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desrthello desktop07:41
pittiGood morning07:59
duflu<desktop> Hello desrt. Would you like to play a game?07:59
desrti know this one!  global thermonuclear war!08:00
desrtpitti, duflu: hi :)08:00
pittihey desrt!08:00
pittihello duflu, how are you?08:00
desrtpitti: how's home?08:00
dufluOh. Or is it "shall we play a game"?08:00
pittidesrt: nice and cozy, but as rainy as Brussels today :(08:01
duflupitti: Hi, good. You?08:01
pittidesrt: how is the sprint?08:01
pittiduflu: good, thanks!08:01
pittilong nights due to our virtual sprints08:01
desrtpitti: the sprint is over08:02
desrtpitti: larsu and i are now in köln08:02
desrt(and i was not at the sprint anyway)08:02
seb128good morning desktopers08:24
pittibonjour seb128 !08:31
seb128hey pitti08:31
seb128hey robert_ancell08:32
robert_ancellseb128, hi08:32
seb128robert_ancell, pitti, how are you?08:32
pittiseb128: bit tired, but good, thanks! how was your sprint?08:32
seb128pitti, I didn't go to that one, larsu_ and Laney did08:33
seb128how is your virtual one?08:33
pittiseb128: ah, I thought you were there as well, ok08:34
pittiseb128: took me three hours to get out of mojo's claws to finally install the CI train into juju-local :/08:34
pittiso only went to bed at 1:3008:34
pittiseb128: but, getting to a point where the deployment docs are working, and I landed my first fix :)08:34
seb128robert_ancell, so if I understood your email correctly, nobody worked on porting the aptdaemon rdepends to packagekit?08:35
seb128pitti, good :-)08:35
robert_ancellseb128, I was working on the software-properties-gtk one08:35
seb128robert_ancell, yeah, I saw a branch from you with some work08:36
seb128seems like we had a planning fail there :-/08:36
TrevinhoMorning folks08:38
seb128hey Trevinho!08:38
robert_ancellseb128, I'm not seeing as much stuff as you are. The main ones are software-properties-gtk and language-selector08:39
Trevinhohey seb... How is it?08:39
robert_ancellI believe language-selector is not a major problem08:39
seb128robert_ancell, well they are not problems, they are work08:40
seb128robert_ancell, update-notifier apturl software-center also use python-aptdaemon08:42
robert_ancellseb128, well, software-center is going, so that doesn't matter08:42
seb128robert_ancell, is it? I though the plan was to keep it in universe08:42
seb128if it is then we need to fix things that rdepends on it in the same landing08:43
seb128like unity08:43
seb128also e.g xubuntu use it08:43
seb128are they fine switching to gnome-software?08:43
seb128same for ubuntukylin, studio, etc08:43
robert_ancellseb128, not sure what they want to do.08:45
seb128it's getting complicated/tricky :-:/08:45
robert_ancellseb128, It's always been complicated/tricky!08:45
seb128yeah, but I though somebody was handling porting the rdepends to use packagekit08:46
seb128I should have followed that more closely08:46
robert_ancellseb128, you got some spare cycles?08:46
seb128it's going to teach use to not have proper workitems lined up08:46
alexarnaudHello everyone :)!08:46
seb128not really08:46
seb128hey alexarnaud08:46
alexarnaudhow are you seb128 ?08:46
seb128I could make some, but on the detriment of other work08:46
seb128alexarnaud, good, though busy, you?08:47
alexarnaudseb128: fine, I've lot of work for the day :). I'm goingo to continue to learn packaging for porting Compiz from Ubuntu to Debian.08:48
seb128good luck08:48
alexarnaudYesterday, I've discovered existance of debian helper08:49
alexarnaudhey willcooke :)!08:52
robert_ancellseb128, thinking more about it I'm not sure there's any real win updating aptdaemon to PK1.0. Perhaps it might be easier to package PK0.8 and have systems that aren't going to use PK1.0 use that instead.08:56
robert_ancellsystems = non-Ubuntu distros08:56
seb128robert_ancell, what do you mean "package pk0.8"?08:57
seb128like have both versions in the archive?08:57
robert_ancellseb128, yeah08:57
seb128robert_ancell, well, then we would still have to port software-properties language-selector apturl update-notifier update-manager etc08:57
robert_ancellseb128, yep, that's still do-able08:57
seb128that's never going to be done by ff08:58
seb128it's on feb 18th08:58
robert_ancellIt's pretty tight08:58
seb128we would first to fine somebody with cycles/wanting to work on that08:58
* duflu offers a spare bicycle08:59
robert_ancellduflu, we need tricycles dammit!08:59
seb128not sure that's going to help there but thanks :-)08:59
* duflu rolls off via unicycle09:00
seb128robert_ancell, any idea how much work it is to port aptdaemon to pkgkit 1?09:00
robert_ancellseb128, I've previously looked at the code (and did just then) and it looks difficult to me unless you know the codebase.09:00
robert_ancellseb128, But the issue is we can never run both aptdaemon and PackageKit at the same time09:01
seb128why not?09:01
robert_ancellseb128, Doesn't aptdaemon provide the D-Bus interface?09:01
seb128well, they can't both do system changes at the same time you mean?09:01
robert_ancellThey can't own the same bus name09:01
willcookemorning/evening all09:01
robert_ancellpitti, ^ that's what aptdaemon does right?09:02
seb128robert_ancell, seems you are right :-/09:02
seb128there goes that idea09:02
seb128willcooke, "good" morning09:02
pittirobert_ancell: correct, they Conflicts: to each other09:02
robert_ancellseb128, so the issue is by updating to PK1.0 is we break aptdaemon for everyone as it uses both the client libraries and it's own server implementation.09:02
robert_ancellseb128, by packaging PK0.8 we can avoid that09:03
seb128robert_ancell, it doesn't solve the conflicts09:03
seb128so we still need to port $world09:03
seb128we are basically screwed09:03
robert_ancellseb128, right, but it's not installed on Ubuntu. The other flavours, probably.09:03
robert_ancellI guess the tools need to support both.09:03
seb128like everybody is behind their schedules/features09:04
seb128I don't see how we can get that much work done09:04
robert_ancellwe're being killed by technical debt09:04
seb128or by trying to do a transition that doesn't give us much out of switching techs for the sake of switching09:05
seb128though it's getting more complicated due to new goals sort of forcing us there now09:05
robert_ancellseb128, the big win is getting out of this debt trap09:05
seb128that's not a win09:06
robert_ancellHow's that not a win?09:06
seb128those stacks are being deprecated after the coming LTS anyway09:06
robert_ancellseb128, I'll believe it when I see it!09:06
seb128the old stacks have tech debts but they mostly work and we could roll on them for another cycle09:07
seb128anyway that discussion is not relevant since as said, new goals force us to move forwards now09:07
robert_ancellseb128, there's always options09:07
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willcookemorning larsu09:08
seb128hey larsu09:08
larsumorning seb128 and willcooke!09:08
* larsu has a bit of a sore throat again09:08
seb128seems you don't get out of that since the end of summer :-/09:09
larsuapparantly, yeah09:11
seb128mvo, hey, if we want to port apturl/language-selector/update-notifier/software-properties/update-manager from aptdaemon to packagekit, do you know if there is anything that might prove problematic there? or pkgkit with aptcc should cover what we need?10:01
mvoseb128: they are conceptually similar so that should be not too hard10:05
pittiI can't remember, do we still use plugins for the old "apt" backend in language-selector?10:06
pittiif we use aptcc, that doesn't support plugins10:06
pittibut aptdaemon does10:06
seb128pitti, good question, how would that look like?10:06
pittilanguage_support_pkgs.py:    '''PackageKit WhatProvides plugin for locale().'''10:07
pitti      entry_points='''[aptdaemon.plugins]10:08
* pitti scratches head10:08
pittiso, I think that doesn't affect the installation of missing langpacks in the installer or post-inst note10:08
pittiit was meant to install missing langpacks/fonts/dicts if you e. g. install libreoffice10:08
seb128I see10:09
pittithis would then automatically install e. g. the German libo dict/thesaurus along with iht10:09
seb128did that ever work?10:09
pittinot the most important feature in the world of course, but I think that still works10:09
seb128I never noticed10:09
seb128hum, k10:09
pittiif you use aptdaemon, yes10:09
pittie. g. if you install it from software-center10:09
pittinot with apt-get of course10:09
seb128willcooke, robert_ancell, ^10:09
pittibut aptcc doesn't support plugins10:09
seb128the situation sucks10:10
seb128we are screwed either way10:10
pittiseb128: so, don't consider that a blocker10:10
pittijust wanted to point it out, and it was a bit of thinking aloud10:10
seb128thanks for pointing it out10:10
pittithe main functionality of installing dicts/fonts etc. during/post install shouldn't be affected10:10
pitti(and that's rather crucial)10:10
seb128we still need to port all the things from aptdaemon to packagekit10:10
pittiwe also used to use the what-provides stuff for installing drivers, but that's obsolete10:11
seb128so quite some work10:11
seb128and it's getting late in the cycle10:11
pittiis PK still as slow as it used to be?10:11
pittia few years ago it was aaaaachingly slow, compared to apt or aptdaemon10:11
seb128good question, I didn't try10:11
seb128robert_ancell might know10:11
willcookerobert_ancell mentioned it was slow the other day10:11
robert_ancellpitti, it's better than it was, I'm not sure if it's better/worse10:11
robert_ancellwillcooke, I wasn't sure if that was mostly gnome-software10:12
pittiOOI, what's the pressure of moving to PK?10:13
pittiI know aptdaemon isn't maintained much these days, but porting+maintaining PK also seems to be no small task10:13
pittido we need new APIs?10:14
seb128basically we want gnome-software10:14
pitticlick also needed the old PK (but I guess that's widely known and has been discussed/fixed)10:14
robert_ancellpitti, it was dropping software-center, helping get away from Python 2, and getting a stack that's maintained actively upstream.10:14
robert_ancellgetting new features like firmware updates10:14
pittiaptdaemon is py310:15
seb128getting fwupdate also10:15
pittiah, ok10:15
robert_ancellwhen we discussed it before it seemed like it would be a similar amount of work to add the features to the existing stack / fix the issues versus switching.10:15
robert_ancellBut it seems we're running out of runway here10:15
seb128robert_ancell, I guess gnome-software doesn't work with aptdaemon as a backend?10:17
robert_ancellseb128, we could make it work10:17
seb128how much work would that be?10:17
happyaronseb128, mind to approve open-gram's SRU upload from queue (trusty)?10:17
robert_ancellI think by tomorrow I could give a yes/no to that10:17
seb128I've no idea how different aptdaemon/pkgkit are10:17
happyaronah sorry for interrupting...10:17
seb128happyaron, I'm not in the SRU team, sorry10:18
seb128willcooke, ^10:18
robert_ancellseb128, gnome-software is super modular, so we can write a new backend and ignore packagekit entirely10:18
seb128robert_ancell, that might be the easiest option10:18
happyaronseb128: ic10:18
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, that's a good idea.10:18
robert_ancellIt gives us a lot of the wins.10:18
seb128well aptdaemon is supposed to provide pkgkit compat apis no?10:18
willcookeseb128, @ SRU or @ porting g-s to aptdaemon?10:18
seb128willcooke, g-s to aptdaemon10:18
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willcookeYou won't believe me, but I just wondered that myself10:19
robert_ancellThe unknown is the interaction with appstream. Not sure if we can / should switch to that.10:19
robert_ancellMy guess is yes.10:19
seb128willcooke, I don't believe you!10:19
seb128robert_ancell, I've no idea what appstream does...?10:19
robert_ancellseb128, metadata10:19
robert_ancellseb128, It replaces the xapian stuff. I don't know a huge amount about it, but Laney is the expert.10:20
willcookeseb128, video here:  seb128, I was thinking outside the box, or pushing the envelope or something10:20
willcookeseb128, here:  http://video.fosdem.org/2008/maintracks/FOSDEM2008-packagekit.ogg10:20
willcookeoh, ffs - ignore those totally wrong links10:20
robert_ancellwillcooke, looking like a PHB there10:21
seb128willcooke, #fail10:21
willcookeLet's try that again10:22
willcookehurr durr here's a link   https://wiki.debian.org/DEP-1110:22
robert_ancellseb128, willcooke, ok, so my plan now is spend tomorrow writing an aptdaemon plugin for g-s and see if that can work. That will allow us to drop software-center from Ubuntu (other distros can continue to use if they like) and get the new feature goodness (firmware updates)10:22
willcookethis is a plan made of win10:23
robert_ancellIf that works we keep the rest of the stack as is.10:23
willcookewin and string and glue10:23
willcookethanks a lot robert_ancell10:23
seb128robert_ancell, +1, sounds like the best way forward10:23
willcookegood work team10:23
seb128robert_ancell, also isn't aptdaemon having pkgkit compat?10:23
* willcooke goes to steady his nerves with some breakfast whiskey 10:23
seb128robert_ancell, did you try to use g-s with aptdaemon and the compat layer?10:24
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, but it's an older version of packagekit that wont work with g-s and probably doesn't implement all the functions required. g-s is very picky with packagekit.10:24
robert_ancellseb128, this will require us making a packagekit-1.0 source package I guess10:24
robert_ancellUnless someone really wants to update aptdaemon10:24
seb128what do we need packagekit 1.0 for in this case?10:25
seb128if we use g-s with aptdaemon10:25
willcookewill we need to port fwupd as well?10:25
robert_ancellseb128, g-s requires it otherwise we'd need to use an ancient version.10:25
willcookeif so, then I think that can come later < @fwupdate10:25
robert_ancellOr patch out the packagekit backend (which would be a bit drastic)10:26
seb128well, we don't need it if we use the aptdaemon one...10:26
seb128best option would still be to port aptdaemon to pkgkit 1.010:26
seb128I'm going to try to have a look today at how much work that would be10:26
robert_ancellyeah, that scares me though10:26
seb128but you said it was not trivial?10:26
seb128did pkgkit change that much?10:26
robert_ancellNot a huge amount, but I think there's a lot of details10:27
robert_ancellIf I was a PackageKit backend and aptdaemon expert it would probably be easy10:27
robert_ancellYou should try though10:27
seb128we need mvo ;-)10:28
robert_ancellWe've always known that10:28
robert_ancellok, I'm going to call it a night.10:29
seb128robert_ancell, have a good night!10:30
seb128thanks for staying around and the discussion10:30
ksamakhey all10:31
alexarnaudhey ksamak10:33
willcookethanks robert_ancell10:34
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pitti. o O { gnome-terminal -x aptitude } *cough*10:46
larsunice one pitti ;)10:46
seb128Trevinho, could you rebase nautilus 19_unity_open_location_xid.patch and 20_add_timestamp_to_operations.patch on 3.14?11:40
seb128the changes you did you 3.1811:40
Trevinhoseb128: ok11:40
seb128Trevinho, thanks11:40
Trevinhoseb128: is the lp branch already rebased?11:41
TrevinhoI mean, is already using the 3.14?11:41
seb12820_add_timestamp_to_operations.patch applies fine out of chunck11:41
seb128@@ -5112,6 +5155,7 @@ nautilus_file_operations_copy (GList *fi11:41
meetingologyseb128: Error: "@" is not a valid command.11:41
seb128 job->done_callback_data = done_callback_data;11:41
seb128 job->files = g_list_copy_deep (files, (GCopyFunc) g_object_ref, NULL);11:41
seb128 job->destination = g_object_ref (target_dir);11:41
seb128+((CommonJob *)job)->action_timestamp = timestamp;11:41
seb128Trevinho, I'm working on it, I guess I could commit and let you fix those then?11:41
Trevinhoseb128: fine, ping me once you've the branch ready11:42
seb128Trevinho, done11:50
seb128Trevinho, you need to d/l http://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/GNOME/sources/nautilus/3.14/nautilus-3.14.3.tar.xz and rename it nautilus_3.18.4.is.3.14.3.orig.tar.xz11:50
seb128on that note, lunch!11:50
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alexarnaud I'm trying to port Compiz package from Ubuntu to Debian12:19
alexarnaudI've compiled successfully and launching it withtout major issue except configuration12:19
alexarnaudI've investigated to compare environement vairiables in Debian Sid and Ubuntu Devel (16.04) and I noticed that Compiz use file named "65compiz_profile-on-session" which checks environement variable "DESKTOP_SESSION" but as I know it's not the standard way. The right environment variable is "XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP". Why don't we use this variable ?12:19
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Sweet5hark great. libreoffice 5.1.0~rc2 package is all fine and good -- except on ppc64el, were it fails with a very meaningless build log.13:23
Sweet5hark*grumble* *grumble*13:23
Sweet5harkdoes ppc64el have more or less users than OS/2 by now? asking for a friend.13:24
willcookeSweet5hark, :)13:30
ksamakdidrocks: do you know anything about this env var that alex describes? DESKTOP_SESSION vs XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP13:40
ksamakis that needed as for ubuntu? cause we'd need to implement a non-standart way otherwise.13:40
didrocksksamak: I'm not on the desktop team anymore FYI :) but yeah, we are using (and proposed) XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP to know under which env your are13:41
didrocksI'm sure other on the channel would be able to help you as well13:41
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin, just noticed bug #1541288, and it's far above my level. Is it something you could handle?13:41
ubot5`bug 1541288 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "Support PackageKit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154128813:41
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willcookeTrevinho, https://plus.google.com/+PopescuSorin/posts/Ga5MjfaZoJ514:08
ogra_gravity broke the sidebar ?14:09
ksamakwillcooke: Trevinho would you know any reason why XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP is used? and not XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP, in compiz 65compiz_profile-on-session script?14:10
seb128ksamak, I think it was there before XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP existed14:12
ksamakseb128: ok. i guess that's ok then if we add a condition to take that into account14:12
seb128ksamak, well we could probably change to use the new variable14:13
ksamakseb128: well, either you can do that, or we can adapt. as you fell14:14
seb128ksamak, let's wait for what Trevinho thinks14:15
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pittiGunnarHj: I can't make any promises time-wise, I'm afraid14:42
GunnarHjpitti: Ok. Any suggestion about who could do it instead?14:43
pittithis was discussed this morning, I haven't followed who does what; but I figure Robert will drive the transition and look for people?14:43
GunnarHjpitti: I see. Thanks.14:44
willcookehey GunnarHj, we have an alternative plan in progress at the moment which would mean we dont need to port everything to PL14:55
willcookebut that is just a hope at the moment while we investigate14:55
GunnarHjwillcooke: Ok, thanks for letting me know. I just made a note at the bug report, but I suppose Robert is aware of what you just said.14:56
willcookehe is14:57
* willcooke crosses his fingers14:57
Trevinhoksamak: so... That's a legacy thing that is exported by a compiz-gnome thing.  I aactually thing we could get rid of that since we don't care about that file anymore... We all set at upstart level15:00
Trevinhothat var isn't either set15:00
ksamakTrevinho: so, if we get rid of that script, then ubuntu is still working. What about debian? should we modify that same script? so that COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE is set correctly?15:07
Trevinhoksamak: well, since there's no unity in debian I think that's not need there as well15:10
ksamakTrevinho: well, one could imagine that people want different settings, according to a desktop?15:14
ksamakotherwise that'd kinda focus compiz on mate?15:14
Trevinhoksamak: sorry, what you mean?15:15
TrevinhoThe ubuntu profile was actually the profile for unity...15:15
TrevinhoMate should export his own profile in a startup script they have I guess15:16
Trevinhocompiz-gnome package was acually quite hacked to be unitysh... We should have got rid of it, really...15:16
ksamakTrevinho: ok. question is, should we have gsettings.override for each desktop, in packages like mate-compiz-settings-XXX, or compiz loaded with different profiles in /etc/compizconfig/config according to XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP15:22
ksamakprobably it would be nice to just have to install compiz, and have it start with a working profile, for different desktops.15:23
ksamakso we should probably use XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP now15:23
Trevinhoksamak: yeah, that's correct... However that script is not doing anything for that15:25
ksamakyeah, ok. what'd be the solution? should we submit a patch to you that works with XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP?15:28
ksamakthen you adapt?15:28
ksamakis there actually a good solution for you with unity and XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP?15:30
Trevinhoksamak: that's fine... I've not been looking at compiz config for ages, but I think that having it to smartly pick the proper profile would be nice... However at unity level we've some mismatch as the profile is called "unity", and the compiz_config_ env has to stay to "ubuntu", while XDG_CURRENTE_DESKTOP="Unity" -_-15:31
TrevinhoBut we can sitll handle with env var as it used to be.15:31
ksamaklet's do that then15:32
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ksamakdidrocks: you did the session-migration package. in your opinion, could it be useful in the future for debian users? is the settings migration such a burden in the end?15:39
didrocksksamak: it is, unsure if debian wants it15:41
didrocksI would say not required before there is a need :)15:41
seb128hey didrocks15:43
seb128didrocks, did you look at the nm error yesterday?15:43
ksamakdidrocks: i'd agree, we'll package without then.15:50
GunnarHjHi Laney, do you have time to take a look at bug #1539885? There shouldn't be any obstacles.15:59
ubot5`bug 1539885 in trusty-backports "Please backport svtplay-dl 0.30.2016.01.10-1 (universe) from xenial" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153988515:59
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ximionlarsu, Lenay: hi! do you happen to be there?16:08
ximionLaney ^16:08
willcookeximion, Laney is off today16:19
willcookeGunnarHj, fyi too ^16:19
ximionwillcooke: he deserves it ;-)16:20
willcooke+1 :)16:20
willcookeximion, thank you too for all your help at the sprint16:20
ximionthank you for inviting me :)16:20
willcookeyou're very welcome!16:21
ximionI am just working on fixing some GS bugs, but one of these things will need us to carry around a patch forever, since upstream will never accept that behavior change upstream anymore8they just removed the feature)16:21
willcookeximion, I think we /might/ end up with a few of those.  We're investigating porting g-s back to aptd because of all the rdepends we would have to fix otherwise16:22
ximionatm, GNOME Software will not show anything which doesn't have a metainfo file - you could change that previously via a config option, but that option got removed too now, and I want to give people a bit more time to write metainfo files16:23
ximionalso, there are some usability issues with metainfo-only16:23
ximionwillcooke: to be honest, using GS with aptd would be a terrible idea - it is using some PK-isms and relying on them, and fixing all of that in aptd will be really hard16:24
ximionlarsu just found the reason why remove doesn't work at the sprint, and the reason is a really subtle API issue where aptcc does something slightly different that Fedora's hif backend16:25
ximionleading to breakage. With aptd, you would get a lot more of these16:25
TrevinhoUff, I can't attach a debdiff to launchpad... :-(16:52
* ogra_ hands Trevinho some superglue16:53
flocculantdon't use teeth to open that ...16:54
seb128Trevinho, why not?16:55
Trevinhoseb128: got an error for 5 minutes... Now it worked. I guess it's thanks to ogra_'s superglue!16:56
Trevinhoogra_: thanks! :-D16:56
seb128ximion, use g-s with an aptd backend seems like the only reasonable alternative though, so if it's not possible we might just end up staying on software-center16:56
Trevinhoseb128: so.... now (well add to your list actually) you could get this a look https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zeitgeist/+bug/919801/comments/4716:56
ubot5`Launchpad bug 919801 in zeitgeist (Ubuntu) "Unity dash file search is extremely slow" [Medium,In progress]16:57
Trevinhoor is maybe Laney better for that?16:57
seb128ximion, since aptdaemon claims the packagekit dbus name they can't be co-installed, so we would need to port everything in the archive from aptdaemon to packagekit which doesn't seem feasable before feature freeze this cycle16:57
seb128Trevinho, k, adding to the list16:57
Trevinhoouch, forgot to add the headers descriptions...16:58
ximionseb128: what elase is using aptdaemon?16:58
* Trevinho fixes that16:58
seb128Trevinho, do you look at refreshing the nautilus patches?16:58
Trevinhoseb128: not yet, I wanted to finish this first...16:58
TrevinhoI would have done it now... But let me addd the descriptions first16:58
Trevinhothen I'll do that16:58
seb128ximion, apturl update-notifier update-manager lubuntu-software-center software-properties language-selector oem-config-gtk(it's in ubiquity)16:59
* Trevinho 's TODO list is filling everyday with more stuff...... -_-16:59
seb128Trevinho, welcome to the club!16:59
ximionseb128: if the tools using aptd via PK are using normal PK calls, they should just depend on PK instead, and aptd should stop claiming to be PK - in that case, co-installing PK and aptd should work easily16:59
seb128ximion, no, most use the aptdaemon widgets17:00
seb128like AptProgressDialog17:00
ximionseb128: have yu tried making aptd stop taking the PK DBus name? I think previously there even was a aptdaemon-pkcompat package shipping just the PK compatibility stuff17:00
seb128http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/software-properties/no-aptdaemon/revision/953 is an example of code that robert_ancell started changing17:00
seb128ximion, no, that would be the other option I guess, looking at changing aptdaemon, unsure we have people knowing the codebase available to work on it though :-/17:02
ximionseb128: seems to be a reason to maybe not have it in the release by default :P - btw, I did a non-aptd patch for s-p ages ago: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=73080717:03
ubot5`Debian bug 730807 in software-properties "Please make SP use PackageKit for Apt-write actions" [Wishlist,Open]17:03
ximionnot polished though, merely a demonstration thing17:03
seb128ximion, thanks for the pointer17:04
seb128so packagekit has no equivalent to AptProgressDialog?17:05
ximionno, PackageKit itself has no widgets at all, it's purely non-GUI17:05
Trevinhoseb128: so proper patch should be there...17:05
Trevinhoseb128: moving to nautilus now..17:06
seb128Trevinho, thanks17:06
ximionseb128: you can write your own widgets for it though (maybe at a central place and make other stuff use it then?)17:06
ximionI really think fixing aptd and aptd-using packages will be *much* easier than porting GS to use aptd17:06
seb128fixing aptd how?17:07
ximionnot making it claim to be PK17:07
ximionto make both packages co-installable17:07
seb128I guess we could keep the widgets but make it call packagekit17:07
ximionthat would be even easier, I guess17:08
seb128the other issue raised it that it seems packagekit is slow compared to aptd17:08
seb128but I guess we are going to have to have this way17:08
ximionPK is only slow if you use it in sync mode17:10
ximionbut yeah, PK's design of shipping everything over DBus in small transactions makes the whole thing a bit slower then aptd, even though PK is written in C17:10
ximionone way to speed it up would be to make the aptcc backend use parallel transactions, which requires a threadsafe APT API17:10
ximionnot sure if where are there already so this could work17:11
ximionat time, read actions are processed sequentially, which to no suprise is slow17:11
seb128I see17:11
seb128well I guess that work is not going to be for this cycle anyway17:12
seb128thanks for the input!17:12
ximionseb128: let's see, the last input on that I got from the APT team was quite positive17:15
ximionbut it's unlikely to happen for the next release, that's right17:15
larsuximion: ah cool thanks for tracking that down :)17:17
ximionlarsu: I will prepare a fix for aptcc when I am done with the icon stuff on the generator and with injecting at least the unlocalized long descriptions of packages into the AppStream metadata17:19
ximionI think adding the descriptions to the metadata is the better long-term solution, before we drop support for apps without metainfo files17:19
qenghopitti: Hi. I have a patch for grub that fixes a problem in searching for devices. It only runs for zfs root and fixes a problem upstream isn't concerned with. Please take a look?  Debdiff at end of  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/152772717:20
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1527727 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub-probe for zfs assumes all devices prefix with /dev, ignoring /dev/disk/..." [Medium,Confirmed]17:20
ximionlarsu: since upstream removed the require-appdata option a while back - that's why I was suprised at the spring that it even existed ^^17:20
larsuximion: ah that makes sense. Yeah I agree17:21
larsuximion: please talk to robert_ancell about this as well (he's in .nz and not online right now)17:22
larsuximion: or Laney I guess :)17:22
ximionI will wait for someone to implement the translation stuff then ^^ - since that will be much harder to do right. Maybe it won't even be needed and upstreams will ship metainfo files faster to get properly localized anetries17:22
larsu*maybe* :D17:22
ximionfrom my experience: likely not17:23
ximionbut never give up hope :P17:23
larsuhaha yeah17:24
* larsu has to go17:24
larsusee you tomorrow or so17:25
willcookeximion, seb128  - sorry was in a meeting17:55
seb128willcooke, no worry17:59
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
Trevinhoseb128: I'm about to finish the sync, but need to go to out.. I'll push tomorrow18:34
Trevinhoseb128: area also troubles with the wallpaper patch? I get a link error18:35
andyrockLaney: around?18:53
Laneyandyrock: slightly18:53
Laneydepends if you want something hard18:53
andyrocknope just an info18:53
andyrockthere will be a local database of desktop files of the "installable" application when the transaction to g-s will be completed?18:54
Laneyyeah, appstream is that18:55
seb128Trevinho, no worry, try to pull --overwrite maybe, I did fix some fuzzy bits a bit earlier and had issues with my checkout so pushed --overwrite18:55
andyrockLaney: /usr/share/appdata does not contain desktop files18:56
Laneyyou want actual desktop files?18:56
andyrock something like usr/share/app-install/desktop18:56
andyrockmmm we kind of need that for bamf18:57
andyrockI'll figure out something18:57
andyrockthanks for the info18:57
Laneyfor uninstalled things?18:57
andyrockto recognize app that are about to be installed18:57
Laneyyou have the icon and desktop file name and stuff from appstream19:02
andyrockLaney: but bamf requires the full path if the desktop file is not on a standard path19:04
andyrockthe desktop file name is not enough if the installer has not yet installed the desktop file in /usr/share/applications19:05
andyrockI'll talk with Trevinho and we (he) will figure out something :D19:06
Laneyhow do you get the full path from app-install-data?19:06
andyrockthe desktop files are there19:06
Laneywhat's that got to do with the path they end up in?19:07
andyrockwell if you say to bamf: create me a new app so i can monitor it from the desktop id "gedit.desktop"19:07
andyrockbamf is going to look at the standard paths19:07
andyrockusr share applications and so on19:07
andyrockright now when you install an app using ubuntu-software-center19:08
andyrocku-s-c send to the launcher a full path to the dekstop files in /usr/share/app-data/desktop19:08
andyrockso bamf is able to create a new app and unity is able to monitor it19:09
andyrockin a nuthsell g_desktop_app_info_new("gedit.desktop") returns NULL if gedit is being installed19:10
Laneyandyrock: is it just so you can already add the launcher when a thing is being installed?19:14
Laneyor is there something more to it?19:15
andyrockjust that19:15
andyrockbut there is another way ofr sure19:15
andyrockfor sure19:15
Laneyand then it is updated to the real desktop file / path later on?19:15
Laneyby software-center telling you to do that or something19:15
andyrockit's bamf19:15
andyrockit's smart enough19:15
andyrockworst case we'll generate a temporary dekstop file using app stream data19:16
andyrockjust for the name/icon19:16
Laneyyeah pretty sure appstream has what you need for this19:17
attentei'm getting a '503  DNS error for hostname ubuntu: Name or service not known. If ubuntu refers to a configured cache repository, please check the corresponding configuration file.' error with apt-cacher-ng19:25
willcookegnight all20:18
willcookeI'll catch up with robert first20:18
willcookegoing afk for a bit though20:18
didrockssee you willcooke :)20:25
seb128didrocks, thanks for fixing the nm bug20:29
seb128didrocks, the second patch was removing the assert still, but different from the git one that was reverted?20:30
didrocksyw, thanks for pointing this at me seb128 :)20:30
didrocksI did misread it at first20:30
seb128still at the office? or already back to the hotel?20:30
didrocksstill at the office, days are crazy here :/20:30
didrocks(started at 8am, and same thing since Monday)20:31
willcookewho's laughing now?!??!?20:32
willcookenot me20:32
willcookeor seb20:32
willcookeor robert20:32
willcookewell, this was a bad argument20:32
seb128on that note, going to watch some IT crowd episodes ;-)20:33
seb128didrocks, good luck20:34
willcookenight seb12820:34
didrocksseb128: enjoy20:36
pittiLaney: argh, now I need yet another archive grep..20:39
ximionLaney: when you are back: please pull from master to get updates for the dep11-generator when you have the time21:26
ximionI found out we broke the icon logic afterall at the sprint ^^21:27
* ximion pushes the fix soon21:27
xnoxLaney, will you merge gnupg2? =) or may I steal it?21:38
Laneyxnox: if the bug that I listed on merges.u.c is fixed21:40
Laneyximion: ok!21:40
xnoxLaney, oh didn't see it. i'll check it out.21:40
Laneybasically the answer is that it breaks stuff21:41
Laneypitti: yeah, good idea to take a second look at codesearch21:44
* Laney goes away, see you tomorrow21:44
pittinight Laney!21:44
sarnoldxnox: quite a lot changed with gnupg 2.1; it mostly looks for the better (the gpg-agent socket now has a well-known name and no more faffing about with trying to get an environment variable set before launching all the programs that may need it..  https://gnupg.org/faq/whats-new-in-2.1.html21:46
xnoxsarnold, i am well aware. and a bunch of debian software breaks with keybox =)21:46
sarnoldxnox: okay, good ;)21:46
pittisarnold: oh nice, where is that?21:46
xnoxsarnold, but having 1.4 and 2.0 is bad enough, but having 1.4 and 2.1 will be a bit nicer.21:46
pitti/home/martin/.gnupg/gpg-agent-info-donald ?21:47
xnoxsarnold, such that hopefully i can unwind all the things to use 2.1. maybe not by this lts, but the one after.21:47
sarnoldpitti: ~/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent iirc21:47
pittisarnold: ok, I don't have that; (I'm currently exprimenting with i3, that might be the reason that I have troubls with the agent)21:47
pittisarnold: thanks!21:47
sarnoldpitti: oh fun :) I liked i321:48
pittiwanted to see how a tabbed WM feels like21:48
sarnoldI mostly abuse unity to pretend it's a tabbed WM.. it works just well enough that I haven't overcome the inertia of setting up the laptop-friendly widgets for a new WM.. :)21:50
xnoxLaney, explain why you need that bug fixed.22:04
xnoxLaney, in the new world order, the agent locations are known, thus no environment variables are needed to "share" it, or "discover" it.22:05
xnoxLaney, my plan was to still e.g. export the vars in the upstart session job, but now simply with predictable names.22:05
xnoxLaney, the upstart job can write that file out too. however we really don't need it, do we?22:05
xnoxthat bug is totally not a bug.22:06
xnoxbut a new feature.22:06
ubot5`Debian bug 796931 in gnupg-agent "gnupg-agent: no longer writes $GNUPGHOME/gpg-agent-info-$(hostname) file" [Serious,Open]22:06
xnoxalso, i don't see that file written on ubuntu right now, anyway, either....22:07
xnoxagent is running and i don't have that file.22:07
sarnoldpitti's got it, I wonder what created it :)22:10
pittisarnold: supposedly /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90gpg-agent22:24
sarnoldaha :)22:24
Laneyxnox: If you break my setup that is a bug22:26
LaneyI did the merge, I installed the package and I could no longer use the agent22:26
LaneySo fix that or don't do the merge22:26
LaneyIt's an rcbug preventing it going to testing by the way22:28
xnoxLaney, ack. And "your setup" is just a normal ubuntu desktop, with gnome-keyring, et. al.? right?22:30
xnoxunity, not xmonad something rather, over vnc, in an lxd container, hosted in switzerland and accessed from canada? (you know stgraber like setups)22:30
LaneyI explained in a posting to the bug22:30
xnoxlet me read it again then. i think i missed your post.22:30
LaneyIf you want to say "screw you" then get it closed in Debian first22:31
Laneyand then fix or close the other rcbug too22:31
Laneyand take the angry broken users on your own head22:31
xnoxLaney, you know my solution right.....22:32
xnoxit should be systemd socket activated, and have the socket in XDG_RUNTIME_DIR22:32
xnoxhaving it in the GNUPGHOME is silly22:32
xnox"When I ssh into this container, keychain is used to start a gpg-agent" -> what is keychain?22:32
xnoxwhat's inside the lxc container, well gpg, But does it have full desktop too inside the container, or just some script in ~/.bashrc to start an agent?22:33
Laneykeychain starts it22:33
Laneyeval $(keychain --eval --quick --quiet --agents gpg,ssh --host ${HOSTNAME})22:34
xnoxah, ok.22:34
* xnox 's ubuntu has advised me to use apt-get to install keychain program22:34
* Laney is going to play a song or two on guitar hero22:35
TrevinhoLaney: is that real guitar hero or FoF?23:02
* Trevinho played with that (and with a PS guitar controller)23:02
robert_ancellximion, do you know how to get the appstream package from the generator you and Laney set up? Laney said he had sent it but I can't find it anywhere23:18
robert_ancellLaney, oh, you are / were here23:19
ximionrobert_ancell: hmm, I don't understand the question - which appstream package do you mean?23:20
ximionyou mean the metadata? Laney has made a script for that23:20
robert_ancellximion, yeah, where is that script?23:20
ximionit's at http://people.canonical.com/~laney/random-scripts/appstream.sh23:21
robert_ancellximion, ta23:21
ximionnot sure if it still works now that we have appstream.ubuntu.com23:21
robert_ancellximion, seems to be working, thanks23:23
robert_ancellximion, I'm confused about the appstream / packagekit relationship - does the G-S appstream plugin provide the list of available packages with metadata or does packagekit and appstream just refine them?23:42
ximionrobert_ancell: the AppStream backend provides most of the metadata, the packagekit backend just refines it23:44
ximionby e.g. adding information about whether an application is installed or not, or what it's installed size will be23:44
ximionprior to PK 3.18, the packagekit backend also provided descriptions for some apps23:46
robert_ancellximion, ok, I thought that was the case but wasn't sure23:46
ximionthe current one just drops apps which don't have a description23:46
ximionI am working on a workaround for this right now, since upstream will not restore the previous behavior23:46

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