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balloonsflocculant, are you saying I should just mark this won't fix? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-website/+bug/153284019:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1532840 in Ubuntu QA Website "'Bugs to look for' table only displays on active results, when logged in" [Undecided,New]19:34
dkesselnuclearbob: we wondered if there is any update on the reporting issue for the ubiquity autotests yesterday. Is there?19:41
flocculantballoons: in my mind I'd say yes19:41
flocculantballoons: why do we need to see archive detail? it's either current or of no importance19:42
nuclearbobdkessel: there isn't at present. I'm working on getting the automated iso tests in better shape right now19:42
flocculantballoons: if it's current - then it should be on today's results - enough that old bugs get shown as having affected19:43
flocculantand especially my second point - what's the use in showing a bug that appeared today (example) on an archive from last year?19:44
flocculantif we're trying to deal with the tracker - then information presented to testers should be of use to them19:44
balloonsflocculant, I'll put it as won't fix -- if anyone else has a similar complaint we can re-open19:44
flocculantyep - wfm19:44
balloonsno one else is voicing any opposition, so ;-)19:44
balloonsthat might be the first time I 'won't fix' to my own bug19:45
flocculantI'm a bit 'aaaah' atm - but ploughing through the website bugs and trying to sort them out a bit is on my list19:45
flocculantas is February's hack at testcase stuff19:46
flocculanthi dkessel nuclearbob :)19:46
nuclearbobflocculant: howdy19:46
dkesselHey flocculant :)19:47
flocculantballoons dkessel nuclearbob - one thing that has just occured to me ...19:47
flocculantwhat actual difference is there in Ubuntu or flavourbuntu as far as this testing goes?19:48
flocculantperhaps from this angle it reads better - if Ubuntu fails - do all flavours actually fail at the same point? with the same thing?19:49
flocculantif that's the case then ...19:49
balloonstrying to fix the top20 -> top100 link.. and some other little things19:49
balloonsI think I got'em19:49
nuclearbobflocculant: ubuntu testing is running on qa hardware, but since the flavor testing isn't publishing right, I can't tell you whether flavors fail at the same time19:49
balloonsanyone volunteer to do a summary of all the changes that have happened? It would be a wonderful writeup to share with everyone19:50
balloonswxl? tsimonq2? flocculant? dkessel?19:50
balloonslol, I'll just keep naming names till one sticks :-)19:50
flocculantnuclearbob: I just wondered - because if that *was* the case, then flavours would just need to read the ubuntu published item19:50
flocculantballoons: ha ha ha19:50
wxlrandom pings! omg it's like being on #freenode19:50
nuclearbobflocculant: yeah19:51
wxlyou're trying to get all the recent changes to ubuntu quality summed up in a blog, balloons ?19:51
flocculantnuclearbob: though actually now I think about it - xubuntu draws the desktop that the try/install dialogue sits on with feh - so I guess that'd be enough difference19:52
flocculant(I think that's correct - it stopped us getting a black background to the try/install choice)19:52
balloonswxl, yes. In particular the tracker changes19:53
flocculantballoons: \o/19:53
flocculantI can excuse myself - no blog :D19:53
balloonsmailing list post works too -- but we like pictures!19:54
wxlballoons: oh yeah that's what i meant. is this only gci tasks? are all of the changes tracked somewhere? cuz if they are, i can do it, i think :)19:54
wxlballoons: and/or help tsimonq2 do it :) but he's got a membership meeting tomorrow, so maybe not. you coming, btw?19:54
balloonswxl, yes.. the changelog for the project should jog your memory nicely. We should have the bugs fixed listed in there too19:54
wxlballoons: count me in then.19:55
flocculantI can try and sort a bug fixed list today19:55
balloonswxl, tsimonq2, yea I can be there for him. Which timeslot are you going in on? ohh -- I see @ 22:0019:55
wxlflocculant: awesome!19:55
balloonswxl, thank you much! If you need help grokking anything, let me know.19:56
wxlballoons: i got him working on a project that may help with that. trying to figure out a way to provide a summary of qa activity within a certain stretch of time. you know, to show consistency.19:56
balloonsso top100 link should work, can you confirm?19:56
balloonsahh, that sounds like right up this alley then19:56
wxlballoons: totes. ideally it'll be a python script, but maybe we could throw it on the tracker, too, as quality rather than quantity is always preferable :)19:57
flocculantballoons: ack - works19:57
wxlballoons: we were discussing the problems with the top 100 list and that kind of led to it19:57
balloonsI am all for such ideas -- go for it20:00
wxlballoons: sounds good. he may be in touch later today about it20:00
wxltsimonq2: read above. balloons is more than willing to help you with that project i gave you :)20:02
flocculantballoons: mmm20:09
flocculanthouston we have a problem ...20:09
flocculantonly showing me the rather pointless list of xenial alpha2 bugs :)20:10
balloonswait -- we just SPOKE about this!20:10
flocculantno we didn't20:10
balloonslol, that was my bug20:10
balloonsor maybe the bug was poorly worded -- but essentially that's what I was crying foul over20:11
flocculantI read your bug as something COMPLETELY different20:11
balloonswell, what do you want on that page?20:11
balloonsI expect the other active milestones to also show any bugs20:11
flocculanteg - why would I be the slightest bit interested in old stuff :p20:11
flocculantI expect ALL active milestones to show bugs20:12
flocculantI expect ALL inactive milestones to wander off into the mists of time :)20:12
balloonsright -- so we agree. And also my bug report sucks apparently20:12
flocculantballoons: you pointed me at something completely different :)20:13
balloonsohh I see now20:13
flocculantyou linked to specific old builds and the bug lists - I see no need to see anything there20:13
balloonsI guess I never reported the defects page20:14
balloonsbut I did notice it, and thought that bug was it20:14
balloonsanyways, we need a proper bug for it and a fix too ;-)20:14
flocculantI'll let you get away with [20:10:39] <balloons> wait -- we just SPOKE about this! then :p20:14
flocculantI'll report that now20:14
flocculantin English :D20:14
flocculantballoons: bug 154158620:16
ubot5`bug 1541586 in Ubuntu QA Website "Defect summary missing active milestones" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154158620:16
flocculantwxl: you seen bug 1540003 ?20:20
ubot5`bug 1540003 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "[Lubuntu] Test cases for Release Upgrades" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154000320:20
wxlflocculant: yeah i pointed that out to him. he's working on it. :)20:21
flocculantwxl: tsimonq2 is on your release team?20:22
wxlflocculant: he's been helping out extensively, yes20:22
flocculantwxl: maybe - but is he in the lubuntu release team on LP - if not he'll not be fixing that20:23
wxlflocculant: ah, well, we might need to make him on it :)20:23
flocculantneeds specific access to the tracker admin side to fix it afaik20:23
flocculanthence - my @wxl on that bug :)20:23
wxlflocculant: well, it's in my inbox but yes thank you for pointing it out :)20:24
flocculantok - not meaning to rabbit on about it - but I tend to corral the testcase bugs ;)20:24
flocculantby rabbit on I mean I want to get the list down to one page :p20:25
flocculantballoons: do we know which commit caused the defect list issue?21:14
balloonsflocculant, yes -- the changes made to that page included it I believe21:15
flocculantok - so not a major issue, where it's hidden away21:16
flocculantsays me - when any code thing would be a major issue ;)21:16
balloonsflocculant, :-) Yea, it slipped in during the frenzy of updates21:33
balloonsreally should have caught it, but I agree it's not super critical. So we can fix it now21:33
tsimonq2*YAWN* been sick with something, just now got a chance to be online22:07
wxlstill sick? :( did you drink liquids like i told you, young man???? ;)22:07
wxlwasn't it you, balloons, who referred to the "ubunflu?" XD22:08
tsimonq2wxl: yeah I'm getting better22:08
wxltsimonq2: glad to hear it. keep maintaining yourself.22:08
tsimonq2anyways, be back soon to look at what you people have been rambling about XD22:08
tsimonq2balloons: haven't gotten down all the way in backlogs but I would be open to whipping something up for the changes over the weekend to throw somewhere :)22:17
tsimonq2flocculant: lol I wouldn't mind the same "rabbiting" for the test case bugs XD22:21
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tsimonq2balloons: does the tracker have api docs?23:15

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