elopiodustino: sorry, I missed your question. We are not working on making it installable on the emmc.00:18
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fgimenezgood morning08:15
zygagood morning08:23
dholbachgood morning08:35
noizergood morning :D08:35
noizermvo do you know when the update will be available today?08:41
mvonoizer: yes!09:05
noizermvo yihaaaa lets snap the world today :D09:06
mvonoizer: xz is running right now09:06
noizermvo ok thx :D09:06
mvonoizer: eta something like 15min09:06
noizermvo ok where can I find the release notes?09:09
mvonoizer: I will send a mail on snappy-devel@lists.ubuntu.com https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/snappy-devel09:11
mvonoizer: later today09:11
noizermvo are there already products in production that uses snappy?09:14
mvonoizer: https://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/ its there now for amd64, enjoy and let me know if you notice any issues09:14
noizeri saw but i need the Raspberry pi one xD09:15
mvonoizer: yes erle robotics for example http://erlerobotics.com/blog/snappy-store/09:15
mvonoizer: and https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/10/21/snappy-core-unlocks-iot-value-within-the-dell-edge-gateway-5000-series/09:15
mvonoizer: those are all 15.04 based currently though. but 16.04 will be much better09:15
mvoeven better I should say :)09:15
noizerhaha :D thats why i'm developing on snappy 16.04 :D09:16
noizerare you building the other images too (raspberry pi)?09:17
mvonoizer: yes, as we speak :)09:18
mvonoizer: rpi2 will take a bit longer because of the manual testing I do on the sd card, but I think in 1h at latest it will be up too09:19
noizermvo thx thats best service with on going development i ever had :D09:20
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday and happy Carrot Cake Day! 😃09:31
MikaelaWhere do you get thowe days?09:38
davmor2JamesTait: ^ I think that one is directed at you and I can't remember the link09:43
JamesTaitMikaela, various sources on the internet, some "official", some just silly.09:43
JamesTaitdaysoftheyear.com and nationaldaycalendar.com both had today's.09:44
JamesTaitwellcat.com is another.09:45
MikaelaI must take a look sometime09:45
mvonoizer: rpi2 is available now as well on https://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/10:04
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noizermvo thx :D10:18
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noizermvo writing the image to my sd card :D10:27
dholbachmvo: did we drop 'snappy search'?10:28
dholbachmvo: did you see anything like this before? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14864883/10:29
mvodholbach: what version of snappy are you on right now?10:29
mvodholbach: I'm preparing a mail for this right now10:30
dholbachmvo: I used the amd64 all-snaps image from you10:30
mvodholbach: if you could give me the snappy list output that would be great10:30
dholbachmvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14864906/10:31
mvodholbach: this is probably fallout from the switch from package.yaml to snap.yaml and/or fallout from the store changes. so I'm super keen to figure out the root10:32
dholbachmvo: and 'snappy search' is gone as well?10:32
dholbachor will there be a new incarnation of it?10:32
mvodholbach: yeah, its now "snap find"10:32
dholbachah, great - thanks10:33
mvodholbach: I prepare a mail now that explains the changes a bit more :)10:34
* dholbach hugs mvo10:35
mvodholbach: sorry for the trouble, it looks like the store is really confused - https://bugs.launchpad.net/software-center-agent/+bug/1541317 is causing the issues10:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1541317 in Software Center Agent "Returns incorrect channel data" [Undecided,New]10:50
mvodholbach: which means I may need to create new images because right now the all-snap image is defaulting to the stable channel for the os/kernel snaps. but maybe that is actaully not a bad thing :)10:51
didrocksdo we have an example of a seccomp override file?10:56
didrocksit seems that snappy install isn't happy when parsing one, just containing "setpriority" for instance10:56
didrocksmvo: maybe you would know a good example with an appamor and seccomp override?11:03
didrocks(maybe it expects a yaml file?)11:03
mvodidrocks: here are some examples https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/master/snappy/security_test.go#L83211:08
pittiChipaca, mvo: still any trouble with the wait4net service?11:09
mvopitti: I still did not manage to work on the proper fix :( the images were broken and I had to unbreak them first11:09
mvopitti: while you are here :) is there a trivial setting to make /tmp not a tempfs with systemd? for snappy we ran into various issues in the testsuite with /tmp being too small11:10
didrocksmvo: isn't that supposed to point to a file rather?11:11
didrocks(from the doc)11:11
pittimvo: it defaults to not being a tmpfs11:11
mvodidrocks: that was in 15.04 iirc that it was a file11:11
didrocksmvo: I saw "deprecated" in the tests, so I didn't dare trying11:11
pittimvo: so, revert whatever you do to make it a tmpfs -- most likely, /etc/fstab?11:11
mvodidrocks: and in 15.04 its json11:11
mvopitti: aha, ok, thats good to know, I will dig around11:11
didrocksmvo: hum, do you have one example?11:11
mvodidrocks: a 15.04 example?11:12
pittimvo: could also be that snappy enables /usr/share/systemd/tmp.mount11:12
didrocksyeah :)11:12
didrockswith this file11:12
didrocksI was expecting it to be a seccomp-like file11:12
pittimvo: but check /etc/fstab first11:12
pittimvo: but how would that work on snappy? isn't the root fs r/o?11:12
mvota, will do11:12
pittimvo: or a tmpfs by itself?11:12
mvopitti: root is r/o but we can just bind mount the writable partition on top of /tmp11:12
mvothe tmp of the writable partition11:12
pittimvo: I thought with "all snaps" you'd have an empty root tmpfs as /, and then bind-mount the r/o .snaps into it?11:13
didrocksbecause if it's json, what do we put as a key?11:13
pittior did I misunderstand this?11:13
didrocksI guess maybe something like: { "syscalls": ["setpriority"] }?11:13
pittimvo: ah, so I guess change /tmp in fstab to be a bind mount to /writable/tmp instead of a tmpfs?11:13
mvopitti: yeah, I think that is what we need to do. thanks. for some reason I was thinking that systemd would do that by default and we had to do something in ubuntu to disable it (it being the tmpfs on /tmp)11:14
mvodidrocks: I need to check for the details, jdstrand is the master of this but I look for an exmaple now11:14
pittimvo: upstream does, but we don't in Debian/Ubuntu as that discussion is still ongoing and haven't decided yet11:15
mvodidrocks: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/blob/15.04/snappy/security_test.go#L253 maybe?11:15
didrocksmvo: thanks! yeah, an example would be awesome!11:15
mvopitti: thanks, thats super useful11:15
noizermvo i got a strange error http://pastebin.com/LnZW0TDA do you know what i did wrong?11:15
didrocksmvo: trying in progress :)11:16
didrocks(didn't spot that one in tests)11:16
didrocksmvo: \o/11:18
didrocksyeah, yaml it was :)11:18
didrocksmvo: extra bonus question, our package needs to be configure for credentials before being able to work11:18
didrocksso, we have a systemd service11:18
didrocksI would like to set "only starts if file <foo> is present" with the correct service key11:19
didrockscan we extend the systemd .service generated file?11:19
didrocks(and extra bonus: apart from the config script calling sudo snappy service start…<>, is there a less hackish way of restarting the service after a config change?)11:19
tsouza_hello all, I'm trying to run latest stable snappy through vagrant. The VM won't boot, it keeps rebooting really fast and I can not see whats going on in the virtualbox gui... any clue anyone?11:21
mvonoizer: unfortunately not, how can I reproduce this?11:30
mvodidrocks: we can not expand the .service right now, the service itself would have to check that currently. we can talk about expanding our .service files of course11:31
noizermvo I try to install the plugin python2 and that don't works but when i try to install python3 then it works11:31
noizerso i think python2 is bugged11:32
noizerBut i need python2 because one lib is only supported in python2 at the moment11:32
mvonoizer: via snapcraft? sergiusens and kyrofa are your experts for that11:32
noizeryea via snapcraft11:32
noizerok are the online at the moment?11:33
mvonoizer: I suspect a issue with snapcraft, unfortunately I'm not a expert there11:33
noizerok np i will ask them :D11:33
mvonoizer: not yet but should be soon, they on the americas11:33
noizerok thx11:33
didrocksmvo: the thing is that the service checks, and so, it tries to restart11:34
didrocksupon 3 times11:34
didrocksthen, nothing "triggers" it once properly configured11:34
opnyhi all! I'm using snapcraft with autotools plugin, I have an issue over libssl  (I guess) as it does not find openssl/bn.h May it be related to the snapcraft build?11:35
mvodidrocks: right, lets talk about adding code for start conditions then in a bit (after lunch?)11:35
didrocksmvo: sure!11:35
dholbachsergiusens: should snapcraft pull in request_toolbelt from somewhere?11:38
dholbachI got11:39
dholbachNo module named 'requests_toolbelt'11:39
noizersergiusens Hi, got a strange thing going with snapcraft. I want to install python2 as plugin but when i try i got this error: http://pastebin.com/LnZW0TDA11:39
noizersergiusens but i tried it now with python3 and it gave me the same issue11:40
didrocksmvo: however, we don't have any /var/lib/appamor/profiles dir (or content anymore) :/11:40
didrocksseems something burned it11:41
didrocksnot even sure how we can recreate it. We try to install an old snap, and nothing happens11:41
mvodidrocks: its in /var/lib/snappy/apparmor now iirc11:43
mvodidrocks: in 16.0411:43
mvodidrocks: or is this on 15.04?11:43
dholbachsergiusens: I'm also seeing this happening: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14865381/11:45
dholbachwhich might not work when not running with sudo11:45
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didrocksmvo: it's 15.04, for mwc11:48
didrocksmvo: /var/lib/snappy/apparmor/profiles was deleted11:48
didrocksby installing a snap11:48
didrocks(the whole directory)11:49
mvodidrocks: *urgh*11:49
didrocksyeah, doesn't sound "yummy" :/11:49
didrocksis there any way to at least for now, tell apparmor to rebuild all profiles?11:50
mvodidrocks: is this reproducable? I think its click-appamor handling this dir on 15.0411:50
mvodidrocks: I don't know, jdstrand will know how to tell apparmor to rebuild all profiles11:50
didrocksmvo: we did install it multiple times, we want the demo to work before reproducing (but apparmor/seccomp doc is a little bit of a PITA)11:51
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kyrofaGood morning12:36
torbitgood morning12:36
noizerkyrofa good morning xD12:36
noizerI have already a question for you :D12:37
noizersince the update of the ubuntu core i can't install python anymore as plugin :s12:38
noizerkyrofa here you get the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/14865381/12:38
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kyrofanoizer, I'm not really sure what I'm looking at, here. However, is your project publicly available? Can I give it a try?12:39
noizerNo it inst available i was developing for it :p12:40
noizerwait I will give you a my yaml file12:40
kyrofanoizer, yeah, whatever is causing the failure for you so I can reproduce it here12:41
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noizerwait i will test an other thing just only install python so i can see if it realy python12:46
kyrofanoizer, for what it's worth seems seem a bit broken on the most recent all-snaps release for me as well12:50
noizerkyrofa what can we do about it?12:54
noizerkyrofa i minimized my snap and tested this and got the error http://pastebin.com/nz3pgysu12:54
noizerand that is since the update from today( for you yesterday night)12:55
kyrofanoizer, yeah I need to see your project if that's possible12:56
noizerkyrofa i can't show it because its for the company that i work for12:57
noizerbut yesterday it worked all fine until the update came12:57
kyrofanoizer, oh you put the YAML in the paste, okay I can work with that12:57
noizerok this yaml I tried but normally its correct but it doesn't work :s12:57
noizerkyrofa do you get the same problem?13:06
kyrofanoizer, one minute, I have to put out a fire dholbach found for me13:07
dholbachkyrofa: sorry :)13:07
noizerkyrofa ok np :D13:07
kyrofadholbach, super embarrassing :P13:07
opnyhello, I'm using snapcraft with autotools plugin to build rethinkdb, I have an issue over libssl  (I guess) as openssl/bn.h is not found May it be related to the snapcraft build?13:08
sergiusensdholbach, sorry need context13:08
* sergiusens just got out of the dentist13:08
dholbachopny: do you have libssl-dev installed?13:09
dholbachsergiusens: err... context to which question?13:09
sergiusensopny, add openssl to the stage-packages13:09
sergiusens<dholbach> sergiusens: I'm also seeing this happening: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14865381/13:09
kyrofasergiusens, please accept my humble apologies for https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1541349 . After that looks PR is merged I'd be happy to crank out 2.1.113:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1541349 in Snapcraft "Should maybe depend on python3-requests-toolbelt?" [Critical,In progress]13:12
sergiusenskyrofa, lets do a 2.1.113:13
sergiusenskyrofa, let me get that started13:13
kyrofasergiusens, I'm sorry man13:13
sergiusenskyrofa, its fine13:13
opnydholbach, sergiusens yes sure, I've tried to add the :i386 one either nut no luck13:15
dholbachopny: it should be in libssl-dev13:16
sergiusenskyrofa, I'll fix13:16
dholbachdaniel@daydream:~$ dlocate openssl/bn.h13:16
dholbachlibssl-dev:amd64: /usr/include/openssl/bn.h13:16
sergiusenskyrofa, unless you already have13:16
kyrofasergiusens, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/28813:16
sergiusenskyrofa, I can see that was quickly done ;-)13:17
sergiusenskyrofa, no worries!13:17
opnydholbach, uhm, you're right.. It's not on my system, only in stage-packages13:18
kyrofasergiusens, fixed13:18
dholbachopny: using build-packages: you can specify it in the snapcraft.yaml13:18
dholbachopny: so others using the same recipe will surely have the package installed upon build13:19
sergiusensdholbach, mind looking at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/28813:19
opnydholbach, oh, ok thanks... was using the wrong one!13:19
sergiusenskyrofa, this just means we need integration tests for upload/login/logout13:20
kyrofasergiusens, indeed13:20
kyrofasergiusens, making the issue now13:20
dholbachkyrofa: are all these packages required as build-deps?13:21
dholbachI haven't checked in a while - is this because we run the unit tests during the build?13:22
kyrofadholbach, sergiusens perhaps they should be in the test control?13:22
kyrofaI guess I'm not sure13:22
dholbachlet me check13:22
sergiusenskyrofa, debian/tests/control pulls in the package deps13:23
dholbachsergiusens: but that's only for the autopkgtest13:24
sergiusensdholbach, yeah, I think kyrofa is just nervous now and wants to add the dep everywhere ;-)13:24
dholbachkyrofa: they're still required - the unit tests are run during the build: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/236098042/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.snapcraft_2.1_BUILDING.txt.gz (at about 90% of the log)13:24
kyrofasergiusens, yeah paste paste pate13:24
sergiusensdholbach, it's still in Build-Depends iirc13:24
dholbachsergiusens, kyrofa: looks like it's a good idea to keep them in build-depends too :-)13:25
sergiusensin debian/control13:25
kyrofaHaha, okay good13:25
sergiusenswell, I didn't see them removed13:25
dholbachsergiusens: I just wanted to check if they're still required as build-deps and it turns out they are :)13:25
kyrofaYeah I think dholbach was just checking the whole thing13:25
sergiusensdholbach, yeah, they are; just for module import if anything else13:26
opnydholbach, oh no, after adding the build-packages, snapcraft has gone.. python says too many open files http://paste.ubuntu.com/14866019/13:29
dholbachopny: that should be fixed in snapcraft 2.113:29
kyrofaopny, is that snapcraft 1?13:30
opnydholbach, kyrofa ok, 1.0.113:30
kyrofaopny, yeah, that fix is only in 2 I'm afraid13:30
dholbachkyrofa: maybe the fix for bug 1537705 should be backported?13:30
ubottubug 1537705 in Snapcraft "too many open files when using a heap of parts of plugin autotools" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153770513:30
opnykyrofa, where may I update my snapcraft to 2.0? git?13:31
dholbachopny: where did you install snapcraft from?13:31
opnydholbach, ppa as per docs13:31
sergiusenskyrofa, while you are at it https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/28913:32
opnydholbach, ppa:snappy-dev/tools13:32
dholbachkyrofa, sergiusens: ^ where do we land snapcraft 2.x?13:32
sergiusensdholbach, nice that you made kyrofa the official backporter13:32
sergiusensdholbach, only on xenial13:32
sergiusensdholbach, 2.x is only on xenial13:32
kyrofasergiusens, haha, I'm the 1.x maintainer, remember?13:33
dholbachkyrofa: what what? I just asked him because he had just responded in the same context :-)13:33
sergiusensor we break all 15.04 users; I'm not sure we will backport as soon our deps to xenial will increase13:33
dholbachdon't blame me for giving kyrofa all the hard work13:33
opnyis there a vagrant box for xenial ?13:34
ogra_sergiusens, it wouldnt work anyway since the concept changed drastically between 15.04 and xenial13:34
kyrofaopny, the side effect of using Snapcraft 2 is that you can only target 16.04 Snappy13:34
dholbachsergiusens: isn't it just https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/268/files that needs backporting?13:34
sergiusensdholbach, yes, I was replying in the context of where we publish 2.x13:34
sergiusensdholbach, and I said, only xenial13:34
ogra_dholbach, xenial snapcraft produces squashfs snaps by default .... there is no support for that setup in 15.04 images13:34
kyrofasergiusens, happy to backport if you give the OK13:35
dholbachsergiusens: ok13:35
sergiusensdholbach, backporting things from 2.x to 1.x should be ok :-)13:35
dholbachogra_: I know13:35
sergiusenskyrofa, go ahead13:35
dholbachguys... I was never suggesting we should backport EVERYTHING13:35
sergiusenseveryone calm down and keep on rolling :-)13:35
kyrofaopny, thanks for catching that, I'm on it13:35
ogra_well, we should ... but only if 15.04 stable goes EOL13:35
ogra_which should happen with the xenial snappy release as i understand13:35
opnykyrofa, no problem, I'm good a breaking stuff :)13:36
dholbachok... too many threads of discussion at the same time ;-)13:36
kyrofasergiusens, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1541353 the same issue you noticed?13:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1541353 in Snapcraft "'snapcraft upload' says 'Invalid package filename.'" [Undecided,New]13:38
opnybtw, is there a xenial image for amd64 and/or arm I can pick ?13:38
sergiusenskyrofa, yeah, not sure why `-` is not allowed; maybe pindonga knows13:38
ogra_kyrofa, thats just because dholbach produces that -buggy package ;) snapcraft is clever, wont let buggy things in ;)13:39
kyrofaopny, yeah http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/13:39
sergiusenskyrofa, that's going to 2.2; I'll release it while camping during carnaval ;-)13:39
opnykyrofa, thank you. Is qemu for arm known to work?13:41
kyrofaopny, I've used it, though it's dog slow13:41
ogra_i dont think we actually produce usable snappy images for qemu-system, do we ?13:41
ogra_(armhf thatis)13:41
pindongakyrofa, sergiusens in snapcraft/storeapi/_upload.py there's a regexp for validating the pkg file name13:42
pindonga- is valid for name13:42
pindongaso maybe the pkg is missing version or arch?13:42
kyrofapindonga, any ideas on bug #1541353 ?13:42
ubottubug 1541353 in Snapcraft "'snapcraft upload' says 'Invalid package filename.'" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154135313:42
pindongakyrofa, we need to find out what the built pkg name is13:42
opnyogra_, I've tried on 15.04 but network was never picked up and cloud-init failed13:42
ogra_opny, oh, with what cpu emulation did you run qemu ?13:43
plarsogra_: around? If you get a chance at some point, I was curious if you had any thoughts about installing snappy on db emmc via fastboot13:43
noizerkyrofa do you already any idea with my problem :p13:43
kyrofaogra_, oh, I was just answering a general "yes, qemu can emulate arm" :P13:43
sergiusenspindonga, kyrofa I say we remove the regexp, we already have a regexp when we json schema de hell out of it13:43
ogra_kyrofa, yeah, vexpress and omap3 ;)13:43
kyrofanoizer, I'm looking at it now13:44
pindongasergiusens, fine with me13:44
noizerkyrofa htx xD13:44
kyrofasergiusens, I thought the regex was for extracting the name, not actually _validating_ anything13:44
pindongasergiusens, the regexp here was jut to avoid a failure after the file was uploaded (ie, during the scan)13:44
sergiusenspindonga, in the case of dholbach's bug we might need the full yaml13:44
opnyogra_, armhf https://github.com/muka/qemu-snappy-experiments#2-use-ubuntu-snappy-not-working13:44
pindongaie, a quick sanity check to avoid uploading the file only for the store to fail later13:44
ogra_plars, only vaguely, i try to not touch any internal disks with our images until we have a recovery installer ... but it shouldnt be hard to modify the EMMc bootloader13:44
sergiusenspindonga, yeah sounds good, but we fail on the yaml as soon as we load it, so its blocked earlier; I'd be fine with checks, but these regex's have changed so often I got weary of them :-)13:45
dholbachsergiusens: attached: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/236141324/snapcraft.yaml13:45
plarsogra_: all I'm really looking for is an automated way to provision it, regardless of what was on it before13:46
pindongasergiusens, I'm not opposed to removing the filename check13:46
pindongasergiusens, my bet is what's confusing the regexp is the - in the version13:46
ogra_opny, yeah, you dont really want that ... what would work would be an image thats actually designed for vexpress ..  you cant just re-puropse a rpi image for this13:46
sergiusensdholbach, try removing the - from the version (or change it to `.`)13:46
plarsogra_: another option, of course, is using the sd to boot from. But the only control I've found over the sd so far is via the hard switch on the bottom of the board, which is going to be flaky to solder to13:46
pindongaalso, the yaml doesn't include an arch, is that correct?13:46
sergiusenspindonga, not this one, the internal one has that; I don't think that is the problem as I've uploaded just fine13:47
dholbachsergiusens: that made it work13:47
pindongasergiusens, all that said, I completely agree regexpes are a pain to maintain13:47
pindongaup to you to remove it13:47
sergiusensso confirmed, it is just the version check13:47
plarsogra_: but it does look like I can probably get into fastboot automatically somehow, via the reset button controlled from the uart board, and power control. If I could use that to install to the emmc reliably, it would be something to consider13:47
ogra_plars, you just need to replace the content of the "boot" partiton on the eMMC with a working u-boot binary ... the rest shoudl be scripting .... well and probably invalidate the u-boot on the SD, then it will always fall back to the internal uboot13:48
ogra_nothing to solder here13:48
mvosergiusens: you mentioned an incorrect service file the other day that had no %h in the SNAP_USER_DATA - what snap was this again?13:48
opnyogra_, ok thanks, has been interesting anyway13:49
plarsogra_: I'd like to stay as close as possible to what u-d-f generates though, and not have to change the image we're testing13:49
ogra_plars, well, u-d-f ignores the fact that an eMMC exists13:50
plarsogra_: so booting an unmodified sd image would mean I need it to really boot from the sd13:50
ogra_it will always focus on SD only13:50
plarsapparently that's controlled by gpio_81, but it doesn't seem to be exposed anywhere else as far as I can tell13:50
sergiusensmvo, that was kyrofa ^13:50
sergiusensmvo, so I mentioned, kyrofa has the issue13:50
ogra_plars, did you ask in the #96boards channel ?13:51
plarsbut if the image on the sd is bad, or if I need to overwrite it, I would need it to go back to booting something stable off the emmc13:51
kyrofamvo, o/13:51
plarsogra_: not yet, some of this is pretty specific to snappy I think13:51
sergiusenskyrofa, upload your snap to people.canonical.com if you can13:51
ogra_plars, right, thjats automatic13:51
dholbachpindonga: do you know which rev of click-reviewers-tools is used in myapps right now?13:51
kyrofasergiusens, sure thing13:51
ogra_if the SD is broken my board here always falls back to eMMC in any case13:51
ogra_which is why i said you can just use a clever u-boot on the MMC ... that could pull a new SD image and write it for example ... just invalidate the bootloader on the SD at the end of your test13:52
plarsogra_: but I also need it to fall back if I'm trying to put a new image on there, so I'd like to have more control over it... or are you saying that for that, we should just dd some zeros to the sd card boot part to make it bad?13:52
ogra_... and a reboot would get you into the MMC uboot13:53
sergiusensdholbach, btw, we have planning meetings on Friday's with kyrofa and elopio for snapcraft; someone once mentioned we could open those up to the public; I have to quarrel against that13:53
pindongadholbach, 56713:53
plarsogra_: gotcha13:53
dholbachpindonga: can you pull again?13:53
ogra_plars, yeah, even just into the first partition of the Sd should be enough13:53
pindongadholbach, on prod, on staging we're on 57213:53
sergiusensdholbach, I just have one requirement; hands off keyboard unless you are the triager13:53
opnyLet's say I would like to create an UI via a snap to handle networking or create an access point. Do you think is feasible via a snap?13:53
plarsogra_: actually, right now with the snappy image, I only get one boot out of it. any boot after that goes to the emmc. Is that a known issue?13:53
dholbachpindonga: 572 sounds great13:53
pindongaright, we just need to deploy to prod13:53
pindongabut you can test on staging13:54
kyrofasergiusens, who mentioned that?13:54
ogra_opny, what kind of UI ... web-UIs surely work already13:54
sergiusensopny, check the mir guide on the developer site13:54
dholbachsergiusens: you quarrel against the calls being public? I'm not sure I understand13:54
sergiusenskyrofa, not you; it was mentioned in one of the community hangouts13:54
kyrofasergiusens, oh interesting13:54
sergiusensdholbach, oh, in one of the community things (video, text, something) someone mentioned making planning public13:54
sergiusensdholbach, I thought it was you13:54
opnyogra_ yes a web ui, with simple shell commands or more advanced (networkd?)13:54
sergiusensdholbach, I am saying I don't mind if our planning meetings are public and open to everyone13:55
dholbachah ok, cool :)13:55
dholbachyeah, let's think about how we can do that best13:55
sergiusensdholbach, streamed is fine; joining the hangout has 2 reqs, hands off keyboard and see your face13:55
sergiusensdholbach, seeing the face is a bit controversial; but it is sort of necessary to keep the face to face value13:56
opnysergiusens, mir-snaps ?13:56
ogra_opny, afaik there is a network-manager snap in the works ... i guess you could create another snap that talks to it via snapd on a socket or local network port to manipulate networking via snappy config then13:56
sergiusensdholbach, and seeing someone's face provides a lot of feedback13:56
dholbachI like that13:56
mvoogra_, ppisati: silly question, it appears that am335x-boneblack.dtb is not/no longer part of the kernel tree in xenial? do you happen to know about this? or am I looking at the wrong place?13:56
dholbachyes, I agree13:56
noizerkyrofa sorry i cant follow xD let me know when you have a sollution13:56
ogra_mvo, oh, i havent touched the BBB in ages13:56
kyrofanoizer, will do13:56
sergiusensopny, yes https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/mir-snaps/13:56
* ogra_ has to defer to ppisati 13:56
rickspencer3if I am running xenail, just $sudo apt-get snapcraft will get me and keep me on the latest, right?13:57
sergiusensdholbach, speaking of that we should probably take this from mhall and put this into our repo https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/mir-snaps/13:57
ogra_rickspencer3, yes13:57
sergiusensor it will get outdated fast13:57
sergiusensrickspencer3, correct13:57
mvoogra_: no worries, I just wanted to build a "community" maintained one with all snaps and this is my blocker right now13:57
rickspencer3thanks ogra_ and sergiusens13:57
ogra_mvo, are you sure you grabbed the right binary ?13:57
dholbachsergiusens: I'll file a bug for it - I have like 5 things I'm doing at the same time right now :)13:58
opnysergiusens, ok nice but what is mir in practice? is it a webcontainer?13:58
mvoogra_: not entirely, I was still using the artifact from cdimage13:58
opnysergiusens, found.. sorry13:59
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab$ dpkg -x linux-image-4.4.0-3-generic_4.4.0-3.17_armhf.deb unpack/14:00
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab$ find unpack/ -name am335x-*|grep boneblack14:00
ogra_mvo, ^^^14:00
ogra_seems to be there14:00
mvoogra_: hmmm, thanks, I will find out what is causing this14:00
ogra_(thats the latest xenial binary package)14:01
sergiusensdholbach, kyrofa https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/29014:01
kyrofajdstrand, I use your overlay notes every day, by the way14:02
sergiusensopny, a display server14:04
sergiusensopny, you have to be clear when you say ui ;-)14:04
sergiusensopny, if youwant to do something over the web; just use nodejs or go or something you like (look at gopaste or shout in the snapcraft examples)14:05
mvoogra_: found the issue, I'm an idiot14:06
mvoogra_: but thanks!14:06
zygamvo: never, you are just tired :)14:06
ogra_mvo, i disagree !!!14:06
kyrofamvo I just PMd you a link to the snap in question14:07
opnysergiusens, awesome stuff! Yes I meant the web, sorry :) My doubt is how can I then interact with eg. if* or ip route or iptables et like14:07
opnysergiusens,  with custom apparmor profiles?14:07
ogra_opny, there is a ufw snap already14:08
ogra_you shoudl be able  to talk to it via snapd or some such ... jdstrand might be able to tell you more14:08
ogra_(for firewall config that is)14:08
kyrofamvo, adding an echo to the binary wrapper for ros-example.listener, you can see that SNAP_USER_DATA looks fine. But if you add an echo to $SNAP/command-rosmaster.wrapper (which is launched by systemd) it's missing the home directory14:08
sergiusenskyrofa, walking back home to make it for standup14:08
kyrofasergiusens, sounds good14:08
sergiusenshopefully the ci tests finish running by then14:09
opnyogra_, ok thanks. Seems I need to upgrade to 16.04 first14:09
kyrofamvo, rather, the home directory seems to be /14:10
kyrofamvo, so echoing $SNAP_USER_DATA in the service wrapper gives me //snaps/ros-example.sideload/ILcTLfMVPLca14:11
opnyis there any documentation about 16.04 and topics like snapd or similar ?14:28
wigglewormCan someone point me to documentation on how to set a static ip address when using a wifi connection14:31
ogra_opny, i guess Chipaca can point you to any snapd docs if they exist14:33
ogra_wiggleworm, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/dragonboard/README has some syntax for how to set up wifi with DHCP ... see "man interfaces" on an ubuntu desktop/server for the static part14:35
wigglewormogra_ - thanks - so standard desktop settings for wifi should work for Snappy?14:36
opnyogra_, is the source in launchpad?14:36
ogra_wiggleworm, snappy uses /etc/network/interfaces.d …. so yes :)14:36
ogra_opny, on github i think14:37
wigglewormthank you14:38
opnyChipaca, hello, I was looking for docs about snapd. Do you have anything I could be read about it? Thanks14:39
opnyMay use dbus for IPC in a set of snap I would build?14:43
wigglewormCan someone show me where on the snappy\Canonical site I submit my snap to the store?14:51
ogra_wiggleworm, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/14:56
ogra_(you need to create an account first)14:56
wigglewormthank you - I found that site and it did not say it was for Snappy as well - good to know - thank you14:57
elopiosergiusens: kyrofa: http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/s/snapcraft/15:01
elopiowhat's tricky is the s.15:01
kyrofaelopio, ah! Favorited15:02
kyrofaelopio, thank you :)15:02
sergiusensdholbach, [ubuntu/xenial-proposed] snapcraft 2.1.1 (Accepted)15:07
dholbachsergiusens: good work! :)15:08
sergiusensdholbach, I hope the autopackage tests really work this time, we are so close15:08
dholbachcrossing fingers then :)15:09
jdstranddidrocks: fyi, /var/lib/snappy/apparmor/profiles is not the right directory for 15.04. you are looking for /var/lib/apparmor/profiles15:10
jdstranddidrocks: pcoca and I discussed the issues you guys were having. it seems you guys didn't see the notes for 15.04. I gave him all the info15:11
jdstranddidrocks: as for rebuilding all the profiles on 15.04, you use 'sudo aa-clickhook -f'15:12
didrocksjdstrand: excellent! Thanks a lot :) (I think we still have a cryptic issue as aa_exec_one or such error without any further info), but we'll keep you posted15:12
jdstrandkyrofa: re overlay: cool! :)15:12
didrocksjdstrand: oh great! (we should maybe add a symlink to aa-snappyhook :p)15:13
kyrofaChipaca, the other day you mentioned the ability to `snappy shell foo`. But it seems it only works for classic, not any other app. Did I misunderstand?15:14
jdstrandopny (and ogra_): ufw is an 'app' snap, not a framework. snapd (or anything else in snappy does not expose interfaces for an app to drive in this manner15:14
jdstrandopny: in other words, you need to do both the web frontend and the iptables/etc backend15:14
ogra_jdstrand, oh, no snappy config interface you coudl use ?15:15
jdstranddidrocks: are you trying to execute things from /apps/bin from you snap?15:15
ogra_(if it exposes snappy config it should also be manageable through snapd)15:15
jdstrandogra_: ufw only has rudimentary snappy config. it will likely get some more, but that isn't exposed to other snaps, only the admin15:16
didrocksjdstrand: no, it's a systemd service, so it's a little bit more convoluted to debug15:17
jdstrandI guess snapd could be used to drive such config, but that is a larger discussion that is happening with ricmm, et al. the whole networking story needs to be defined and then we can see if ufw fits, it at all15:18
jdstrand(atm, I can only imagine this as shoehorning ufw, so not sure that is the way to go)15:18
jdstrandanyhoo, that is being discussed elsewhere15:19
ogra_yeah, i would imagine you can use snapd for this or even just a socket or network port directrly if the snap exposes it .... to flange a UI onto a snap15:19
ogra_(from another snap)15:19
ogra_after all it would just be talking to localhost here15:19
jdstranddidrocks: if you give me the error, I can probably point you in the right direction. an aa-exec error is likely one of two things-- you are trying to execute something in /apps/bin rather than from SNAP_APP_DATA or the profile isn't loaded15:20
jdstrandthat flanging needs to happen in a very controlled manner, since it breaks application confinement15:20
jdstrandogra_: ^15:21
ogra_sure, there needs to be auth or even the bottom servioce snap should define if thats allowed at all15:21
didrocksjdstrand: will do for sure, thanks for hanging with us ;)15:21
ogra_but in my imagination i can create a gadget snap that pulls in a handfull of service snaps and one UI snap on top that can manage the others15:21
ogra_to c4reate my product15:22
mvojdstrand: fwiw, I pushed a bbb all-snap image too, I know you have some of those :)15:27
jdstrandmvo: woo! I do :)15:27
jdstrandmvo: thanks :)15:27
opnyjdstrand, ogra_ thanks. I'm looking on how to handle various configuration needs (over http ui). Currently thinking to have rest http proxy to dbus-connected handler/api, if this may work!?15:31
jdstrandmvo: curious (and this is just curiosity since I have a device that would be fun to move to snappy for 16.04, but I can continue to use server), are we going to have i386 snappy images for 16.04?15:31
jdstrandopny: you can do that within your snap, yes. you provide the dbus service backend and you provide the webui, then the webui can talk to the dbus service15:32
jdstrandmvo: why can't I ever remember the answer to that question?15:33
jdstrandmvo: you don't have to answer the 2nd question :)15:33
beunojdstrand, yes, i386 will be one of the supported archs15:33
jdstrandoh, nice! :)15:33
beuno32 and 64bit intel15:33
beuno32 and 64 bit arm15:33
ogra_now we just need properly supported i386 images :P15:34
xnoxogra_, beuno - why 32 bit? even atoms are 64-bit these days.15:35
xnox(i386 that is)15:35
ogra_xnox, to annoy you and to undermine your attempt of dropping i386 images indeed ;)15:35
genii"because we can"15:35
ogra_xnox, we dont really have i386 images ... (we produce the artifacts and you can use ubuntu-device-flash to roll an i386 img file, but they are not tested or supported or anything )15:36
ogra_so no worries :)15:36
beunobut we will have to produce them for 16.0415:37
opnyjdstrand, Great.. Still, I miss one last thing.. if the snap is confined can I alter eg. interfaces.d/ files? I will need custom apparmor profilles?15:37
ogra_there *are* intel 32bit only IoT platforms though15:37
beunoogra_, 32bit intel is very much a supported architecture for 16.0415:37
beunoofficially supported and tested15:37
ogra_beuno, oh, thats news to me15:37
beunoif that doesn't match reality, reality needs to be fixed15:37
xnoxogra_, beuno, genii - you people hate the planet, build time, and CO2, and waste bandwidth budget =)15:37
ogra_well, reality is that the hardware is rare :)15:37
beunoxnox, some people use it as heat in their homes!15:38
ogra_xnox, thats why i own three porsches ... indeed i do :P15:38
xnoxogra_, can i hi-jack one, for testing purposes?15:38
ogra_even two ;)15:38
ogra_beuno, who came up with that ? sabdfl ?15:39
ogra_i think actual i386 only HW is really rare15:39
olliogra_, our commitment is to deliver 4 reference images15:40
olliwhich include 32bit intel15:40
genii32bit VM is more efficient and less wasteful than a 64bit VM15:40
mvojdstrand: I will clarify about i386 but we can certainly have unofficial ones15:40
ogra_not sure what testing on 64bit HW will actually gain us to validate these images15:40
beunomvo, we totally, 100% have committed to having official i386 ones15:40
ogra_beuno, and do we know how we will test them ? (we should have actual i386-only HW for that)15:41
ogra_or do we think kvm testing will be enough15:41
beunoogra_, I don't know specifically, I'd expect you fine folks to come up with a great plan!15:42
beunowe can help where needed15:42
mvobeuno: oh, cool15:42
ollimvo, ogra_ I would expect that the key target for 32bit intel is a VM so I am not sure we need to worry about the HW aspect15:42
ogra_well, thats a QA question indeed .... i just wonder how valid such testing actually is if we dont use actual HW15:42
ogra_or re-purpose 64bit HW for that15:42
ogra_olli, ok15:42
mvobeuno: thanks!15:43
olliogra_, I am already talking w/ slangasek about all the official images15:43
ogra_that cealrifies it :)15:43
* olli offers "clarifies"15:44
ogra_olli, if the target is just 4 we should drop i386 for MIPS instead ;)15:44
ogra_(will also make 4 in total then)15:45
kyrofaI know of at least one company that uses 32-bit hardware and have asked me about i368 support in Snappy15:46
ogra_ah, good15:46
ogra_if there is demand and we can actually validate the images proper thats indeed fine15:47
beunoogra_, and cloud instances15:47
beunowhich is a pretty big market  :)15:47
kyrofaogra_, indeed, let me know if you need someone to give it a test drive and I can ping them15:47
ogra_beuno, thats curious ... assuming the underlying HW is most likely 64bit i wonder what that gains you ?15:48
ogra_slightly less ram use due to smaller binaries  ?15:49
jdstrandogra_, xnox: fyi, I administer a few actual 32 bit boxes. I'm asking cause one would be neat for snappy and it is not ancient (only a few years old)15:59
=== kenvandine__ is now known as kenvandine
kyrofaopny, any chance you could share the YAML that opened too many file descriptors?16:03
kyrofaopny, I need a test case and the one I thought I had isn't breaking (hate it when things don't break correctly)16:04
opnykyrofa, sure16:05
opnykyrofa, here it is https://github.com/muka/rethinkdb.snap/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml16:07
kyrofaopny, excellent, thank you!16:08
opnykyrofa, has gone broken after adding build-packages list16:08
kyrofaopny, but there's no build-packages in here16:08
opnykyrofa, sorry I pushed my current stuff16:11
kyrofaopny, I need stuff that makes snapcraft barf. Maybe push into a temporary branch?16:12
opnykyrofa, here it is16:12
opnykyrofa, in master, it's broken anyway16:12
kyrofaopny, oh, I misunderstood-- I thought you said adding the build-packages made it break16:13
kyrofaopny, so what you gave me should fail?16:13
kyrofaopny, I'll give it a shot16:13
opnykyrofa, I moved from stage-* to prod-* and python error popped out16:14
opnykyrofa, Maybe I've used the wrong syntax?16:15
kyrofaopny, prod-*? you mean build-*?16:16
opnykyrofa, yes sorry...16:17
kyrofaopny, that makes sense-- build-packages aren't installed the same way, so that should "fix" the fd leak16:17
kyrofaopny, you understand the difference between stage- and build-packages?16:19
opnykyrofa, not sure, they are 2 different phases and in stage I can hack stuff... right?16:20
kyrofaopny, not quite-- check this out: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/1.x/docs/snapcraft-syntax.md16:21
kyrofaopny, stage-packages get staged and end up in the final .snap. build-packages actually get installed on the host16:21
kyrofaopny, so for example, if you wanted to keep your snap as thin as possible, have the -dev packages as build-packages, and runtime-only packages as stage-packages16:22
kyrofaopny, what version of Ubuntu are you using to run Snapcraft?16:24
opnykyrofa, I'm on 14.04 and used snapcraft 1.0.1. Now I'm trying to jump to 2.x with no luck..16:27
kyrofaopny, hmm... I'm getting 404s when trying to get the packages16:27
opnykyrofa, the docs on github are far more clear than on the ubuntu website16:27
opnykyrofa, I messed badly on that..16:28
kyrofaopny, dholbach has been working on making them autosync16:28
dholbachkyrofa: we're still struggling with the deployment :-(16:28
dholbachwe're still very close16:29
kyrofadholbach, so close! That's alright, we'll get there :)16:29
opnykyrofa, dholbach formatting seems still a bit incoherent16:29
kyrofaopny, formatting of the github docs?16:29
opnykyrofa, no on github is pretty structured. (This is the source of my snap https://www.rethinkdb.com/docs/install/ubuntu/#get-the-build-dependencies)16:30
opnykyrofa, actually on ubuntu ws is pretty fine either (https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/snapcraft-syntax/). It's almost a RTFM problem :)16:32
opnykyrofa, may I ask you how to get snapcraft 2.x ? I've tried from git / python setup.sh but error arise after install16:33
kyrofaopny, it only works on xenial16:33
opnykyrofa, it's ok for me, would like to get the most up to date stuff to work on16:34
kyrofaopny, it's easy then-- install xenial and `apt-get install snapcraft`16:34
opnyopny, oh.. you mean I must run xenial not "snappy xenial"16:35
opnykyrofa, oh.. you mean I must run xenial not "snappy xenial"16:36
kyrofaopny, right16:36
ogra_you can run snappy xenial and use the classic dimension though16:36
kyrofaopny, both ways-- it only runs on xenial and it only builds packages for xenial16:36
kyrofaopny, what ogra_ says is true as well16:36
ogra_saves you from having to copy around your snaps and gets you the proper build for the architecture you  work on16:37
opnykyrofa, ogra_ is it too early to try to install on my work pc (currently I'm stuck on 14.04 due to deps, will weep and move to 15.10 in the weekend )?16:37
kyrofaopny, you can always put it in virtualbox16:38
kyrofa(or similar)16:38
opnykyrofa, ok, it is how I run snappy xenial. I'll keep it this way, so. Thank you!16:38
sergiusenselopio, look at these https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/s390x/s/snapcraft/20160203_155457@/log.gz16:41
sergiusenselopio, those are first time issues16:41
sergiusenselopio, of course, new arch ;-)16:41
sergiusenselopio, "s390x is not supported, please log a bug athttps://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft"16:42
sergiusenselopio, yay, I have a bug in my "report a bug message" :-P16:42
elopiosudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified16:43
jdstrandmvo: so.. weird. I now see hello-world.canonical on a 15.04 bbb and a 15.04 amd64 vm 'upgrading' to 1.0.18 again16:43
elopioI'm getting the same on the lxd runs.16:43
sergiusenselopio, yeah, that too...16:43
jdstrandmvo: this time, snappy list -u shows them as upgradable16:43
elopiosergiusens: lol.16:43
jdstrandmvo: note, that it stopped for a while yesterday. today it started 43 minutes ago16:44
jdstrandmatiasb: ^16:44
mvojdstrand: woah, no I need to check that on my bbb16:44
mvojdstrand: but dinner first16:44
mvojdstrand: fwiw, a i386 all-snap image is up now too16:44
matiasbjdstrand, so, you have hello-world 1.0.18 installed, and it is trying to install it again?16:45
kyrofaniemeyer, hey have you had a chance to go over that launching document?16:47
jdstrandmvo: re i386> woo! :)16:48
jdstrandmatiasb: precisely16:48
jdstrand$ sudo snappy list -u16:48
jdstrandName          Date       Version16:48
jdstrandhello-world*  2015-06-19 1.0.1816:48
jdstrandFeb  3 10:00:21 cho systemd[1]: Started Ubuntu Core Snappy Autopilot.16:49
jdstrandFeb  3 10:00:21 cho systemd[1]: Starting Ubuntu Core Snappy Autopilot...16:49
jdstrandFeb  3 10:00:35 cho kernel: [1239804.724808] audit: type=1400 audit(1454515235.320:159): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" profile="unconfined" name="hello-world.canonical_usehw_1.0.18" pid=1234 comm="apparmor_parser"16:49
jdstrandFeb  3 10:00:40 cho snappy[1165]: Name        Date       Version Developer16:49
jdstrandFeb  3 10:00:40 cho snappy[1165]: hello-world 2015-06-19 1.0.18  canonical16:49
jdstrandmatiasb: snappy list -u output and syslog output16:49
matiasbjdstrand, ack... that's weird, wondering how the update code decides it should update16:50
jdstrandmatiasb: the profile loads and the final to lines show it is installing16:50
jdstrandyeah, not sure16:50
jdstrandI find it particularly curious that it did it for several hours, then didn't, then is again16:50
jdstrand(ie, yesterday, not last night, and just now)16:51
matiasbyeah, that's really odd too16:51
mvomatiasb: it uses the click-metadata endpoint and posts what it has to it16:55
jdstrandChipaca: hey, I just updated an allsnaps vm. snappy list doesn't show anything, even with -v. I expected the kernel, os and gadget snaps to be listed...16:55
matiasbmvo, can you confirm you are passing the right arch/release headers when checking for updates? (since now we can return different values in those cases)16:55
mvojdstrand: uh, what image is that that does not show anything?16:55
jdstrandmvo: amd6416:55
sergiusenselopio, not sure if you are still bored with no tasks, but maybe you can run the snapcraft suite against the recently announced image ;-)16:56
jdstrandmvo: Reboot to use ubuntu-core version 16.04.0-5.16:56
jdstrandReboot to use canonical-pc-linux version 4.3.0-2-3.16:56
kyrofasergiusens, are hyphens not allowed in the version?16:56
mvojdstrand: oh, you upgraded from an older all-snaps image to the latest?16:56
jdstrandafter reboot, I don't see anything16:56
sergiusenskyrofa, they should be16:56
kyrofasergiusens, ah okay16:56
jdstrandmvo: well, older-- I mean, it isn't terribly old16:56
mvojdstrand: is it more than a day old ;) ?16:56
sergiusenskyrofa, schema/snapcraft.yaml has the correct things16:56
mvojdstrand: if so, its old :P16:57
elopiosergiusens: no bored at all now. But that's just a command.16:57
jdstrandit is more than 1 day old :)16:57
mvojdstrand: but seriously, there are some compatiblity issues because of the snap.yaml transition16:57
jdstrandok, let me just nuke that and create a new one16:57
mvojdstrand: I *think* some of this can be fixed, I need to look into the details in the morning16:57
jdstrandno worries. just wanted to make sure it was expected16:57
mvojdstrand: I have not fully investigated what it takes16:57
mvomatiasb: I will have to debug this by creating the right image etc, probably tomorrow morning16:59
matiasbmvo, ack, let me know; I guess a possible confusion may be that if the headers are missing, we are returning there is an update (latest published revision), but then when requesting the package details passing the right headers, the latest available version for your config is returned (being the same you have already installed)17:00
jdstranddidrocks: fyi, I updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/SnappyConfinement and it has a link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/SnappyConfinement/15.04. in the 16.04 doc cleanup, had some circular references (ie, snappy docs pointed to wiki and wiki pointd to snappy docs) for security-override17:02
jdstranddidrocks: I told pcoca I would fix the docs, but he is offline atm, so letting you know :)17:02
mvomatiasb: that sounds plausible, so we need to post to click-metadata "hello-world/edge" instead of "hello-world" ?17:03
mvomatiasb: hm, actually we are doing this17:03
* jdstrand notes that both images are ubuntu-core/15.04/stable17:04
jdstrandmvo: ^17:04
mvojdstrand: \o/17:05
mvojdstrand: that might be it17:05
matiasbmvo, you should pass the release and arch headers to click-metadata, to get the right latest version available for those arch/release, besides channel17:06
sergiusensmvo, you joining the ho?17:06
plarsmvo: no dragonboard image for the new release?17:07
mvosergiusens: what HO?17:07
didrocksjdstrand: excellent! Thanks a bunch :)17:07
sergiusensmvo, the one david setup up17:07
mvomatiasb: the code says we are doing this17:07
matiasbmvo, ok, if that's the case, the issue is something else then17:10
sergiusenselopio, seems there are still issues http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml#pkg-snapcraft17:14
kyrofasergiusens, take a look at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/291 when you have a sec? The backport wasn't quite as clean as I'd hoped, so I'd like a double-check17:19
niemeyerkyrofa: I haven't, sorry.. I'll try to get to it before the end of my day tomorrow the latest17:21
niemeyerkyrofa: With some chance of getting it done today still17:21
niemeyerkyrofa: Sorry I didn't get to it before17:21
kyrofaniemeyer, oh that's alright :) . Just a bug that keeps biting me!17:22
jdstrandChipaca: fyi, latest allsnaps image I tried to configure timeezone and have: $ sudo snappy config ubuntu-core /tmp/c17:23
jdstrandunable to create /etc/localtime: open /etc/localtime: read-only file system17:23
jdstrandChipaca: known? should I file a bug?17:23
Chipacajdstrand, buuuuuuug17:23
* jdstrand files17:23
ogra_i think we have one for that17:25
* ogra_ goes digging17:25
jdstrandogra_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/154152117:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1541521 in Snappy "latest all snaps image does not allow configuring timezone" [Undecided,New]17:25
jdstrandogra_: I just filed that17:26
ogra_yeah, the bug i remembered was for /etc/timezone17:27
* ogra_ adds a livecd-rootfs task17:27
jdstrandogra_: I don't suppose you'd be interested in fixing bug #1504657 and bug #1504645 while you are at it?17:29
ubottubug 1504657 in ubuntu-core-config (Ubuntu) "ntp servers should be configurable on snappy" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150465717:29
ubottubug 1504645 in ubuntu-core-config (Ubuntu) "please add syslog support to snappy config ubuntu-core" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150464517:29
ogra_jdstrand, i totally am but i have some more importanmt tasks atm ... they are on my list to fix before 16.04 in any case17:30
ogra_hmm,. i havent seen the last one yet17:30
ogra_oh, i have :P17:30
jdstrandogra_: thanks17:31
kyrofasergiusens, elopio what's wrong with my migration skill here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14868652/17:36
kyrofaIt doesn't like my security-policy17:36
sergiusenskyrofa, nothing from what I see, but maybe this is more of a zyga question17:37
kyrofasergiusens, I get a snapcraft error on it though17:37
kyrofasergiusens, hold on17:37
sergiusensoh, then it is probably a bug :-/17:37
* sergiusens is always confused on override, template and policy17:38
kyrofasergiusens, a json exception: "{'security-policy': {'apparmor': 'path/apparmor', 'seccomp': 'path/seccomp'}, 'type': 'migration-skill'} is not valid under any of the given schemas"17:38
kyrofasergiusens, but the json schema looked okay to me17:38
sergiusenskyrofa, hmm, that is unit tested17:39
kyrofasergiusens, this is actually in another unit test. Let me push real quick and show you what's really going on17:39
sergiusenskyrofa, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/snapcraft/tests/test_yaml.py#L71617:40
kyrofasergiusens, yeah I saw that one, which doesn't help my confusion17:40
kyrofasergiusens, the test is still in development, but here: https://github.com/kyrofa/snapcraft/blob/bugfix/1524663/better_yaml_errors/snapcraft/tests/test_yaml.py#L33517:41
kyrofaThe SnapcraftSchemaError that's raised contains the error I pasted17:41
sergiusenskyrofa, oh, remove mock_path_exists.return_value = False17:42
sergiusenskyrofa, or change it to true17:42
sergiusenskyrofa, this is what hits you https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/snapcraft/yaml.py#L3917:43
kyrofasergiusens, that's actually what's under test here17:43
kyrofasergiusens, so that's the error I get from that? Sheesh!17:43
kyrofasergiusens, that's part of what I'm fixing, I just expected a different error I guess17:44
kyrofasergiusens, yeah you're right17:44
kyrofasergiusens, okay good, sorry about that. The test was failing for the reasons I expected, just not the _way_ I expected17:44
kyrofasergiusens, thanks for the help!17:44
didrockskyrofa: hey, we can't find your owncloud snap for 15.04 (which is without docker), are we missing something?17:47
didrocksor it's not in the store and hidden in a git repo? :p17:47
kyrofadidrocks, no it should be there17:47
ogra_jdstrand, hmm, looking at the localtime issue thats actually caused by mvo's changes ... i'll see what i can do though17:47
didrockskyrofa: mind giving it a snappy search owncloud? (we only find the docker version there)17:47
ogra_seems /etc/writable now lives inside the squashfs17:47
kyrofadidrocks, for armhf it's `owncloud.kyrofa`, and amd64 it's `owncloud-amd64.kyrofa`17:47
kyrofadidrocks, though multi-arch uploads were enabled yesterday, I'm actually working on making them both owncloud.kyrofa right now17:48
ogra_kyrofa, does that still use docker ?17:48
kyrofaogra_, no17:48
ogra_didrocks, note that docker snaps need docker installed first to even show you snaps using docker in snappy search17:48
didrockskyrofa: on pedro's box, it can't find it, weirdly17:48
sergiusenskyrofa, np17:48
ogra_ah, then nevermind17:48
didrocksogra_: yeah, we are trying the docker-less flavor17:48
sergiusensdidrocks, store has gone bonkers this week17:48
ogra_didrocks, right, that should just show up17:49
kyrofadidrocks, checking here, one moment17:49
didrocksah… that might be it17:49
didrocksyeah, double confirmation will never hurt :)17:49
kyrofadidrocks, huh, yeah I'm seeing that too17:50
sergiusensdidrocks, https://uappexplorer.com/app/owncloud.kyrofa  https://uappexplorer.com/app/owncloud-amd64.kyrofa17:50
sergiusensmatiasb, ^ 15.04; didrocks needs help17:50
kyrofadidrocks, yeah myapps says it's published and stuff17:50
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ snappy search owncloud17:50
ogra_Get https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/search?fields=alias%2Canon_download_url%2Cchannel%2Cdownload_sha512%2Cdescription%2Cbinary_filesize%2Cdownload_url%2Cicon_url%2Clast_updated%2Cpackage_name%2Corigin%2Cprices%2Cpublisher%2Cratings_average%2Crevision%2Csupport_url%2Ctitle%2Ccontent%2Cversion&q=owncloud: dial tcp: lookup search.apps.ubuntu.com on [::1]:53: read udp [::1]:57121->[::1]:53: read: connection refused17:50
ogra_WOAH !17:50
kyrofaogra_, oops...17:50
didrocksah, we didn't get that :)17:50
ogra_thats a board with no network ...17:50
didrockswe just got no output17:50
kyrofaogra_, hahaha17:50
ogra_we really need to improve the error message ;)17:50
didrocksand the board has network here :p17:50
kyrofadidrocks, yeah no output here either17:51
didrockswe can find and install the docker version17:51
didrockskyrofa: ah, we are not that crazy :)17:51
didrockseven snappy install fails17:51
kyrofadidrocks, must be store side17:51
didrocksyeah… so, it's in the store, but… cannot be downloaded17:51
kyrofadidrocks, apparently :P17:51
kyrofadidrocks, curl https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/package/owncloud.kyrofa17:52
didrocksthanks for confirming sergiusens, kyrofa, ogra_ :)17:52
didrocksoh good17:52
didrockslet's do that17:52
* didrocks notes that down for later17:52
kyrofadidrocks, err, owncloud-amd64.kyrofa17:52
didrocksyeah, got it :)17:52
kyrofadidrocks, sorry for the troubles!17:53
didrocksno worry, and not your fault! ;-)17:53
* ogra_ files bug 154153017:54
ubottubug 1541530 in Snappy "the error message for not network connected devices when using snappy search is awkward" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154153017:54
* jdstrand hrms at https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/154152917:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1541529 in goget-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "can no longer create 15.04 ubuntu-core stable kvm images with ubuntu-device-flash" [Undecided,New]17:55
sergiusensjdstrand, that's a bug for mvo ;-)17:56
ogra_jdstrand, works here when attaching --oem=generic-amd6417:56
jdstrandDetermining oem configuration17:56
jdstrandStarting download of generic-amd6417:56
jdstrandit seems to have found it17:57
ogra_hmm, yeah, works even without it17:57
ogra_i'm on trusty using the xenial u-d-f though17:58
jdstrandI'm on xenial, trying xenial's and wily's udf17:58
ogra_so probably something with the surrounding tools like kpartx17:59
didrockskyrofa: ok, we got it installed. Did you try to add more apps, like calendar and such?18:00
didrockskyrofa: it seems that it doesn't find anything that isn't installed by default18:00
kyrofadidrocks, hmm, no, but I'll look into it!18:01
jdstrandogra_: plausible: kernel: [ 956.113096] device-mapper: table: 252:0: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed18:01
didrockskyrofa: great! :-)18:01
kyrofadidrocks, it was a little interesting getting ownCloud confined while still allowing for apps to be installed and config changed, so I may have missed something there18:02
jdstrandogra_: downgraded kpartx and it worked fine18:03
didrockskyrofa: yeah, I wonder what's up. It seems that we can't find any apps that aren't enabled18:03
didrocksso I guess some networking cap?18:03
ogra_jdstrand, i blame xnox ... he secretly snaks in that s390 code everywhere in xenial ;)18:03
kyrofadidrocks, except that you're able to reach it18:04
didrockskyrofa: yeah, so it acts as a server, maybe not as a client?18:04
didrockslet's look at denials from apparmor18:04
kyrofadidrocks, ah, interesting theory18:04
kyrofadidrocks, yeah let me know! That would be an easy fix indeed18:04
jdstrandhmm, seems I didn't have the latest kpartx from xenial18:05
* jdstrand tries again with ubuntu1218:05
coretex__hello. what is this? https://uappexplorer.com/app/canonical-i386.canonical18:06
coretex__This package contains a simple gadget snap for i386 systems18:06
coretex__what's a snappy gadget?18:06
ogra_it is the gadget for building i386 images18:06
ogra_a gadget is a snap that describes your device18:07
coretex__oh :D i see18:07
ogra_and defines what kenrel is used etc18:07
jdstrandmeh, ubuntu10 (what I had) was bad, ubuntu12 is fine18:07
ogra_heh, fun18:07
jdstrandstupid out of date mirror18:07
didrockskyrofa: nothing network-related, just spawning access to /usr/sbin and /usr/bin18:08
kyrofadidrocks, darn18:08
didrocksoh wait one sec18:08
didrocksone complain about not having "network-admin"18:08
xnoxogra_, no clue mate. what's s390? i don't touch that acient 31-bit port, i touch s390x only ;-)18:08
ogra_is the X meaning four wheel drive ? (like BMW )18:09
didrockskyrofa: maybe that's it? Would worth a try18:09
didrockskyrofa: I'm wondering btw how you get access to the network, there is no network-service caps18:11
kyrofadidrocks, you get network-listener by default in 15.0418:11
didrocksah, that makes sense!18:11
kyrofadidrocks, I believe that encompasses the server permissions that are broken out in 16.04 ( jdstrand would know better)18:11
kyrofadidrocks, when are you demoing this?18:12
didrockskyrofa: we want to demo it for mwc18:13
kyrofadidrocks, yeah, when is that?18:13
didrocks2 weeks and half?18:13
kyrofadidrocks, alright let me finish squashing some snapcraft bugs and I'll get it working. Does https://github.com/kyrofa/owncloud-snap/issues/10 seem to sum up the issue?18:14
kyrofadidrocks, if you notice any other issues please do let me know (or log them there) and I'll look into them as well18:15
jdstranddidrocks: the caps are all different in 15.04. install snappy-debug, then do: snappy-debug.security list -i18:16
jdstranddidrocks: network-client is added if you don't specify 'caps', otherwise, you need to use it or network-service18:16
didrockskyrofa: perfect, yeah :)18:17
didrocksjdstrand: ah great, thanks for the head's up18:17
kyrofadidrocks, I appreciate your giving it a spin18:17
jdstrandalso, the 16.04 ones are still in flux18:18
didrocksyw! thanks for looking at it :)18:18
didrocksjdstrand: yeah, for mwc, we are only focusing on 15.04 due to that (moving target)18:18
didrocksjdstrand: ok, so stupid quesiton (don't find any answer on the wiki), for the override-security, is this an addition to the apps security or do we have to copy the whole template?18:32
didrockssorry, found an example on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/SnappyConfinement/15.0418:32
didrocksI guess we have to reset the policy group, as caps would be ignored18:32
matiasbsergiusens, didrocks, still having issues with owncloud and 15.04? let me check18:41
kyrofamatiasb sounds like the framework issue18:41
didrocksmatiasb: yep18:41
matiasbkyrofa, hmm... that's supposed to be fixed18:42
kyrofamatiasb, i.e. the fix to https://bugs.launchpad.net/click-package-index/+bug/154040918:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1540409 in Click Package Index "Snappy packages show as available to install on the Ubuntu Phone" [High,Fix released]18:42
kyrofamatiasb, it's the side effect of that fix18:42
matiasbnessita, fyi ^?18:42
kyrofamatiasb, sounds like snappy needs to use slightly different search params18:42
nessitakyrofa, would you please summarize the issue? is not clear to me from the backlog18:43
matiasbkyrofa, didrocks, so the issue is that owncloud can't be found in 15.04?18:43
kyrofanessita, fabian sent out an email yesterday warning of this-- I think you received it as well?18:44
nessitakyrofa, yes, I did, but as far as I know snappy CLI would remove the framework on searches, for 16.04 and that solves "all issues"18:45
nessitakyrofa, so I'm not sure what this specific issue is18:45
nessitakyrofa, and for 15.04 the snappy search would behave just like before and will find all packages with framework 15.0418:46
nessitawe assume snaps for 15.04 will declare the 15.04 framework in the manifest.json (deprecated in 16.04, but required for 15.04) file18:47
kyrofanessita, hmm... I thought the problem was that the snap wasn't declaring a framework dependency anymore18:49
kyrofanessita, which was why it was showing up on the phone18:50
beunokyrofa, well, 16.04 isn't18:50
beuno15.04 is still?18:50
kyrofabeuno, I'm checking now18:51
nessitakyrofa, so the *snap* for 16.04 does not need to declare a framework, the snap for 15.04 has to declare the "classic" framework18:51
nessitaa snap for 16.04 *could* declare a framework and that will (should) not break anything18:51
kyrofanessita, the package that caused bug #1540409 to be logged was built for 15.04. I just checked the manifest, and it does actually have framework: ubuntu-core-15.04-dev118:53
ubottubug 1540409 in Click Package Index "Snappy packages show as available to install on the Ubuntu Phone" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154040918:54
kyrofanessita, which means the description isn't quite right18:54
kyrofanessita, it also means now I'm confused what the problem was, and what the problem is now :P18:54
matiasbdidrocks, maybe you can make it clear what's the issue you are having?18:55
kyrofamatiasb, the symptoms of the problem now is that `snappy search owncloud` returns nothing18:56
beunokyrofa, and you have docker installed?18:57
kyrofamatiasb, similarly, `snappy install owncloud-amd64.kyrofa` returns "package not found"18:57
kyrofabeuno, this one doesn't require docker18:57
didrocksI guess kyrofa summed it up well :)18:57
matiasbkyrofa, and this is for which arch/release configuration?18:57
matiasbdidrocks, ^18:57
beunokyrofa, and you are on amd64, right?18:57
kyrofamatiasb, amd64, 15.0418:57
kyrofabeuno, promise!18:57
didrocksyeah, can be easily confirmed in a vm18:58
matiasbkyrofa, fwiw, I just did a search using the arch:amd64 + framework:15.04-core and I'm getting the result there: owncloud-amd64.kyrofa18:59
kyrofamatiasb, using the snappy tool?19:02
matiasbkyrofa, https://pastebin.canonical.com/149070/19:02
matiasbkyrofa, using the search API ^19:02
kyrofamatiasb, yeah curl works fine-- it's definitely in the store19:02
kyrofamatiasb, but all of a sudden hidden from snappy19:02
kyrofamatiasb, worked fine last time I tried... maybe two days ago19:02
matiasbkyrofa, ok... if I explicitly pass the framework, I don't see any results19:04
matiasbkyrofa, so this may be related to the bug you mentioned before <- nessita, fyi (not sure if the above is the expected behaviour)19:05
elopiosergiusens: kyrofa: can you make sense of this one? https://paste.ubuntu.com/14870696/19:08
kyrofaelopio, sorry I can't scroll that far to the right19:09
kyrofaelopio, in all seriousness, no clue19:09
elopiooh wait, I got this. It happened last week.19:10
elopioif only I had good memory...19:10
elopioah, update-ca-certificates19:12
matiasbkyrofa, didrocks, ok, can you try again? it seems that the amd64 binary didn't have a framework set, so 15.04 will never find it19:12
kyrofamatiasb, hey, there it is!19:13
kyrofamatiasb, so wait... what did you do exactly?19:13
matiasbso, yes, it was related to the bug above19:13
matiasbkyrofa, that particular version for amd64 didn't have a framework set19:13
matiasbkyrofa, since 15.04 is searching passing the framework, the package coudn't be found19:14
kyrofamatiasb, ah, the version is messed up though-- that's a super old version19:14
kyrofamatiasb, owncloud.kyrofa should be at kyrofa5 and be armhf19:14
kyrofamatiasb, owncloud-amd64.kyrofa should also be kyrofa5 and be amd6419:14
matiasbkyrofa, ah, also there is that, there are 2 owncloud packages19:14
matiasbkyrofa, so let me check the other one, owncloud-amd6419:15
matiasbkyrofa, ok, I see, we have the same issue with this one, let me set the framework; also, not sure what you want to do with the previous one?19:16
kyrofamatiasb, I'm not sure I undersand. Previous one?19:17
matiasbkyrofa, there are 2 diff owncloud packages; I fixed one (owncloud.kyrofa), the one appears in searches now, and I'm fixing the other (owncloud-amd64.kyrofa)19:18
kyrofamatiasb, they're both valid, they predate the multi-arch support19:19
matiasbkyrofa, so now you should be having 2 results when searching19:19
noizerHi guys just got a little question19:19
noizeri got an issue with my c++ on snappy19:19
sergiusenselopio, network error maybe?19:19
noizerlocale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid19:19
noizerthats the error19:19
kyrofamatiasb, ahh, I'm seeing kyrofa1 because of the multiarch!19:20
matiasbkyrofa, right, but one uploaded binary from the owncloud.kyrofa package is for the amd64 arch too19:20
kyrofamatiasb, that's actually awesome19:20
elopiosergiusens: no, outdated certificates on the slave.19:20
kyrofamatiasb, yeah don't worry19:20
matiasbkyrofa, right! :)19:20
noizerbut it sais you need to export LC_ALL="en_US.utf-8"19:20
kyrofamatiasb, I'll upload a new one and unpublish amd6419:20
noizerbut does not work19:20
elopiosergiusens: that was the only error with the all snaps image. I still need to run more binaries, but looks good.19:20
matiasbkyrofa, sounds good, let me know if you need any help, I'll check with nessita and fabian about the issue, to confirm we are ok there19:20
kyrofamatiasb, okay so... I'm confused. Are we building the .snaps incorrectly?19:21
kyrofamatiasb, or is this still a store bug?19:21
sergiusensmatiasb, it really is only one result on clients as arch counts19:21
matiasbkyrofa, no, no, this is related to the fact that snaps are not having a framework set anymore, but 15.04 snappy is still sending it to filter searches in the store19:21
sergiusenselopio, nice work!19:21
kyrofamatiasb, okay good deal19:22
sergiusenselopio, yeah, network error includes certs :-P19:22
matiasbsergiusens, right, arch counts, but here we have 2 diff packages with published versions for amd6419:22
elopiosure :)19:22
sergiusensmatiasb, oh, ignore me then ;-)19:23
sergiusenselopio, I can't see the adt results for 2.1.1 anywhere; any direct link hidden anywhere?19:24
elopiosergiusens: it's running19:26
sergiusenselopio, ah, it wasn't on update excuses anymore19:27
sergiusensthese polling systems drive me nuts19:27
sergiusenselopio, wow this is slow :-P19:27
elopioit is, yes. So cool, all the dependencies running.19:28
kyrofadidrocks, heads up-- as soon as it finishes building owncloud-amd64 will be going away, to be replaced with owncloud.kyrofa for both armhf and amd6419:29
elopiosergiusens: one integration test left to fix. But what does it mean?19:29
sergiusenselopio, there are 11 errors though FAILED (failures=1, errors=11)19:29
elopiooh, and where are the logs for them :(19:30
sergiusenselopio, needs to finish building afaik19:31
didrockskyrofa: good! thanks for the head's up19:31
kyrofamatiasb, whatever you did, will it remain in effect when I upload new versions?19:33
matiasbkyrofa, unless you explicitly set the framework in your 15.04 package, yes (because while 15.04 snappy passes the framework filter in searches, packages without frameworks set will be excluded)19:35
kyrofamatiasb, okay yeah, I'm not doing anything with frameworks19:36
nessitasergiusens, mvo wanted to confirm that snaps for 15.04 are still being built in the "old way", where the deprecated framework value is always set19:51
renatHi! It's Renat again=)19:52
renatCurrently I'm unpacking squashfs and building a snap using snapcraft19:53
renatBut today saw somewhere that it's possible to create a squashfs snap19:53
renatWhere I can read about it?19:53
sergiusensnessita, they should be if on 15.04 and 14.0419:54
sergiusensnessita, only people on 16.04 can ONLY build for 16.04/devel19:54
sergiusensthe only problem would be someone not using snapcraft19:54
sergiusensgoing out of their way to do it19:55
sergiusensour 16.04 snaps don't work on 15.04 anyways; so it is fine if they don't show up ;-)19:55
kyrofarenat, yeah, Snapcraft 2 builds squashfs snaps19:55
kyrofarenat, but they're only compatible with Snappy 16.0419:55
renatIt it documented anywhere?19:56
nessitasergiusens, ack, thanks. I needed to confirm that 15.04 snaps (built with snapcraft) are always declaring the proper 15.04-dev1 framework19:56
renatSorry. Is it documented anywhere?19:56
kyrofarenat, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/tree/master/docs19:56
sergiusensdidrocks, still here? mind looking at http://paste.ubuntu.com/14871051/ ?19:58
renatkyrofa, thanks. Will try to find there19:59
didrockssergiusens: mind if I push it tomorrow morning (first thing)?20:00
sergiusensdidrocks, no worries, I have it locally already ;-)20:00
didrocksgood, will sponsor it after a quick review then!20:01
camakoMy snap is failing to build with the following output : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14871088/20:02
camakoThis is in a clean xenial container image that I installed today20:03
camakowith snapcraft 2.1.120:03
sergiusenscamako, try adding libc6-dev to our build-packages20:04
camakosergiuens, thanks20:04
kgunnsergiusens: so haven't had need to do look at help in a while...but snapcraft --help in a pretty clean lxc just gives20:08
kgunnguessing the "suggested" pkgs for snapcraft might solve this20:09
kyrofakgunn, how exactly did you make that lxc?20:09
kyrofakgunn, it's because you're missing locale, so it tries to use ascii20:10
kyrofakgunn, but I've had trouble duplicating so I haven't been able to fix20:10
kyrofakgunn, as for why help needs utf8, that's another problem20:11
kgunnkyrofa: from images.linuxcontainers.org20:11
kyrofakgunn, that's what lxd does, right?20:11
kgunnkyrofa: yeah, well...it's one way20:12
kgunnkyrofa: i originally learend/followed from20:12
kgunnsergiusens: did you write the cmake plugin?20:14
sergiusenskgunn, no, only improved it a bit for out of source builds20:14
kyrofakgunn, I think that was mterry20:15
mterrykgunn, heyo20:15
mterrykgunn, I don't know if it's still recognizable from my version, but shoot20:15
kgunnmterry: hey, so i've a belief, but camako makes me doubt... my belief is the the snapcraft cmake plugin doesn't magically take care of the fact your includes/libs your snap20:16
kgunnbuilds against are going to be local to your snap project20:16
kgunncmake is still thinking that by default stuff is installed on the host20:16
kgunn...so you gotta tinker with all the pathing20:17
kgunnbut camako says, no it should be magic20:17
mterrykgunn, I thought snapcraft set environment variables like CFLAGS or whatever that is magic20:17
mterrykgunn, yeah I think it's usually magic20:17
mterrykgunn, but I don't know how that magic works anymore  :-/20:17
kgunnmy experience has been far different...and i just thot it was "Expected of me"20:17
mterrykgunn, I think the magic is in snapcraft itself, not cmake20:18
mterrykgunn, *not the cmake plugin* that is20:18
mterrykgunn, well then maybe I'm just out of the loop these days20:18
kgunnaround last nov, i actually had a mir snap building mir from source and i had to do some major tinkering20:18
kgunnmterry: nothing wrong with being out of loop, but raises the question is it a bug?20:19
kgunnbut that's a question for sergiusens and others i suppose20:19
mterrykgunn, yeah I dunno intended behavior these days20:20
mterrykgunn, at the time, the intention was that it was magic I think, as long as the plugin could handle standard CFLAGS and such20:21
kyrofakgunn, indeed, CFLAGS should be set etc20:25
kyrofakgunn, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/snapcraft/yaml.py#L28020:26
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sergiusenskgunn, mterry the problem comes when using things like pkgconfig where you can only have one sysroot; I'm working on fixing that; I am also working on allowing to just use build-packages and really need stage-packages unless it is for a runtime/dlopen thing20:27
kyrofamatiasb, so I uploaded a new version and verified it via curl, but snappy search is still showing me kyrofa1 as the only option on amd6420:29
matiasbkyrofa, ack let me check, I guess you are missing the framework in this case too (you aren't using snapcraft for 15.04 to build the package, are you?)20:31
matiasbkyrofa, there, it should be set now20:32
kgunnsergiusens: ok, so at least i'm not crazy20:32
kyrofamatiasb, yes I'm using snapcraft for 15.04, and I verified the framework was set in the manifest20:32
matiasbkyrofa, hmm... that's weird then, because the uploaded version doesn't have a framework set20:33
kyrofamatiasb, here is the contents of DEBIAN/manifest of the exact package I uploaded: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14871277/20:34
sergiusensmatiasb, kyrofa so framework was never set in package.yaml; it was only ever set in the internal control part of the deb 'manifest'20:35
kyrofasergiusens, yeah... we much have been missing each other every time?20:35
sergiusenskyrofa, /me cannot parse20:36
nessitasergiusens, with that info, I see 2 options: on parse, we either always use manifest.json for 15.04 snaps, or package.yaml also includes the frameworks20:36
nessita(on the store side)20:36
matiasbI see...20:36
kyrofasergiusens, I mean we were all talking different things :P20:36
sergiusensnessita, it is not my call, I don't work on this, I just know how it works20:36
nessitasergiusens, oh, who works on this?20:37
sergiusensnessita, mvo, niemeyer and Chipaca ; we only started building snaps in snapcraft starting 2.0 for xenial20:38
nessitasergiusens, so what's the recommded path to build snaps for 15.04? so I review what we are producing with that20:38
kyrofadidrocks, owncloud-amd64 is no more20:39
sergiusensnessita, apt-add-repository ppa:snappy-dev/tools on 14.04 or 15.04 or 15.10 and install snappy-tools; then you can use snapcraft (which shells out to snappy) or snappy directly20:40
didrockskyrofa: \o/20:40
nessitasergiusens, right, my question is which is the recommended way to see if the framework is always set and in which file20:40
nessitaor, let me ask a different question:20:41
nessita* can we always expect a valid manifest.json on 15.04 snaps?20:41
sergiusensnessita, yes to manifest in 15.04 snaps20:47
sergiusensusing debclick and all that cruft20:48
elopiooh, sorry kyrofa. I totally ignored your migration-skills question20:51
elopiodid you get it working? Not that I know how to fix it, just feeling bad for not replying :)20:51
kyrofaelopio, yup, all good! Thanks though :)21:30
kyrofaelopio, turns out the gross "invalid schema" error I was getting was actually the one I wanted to fix. It was just worse than I thought it was21:30
awe__kyrofa, sergiusens, jdstrand, can someone give me a hand with 'migration-skill'? cutover for bluez?21:40
kgunnsergiusens: curious, do you have a bug for the find_package/sysroot issue with snapcraft?21:51
sergiusenskgunn, no; but if you create one it will move faster ;-)21:56
sergiusensworking on cleanbuild now21:56
kgunncamako: ^21:57
kgunncamako: we might wanna include what to mod on our branch to exhibit the issue (since we've got a temp w.a.)21:57
camakokgunn, gotcha.. creating now21:58
noizerhow can i execute this command22:03
noizerexport LC_ALL="en_US.utf-8"22:05
camakokgunn, https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/154162022:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1541620 in Snapcraft "snapcraft can't find modules installed under 'stage' dir" [Undecided,New]22:25
sergiusenscamako, kgunn that is weird, it pkg-config is indeed looking for things in stage_dir; can you please add the sources, this should just work22:58
camakosergiusens, sure23:00
elopioI'm going to leave earlier today to attend a class on kicad an pcbs. Telegram if you need me. BBL.23:21

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