were enabled during the build at the top of the log22:39
yofelsearch for override-sources-list22:39
valoriesorry for missing the meeting, I had a doctor checkup this morning22:40
valorielistening to the podcast now....22:40
clivejoyofel: now Im getting possible-new-upstream-release-without-new-version in parley?22:40
yofelprobably the same thing?22:41
clivejono I changed the changelog22:41
yofelsounds like a ppa changelog got ADDED to git?22:43
yofelor the ubuntu1 one isn't UNRELEASED?22:43
clivejono, thats the version on qa22:43
yofelpastebin the changelog please22:43
clivejoI made the change and uploaded the new one22:43
yofelThat again says override command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file22:45
yofelplease don't do that22:45
clivejowhat is a menu file?22:51
yofelconfig file for the ancient debian menu system. It was invented before desktop files were a thing22:51
yofela while ago the CTTE finally decided that it's obsolete22:51
clivejobut how do I recognise it?22:52
yofelthe file has a .menu extension22:52
clivejocant find anything with .menu extension being built?22:53
yofeland what's debian/parley.menu?22:53
yofelthat's a DEBIAN thing, not upstream22:54
yofelif it was upstream I wouldn't mind the override22:54
clivejogrrrr Im so confused!22:54
yofelok, thinking about it, that might not be so obvious...22:55
yofelthe debian menu files are usually added to packages in the packaging and installed by hand in some file22:55
clivejowhy is it still in the master branch ?22:55
yofelmaxyz: you're not removing those? ^22:55
maxyzyofel: ?22:59
yofelmaxyz: the menu config files22:59
yofelmaxyz: https://lintian.debian.org/tags/command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file.html23:00
maxyzyofel: yada, yada23:01
* clivejo brummmm brummmm23:01
yofeloh well23:01
maxyzI would appreciate a script for the removal.23:02
yofelgood point..23:03
maxyzthe tricky part art the image conversion snippets in the debian/rules23:04
yofelfor the xpm?23:04
maxyzyup, removing those, and removing imagemagick from the build-deps23:05
yofelhmkay, right23:05
* yofel finally sent the mail for the ecm permissions23:06
maxyzWell, okay no script, plain grep... I'll try to do it tomorrow, unless you beat me to it.23:07
yofelmost likely not, thanks :)23:07
clivejoyofel: does a change to master branch trigger a KCI build too?23:10
yofeldci maybe23:10
clivejoyofel: so what does this mean E: kdenlive: menu-icon-not-in-xpm-format usr/share/pixmaps/kdenlive.png23:12
yofelicons for the menu items have to be in XPM format, that's a png. Hence most packages have those conversion rules that maxy just mentioned23:13
yofeljust ignore that, as it's obsolete23:13
clivejono kidding its unstable23:28
clivejotottally crazy23:28
* clivejo waves at valorie23:29
valorielistening to the end of the podcast23:31
valorieanother cool one23:31
clivejodefinitely interesting one23:38

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