dmfreyI thinks is part of the problem: http://pastebin.com/KmHF015E02:41
dmfreylooks like an issue with pulseaudio02:41
newbie007Greetings, I just did a fresh install.04:09
newbie007I cannot see many of the Capital letters most everywhere04:10
newbie007Exit the mythtvsetup and rightlick to get the desktop menu to popup. There afterward most capital letters are missing, or perhaps underlined letters are missing04:10
newbie007Also the default background is black and white stripes? REalllly painful to the eyes04:11
newbie007Also the default menu size is extremely tiny. The main page mythtvsetup huge. Ridiclously huge - perhaps for good reason. But everything else pretty much impossible to see at all04:12
newbie007 annot see capital  etters  s  ery  nnoying04:15
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