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xnoxcyphermox, horum =(15:49
xnoxi dasd formated the drives, formated the drives / partitions on them.15:49
xnoxand now i'm trying to exit the lvm menu and that fails.15:50
xnoxd-i is simply stuck in "Starting up the partitioner"15:50
xnoxScanning disks...15:50
xnoxi wonder how i can troubleshoot this, or get it going again.15:50
cyphermoxsswitch to another vt?15:59
cyphermoxare there multiple vts on s390x?16:00
xnoxno vts... i'm installing via ssh16:00
xnoxthere is syslog.16:00
cyphermoxwell syslog might give you a clue maybe16:00
xnoxi'm blaming 30parted init.d script (part of partman init)16:00
xnoxERROR: unsupported sector size 4096 on /dev/dm-0.16:00
cyphermoxwhy do you still have a dm-0?16:01
cyphermoxI mean, if you want to run dasdfmt outside of parted generally, as a separate step that says something like "Reinitialize the drives", then that step probably should kick lvm hard enough that it forgets everything16:03
cyphermoxand then probably udev-reload or whatever the command was16:03
cyphermoxupdate-dev --settle >/dev/null  I think16:04
cyphermoxright, and maybe not even because in theory when partman starts, partman-lvm is what will pvscan and vgscan, and then vgchange -a16:06
cyphermoxwhich means dd if=/dev/zero  some beginning part of the drive might be enough to convince it that there isn't anything16:07
cyphermoxxnox: have you started a debian vm after all, I'm curious about the udev rules that might be there16:09
xnoxdigging into this16:10
xnoxit seems like open_dialog DUMP is called by 35dump script16:10
xnoxand it tries to "dump" the dasd drive... and gets stuck16:10
xnoxis that command send to ... parted?16:10
xnoxhow do i do that just from shell without e.g. all of the d-i and partman in the way?16:11
xnoxparted -> not found.16:11
cyphermoxanna-install parted-udeb16:11
cyphermoxpartman uses libparted to do magic.16:11
cyphermoxah, yeah, parted must barf at dumping the partition table somehow16:12
cyphermoxthere ought to be some other message in syslog before that16:12
cyphermoxor it's just the dm device that makes things ugly16:13
xnoxhm, DUMP is not a parted command, now is it....16:15
xnoxparted can print all the devices just fine.16:16
cjwatsonxnox: partman-command may help you16:17
cjwatsonI got bored of debugging that stuff being hard a while back, and wrote a helper16:18
cjwatsonxnox: parted_server.c in partman-base is what implements those commands16:18
xnoxcjwatson, cyphermox ^ that can't be good, right?16:18
cjwatsoneh, maybe?  depends if that's actually what it's hitting16:18
cjwatsoncheck /var/log/partman to see if you see the same thing there16:18
xnox# partman-command DUMP16:19
xnox /bin/partman-command: line 42: can't open /var/lib/partman/outfifo: no such file16:19
cjwatsonparted_server has to be actually running at the time16:20
cjwatsonif it's crashed then check /var/log/partman first16:20
xnoxcyphermox, well, i purged lvms, now trying to install with lvms =)16:22
xnoxtoday is not my day16:26
cjwatsonthat's probably the same thing16:26
cjwatsonwhat does /var/log/partman say?16:26
xnoxnot much.16:28
xnoxas if life is good.16:28
cjwatsonOK, so that probably is the same thing16:29
* xnox ponders how to reproduce this bug somewhere where i have gdb16:29
xnoxhmmm.... http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnu.parted.devel/436716:30
cjwatsonyou could brutally shove gdb and the relevant bits and pieces of libraries and debug symbols into the installer env16:31
cjwatsonwouldn't be the first time I've done that :)16:31
cjwatsonxnox: pretty sure I already cherry-picked descendants of those patches16:32
cjwatsonanyway, there's enough code that getting gdb in place is probably easier than guessing16:33
xnoxhahaha, shove gdb into installer environment =)16:36
xnoxanna-install gdb-udeb did not work. I shall ask doko to fix that =)16:37
cjwatsondon't do that :)16:38
cjwatsonanna-install openssh-client-udeb, scp the stuff you need from somewhere16:38
xnoxi have ssh, yes.16:38
xnoxlaunchpad timing out filing a bug...16:51
xnox(Error ID: OOPS-ffb6abd15e291af596278d1a8b6a07ac)16:51
xnoxcjwatson, cyphermox - well that's a first for me =)16:54
xnoxdivide by zero!16:54
cyphermoxcjwatson: ah, that's what you meant by *brutally* shoving things in the installer environment :)16:55
cyphermoxwell, I'd start by applying the patches you pointed out earlier17:01
cyphermoxat least one hunk of [PATCH 2/2] isn't there.17:01
cyphermoxor you know, whatever ended up being committed from those emails..17:02
xnoxwell, i can clone the parted trunk, rebuild it and retest with that.17:08
xnoxcause if parted master is also broke, there is nothing to cherrypick17:09
xnoxlooking at the code.17:09
xnoxit looks as if there is a simple ioctl performed that should return number of heads and doesnt17:09
cyphermoxright, and the last few commits change what APIs are used to find out disk geometry.17:16
cyphermoxheh, nevermind, we indeed do have at least some of this in the parted package17:20
cjwatsoncyphermox: isn't there> you mean the bit that makes ped_device_like_dasd part of the API?  That was explicitly rejected and isn't necessary17:21
cjwatsonthe LP OOPS above is a not uncommon but transient problem17:22
cyphermoxcjwatson: nah, I was looking at libparted/labels/dasd.c and failed to notice the patches weren't applied.17:25
cjwatsonI think you're going to see the same thing upstream17:28
cjwatsonThe more generic _device_probe_geometry has explicit checks for getting non-zero sectors and heads back from HDIO_GETGEO17:30
cjwatsonand if it doesn't get them it uses defaults17:30
cjwatsonBut fdasd_get_geometry doesn't have quite the same checks around its use of HDIO_GETGEO17:30
cjwatsonYou ought to compare with the relevant kernel code, but my suspicion is that you don't get a sensible geometry back for an LV17:31
cjwatsonThis is all inside dasd_probe, and an LV isn't really a DASD17:32
cjwatsonSo one thing I'd try is making that situation be an error from fdasd_get_geometry and seeing if that behaves reasonably17:33
cjwatsonSomething like http://paste.ubuntu.com/14868640/ maybe?17:34
cjwatsonEw is that file really tabstop=4?  Anyway17:35
cjwatsonxnox: ^- suggestions above for you BTW18:03
xnoxhorum, ok.18:05
xnoxcjwatson, i was like throwing SIGFPE is not nice for a library =) http://paste.ubuntu.com/14869013/18:07
xnoxalso library functions that have "void" return signature are also not nice.18:08
xnoxxnox@devac03:~$ sudo parted /dev/mapper/new-lvol018:11
xnoxGNU Parted 3.218:11
xnoxUsing /dev/mapper/new-lvol018:11
xnoxWelcome to GNU Parted! Type 'help' to view a list of commands.18:11
xnox(parted) print18:11
xnoxBUG: trk is zero in vtoc_set_freespace call18:11
xnoxBUG: trk is zero in vtoc_set_freespace call18:11
xnoxModel: Linux device-mapper (linear) (dm)18:11
xnoxDisk /dev/mapper/new-lvol0: 2097MB18:11
xnoxSector size (logical/physical): 4096B/4096B18:11
xnoxPartition Table: dasd18:11
xnoxDisk Flags:18:11
xnoxNumber  Start  End  Size  File system  Flags18:11
xnoxalthough, people really should not be trying to partition a logical volume, but meh, libvirt and openstack have other ideas....18:12
cjwatsonxnox: I think that patch is a mistake.18:35
cjwatsonxnox: It should be using some different probing method that isn't DASD in this case.18:36
cjwatsonxnox: Can you try my patch above?18:36
cjwatsonAn LV is not a DASD and so the attempt to probe it as dasd ought to fail18:36
cjwatsonIMO anyway18:36
xnoxi thought that all the probing patches committed parted were specifically to do that, e.g. regardless of upper layers keep probing until one gets down to dasd....18:37
xnoxor so i read the mailing list thread.18:37
cjwatsonMaybe it needs to be adjusted at some other level (as well?) then18:38
xnoxcjwatson, with just your patch, without mine, i get:18:44
xnoxError: FPE_INTDIV (Integer: divide by zero)18:44
xnoxlet me rebuild without stripping all the debug symbols, and run it in gdb to check where it exploades now.18:44
xnoxsame places... same bug...18:51
xnoxi'm guessing fdasd_error() doesn't really do anything, and e.g. a goto error is needed too to go and do something else.18:51
cjwatsonxnox: Yeah, maybe details need to be tweaked.  I still think this basic approach is closer to what you want than trying to make dasd struggle on in this mode20:05
xnoxthis thing kind of derailed my goal to install three zvms with lvm2 and like do a juju environment on them.20:06
xnoxcjwatson, actually i agree with you. that code is about e.g. finding dasd exposed via virtio. not about lvm. these are not the drives parted is looking for.20:24
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Ruby_Rocks_007any one active now?22:55
cyphermoxRuby_Rocks_007: there's mostly always someone around, you should just ask your question and stay around, waiting for someone to answer :)22:59
cyphermox(as per topic)22:59
Ruby_Rocks_007My question is: how can I write a shell script, and ask preseed to call it?23:01
Ruby_Rocks_007my problem is: I have a SSD drive detected behind mechanical disk,23:01
Ruby_Rocks_007but my OS needs to be installed onto SSD drive (detected as sdm instead of sda),23:02
Ruby_Rocks_007how can I notify preseed to put OS on sdm, or sdy (if other 24 mechanical disks iinstalled), instead of sda?23:02
cyphermoxthere's a preseed you can set to pick the right drive, except you'd tell it /dev/sdm, or /dev/sdy, and it will use that drive, whatever it is23:04
cyphermoxif you need more logic, then I would look into https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apbs05.html.en23:04
cyphermoxit shows how you can preseed things as an early_command, or how to include another preseed file, or even run a script to set the debconf values.23:05
Ruby_Rocks_007I see your point, this company have close to 10 diff hardware combinations,23:06
Ruby_Rocks_007it’ll be great if preseed can call my shell to dynamically pick up the SSD drive. :)23:06
Ruby_Rocks_007I can not use a fixed one, say, sda, sdm, sdy, blah, that will be tedious and error-prone, I assume.23:07

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