geniiejay: Does kdialog --passivepopup do anything?00:08
ejaygenii: It did work. After last update this is not working anymore.00:11
geniiI can find no mention of --popupmessage in either the manpages of kdialog, not the kde techbase documentation for kdialog00:14
geniiA grep of the kdialog source code for popupmessage also produces no result.00:19
ejaykdialog --passivepopup00:20
ejayAlso - calibre stoped working. Jesus, what a mess.00:23
denza242alright I seriously need help ASAP00:29
denza242how do I blacklist an input device?00:30
denza242how do I blacklist a device in xinput00:30
geniidenza242: Use --list-props to find which property is it's enable/disable property, use --set-prop to change it00:34
denza242genii: I mean permanently blacklist it00:34
denza242because having to switch to a TTY so everything doesn't get spammed wth crap is annoying00:35
geniidenza242: If you want to remove an entire device you don't want xinput ( which is for doing things like disabling a button or toggling touchpad on and off, etc), you just want to blacklist it's driver in a file in /etc/modprobe.d/00:37
denza242genii: that has the unfortunate side effect of somehow making the aforementioned problem worse. I've tried removing synaptics before but it's still buggy00:38
geniidenza242: If you've found some setting for the device using xinput which corrects the situation, you could put it in your .xinitrc or .xsession00:41
genii( to be automatically run )00:41
denza242genii: so if  I wanted to do xinput disable 13 && xinput float 13 how would I do that00:42
geniidenza242: You would open or create the /home/denza/.xinitrc file, put those commands in there, but with a single & after each00:44
valorie!info calibre00:52
ubottucalibre (source: calibre): e-book converter and library management. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.33.0+dfsg-1build1 (wily), package size 20040 kB, installed size 45963 kB00:52
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valorieejay: we do the best we can, but the calibre upstream is not necessarily the easiest to deal with00:53
valorieand they badmouth us00:53
mparilloIf only it were kalibre ;-)01:18
James0rplasma 5 is beautiful. just revisiting it again after trying it a little less than a year ago. still getting a decent amoutn of stuff crashing but seems usable. i'm on a machine with an Nvidia 750 ti gpu, are there known issues with nvidia?02:12
MichaelTunnellnvidia is probably the best supported except maybe a toss up between nvidia and intel02:14
MichaelTunnellI have a 760 and it's pretty much flawless02:14
MichaelTunnellJames0r: ^02:14
James0ri was having some major annoyances with the clock sizing in the panel before and that looks to be ironed out. panel looks and functions really nice.02:15
James0rnot a huge fan of the clunky breeze window decs but i remember switching them out for oxygen was possible my last go with p502:15
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James0rkeep getting logged out for inactivity, not seeing where to disable this03:52
MichaelTunnellJames0r: Power Management I'm pretty sure04:23
MichaelTunnellJames0r: yea thats where it is04:24
MichaelTunnellSystem Settings -> Power Management -> Energy Saving -> Suspend Session04:25
MichaelTunnellI dont use the energy saving stuff on my system because I have this amazing new concept that seems to be rare information04:26
MichaelTunnellI use my finger and just turn off my monitors. I KNOW RIGHT!04:26
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noaXesshey and good morning...06:13
noaXesshave made a fresh install of 15.10 with noveau graphic driver... have a asus laptop wih a intel and nvida graphiccard: Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller, nvidia GK107M [GeForce GT 650M]06:16
noaXessso far so good... i don't use nvidia driver, cause the version in 15.10 repo does have a problem (konsole hangs with 100% cpu) and the latest from https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa is still not really for daily use..06:17
noaXessi also have a second monitor.. i can plugin on VGA port and it's working as i want.. so far so good..06:18
noaXesswhat i also installed is kubuntu-backport to get latest kf5 stuff06:18
noaXessbefore updating to backports, the main panel has worked fine.. means.. with only laptop monitor it's fine... if i plugin the VGA monitor.. main panel goes to VGA display.. instead of stay on laptop, which is primary...06:19
noaXessif i plu out the VGA.. no main panel on laptop.. it disapears....06:19
valoriewithin a day or too, backports will get 5.5.406:19
noaXessif i re plugin VGA.. main panel is on VGA display.. strange.. i can work. but does anybody also hav this behavior?06:19
noaXesshey valorie06:19
valoriemight fix it06:19
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noaXessvalorie: 5.5.4? how can i check, which kf5 i have? i see eg. plasma-framework is 5.18.006:21
valorieplasmashell --version06:21
noaXessaha.. 5.5.306:22
valorieI have 5.5.4 because I installed for testing06:22
noaXessso stay tuned and hope it will be fixed ;)06:22
noaXessvalorie: do you have a second monitor?06:22
valorienope, just a laptop06:22
noaXessyes.. a laptop with a VGA?06:23
valorieno monitor to hook it to though06:23
noaXessabout panels' isn't there any option to have them on both monitors.. the same panel on both monitors?06:24
valorieyes, mirroring06:24
noaXessbut then alls is mirrored.. i mean only the panel ;)06:24
valoriethat I don't know06:25
valorieyou could ask in #plasma06:25
noaXessmy workaround for panle is in the moment to place a main panel on each display ..06:29
noaXessstrange is.. that on plug in/out, the change the display.. LOL06:29
valorieI believe that this is a problem with Qt 506:30
valorieso the Plasma devels have to try to work around it06:30
noaXessha.. now.. plasma died.. restarted plasma and now.. single main panel on laptop display..06:34
valoriehmmm, I've not had a plasma crash since 5.5.306:34
valoriewas pretty crashy before that06:35
noaXessbut maybe problem is with dual monitor06:35
noaXesswill search for a existing bug for my problem06:35
noaXessthere are similar bugs already reported.. hope it willb e fixed soon06:41
valorieunfortunately we're not likely to get Qt 5.5.6 into the LTS06:43
valoriethey keep moving the release date forward06:43
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frischluftGood morning! Is there any solution to run kubuntu as a second OS nereby Windows 10?08:12
frischluftWindows 10 is very restrictive. so I am not sure if the installation would run successful either08:12
valorieof course08:15
valoriemost first-time installs of any linux distro is next to Windows08:16
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:16
valoriefrischluft: that's how I first ran linux, but then found I never used windows anymore08:17
frischluftyeah, but I run my first iso Kubuntu on Win 10 and it had been freezing.08:17
soeei have Win10 and Kubuntu installed next to each other08:18
frischluft@ubottu: thx w08:18
soeebut Win10 is just spyware08:18
frischluftsoee: yeah, I figured out the same!08:19
frischluftBut first impression was nice, easy handling and so on.08:19
frischluftcheers, I will give it a try, have a sunny day @all!08:19
soeethat is true, if we talk about how it works etc.08:19
valoriefrischluft: which version of Kubuntu did you install?08:23
valorieare you sure it has enough room to run?08:23
acheron88I have Windows on one HD and linux on a 2nd08:26
acheron88I hardly ever boot the windows one08:27
acheron88overkill having 2/separate HDs perhaps, but it bypasses all the usual hassle of trying to get them to co-exist on the same disk08:28
valorieactually, I sort of have the same system here: kubuntu on the SSD, Win on the HD08:32
valoriebut I put most of ~/ onto the HD08:32
valoriemusic, videos, photos08:32
acheron88yes, I made a separate partition on the windows HD to store stuff on while running linux08:42
Arthur_Danyone familiar with D-Bus syntax?09:16
Arthur_Dhaving a bit of trouble with it http://pastebin.com/AVMwFRsu09:17
hateballAsking your real question rather than taking polls is usually better09:17
hateballThere we go09:17
hateballArthur_D: well the message is pretty clear09:18
Arthur_Dexplain it to me like I'm 5 then ;)09:18
hateballWell I don't have jack here so I can't say, but I'm guessing it wants org.jackaudio.service /Controller rather than org.jackaudio.service /org/jackaudio/Controller09:19
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hateballArthur_D: using qdbus you should be able to tab-complete your way into it to see what it's really named09:20
Arthur_Dqdbus, hmm I'll look it up09:20
hateballArthur_D: basically just type qdbus org.<tab> and off you go09:21
Arthur_Dthanks :)09:21
hateballArthur_D: there is also qdbusviewer which is a gui walker09:22
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Arthur_Dthanks again, I'm getting closer to my goal :)09:25
noaXesscan you drag and drop files from dolphin to webbrowser, if the website provide drag&drop files???09:28
noaXessi can't...09:28
noaXess15.10, plasme 5.5.309:29
valoriecan you give an example, noaXess?09:29
noaXessany hint?09:29
valorieoh, like an image into imgur?09:29
soeenoaXess: last time i checked it worked i think09:29
noaXesssure.. eg. if you want post something on facebook.. you should be able to drag&drop a pic to facebook.. but it doesn't work09:29
noaXessi use chrome..09:30
noaXessor if you want paste a pic to imgur.com09:31
soeenoaXess: just tested here on Wily with Plasma 5.5.4, moving fiel from Dolphin to Firefox (imgur website) works fine09:32
noaXessand with chrome?09:32
noaXessok.. imgur also works here..09:32
noaXessstrange.. why facebook or google inbox not? before with kde4 all has worked fine09:32
soeeChromium has some problems09:33
noaXessChrome.. not Chromium..09:33
noaXesson kf5, plasma 5?09:33
soeeits almost the same09:33
noaXesssure. ;)09:33
valorie I just did it with a random image : http://imgur.com/G0oBkjD09:34
valoriein FF09:34
noaXessis there any fix?09:34
noaXessyeah imgur works in ff and chrome..09:34
noaXesswhats with facebook and chrome?09:34
noaXessdoes it work on your 5.5.4?09:34
valoriedidn't seem to work in chromium though09:35
noaXessokey.. hm.. also a plasma bug, seams09:35
valorieI would say a chromium bug09:36
noaXessor can it have to do with graphic driver? nouveau agains nvidia?09:36
valoriechromium often won't let me directly copy a URL either09:36
valoriethat's been 6 months or more09:36
noaXessbut chrome? do you also have pure chrome?09:37
valoriebut sometimes it works!09:37
lordievaderGood morning.09:37
valorienope, chromium09:37
valoriewhy give google even more info09:37
valoriemorning lordievader09:37
noaXesshey lordievader, moorning09:38
noaXessvalorie: as they have it anyway LOL..09:38
lordievaderHey valorie, noaXess. How are you two?09:38
noaXesslordievader: fine.. discuss about some bugs.. and google ;) LOL09:38
noaXessand you?09:38
noaXesslordievader: long time away i was here.. ;)09:39
noaXessi think in the past we already chat together about some issues.. but really long time ago09:39
lordievaderDoing good. Now that you mention it, have you been away?09:40
noaXessa lot of work, project in business. so busy all the days...09:40
valoriesome of us live in irc09:40
noaXessnow i installed 15.10 and got some issues.. known issues.. and wanted to know, if some others have a workaround.. but, we will wait for fixes in plasma 5.5.409:41
lordievadervalorie: Best place to live ;)09:41
lordievadernoaXess: Ah, that thing called 'real life' :P09:41
noaXesswill try to be here in the future.. just to see what happens on this electronic part of earth ;)09:42
noaXesslordievader: jep ;)..09:42
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tfsHi - Having problems installing Kubuntu on a Dell Latitude D630 with 4gb of RAM. Tried 14.04 and 15.04, and Firefox will not load. See the icon on the taskbar for 15 seconds, then nothing. Seems to be an install issue, but I can't find much when searching on Google.10:48
PowerKillerlol he quit11:20
James0r2just upgraded to my first full hd monitor, fonts are kinda ridiculously small so i adjusted the font dpi to 120. is this a sensible method to make fonts readable at this resolution?11:25
James0r2some stuff like the calendar looks too big now but most things look alright.11:26
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soeejames0r: this is what i do on my laptop11:37
SmurphySame here. Laptop and Desktop.11:38
BluesKajHowdy folks12:12
shallwehi guys12:13
shallwesomeone knows where is the option for bottom bar? i want let it 100%, its translucid now :(12:14
BluesKajshallwe, kmenu>system settings>workspace theme>desktop theme12:16
TFSHaving problems installing Kubuntu on a Dell Latitude D630 with 4gb of RAM. Tried 14.04 and 15.04, but Firefox will not load after installation completes.  I see the icon on the taskbar for 15 seconds, then nothing. Seems to be an install issue, but I can't find anything when searching on Google. I managed to download Google Chrome Stable version, but could not then get it to install. I don't specifically need Firefox, but I do need a w12:20
shallweBluesKaj: stranger, theres no option for this in desktop themes, bu i will try thanks man :)12:20
shallweTFS: hi, did you tryed run firefox in terminal?12:21
TFSSame problem. My son used same USB image to install to a Toshiba, and has had no problems.12:22
acheron88shallwe: what workspace theme do you have set in that12:22
shallweacheron88: default, breeze, kubuntu 15.1012:22
acheron88so are you saying it's translucent when it shouldn't be, or is not and you wish it was?12:23
acheron88TFS: any output/errors when running from terminal?12:24
shallweacheron88: sorry i got here kkk, its already 100%, its the background :)12:24
shallwei change and its ok now12:25
acheron88OK :)12:25
TFS<acheron88> Have just tried re-installing 14.04, using different image creator, and now have a corrupt install. Will need to re-do it. Oddly, when running kubuntu from the USB, rather than HDD, Firefox is working.12:27
TFS<acheron88> will revert in about an hour with Firefox error messages.12:28
BluesKajthere's no desktop theme in workspace theme on 15.10?12:29
BluesKajplasma 5.5 ?12:31
shallweBluesKaj: for me ok, i have 512:32
shallweair, breeze, breeze dark and oxygen, is it?12:32
BluesKajshallwe, plasma 5.5?12:32
BluesKajshallwe, yes those are the defaults12:33
shallweBluesKaj: wow sorry 5.4 :)12:33
shallwekubuntu 15.1012:33
noaXess_hey BluesKaj was up?12:33
BluesKajhey noaXess_12:34
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noaXesswasup BluesKaj? long time ago ;)12:35
=== lordieva1er is now known as lordievader
BluesKajyeah noaXess , been a while12:38
MaxirideHello, lately I'm goddammit unlucky. Todays new issue D: is that plasmashell crashed and if go into tty1 and run "plasmashell" i get in response qxcbconnection could not connect to disaply.12:56
MaxirideA moment ago I was using the pc perfectly fine..12:56
Maxirideand I'm still using it of course, without any interface however ^^12:56
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MaxirideOpening ksysguard shows kwin_x11 running fine. No plasmashell process as expected12:58
Maxiridewhat the **** if I run plasmashell & it executed and plasmashell is back to life12:59
soeewhat Plasma version ?13:00
Maxiridelatest on 15.10 let me check the exact version13:00
soee5.4.3 ?13:01
soeethis is what backports contain13:01
MaxirideI not with backports anymore13:01
Maxiridefresh live usb install (fresh since 5 days ago)13:01
soeethan isnt is 5.3.x ?13:02
Maxiridelooks like no13:03
MaxirideI can't reproduce the bug.. i'm sorry I can't give additional infos13:04
hateballMaxiride: well you dont have X running on tty1, so that's why it doesnt want to start plasma there. also use "kstart plasmashell" instead13:04
Maxirideaw i'm dumb xD13:07
Maxirideill write that command in case it happens again13:08
gjiuxapbhello people14:21
gjiuxapbi from russia14:21
gjiuxapbwhy mute?14:21
SmurphyI'm from planet earth ...14:22
gjiuxapbi test irc client and kubuntu 14.0414:22
SmurphyAh. Ok. :)14:23
Smurphywell - it works.14:23
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cosec_i don't understand14:53
cosec_moin update manager says updates available14:54
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cosec_but sudo apt-get upgrade says no updates available14:54
hateballMuon isnt very reliable14:54
hateballcosec_: and upgrade only refreshes your repos. "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" is where the magic happens14:55
Finetundarcosec_: you made sure to run sudo apt-get update before sudo apt-get upgrade, yes?14:55
hateballerrr, update is what I read14:55
hateballanyhow, upgrade wont upgrade everything14:55
cosec_i ran update first14:56
cosec_then i ran upgrade14:56
cosec_did i do it right ?14:56
cosec_wow! hateball , didn't know that. ty ty14:57
BluesKajhere's why I always update and upgrade first then if needed dist-upgrade https://paste.kde.org/p82knnbww15:07
acheron88I tend to update and dist-upgrade, but I ALWAYS look carefully to see what if anything is to be removed.15:10
TFS@acheron88 - Firefox issue - When trying to run Firefox in terminal, error = Glib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed15:45
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cosec_how do i make ktorrent shutdown after downloads complete ?17:40
BluesKajcosec_, check the system tray, right click on ktorrent and quit17:42
cosec_lol no17:42
cosec_phrased the wrong question17:43
cosec_i want ktorrent to shutdown the pc after downloads have finished17:43
cosec_ anyway to do that?17:44
cosec_i can't see any plugins that do that17:44
BluesKajcosec_, there is an option to shutdown after the torrent is done , but I don't have ktorrent installed, sorry17:47
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BluesKajcosec_, it's not a plugin17:49
=== gustavo__ is now known as k3k
BluesKajcosec_, just installed ktorrent, seems the pc shutdown option is no longer listed anywhere17:54
k3kJesus loves free software.18:44
kenamifree software folows the tao18:44
k3kwhat is tao18:45
kenamik3k:   It is a universal principle that underlies everything18:48
kenamik3k: http://www.mit.edu/~xela/tao.html18:49
BluesKajif you would like to discuss the Dao further , please take the subject to #kubuntu-offtopic18:50
k3kjust testing18:51
kenamijust testing18:52
noaXessha my workaround, until plasma is fixed about tual monitor and panel position... two main panels, with sam config.. ;)19:06
DQSIIim staying on kubuntu lts with kde4 i dont care for plasma 5 right now :P19:20
darksimIs there an easy solution to fix fullscreen games spreading out over all monitors?19:45
rom1504yes, disable the other monitors19:50
ovidiu-florin#KubuntuPodcast is now live http://youtu.be/CU9wn5df6Jc20:14
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mparilloAre the Kubuntu Podcast notes available yet?22:03
AristideHi !22:57
AristideI don't have Qt5 autocompletion into Pycharm :/22:57
AristideDo you know how fix this problem ?22:57
Aristide(I don't have autocompletion with KDevelop too, and Python3 and Qt5 Python3 binding are installed)22:58
AristideHm ... Oh no its work lol sorry x)22:58
keithzgAristide: Hah, well, good to hear it's working :)23:19
eluuswould it be risky to install nautilus on kubuntu 15.10?23:31
eluusI need it to mount a windows phone, dolphin can't mount it23:31

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