dholbachgood morning08:35
popeyGood morning Mr Holbach!08:36
popeyLeft in a bit of a hurry yesterday, wanted to say that I enjoyed our Q&A yesterday.08:36
MooDoooh bloomin eck was that streamed, I knew there was something i wanted to watch08:37
dholbachpopey: yes, same here :)08:38
dholbachit was good fun :)08:39
davidcalleMorning o/08:55
czajkowskihows everyone?10:00
czajkowskinice to see so many canonical folks at FOSDEM10:00
MooDoohowdy czajkowski10:01
popeymhall119, looks like that selfie button might get support at some point :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camera-app/+bug/145172411:06
dholbachdpm: as there were no objections, I announced the UOS dates (3-5 May) - I guess we should start planning in about 4-6 weeks?11:18
dpmthanks for taking care of it dholbach11:19
dpmdholbach, popey, mhall119, davidcalle, balloons, I've been thinking of next year's focus as we discussed recently. One of the things that I've had in my mind has been to review the way and tools we use for communication. I think it might be worth revisiting things like how we use the Fridge (and the fact that the site is in need of an update), the community site and IRC11:57
dpmin particular now that more folks are using Telegram, and creating new groups there11:57
dholbachnice one11:57
dholbachmight be a good topic for UOS as well11:57
dholbachit'll be hard though to make the discussion focused and less about one's personal gripes with tool X :)11:58
dholbachbut still a very useful discussion, yes11:58
dpmAs much as I love IRC, the recent discussions about communication tools in the snappy team have made me think we should look at other ways that might be just as open but friendlier to new contributors for whom IRC might be a hurdle to join11:59
dpmI know some folks love slack, but I'd rather not go down that route, and propose a trial of an open source tool such as mattermost12:01
dholbachthat reminds me... I still need to write that doc12:01
dholbachI'll do this right after lunch12:01
svijthat's an interesting topic12:07
dpmhi svij, how are you doing?12:08
svijI'm fine, I think I'm over my jetlag! and you? :)12:08
dpmgrett blog post on UbuCon, btw! :)12:08
dpmor rather *great :)12:08
dpmI think I'm over it, yeah, this time it really caught me12:08
svijWell, I came back on saturday12:09
dpmdid you enjoy San Francisco?12:09
svijyeah, cm-t and I walked *a lot*12:10
svij(like >15km a day)12:10
dpmoh, wow!12:10
dpmsvij, on another topic, now that UbuCon Summit is over (and we're starting to plan the next one :), we should start getting together for UbuCon Europe planning12:12
svijbtw UbuCon Blog posts: Am I the only one, who didn't see/read any UbuCon blog posts except that from pleia2?12:12
svijdpm: yeah12:12
dpmI've not seen other ones either, but I know some folks are drafting posts12:13
svijdpm: I wanted to do some brainstorming about the content of the website on the weekend. maybe we should do an meeting afterwards?12:13
svijbut I prefer next month… two exams and my book deadline coming up this month :/12:15
* dholbach relocates to the office, bbiab12:17
dpmsvij, of course, whenever you've got time. But I think we should start doing some planning during that time, as the UbuCon date is coming close. Maybe we can meet with SturmFlut or other organizers, or help with preparing something else in the meantime?12:18
svijdpm: well only a meeting is fine in the next week, can't do much above that12:19
svijalso we must think of ubucontest 2.012:19
svijbut I think we have two new people for organising ubucontest12:21
* svij asks them12:21
dpmsvij, yeah, I'm just thinking of what we can do to help in the time you're busy with other stuff, so that others can chip in12:21
svijwell pretty important are sponsors, to reduce the price of 25€ per person per day12:22
svijbut searching for sponsors without a proper website is not that ideal12:23
dpmsvij, yeah, but before contacting sponsors we need the outline of the event, talks, etc. I think that should be the first step. As per the website, as I said before, I'd recommend using ubucon.org, which is already set up and UbuCon organizers have full access to12:25
svijyes, I talked about the ubucon.org website recently with popey and dholbach in our telegram group. I'll choose ubucon.org, less work for everyone (in case of maintaining)12:26
svijthere are already a couple of wiki pages regarding the event: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuconEu/UbuconEu201612:28
dpmyeah, I remember those when Sturmflut created them. I think these can remain (and grow) there, as they are useful for planning12:29
svijwe had a similar structure for ubucon.de anyway12:30
dpmsvij, so shall we put together a kickoff meeting for next week? (only if you've got time, though)12:32
svijdpm: yep12:34
svijdpm: monday or tuesday are good12:35
* dpm checks calendar12:36
svijor wednesday morning12:37
dpmsvij, Tuesday, 15:30?12:37
svijdpm: check12:37
dpmsvij, who else should we invite from the organization team? Simon? Someone else?12:37
svijI've just asked Simon, not sure about the others, many will be busy at work12:38
dpmok, let me put it in the calendar for now. If another time works best for him or the others, we can just change it12:38
dpmhappy to do it later if it works better for everyone12:39
svijwell, I don't want too many people in the first meeting12:39
svijtoddy: --- what about you?12:39
svij(see above)12:40
dpmsent the invite for now, everyone should be able to add new participants or modify it  if another time works best12:43
dpmand the Ubuntu wheel keeps turning... finished an UbuCon and starting to plan two more... :-)12:43
svijdpm: simon doesn't have time, fyi.13:24
dpmsvij, ok, thanks for the heads up!13:28
toddysvij: Tuesday 15.30? european timezone?13:41
svijtoddy: yes13:41
svijfor like ~30min13:42
toddysvij: I am at work than, but I think I can be in a chat with one and an half eye.13:44
svijwe'll do an hangout13:44
toddyI have other 17 people in my office (our office is telephone free) and we have not very much meeting rooms. that will be a little bit tricky for me.13:47
svijoh ok13:49
* balloons waves to svij14:23
* svij waves back to balloons14:23
mhall119popey: cool, I tried adding functionality for it after I got home from SCALE, but couldn't figure out the FocusScope stuff14:45
dholbachballoons, dpm, mhall119: yo yo yo - team call?16:00
dpmdholbach, omw!16:01
balloonsgoing to be 15 mins late16:01
dpmdavidcalle, joining us?16:02
davidcalledpm: yep yep16:02
balloonswe're all so chatty today!16:41
popeyOMG you guys should come over to slack, it's so much better! :D16:46
MooDootypical ubuntu channel, sooooo quiet ;)17:07
dholbachall right my friends ... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:12
* belkinsa hugs dholbach17:13
* dholbach hugs you all :)17:13
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