balloonsahayzen, it's on for everything again -- should be. It however DOES NOT run if you top-approve00:56
balloonsso do so carefully00:56
balloonsahayzen, oh bother, I see.. I merged clock, heh00:57
ahayzenballoons, yeah :-) that's why i was asking01:11
balloonsDo forgive me. Trying to land all the things03:03
ahayzenballoons, no worries, we like things landing :-)03:42
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DanChapmandpm, hey! sorry for late response, was my birthday yesterday so was afk. The messaging menu and bubble notifications also work on unity8 if run unconfined. The updating of the launcher count was the only special-casing as the api's are different07:55
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday and happy Carrot Cake Day! 😃09:31
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dpmDanChapman, happy belated birthday :)10:53
dpmDanChapman, re: dekko notifications, thanks for the info!10:54
dpmI filed a bunch of Dekko bugs earlier in the week, but a few have disappeared after I tried someone's suggestion of removing all traces of Dekko and reinstalling10:54
DanChapmandpm, thanks! :-) Yeah I think that's probably why I missed the issue in my testing before the release as I regularly end up wiping those directories. I've been trying to figure it out this morning, no luck so far11:01
tsouzahello all, trying to run latest snappy stable through vagrant. The VM won't boot, it keeps rebooting really fast (can not see the console output), any clue anyone?11:14
dpmDanChapman, perhaps an issue with migration from 0.5 to 0.6? Although I had even earlier versions installed. In any case, seems to be working fine now11:18
dpmtsouza, you might want to ask on the #snappy channel if you don't get an answer here11:18
tsouza_ah great! tnx for the tip11:20
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faenilahayzen: hey :) I was told you already received the designs for the multipanel music-app, but they're going to send them again ;)15:42
ahayzenfaenil, yeah, we have been sent an image of the designs. I have replied with a few questions and already got responses. It is next on our list todo.15:42
faenilahayzen: cool!15:43
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mhall119bzoltan_: can you help with http://askubuntu.com/questions/729233/could-not-find-or-load-the-qt-platform-plugin-xcb-in-ubuntu-sdk#new-answer20:29
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mrqtrosalecu ping21:25
mrqtrosDoes anyone know how to share with something from Scope?21:32
ahoneybunballoons, around?21:43
balloonsahoneybun, indeed21:44
ahoneybunI'm trying to use trailingactions in ListItem but it is giving me an error21:44
ahoneybunNamespace ListItem cannot be used as a type21:44
ahoneybunany idea balloons ?21:50
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balloonsahoneybun, sorry I missed your reply here23:22
balloonsahoneybun, that said, I'm not sure offhand23:22

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