chesedomorning africa05:04
Kiloshelloooo africa06:09
chesedohello o young one :P06:27
Kiloshi chesedo :d06:28
KilosQA hi06:30
KilosQA hi06:30
KilosQA QA hi06:31
CraigZimMorning Kilos and all07:36
Kiloshi CraigZim07:36
KilosQA tell zipper you may lurk here as well you know?07:50
QAKilos: Okay, I'll tell zipper on freenode07:50
Kiloshi Daisyab__11:33
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-africa11:33
Kilosanother cameroonian11:34
d3r1ckKilos: hi11:39
Kiloshi d3r1ck11:39
d3r1ckI am Alangi Derick, from Cameroon. I mised the meeting last time11:39
d3r1cki came late so when is the next meeting?11:39
d3r1ck*missed :)11:39
Kiloswe are trying to decide in the lists if we should make it quarterly or monthly11:40
d3r1ck+1 for quarterly :)11:40
Kilosi think so as well11:40
Kiloswont you just answer in the list11:41
Kiloswe need feedback there11:41
d3r1ckKilos: Link please11:41
Kilosoh havent you joined yet11:44
Kilosyou can join the list there11:44
d3r1ckOk, thanks11:45
d3r1ckKilos: I just joined :)11:46
Kilosd3r1ck did you join the mailing list near the bottom of that page11:50
Kilosmust be a subscribe button11:51
d3r1ckI have subscribed11:53
d3r1ckKilos: so which thread are my replying to ?11:55
Kilosnw one on its way now11:56
chesedoKilos: acetakwas wrote the blog post right?12:33
Kiloslong post12:42
Kilosnow to remember where12:42
chesedogreat just wanted to make sure... yes12:42
chesedojust read it12:43
Kilosits in the mail12:43
Kilosi tried the share thing12:44
chesedoacetakwas: great blog about the meeting... note, i was not suppose to create a blog post but a tweet post12:44
Kilosant the twitter thing i think12:44
QAKilos: Sorry...12:44
spottyKilos: What?12:44
chesedoant why do they respond?12:44
QAchesedo: If you say so12:44
spottychesedo: I'll remember that12:44
chesedooh no12:45
Kilosant why12:45
QAKilos: why do they respond?12:45
spottyKilos: why do they respond?12:45
Kiloswonder where the ant fits in12:45
chesedoant the12:45
QAchesedo: Huh?12:45
spottychesedo: *blink*12:45
chesedofor antwoord maybe12:46
Kilosno they in english12:46
Kilosand both do it12:46
Kilosmust be an ibid thing12:46
chesedoant website - http://ubuntu-africa.info/12:47
QAchesedo: *blink*12:47
spottychesedo: That didn't go down very well. Burp.12:47
Kilosant do12:47
QAKilos: Excuse me?12:47
spottyKilos: *blink*12:47
Kilosant make12:47
QAKilos: What?12:47
spottyKilos: Excuse me?12:47
chesedoKilos: try more than one word12:48
chesedoant make coffee12:48
QAchesedo: Excuse me?12:48
spottychesedo: *blink*12:48
chesedoant make coffee?12:48
QAchesedo: *blink*12:48
spottychesedo: *blink*12:48
Kilosant do it12:48
QAKilos: Huh?12:48
spottyKilos: Excuse me?12:48
chesedowhy must be special12:48
KilosQA why12:48
QAKilos: why do they respond?12:48
Kilosyip in the programming12:49
chesedobots why12:49
chesedobot why12:49
QAchesedo: why do they respond?12:49
spottychesedo: why do they respond?12:49
Kilosbot hello12:49
QAhoe gaan dit12:49
chesedoit is a synonym for bot12:49
Kilosbot attention12:50
QAKilos: What?12:50
spottyKilos: Huh?12:50
Kilosbot shup12:51
QAShup yourself Oh noisy one12:51
spottyKilos: *blink*12:51
acetakwaschesedo::  Oh sorry. I made the correction13:12
chesedoThe launchpad list's reply replies to the user and not the list... or is it just me13:14
chesedoacetakwas: np13:15
acetakwaschesedo::  Yes it is. Affected my last mail too. :(13:29
Kilos-hi acetakwas ongolaBoy MarwenDo Na3iL elacheche d4rk-5c0rp cbj Bilel_mk14:51
Kilos-nice to see some action in the list14:51
Na3iLHey Kilos- yep me too :D14:52
Kilos-so far looks like peeps are happy with 1/4ly14:52
Bilel_mkhey Kilos hey everyone !14:52
Kilos-so that will take us to 26th march14:53
Kilos-oh no14:54
Kilos-27th april14:55
Na3iLYep 27th april will be amazing14:58
Na3iLhey Bilel_mk14:58
Bilel_mkHey Na3iL15:05
Kilos-seems like tunisia is feeling threatened with all the cameroon peeps at the meeting. hope it pulls you all to the next meeting15:06
Kilos-go africa15:06
d4rk-5c0rphey Kilos- :)15:10
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilosi see we are a sub team of Verified Loco Teams15:55
Kilosso elacheche how does one explain that16:03
elachecheKilos, ask wxl he's a LoCo Team Board member :)16:04
Kilosnono just now they ban us man16:04
Kilosbut its good to know we are recognised as verified even though we are too far apart to be a loco16:05
Kilosoh elacheche its via morocco team16:24
Kilosi was getting worried about having to verify every 2 years16:25
MarwenDohi Kilos17:29
MarwenDosorry i was busy17:29
Kiloshi MarwenDo np17:29

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