shakes808Good evening all.   I want to know what I should use for a network share between Ubuntu Server and Windows?  It looks like Samba is the defacto, is this correct?01:03
jrwrenshakes808: yes.01:05
shakes808Thank you :)01:06
shakes808I will install it.01:09
jrwrenits pretty great.01:14
cmaloneySamba is pretty much the protocol for anything Windows01:30
shakes808When setting up the samba, I am trying to get it so that I can access the user's home directory for the specified user logging into the folder.02:48
shakes808either my google-foo isn't the greatest or searching the wrong things02:49
jrwrenshakes808: yes, use the smbpasswd command to set the smb password for that user02:49
shakes808jrwren: thank you, will search for that.  That hasn't come up in my google searches or youtube results02:49
jrwrenshakes808: and [homes] is a special share in samba, just have it in samba02:50
jrwrenit will automatically share a homedir with same name as user.02:50
jrwrenso \\server\jrwren in jrwren's homedir samba will ask for auth, windows will show a prompt, and I'll type in teh password set for jrwren with smbpasswd02:50
shakes808gotcha, let me try this out :)   thank you02:51
shakes808jrwren: I added me and it won't let me because it is mapped to a different user.  I am SSH'd into my server and it should be name@server: correct?  and when I go to log into the share it should be \\IPADDRESS\user\home and log in with name@server02:59
jrwrenno \user there.03:01
jrwrenjust \\ipaddress\username03:01
jrwrenand login with name & password, no @server03:01
shakes808when i try to do that it puts my COMPUTER_NAME\user and gives me access denied03:06
jrwrenyou sure you set the password for that user using smbpasswd ?03:07
shakes808My Ubuntu Server doesn't have a domainname, that could be it03:07
jrwrendo you have `security = user` and `encrypt passwords = true`   in your smb.conf ?03:08
shakes808let me check03:08
jrwrenthose should be ubuntu default, but honestly, my smb.conf is 10yrs old (or more)03:08
shakes808I do not have03:09
shakes808'security = user' any where in the conf file03:09
jrwrenadd those to the [global] section03:09
shakes808and as for encrypt03:09
shakes808i have the following03:09
jrwrenthen again, they might be defaults and I just have explicit, but this is what has always worked for me.03:10
shakes808unix password sync = yes03:10
shakes808I can add them03:10
jrwrenyou can ignore that for now.03:10
jrwrensecurity=user is default, so probably save to skip that.03:10
jrwrenbah, default is encrypt passwords = yes03:11
jrwrenso honestly, it should work.03:11
jrwrenyou can test with smbclient on linux cmdline03:11
shakes808how can i test that from my windows machine?03:12
jrwrenyou don't, test the username and password over samba from the linux machine itself03:13
jrwrensmbclient //servername/user -U user03:13
jrwrenand type password when prompted03:13
jrwrenit will test that the smbpasswd is set correctly03:13
jrwrenuser is not root, right?03:13
shakes808i got into it that way03:15
shakes808i am in the smb: \>03:15
shakes808just can't map the drive out on my windows machine ;(03:20
jrwrenok, then its something windows side.03:23
jrwrenwhat windows version is it?03:23
jrwrenand what samba version ?03:23
shakes808samba --version says: Version 4.1.6-Ubuntu03:24
jrwrenwhat is that? trusty version? 14.04?03:25
shakes808Correct, LTS03:25
shakes808Just set up the server last weekend, and Samba in the last few hours03:26
jrwrenhrm, so I used to use samba3 and so my windows clients all had digital signing off03:27
jrwrenbut apparently samba 4 supports that now, so now I really don't know.03:27
jrwrenah, but default is disabled.03:28
jrwrenyou could try setting `server signing = auto` in the global section03:28
shakes808does it matter where or should it go in a specific spot?03:29
jrwrenno anywhere in the [global] section. i guess you may not be familiar with ini format files?03:30
jrwrenso, after [global] but before any other line that starts with [03:30
shakes808getting used to them.  I need / want to get back into OSS things03:32
shakes808that is why the attempt to set up the dev box as a UBUNTU and try to admin it ;)03:32
shakes808Nope :(03:34
shakes808Do I need to do anything to my host file on my WINDOWS machine?03:39
shakes808jrwren: Thank you for you assistance tonight.  I am going to bed.  I'll ask some of my buddy's at work to see if they have run across anything like this.03:50
shakes808good night03:52
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