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c404good day, i am trying to recover a missing icon in the application menu, could you tell me what name.png is Run looking for or look in your /usr/share/lxpanel/images/ if there is something-run.png16:49
redwolfsorry, c404, what menu option looks odd?16:58
redwolfare you looking for the icon "system-run"?16:58
c404yes redwolf17:07
redwolfare you using the defult theme? sorry, I don't know what exactly happened to your icons17:07
c404not lubuntu's fault, i was messing around17:08
redwolfis it fixed now?17:08
c404i just need to know the name of the image file Run expects17:08
redwolfsystem-run or gtk-execute are valid ones17:09
c404thank you17:12
redwolfyou're welcome, c40417:14
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